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Cowper Henry Swainson: Hawkshead: (the northernmost parish of Lancashire) 1st Edition, Bemrose, London, 1899 £175.00

Cockcroft Barry: The Dale That Died 1st Edition, Dent, London, 1975 £42.00

Trusler Rev. John: The Works of William Hogarth 1st Edition thus, Jones, London, 1833 £60.00

Jenkinson Wilberforce: London Churches Before the Great Fire 1st Edition, SPCK, London, 1917 £50.00

Bateman H.M.: A Book Of Drawings Methuen, London, 1921 £20.00

-----: Register Book 1961-62: Volume 1: Register of Ships 1st Edition thus, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, London, 1961 £45.00

-----: Myra's Cookery Book Myra, London, no date : 1888 ? £70.00

Neate Jill: The Lake District: a readers' guide 1st Edition, Chaplins, Keswick, 1987 £20.00

Humber R.D.: Game Cock & Coutryman 1st Edition, Cassell, London, 1966 £20.00

Freeman W.G AND Chandler S.E.: The World's Commercial Products 1st Edition, Pitman, London, 1907 £30.00

Dalton Arthur E.: Brief And To The Point: suggestions for preachers 1st Edition, James Clarke, London, 1961 £20.00

Clapham Richard: Sport On Fell, Beck, & Tarn 1st Edition, Heath Cranton, London, 1924 £40.00

Palmer J.H.: Historic Farmhouses In And Around Westmorland 1st Published Edition, Westmorland Gazette, Kendal, 1945 £17.50

Nicholson Norman: Wednesday Early Closing 1st Edition, Faber, London, 1975 £24.00

Housman John: A Descriptive Tour And Guide To The Lakes, Caves, Mountains, And Other Natural Curiosities, In Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire And A Part Of The West Riding Of Yorkshire Seventh Edition, Longman Hurst, London, 1816 £200.00

Tyndale Walter: An Artist In The Riviera: written and painted 1st Edition, Hutchinson, London, no date : 1915 / 1916 £50.00

Macaulay Thomas Babington: Lays Of Ancient Rome Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, London, 1847 £20.00

Scott E. Kilburn EDITOR: Matthew Murray: pioneer engineer, records from 1765 to 1826 Edwin Jowett, Leeds, 1928 £20.00

Bemrose H.H.: The House Of Bemrose 1826-1926 1st Edition, Bemrose Press, Derby, 1926 £24.00

-----: The Trafford Park Works of The Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Ltd, Manchester 1st Edition, "Engineering", London, 1929 £42.00

Debrett John: The Peerage: of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Set of 2 Volumes, F.C. and J. Rivington and others, London, 1812 £90.00

West Thomas: The Antiquities Of Furness 1st Edition, J. Johnson et al, London, 1774 £250.00

Pinto Lt.-Col. Oreste: The Spycatcher Omnibus 1st Collected Edition, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1962 £15.00

Brunet Alexander: The Regal Armorie Of Great Britain 1st Edition, Henry Kent Causton, London, 1839 £24.00

-----: The New Testament: of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1810 £60.00

Harper Revd. T.: The Christian's Consolation And Triumph 1st Edition, Bellamy & Robarts, London, 1792 £90.00

Jennison John W.: Operation Asteroids: Thunderbirds 1st Edition, World Distributors, London, 1966 £15.00

-----: Snowdrop And The Seven Dwarfs Nelson, London, no date : 1928 ? £35.00

Hutchinson Horace G. EDITOR: Fishing Set of 2 Volumes, 1st Editions, Country Life, London, 1907 £40.00

Allen Grant: Colin Clout's Calendar: the record of a summer April - October 1st Edition, Chatto & Windus, London, 1883 £15.00

-----: Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches 1st Edition thus, Volume 4, Fores, London, 1888 £15.00

Waddington Richard: Salmon Fishing: philosophy and practice 1st Edition, Faber, London, 1959 £18.00

Righyni R.V.: Salmon Taking Times 1st Edition, Macdonald, London, 1965 £24.00

Crossley Anthony: The Floating Line: for salmon and sea-trout Methuen, London, 1944 £15.00

Stuart Hamish: The Book Of The Sea-Trout: with some chapters on salmon 1st Edition, Martin Secker, London, no date : 1917 £15.00

Skues G.E.M.: Minor Tactics Of The Chalk Stream: and kindred studies 1st Edition, Adam and Charles Black, London, 1910 £85.00

Northcott W.H.: The Theory And Action Of The Steam Engine: (for practical men) Fourth Edition, Cassell, London, no date : 1885 £25.00

Noldeke Theodor: Sketches From Eastern History 1st British Edition, Adam and Charles Black, London, 1892 £15.00

Cladel Judith: Rodin: the man and his art, with leaves from his note-book Century, New York, 1918 £25.00

Candler Edmund: The Long Road To Baghdad Set of 2 Volumes, 1st Editions, Cassell, London, 1919 £100.00

Canning-Freeman Edward: Dalmatian Dreams 1st Edition, Yugoslav Relief Society, London, 1942 £32.00

Ablett William H.: Arboriculture For Amateurs 1st Edition, The Bazaar, London, no date : 1880 £25.00

-----: Guide To St. James's Gate Brewery 1st Edition, Arthur Guinness, Dublin, 1928 £40.00

-----: A Verbatim Report, With Indexes, Of The Debate In Parliament During The Progress Of The Elementary Education Bill, 1870 1st Edition, National Education Union, Manchester, no date : 1871 ? £240.00

Powys Llewelyn: The Twelve Months 1st Edition, John Lane The Bodley Head, London, 1936 £35.00

Holme Charles EDITOR: Peasant Art In Russia 1st Edition, The Studio, London, 1912 £25.00

Goldsmith Oliver: The Vicar of Wakefield 1st Edition thus, Adam & Charles Black, London, 1903 £120.00

Landrieux Monseigneur Maurice: The Cathedral Of Reims: the story of a German crime 1st British Edition, Kegan Paul Trench Trubner, London, 1920 £30.00

Fleetwood Rev. John: The Life Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Collins, Glasgow, 1866 £25.00

Donne John: Donne's Sermon Of Valediction: at his going into Germany 1st Edition thus, Nonesuch Press, London, 1932 £35.00

Chalmers Patrick R.: "A Dozen Dogs Or So" 1st Edition, Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1928 £35.00

Gordon Seton: Sea-Gulls In London 1st Edition, Cassell, London, 1935 £20.00

-----: Das Deutscheland: in auserlesenen bildern 1st Edition, Langwiesche, Leipzig, 1923 £15.00

Pollock Sam: Mutiny For The Cause 1st Edition, Leo Cooper, London, 1969 £18.00

Arnold David: Famine: social crisis and historical change Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1988 £18.00

Goldie Frederick: A Short History Of The Episcopal Church In Scotland Revised Edition, Saint Andrew Press, Edinburgh, 1976 £18.00

Elliott Robert: Art And Ireland Kennikat Press, Port Washington, New York, 1970 £15.00

Willson Beckles: Friendly Relations 1st Edition, Lovat Dickson & Thompson, London, no date: 1934 £15.00

O'Byrne Cathal: The Gaelic Source Of The Bronte Genius Kennikat Press, Port Washington, New York, 1970 £15.00

Johnson Captain Charles: A General History Of The Robberies & Murders Of The Most Notorious Pirates 1st Edition thus, Conway Maritime Press, London, 1998 £16.00

Pletcher David M.: The Awkward Years: American foreign relations under Garfield and Arthur 1st Edition, University of Missouri Press, Columbia, 1962 £15.00

Lang Andrew: Homer: and his age 1st Edition, Longmans Green, London, 1906 £20.00

Dunsany Lord: The Last Revolution: a novel 1st Edition, Jarrolds, London, 1951 £30.00

Zeeland Paul Van: A View Of Europe, 1932 1st Edition, Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 1933 £18.00

Boyle Andrew: The Riddle Of Erskine Childers 1st Edition, Hutchinson, London, 1977 £25.00

Elcock Howard AND Keating Michael EDITORS: Remaking The Union: devolution and British politics in the 1990's 1st Edition, Frank Cass, London, 1998 £22.00

Dwyer T. Ryle: Irish Neutrality And The USA 1939-47 1st Edition, Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, 1977 £50.00

Dodge Eva: The Teaching Of History In Girls' Schools In North And Central Germany: a report 1st Edition, Manchester University Press, 1908 £35.00

Bourne Kenneth: Britain And The Balance Of Power In North America 1815-1908 1st Edition, Longmans, London, 1967 £18.00

-----: The Parnellite Split: or, the disruption of the Irish Parliamentary Party 1st Edition, The Times, London, 1891 £65.00

Spring Howard: Sampson's Circus 1st Edition, Faber, London, 1936 £40.00

Russell Leonard EDITOR: Press Gang! : crazy world chronicle 1st Edition, Hutchinson, London, 1937 £20.00

Porter Raymond J.: P.H. Pearse 1st Edition, Twayne, New York, 1973 £32.00

Kavanagh Dan: Fiddle City 1st Edition, Cape, London, 1981 £24.00

Seager Robert II: And Tyler Too: a biography of John & Julia Gardiner Tyler 1st Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1963 £18.00

Leacock Stephen: Humour And Humanity: an introduction to the study of humour 1st Edition, Thornton Butterworth, London, 1937 £20.00

Hamilton Henry EDITOR: Selections From The Monymusk Papers (1713-1755) 1st Edition, T. and A. Constable, Edinburgh, 1945 £25.00

Gill Douglas AND Dallas Gloden: The Unknown Army 1st Edition, Verso, London, 1985 £15.00

Carruthers Robert: The Highland Note-Book: or sketches and anecdotes Revised Edition, The Courier, Inverness, 1887 £16.00

Sladen Douglas: Germany's Great Lie 1st Edition, Hutchinson, London, 1914 £20.00

Harden Maximilian: Monarchs And Men 1st Edition, Eveleigh Nash, London, 1912 £20.00

Stephen David: Gleanings In The North William Sinclair, Haddington, no date : 1895 £20.00

Fox Edward Lyell: Wilhelm Hohenzollern & Co. 1st British Edition, Hurst and Blackett, London, 1918 £15.00

Thomson Rev. Andrew AND Struthers Rev. Gavin: Historical Sketch Of The Origin Of The Secession Church AND The History Of The Rise Of The Relief Church 1st Edition, Fullarton, Edinburgh, 1848 £40.00

Horn Pamela: Rural Life In England In The First World War 1st Edition, Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, 1984 £16.00

Watson G.J.: Irish Identity And The Literary Revival: Synge, Yeats, Joyce and O'Casey 1st Edition, Croom Helm, London, 1979 £20.00

Rego Paula: Nursery Rhymes 1st Edition, Folio Society, London, 1994 £30.00

Wahrman Dror: Imagining The Middle Class 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press, 1995 £30.00

MacNeill Maire: The Festival Of Lughnasa 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, 1962 £62.00

Metcalf George: Royal Government And Political Conflict In Jamaica 1729-1783 1st Edition, Longmans, London, 1965 £15.00

York Neil Longley: Fiction As Fact: The Horse Soldiers and popular memory 1st Edition, Kent State University Press, 2001 £15.00

Nolan William: Fassadinin: land, settlement and society in southeast Ireland 1600-1850 1st Edition, Geography Publications, Dublin, 1979 £30.00

Eccleshall Robert AND Kenny Michael: Western Political Thought: a bibliographical guide to post-war research 1st Edition, Manchester University Press, 1995 £16.00

Boatner Mark Mayo: Cassell's Biographical Dictionary Of The American War Of Independence 1763-1783 1st British Edition, Cassell, London, 1973 £15.00

Dilks David EDITOR: The Diaries Of Sir Alexander Cadogan 1938-1945 1st Edition, Cassell, London, 1971 £20.00

Mackey Herbert O.: Roger Casement: a guide to the forged diaries 1st Edition, Apollo Press, Dublin, 1962 £30.00

Holmes Colin: John Bull's Island: immigration and British society, 1871-1971 1st Edition, Macmillan, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 1988 £32.00

Thomson Edith E.B.: The Parliament Of Scotland 1690-1702 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, 1929 £20.00

Nash George C.: General Forcursue And Co. : more letters to the secretary of a golf club 1st Edition, Chatto & Windus, London, 1936 £60.00

Anderson Robert: The History Of Robert Gordon's Hospital Aberdeen 1729-1881 1st Edition, Wyllie, Aberdeen, 1896 £25.00

Angus Marion: The Singin' Lass 1st Edition, Porpoise Press, Edinburgh, 1929 £15.00

Seggie J. Stewart AND Turnbull D. Lowe: Annals Of The Lodge Of Journeymen Masons No. 8 1st Edition, Thomas Allan, Edinburgh, 1930 £30.00

Lutyens Mary EDITOR: Lady Lytton's Court Diary 1895-1899 1st Edition, Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1961 £16.00

James Francis Godwin: Ireland In The Empire 1688-1770 1st Edition, Harvard University Press, 1973 £15.00

Tayler Alistair & Henrietta: John Graham Of Claverhouse 1st Edition, Duckworth, London, 1939 £28.00

Moore George: Spring Days: a relaistic novel, a prelude to "Don Juan" 1st Edition, Vizetelly, London, 1888 £24.00

Lucy Henry W.: The Balfourian Parliament 1900-1905 1st Edition, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1906 £24.00

Woodman Richard: A King's Cutter 1st Edition, John Murray, London, 1982 £95.00

Scott-Moncrieff David: Escape From Peace 1st Edition, Motor Racing Publications, Abingdon-on-Thames, 1949 £42.00

Doheny Michael: The Felon's Track Gill, Dublin, 1951 £20.00

Craine David: Manannan's Isle Manx Museum and National Trust, 1956 £18.00

Cogliano Francis D.: Revolutionary America 1763-1815: a political history 1st Edition, Routledge, London, 2000 £20.00

Leacock Stephen: Afternoons In Utopia: tales of the new time 1st British Edition, John Lane The Bodley Head, London, 1932 £25.00

Heine Heinrich: Works Of Prose 1st Edition thus, L.B. Fischer, New York, 1943 £18.00

Dutch Oswald: Hitler's 12 Apostles 1st Edition, Robert M. McBride, New York, 1940 £28.00

Stokes Whitley AND Strachan John EDITORS: Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus 1st Editions, Set of 2 Volumes, Cambridge University Press, 1901-1903 £240.00

Lynch Patricia: The Mad O'Haras 1st Edition, Dent, London, 1948 £24.00

Jack R.D.S.: The Road To The Never Land: a reassessment of JM Barrie's dramatic art 1st Edition, Aberdeen University Press, 1991 £30.00

Belloc Hilaire: The Crisis Of Our Civilization 1st Edition, Cassell, London, 1937 £20.00

Paul-Dubois L.: Contemporary Ireland 1st Irish edition, Maunsel, Dublin, 1908 £35.00

Sartre Jean-Paul: Literary And Philosophical Essays 1st British Edition, Rider, London, 1955 £20.00

O'Brien Richard Baptist: Ailey Moore Fourth Edition, James Duffy, Dublin, no date : c. 1870 ? £28.00

King David Bennett: The Irish Question 1st British Edition, W.H. Allen, London, 1882 £27.00

O'Brien Gerard: Anglo-Irish Politics In The Age Of Grattan And Pitt 1st Edition, Irish Academic Press, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 1987 £20.00

McGee Thomas D'Arcy: A Popular History Of Ireland Cameron and Ferguson, Glasgow, no date : late 1860's ? £17.00

Phillips G.A.: The General Strike: the politics of industrial conflict 1st Edition, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1976 £15.00

O'Shea James: Priest, Politics And Society In Post-Famine Ireland 1st Edition, Wolfhound Press, Dublin, 1983 £25.00

Bryce William Moir: The Scottish Grey Friars Set of 2 Volumes, William Green / Sands, Edinburgh, 1909 £240.00

Bryce William Moir: History of The Old Greyfriars' Church Edinburgh 1st Edition, William Green, Edinburgh, 1912 £35.00

Smith John Turnbull: Sketch Of St Bernard's 1st Edition, Banks, Edinburgh, 1907 £24.00

Lorimer George: The Early Days Of St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh 1st Edition, Blackwood, Edinburgh, 1915 £15.00

Kerr Rev. James: The Covenants And The Covenanters 1st Edition, R.W. Hunter, Edinburgh, no date : 1895 £28.00

Geiss Imanuel: July 1914: the outbreak of the First World War: selected documents 1st British Edition, Batsford, London, 1967 £16.00

Bennett Gill: 'A Most Extraordinary And Mysterious Business': the Zinoviev letter of 1924 1st Edition, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London, 1999 £15.00

-----: A Historical Account Of His Majesty's Visit To Scotland 1st Edition, Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, 1822 £30.00

Russell James Anderson: History Of Education In The Stewartry of Kircudbright: from original and contemporary sources Galloway Gazette, Newton Stewart, 1951 £16.00

Brooke Rupert: The Letters 1st Edition, Faber, London, 1968 £30.00

Jessop J.C.: Education In Angus 1st Edition, University of London Press, 1931 £16.00

Harvey William: Kennethcrook: some sketches of village life 1st Edition, Stirling Journal and Advertiser, Stirling, 1896 £30.00

Cunliffe Barry EDITOR: The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory Of Europe 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, 1994 £18.00

Insh George Pratt EDITOR: Papers Relating To The Ships And Voyages Of The Company Of Scotland Trading To Africa And The Indies 1st Edition, Scottish History Society, Edinburgh, 1924 £65.00

Davies Russell: Hope And Heartbreak: a social history of Wales and the Welsh 1776-1871 University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2005 £15.50

Healy Maurice: The Old Munster Circuit: a book of memories and traditions 1st Edition, Browne and Nolan The Richview Press, 1939 £35.00

Mason Tony: Sport In Britain 1st Edition, Faber, London, 1988 £15.00

Kerry Paul E.: Enlightenment Thought in The Writings Of Goethe 1st Edition, Camden House, Rochester, New York, 2001 £20.00

-----: A Child Lover: the late Bailie Mrs Somerville J.P. 1st Edition, Robert Grant, Edinburgh, 1937 £15.00

Perrett G.B.: A Constitution In Making (1660-1714) Bell, London, 1917 £15.00

Meyvaert Paul J.: Jeffrey's Story: the autobiography 1st Edition, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Tempe, 2005 £18.00

-----: An Official Guide To Eastern Asia: trans-continental connections between Europe and Asia Set of 5 volumes, 1st Editions, Imperial Government Railways of Japan, Tokyo, 1913-1917 £1375.00

Fraser Duncan: Riverside Rambles: of an Edinburgh angler 1st Edition, George Lewis, Selkirk, 1895 £48.00

Uttley Alison: Ambush Of Young Days 1st Edition thus, Faber, London, 1951 £20.00

Sadie Stanley EDITOR: The Cambridge Music Guide 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press, 1985 £15.00

Fleimg David Hay: Critical Reviews Relating Chiefly To Scotland 1st Edition, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1912 £28.00

Smith Bertram: Crashie Howe: a hill parish 1st Edition, Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent, London, 1921 £20.00

Kerr Donal A.: Peel, Priests And Politics 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, 1982 £25.00

Hunter Rev. John: The Diocese And Presbytery Of Dunkeld 1660-1689 2 Volumes, 1st Editions, Hodder and Stoughton, London, no date : 1917 £124.00

Younghusband Captain Francis: South Africa Of To-Day Macmillan, London, 1899 £18.00

May C.A.N.: More Wheelspin: post-war competition motoring from the driver's seat 1st Edition, G.T. Foulis, London, 1948 £16.00

Royle Trevor: The British Civil War: the wars of the three kingdoms 1638-1660 1st Edition, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 2004 £15.00

Fo Dario AND Rame Franca: Theatre Workshops At Riverside Studios, London 1st Edition, Red Notes, London, 1983 £16.00

Winter J.M. EDITOR: War And Economic Development: essays in memory of David Joslin 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press, 1975 £15.00

Le Fanu W.R.: Seventy Years Of Irish Life: being anecdotes and reminiscences 1st Edition, Macmillan, 1893 £30.00

Howard R. Endersby: Lessons From Great Golfers 1st Edition, Methuen, London, 1924 £18.00

Grimm The Brothers: Fairy Tales 1st Edition thus, AAA, Darmstadt, no date : 1950 ? £15.00

Gaughan J. Anthony: Doneraile Revised and Extended Edition, Kamac Publications, Dublin, 1970 £30.00

Buchanan Robert: The Ten Years' Conflict: being the history of the disruption of the church of Scotland Revised Edition, 2 volumes, Blackie, Glasgow, 1852 £38.00

Belaunde Victor Andres: Bolivar And The Political Thought Of The Spanish American Revolution 1st Edition, Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 1938 £20.00

Aytoun William Edmondstoune: Lays Of The Scottish Cavaliers: and other poems Blackwood, Edinburgh, 1971 £18.00

Andersen Hans Christian: Fairy Tales 1st Edition thus, AAA, Darmstadt, no date : 1950 ? £15.00

Blundell Dom. Odo: Ancient Catholic Homes Of Scotland 1st Edition, Burns & Oates, London, 1907 £20.00

Blundell Dom. F.O.: Old Catholic Lancashire Volume 2 only, 1st Edition, Burns Oates & Washbourne, London, 1938 £50.00

Willan T.S.: Abraham Dent Of Kirkby Stephen: an eighteenth-century shopkeeper 1st Edition, Manchester University Press, 1970 £30.00

Wade John EDITOR: The Extraordinary Black Book 1st Edition, Effingham Wilson, London, 1831 £60.00

Lofthouse Jessica: West Pennine Highway: roadside discoveries, Clitheroe and Craven - to Carlisle 1st Edition, Robert Hale, London, 1954 £20.00

Harris Errol E.: Cosmos And Theos 1st Edition, Humanities Press, New Jersey, 1992 £30.00

Grier Philip T. EDITOR: Dialectic And Contemporary Science: essays in honor of Errol E. Harris 1st Edition, University Press of America, Lanham, Maryland, 1989 £32.00

Bone Stephen: The West Coast Of Scotland: Skye to Oban 1st Edition thus, Faber, London, 1952 £30.00

------: The Church Of England Magazine Vol. XXXI 1st Edition thus, John Hughes, London, 1851 £15.00

Duthie Rev. D. Wallace: The Church In The Pages Of "Punch" 1st Edition, Smith Elder, London, 1912 £20.00

Murdoch Alexander: British Emigration 1603-1914 1st Edition, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 2004 £30.00

Bowen H.V.: Revenue And Reform: the Indian problem in British politics 1757-1773 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press, 1991 £18.00

Aspinall A. EDITOR: The Correspondence Of George, Prince Of Wales 1770-1812 Volume 2 only, 1st Edition, Cassell, London, 1964 £15.00

------: High Court At Bombay: 1862 to 1962 1st Edition, Government Central Press, Bombay, 1962 £80.00

Hardy The Rev E.J.: John Chinaman At Home: sketches of men, manners and things in China 1st Edition, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1905 £45.00

Fontana Biancamaria: Rethinking The Politics Of Commercial Society: the Edinburgh Review 1802-1832 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press, 1985 £45.00

Byrne Francis John: Irish Kings And High-Kings 1st Edition, Batsford, London, 1973 £30.00

Thompson Dr. Hunter S.: Fear And Loathing: on the campaign trail '72 1st Edition, Straight Arrow Books, San Francisco, 1973 £30.00

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Beckett Samuel: Molloy Malone Dies The Unamable 1st British Edition, John Calder, London, 1959 £30.00

Shannon William V.: The American Irish 1st Edition, Macmillan, New York, 1963 £18.00

Keene Carolyn: The Bungalow Mystery 1st British Edition, Harold Hill, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1954 £18.00

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Parker Peter: The Old Lie: the Great War and the Public-School Ethos 1st Edition, Constable, London, 1987 £17.00

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Stowe Mrs Harriet Beecher: Uncle Tom's Cabin: or, slave life in America Thomas Nelson, London, 1852 £75.00

Southby Logi: The White Dragon 1st Edition, The Griffon Press, London, 1934 £20.00

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Maidment James EDITOR: The Court Of Session Garland Hamilton Adams, London, 1888 £70.00

Leighton Robert: Practical Commentary Upon The First Epistle General Of Saint Peter 2 Volumes, Religious Tract Society, London, no date : 1850's ? £24.00

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Bailey Paul J.: Reform The People: changing attitudes towards popular education in early twentieth-century China 1st Edition, Edinburgh University Press, 1990 £15.00

Young Douglas: Scottish Verse 1851-1951: selected for the general reader 1st Edition, Nelson, London, 1952 £20.00

Wigfield W. MacDonald: The Monmouth Rebellion: a social history 1st Edition, Moonraker Press, Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire, 1980 £17.50

Waterfall Mary L.: Some Ulster Yesterdays Friends' Book Centre, London, no date : 1935 £16.00

Hodgkin L.V.: A Day-Book Of Counsel & Comfort: from the epistles of George Fox 1st Edition, Macmillan, London, 1937 £18.00

-----: The Book Of Animals: class mammalia (animals that suckle their young) John W. Parker, London, 1847 £26.00

Edwards Lionel: Getting To Know Your Pony 1st Edition, Collins, London, 1948 £15.00

Alter Robert AND Kermode Frank EDITORS: The Literary Guide To The Bible Collins, London, 1988 £18.00

John W.D.: Nantgarw Porcelain 1st Edition, R.H. Johns, Newport, Monmouthshire, 1948 £110.00

Crawford Francis Marion: Ave Roma Immortalis: studies from the chronicles of Rome Set of 2 volumes, Macmillan, London, 1899 £30.00

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Peju Pierre: The Girl From The Chartreuse 1st British Edition, Harvill Press, London, 2005 £40.00

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Juvenal: D. Ivnii Ivvenalis: Satirae XVI Set of 2 volumes, Sumtibus Hahnii, Leipzig, 1819 £50.00

-----: The Book Of Common Prayer Cambridge University Press, no date: 1860's ? £18.00

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