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Christopher Baron

Woodhead, A.G., Fellow of Corpus Christi College and Lecturer in Classics in the University of Cambridge The Study of Greek Inscriptions Cambridge: Cambridge at the University Press, 1959. £20.00

Brockbank, E.M., M.D., F.R.C.P., Edited by Dreschfeld Memorial Volume, Containing an Account of the Life, Work, and Writings of the late Julius Dreschfeld M.D. F.R.C.P. With a Series of Original Articles Dedicated to His Memory by Colleagues in the University of Manchester and Former Pupils Manchester: University Press, 1908. £65.00

Oxley, Thomas, Esq., Civil Engineer, London The Gem of the Astral Sciences, or Mathematics of Celestial Philosophy with Improved Formulae and All the Rules of Calculations Used Therein; New and Expeditious Tables of Right Ascensions & Declinations of the Planets..... London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co, 1848. £250.00

Beck, R. & J. Ltd Beck Microscopes - Catalogue London: R & J. Beck, Ltd, 1936. £80.00

Reichert, C. Reichert's Metallographic [ Metallurgical ] Microscopes - Catalogue Vienna: C. Reichert. £20.00

Watson, W. & Sons Ltd Microscopes and Accessories 36th Edition. Catalogue of Watson Microscopes, Parts I & 2 - Microscopes , Fittings and Optical Parts for All the Biological Sciences. London: W. Watson & Sons Ltd, 1936. £40.00

Watson, W. & Sons Ltd Microscopes and Accessories 36th Edition. Catalogue of Watson Microscopes, Parts 1 & 2 - Microscopes , Fittings and Optical Parts for All the Biological Sciences. London: W. Watson & Sons Ltd, 1936. £40.00

Von Studnitz, Arthur - Mrs. Brewer - Streeter, Edwin, W., F.R.G.S. [see description for full details] Gold: Legal Regulations for the Standard of Gold & Silver Wares in Different Countries of the World London: Chapman & Hall, 1877. £55.00

Hughes, Mark, with Meek, David. Foreword by Alex Ferguson HUGHESIE ! The Red Dragon. INSCRIBED & SIGNED Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing Company ( Edinburgh ) Ltd, 1994. £25.00

Tarabishi, Georges [with a reply by Nawal El-Saadawi ]. Translated by Basil Hatim and Elisabeth Orsini Woman Against Her Sex. A Critique of Nawal El-Saadawi London: Saqi, 1988. £20.00

Hall, David SIGNED BY AUTHOR The Complete Coarse Fisherman London: Ward Lock Limited, 1980. £25.00

Hope-Jones, F, M.I.E.E., F.R.A.S., With a Foreword by Sir Frank Dyson, K.B.E., D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., H.M. Astronomer Royal Electric Clocks London: N.A.G. Press Limited, 1931. £85.00

Vernon, John The Grandfather Clock Maintenance Manual New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1983. £35.00

Castle, Barbara - SIGNED The Castle Diaries. 2 Volumes 1964-70 & 1974-76 London 1980 & 1984: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1980. £95.00

Uren, J.G., Late Postmaster of Penzance Scilly and the Scillonians Plymouth: Printed at The Western Morning News Co. Ltd, 1907. £75.00

Main, Rev. Robert, M.A., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., Radcliffe Observer at Oxford Practical and Spherical Astronomy, for the Use of Students in the Universities Cambridge: Deighton, Bell & Co., 1863. £40.00

Stevenson, C.A. The Song of the Reel King Street, Nottingham: H.B. Saxton, 1914. £35.00

Congreve, Harrison, Beesly, Pember, Bridges, Cookson & Hutton International Policy. Essays on the Foreign Relations of England London, 193 Piccadilly: Chapman & Hall, 1866. £135.00

Evans, J.H. [ with a chapter on Electrotyping by S.R. Bottone ] Ornamental Turning A Work of Practical Instruction in the Above Art Volume II London: Guilbert Pitman, 1904. £45.00

Herrod-Hempsall, W., F.R.S. Bee-Keeping New and Old, Described with Pen and Camera. Volume One London: The British Bee Journal, 1930. £85.00

Evans, R.D.C. SIGNED A Bibliography of the Bayonet. A Survey of the Literature of the Subject:- Books - Military Manuals - Journal Articles. From the Earliest Known to 31st December 1999 Baildon, Shipley, Yorkshire: Privately Published, 2000. £45.00

Gay, Martin & Rickards, Barrie [ with Foreword by John Wilson ] Pike Woodbridge, Suffolk: The Boydell Press, 1989. £20.00

Gee, George E. Author of " The Goldsmith's Handbook ", &c., &c. Gold Alloys, Their Manufacture and Application London: Crosby Lockwood & Son, 1929. £95.00

Maskell, Joseph - Associate of King's College London; Master of Emanuel Hospital, Westminster., Author of "westminster in Relation to Literature", "The Five Senses" & " Berkyngechyreche Juxta Turrim" [A History of All Hallows, Barking, London] The Wedding-Ring: Its History, Literature, and the Superstitions Respecting It. London: H. Parr, 52, Moorfields [&] Simpkin, Marshall & Co., Stationers' Hall Court, E.C., 1888. £65.00

Robinson, Tom The Grandfather Clock Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors' Club, 1982. £60.00

Moose, Arthur J. An Up-To-Date Comedy Magic Act with Patter Privately Printed. £25.00

Douglas, Bert [signed by Julius Sundman ) Club Magic London: Edward Bagshawe & Co, 1930. £55.00

Hoffmann, Professor [ Angelo Lewis ] Tricks with Handkerchiefs from Later Magic London n.d.: George Routledge and Sons, Limited. £35.00

Goldston, Will More Tricks and Puzzles ( with Patter ) Signed By Chanin London n.d.: Will Goldston Limited. £55.00

Goldston, Will Tricks That Mystify - Book Two - Magical Sleights and Tricks London n.d.: Will Goldston Ltd. £20.00

Emerson, Charles Wesley, Founder of the Emerson College of Oratory, Boston, Mass. [ Leo Politi ] Physical Culture [ WITH Leo Politi - designed Bookplate ] Chickeringhall, Huntingdon Ave. Boston: Emerson College Publishing Company, 1913. £30.00

Wilkinson, C.H., Author of Harmonious Colouring Harmonic and Keyboard Designing. An Easy Method of Producing an Endless Variety of Most Beautiful Designs Suited to Numberless Manufactures by Unskilled Persons from Any Piece of Music London: L. Upcott Gill, 1898. £250.00

Reader, W.J. Imperial Chemical Industries - A History. Volume II The First Quarter Century 1926-1952 London: Oxford University Press, 1975. £85.00

Gover, J.E.B., Mawer, Allen, and Stenton, F.W., With the collaboration of Madge, S.J. The Place-Names of Middlesex [ Placenames ] Cambridge: Cambridge at the University Press, 1945. £35.00

Penfold, John B. SIGNED The Clockmakers of Cumberland Ashford, Kent: Brant Wright Associates Limited, 1977. £425.00

Hoffmann, Professor [ Angelo Lewis ] Drawing-Room Conjuring London n.d.: George Routledge and Sons, Limited. £65.00

Costa, Nic Automatic Pleasures. The History of the Coin Machine London: Kevin Francis Publishing Limited, 1988. £25.00

Gunther, R.T. The Old Ashmolean. The Oldest Museum for the History for the History of the Natural Sciences and Medicine. Prepared for the 250th Anniversary of the Opening of the Museum Oxford: Oxford University Press. Printed to be Sold at the Museum, 1933. £35.00

Kelson, Geo. M. Tips by the Author of ' The Salmon Fly ' London: Published by the Author, 1901. £350.00

Jones, Theophilus & Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, Bart., First Baron Glanusk A History of the County of Brecknock [ Brecknockshire ]. Volumes 1 & 2 - Glanusk Edition 14, Bridge Street, Brecknock: Blissett, Davies & Co., 1909. £125.00

Fox, C. A. O, D.ès. Sc. ( Geneva ), (selected and edited by) An Anthology of Clocks and Watches Valley House, Bishopston, Swansea: Published by the Editor, 1947. £20.00

Orme, Andy Barbel Mania Swindon, Wiltshire: The Crowood Press, 1990. £55.00

Johnson, Charles, Esq., Botanical Lecturer at Guy's Hospital. & Sowerby, John The Ferns of Great Britain, TOGETHER WITH the Fern Allies: A Supplement to the Ferns of Great Britain WITH 80 HAND-COLOURED PLATES Lambeth: John E. Sowerby, 1855. £250.00

Bright, Edward Brailsford & Bright, Charles [ Bright's Brother & Son respectively ] The Life Story of the Late Sir Charles Tilston Bright, Civil Engineer, with which is Incorporated the Story of the Atlantic Cable, and the First Telegraph to India and the Colonies. Volume II [ the middle name is sometimes erroneously quoted as Tilson ] Westminster: Archibald Constable and Co.. £125.00

Zeiss, Carl. Optische Werkstaette, Jena Price - List Relating to The Large Projection Apparatus Jena: Carl Zeiss, 1902. £38.00

Massey, Edward Second [ & Third] Appendix to the Account of Massey's Patent Log and Sounding Machine, &c. &c. &c. Liverpool: Printed by Egerton and W. Smith, Navigation Shop, 1808. £225.00

Christie's - Titanic Titanic Memorabilia and Maritime Pictures, Ephemera and Models. Sale Catalogue Tuesday 14th April 1992 London: Christie's South Kensington, Ltd., 1992. £45.00

Loomes, Brian Lancashire Clocks and Clockmakers SIGNED BY AUTHOR Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1975. £75.00

Ponsford, Clive N. Time in Exeter. A history of 700 years of clocks and clockmaking in an English provincial city, with details of more than 300 former makers Exeter: Headwell Vale Books, 1978. £65.00

Casella, C.F. & Co. Ltd Meteorological and Scientific Instruments , Catalogue No. 684 London: Casella, C.F. & Co. Ltd. £55.00

Determann, Hans & Lepusch, Friedrich The Microscope and Its Application Wetzlar: Ernst Leitz GmbH. £20.00

Baker Perkins Ltd Wartime at Baker Perkins Ltd. Westwood Works, Peterborough Norwich: Printed for Baker Perkins Ltd. by Jarrold & Sons Ltd., 1946. £75.00

Hobbies Limited An Interesting Story ... Hobbies 1897-1947 London and Eastleigh: Printed by Sir Joseph Causton & Sons, Ltd for Hobbies Ltd., 1947. £45.00

Lukin, James Toy Making for Amateurs: Being Instructions for the Home Construction of Simple Wooden Toys, and of Others that are Moved or Driven by Weights, Clockwork, Steam, Electricity, &c London: L. Upcott Gill, The "Bazaar" Office. £75.00

International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics [ I.U.G.G. ] International Auroral Atlas - IAGA Publication Number 18 Edinburgh: Published for the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at the University Press, 1963. £30.00

Chilton-Young, F.R.H.S., Yorke, Arthur, & ' Various Writers ' Mechanical Work in Garden and Greenhouse in Three Parts. Part I. Geometry for Gardeners, Part II. Sun-Dials and Dialling, [ Sundials ]. Part III. Greenhouse Building and Heating, Etc. London: Ward, Lock & Bowden Limited, 1893. £60.00

Gatty, The Late Mrs. Alfred [originally Compiled by, Now Enlarged and Re-Edited by H.K.F. Eden and Eleanor Lloyd ] The Book of Sun-Dials [ Sundials ] London: George Bell and Sons, 1900. £285.00

Venables, General ( Robert ) & Firth, Colin, M.A. The Narrative of General Venables, with an Appendix of Papers Relating to the West Indies and the Conquest of Jamaica, 1654 - 1655, Edited for the Royal Historical Society London: Longmans Green and Co., 1900. £50.00

Brown, Robert, Jun., Esq., F.S.A. On a German Astronomico-Astrological Manuscript, and on the Origin of the Signs of the Zodiac Archaeologia, 1882. £20.00

Gregory, Malcolm S., B.E., B.A., Ph.D., F.I.C.E., D.Eng. F.I.E. Aust. History and Development of Engineering London: Longman, 1971. £30.00

Callcut, W.G. SIGNED The History of the London Anglers' Association (with an occasional note concerning its members and clubs) London: W.G. Callcut, 1924. £135.00

Le Breton-Martin, E. The Fisherman's Companion 49, Rupert Street, London W.: Mills & Boon Ltd, 1910. £60.00

Collins, A.E.P., Davidson, Dr. J.W., Digby, A., & Firth, Dr. Raymond, with contributions by Dr. P.W. Richards; General Editior, Dr. H.C. Darby B.R. 519 B ( Restricted ) Geographical Handbook Series For Official Use Only. Pacific Islands, Volume III. Western Pacific ( Tonga to the Solomon Islands ) Naval Intelligence Division, 1944. £35.00

Ransome, Arthur Racundra's First Cruise London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1923. £150.00

Taylor, Snowden. SIGNED The Noble Jerome Patent 30 Hr. [ Hour ] Brass Weight Movement and Related Movements - SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION The Westchester Chapter [90], in Association with the Central New York Chapter [58], of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, 1981. £75.00

Comité Archéologique de Senlis Comptes-rendus et Memoires. Annee,1867; Annee 1868,, et Annees 1869-71 - Three Volumes bound as one . Imprimerie De Charles Duriez [2], Imprimerie De Ernest Payen, 1868. £50.00

O'Brien, The Honble. Donough, M.A. Christchurch, Oxford, Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple, Fellow of the Irish Genealogical Society, Hon. Member of the Royal Society of Minature Painters Minatures of the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries. An Historical and Descriptive Record. [the half-title gives it as '....of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries..'] 15, North Audley Street, London, W.1: Published for the Author by B.T. Batsford Ltd, and Printed in Cairo By R. Schindler, 1951. £125.00

Herrod, William, F.E.S. [surname was changed in later life to Herrod-Hempsall ] Producing, Preparing, Exhibiting and Judging Bee Produce London: British Bee Journal Office, 1912. £30.00

Evans, R.D.C., B.Sc. SIGNED British Bayonet Letters Patent 1721-1961 Baildon, Shipley, Yorkshire: Privately Published, 1991. £25.00

Pierrepoint, Albert Executioner: Pierrepoint London: Harrap, 1974. £55.00

Haworth, Don The Fred Dibnah Story London: BBC Books, 1993. £30.00

Mosoriak, Roy, & Heckert, Glenn P. The Curious History of Music Boxes - with a detailed chapter on their Repair Chicago: Lightner Publishing Corp., 1943. £45.00

Majerus, Michael E.N. Ladybirds London: Harper Collins [ HarperCollins ], 1994. £110.00

Laurentius, M. Andreas, Translated [into English] by Richard Surphlet, and with a 25 Page Introduction by Sanford V. Larkey A Discourse of the Preservation of the Sight: Of Melancholike Diseases; of Rheumes, and of Old Age 1599. Shakespeare Association Facsimiles No. 15 Amen House, Warwick Square, E.C. [ London ]: Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, 1938. £25.00

Murray, S.M. The Red, White and Blue London & New York: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1900. £75.00

Shaw, Thomas, Professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Minnesota A Study of Breeds in America - Cattle, Sheep and Swine New York and Chicago: Orange Judd Company, 1905. £25.00

Britannia Company [T.M. Brear ?] Screws and Screw-Making, with a Chapter on The Milling Machine. A Complete Treatise on Screw-Making in all its Branches, embracing most recent methods, and obtaining the reports which originated modern standard screw-threads. Colchester, England: The Britannia Company, Maker's of Engineers' Tools, 1902. £45.00

Camm, F.J., With Contributions by other Engineers Screw Cutting [ Published in Cassell's 'Workshop' Series ] London: Cassell & Company Ltd, 1920. £30.00

Darwin, Bernard; Mitchell, Abe; Duncan, George, Taylor, J.H.; Barnes, James M.; Braid, James; Massy, Arnaud Six Golfing Shots by Six Famous Players - by each Author Respectively: Introduction; The Drive; Through the Green-The Brassie & Spoon; Iron & Mashie Play; Pitch-&-Run; Bunkers & Hazards; Putting London: Dormeuil Freres [ Sportex ], 1927. £125.00

British Waterways Transport The Leeds and Liverpool Canal London: Pyramid Press Limited, 1957. £30.00

Richardson, Robert R., & Landis, Edward H. SIGNED Numbers, Variables and Mr. Russell's Philosophy Chicago & London: The Open Court Publishing Company, 1915. £45.00

Salmon and Trout Association Salmon and Trout Magazine, The : The Journal of The Salmon and Trout Association. No. 4. December 1912 Fishmongers' Hall [ London ], E.C.: The Salmon and Trout Association, 1912. £45.00

Marti, Othmar K. & Winograd, Harold [Respectively Chief Engineer & Rectifier Engineer at American Brown Boveri Co Ltd] Mercury Arc Power Rectifiers Theory and Practice New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1930. £25.00

Bagnall, George Piscatorial Rambles; or, The Fisherman's Pocket Companion 14, York Street, Covent Garden, W.C.: R.J. Kennett, 1865. £115.00

Jackson, Leroy F. Rimskittle's Book Chicago & New York: Rand McNally & Company, 1926. £125.00

Gregory, D.P., BSc., PhD. Metal-Air Batteries London: Mills & Boon Ltd, 1972. £45.00

University of Bristol Spelaeological Society, Editor, Tratman, E.K., OBE, MD, MDS, FSA The Caves of North-West Clare, Ireland Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1969. £35.00

Peacock, Primrose Antique Buttons Their History and How to Collect Them [Published earlier in the UK as ' Buttons for the Collector '] New York: Drake Publishers, 1973. £20.00

Copeman, Dr. W.S.C. SIGNED The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London. A History 1617 - 1967. [Lord Murray's Copy] Oxford & London: Pergamon Press, 1967. £35.00

Ransome, Arthur Rod and Line - Essays together with Asakov on Fishing Thirty Bedford Square, London: Jonathan Cape, 1929. £145.00

Ransome, Arthur Rod and Line - Essays together with Asakov on Fishing Thirty Bedford Square, London: Jonathan Cape, 1929. £100.00

Walker, Richard Rod Building for Amateurs 295, Chesterton Road, Folkestone Kent: Belfield and Bushell Ltd., 1954. £85.00

Barker, Thomas The Art of Angling Wherein Are discovered many rare Secrets, very necessary to be knowne by all that delight in that Recreation. A UNIQUE CALLIGRAPHIC COPY . £325.00

Grote-Hasenbalg, Werner Masterpieces of Oriental Rugs - 3 Volume Set Berlin: Scarabeus-Verlag, 1922. £125.00

DeVoe, Shirley Spaulding English Papier Mâché of the Georgian and Victorian Periods. MRS. GRAHAM GREENE'S COPY London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1971. £125.00

Cunningham, W. Should Our Railways be Nationalised? Dunfermline: A. Romanes & Son, " Press " Office, 1906. £125.00

Grant-Francis, Col. George The Smelting of Copper in the Swansea District, from the Time of Elizabeth to the Present Day London and Manchester: Henry Sotheran, 1881. £175.00

Mitchell, Ogilvie The Talking Machine Industry London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1923. £50.00

Allcocks Allcocks Anglers Guide - 1937-1938 Redditch: S. Allcock & Co. Ltd, 1937. £30.00

Chandler, Dean, with a Foreword by Dr. Charles Carpenter, C.B.A., M.Inst.C.E., President of the South Metropolitan Gas Company Lighting By Gas, An Outline of Its History . £145.00

Woods, Rex. SIGNED Lakeland Profiles Privately Published, 1978. £20.00

Jennings, The Rev. Frank L. ( The Tramp Parson ), Author of "In London's Shadows". Etc. Tramping with Tramps London: Hutchinson & Co (Publishers) Ltd, 1932. £45.00

Augusta National Golf Club Masters - The First Forty One Years. A Tribute from the Augusta National Golf Club to Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., Clifford Roberts Co-founders Augusta, Georgia: Augusta National Golf Club, 1978. £45.00

Hyde, Ralph Panoramania! The Art and Entertainment of the 'All-Embracing' View London: Trefoil Publications, 1988. £70.00

Lubbock, S.G. & Scholfield, A.F. A Memoir of Montague Rhodes James, with a List of his Writings Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1939. £20.00

Gyp L'Entrevue Illustré Par La Photographie D'aprè - Collections Nature " La Voie Merveilleuse " 338, rue St-Honoré: Libraire Nillson - Per Lamm, Succr.. £20.00

Benton, The Rev. G. Montague, M.A., F.S.A., & The Rev. Canon Galpin...and the Rev. Pressey. Members of the Council of the Essex Archaeological Society The Church Plate of the County of Essex Colchester: Benham & Co. Limited, 1926. £40.00

Tompkins, B., Author of "The Theory of Water-Finding" Springs of Water and How to Discover Them by the Divining-Rod - Third, and best, Edition Paternoster House, London E.C.: Hurst & Blackett, Ltd, 1925. £35.00

Jackson, Christine E. & Davis, Peter Sir William Jardine. A Life in Natural History London and New York: Leicester University Press, 2001. £65.00

Bazley, Thomas Sebastian, M.A Index to the Geometric Chuck - A Treatise Upon The Description of the Lathe, of Simple and Compound Epitrochoidal or "Geometric" Curves. London: Waterlow and Sons, 1875. £750.00

Lang, Andrew [ Mrs. Andrew Lang, Editor ] The Poetical Works of Andrew Lang, in Four Volumes ( bound in two vols. ) with Portraits - India Paper Edition, Limited to 260 sets only ] London: Longmans Green & Co., 1923. £95.00

Bertrand, Leon Cut and Thrust. The Subtlety of the Sabre London: Athletic Publications Ltd, 1927. £150.00

Tyler, E.John Black Forest Clocks London: N.A.G. Press Ltd., 1977. £25.00

Warner, William John - Also known as Count Louis Hamon, or Cheiro. SIGNED Cheiro's Memoirs, The Reminiscences of a Society Palmist London: William Rider and Son Ltd, 1912. £150.00

Bertrand, Leon Cut and Thrust. The Subtlety of the Sabre London: Athletic Publications Ltd, 1927. £95.00

Bennett, Arthur The Dream of a Warringtonian Warrington: The " Sunrise " Publishing Company, 1900. £125.00

Redman, William The Jewellers' Guide and Handy Reference Book Bradford: W. Redman, 1883. £45.00

Christie, James R., F.R.S., First Mathematical Master at the Royal Military Academy An Introduction to the Elements of Practical Astronomy London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans., 1853. £295.00

Howard, C. Frusher, F.S.Sc. Howard's Anglo-American Art of Reckoning. The Standard Teacher and Referee of Shorthand Business Arithmetic for Schools and Self-Culture [with a Perpetual Calendar] London: Cassell & Company, Limited, 1890. £55.00

PIckworth, Charles N., Whitworth Scholar & Author of Logarithms for Beginners; The Indicator: Its Construction and Application; The Indicator Diagram: Its Analysis and Application ; etc. The Slide Rule. A Practical Manual London & Manchester: Emmott and Co., Limited ; Pitman and Sons, Limited, 1945. £28.00

PIckworth, Charles N., Whitworth Scholar & Author of Logarithms for Beginners; The Indicator: Its Construction and Application; The Indicator Diagram: Its Analysis and Application ; etc. The Slide Rule. A Practical Manual London & Manchester: Emmott and Co., Limited ; Pitman and Sons, Limited, 1945. £20.00

PIckworth, Charles N., Whitworth Scholar & Author of Logarithms for Beginners; The Indicator: Its Construction and Application; The Indicator Diagram: Its Analysis and Application ; etc. The Slide Rule. A Practical Manual London & Manchester: Emmott and Co., Limited ; Pitman and Sons, Limited, 1945. £25.00

PIckworth, Charles N., Whitworth Scholar & Author of Logarithms for Beginners; The Indicator: Its Construction and Application; The Indicator Diagram: Its Analysis and Application ; etc. The Slide Rule. A Practical Manual Manchester, London & New York: Emmott and Co., Limited ; Pitman and Sons, Limited & D Van Nostrand Co., 1941. £28.00

Anon The Use and Working of the Watch Calculator and the Slide Rule Manchester: The Scientific Publishing Co.. £45.00

Faber, A.W. Instructions for the Use of A.W. Faber " Castell " Calculating Rules Stein, near Nuremberg: A. W. Faber, Castell Pencil Works Ltd. £30.00

Bottomley, J.T., M.A., F.R.S., F.R.S.E., F.C.S. Logarithmic & Trigonometrical Tables for Approximate Calculation. Arranged, Primarily, for the Use of the Students of the Natural Philosophy Class in the University of Glasgow [ Mathematical Tables being the front cover title] London and Glasgow: William Collins, Sons & Co., Limited. £20.00

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Cullum, W. Cullum's Calculator for Jewellers, etc. A Ready, Rapid, and Reliable Means of Arriving at a Correct Result. Contains Sixteen Disctinct Features, All of Them Being Either Interesting, Instructive, or of Practical Utility Leamington Spa: W. Cullum, Author and Publisher, 37, Bath Street,, 1907. £55.00

Thomson, John, Accountant in Edinburgh Tables of Interest at 3,4,...per Cent [etc. Etc.] Also, Tables Showing the Exchange on Bills [etc. Etc.] And a Table of Discount on Bills..... London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, 1856. £40.00

Furbank, Robert A. The Sheet and Plate Glass Calculator. Containing Above 25,000 Superficial Areas, with Numerous and Concise Examples for Readily Ascertaining the Contents of Any Number of Panes of Whatever Dimensions Leeds: William Pape ( Baxendale & Co. Ltd., Proprietors ), 1891. £30.00

Wilding, John How to Make a Replica of an 18th Century 30 Hour Weight Driven Alarm Clock Ashford, Kent: Brant Wright Associates Limited. £25.00

Richards, H.S Horse Brass Collections No. 3 Sutton Coldfield: Privately Printed, 1944. £25.00

Sharpe, Frederick, F.S.A., President of The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers 1957-63 &c. [Foreword by the Bishop of Oxford] The Church Bells of Berkshire - Their Inscriptions and Founders - Arranged Alphabetically by Parishes Bath: Kingsmead Reprints, 1971. £35.00

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Lambrou, Andreas SIGNED Fountain Pens Vintage and Modern - Presentation Copy in a Fine Binding Epping, Essex: Classic Pens Limited, 1989. £395.00

Covill, William E. Jr. Ink Bottles and Inkwells Taunton, Massachusetts: William S. Sullwold, 1971. £125.00

The Author of 'The Lathe and Its Uses'. 'The Amateur Mechanic's Workshop', &c. [ James Lukin ] The Young Mechanic, A Book for Boys......... London: Keegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd., 1886. £20.00

Bayne, A.D. Author of ' A History of Norwich ' Royal Illustrated History of Eastern England, Civil, Military, Political, and Ecclesiastical from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Including a Survey of the Eastern Counties: Physical Features, Geology, .. In Two Volumes Market Place, Great Yarmouth: James MacDonald & Co, 1873. £65.00

Clark. Ronald H. Chronicles of a Country Works - Being a History of Messrs. Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd of Thetford, the Famous Traction Engine Builders London: Percival Marshall, 1952. £195.00

Bemrose, Wlliam, Author of ' Manual of Wood Carving ' , ' Fret Cutting ' Etc., Etc. Manual of Buhl - Work and Marquetry with Practical Instructions for Learners and Ninety Coloured Designs London: Bemrose & Sons. £175.00

Green, Geoffrey, with Witty, J.R. & Usill, Harley V. A History of the Football Association London: The Naldrett Press, 1953. £75.00

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Forester, C.S. The Voyage of the Annie Marble London: John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, 1929. £175.00

West, Leonard The Natural Trout Fly and Its Imitation - Being an Angler's Record of Insects Seen at the Waterside and the Method of Tying the Flies 30, Exchange Street East, Liverpool: William Potter, 1921. £165.00

Page, Martyn & Bellars, Vic Pike. In Pursuit of Esox Lucius Swindon, Wiltshire: The Crowood Press, 1990. £60.00

Chillingworth, Bill Tactics for Big Pike Enfield, Middx.: Beekay Publishers, 1985. £30.00

Faber, Oscar, D.Sc., O.B.E., [ Translator, from Prof. E. Lippich's German Translation of Prof. Galileo Ferraris' Italian Work ] Ferraris' Dioptric Instruments [The original Italian work was entitled The Fundamental Properties of Dioptric Instruments ] Printed at the Request of The Ministry of Munitions London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1919. £45.00

Raistrick, Arthur Lead Mining in the Mid-Pennines. The Mines of Nidderdale, Wharfedale, Airedale, Ribblesdale and Bowland Tring: D. Bradford Barton Ltd, 1973. £20.00

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