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Richard Sawyer

Fyfe (Christopher) A History of Sierra Leone London: Oxford University Press, 1968. £60.00

Powell (E. Alexander) The Map That is Half Unrolled, Equatorial Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic New York and London: The Century Co., 1925. £35.00

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[The City Press, Publishers] The C.I.V. and The War. Illustrated Souvenir of the City of London Imperial Volunteers. London: The City Press, 1900. £57.00

Sitwell (Edith) Gold Coast Customs London: Duckworth, 1929. £35.00

[Churchill (W.S.)] Secretarial Autograph Letter in the hand of and signed by S.W. Harris to P. Guedella, on Home Office stationery, thanking him for his invitation to speak at the Visitors Debate of the Oxford Union., but regretting he is unable to attend. . £52.00

Livingstone (David) South African Papers. 1849-1853. Edited By I Schapera. Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1974. £25.00

Molteno (Percy Alport) Selections from the Correspondence of ..., 1892-1914. Edited By Vivian Solomon. Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1981. £25.00

Sparrman (Anders) A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope Towards the Antartic Polar Circle Round the World and to the Country of the Hottentots and the Caffres from The Year 1772-1776. Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1977. £58.00

Somerville (William) Narrative of His Journeys to the Eastern Cape Frontier And to Lattakoe, 1799-1802.. With a Bibliographical Introduction and Map and a Historical Introduction and Notes By Edna and Frank Bradlow. Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1979. £28.00

Wahlberg (Johan August) Travel Journals (and someletters) South Africa and Namibia/Botswana, 1838-1856. Introduced and Edited By Adrian Craigand Chris Hummel with Cartography By Oakley West. Translated from the Swedish By Michael Roberts. Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1994. £22.00

Maguire (Rochfort) The Journal of ..., 1852-1854. Two Years at Point Barrow, Alaska, Aboard HMS Plover in the Search for Sir John Franklin. Edited By John Bockstoce. London: The Hakluyt Society, 1988. £25.00

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Schutte (G.J.) Editor Briefwisseling Van Hendrik Swellengrebel Jr Oor Kaapse Sake 1778-1792. Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1982. £20.00

Palgrave (W.C.) The Commissions of ..., Special Emissary to South WEst Africa, 1876-1885 Cape Town: Van Riebeeck Society, 1991. £22.00

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Jaques (Juliette) Bygone Godstone Chichester: Phillimore & Co. Ltd, 1992. £20.00

Leslie (Kim) A Sense of Place. West Sussex Parish Maps Chichester: West Sussex County Council, 2006. £30.00

Churchill (W.S.) Winston S. Churchill to Sir Algernon West New York: Glenn Horowitz, 1988. £20.00

Churchill (W.S.) Sir Winston's Letter on the Common Market. As published in the Weekly News Letter. London: Conservative Central Office,, 1962. £25.00

[Churchill (Sir Winston)] House of Lords The Late Sir Winston Churchill - Message from the U.S. House of Representatives. As contained in House of Lords Official Report London: HMSO, 1965. £30.00

Churchill (Winston S.) King George VI, The Prime Minister's Broadcast, Thursday 7, 1952 London: The Times, 1952. £65.00

Churchill (W.S.) [Nobel Prize Ceremony] Press Release of Churchill's Speech of Acceptance as Delivered By Lady Churchill. Stockholm: Nobel Committee, 1953. £125.00

Churchill (Winston Spencer-) and C.C. Martindale Charles IXth, Duke of Marlborough, K.G. Tributes By London: Burns Oates and Washbourne, 1934. £95.00

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Gordon-Brown (A.). Pictorial Art in South Africa, During Three Centuries to 1875, with Notes on over Four Hundred Artists and 59 Plates. London: Chas J. Sawyer, Ltd., 1952. £24.00

Boshoff (M.M.) Editor French Publications on South Africa. A Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets to the Year 1935. Introduction By J.G. Boyazoglu Pretoria: The State Library, 1978. £45.00

Las Cases (Count de) My Residence at The Cape, Being an Extract from Volume IV of the Journal of ...Introduction and Notes By Dr O.H. Spohr Cape Town: Friends of the South African Library / A.A. Balkema, 1970. £20.00

Wise (Thomas James) Two Lake Poets. A Catalogue of Printed Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters By William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. London: Dawsons of Pall Mall, 1965. £27.50

[(Churchill W.S.) Minchin (Capt. H.C.) Editor] The Legion Book. (Ltd Edition) London: Privately Printed, Curwen Press, 1929. £250.00

Cassidy (James) A Zulu Wedding. A Marvellously compete sent of photos., illustrating every phase of a fashionable wedding in Zululand. The Whole ceremony described in detail by an authority. London: Wide World Magazine,, 1898. £20.00

[Robson Lowe Ltd., Auctioneers] The "E. E. Yates" Africana. A Specialised Stamp Sale to be held on Thursday, Dec 21st, 1939 at 1 p.m. London: Robson Lowe Ltd, 1939. £20.00

Adams (Richard) The Girl in a Swing London: Allen Lane, 1980. £58.00

Adams (Richard) The Girl in a Swing London: Allen Lane, 1980. £58.00

Vance (Marguerite) A Star for Hansi. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1936. £45.00

Smith (Anna H., Editor) Africana Curiosities. Johannesburg and London: Ad. Donker, 1973. £21.00

Surtees (R.S.) Sporting Novels London: Bradbury and Evans & Others.. £1850.00

Lyall (Sir Alfred C.) Studies in Literature and History London: John Murray, 1915. £21.00

South African Railways and Harbours Administration & Dept of Agriculture, Johnnesburg. Farming Opportunities in the Union of South Africa Johannesburg and London: South African Railways and Harbours, 1919. £55.00

[Herschel (Sir John)] Sir John Herschel at the Cape 1834 - 1838. Cape Town: Quarterly Bulletin of the South Africa Librar, 1958. £25.00

McIntyre (Donald) Comets in Old Cape Records. With a Foreword by C. Graham Botha, (Former Chief Archivist for the Union of South Africa). Cape Town: The Cape Times, 1949. £22.00

Thomson (Susan Ruth) Compiler A Catalogue of the Kate Greenaway Collection Rare Book Room, Detriot Public Library. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1977. £21.00

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Worthington (S. and E.B.). Inland Waters of Africa. London: MacMillan and Co., 1933. £55.00

[Cruikshank (George)] 'Fairy Library' with Presentastion Inscription. London: G. Routledge & F. Arnold. £115.00

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King (Arthur) and A.F.Stuart The House of Warne. One Hundred Years of Publishing. London and New York: Frederick Warne, 1965. £22.50

Schiller (Justin) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 'File Copy' New York: Jabberwock Press, 1990. £25.00

[Baines (Thomas)] Stevenson (Michael, Editor) Thomas Baines: An Artist in the Service of Science in Southern Africa. London: Christie's, 1999. £45.00

Walpole (Horace Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third Pall-Mall, London: J. Dodsley, 1768. £115.00

Broomhead (Frank) The Zaehnsdorfs (1842-1947). Craft Bookbinders. Pinner: Private Libraries Association, Pinner 1986, 1986. £21.00

Harris (John H.) Dawn in Darkest Africa. With an Introduction by the Right Hon. The Earl of Cromer. Smith, Elder & Co., London, 1912, 1912. £55.00

[Ehrman (Albert)] Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books from the Broxbourne Libray, Illustrating The Spread of Printing. The Property of .; The First Portion: Abbervile - Lyons; the Second Portion: Madrid - Zwolle. Sotheby. London, 1977-78, 1977. £25.00

[Churchill (Winston S.)] Cork (Robert David) Sir Winston Churchill. A good monochrome lithograph from a specially commissioned pencil study by R.D. Cork, depicting Churchill in characteristic pose with cigar in mouth and giving his victory salute. St. Paul's Cathedral can viewed throgh arched window London 1986, 1986. £95.00

Greenaway (Kate) Mother Goose or the Old Nursey Rhymes. Frederick Warne and Co., London and New York nd. £45.00

Doughty (O.) Early Diamond Days, The Opening of the Diamond Fields of South Africa. Longmans, London 1963, 1963. £27.00

Tennyson (Alfred, Lord, Poet Laureate) The Works of . Macmillan & Co. London, 1894 1894, 1894. £65.00

[Maggs Bros. Ltd] A Selection of Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters of Special Interest and Rarity. Catalogue 812. Maggs Bros. Ltd., London 1953, 1953. £22.50

Gilbert (Martin) The Origins of the 'Iron Curtain' Speech". A Lecture by . Fulton, Misouri: Westminster College, 1981. £25.00

Woods (John C.) The Boer Conspiracy. A Tale of Winston Churchill and Sherlock Holmes. Hopkinton, Nw Hampshire: International Churchill Societies,, 1992. £21.00

Protheroe (Ernest, FZS) New Illustrated Natural History of the World. George Routledge and Sons, London c.1910, 1910. £20.00

Schreiner (Olive) The South African Question by An English South African. Charles H. Sergel, Chicago 1899, 1899. £35.00

Kearton (Cherry) Wild life Across the World. Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt. Illustrated by the Author. London: Hodder and Stoughton,, 1913. £35.00

Moore (George) Aphrodite in Aulis. London: William Heinemann,, 1930. £95.00

Ireland (John) and John Nichols Hogarth's Works: with Life and Anecdotal Descriptions of His Pictures. Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson, and Ferrier, Edinburgh. 1883, 1883. £75.00

Moore (George) The Passing of the Essenes. A Drama in Three Acts. London: William Heinemann Ltd.,, 1930. £65.00

Moore (George) Peronnik The Fool, with Engravings by Stephen Gooden. London: George G. Harrap,, 1933. £125.00