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The Old Station Pottery & Bookshop

Z.K. Hoffmeister. Pelc A. Stephen. Trier W.: Jesters In Earnest. London. John Murray. 1944. £38.00

Wills. Cecil M.: The Chamois Murder. London. John Lane/Bodley Head. 1936. £20.00

Craik, Mrs. Dinah. (The author of 'John Halifax, Gentleman').: The Fairy Book. The Best Popular Fairy Stories Selected and Rendered Anew. London. Macmillan. 1913 £440.00

Besant. Walter.: Westminster and South London. London. Pall Mall Magazine. 1894. £50.00

Stretton. Hesba: Little Meg's Children. London. The Religious Tract Society. No date (1868?). £20.00

Ross. Janet: Leaves From Our Tuscan Kitchen. London. Dent. 1936. £25.00

Hull Katharine. & Whitlock Pamela.: Oxus In Summer. London. Cape. 1944. £25.00

Hull Katharine. & Whitlock Pamela.: Escape to Persia. London. Cape. 1941. £20.00

Herman. Anita Apinis.: Latvian Weaving Tecniques. NSW Australia. Kangaroo Press. 1994 £28.00

Grundon. Imogen. Leigh-Fermor, Patrick (Foreword).: The Rash Adventurer: A Life of John Pendlebury London. LIbri. 2007. £30.00

Fraser. Grace Lovat.: Textiles By Britain. London. George Allen & Unwin. 1948. £25.00

Elder. Josephine.: Exile for Annis. London. Collins. 1938. £30.00

Beeton. Isabella: Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book.: A Household Guide all about Cookery, Household Work, Marketing, Prices, Provisions, Trussing, Serving, Carving, Menus, etc., etc London. Ward, Lock & Co. 1903. £30.00

Le Guin. Ursula.: Earthsea. An omnibus volume cntaining: A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan & The Farthest Shore. London. Gollancz. 1977. £40.00

Kenney. John Tarrant.: The Hitchcock Chair. The Story of a Connecticut Yankee - L. Hitchcock of Hitchcocks-ville - and an Account of the Restoration of his 19th-Century Manufactory New York. Clarkson N Potter. 1971 £20.00

Hooper Luther: Hand-Loom Weaving, Plain & Ornamental. The Artistic Crafts Series of Technical Handbooks. London. Pitman. 1926. £25.00

Etherington. John.: Big Chub and Roach. Thoughts and Encounters. Ewhurst. Waterlife. 1985. £80.00

Curtis George. and Barnes Julia.: George Curtis Training Greyhounds. Letchworth. Ringpress Books. 1987. £30.00

Beaney Jan. & Littlejohn Jean.: Stitch Magic;: Ideas and interpretation. London. Batsford. 1999. £40.00

Aspinwall Marguerite.: A Hundred Years in His House: The Story of the Church of the Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, 1857-1957 Philadellphia. The Church of The Holy Trinity. The Rector. 1956. £22.00

Trotzig Liv. & Axelsson Astrid.: Weaving Bands.Woven Bands. Tablet Bands. Plaited Bands. Insertion Bands. New York. Van Nostrand. 1974. £30.00

Skowronski Hella. & Tacker Sylvia.: Doup Leno: A Quick and Simple System for Weaving Loom-Controlled Leno Coupville, WA. Shuttle Craft Books. 1980. £20.00

Alderman, Sharon D. & Kathryn Wertenberger: Handwoven, Tailormade - a Tandem Guide to Fabric Designing, Weaving, Sewing and Tailoring Loveland, Colorado. Interweave Press. 1982. £25.00

Williams (Hounslow) Ltd.: Dyestuffs for Leather. Presented in three sections. Hounslow. Williams (Hounslow) Ltd. No date (1960s?). £20.00

Tacker. Harold & Sylvia.: Band Weaving. The Techniques, Looms, and Uses for Woven bands. London. Studio Vista. 1975. £20.00

Sutton, Ann. & Sheehan, Diane.: Ideas in Weaving. London. Batsford. 1989. £30.00

Nicolson. Adam.: Perch Hill. A New LifE. (SIGNED BY AUTHOR). London. Robinson. 1999. £30.00

Juniper. William.: The True Drunkard's Delight. (Liber Compotorum Felicium). London. Unicorn Press. 1933. £55.00

Toogood. Granville.: Huntsman in The Sky. London. Heinemann. 1930. £25.00

Siborne. General H.T.: Waterloo Letters. A Selection From Original and Hitherto Unpublished Letters Bearing On The Operations Of The 16th, 17th, and 18th June 1815 By Officers Who Served In The Campaign London. Cassell. 1891. £100.00

Laing. Samuel.: Works: Modern Science and Modern Thought: Human Origins: Problems of The Future. London. Watts & Co (For The Rationalist Press Association). 1915. 1913. 1914. £25.00

Aesop.: Aesop's Fables. Pictures by Jack Orr. London. Nelson. No date (inscr 1928). £30.00

Uncle Dick. (Editor): Pip & Squeak Annual 1933. The Eleventh Number of the most popular Birthday or Christmas Book for Boys and Girls of all Ages. London. The Daily Mirror. 1933 £20.00

The Editor: Playbox Annual 1932. London. The Amalgamated Press. 1931. £25.00

Gorse. Golden.: Moorland Mousie. London. Country Life. 1929 £110.00

Chisholm Louey. Dalkieth Lena.: Nursery Rhymes and Fables. London. Nelson. No date (Inscr 1927). £30.00

Barker. K F.: Just Dogs. London. Country Life. 1934. £25.00

Strang. Mrs.: Our Pets' Play Book. (Mrs Strang's Play Books) No publisher,(Milford?) no date, 1920s? £25.00

Robinson. Geraldine.: Three Kittens In A Boat. London. Warne. 1925 £65.00

Oldrey. David.: Tjhe Jockey Club Rooms; A Catalogue and History of the Collection. The Jockey Club. 2006. £160.00

Leslie. Shane.: Mark Sykes: His Life And Letters London. Cassell. 1923. £25.00

Kingsley. Charles.: The Water-Babies. A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby London. Raphael Tuck. No date (inscr 1931). £50.00

Gander. Marsland.: After These Many Quests. London. Macdonald. 1949. £20.00

Dulac. Edmund.: A Fairy Garland being Fairy Tales from the Old French. London. Cassell. 1928. £120.00

Chauvicourt. J & S.: Fanorona. The National Game of Madagascar. Charleston, SC.1984. £25.00

Barrie. J M. (Attwell M L. illustrator).: Peter Pan & Wendy. London. Hodder & Stoughton. No date (inscr 1926). £48.00

Andersen. Hans Christian.: Hans Andersen's Fairy Stories London. Ward Lock. No date (inscr 1926). £45.00

Briggs. Asa.: The History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Volume IV. Sound & Vision Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1979. £40.00

Briggs. Asa.: The History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom Vol. III : The War of Words. London. Oxford University Press. 1970. £60.00

Abasalti Pari. (Editor). Mirhashem Houshang. (publisher).: Zahedi. Ardeshir; Untold Secrets. Privately printed. 2002. £80.00

Yee. Chiang.: The Silent traveller. A Chinese Artist in Lakeland. London. Country Life. 1946. £35.00

Yee. Chiang.: The Silent Traveller in Oxford. (Signed by author). London. Methuen. 1944. £25.00

Yee. Chiang.: The Silent Traveller in Edinburgh. (Signed by Author) London. Methuen. 1948. £35.00

Kipling. Rudyard.: Captains Courageous. A Story of the Grand Banks. London. Macmillan. 1897. £40.00

Haweis. Rev H R.: Arrows in the air. London. Kegan Paul & Co. 1878. £20.00

Bernadin. Jaques Henri de Saint Pierre.: Paul et Virginie, suivi de La Chaumière Indienne, du Café de Surate, du Voyage en Silésie, de l'Éloge de mon Ami et du Vieux Paysan Polonais Paris. Chez Aime Andre. 1823. £40.00

Stewart. A T Q.: The Narrow Ground. The Roots of Conflict in Ulster. London. Faber. 1989. £20.00

Spurgeon. C.H.: The Salt-Cellars. Being a collection of proverbs,together with homely notes thereon. Two volume set. London. Passmore and Alabaster. 1889. £50.00

Lampedusa. Giuseppe Di.: The Leopard. London. Collins and Harvill. 1960. £30.00

Laloi. Pierre.: Petites Histoires pour apprendre la Vie. Paris. Armand Colin. 1887. £30.00

Bickers. Robert.: Empire Made Me. An Englishman Adrift in Shanghai. London. Allen Lane/Penguin. 2003. £30.00

Teall, Gordon of Tealloch and Smith, Philip D. Jnr: District Tartans. London. Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd. 1992. £25.00

Ellis. L.F. (Major L.F., CVO, CBE, DSO, MC).: Welsh Guards at War. London. The London Stamp Exchange. 1989. £35.00

Weinstein Allen. & Rubel David.: The Story of America. Freedom and Crisis from Settlement to Superpower. London. D K Publishing. 2002. £20.00

Simms. Eric.: British Larks, Pipits & Wagtails. (The New Naturalist). London. Harper Collins. 1992. £30.00

Shakspere. Will., Jones. Henry., Philips. Ambrose.: Romeo and Juliet., The Earl of Essex., The Distrest Mother. (3 plays in one vol) London. John Bell. 1775. £80.00

Hartert, Jourdain, Ticehurst and Witherby.: A Hand-List of British Birds. With an account of the distribution of each species in the British Isles and abroad. London. Witherby. 1912. £25.00

Cavendish. George.: The Life of Cardinal Wolsey. To which is added Churchyard's Tragedy of Wolsey. London. Routledge. 1885. £20.00

Bingham. Victor.: Whirlwind. The Westland Whirlwind Fighter. With its service and squadron history. Shrewsbury. Airlife. 1987. £40.00

Rye. Walter.: Tourist's Guide to The County of Norfolk. With some preliminary remarks as to its natives, their names, superstitions, and peculiarities. London. Stanford. 1892. £30.00

Lillie. Arthur.: Rama and Homer. An argument that in the Indian Epics Homer found the theme of his two great poems. London. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. 1912. £35.00

Desai. Mahadev.: The Gospel of Selfless Action or The Gita According to Gandhi. (Translation of the original in Gujarati with an additional introduction and commentary). Ahmedabad. Navajivan Publishing. 1948. £25.00

Department of State.: Department of State Bulletin. The Official Weekly Record of United States Foreign Policy. 1960-61. Washington. Department of State. 1960-61 £120.00

Bacon.: Bacon's Excelsior Map of Norfolk and Suffolk. Showing Railways, Roads, Elevations & Distances. Also Government Divisions Including Parishes with Acreages London. Bacon. No date. (1900?) £40.00

Willson. Wingrove. (Editor).: More Adventures with Buffalo Bill. London. Aldine. No date. £20.00

Amalgamated Press: Answers & T V Pictorial. Oct 22nd 1955 - Feb18th 1956. Nos 3312 - 3329 London. Amalgamated Press. 1955/6 £30.00

Marsh. J.B.T.: The Story of the Jubilee Singers including their Songs. With a supplement containing an account of their six years' tour around the world, and many new songs by F. J. Loudin London. Hodder & Stoughton. 1899. £20.00

Godden. Rumer. Saintsbury Dana (Illustrator).: The Dolls' House. London. Michael Joseph. 1947. £50.00

De Foe. Daniel.: A Journal Of The Plague Year being observations, or memorials, of the most remarkable occurrences as well as public as private, which happened in London during the last great visitation in 1665. Written by a citizen who continued all the while in Lon London. Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1878. £50.00

A Clergyman's Wife.: Only A Scratch; and Nep The Faithful. Founded on Fact. London. James Nisbet & Co. 1864. £25.00

Hollinson. Harry. D.F.C.: Rockets and Space Ships. (1st Series). London. Perry Colour Books. 1953. £20.00

Perr. Harvey.: The Doors/Complete. A deluxe book of words, music, guitar chords, photographs, text and all their songs. New York. Music Sales Corporation. 1972. £25.00

Drew. Sidney and others.: The Marvel. Nos 780-805. London. The Amalgamated Press. 1919. £50.00

Amalgamated Press: Tip Top. Jan-June 1953. Nos 654-679. London. Amalgamated Press. 1953. £50.00

McKenzie. Rev. D.S. (Editor).: The Road. Vol1 No3. Lahore. The Model Electric Press. 1926. £25.00

Bunyan. John.: The Pilgrim's Progress in two parts. With A Life of the Author and Bibliographical Notes by Robert Southey London. John Hogg. 1881. £35.00

Powell. Anthony.: Journals. 1982-1986. London. Heinemann. 1995. £25.00

Mansfield. Kenneth.: Small Fry and Bait Fishes. London. Jenkins. 1958. £35.00

Dawkins. Richard.: Climbing Mount Improbable. London. Viking. 1996. £25.00

Cole. Henry W.: Understanding Radar. Oxford. Blackwell. 1992. £38.00

Le Carre. John.: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1974. £70.00

Crofts. Freeman Wills.: The Cask. London. Collins. 1922. £50.00

Beresford. J D.: The Hampdenshire Wonder. (SIGNED by author). London. Martin Secker. 1926. (New Adelphi Library). £40.00

Saville. Malcolm.: Seven White Gates. London. Newnes. 1944. £45.00

Rodger. N.A.M.: The Wooden World. An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy. London. Collins. 1987. £30.00

Hemming-Sjoberg. A.: A Poet's Tragedy. The Trial of C.J.L. Almqvist. Londo.George Allen & Unwin. 1932. £25.00

Timoshenko. S.: Theory of Elasticity. New York and London. McGraw-Hill. 1934. £35.00

Leighton. Clare.: The Farmer's Year. A Calendar of English Husbandry. London. Sumach Press. 1992. £90.00

Goulandris. Niki. (painter). Goulimis Constantine (text).: Wild Flowers of Greece. (Signed copy). Kifissia. Greece. The Goulandris Botanical Museum. 1968. £80.00

Fanthorpe. Theodore W. and Childs Alan.: The Story of Holt Hall. Medieval Manor, Victorian Country House, Boarding School and Field Study Centre. Somerset. Halsgrove. 2007. £20.00

Durack. Mary.: Kings In Grass Castles. South Yarra, Victoria. Currey O'Neil. 1981. £20.00

Bowen. E G.: Radar Days. Bristol. Adam Hilger. 1987. £60.00

Balsan. Francoise.: The Sheep and The Chevrolet. A Journey Through Kurdistan. Lndon. Elek. 1947. £20.00

Evans. Sebastian. (Translator).: The High History of The Holy Graal. (Two volumes in one). London. Dent. 1902. £150.00

Heaton. Nell.: Home-Made Sweets. London. Faber. 1949. £40.00

Dundas. Zita.: Pewter Relief Modelling. London. Vawser & Wiles. 1951. £30.00

De Frece. Lady.: Recollections of Vesta Tilley. London. Hutchinson. 1934. £90.00

Austin Motor Company.: Austin-Healey 3000 Series BN7 and BT7. Driver's Handbook. Birmingham. The Austin Motor Company. No date (1964). £25.00

Easton. John.: Postage Stamps In The Making. London. Faber. 1949. £20.00

Byron. Lord.: Don Juan, Complete; English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers; Hours Of Idleness; The Waltz; and all the other minor poems. London. Printed for the proprietors of The English Classics by J F Dove, St John's Square. 1826. £50.00

Birrell. Francis. & Lucas. F.L.: The Art of Dying. An Anthology. London. Hogarth Press. 1930. £20.00

Wolfe. Thomas.: The Story of a Novel. London. Heinemann. 1936. £20.00

Wilde. Oscar.: The Soul of Man under Socialism. London. Arthur Humphries. 1912. £25.00

Stevenson. Robert Louis.: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. With Other Tales. London. Longmans, Green & Co. 1898. £50.00

Mann. Heinrich. (Translated by Axton Clark).: Berlin: The land Of Cockaigne. London. Gollancz. 1929. £50.00

James. Henry.: Portraits of Places. London. Macmillan. 1883. £30.00

Hueffer. Ford Madox.: The Critical Attitude. London. Duckworth. 1911. £30.00

Forster. E.M.: A Passage To India. London. Edward Arnold. 1924. £70.00

Forster. E. M.: The Longest Journey. Edinburgh. Blackwood. 1907. £80.00

Evans. Sebastian.: In Quest of the Holy Graal an Introduction to the Study of Legend London. Dent. 1898. £100.00

Benda. Julien. (Translated by Richard Aldington.).: The Great Betrayal. (La Trahison des Clercs). London. Routledge. 1928. £35.00

Rossetti. D.G. (Trans).: The Early Italian Poets together with Dante's Vita Nuova London. Dent. 1904. £40.00

Heliodorus. (Englished by Thomas Underdowne).: An Aethiopian Historie Written in Greeke by Heliodorus No Lesse Wittie then Pleasaunt Englished by Thomas Underdowne No date or publisher. £30.00

Harrison. G.B. (Editor).: Willobie His Avisa. 1594. With an Essay on Willobie His Avisa by G.B. Harrison London. John Lane The Bodley Head. 1926. £22.00

Waugh. Evelyn.: Rossetti His Life and Works. London. Duckworth. 1931. £50.00

Waley. Arthur.: More Translations From The Chinese. London. Allen & Unwin. 1919. £20.00

Mottram. R H.: The Boroughmonger. London. Chatto & Windus. 1929. £20.00

Mayne. Ethel Colburn.(Translator): Letters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky. London. Chatto & Windus. 1914. £30.00

Maude. Aylmer.: Tolstoy and His Problems. London. Grant Richards. 1901. £30.00

Ludovici. Anthony M.: Nietzsche And Art. London. Constable. 1911. £25.00

Isherwood. Christopher.: Sally Bowles. London. Hogarth Press. 1938. £50.00

Gray. Thomas.: Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard. London. Aldine House. 1901. £25.00

Clark. R Thomson. (Translation & introduction).: The Characters of Theophrastos. The Mimes of Herodas. The Tablet of Kebes London. Routledge. No date (1909?). £20.00

Way. A.S.: The Georgics of Virgil. In English Verse. London. Macmillan. 1912. £25.00

Stevenson. Jane.: Edward Burra: Twentieth Century Eye. London. Cape. 2007. £30.00

Proust. Marcel.: The Guermantes Way 2 vols, Within a Budding Grove 2 vols, Swann's Way 2 vols, Cities of the Plain 2 vols. London. Chatto and Windus. 1929. £100.00

Heinemann: William Hogarth, His Original Engravings and Etchings. London. Heinemann. 1913. £25.00

Rabelais. Mr Francis.: The Works Of Mr Francis Rabelais Doctor In Physick Containing Five Books Of The Lives, Heroick Deeds & Sayings Of Gargantua and his sonne Pantagruel. 2 Volumes. London. Grant Richards. 1904. £160.00

Moore. T. Sturge.: Selected Poems of T.Sturge Moore. London. Macmillan. 1934. £25.00

Douglas. Lord Alfred: The Collected Poems of Lord Alfred Douglas. London. Martin Secker. 1919. £60.00

Purdy. I.M.: Cambridge Townscape. An Analysis. Cambridge. Dept of Architecture & Planning. 1971. £20.00

Wisdom. T.H.: "Wings Over Olympus" The Story of the Royal Air Force in Libya and Greece. London. George Allen & Unwin. 1942 £32.00

Johnson. Samuel.: The Idler. Two volumes in one. With additional essays. To which is prefixed an account of the life and writings of the author. Cooke's Edition. Embellished with Superb Engravngs. London. C.Cooke. No 17, Paternoster Row. 1799. £90.00

Goethe. (Johann Wolfgang von).: The Letters of Werter from the German of Goethe. Poughmill near Ludlow. G Nicholson. July 1 1802. £300.00

Bloomfield. Rev. S.T.: The Greek Testament with English notes, Grammatical, Scholastic, and Elementary: Especially Formed For The Use Of Schools, and adapted to serve as a convenient and portable manual for lecture-rooms, college chapels, and other places of worship. London. Longman, Rees, Orme & Co. 1837. £50.00

Woolf. Virginia.: Mr Bennett and Mrs Brown. (The Hogarth Essays). London. Hogarth Press. 1924. £70.00

Moss. Stirling.: A Turn At The Wheel. London. William Kimber. 1961. £20.00

Kent. Gp. Capt. J.A.: One of The Few. London. William Kimber. 1971. £30.00

Yeats. W.B.: The Celtic Twilight: Men and Women, Dhouls and Faeries. London. Lawrence and Bullen. 1893. £320.00

Pitts. Michael R.: Famous Movie Detectives. Metuchen, N.J. The Scarecrow Press Inc. 1979. £35.00

Freeman. Roland L.: A Communion Of The Spirits. African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Their Stories. Nashville. Rutledge Hill Press. 1996. £30.00

Burton. Robert.: The Anatomy Of Melancholy. (3 vols in 1). London. Dent. 1936. £50.00

Trevelyan. George Otto.: The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. Vols 1 & II. London. Oxford University Press. 1961. £20.00

Crisp, Quentin.: The Naked Civil Servant. London. Cape. 1968. £60.00

Coventry. Martin.: The Castles of Scotland. Edinburgh. Birlinn. 2006. £50.00

Retinger. J H.: All About Poland. Facts - Figures - Documents. London. Minerva Publishing. 1941. £25.00

Escott-Inman. H.: The Pattypats. London. Ward Lock. No date. (1898). £20.00

W. Kosianowski: Polska Marynarka Wojenna od Pierwszej do Ostatniej Salwy w Drugiej Wojnie Swiatowej. Album Pamiatkowy. Nakladem Samopomocy Marynarki Wojennej. 1947. £60.00

Sword. Keith.: Deportation and Exile: Poles in the Soviet Union, 1939-48. Studies in Russia and East Europe. London. Macmillan/St Martin's Press: in association with School of Slavonic and East European Studies. 1994. £95.00

Johns. Capt W E.: Biggles in Borneo. A "Biggles Squadron" Story of the Second Great War. London. Oxford University Press. 1944. £180.00

Ciesielski Czeslaw. Pater Walter. Przybylski Jerzy.: Polska Marynarka Wojenna 1918-1980. Warszawa. Wydawnictwo/Bellona. 1992. £35.00

Westminster. The Dean of. (Editor).: The Remains of the Late Mrs. Richard Trench, Being Selections from Her Journals, Letters, and Other Papers London. Parker, Son, and Bourn. 1862. £150.00

Verne. Jules.: De La Terre A La Lune. Trajet Direct En 97 Heures. Paris. Hachette/Hetzel. No date (inscr 1928). £30.00

Verne. Jules: LE TOUR DU MONDE EN QUATRE-VINGTS JOURS Paris Hachette/Hetzel. No date (inscr 1928) £28.00

Theodorescu, Razvan.: ROMANIA: European Space Romanian Government. Edited by Bytera. No date C2000. £20.00

Philipott. Thomas and John.: Villare Cantianum: or, Kent Surveyed and Illustrated. Being an exact Description of all the Parifhes, Burroughs, Villages, and other Refpective Mannors Included in the County of Kent; And, the Original and Intermedial Poffeffors of London. Printed by William Godbid, and are to be fold at his houfe over againft the Anchor Inne in Little Brittain. M.DC.LIX. 1659. £5000.00

Lars Hertervig.: Helge Torvund. Blatt Sug. Stavanger. Wigestrand. 2002. £30.00

Goodwin. Geraint.: Watch For The Morning. London. Cape. 1938. £28.00

De Grazia.: De Grazia's Borderland Sketches: Native People of Arizona and Sonora as Drawn by Ted De Grazia. Tucson. The Southwest Center. 1997. £20.00

Patrick. John J.: The Supreme Court of The United States. A Student Companion. New York. Oxford University Press. 2001. £25.00

Blackwood, Helen Selina (Lady Dufferin): Lispings from Low Latitudes, or Extracts from the Journal of the Hon. Impulsia Gushington London. John Murray. 1863. £120.00

Berners. Dame Juliana.: The Boke of Saint Albans, Containing Treatises on Hawking, Hunting and Cote Armour. Printed at Saint Albans by the Schoolmaster- Printer in 1486. Reproduced in Facsimile. With an Introduction by William Blades. London. Elliot Stock. 1881. £130.00

Milne. A.A.: When We Were Very Young. London. Methuen. 1924 (December). £100.00

Froude. James Anthony.: Luther: A Short Biography. London. Longmans, Green and Co. 1883. £20.00

Dilke. O.A.W.: The Roman Land Surveyors. An Introduction To The Agrimensores. Newton Abbot. David & Charles. 1971. £20.00

Benham. W. (Translated from the Latin by).: The Imitation of Christ: Four Books. London. Nimmo & Bain. 1882. £40.00

Ainsworth. W.Harrison.: Windsor Castle. An Historical Romance. London. Henry Colburn. 1844. £120.00

Futter. Geoffrey.: THE FUNNIES. A HISTORY, WITH SCALE PLANS OF THE 79TH ARMOURED DIVISION. The 79th Armoured Division and its specialised equipment. Hemel Hempstead. Model & Allied Publications. 1974. £45.00

Treherne. John.: The Galapagos Affair. London. Cape. 1983. £35.00

Thomson. David Croal.: Life and Labours of Hablot Knight Browne "Phiz". London. Chapman and Hall. 1884. £65.00

Spence. The Very Rev. H.D.M. Dean of Gloucester.: Dreamland In History. The Story of the Norman Dukes. London. Ibister. 1891. £50.00

Korb, Max: Die Schmetterlinge Mittel-Europas. Darstellung und Beschreibung der hauptsächlichsten mitteleuropäischen Schmetterlinge nebst Anleitung, dieselben zu fangen oder zu züchten und eine Sammlung anzulegen Nurnburg. Theo. Stroefer's Kunstverlag. No date (1893). £90.00

Wheeler. Alwyne.: Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe. A Guide to the Identification of more than 350 Species. London. Warne. 1978. £70.00

Burban. Michael.: Lessons From Michelangelo. Figure drawing Based on Techniques of the Master. New York. Watson Guptill. 1986. £60.00

Davis. Joe.: Improve Your Snooker. London. Methuen. 1936. £30.00

Coles. Mary.: A Patchwork of Poetry. Lewis. The Book Guild. 1985. £25.00

Clarke. H Edwards.: The Greyhound. Breeding, Rearing and Training. Published by the Author. 1954. £30.00

Hewitson. Anthony.: Diary of Thomas Bellingham, An Officer under William III. Complete transcript and notes by Anthony Hewitson. Introduction by A.R. Maddison. Preston. Geo Toulmin & Sons. 1908. £90.00

Hargreaves. Jack.: Fishing For A Year. London. Macgibbon & Kee. 1951. £90.00

Bartlett. W.S.: Pictures From Sicily. London. Nelson. 1863. £40.00

Williams. Charles.: Bacon. London. Arthur Barker. No date (1933). £100.00

Thurlow. A.G.G.: Church Bells and Ringers of Norwich Norwich. Jarrold. 1947. £30.00

Morris. William.: The Life and Death of Jason. A Poem. London. Ellis and Green. 1872. £35.00

Blackwood Algernon. Mackenzie Compton. Meldrum Roy: By Underground. The Enchanted Blanket. Zed. Oxford. Basil Blackwell. No date (1936). £250.00

Rouse. W.H.D.: An Echo of Greek Song. Englished by W.H.D. Rouse. London. Dent. 1899. £35.00

O'Sullivan. Vincent.: Aspects Of Wilde. London. Constable. 1936. £200.00

Nock. O.S: Out The Line. London. Elek. 1976. £20.00

Macbeth. George.: Poems from Oby. London. Secker & Warburg. 1982. £20.00

Laurie Deval, Barbara & P.H. Muir: P.H.M. 80. Privately printed. 17 December 1974. £35.00

Haflidason. Einar. Elton. Oliver (Translator).: The Life of Laurence Bishop of Holar in Iceland (Laurentius Saga). Translated from the Icelandic by Oliver Elton London. Rivingtons. 1890. £50.00

Felce. E. Barry. T H. (Editors): Picturesque Norfolk. A guide to some of the characteristic beauty spots of the county. Vol 1 No 1. 1939 - 1940. Norwich, Soman & Co. 1940. £20.00

Crawford. E May.: "Called" London. Church Missionary Society. 1915. £25.00

Burley.T.L.G.: Playhouses and Players of East Anglia. Norwich. Jarrold & Sons. 1928. £25.00

Woolf. Virginia.: Orlando: A Biography. London. Hogarth Press.1928. £60.00

Faucon. Bernard.: Bernard Faucon. JOURS D'IMAGE. 1977 - 1995. Japan. Treville. 1995. £120.00

Scott. Sir Walter.: Readings For The Young From The Works of Sir Walter Scott: France And Belgium: Part II. Edinburgh. Adam & Charles Black.. 1856. £30.00

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