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John T. & Pearl Lewis

Uncle Tom Cobleigh [pseud.Edward Robert Gotto]. Zum Vunny Demshur Tellins [Fiction in Devonian Dialect] Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co & Henry S. Elands', London & Exeter £118.80

Padraic Colum King Of Ireland's Son [FIRST UK EDITION DATED 1920 WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY WILLY POGANY] Harrap, London, 1920 £94.30

Hulme F Edward [Figured By] And Hibberd Shirley [And Described By] Familiar Garden Flowers First, Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth Series [COMPLETE SET FIVE VOLUMES IN THREE BOOKS] Cassell, U.K. £83.20

Charles Lyell Principles Of Geology: Being An Inquiry How Far The Former Changes Of The Earth's Surface Are Referable To Causes Now In Operation [COMPLETE IN FOUR VOLUMES FIFTH EDITION PUBLISHED 1837] John Murray, London, 1837 £760.00

John Carne [With Descriptions of the Plates by] Syria, The Holy Land, Asia Minor, &c. Illustrated. In a Series of Views Drawn From Nature by W.H. Bartlett, William Purser, Thomas Allom &c. [FIRST, SECOND & THIRD SERIES IN THE ONE VOLUME] Fisher, Son, & Co, London £332.50

Peter Cross [Editor] Australian Country Magazine June 1971 Vol. 30, No. 5 Kenmure Press Pty Ltd, Australia, 1971 £27.10

Warne & Co [Publisher] Old Woman That Lived In A Shoe Warne, London £46.10

Monica Pidgeon [Editor] 6 Architectural Design June 1958 Volume XXVIII Standard Catalogue Company, London, 1958 £27.10

Harry Stephen Keeler Peacock Fan [FIRST UK EDITION PUBLISHED 1942 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Ward Lock, London, 1942 £213.75

Lorna Horstmann Wheel [COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET & SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR] Mitre Press, London £36.60

David Lack Life Of The Robin [PUBLISHED 1944 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] H.F. & G. Witherby Ltd, London, 1944 £23.80



W.C. Metcalfe Ocean Chums Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge, London £36.60

Edouard de Pomiane [Translated from the French by Peggie Benton] Cooking In Ten Minutes: or the Adaptation to the Rhythm of our Time [THIRD EDITION PUBLISHED IN 1957 BY BRUNO CASSIRER COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Bruno Cassirer, Oxford, 1957 £30.90

Ursula Wells Daniel: A Modern Prophet: A Conflict Of Loyalties Thomas Murby & Co, London, 1939 £27.10

Robin Tanner Etcher's Craft [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1980] Friends Of Bristol Art Gallery, UK, 1980 £47.50

Robin Tanner Robin Tanner: The Etchings [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1988 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET & FROM A PRINT RUN OF 1000 COPIES] Garton and Company, London, 1988 £161.50

Neame Alan (Translator) 'The Shroud Of Turin' Series - COMPLETE All 7 Volumes St Pauls, London, 1998 £95.00

Aesop Aesop's Fables Harrap, London £55.60

Diane Pearson Voices Of Summer [FIRST US EDITION PUBLISHED 1993 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET & SIGNED & DEDICATED BY THE AUTHOR] Crown Publishers, New York, 1993 £36.60

Eddie & Dan Campbell & Best Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard: A Novel with typographical acrobatics and illustrational feats in an ideal production of entirely new tricks, statuesque acts, and performances [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR] First Second, New York, 2008 £36.60

Will H. Ogilvie Handful Of Leather [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1928 COMPLETE WITH SCARCE DUST JACKET] Constable And Company, London, 1928 £30.90

Rev. Alfred G. Mortimer Eucharistic Sacrifice: An Historical And Theological Investigation Of The Sacrificial Conception Of The Holy Eucharist In The Christian Church Lomgmans, Green & Co, London, 1901 £71.30

Ada R. Habershon Exploring In New Testament Fields Morgan & Scott, London £36.60

Aileen Fox Roman Exeter: Excavations in the War-Damaged Areas 1945-1947 [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1952 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1952 £36.60

Rik Mayall Bigger Than Hitler Better Than Christ [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 2005 SIGNED BY RIK MAYALL & COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Harper Collins, London, 2005 £142.50

Rev. H.P.V. Nunn Son Of Zebedee: And The Fourth Gospel Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, 1932 £21.40

Robert Roberts England's Ruin: John Smith's Answer to Mr Blatchford's Plea for Socialism. As Contained in the Widely Circulated Book, Merrie England. The Subject Considered from a Bible Point of View "The Christadelphian", Birmingham, 1908 £27.10

H.J. Wilmot-Buxton "In Watchings Often": Being Twenty-Eight Short Devotional Readings, One For Each Day In Advent [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1891] Skeffington & Son, London, 1891 £46.08

William Erskine Atwell Pauline Theory of The Inspiration Of Holy Scripture: An Inquiry Into The Present Unsettled State Of Opinion Concerning The Nature Of Personal Inspiration; With The View Of Placing On A Consistent And scriptural Basis The Inspiration Of Holy Scripture [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1878] Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1878 £118.80

Jim Kjelgaard Forest Patrol [FIRST UK EDITION PUBLISHED 1948 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Sampson Low, Marston & Co, London, 1948 £46.08

Albert Schweitzer Mysticism Of Paul The Apostle [PUBLISHED 1967 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Adams & Charles Black, London, 1967 £27.10

Sylvia Laverton Phosphorus Story Fisons Limited, UK £27.10

Replan [Funded by] Unemployment In Five Cornish Towns: A Report By The Workers' Educational Association,- South Western District Workers' Educational Association, UK, 1987 £27.10

Standish & Noble [Bagshot] Practical Hints On Planting Ornamental Trees [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1852] Bradbury And Evans, London, 1852 £213.75

Glyn E Daniel Prehistoric Chamber Tombs Of England & Wales [COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Cambridge Univ. Press, UK, 1950 £36.60

Uno Uno Stencils. Technical List and catalogue of UNO alphabets, special purpose and technical stencils, complete sets, UNO pens, UNO inks, cleaning materials and accessories A West (& Partners Ltd), UK £27.10

Cornwall Education Committee Works Of Art In Schools: Cornwall Education Committee Cornwall Education Committee, Cornwall, 1963 £21.40

Councillor Harold Lambert [Foreword by] Ten Years Of Housing In Sheffield 1953-1963 [CITY ARCHITECT J. L. WOMERSLEY'S COPY SOFT COVER BOUND INTO BOARDS PUBLISHED 1962] Housing Development Committee Of The Corporation Of Sheffield, Sheffield, 1962 £118.80

Stanley J. Wearing Georgian Norwich: Its Builders Jarrolds, London, 1926 £21.40

John Pearce Church And Parish Of St. Allen Worden (Printers) Ltd, Marazion Cornwall, 1961 £27.10

Robert Browning Italian In England [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1956 OF A LIMITED EDITION OF 300 COPIES] Colchester School of Art, Essex, 1956 £46.08

Margaret Stanley-Wrench Beasts Of Love [FROM A LIMITED EDITION OF 350 COPIES & THIS IS NUMBERED 24] Southern Arts, UK, 1975 £36.60


Irene [Compiled by] Wilson Memories Of Itchenor None Given, UK, 1975 £21.40

Charles Lane Fraser Family [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 2010 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Chris Beetles, UK, 2010 £76.00


Hammond Innes Lonely Skier [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1947 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Collins, London, 1947 £94.30

Stanley Morison Splendour Of Ornament: Specimens selected from the Essempio di recammi, the first Italian manual of decoration, Venice 1524 by Giovanni Antonio Tagliente. His life and literary remains, the Essempio di recammi and his typographical style by Esther Potter. Preface by Berthold Wolpe [LIMITED EDITION THIS NUMBERED 237] Lion and Unicorn Press, London, 1968 £57.00

rhys Jenkins Motor Cars: And The Application Of Mechanical Power To Road Vehicles [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1902] T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1902 £261.30

Leeds Art Collections Fund [Organised by] Exhibition Of Furniture By, And In The Manner Of, Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779) Catalogue of a Festival of Britain Exhibition at Temple Newsam House, Leeds, June 8th to July 15th, 1951 Leeds Art Collections Fund , UK £27.10

Helen MacInnes Horizon [FIRST UK EDITION PUBLISHED 1945 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Harrap, London, 1945 £118.80

Martin Hengel Studies In Early Christology T & T Clark, London, 2001 £47.50

His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia [Selected Addresses by] Freedom And Responsibility: A Search For Harmony - Human Rights And Personal Dignity Darton, Longman & Todd, London, 2011 £36.60

Gerald O'Collins Incarnation Continuum, London, 2002 £42.80

William Bush To Quell The Terror: The True Story Of The Carmelite Martyrs Of Compiegne ICS Publications, US, 1999 £21.40

Conrad De Meester Your Presence Is My Joy! Life And Message Of Blessed Elizabeth of The Trinity Darlington Carmel, UK £27.20

Edmund Campion [Priest Of The Society Of The Name Of Jesus] Ten Reasons: Proposed To His Adversaries For Disputation In The Name Of The Faith And Presented To The Illustrious Members Of Our Universities Manresa Press, London, 1914 £27.10

Rev. L.E. Whatmore [Edited With Historical Introduction And Notes By] [&Transcribed by W. Sharp] Catholic Record Society Volumes XLV & XLVI: Archdeacon Harpsfield's Visitation, 1557 I & II Together With Visitations Of 1556 And 1558 [COMPLETE IN TWO VOLUMES & PUBLISHED 1951] Privately Printed For The Society By John Whitehead & Son Ltd, Leeds, 1951 £46.08

Bishop Challoner [New Edition, Revised And Corrected By John Hungerford Pollen Of the Society of Jesus] Memoirs Of Missionary Priests: As Well Secular As Regular And Of Other Catholics Of Both Sexes, That Have Suffered death In England On Religious Accounts From The Year Of Our Lord 1577 To 1684 [NEW EDITION REVISED & CORRECTED PUBLISHED 1924] Burns Oates & Washbourne Limited, London, 1924 £38.00

Rev M.M Philipon [Translated by A Benedictine Of Stanbrook Abbey] Spiritual Doctrine Of Sister Elizabeth Of The Trinity [THIRD PRINTING PUBLISHED 1951 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Mercier Press, Irenaldireland, 1951 £46.08

Alan Kreider English Chantries: The Road To Dissolution [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1979 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Harvard University Press, US, 1979 £46.08

W. Maziere Brady Annals Of The Catholic Hierarchy: In England And Scotland A.D. 1585-1876 With Dissertation On Anglican Orders [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1877] Tipographia De La Pace & Thomas Baker, Rome & London, 1877 £55.60

Father Tadeusz Dajczer Amazing Nearness: Meditations on the Eucharist 2 [COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Eucharistic Renewal Books, Cornwall, 2009 £21.40

James & John Bernard McCaffrey OCD & Keegan OCD Prayer - The Heart Of The Gospels & Meditations On The Way Of Perfection [TWO BOOKS FROM THE VINEYARD SERIES NUMBER FOUR & FIVE] Teresian Press, UK, 1986 £27.10

Collectif Carmel revue trimestrielle de spiritualite chretienne L'ecole de la priere Chroniques Therese D'Avila, fondatrice d'ermitages Mere Elisabeth ou le sourire de Dieu Maitre Eckhart No 115 Mars 2005 Carmel, France, 2005 £27.10

Rev Charles D. Foley Holy Shroud: Mirror Of Christ Carmelite Monastery Quidenham Norwich, UK, 1985 £27.10

L.E. Whatmore Carthusians Under King Henry The Eighth Institut Fur Anglistik Und Amerikanistik, Austria, 1983 £27.10

Matthew Fforde Desocialisation: The Crisis Of Post-Modernity Gabriel, UK, 2009 £36.60

Aidan Nichols, OP Come To The Father: An Invitation to Share the Catholic Faith St Pauls Publishing, London, 2000 £30.90

Ludwig Wittgenstein [Edited by Georg Henrik von Wright in Collaboration with Heikki Nyman. Revised Edition of the Text by Alois Pichler. Translated by Peter Winch] Culture And Value [Vermischte Bemerkungen] Blackwell Publishing, UK, 2002 £36.60

Pierre Duvignau Le Saint Oui Mourut A L'Aube: Saint Michel Garicoits P. Theeuws, France, 1966 £21.40

Cardinal J Ratzinger Un Chant Nouveau Pour Le Seigneur: La foi dans le Christ et la liturgie aujourd'hui: Traduit de l'allemand par Joseph Feisthauer Desclee, France, 1995 £27.10

John Rory Fletcher Story Of The English Bridgettines Of Syon Abbey [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1933] Syon Abbey, Devon, 1933 £40.40

C.C. Martindale, S.J. Foundress Of The Sisters Of The Assumption (Mother Marie-Eugenie Milleret De Brou) burns Oates & Washbourne Ltd, London, 1936 £46.08

His Eminence Aidan Cardinal & Edmund Gasquet & Bishop Edward VI And The Book Of Common Prayer [PUBLISHED 1928 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Sheed & Ward, London, 1928 £28.50

Terence Kennedy Doers Of The Word: Moral theology for humanity in the third millennium Volume 1 Tracing humanity's ascent to the living God [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1996 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] St Pauls, UK, 1996 £36.60

Silvano Giordano, ocd Le Carmel En Terre Sainte: des origines a nos jours [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1995 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Il Messaggero di Gesu Bambino, Italy, 1995 £40.40

William L Kelly Youth Before God: Prayers And Thoughts [COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Newman Press, US, 1958 £21.40

Gwen St. Aubyn Towards A Pattern [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1940 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Longmans, Green And Co, London, 1940 £68.90

George C Nash Whelk's Postbag: Still More Letters To The Secretary Of A Golf Bag Chatto & Windus, London, 1941 £46.08

Sainte Therese Sainte Therese De L'Enfant-Jesus Et De La Sante-Face: Poesies Editions Du Cerf et Desclee De Brouwer, France, 1992 £46.08

Rose Tremain Sadler's Birthday [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1976 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Macdonald And Jane's, London, 1976 £28.50

Joyce Youings Dissolution Of The Monasteries [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1971 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Allen & Unwin, London, 1971 £80.80

C.G. & S. C. Mortimer & Barber English Bishops And The Reformation 1530-1560 With A Table Of Descent Burns Oates & Washbourne Ltd, London, 1936 £38.00

John Cassian [Abbot of Marseilles] [Translated by Father Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory] Monastic Institutes: Consisting of On The Training Of A Monk And The Eight Deadly Sins In Twelve Books Saint Austin Press, London, 1999 £22.80

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger [Pope Benedict XVI] [Translated by Michael J. Miller] Handing On The Faith In An Age Of Disbelief [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 2006 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 2006 £27.10

Fray Juan de los Angeles [Translated by Eladia Gomez-Posthill] Loving Struggle between God and the Soul [FIRST UK EDITION PUBLISHED 2001 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Saint Austin Press, London, 2001 £94.30

Fray Juan de los Angeles [Translated by Eladia Gomez-Posthill] Loving Struggle between God and the Soul [FIRST UK EDITION PUBLISHED 2001 COMPLETE WITH DUST JACKET] Saint Austin Press, London, 2001 £94.30

Emanuele Boaga, O. Carm Our Lady Of The Place: Mary in the history and in the life of Carmel Edizioni Carmelitane, Italy, 2001 £46.08

Sheffield City Council Sheffield England For Your Conference Civic Information Council, UK, 1968 £27.10

Patrick & Richard Fitzgerald-Lombard 0. Carm & Copsey O. Carm Carmel In Britain: Essays On The Medieval English Carmelite Province Volume One People And Places. Volume Two Theology And Writing. Volume Three Studies On The Early History Of The Carmelite Order: The Hermits From Mount Carmel [COMPLETE IN THREE VOLUMES] Italy £46.08

Elizabeth Of The Trinity Carmelite [Translated by Sister Aletheia Kane, O.C.D.& Anne England Nash] I Have Found God; General Introduction Major Spiritual Writings & Letters From Carmel [VOLUME ONE & VOLUME TWO] ICS Publications, US, 1984 £36.60

J.D. Crichton Worship In A Hidden Church Columbia Press, Ireland, 1988 £46.08

Peguy [Text presente par Jean Bastaire] Gethsemani Desclee De Brouwer, Paris, 1995 £27.10

Nello Ballosino [Translated by Alan Neame] Image On The Shroud: Results Of Photography And Information Technology St Pauls, UK, 1998 £27.10

Bernard Pitaud Petite Vie De Jean-Jacques Olier Desclee De Brouwer, Paris, 1996 £27.08

Carmelite Missionaries Solitary Life: Fr. Francisco Palau Y Quer of Jesus Mary Joseph, ocd Carmelite Missionaries, Italy, 1988 £27.10

Eulogio Pacho Blessed Francisco Palau y Quer: An Athlete of the Spirit Teresian Carmelite Missionaries, Rome, £27.10

A Priest [[i.e. Rt. Rev. Mgr. A.N. Gilbey] We Believe: A Simple Commentary On The Catechism Of Christian Doctrine None Given, US, 1988 £46.08

Pere Pierre Dumoulin L'heure de Jesus: St Jean (13-21) Petits Traites Spirituels, France, 2002 £42.80

Pope Benedict XVI Priests Of Jesus Christ: Reflections On The Priesthood: Extracts from his writings and speeches selected by Fr Gerard Skinner Family Publications, UK, 2009 £55.60

Tadgh Tierney Story Of Hermann Cohen OCD: From Franz Liszt to John of the Cross Teresian Press, UK, 1982 £55.60

Edouard Card Gagnon [Preface by & President of the Vatican Committee for the International Eucharistic Congresses] Christ Light Of Nations: Eucharist And Evangelization: Conferences of the International Eucharistic Congress of Seville Editions Paulines, Canada, 1994 £27.10

Eltin Griffin O Carm [Edited by] Ascending The Mountain: The Carmelite Rule Today: Papers from the O Carm/OCD Conference on the Rule of Albert Held at Dalgan Park, August 2002 Columba Press, Ireland, 2004 £40.40

Reverend Pere Estrate Mariam, sainte palestinienne ou la vie de Marie de Jesus crucifie Pierre Tequi, editeur, France £36.60

Province de Paris de l'Ordre des Carmes Dechaux "Tenir Haut L'Esprit" Pere Jacques de Jesus Editions Du Carmel, France, 2007 £36.60

Antonine Newman [Introduced And Related by] Story Of Hermann Cohen Friends Of Hermann Cohen, UK £36.60

John Bernard Keegan ocd In The Footsteps Of St Teresa: Thoughts On St Teresa's Life And Way Of Perfection Printed At Darlington Carmel, UK £36.60

Murchadh O Madagain Therese Of Lisieux: Through Love And Suffering St Pauls Publishing, London, 2003 £36.60

John Paul II Apostolic Exhortation of the Supreme Pontiff: Guardian Of The Redeemer: Redemptoris Custos: On the Person and Mission of Saint Joseph in the Life of Christ and of the Church Pauline Books & Media, US, 1989 £40.40

His Excellency Victor San Miguel [Retired Bishop of Kuwait] Back To The Indian Mission Christ The King Church, India, 1984 £36.60

Msgr. Victor Sanmiguel [Retired Bishop of Kuwait] Carmelite Institutes In Kerala Teresian Press, India, 1987 £36.60

Dominique Sterckx La Regle Du Carmel: Structure Et Esprit Parole de Vie pour aujourd'hui Editions Du Carmel, France, 2006 £36.60

Robin Bruce Lockhart [Compiled By] Listening To Silence: An Anthology Of Carthusian Writings Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd, London, 1997 £36.60

Richard M Hogan Theology Of The Body In John Paul II: What It Means, Why It Matters Word Among Us Press, US, 2006 £54.70

Kieran Kavanaugh Introducing St John Of The Cross Darlington Carmel, UK £27.10

Pope John Paul II Prayer And Carmel Darlington Carmel, UK, 1982 £27.10

Denis Buzy [Introduction By] Pensees: Bienheureuse Mariam De Jesus Crucifie Editions du Serviteur, France, 1993 £36.60

Pastor Iuventus [Edited By Fr Dominic Allain] Diary Of A City Priest Catholic Herald Family Publications, UK, 2008 £71.30

Amedee Brunot [Translated by Jeanne Dumais, O.C.D.S. and Sister Miriam of Jesus, O.C.D. Carmel of Maria Regina Eugene, Oregon] Mariam, The Little Arab: Sister Mary Of Jesus Crucified (1846-1878) Carmel of Maria Regina, US, 1981 £36.60

Fr Amedee Brunot Mariam, The Little Arab: Sister Mary Of Jesus Crucified, 1846-1878 Carmel du l'Enfant Jesus, Israel, 1995 £36.60

Fr Amedee Brunot Mariam, The Little Arab: Sister Mary Of Jesus Crucified, 1846-1878 Carmel du l'Enfant Jesus, Israel, 1995 £36.60

Korean Carmelites Carmel And The Korean Death March St Teresa's Press, US, 1984 £40.40

Thomas Alvarez [Edited by Thmas Curran OCD & Translated by Christopher O'Mahony & Dominica Horia] Living With God: St Teresa's Concept Of Prayer Carmelite Centre Of Spirituality, Ireland, 1980 £27.10

Pope St Pius X Apostolic Letter Of Pope St Pius X: on the occasion of the ter-centenary of the Beatififcation of St Teresa Darlington Carmel, UK £27.10

Carmelite Nuns Of The Carmel Of St. Joseph, Rome Master Of The Spiritual Life: Father Gabriel Of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D. 1893-1952 The Carmel Of Maria Regina, US, 1982 £36.60

Federico Ruiz St John Of The Cross: The Saint And His Teaching Darlington Carmel [Printed By], UK £46.08

Michael D Griffin [Edited By] Saint Joseph In The Third Millennium: Traditional Themes And Contemporary Issues [ALSO INCLUDES A LETTER FROM THE VATICAN] Teresian Charism Press, US, 1999 £27.10

Adrian Graffy Letter To The Romans [FIRST PUBLISHED 2012] Alive Publishing, UK, 2012 £118.80

Joel Giallanza I Consider The Labor Well Spent: A Mini-Course On The Interior Castle Edizioni Carmelitane, Italy, 2001 £27.10

Fr. Otilio Rodriguez [of the Infant Jesus ODC] Saint John Of The Cross - The Nightingale Of God Centenary Year Of St. John Of The Cross, None Given, 1990 £27.10

Francis Aidan Gasquet Eve Of The Reformation: Studies In The Religious Life And Thought Of The English People In The Period Preceding The Rejection Of The Roman Jurisdiction By Henry VIII [PUBLISHED 1900] Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co, London, 1900 £46.08

G J Woodall Humanae Vitae Forty Years On: A New Commentary Family Publications, UK, 2008 £36.60

Fr. Max Polak [Edited By] Daily Lenten Meditations: Prayerful Reflections From John Paul II Gracewing, UK, 2003 £36.60

Jean Derobert Une Fleur De Terre Sainte: Soeur Marie de Jesus Crucifie Mariam Baouardy Presse Editions Hovine, France, 1995 £36.60

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Luis M Bermejo Grit And Grace: Life Of St. Teresa Of Avila [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 2002] K.T. Mathew, India, 2002 £30.90

Josefina P Dejoras Friend Of The Spirit: A Short Biography Of Fr. Marie-Eugene Of The Child Jesus Carmelite [FIRST PRINTING PUBLISHED 2006] Notre Dame de Vie Institute, Philippines, 2006 £27.10

Fr. Camilo Maccise [Introduction By] Rule Of Carmel "Il Calamo", 2000 £38.50

Carmelites Rule, Local Statutes For England And Wales And Ritual Of The Secular Order Of Discalced Carmelites [INCLUDES ASSORTED PAMPHLETS] Darlington Carmel [Printed In], UK, 1979 £36.60

Reverend D Buzy Blessed Mary Of Jesus Crucified (Mariam Baouardy) Discalced Nun Carmel Of Bethlehem 1846-1878 Carmel Of Bethlehem, Palestine, 1997 £36.60

Emmanuel Father Renault [Translated from the French and printed at Darlington Carmel] Reading The Bible With Saint Teresa None Given, Darlington UK £27.10

Rev D Buzy [Translated by The Rev Finian, O.C.S.O.] Thoughts Of Sister Mary Of Jesus Crucified: Discalced Carmelite Who Died In The Odour Of Sanctity in The Carmel Of Bethlehem 1846 - 1878 [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1974] Jacobus Joseph, Patriarcha [Printer], Jerusalem, 1974 £36.60

Heather Jansch Heather Jansch's Diary [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 2009] Olchard Press, UK, 2009 £30.90

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Merchant Taylors' School Merchant Taylors' School 1st XI Tour Of Canada, 1980 July 25 - August 17 Merchant Taylors' School , UK, 1980 £36.60

Old Merchant Taylors' Rugby Football Club Old Merchant Taylors' Rugby Football Club Centenary Season 1882-1982 [SIGNED PROGRAMME] Old Merchant Taylors' Rugby Football Club , UK, 1982 £46.08

Margaret Stanley-Wrench Story Of Thomas More: A Story Biography [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1961] Methuen, London, 1961 £27.10

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James C Lyell [Extensively Revised & Brought Up To Date By H.C. Humphries] Pigeon-Keeping For Amateurs; A Complete And Concise Guide To The Breeding And Management Of Fancy And Table Pigeons "The Bazaar, Exchange & Mart" Ltd, London £36.60

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Paul N Hasluck [Edited By] Automobile: A Practical Treatise On The Construction Of Modern Motor Cars Steam, Petrol, Electric And Petrol-Electric (Based On Lavergne's "L'Automobile Sur Route" [COMPLETE IN TWO VOLUMES] Cassell, London, 1905 £85.50

Cheng Kuen Chieh General Purport Of The Classics Of Truth None Given, None Given, 1986 £27.10

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Hon C Guy Cubitt Riding To Hounds: A Pony Club Publication British Horse Society, London, 1966 £20.00

Captain O'Brien, R.N. Narrative Of Captain O'Brien, R.N. Containing An Account Of His Shipwreck, Captivity, And Escape From France, After Undergoing A Series Of Sufferings Which Lasted For Nearly Five Years. Re-printed From The Naval Chronicle, With Additions By Captain O'Brien [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1814] Printed By And For Joyce Gold, At The Naval Chronicle Office, London, 1814 £427.50

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catena Aurea: Commentary on The Four Gospels Collected Out Of The Works Of The Fathers: Volume One St. Matthew, Volume Two St. Mark, Volume Three St. Luke, Volume Four St. John [COMPLETE IN FOUR VOLUMES WITH DUST JACKETS PUBLISHED 1997] Saint Austin Press, UK, 1997 £332.50

Kay Marshall Nikkas The Great: And Other Close Friends Kay Marshall, UK, 1981 £27.10

Joan Kennedy Gather Ye Rosebuds [PROOF COPY PUBLISHED 1962] Robert Hale, London, 1962 £46.08

Joan Kennedy Golden Grain [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1961 IN CARD COVERS] Robert Hale, London, 1961 £71.30

Rev John Leifchild Inaugural Address: Delivered October 16, 1856, At The Opening Of The New Baptist College, Regent's Park. With An Appendix Containing Practical Remarks On Preaching And Preachers [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1857] Ward And Co, London, 1857 £118.80

None Given Teaching Material For The Learners Of The Truth Of Heaven & Teaching Materials For Preachers Of The Way Of Heaven None Given, UK £27.10

John Morris [Edited By] Troubles Of Our Catholic Forefathers Related By Themselves [COMPLETE IN THREE VOLUMES FIRST, SECOND & THIRD SERIES PUBLISHED 1970 & REPRINT OF THE BURNS AND OATES EDITION DATED 1872] Gregg International Publishers Limited, UK, 1970 £104.50

Joan Kennedy Sea Above Us [FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED 1961 IN CARD COVERS] Robert Hale, London, 1961 £71.30

North Sea Oil Directory Ltd [Publisher] North Sea Oil Directory 1976 North Sea Oil Directory Ltd, UK, 1976 £36.60

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Thomas Pratt & Sons Ltd Clerical Tailoring, Robe Making, Church Furnishing [Catalogue] Thomas Pratt & Sons, London £36.60

Musee National Du Louvre Catalogue Des Peintures Et Sculptures: Exposees Au Musee De L'Impressionnisme (Jeu de Paume des Tuileries) Les Impressionnistes Leurs Precurseurs Et Leurs Contemporains Musees Nationaux, Paris, 1948 £27.10

David Tovey Another Cornwall Gens de(s) Cornouaille(s) [BOOK TO ACCOMPANY EXHIBITION HELD 2012 IN CORNWALL & BRITTANY] Sansom & Company, UK, 2012 £118.80

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