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Carrel Frederic.: Houses Of Ignorance. London. John Long. 1902. First Edition. £20.00

Glanville Ernest.: The Inca's Treasure. London. Methuen. 1902. £50.00

Glanville Ernest.: The Golden Rock. London.Chatto & Whindus . 1895. First Edition. £85.00

Glanville Ernest.: A Fair Colonist. London. Chatto & Windus. 1894. First Edition. £50.00

Sherard Robert Harborough.: The Iron Cross. London. C Arthur Pearson. 1897. First Edition. £60.00

Rodda Percival Charles. aka, Gavin Holt ,Gardner Low, Eliot Reed.: The Scarlet Mask. London. Nelson. 1926. First Edition. £35.00

Wylie Ida Alexa Ross.: The Paupers Of Portman Square. London. Cassell And Company. 1913. First Edition. £28.00

Wylie Alexander C.: Tod McAlpin. London. Kegan Paul Trench Trubner. 1908. First Edition. £25.00

Walton Thomas.: The Sins Of The Fathers or The Wye Valley Mystery. London. Elliot Stock. 1908. First Edition. £40.00

Wade Henry. aka. Henry Lancelot Aubrey Fletcher.: Mist On The Saltings. London. Constable. 1933. First Edition. £120.00

Vivian Evelyn Charles. aka. Charles Henry Cannell. Jack Mann. Barry Lynd.: Wandering Of Desire. London. Andrew Melrose. 1911. £25.00

Tirebuck William Edwards.: The White Woman. London & New York. Harper Brothers. 1899. £50.00

Tirebuck William Edwards.: Meg Of The Scarlet Foot. London & New York. Harper Brothers. 1898. Second Edition. £26.00

Thomes William Henry.: A Gold Hunterís Adventures, or, Life in Australia. Chicago. Laird & Lee. 1890. £25.00

Sydney C Grier. aka. Hilda Caroline Gregg.: The Power Of The Keys. Edinburgh & London. William Blackwood. 1907 First Edition. £24.00

Swift Benjamin. aka. William Romaine Paterson.: The Tormentor. London. Fisher Unwin. 1897. First Edition. £30.00

Stutley S.J. & A.E. Copp.: The Melbourne Mystery. London. John Lane. (1929). First Edition. £20.00

Stringer Arthur John Arbuthnott.: The Wire Tappers. London. Werner Laurie. 1907. First English Edition. £50.00

Strindberg Johan August.: The Inferno. London. William Rider. 1912. First English Edition. £45.00

Steuart John Alexander.: The Hebrew. aka. The Samaritans. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1903. First Edition. £50.00

Steel Flora Annie.: A Sovereign Remedy. London. Heinmann. 1906. First Edition. £30.00

St John Thea.: The Bride Of The Revolution : A Romance Of The Terror London. Stanley Paul & Co. 1924. First Edition. £25.00

Speight T W. Thomas Wilkinson.: The Crime In The Wood. London. John Long. 1899. Third Edition. £65.00

Spanner E F. Edward Frank.: The Seed Of Fire. London. Sampson Low. 1932. First Edition. £40.00

Southey Rosamond.: Hugh Gordon. London. Duckworth. 1915. First Edition. £40.00

Slater Francis Carey aka Jan Van Avond.: The Secret Veld. London. Nash & Grayson.1931. First Edition. £32.00

Skrine Mary J. H. aka. Mary Jessie Hammond Tooke.: Shepherd Easton's Daughter. London.Edward Arnold & Co. 1925. First Edition. £24.00

Sinclair May.: Kitty Tailleur. aka. The Immortal Moment. London. Constable. 1908. First Edition. £20.00

Sims G R. George Robert .: Two London Fairies. London. Greening & Co. 1906. First Edition. £60.00

Shorthouse Joseph Henry.: John Inglesant. Leipzig. Bernhard Tauchnitz. 1882. £40.00

Sharp Sir Henry. aka Oliver Ainsworth.: The Assassins. London. Faber & Gwyer. 1927. First Edition. £40.00

Sergeant Adeline.: Daunay's Tower. London. F V White. 1900. First Edition. £28.00

Scott Graham. aka. Hazelton Black.: The Golden Milestone. Some Passages In The Life Of An Ex-Confederate Officer. London. Jarrold & Son. 1895. Third Edition. £25.00

Saunders John.: Israel Mort Overman. A Story Of The Mine. London. Hutchinson. 1896. £40.00

Satchell William Aurthur.: The Toll Of The Bush. London. Macmillan. 1905. £48.00

Samuel Horace B. aka. Samuel Horace Barnett.: The Quisto Box. London. A.M. Philpot Ltd. 1925. First Edition. £40.00

Rosa Mulholland. Lady Gilbert. aka. Ruth Murray.: The Mystery of Hall in the Wood. London. Andrew Melrose. £23.00

Roberts Marion. aka. Marion Ellen Thornes-Roberts.: Red Greed. London. Eldon Press Limited. 1934. First Edition. £35.00

Roberts Charles G D. Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts.: A Balkan Prince. London. Everett & Co., Ltd. 1913. First Edition. £20.00

Rhys Cadvan. aka. David Delta Evans.Dewi Hiraddug. Deiniol Ddu.: Daniel Evelyn Heretic. London. Drane's. 1913. First Edition. £28.00

Rhoscomyl Owen. aka. Owen Vaughan. Robert Scourfield Mills.: Battlement And Tower. London. Longmans, Green, and Co. 1896. Second Edition. £30.00

Reeve Arthur Benjamin.: The Black Hand. aka The Silent Bullet. The Adventures Of Craig Kennedy Scientific Detective. London. Eveleigh Nash. 1912. First English Edition. £48.00

Rees Arthur John.: The Hand in the Dark. London. John Lane. 1925. £22.00

Rainey William.: Abdulla : The Mystery Of An Ancient Papyrus. London. Wells Gardner, Darton & Co., Ltd. 1928. First Edition. £20.00

Raine Allen. aka. Anna Adaliza Puddicome.: Hearts Of Wales. London. Hutchinson. 1905. First Edition. £28.00

Rae-Brown Colin Campbell.: Sport And The Woman. London. John Long. 1911. First Edition. £35.00

Radcliffe Henry Garnett. aka Stephen Travers.: The Flower Gang. London. Thornton Butterworth. 1929. First Edition. £50.00

Prof. P. Jones.: The Pobratim. A Slav Novel. London. H.S. Nichols. 1895. First Edition. £900.00

Pilcher, T. D. Thomas David.: East is East ; Stories of Indian life. London. John Lane. 1922. First Edition. £50.00

Pickthall Marmaduke William Muhammad.: As Others See Us. London. W Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1922. First Edition. £28.00

Pickering Percival. aka. A.M.W. Stirling. aka Anna Maria Diana Wilhelmina Stirling.: Toy Goods. London. John Long. 1904. First Edition. £25.00

Philpott Anthony J.: The Quest For Dean Bridgman Conner. London. Heinemann. 1915. First English Edition. £45.00

Phillpotts Eden.: Faith Tresilion. London. Ward Lock. 1916. First English Edition. £20.00

Phayre Ignatius. aka. William George Fitzgerald.: The Shrine Of Sebekh. London. Constable & Co. 1911. First Edition. £85.00

Penn Rachel. aka. Emily Waters, Mrs E.S. Willard, Caroline McCoy White Willard.: A Son Of Israel. An Original Story. London. John Macqueen. 1898. First Edition. £24.00

Peattie E. W. . Elia Wilkinson. aka. Sade Iverson.: The Judge. London. Everett & Co. 1907. £30.00

Payn James.: The Mystery Of Mirbridge. London. Chatto & Windus. 1890. £25.00

Page Gertrude.: The Rhodesian. London. Hurst And Blackett. 1912. First Edition. £25.00

Page Gertrude Eliza.: The Supreme Desire. London. Ward Lock. 1916. First Edition. £23.00

Ouida. aka. Marie Louise de la Ramee. aka. Maria Louise Rame.: Helianthus. London. Macmillan and Co, Limited. 1908. First Edition. £25.00

Norris W E. William Edward.: Barham Of Beltana. London. Methuen & Co. 1907. £20.00

Noon Sir Firozkhan.: Scented Dust. Lahore.Gulab Singh. 1942. First Edition. £23.00

Newte Horace Wickham Can.: Salvation Sal. London. Chatto & Windus. 1915. First Edition. £25.00

Neuman Berman Paul.: A Villain Of Parts. London. Harper & Brothers. 1898. First Edition. £40.00

Nelson Harriet Arnold.: The Romance of the Greystones: An Australian Story. London. Ward Lock and Co. 1899. First Edition. £32.00

Murray David Christie.: The Weaker Vessel. London. Macmillan and Co. 1889. £23.00

Murray David Christie.: Despair's Last Journey. London. Chatto & Windus. 1901. First Edition. £34.00

Murray David Christie & Henry.: A Dangerous Catspaw. London & New York. Longmans, Green, & Co. 1890. £30.00

Murray David Christie.: In His Grip. London. John Long. 1907. £85.00

Murphy James.: The Forge Of Clohogue : A Story Of The Rebellion of ' 98. Dublin. M. H. Gill & Son, Ltd. 1912. Second Edition. £36.00

Muddock. J. E. aka. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock. aka. Dick Donovan.: In The Red Dawn, A Manchester Tale. London. John Long. 1904. First Edition. £48.00

Muddock, J. E. James Edward Muddock, aka Dick Donovan, aka Joyce Emerson Preston Muddock.: Only a Woman's Heart. The Story of a Woman's Love. A Woman's Sorrow. London. George Newnes. 1894. First Edition. £23.00

Muddock J E. aka. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock. aka. Dick Donovan.: Stripped Of The Tinsel, A Story Of Bohemia. London. Digby , Long & Co. 1897. £35.00

Muddock J E. aka. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock. aka. Dick Donovan.: For God And The Czar. London. George Newnes. 1894. New Edition. £30.00

Muddock J E. aka Joyce Emerson Preston Muddock. aka. Dick Donovan.: Basile The Jester : A Romance Of The Days Of Mary Queen Of Scots. London. Chatto & Windus. 1896. First Edition. £60.00

Muddock J E. aka Joyce Emerson Preston Muddock. aka. Dick Donovan.: A Woman's Checkmate. London. John Long. 1902. First Edition. £24.00

Mrs J. O. Arnold. aka A. V. Arnold (Adelaide Victoria).: The Merlewood Mystery. London. Nelson. 1928. First Edition. £30.00

Mrazovic Milena.: Selam. Sketches And Tales Of Bosnian Life. London. Jarrold & Son. 1899. First English Edition. £150.00

Mott Lawrence.: Jules Of The Great Heart. London. William Heinemann. 1905. First English Edition. £24.00

Morgan-De-Groot Jacobus.: A Man Of Iron. London. John Long. 1901. First Edition. £25.00

Minty Edward Arden.: In A Forest Glade. London. Digby Long. 1892. First Edition. £24.00

Minney R J. Rubeigh James.: Distant Drums. London. Chapman & Hall. 1935. First Edition. Signed. £32.00

Methley A. A. Alice Augusta.: The Key Of Life. London. T. Fisher Unwin. 1909. First Edition. £30.00

Meadows Alice Maud. aka. Mrs Wilson.: The Extreme Penalty. London. Digby Long. 1906. First Edition. £48.00

Mead L T. aka. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith.: The Chateau Of Mystery. London. Everett & Co. 1907. First Edition. £110.00

Maxwell W B. William Babington.: The Rest Cure. London. Methuen & Co. 1910. Second Edition. £25.00

Maxwell W B. William Babington.: The Guarded Flame. London. Methuen & Co. 1906. Third Edition. £20.00

Maxwell W B William Babington.: Odd Lengths. London. Methuen & Co. 1907. First Edition. £23.00

Masters Caroline.: The Duchess Lass. London. Frederick Warne & Co. 1896. First Edition. £25.00

Martin Ewan. Captain.: Dauntless. London. C Arthur Pearson Ltd. 1901. £24.00

Marryat Florence. aka. Mrs Ross Church.: Petronel. A Novel. London. Hutchinson & Co. 1889. £24.00

Marryat Florence. aka Mrs Francis Lean.: The Root Of All Evil. London. Richard E. King. £20.00

Marriott Charles.: The House On The Sands. London & New York. John Lane. 1903. First Edition. £35.00

Markwick Edward.: The City Of Gold. London: W. Thacker & Co.Calcutta: Thacker, Spink & Co. 1898. £75.00

Marchmont Arthur William.: My Lost Self. London. Cassell. 1908. First Edition. £40.00

Mansford Charles Jodrell.: Under The Naga Banner. London. John Hogg. 1896. £25.00

Manfred Ernest.: Peelah Or The Bewitched Maiden Of Nepal. London. Swan Sonnenschein. 1904. First Edition. £160.00

Magnay Sir William.: The Players : A Tragi-comedy. Toronto. Hodder & Stoughton. 1913. £26.00

Macnamara Rachel Swete.: The Fringe Of The Desert. London. Herbert Jenkins. 1913. First Edition. £23.00

Macmillan Michael.: The Princess Of Balkh A Tale Of The Wars Of Aurangzeb. London Glasgow Dublin Bombay. Blackie. 1904. First Edition. £23.00

Mackay Helen. aka. Mrs Helen Gansevoort Edwards Mackay.: The Cobweb Cloak. London. Andrew Melrose. 1912. £28.00

Lyle Marius. aka. Una Maud L. Smyth.: Unhappy In Thy Daring. London. Andrew Melrose Ltd. 1916. First Edition. £24.00

Luffmann L. Bogue. aka. Laura Maria Lane.: Will Aylmer. A Tale Of The Australian Bush. London. Religious Tract Society. (1909). £20.00

Low William Leslie.: Reuben Dean. Edinburgh & London. Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier. 1898. First Edition. £24.00

Lorimer Norma.: A Wife Out Of Egypt. London. Stanley Paul & Co. 1914. Fifth Edition. £40.00

Littlejohns John.: The Flowing Tide, A Political Novel. London. Stanley J Killby. 1890 First Edition. £28.00

Leys John Kirkwood.: The Lawyer's Secret. London. Frederick Warne & Co. 1897. First Edition. £40.00

Lennox Edward. aka. Maisie Bennett. aka.Edith May Mayer- Nixson.: The Crowded Year. London. Elkin Mathews and Marrot. 1928. First Edition. £35.00

Leblanc Maurice Marie Emile: The Bomb-Shell. aka.The Woman of Mystery. aka. Leclat d'Obus. London. Hurst & Blackett. 1916. First English Edition. £50.00

Le Queux William.: The Rat Trap. London. Ward Lock. c1930. £20.00

Lawton Lancelot.: The Japanese Spy. A Romance Of Samurai And Geisha. London. Grant Richards. 1908. First Edition Reprint. £24.00

Lawless Emily. aka. Edith Lytton.: Hurrish. Edinburgh & London. William Blackwood and Sons. 1893. New Edition. £45.00

Langbridge Frederick.: Love Has No Pity. London. Digby, Long. 1900. First Edition. £20.00

Lang William Henry.: The Thunder Of The Hoofs. London. John Long. 1909. First Edition. £28.00

Kimber Hugh.: White Virtue. A Tale of Equatorial Africa. London. Brentano's. 1929. First Edition. £25.00

Kernahan Mrs Coulson. aka. Mary Jean Hickling Bettany Gwynne Kernahan.: The Temption of Gideon Holt. London. Epworth Press. 1923. First Edition. £20.00

Joubert Carl. aka. Grote.: The White Hand (Baylaya Ruka). A Narrative. London. Hurst and Blackett. 1906. First Edition. £40.00

Joseph F. J.: Amateurs In Arms. London. Cassell. 1938. First Edition. £22.00

Jokai Maurus. aka. Moric Jokay de Asva.: The Poor Plutocrats. London. Jarrold & Sons. 1900.Third Edition. £20.00

Jokai Maurus. aka. Moric Jokay de Asva.: The Green Book. London. Jarrold & Sons. 1897. Fourth Edition. £22.00

Jokai Maurus. aka. Moric Jokay de Asva.: The Day Of Wrath London. Jarrold & Sons. 1901. Fourth Edition. £22.00

Jokai Maurus. aka. Moric Jokay de Asva.: Black Diamonds. London.Jarrold & Sons. 1896. First English Edition. £48.00

Johnstone David Lawson.: The Rebel Commodore. Being the memoirs of the earlier adventures ashore and afloat of Sir Ascott Dalrymple Knight of the Bath. London. W & R Chambers. 1895. First Edition. £34.00

Jeffery C. E. aka. Mrs Christiana Elizabeth Rufford.: The Fortunes of a Fair Free-Lance. A Story Without A Moral. London. George Routledge. 1909. First Edition. £24.00

Janvier Thomas Allibone. aka. Ivory Black .: The Aztec Treasure House. London.Sampson Low. 1891. £20.00

Jackson Wilfred Scarborough.: Nine Points Of The Law. London & New York. John Lane. 1903. First Edition. £43.00

Inskipp M.: Monsoon Magic. Toronto. Thomas Allen. 1927. First Candian Edition. £45.00

Imbert Terry. Sir Henry Machu Imbert-Terry.: In Spacious Times. The Narrative of Edward Raynor, Gentleman, concerning the Spanish plot against her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, and the part he took in it. London. Ernest Benn Limited. 1927 First Edition. £28.00

Hugh Pryce Daisy. aka. Margaret Jeanette Hugh Pryce.: Hill Magic. London. Heath Cranton & Ouseley. 1914. First Edition. £38.00

Huddleston George.: The White Fakir. A Tale of the Mystical East. London. Ocean Publishing Company. 1932. First Edition. £30.00

Howarth Anna.: Katrina : A Tale Of The Karoo. London. Smith Elder & Co. 1898. First Edition. £95.00

Howard Blanche Willis aka.Baronness von Teufel: Guenn. A Wave On The Breton Coast. London. Frederick Warne.1884. £25.00

Horton George.: A Fair Brigand. London. Ward Lock. 1900. First English Edition. £28.00

Hodge Charles Reynolds.: That Codical. An Australian Story of Treachery and Triumph. London Adelaide Perth. E. S. Wigg & Son. 1900. First Edition. £35.00

Hobhouse Violet.: Warp And Weft . A Story Of The North Of Ireland. London. Skeffington And Son. 1899. First Edition. £70.00

Hennessey John David.: A Tail Of Gold. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1914. Second Edition. £36.00

Hay William Gosse.: Captain Quadring. London. T. Fisher Unwin. 1912. First Edition. £70.00

Hay John.: The Bread Winners. London. Warne. 1883. First Edition. £40.00

Hartmann Franz.: With the Adepts, An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians. London. William Rider & Son Ltd. 1910. Second Edition, Revised. £40.00

Hart Mabel.: Sacrilege Farm. London. William Heinemann. 1902. First English Edition. £35.00

Harris Frank.: Unpath'd Waters. London. John Lane. 1913. First Edition. £20.00

Hanshew Thomas W.: The Mallison Mystery. London. Ward Lock. 1903. First Edition. £120.00

Hainault Lewis.: Time And The Player. London T. Fisher Unwin. The Independant Novel Series. 1894. First Edition. £28.00

Griffiths Arthur George Frederick. Major. aka. Alfred Aylmer: Ford's Folly Ltd. London. John MacQueen. 1900. First Edition. £87.00

Griffiths Arthur George Frederick Major. aka. Alfred Aylmer.: A Son Of Mars. London. R. A. Everett & Co. 1902. £25.00

Grier Sydney C. aka. Hilda Caroline Gregg.: Writ In Water. Edinburgh & London. William Blackwood. 1913. First Edition. £24.00

Grier Sydney C. aka. Hilda Caroline Gregg.: Berringer Of Bandeir. Edinburgh and London. William Blackwood. 1919. Second Impression. £24.00

Grey Francis William.: The Cure of St. Philippe : A Story of French-Canadian Politics. London. Digby, Long & Co. 1899. First Edition. £90.00

Grant Sybil. Lady.: Samphire. London. Stanley Paul & Co. 1912. First Edition. £24.00

Graham Winifred. aka. Matilda Winifred Muriel Graham Cory.: Breakers On The Sand. London. Hutchinson. 1921.Signed First Edition. £90.00

Graham Mrs Henry. aka. Lady Ellen Askwith.: The Disinherited Of The Earth. London. Alston Rivers Ltd. 1908 First Edition. £30.00

Goold Marshall N. Newton.: The Ship Of Destiny. London. Hodder And Stoughton. (1925). First English Edition. £30.00

Ghosh Sarath Kumar.: The Prince of Destiny, the New Krishna. London. Rebman. 1909. First Edition. £30.00

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Garvice Charles. aka. Caroline Hart.: In Cupid's Chains. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1906. £24.00

Ganpat.aka. Martin Louis Alan Gompertz.: Harilek. A Romance Of Modern Central Asia. Edinburgh & London. William Blackwood. 1924. Fifth Impression. £20.00

Ganpat. aka. Martin Louis Alan Gompertz .: Roads Of Peace. London. Hodder & Stoughton.1931. First Edition. £26.00

Ganpat. aka. Martin Louis Alan Gompertz: Dainra. London. Hodder & Stoughton. (1929). First Edition. £30.00

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Emery J Inman.: The Tiger of Baragunga. London. Jarrolds. 1924. First Edition. £24.00

Emerson George Willis.: The Builders. London. Brown Langham. 1907. First English Edition. £20.00

Eduard Edouard Schure.: The Priestess Of Isis. London. William Rider & Son. 1912. Second Edition. £40.00

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Easton John.: Matheson Fever: The Story Of A Curse. London. Philip Allan & Co Ltd. 1928 First Edition. £30.00

E. H. Walshe & George E. Sargent.: Within Sea Walls or How The Dutch Kept The Faith. London. Religious Tract Society. £25.00

Donovan Dick. aka. James Edward Muddock. aka Joyce Emerson Preston Muddock.: The Fatal Woman. London. G Bell & Sons. 1911. Bell's Indian and Colonial Library Edition. £26.00

Donovan Dick. aka. James Edward Muddock. aka Joyce Emerson Preston Muddock.: The Chronicles Of Michael Danevitch Of The Russian Secret Service. London. Chatto & Windus. 1897. First Edition. £74.00

Dixon Thomas.: The Leopard's Spots. A Romance Of The White Man's Burden 1865 - 1900. London. Grant Richards. 1902. First English Edition. £20.00

Dill Bessie. aka. L Beith Dalziel.: The Lords Of Life. London. John Long. 1901 First Edition. £23.00

Diehl Alice Mangold.: Entrapped. London. John Long. 1904. First Edition. £25.00

Diehl Alice Mangold.: The Temptation Of Anthony. London. John Long. 1905. First Edition. £26.00

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De Veer W. Willem.: An Emperor In The Dock. London John Lane. 1915. First Edition. £20.00

De Selincourt Hugh.: A Fair House. London. John Lane. 1911. First Edition. £23.00

Daniels Heber K.. aka. Farquhar Palliser.: Dol Shackfield. London. F. V. White. 1901. £48.00

Dalton William.: The War Tiger. A Tale Of The Conquest Of China. London. Griffith Farran Browne. £28.00

Dalton William.: Lost in Ceylon, In the Woods and the Wilds of the Lion King of Kandy. London. Griffith Farran Browne & Co Ltd. (1898) £28.00

Cross Thompson.: The Isle Of Forgotten People. London. Cassell. (1925). First Edition. £23.00

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Bindloss Harold.: Dearham's Inheritance. London. Ward Lock & Co. 1919. First Edition. £25.00

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