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PHILLIPS (Henry) Sylva Florifera: The Shrubbery Historically and Botanically treated; with Observations on the Formation of Ornamental Plantations, and Picturesque Scenery. London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1823. £275.00

KNIGHT (Richard Payne) An Inquiry into the Principles of Taste. London: C. Mercier for T. Payne, 1805. £425.00

STANFORD (Sir William) Les Plees del Corone, in plusors titles & Common lieux. Per queux home pluis redement & plenairement trouera quelq; chose que il quira, touchant les dits Plees, composes per le tresreuerend Iudge, Monsieur Guilliaulme Staundford Chiualier, dernierment corrigee. Auecques un Table parfaicte des choses notables contenus ycelle, nouelment reueu & corrigee, oue ascum nouel additions. Londini: Ex Typographia Societatis Stationariorum [i.e. Adam Islip], Anno Domini 1607. 4to, ownership inscription of "John Crasler, Gray's Inn, 1722" on front free endpaper, woodcut device on title, with the circular stamp of Birmingham Law Society on title, partly black letter, [12], 198 leaves. STC 23224. Bound with:- STANFORD (Sir William) An An Exposition of the Kings Prerogatiue, collected out of the great Abridgement of Iustice Fitzherbert, and other old Writers of the Lawes of England, by the right Worshipfull Sir William Stanford Knight, lately one of the Iustices of the late Queenes Maiesties Court of Common Plees. Whereunto is annexed the Proces to the same Prerogatiue appertaining. Printed [by Adam Islip] for the Company of Stationers, 1607. £1000.00

SEYYIT YAHYA (Ziya ed Din) Hazihi hikayet-I Ebu Ali ibn Sina. [A commentary on Avicenna]. [Cairo], Bulaq AH 1256 [1840]. £1750.00

GIFFARD (Edward) A Short Visit to the Ionian Islands, Athens, and the Morea. London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1837. £325.00

TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES OF MAURITIUS. Part 1. August, 1847. Vol.1 - Part 11. August, 1848. Vol.1. [complete in two parts]. Port Louis: [de V. Devaux], J. W. Jefferys, Printer, Intendance Street, [1847]. £950.00

EYS (W.J. van) Bibliographie des Bibles et des Nouveaux Testaments en Langue Française des XVme et XVIme Siècles. De Graaf, Nieuwkoop. (Reprint of the 1900-01 Edition) 1973. £38.00

HINDLEY (Charles) The History of the Catnach Press, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Alnwick and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in Northumberland, and Seven Dials, London. London: Charles Hindley. 1887. £43.00

THIMM (Carl A.) A Complete Bibliography of Fencing & Duelling, as Practised by all European Nations from the Middle Ages to the Present Day. With a Classified Index, in Chronological Order, According to Languages (Alphabetically Arranged). Illustrated with Numerous Portraits of Ancient and Modern masters of the Art, Title Pages and Frontispieces of some of the Earliest Works. John Lane, The Bodley Head. 1896. £185.00

THIMM (Carl A.) A Complete Bibliography of Fencing & Duelling, as Practised by all European Nations from the Middle Ages to the Present Day. With a Classified Index, in Chronological Order, According to Languages (Alphabetically Arranged). Illustrated with Numerous Portraits of Ancient and Modern masters of the Art, Title Pages and Frontispieces of some of the Earliest Works. John Lane, The Bodley Head. 1896. £166.00

LEWIS (C.T. Courtney) The Story of Picture Printing in England During the Nineteenth Century or Forty Years of Wood and Stone. Sampson Low, Marston and Co., Ltd. [1928]. £48.00

FULTON (John F.) A Bibliography of The Honourable Robert Boyle Fellow of the Royal Society. Oxford University Press. 1961. £29.00

BURDEN (Philip D.) The Mapping of North America II (A List of Printed Maps; 1671-1700). Raleigh Publications. 2007. £181.00

SMITH (J. Gray) A Brief Historical, Statistical, and Descriptive review of East Tennessee, United States of America: developing its immense Agricultural, Mining, and Manufacturing advantages, with Remarks to Emigrants. Accompanied with a Map & lithographed Sketch of a Tennessee Farm, Mansion House, and Buildings. London: J. Leath, 1842. £1550.00

[BURNET (Sir Thomas)] A Second Tale of a Tub: or, The History of Robert Powel the Puppet-Show-Man. London: Printed for J. Roberts, 1715. £700.00

WITHER (George) Speculum Speculatium: or, a Considering-Glass; being an Inspection into the present and late sad Condition of these Nations; with some cautional Expressions made thereupon, by George Wither, immediately after His Majesties Restauration: ..... Hereby also are some Glimmerings discovered of what will probably ensue hereafter. London, Written June XIII. MDCLX. and there Imprinted the same year, [1660]. £750.00

[SAINT GERMAN (Christopher)] The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinity, and a Student in the Lawes of England. [with the second Dialogue]. At London, Printed by [Adam Islip for] Thomas Wight, 1604. £750.00

STOW (John) The Abridgement of the English Chronicle, first collected by M. Iohn Stow, and after him augmented with very many memorable Antiquities, and continued with matters forreine and domesticall, vnto the beginning of the yeare, 1618. By E[dmond]. H[owes], Gentleman. There is a briefe Table at the end of the Booke. Imprinted at London: [By Edward Allde and Nicholas Okes] for the Company of Stationers, 1618. £750.00

[CLAVELL (Robert)] His Majesties Propriety, and Dominion of the Brittish Seas asserted: Together with a true Account of the Neatherlanders Insupportable Insolencies, and Injuries, they have committed; and the Inestimable Benefits they have gained in their Fishing on the English Seas: As also their Prodigious and Horrid Cruelties in the East and West Indies, and other Places. To which is added, and Exact Mapp, containing the Isles of Great Brittain, and Ireland, with several Coastings, and the Adjacent Parts of our Neighbours: By an Experienced Hand. London, Printed by T. Mabb, for Andrew Kembe, and Edward Thomas, 1665. £950.00

EVANS (Katherine) A Brief History of the Voyage of Katharine Evens and Sarah Cheevers, to the Island of Malta, where the Apostle Paul suffered Shipwreck. And their Cruel Sufferings in the Inquisition there, for near Four Years; occasioned by the Malice of the Monks and Friers against them, and their several Conferences with them: And how they came to be Delivered from thence and their safe Return Home to England. To which is added, a short Relation from George Robinson, of the sufferings which befel him in his Journey to Jerusalem: And how he was preserved from the Hands of Cruelty, when the Sentence of Death was passed against him. London: Printed by the Assigns of J. Sowle, at the Bible in George-Yard, Lombard Street, 1715. £650.00

BAKER (Humfrey) The Well-Spring of Sciences: which teacheth the perfect Worke & Practise of Arithmetick, both in whole Numbers and Fractions: Set forth by Humfrey Baker Londoner. Newly perused, augmented, and amended in all three parts: Whereunto is also added certaine Tables of the agrement [sic] of the measures and waights [sic] of diuers places in Europe, the one with the other: as by the Table appeareth. At London, Printed by Thomas Purfoot. An, Dom. 1617. £1750.00

COLBY (Colonel T. F.) Ordnance Survey of the County of Londonderry. Volume the First [all published]. Dublin: Published for Her Majesty's Government. Hodges and Smith, 1837. £275.00

MANCINI (Girolamo) I Manoscritti Della Libreria del Comune e Dell' Accademia Etrusca de Cortona. Stamperia Bimbi, Cortona. 1884. £25.00

SMALL (James) A Treatise on Ploughs and Wheel Carriages, illustrated by Plates, by James Small and Cart Wright, formerly at Blackadder-Mount, now at Rose-Bank, near Foord, Mid Lothian. Edinburgh: Printed for the author, and sold by W. Creech and C. Elliot, Edinburgh and T. Cadell, London, 1784. £545.00

CATO (Marcus Porcius) and others. Methodus Rustica Catonis atq. Varronis. Praeceptis aphoristicis per Locos communes digestis a Theodoro Zwingero typice delineata & illustrata. Basilæ, Petri Pernæ opera atque impensa. Cum Privilegio, [1576]. £1000.00

REECE (Richard) The Domestic Medical Guide; or, complete Companion to the Family Medicine Chest. Comprising in addition to the former Edition, the Management of Children, Treatment of Poisons, Recovery of Drowned Persons ..... London: Printed by C. Stower, 1803. Second Edition, revised and extended, engraved frontispiece of 'Reece's improved Family Dispensary', a portable wooden medicine chest, xvi, 308 pp. Reece was a prominent physician whose popular medical guides for ordinary people continued to be consulted in countless editions for the next fifty years. Bound with:- BOUDIER DE VILLEMERT [(Pierre Joseph)] The Friend of Women: Translated from the French .... by Alexander Morrice. London: Printed by Knight and Compton; Sold by H. D. Symonds, 1802. £695.00

ROSE (George) A Brief Examination into the Increase of the Revenue, Commerce, and Manufactures, of Great Britain, from 1792 to 1799. London: Printed by J. Wright, 1799. £45.00

TREMBLING SINNER. The Cries of a Wounded Conscience; or, The Sorrowful Sighs of a Trembling Sinner at the Point of Death. Wherein he bitterly laments the folly of his wicked life earnestly entreating God to be gracious to him in the salvation of his soul, even for his Mercy's sake concluding with an exhortation of his friends, beseeching them not to follow the bad example of his loose life, assuring them it was dangerous, as well as hazardous to trust to a death-bed repentance. [in verse]. [Birmingham?]: Printed in the Year, 1796. £75.00

SINCLAIR (Sir John) Address to the Society for the Improvement of British Wool; constituted at Edinburgh, on Monday, January 31, 1791. Printed for T. Cadell, 1791. £145.00

YOUNG (John) Essays on the following Interesting Subjects: viz. I. Government. II. Revolutions. III. The British Constitution. IV. Kingly Government. Connected with it. V. Parliamentary Representation & Reform. VI. Liberty & Equality. VII. Taxation and, VIII. The Present War, & the Stagnation of Credit as connected with it. Glasgow: Printed and sold by David Niven, Bookseller, Trongate, 1794. £40.00

FAWCETT (John) The Cross of Christ, considered in a Letter to Christians of all Denominations. [Halifax]: Sold by the Author: Mr. Thomas Wills, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Burton, London; Mr. Spence, York; Mr. Binns, Leeds; Mr. Smith, Sheffield; and the Booksellers in Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, &c., 1793. £95.00

MACKINTOSH (James) A Discourse on the Study of the Law of Nature and Nations; introductory to a Course of Lectures on that Science, delivered in Lincoln's Inn Hall, in the Years 1799 and 1800, in pursuance of an order of the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. London: Printed for T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies, J. Debrett; and W. Clarke, 1800. £95.00

PAINE (Thomas Treat) The Ruling Passion: An occasional Poem. Written by the Appointment of the Society of the [Phi] B[eta] K[appa], and spoken, on their Anniversary, in the Chapel of the University, Cambridge [Massachusetts], July 20, 1797. Published according to Act of Congress. Boston [Mass]: Printed by Manning & Loring, for the Author, 1797. £85.00

[BOWDLER (John)] Reform or Ruin: abridged. In which every Man may Learn the True State if Things at this time: and What that Reform is, which alone can save the Country! York: Printed for J. Todd; and sold by J. Hatchard; and F. and C. Rivington, London, 1798. £40.00

LENNOX (Charles), 3rd Duke of Richmond and Lennox. A Letter from His Grace the Duke of Richmond to Lieutenant Colonel Sharman, Chairman to the Committee of Correspondence appointed by the Delegates of Forty-five Corps of Volunteers, assembled at Lisburn in Ireland; with notes by a member of the Society for Constitutional Information. London: Sold by J. Johnson; and all other booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland, 1792. £95.00

PRINCE'S DEBTS. Thoughts on the Prince's Debts. Third edition; to which is added a preface, containing an anecdote. London: Printed for J. Debrett, 1795. £45.00

GUIDE FOR SINNERS. A Guide for Sinners to Repent; being a very strange Relation of two Old Men, who were found living under Ground, in Resington [i.e. Rossington] Wood, near the Town of Doncaster, in Yorkshire, on the 10th of the last Month. N.P., [London?], 1799. £195.00

GAM (David) Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Honourable William Pitt, or an Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of his Conduct in Respect to different Departments, Bodies, and Public Individuals of the State. In a Letter to the Right. Hon. the Earl of Suffolk, in Consequence of his Lordship's Motion in Parliament, and Conferences with His Majesty, for the Removal of Ministers. London, Printed for S. and J. Reed, 1797. £60.00

KEITH (George Skene) A Prize Dissertation, on the Excellence of the British Constitution. Aberdeen: Printed by J. Chalmers & Co. Printers to the City and University; for F. and C. Rivington, London; W. Creech, Edinburgh; and Alex. Brown, Aberdeen, 1800. £175.00

BROOME (Ralph) A Comparative Review of the Administration of Mr. Hastings and Mr. Dundas, in War and in Peace. London: Printed for John Stockdale, 1791. £90.00

PLOUGHMAN (William) Oeconomy in Brewing. The Second Edition. Concise Instructions for Brewing in Private Families. Calculated solely for the use of those who are desirous of Brewing their own Beer. Wherein is laid down the Method of obtaining it fine and good flavored [sic], With every other useful Direction for Private Brewing, Management of the Cellar, &c. &c. By Wm. Ploughman. Romsey: Printed for the Author, by J. S. Hollis; Sold also by W. Richardson, Bookseller, Royal Exchange, London; Collins, Salisbury; Baker Southampton; Robbins and Blagden, Winchester; Rutter, Lymington; and Donaldson, Portsmouth; Crutwell, Bath: Bulgin a £225.00

CRIMPS. Reflections on the Pernicious Custom of Recruiting by Crimps; and on various other Modes now practised in the British Army. In a Letter to a Friend. London: Printed for D. Isaac Eaton, N.D., [1795]. £265.00

KILHAM (Alexander) An Account of the Trial of Alexander Kilham, Methodist Preacher, before the General Conference in London: on the 26th. 27th. and 28th. July, 1796. Written by Himself. Nottingham: Printed by C. Sutton, in Bridlesmith-Gate, N.D., [1796]. £295.00

SUGAR TRADE. Three Letters addressed to a Friend in India, by a Proprietor. Principally on the Subject of importing Bengal Sugars into England. London, Printed for J. Debrett, opposite Burlington House, Piccadilly, 1793. £195.00

ACKWORTH SCHOOL. A Report of the State of Ackworth School. Yearly Meeting. N.P. [London?], 1799. £95.00

[DWIGHT (Timothy)] The Triumph of Infidelity: A Poem. Supposed to be Written by Timothy Dwight, D. D. of Greenfield in Connecticut, in 1788. London: Printed for J. Mathews, 1791. £110.00

PITT (William) Speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, Thursday, January 31, 1799, On offering to the House the Resolutions which be proposed as the Basis of an Union between Great Britain and Ireland. London: Printed for J. Wright, 1799. £45.00

[CURRIE (James)] A Letter, Commercial and Political, addressed to the Rt. Honble. William Pitt: in which the real interests of Britain in the present crisis, are considered, and some observations are offered on the general State of Europe ....... By Jasper Wilson, Esq. Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1793. £85.00

TIERNEY (George) A Letter to the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, President of the Board of Controul [sic], on the Statement of the Affairs of the East India Company, lately published by George Anderson, Esq. Accountant to the Commissioners for the Affairs of India. London: Printed for J. Debrett, 1792. £65.00

POULTER (The Rev. Edmund) A Sermon on the Present Crisis, Preached at the Cathedral of Winchester, December 9, 1792; with an Appendix. London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1793. £45.00

SHRUBSOLE (W.) The Plain Christian Shepherd's defence of his Flock: being Five Letters in support of Infant Baptism. London: Printed for Chapman and Co.; J. Matthews; M. Trapp; and J. Edmonds, Sheerness, 1794. £55.00

[CURRIE (James)] A Letter, Commercial and Political, addressed to the Rt. Honble. William Pitt: in which the real interests of Britain in the present crisis, are considered, and some observations are offered on the general State of Europe ....... By Jaspar Wilson, Esq. Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1793. £85.00

RAINOLDS (John) The Summe of the Conference betweene Iohn Rainoldes and Iohn Hart: Touching the Head and Faith of the Church. Wherein by the way are handled sundrie pointes, of the sufficicience and right expounding of the Scriptures, the ministerie of the Church, the function of Priesthood, the sacrifice of the Masse, with other controuersies of religion: but chiefly and purposely the poynt of Church-gouernement, ...... Penned by Iohn Rainoldes, ...... persued by Iohn Hart, and (after things supplied, and altered, as he thought good) allowed for the faithfull report of that which past in conference betweene them. Whereunto is annexed a Treatise intitled, Six Conclvsions touching the Holy Scripture and the Church, Written by John Raidoldes. With a defence of such things as Thomas Stapleton and Gregoirie Martin haue carped at therein Imprinted at London by George Bishop, 1588. £995.00

MARTIN (Benjamin) Logarithmologia: or the whole Doctrine of Logarithms, Common and Logistical, in Theory and Practice. In Three Parts. Part 1. The Theory of Logarithms; Shewing their Nature, Origin, Construction, and Properties, demonstrated in various Methods, viz. 1. By Plain Arithmetic. 2. By the Logarithmic Curve. 3. By Dr. Halley's Infinite Series. .... Part 11. The Praxis of Logarithms; Wherein all the Rules and Operations of Logarithmical Arithmetic, both Common and Logistical, by Numbers and Instruments, are copiously exemplified .... Part 111. A Three-fold Canon of Logarithms; In a new and more compendious Method than any extant; .... The whole being a Compleat System of this most useful Art; and enrich'd with all the Improvements therein from its Original to the Present Time. Printed for J. Hodges, 1740-1739. £800.00

MADAI (David Samuel von, M.D.) A Short Account of the Effects and use of some approved Medicines, which are dispensed in the Orphanhouse at Halle in the Dutchy of Magdeburg ..... Translated from the German. Halle, in the Dutchy of Magdeburg [1784]. £875.00

MARRIOTTE (Edmé) A Treatise of the Motion of Water, and other fluids: with the origin of Fountains or Springs, and the Cause of Winds Written originally in French ..... and translated into English, with several annotations for explaining the doubtful places, by J. T. Desaguliers. London: for J. Senex and W. Taylor, 1718. £675.00

CHAPMAN (William) and JESSOP (William) Report on the measures to be attained to in the Survey of a Line of Navigation, from Newcastle upon Tyne to the Irish Chancel. Published by Order of the Northumberland Committee of Subscribers to the Survey. To which are added, all the Reports subsequent to the Survey, and the estimates of Messrs Jessop and Chapman. [and] Second Part of the Proposed Navigation between the East and West Seas, viz. from Haydon-Bridge to Maryport. With Observations on Lines to Penrith, Sandsfield, Ravensbank, Bowness, Wigton. [and] Third and last Part of a Report on the Proposed Navigation between the East and West Seas, (viz.) on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Carrying the Navigation on the South Side of the River Tyne, in the different Courses that it is capable of. [and] Report of the Proposed Line of Navigation between Newcastle and Maryport, .... with Abstracts of the estimates of this line, and also of that from Stella to Hexham. [and] Mr. Chapman's Postscript to Mr. Jessop's Report. Newcastle: Printed for J. Whitefield, 1795-6. £495.00

[LANGLOIS (François, Fancan Canon St. Honore)] The Favovrites Chronicle. [London] Printed according to the French Copie. 1621. £630.00

[CROMPTON (Richard)] L'authoritie et jurisdiction des courts de la Maiestie de la Roygne: Nouelment collect & compose, per R. Crompton de milieu Temple Esquire. Apprentice del Ley. Si sueris Iudex, London, In ædibus Caroli Yetweirti Armig., 1594. £995.00

HADDON (Sir Walter) G. Haddoni legum doctoris, S. Reginæ Elizabethæ à supplicum libellis lucubrationes passim collectæ, & editæ. Studio & labore Thomæ Hatcheri, Cantabrigiensis. Ad Lectorum. Londini, Apud Gulielmum Seresium, 1567. £900.00

MORRIS (Gael) Tables for Renewing and Purchasing of Leases. As also for Renewing and Purchasing of Lives. With other Necessary Tables for Computing of Interest, either Simple or Compound. London: Printed and Sold by J. Brotherton, 1735. £725.00

ZOUCH (Richard) The Jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England Asserted against Sr. Edward Coke's Articuli Admiralitatis, in XX11 Chapter of his Jurisdiction of Courts. London, Printed for Francis Tyton, and Thomas Dring, and are to be sold at their shops, [1633]. £895.00

[ROOKE (John)], Translator. A True Ecclesiastical History from Moses to the Time of Martin Luther, in Verse. By Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury. Made English from the Latin Original. London: Printed for E. Curll, 1722. £550.00

PSALTER. Select Psalms and Hymns for the use of the Parish-Church, and Chappels belonging to the Parish of St. James's Westminster. With proper Tunes in three Parts. London: Printed by W. Pearson, for the Company of Stationers, and sold by D. Browne at Exeter-Exchange in the Strand, and J. Walthoein the Temp[le-Cloysters, and by Mr. Warren Clerk of St. James's, 1714. £450.00

SIMPSON (William) Observations on Cold Bathing. By William Simpson, Surgeon at Knaresbro', and Member of the Corporation of Surgeons of London. Leeds: Printed by Thomas Gill, and sold by E. Hargrove, Knaresbro' and Harrogate; Binns, Leeds; Todd, York; and all other booksellers, [1791]. £360.00

PARDIES (Ignace Gaston) Elemens de Geometrie ou par une Methode Courte & aisée l'on peut apprendre ce qu'il faut scavoir d'Euclide, d'Archimede, d'Apollonius, & les plus belles Inventions des ancien & des nouveaux Geometres. Paris, Chez Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy, Imprimeur du Roy, rue S. Jacques aux Cicognes,1678. Third Edition, 12mo, woodcut device on title, numerous woodcut diagrams and illustrations in the text, [24], 163, [5] pp. Bound with:- PARDIES (Ignace Gaston) Deux Machines propres a faire Les Quadrans avec Tres-grande facilité. Décrites & expliquées ..... Paris, Chez Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy, Imprimeur du Roy, rue S. Jacques aux Cicognes, 1776. Second Edition, 12mo, 7 folding engraved plates, [10], 58, [4] pp. Bound with:- PARDIES (Ignace Gaston) La Statique ou la Science des Forces Mouvantes. Paris, Chez Sebast. Mabre-Cramoisy, Imprimeur du Roy, rue S. Jacques aux Cicognes, 1674. £595.00

LAMARE (Colonel [Jean-Baptiste-Hippolyte]) An Account of the Second Defence of the Fortress of Badajoz, by the French, in 1812. Chatham: Printed and Sold by Townson and Burrill, 1824. [4], 46pp., one folding engraved plan of Badajoz, one engraved map of southern Spain and two large lithographed panoramic sketched views of Badajoz. [Bound with:] [REID (Sir William)] Instructions Issued by the French Imperial Minister at War for the Defence of Fortresses, in 1813. Translated from the French by Brevet Major Reid, Royal Engineers. Chatham: Printed for the Establishment for Field Instruction, Royal Engineer Department, 1823. 44pp. [REID (Sir William)] Instructions Issued by the French Imperial Minister at War for the Defence & Destruction of Bridges, in 1814. Translated from the French by Brevet Major Reid, Royal Engineers. Chatham: Printed for the Establishment for Field Instruction, Royal Engineer Department, 1823. [4], 12pp., numerous illustrs., in the text. [REID (Sir William)] Instructions Issued by the French Imperial Minister at War for the Defence of open Towns & Villages, in 1814. Translated from the French by Brevet Major Reid, Royal Engineers. Chatham: Printed for the Establishment for Field Instruction, Royal Engineer Department, 1823. £845.00

[BARCLAY (Robert)] Theologiæ verè Christianæ apologia, Carolo Secundo, Magnæ Britanniæ, &c. Regi, à Roberto Barclaio, Scoto-Britanno, oblata. [Amsterdam:] Jacob Claus, 1676. £125.00

SENIOR (Nassau W.) American Slavery: a reprint of an article on "Uncle Tom's Cabin," of which a portion was inserted in the 206th number of the "Edinburgh Review;" and of Mr. Sumner's Speech of the 19th and 20th May, 1856. With a Notice of the events which followed that Speech. London: T. Fellowes, N.D., [1862]. £110.00

PHILLIMORE (W.P.W.) and ROBERTSON (G.C.) Nottinghamshire Parish Registers. Marriages. Rushcliffe Wapentake: First Part. [1558 - 1812]. London: Issued to the Subscribers, 1903. £25.00

NICHOLLES (John) The Teeth, in Relation to Beauty, Voice and Health: being the result of Twenty Years' Practical Experience, and assiduous study to produce the full development and perfect regularity of those essential organs. London: Published by Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1834. £225.00

GLASSBY (William J. J.) Memorials of Old Mexboro' compiled from the most Authentic Sources. Sheffield: John Fillingham, Printer and Bookbinder, 43 West Street, 1893. £35.00

TEMPLE (Richard) Practice of Physic: wherein is attempted a concise exposition of the characters, symptoms, causes of diseases, and method of cure; with formulæ, in which wherein is attempted a Concise Exposition of the Characters, Symptoms, causes of Diseases, and Method of Cure; with Formulæ, In which such New Articles are introduced as seem, from trial, to be valuable additions to the Materia Medica. With a copious index Diseases and Medicines. The whole intended for the assistance of the Young Practitioner. By Richard Temple, M. D. Licentiate of The Royal College Of Physicians, London. London: Printed for J. Johnson, St Paul's Church Yard, 1798. £125.00

[TAYLOR (Edward)] Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespear, and on certain French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians. Printed for W. Owen, in Fleet-Street, 1774. £95.00

[PIERSON (Christoffel)] Explanation, of the famous and renowned glas-work. Or painted windows, in the fine and eminent Church at Gouda. For the use and commodity of both Inhabitants, and Foreigners that come to see this artificial Work. Gouda, Printed by John & Andrew Endenburg, Priviledged Printers of the City, 1718. £750.00

ESCHELSKROON (Adolf) The Life and Adventures of John Christopher Wolf, late principal Secretary of State at Jaffanapatnam, in Ceylon; together with a Description of that Island, its Natural Productions, and the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants. Translated from the Original German. To the Whole is added, a short, but comprehensive Description of the same Island, By Mr. Eschelskroon. London, Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, in Pater-Noster-Row, 1785. £750.00

BOWNAS (Samuel) A Description of the Qualifications necessary to a Gospel Minister, containing Advice to Ministers and Elders, how to conduct themselves in their Conversations, and various Services, according to their Gifts in the Church of Christ. London: Printed by Luke Hinde, 1750. £110.00

ADMIRALTY-OFFICE. A List of the Flag Officers and other Commissioned Officers of His Majesty's Fleet: with the Dates of their respective Commissions. [bound with] An Alphabetical List of the Post Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants if His Majesty's *Fleet: with the Dates of their first Commisions. London: Printed by Henry Teape, Tower Hill, 1820. £150.00

BOYCE (William B.) A Grammar of the Kaffir Language by William B. Boyce, Wesleyan Missionary. Second Edition, augmented and improved, with Vocabulary and Exercises by William J. Davis, Wesleyan Missionary. London: Printed for the Wesleyan Missionary Society, 1844. £145.00

PALERMO (Evangelist) A Grammar of the Italian Language. In Two Parts. In the First, the Rudiments are accurately delivered; The Peculiarities and Idioms are carefully noted; and the Learner completely instructed to Read, write and Speak Italian Correctly. To which are added, Rules never before published; ..... The Second Part Contains an Italian and English Vocabulary; a Collection of the most useful Adjectives; Italian Phrases on different Subjects; Miscellaneous Phrases; Familiar Dialogues in Italian and English; and the choicest Italian Proverbs. London: Printed for A. Miller, and sold by T. Cadell, 1768. £95.00

MACKENZIE (Georgiana Mary Muir) and IRBY (Adelina Paulina) Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of Turkey-in-Europe. With a Preface by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. London: Daldy, Isbister & Co., 1877. £195.00

WALTON (Isaac) and COTTON (Charles) The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative Man's Recreation: being a Discourse on Rivers, Fish-Ponds, Fish, and Fishing. In Two Parts: ...... With the Lives of the Authors: and Notes Historical, Critical, Supplementary and Explanatory; By Sir John Hawkins, Knt. London: Printed for Samuel Bagster, 1808. £110.00

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