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Christopher Baron

Branston, Thomas F. Cyclopaedia of Practical Receipts: A Manual for the Use of Private Families, Chemists &c. Comprising the uses and modes of preparation of medicines; and formulæ for trade preparations, mineral waters, powders, beverages, dietetic articles, perfumery... London: Ward Lock, 1860. £85.00

Gregory, Olinthus, L.L.D., Of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, &c. A Treatise of Mechanics, Theoretical, Practical, and Descriptive. Three volumes bound as two. London: F.C. And J. Rivington; G. Wilkie; J. Richardson, Lackington & Co: [&c., &c.], 1815. £275.00

Chapelle, Howard I. The American Fishing Schooners 1825-1935 New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1973. £20.00

Sartori, Dr. Mario, Chemist of the Italian Chemical Warfare Service, with a Preface by Prof. G. Bargellini, of Rome University. Translated from the Second Enlarged Italian Edition into English by L.W. Marrison, B.Sc., A.I.C. The War Gases, Chemistry and Analysis London: J. & A. Churchill Ltd., 1939. £55.00

Cousins, Frank W. [Foreword by J.G. Porter] Sundials. A Simplified Approach by Means of the Equatorial Dial London: John Baker, 1972. £95.00

Sexton. Eric H.L., M.A. (Harv.), B.Litt. (Oxon) A Descriptive and Bibliographical List of Irish Figure Sculptures of the Early Christian Period Portland, Maine: Southworth-Anthoensen Press, 1946. £60.00

Skues, Keith with a Foreword by Robin Scott, Controller Radio One and Two Radio Onederland SIGNED ASSOCIATION COPY Lavenham Suffolk: The Landmark Press, 1968. £150.00

Schneider, Norman H. Wiring Houses for the Electric Light, with Special Reference to Low Voltage Battery Systems New York & London: Spon & Chamberlain and E. & F.N. Spon, Ltd, 1911. £25.00

Scott, Clement Poppy-Land. Papers Descriptive of Scenery on the East Coast [ Cromer ] - Title sometimes erroneously quoted as Poppyland Christine Stockwell, 1992. £35.00

Prichard, Michael, Editior - Contributions by Frank Guttfield, Jeremy Fry, Clive Gammon, R.V. Righyni, John Moore and others. Mr. Crabtree's Book of Fishing for Boys London: The Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd, 1968. £20.00

Knowles, C.C., A.M.I.C.E. & Pitt, P.H., C.Eng., F.I. Struct.E., A.R.I.C.S. The History of Building Regulation in London 1189-1972 London: Architectural Press, 1972. £30.00

Featherstone, Captain B.K., with an Introduction by Brig.-General The Hon. C.G. Bruce, C.B., M.V.O. An Unexplored Pass. A Narrative of a Thousand-mile Journey to the Kara-koram Himalayas London: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., 1926. £75.00

Bourne, William The Treasure for Traveilers [ie Travellers ] London, 1578 Amsterdam & New Jersey: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Ltd. & Walter J. Johnson, Inc., 1979. £75.00

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Cowham, Mike. A Dial in Your Poke [note - obsolete word for Pocket ). A Book of Portable Sundials SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - with Bookmark Haslingfield, Cambs.: Privately Printed, 2004. £55.00

Adamson, Daniel, M.I.Mech.E. The Design and Construction of Electric Cranes Hyde, Cheshire: Joseph Adamson & Co., Sole Proprietor: Daniel Adamson, 1926. £25.00

The Electrical Company, Limited, of London Electrical Transmission and Distribution of Power, Based upon Results of Undertakings carried out by The Electrical Company, Limited, of London and its Affiliated Firms 122 and 124, Charing Cross Road, London: The Electrical Company, Limited, 1895. £125.00

Bobinger, Maximilian Kunstuhrmacher in Alt-Augsburg Augsburg: Hans Rosler Verlag, 1969. £80.00

Bobinger, Maximilian Alt-Augsburger Kompassmacher. Sonnen-, Mond- und Sternuhren Astronomische Und Mathematische Geräte Räderuhren Augsburg: Hans Rosler Verlag, 1966. £225.00

Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd. Antique Locks from the Collection of Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd Willenhall: Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd, 1955. £45.00

Festschrift zum 125jährigen Jubiläum Der Schutzmannschaft Berlin 1848-1973 PRESENTATION COPY Berlin: Verlag Haupt & Koska, 1973. £25.00

Robinson, Robert L. Complete Course in Professional Locksmithing Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1973. £65.00

Miller, William J. Glass Ware Machines - A Catalog [ Glassware ] Swissvale, PA [undated]: William J. Miller. £25.00

Fitzpatrick, Sir Percy Jock of the Bushveld London: Longmans, Green, & Co., 1907. £225.00

Gould, Lieut-Commander Rupert T., R.N. (retired) Enigmas. Another Book of Unexplained Facts London: Philip Allan & Co. Ltd., 1929. £75.00

Gould, Lieut-Commander Rupert T., R.N. (retired) The Loch Ness Monster and Others London: Geoffrey Bles, 1934. £95.00

Text Book of Gunnery, Part I, Compiled at the Ordnance College, Woolwich [ Textbook ] London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1907. £50.00

Ruggles, Lieutenant Colonel Colden L'H Ruggles, Ordnance Department U.S. Army, Formerly Professor of Ordnance and Science of Gunnery, United States Military Academy Stresses in Wire-Wrapped Guns and in Gun Carriages New York & London: John Wil, Inc. and Chapman & Hall, Limited, 1916. £22.50

Rausenberger, Professor F. Translated (into English ) by Alfred Slater The Theory of the Recoil of Guns with Recoil Cylinders [ Specially Printed from Artilleristische Monatshefte ] London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 1909. £50.00

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Haycock, Lorna The History of W.E. Chivers & Sons: A Century of Building 1884-1985 [ History of Chivers of Devizes ] Bath, Avon: Pipers Publications, 1986. £35.00

Warden, Alex. J., Merchant, Dundee The Linen Trade, Ancient and Modern London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1864. £185.00

Skues, G.E.M. ( Seaforth and Soforth ) The Way of a Trout with a Fly, and Some Further Studies in Minor Tactics SIGNED London: Adam and Charles Black, 1928. £125.00

Yonge, C.D. The History of the British Navy from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Volume II only [of Two ] London: Richard Bentley, 1863. £55.00

Verne, Jules - Trans. Pedro Vidoeira Miguel Strogoff, O Correio Do Czar - Obra Premiada [ Volume One ] Lisboa [ Lisbon ]: Bibliotheca Illustrada De Instrucção Recreio Empreza Horas Romanticas, 1877. £65.00

Giles, G.D., Feller, F. and Bunnett, H. The British Imperial Forces. A Series of Plates from Water Colour Drawings London: Virtue and Company, 1905. £250.00

Falkus, Hugh. Sea Trout Fishing A Guide to Success. [Edition with New Colour Plates, and First Edition thus] London: H.F. & G. Witherby Ltd, 1981. £35.00

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Pardoe, Julia The Life of Marie De Medicis, Queen of France, Consort of Henri IV., and Regent of the Kingdom under Louis XIII. THREE VOLUME SET London & New York: Samuel Bagster & Sons Limited and James Pott & Co., 1902. £30.00

Russell, Paul L, Research Director, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1967-1979, Edited by Arnold H. Pelofsky History of Western Oil Shale East Brunswick, New Jersey: The Center for Professional Advancement, 1980. £25.00

Dircks, Henry, C.E., LL.D. &c. Perpetuum Mobile; or, A History of the Search for Self-Motive Power, from the 13th to the 19th Century. First & Second Series - Limited Edition 2 vol set. [ Perpetual Motion ] Amsterdam: N.V. Boekhandel & Antiquariaat B.M. Israël, 1968. £60.00

Various Members of the N.B.K.A., Edited by Len Clay Nottinghamshire Beekeepers Association 1884-1984 Centenary Celebrations Booklet Privately Printed, 1984. £25.00

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Vizetelly, Henry, Chevalier of the Order of Franz Josef, &c. &c. Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines Collected During Numerous Visits to the Champagne and Other Viticultural Districts of France and the Principal Remaining Wine-Producing Countries of Europe London: Ward, Lock & Co., 1879. £250.00

Smirnov, V.I., Editor Ore Deposits of the USSR - 3 volume Set London: Pitman Publishing, 1977. £195.00

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Heath, Len A Case of Hives - A book for those itching to start Beekeeping Burrowbridge, Somerset: BBNO, 1985. £48.00

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Hatch, Emily Gilchriest Travancore. A Guide Book for the Visitor London: Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press, 1933. £85.00

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Cooper, Denis R. The Art and Craft of Coinmaking. A History of Minting Technology London: Spink & Son, 1988. £225.00

Budge, E.A. Wallis, M.A., F.S.A. On the Hieratic Papyrus of Nesi-Amsu, a Scribe in the Temple of Amen-Ra at Thebes, about B.C. 305 [the three books complete] Archaeologia, 1890. £35.00

Hope, W.H. St. John, M.A., Assistant-Secretary On the Sculptured Alabaster Tablets Called Saint John's Heads Archaeologia, 1890. £20.00

Crockett, H.G., Manson, James A., Sidwell, E.W., Timms, A., Ball, E., Seamark, M.W., Haydn, W.H., Lord, D. Lawrence, &c. The Modern Boot and Shoe Maker. A Complete Guide to the Design and Manufacture, Hand and Machine Repairing, Shopfitting and Stocking, Retailing, Book-Keeping and Management, with a Full Account [Cont. In description] 4 Volume Set. [ shoemaking ] London: The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd, 1919. £150.00

Edwards, Sydenham Teast Pictures of the Dogs of the British Isles - Cynographia Britannica Horsforth, Leeds: Peregrine Books, 1992. £385.00

Dunraven, Earl of. Extra Master Self-Instruction in the Practice and Theory of Navigation. Two Volume Set London: Macmillan and Co. Ltd., 1900. £150.00

Willis, Captain J.C.T., R.E., With a Foreword by Brigadier H. St. J. L. Winterbotham, C.M.G., D.S.O., A.D.C. An Outline of the History and Revision of 25-inch Ordnance Survey Plans London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1950. £35.00

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Penman, Laurie The Clock Repairer's Handbook Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1988. £20.00

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Pardoe, Julia Louis the Fourteenth and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century THREE VOLUME SET London & New York: Samuel Bagster & Sons Limited and James Pott & Co., 1902. £30.00

Pardoe, Julia, with a Preface by Adolphe Cohn The Court and Reign of Francis the First, King of France THREE VOLUME SET London & New York: Samuel Bagster & Sons Limited and James Pott & Co., 1902. £30.00

Sutherland, Douglas Tired and Valiant. The Story of the Border Regiment 1702-1959 London: Leo Cooper, 1972. £30.00

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Carrington, Hereward, Ph.D. The Boy's Book of Magic, Including Chapters on Hindu Magic, Handcuff Tricks, Side Show and Animal Tricks, Ventriloquism, Etc.; Together with Numerous Sleights Now Published for the First Time London n.d. [1921]: George Routledge & Sons Ltd. £65.00

Mason, Leonard K. Pipe Dreams About Leather and Saddles. (Riding, Cycling, Driving, and Pack) - Dry Facts Related in a Carefree Manner SIGNED Walsall: Walsall Lithographic Co Ltd., 1950. £28.00

Anon The Child's Magazine and Sunday-Scholar's Companion for the Year 1835. New Series Vol. 5 [ Vol. 12 from the Commencement ] 14, City Road, London: J. Mason, 1835. £30.00

Mercer, Vaudrey, M.B., B.Chir. (Cantab); M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Author of 'John Arnold & Son', 'Edward John Dent and his Successors' The Frodshams. The Story of a Family of Chronometer Makers. With an introduction by Frank Leslie Thirkell The Antiquarian Horological Society, 1981. £265.00

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Dover, A.T., M.I.E.E., A.Amer.I.E.E., Head of the Electrical Engineering Department Battersea Polytechnic, London Traction Motor Control ( Direct Current ). An Introductory Treatise on the Principles Involved in the Control of D.C. Motors for Trains, Trams, and Railless Vehicles, Including a Simplified Treatment of Multiple Unit Automatic Control..... London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1923. £28.00

Phillips, E.G., M.I.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E. Pneumatic Conveying. A Concise Treatment of the Principles, Methods and Applications of Pneumatic Conveyance of Materials, with Special Reference to the Conveying and Elevating of Heavy Materials London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1921. £40.00

Richards, H.S - SIGNED, PRESENTATION COPY All About Horse Brasses. A Collectors' Complete Guide, Incorporating "Horse Brasses" and "More Horse Brasses" now out of Print Sutton Coldfield: Privately Printed, 1943. £20.00

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Robertson, J. Drummond The Evolution of Clockwork, with a Special Section on the Clocks of Japan,, Fully Illustrated from the Author's Collection, Together with a Fully Comprehensive Bibliography of Horology Covering Over Six Hundred Items London: Cassell & Company Limited, 1931. £60.00

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Davis, Robert H., Kt., Hon. D.Sc. Birmingham University, F.R.S.A., formerly Principal and Managing Director of Siebe, Gorman & Company Ltd. Deep Diving and Submarine Operations. A Manual for Deep Sea Divers and Compressed Air Workers. Parts 1 & 2 in one volume Cwmbran, Gwent: Siebe, Gorman & Company Ltd., 1955. £225.00

Davis, Robert H., Kt., Hon. D.Sc. Birmingham University, F.R.S.A., formerly Principal and Managing Director of Siebe, Gorman & Company Ltd. Deep Diving and Submarine Operations. A Manual for Deep Sea Divers and Compressed Air Workers. Two Volume Limited Edition, boxed and numbered set, published on the 175th Anniversary of Siebe Gorman Cwmbran, Gwent: Siebe, Gorman & Company Ltd., 1995. £250.00

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