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Worcester Rare Books

Weekley, Ernest: Something About Words London; Murray; 1935 £20.00

Wood, Lawson Lawson Wood's Merry Monkeys Birn Brothers Limited, London, 1945 £25.00

Hammerton, Sir John (editor) The Great War. . . I Was There! Undying Memories of 1914-1918 Complete 51 volumes Amalgamated Press Limited, London, 1938 £125.00

BAILEY,THOMAS Annals of Nottinghamshire History of the County of Nottingham, including the Borough [4 2] London: Simpkin, Marshall 1853. £110.00

Kaledin, Col. Victor K. K.14 - O.M.66, Adventures of a Double Spy The Paternoster Library no 13. Hurst & Blackett 1937 £25.00

Masson,,David The Life of John Milton: Narrated in Connexion With The Political Ecclesiastical,And Literary History of His Time 4 Volumes London:Macmillan 1875 £45.00


Wesley,John The Journal of The Rev. John Wesley -4 volumes- London: Wesleyan Methodist Book Room n/d £50.00

Pitt, William. A Topographical history of Staffordshire: including its agriculture, mines and manufactures. Memoirs of eminent natives; statistical tables; and every species of information connected with the local history of the county. With a succinct account of the rise and progress of the Staffordshire potteries. Compiled from the most authentic sources . Newcastle-under-Lyme: printed by and for J. Smith, 1817. £175.00

Jones, John Morgan & Morgan, William Y Tadau Methodistaidd: Eu Llafur a'u Llwyddiant gyda Gwaith yr Efengyl yn Nghymru, Trefydd Lloegr, America, ac Awstralia: Cyfrol I & II (2 Volumes) Abertawe: Lewis Evans , 1895 £48.00

Hoare,W.E. and E.S.Hedges Tinplate London: Edward Arnold 1946 £28.00

Gask, Arthur The Jest of Life London: Herbert Jenkins: 1936 £48.00

Zimmermann, Robert Aesthetik Wien : Wilhelm Braumuller 1858 £45.00

Pfeiffer, Ehrenfried Formative Forces in Crystallization with 98 Illustrations Rudolf Steiner Pub. Co., 1936. 1936. £20.00

Jones, Thomas Brut Y Tywysogyon Peniarth Ms. 20 Caerdydd Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru 1941 £55.00

Ellis, Koblinsky RUSSIAN SYMBOLISTS Letchworth: Bradda Books 1972 £65.00

Gary, R. Pour sganarelle(recherche d'un personnage et d'un roman) (French Edition) Gallimard 1965 £22.00

E. Belfort Bax Rise and Fall of the Anabaptists Swan Sonnenschein & Co, 1903. £32.00

WALSH, James J. Medieval Medicine. London:A. & C. Black, . 1920 £30.00

Niewöhner, Friedrich Wilhelm Dialog und Dialektik in Platons"Parmenides"., Untersuchungen zur sogenannten platonischen"Esoterik" Hain, Meisenheim, 1971 £25.00

Sparrow, W Shaw (Ed) Women Painters of the World: From the Time of Caterina Vigri 1413-1463 to Rosa Bonheur and the Present Day Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1905. £23.00

Hobhouse, L. T. Morals in Evolution: a Study in Comparative Ethics [2 volumes] Chapman & Hall, London, . 1908 £28.00

Renan,Ernest L`ANTECHRIST Paris:Calmann - Levy Editeurs no date £28.00

Andrews, William: Legal Lore : Curiosities of Law & Lawyers. London : William Andres & Co. 1897 £40.00

J G Frazer The Belief in Immortality MACMILLAN & CO, London. 1913 £22.00

Williams, Mary The Dickens Concordance. Being a Compendium of Names and Characters and Principal Places Mentioned in All the Works of Charles Dickens. Containing First a List of the Works, Secondly a Summary of the Chapters in Each Book or Pamphlet, and Thirdly a Complete Alphabetical Index of Names, with the Title of Book and Number of Chapter Quoted London. Francis Griffiths. 1907 £48.00

Tietz, T E & Wilson, J W Behaviour and Properties of Refractory Metals London: Edward Arnold 1965 £22.00

Mulchrone, Kathleen, Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth and Pearson, A. I. Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy Index II Dublin: Royal Irish Academy Hodges,Figgis,&co 1958 £28.00

Clarke, C.B A Class-Book In Geography with eighteen coloured maps London: Macmillan 1883 £50.00

Thomas Jackson The Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism: A Brief Sketch of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Wesleyan-Methodist Societies throughout the World. John Mason London 1839. £25.00

Australian Steamships Past and Present Gregory, Dickson The Richards Press Ltd, London, . 1928 £45.00

Kaufmann, W. The Owl and the Nightingale Faber & Faber, London, 1959. £20.00

Excursions in the County of Surrey: Comprising Brief Historical and Topographical Delineations; Together with Descriptions of the Residences of the Nobility and Gentry, Remains of Antiquity, and Other Interesting Objects of Curiosity. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London, 1821 £140.00

The Credibility Of Divine Existence The collected Papers of Norman Kemp Smith London:Macmillan 1967 £20.00

CERVANTES DE SAAVEDRA, Miguel. MABBE, James The Spanish Ladie and two other stories from Cervantes translated from the original by James Mabbe 1640 And Newly Illustrated by Douglas Percy Bliss London:Oxford University Press 1928 £28.00

Hench,L.L (ed) Characterization of Ceramics New York: Marcel Dekker 1971 £20.00

Grubel, Ralph O Metallurgy of Elemental and Compound Semiconductors London: Interscience 961 £20.00

Vilhena, Vasco Manuel De Magalhaes Le Probleme De Socrate : Le Socrate Historique Et La Socrate De Platon: Paris : Presses Universitaires De France, 1952. £25.00

Devaraja, N.K. An Introduction to Sankara`s Theory of Knowkledge Motilal Banarsi Dass 1962 £40.00

Whewell,William History of the Inductive Sciences from the earliest to the present time. volumes one and two London: J.Parker 1857 £40.00

Hulme,Edward .F. Familiar Wild Flowers. in 8 volumes london: Cassell 1912 £138.00

EVANS J Gwenogvryn (Editor) The Poetry in the Red Book of Hergest Llanbedrog, N Wales, 1911. £140.00

OVER ARAB LANDS : notes of a tour theough Egypt,Palestine,Syria, And Turkey, during the Winter and Spring of 1867 Dundee 1867 £100.00

Avitzur, B Metal Forming: Processes and Analysis McGraw-Hill, 1968. £38.00

LE VAUX, George W. Victor The twin records of creation;: Or, Geology and Genesis: their perfect harmony and wonderful Concord Crosby Lockwood & Co., London, 1867. £48.00

Patterson, Frank Allen (gen. Ed.) Et a THE WORKS OF JOHN MILTON Vol XVII Columbia University Press,, New York:, 1934. £50.00

[Puisieux, Madeleine]. Conseils a Une Amie par Madame de P****. pub. 1750. £88.00

Anon. Karatu Hausa. pub. Exeter and London: James Townsend. 1909. £38.00

Sherlock, William A Practical Discourse concerning Death. London: W. Rogers. 1690. £125.00

Harrison, Joseph. The Floricultural Cabinet and Florists' Magazine. January to December 1839. Volume VII. £90.00

Schon Rev. James Frederick, Samuel Crowther. Journals of the Rev. James Frederick Schon and Mr. Samuel Crowther who with the sanction of Her Majesty's Government, accompanies the Expedition up the Niger, in 1841 on behalf of the Church Missionary Society. With Appendices and Map. London: Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly; Nisbet. 1842. £380.00

Smiles, Samuel Lives of the Engineers, with an Account of Their Principal Works; Comprising Also a history of Inland communication in Britain. 4 Vols. London: John Murray 1862 £240.00

Sellew,William H. Steel Rails; Their History, Properties, Strength And Manufacture, With Notes On The Principles Of Rolling Stock And Track Design D. Van Nostrand Co., New York, 1913 £120.00

Sir Thomas Brassey The British Navy: Its Strength, Resources and Administration Vol 1 Part 1 Shipbuilding For the Purposes of War Longmans Green and Co, London, 1882. £40.00

Ruskin, John The Harbours of England Unto This Day, Poetry of Architecture 16 Volumes London Waverly Book Co. c:1907 £55.00

KENNY, Anthony. The Five Ways St.thomas Aquinas` Proofs of God's Existence. London:Routledge & Kegan Paul 1972 £22.00


L.M.K. Boelter et al. HEAT TRANSFER NOTES. NY: McGraw Hill 1965., £38.00

Baumgardt, David. Bentham and the Ethics of Today. With Bentham Manuscripts Hetherto Unpublished. New York:Octagon Books 1966 £20.00

BOOTH, General In Darkest England and the Way Out International Headquaters of the Salvation Army, 1890 £20.00

Sir Squire Sprigge The Lancet Volume 1 for 1923 London The Lancet 1923 £30.00

Smile Among Friends Oslo Norway: Alb. Cammermeyers Forlag, c;1950 £20.00

Frank de Haas (Edited by John T. Amber, Editor of the Gun Digest) Single Shot Rifles and Actions Chicago:Follett Publishing Company 1969 £80.00

Thompson, Arthur.J: The Haunts of Life London:Andrew Melrose ltd, 1921 £20.00

GOLDTHWAITE, R A PRIVATE WEALTH IN RENAISSANCE FLORENCE.: A Study of Four Families Princeton University Press, 1968. £20.00

Wood, Mrs Henry Mrs Halliburton's Troubles Ward Lock & Co Ltd, London, 1910 £25.00

Chapman. JJ Lucian, Plato And Greek Morals New York:Houghton Mifflin Co. 1931 £20.00

ANDERSON-MORSHEAD, A.E.M. The History of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa 1859-1909. London:The Universities Mission to Central Africa, 1909 (1897), 1909 £25.00

Smith, W.H.B Mauser, Walther and Mannlicher Firearms (Hardback) Stackpole Company 1971 £20.00

Jones.M Dr.Kane The Arctic Hero London:T.Nelson 1886 £20.00

Linden, Alvin FIREARM DESIGN & ASSEMBLY: THE SHAPING OF INLETTED BLANKS WITH NOTES ON SOME ALTERATIONS TO THE MODEL 70 WINCHESTER RIFLE being the second booklet of a series devoted to the design and assembley of custom-built firearms. Pennsylvania:The Stackpole company 1958 £25.00

Linden, Alvin The Finishing of Gunstocks and Notes on the Conversions of the 1917 Enfield Rifle: Firearm Design and Assembly Samworth booklet on firearms No3 n/d £20.00

THE MIDLAND COUNTIES HISTORICAL COLLECTOR Volume One: No. 1, August 1854 to No. 17, December 1855 T. Chapman Browne, Bible and Crown, 1855. £20.00

Britannia Company. Screws and Screw-Making, with a chapter on The Milling Machine: A Complete Treatise on Screw-making in all its branches, embracing most recent Methods, and containing the Reports which originated Modern Standard Screw-threads Colchester Britannia Company. c:1891 £20.00

Von Holst, Niels Creators, Collectors and Connoisseurs Book Club Associates, London, 1976. £22.00

Roe, E. P.: From Jest To Earnest. London: Partridge and Co. n/d £20.00

Johnson, Melvin M. & Haven, Charles T. Automatic Arms: Their History, Development and Use Robert Hale, London, 1943. £20.00

Ward, Adolphus William The Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian succession London; Paris; New York : Goupil & Co. Fine Art Publishers to the King.Manzi, Joyant & Co,Successors, 1903 £80.00

Sidgwick,Henry The Methods of Ethics Macmillan, London, 1890. £55.00

Judge ,Arthur W. Aircraft And Automobile Materials Of Construction Engineering Materials: Volume II- - Non-Ferrous and Organic Materials London: Sir Isaac Pitman 1921 £90.00

Arcangeli,Letizia GENTILUOMINI DI LOMBARDIA Edizioni Unicopli 2003 £38.00

Luckock, Herbert Mortimer AFTER DEATH An Examination of the Testimony of Primitive Times Respecting the State of the Faithful Dead, and Their Relationship to the Living London: Rivingtons 1882 £28.00

SELBY-BIGGE (L.A), ed British Moralists being Selections from Writers principally of the Eighteenth Century. Edited with an Introductory and Analytical Index. Clarendon Press Oxford,. 1897 £20.00

Butler, A.T Examples of Modern Architecture Series No 11. Cheltenham: Ed.J.Burrow 1924 £38.00

Leach,S Views of INGLETON the mountain health resort and land of Waterfalls.Land of brown health and shaggy wood.Land of the Mountain and the flood Ingleton n/d £30.00

Blanchard, E.J Blanchard`s Map of Barrow-In-Furness. Leeeds: The Electric Press 30 £30.00

Six Picturesque Views of Clevedon Pub:A.H.Ransford Royal Library. n/d £55.00

Edmund Gosse Studies in the literature of Northern Europe, LOndon: C.Kegan Paul 1879 £20.00

Various The Hampshire Antiquary and Naturalist 2 volumes Edwards Southampton - Stock London 1891 £25.00

Graham McGregor, R. S. Whit, Reception and Response: Hearer Creativity and the Analysis of Spoken and Written Texts Routledge, 1990 £25.00

Fernie, W.T. , M.D. Precious Stones: For Curative Wear , And Other Remedial Uses: Likewise The Nobler Metals. Bristol: John Wright. 1907 £38.00

Blackmore, Howard,L. British Military Firearms 1650-1850 London: Herbert Jenkins 1967 £48.00

Villari, Linda On Tuscan Hills and the Venitian Waters London: Fisher Unwin 1885 £70.00

Wilkins, Charles The South Wales Coal Trade and its Allied Industries, From the earliest days to the Present Time Cardiff: Daniel Owen 1888 £58.00

Guthrie, Ramsay KITTY FAGAN A Romance Of Pit Life London : Christian Common Wealth n/d £75.00

Mayhew Brothers (eds); George Cruikshank (illus): The Greatest Plague of Life. "or The Adventures of a Lady in search of a Good Servant, by one who has been almost worried to death". London; G Routledge , Warne & Co 1860 £45.00

The Album of Glasgow and Neighbourhood Glasgow: W.L & Co no date £25.00

Szekely, Julian and Nickolas J.Themelis rate of phenomena in PROCESS METALLURGY London: John Wiley 1971 £22.00

Wheeler,A.R Royal Grammar School, Worcester 1950 to 1991: With retrospect to 1291 Royal Worcester Grammar School 1990 £35.00

Pearson.H.H.W A.C. Seward (ed) GNETALES Cambridge University 1929 £26.00

Gaskell, Walter Holbrook. THE ORIGIN OF VERTEBRATES. Longmans, Green., 1908. £38.00

Miller T.J.E. Reactive Power Control in Electric systems New York: Wiley, . 1983 £175.00

Sitwell S., Buchanan H. and Fisher J Fine Bird Books 1700-1900. 1953 £160.00

Leinfellner, Werner, Franz M. Wuketits THE TASKS OF CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY Proceedngs of the 10th International Wittgenstein Symposium Holder-Pichler-Tempsky, 1986 1986 £38.00

Arthur Ransome (arranged by) The Book of Love: Essays, Poems, Maxims & Prose Passages T C & E C Jack. No date (1915) £40.00

Joseph Addison - Mr Tickell Miscellaneous Works in Verse And Prose of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison Esq Consisting of Such as Were Never Before Printed in Twelves with Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author in Three Volumes : Volume the Third only.Dialogues upon the Usefulness of Ancient Medals. Jacob Tonson, London 1726 £60.00

NECKER, Jacques. A Treatise on the Administration of the Finances of France by Thomas Mortimer, Esq Translated from the Genuine French Edition, 1784, and dedicated, by permission to the Marquis of Lansdown. London, printed at the Logographic press 1785 £80.00

Clark, Audrey. Illustrated by F.M. Wilkinson The Vedor Sampler A Tale Of Czechoslovakia and its Brave Children London: George Harrap 1946 £180.00

ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM. Men and Memories. Recollections of William Rothenstein. 3 Volumes. 1931, 1932 and 1939 Faber and Faber., London., 1931. £65.00

J. & C. Walker Walker's Surrey. As Divided into Unions by the Poor Law Commissioners. pub. Longmans. 1835 £40.00

TICKELL, R .E The Vale of Nantgwilt a Submerged Valley illustrative and Descriptive of the Elan and Claerwen Valley in Radnorshire Shortly to be Submerged for the Water Supply of Birmingham Virtue and Co, London, £40.00

Fletcher, Banister Light And Air A text book for Architects and Surveyers. London: Batsford 1879 £20.00

Lewis,Landred The Proving Of Gennad A Mythological Romance London: Elliot Stock 1890 £75.00

Howe, James Virgil The Modern Gunsmith: A Guide For The Amateur And Professional Gunsmith in the Design and Construction of Firearms, with Practical Suggestions for all Who like Guns. Funk & Wagnalls [c1941], NY, 1941. £50.00

Rigby, Armatage Castle Rasheen : a historical and descriptive account The Victorian Press: Douglas 1927 £45.00

Maclean, Magnus MODERN ELECTRIC PRACTICE 6 Volumes The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd. 1904. £60.00


Mathews, Mrs Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian 4 Volumes London:Richard Bentley 1838 £100.00

Anon Tales For Wonder-Eyes A Picture Book For Little Folks Cassell and Co no date £60.00

LEFEBUVRE, Gustave HISTOIRE DES GRANDS PRETRES D AMON DE KARNAK jusqu a la XXI Dynastie. Avec 5 planches. Libraire Orientaliste Paul Geuthner., Paris., 1929. £40.00

Jean Jacques Rousseau 2 vols The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Two Volumes, Now for the First Time Completely Translated Into English Without Expurgation Private, Edinburg, 1904. £50.00

Morison, S E Commager, H S The Growth Of The American Republic vol 2 Oxford University Press, 1962 £28.00

Mowrer, Orval Hobart Psychotherapy, Theory and Research: New York : The Ronald Press Company, 1953. £20.00

Lipscomb, George The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham Volume 2 J & W Robins, London, 1847. £38.00

Young, Harold Edgar. A Perambulation of the Hundred of Wirral in the County of Chester. Liverpool Henry Young & Sons, . 1909 £40.00

ARNESEN, Odd. THE POLAR ADVENTURE. The 'Italia' Tragedy Seen at Close Quarters. Victor Gollancz, London. 1929. £45.00

HAYWARD, C. THE COURTESAN The part she has played in classic and modern literature and in life The Casanova Society,, London:, 1926. £48.00


COTTERILL, H. B. Homer's Odyssey. A Line-for-Line Translation in the Metre of the Original. London: George G. Harrap, 1911. £50.00


BOCCACCIO, Giovanni Amorous Fiammetta London : Privately printed for the Navarre Society 1926 £80.00

CONRAD, JOSEPH The Arrow of Gold T. Fisher Unwin Ltd: London, 1919 £120.00

Noel Williams, H. Madame Du Barry London:Harper & Brothers, 1904. £60.00

Nagel,Thomas Concealment and Exposure: And Other Essays Oxford University Press 2002 £60.00

Sterne, Laurence Illustrated by Wheelwright, Rowland (illustrator) The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman George G. Harrap & Co. , Ltd, London, England, 1926. £98.00

Walshe, Monsignor The Quest of Reality: An Introduction to the Study of Philosophy Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, London, 1933 £20.00

PLATT, A.E. (Miss). THE HISTORY OF THE PARISH AND GRAMMAR SCHOOL OF SEDBERGH. Yorkshire. Longmans Green and Co. ., . 1876 £120.00

McAllister, Isabe Alfred Gilbert. with Forty Plates in Photogravure London, A.& C.Black Ltd 1929 £95.00

WALKER, Charles Edward Shooting on a small income: how to shoot and the management of small shootings. Westminster: Archibald Constable 1900 £50.00

George M. Reith The Breezy Pentlands T.N. Foulis, London, 1910. £45.00


Frazer, Sir James George THE GOLDEN BOUGH (Abridged Edition) A Study in Magic and Religion MacMillan Publishers Ltd, 1949. £40.00

Stout, G.F., M.A., LL.D., D. Litt. Mind and Matter Cambridge University Press 1931 £40.00

Haack, Susan Evidence and Inquiry: Towards Reconstruction in Epistemology Blackwell, 1993 £32.00

von Siemens, Werner Translated by W.C. Coupland. PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS. London: Asher & Co, 1893. £40.00

Monty (Samworth, Thomas G.) Kennedy The Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks The Stackpole Company, 1962. £30.00

McGivern, Ed Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting and Police Training Wilcox and Follett, Chicago, 1957 £20.00

Belford, J. N. & Dunlap, J. THE MAUSER SELF-LOADING PISTOL Borden Publishing Company, 1969 £38.00

Alexander, Major-General H. T African Tightrope - My Two Years as Nkrumah's Chief of Staff Pall Mall Press. 1965 £20.00

FORD, FORD MADOX Biala (illustrator) Provence: From Minstrels to the Machine George Allen & Unwin, London, 1938. £180.00

DAVIDSON, Gladys. Helpers Without Hands. By. Illustrated by Edwin Noble. Wells Gardner Darton & Co. Limited London, 1919. £60.00

Anon The Westminster Tobacco Box. London: Waterlow And Sons 1887 £75.00

Quiz Caricatures by 'Quiz' from the Saturday Review. 1924 £100.00

White, Gleeson English Illustration The Sixties: 1855- 70. With Numerous illustrations by Ford Madox Brown:. Westminster: Archibald Constable and Co. 1897 £65.00

T Simpson, Ch Alison Sutton,M.A.F. (ed) Golf Courses: Design, Construction And Upkeep London: Simpkin Marshall 1933 £225.00

Anon The Register Of Whittington 1909 £120.00

Anon The Ceremony Of Laying The Foundation Stone Of The New North Bridge Edinburgh 25th May 1896 Edinburgh: printed and published by the order of the Town Council 1896 £150.00

Ashdown, Charles Henry British and Foreign Arms & Armour London: T. C. & E. C. Jack 1909 £35.00

Anon. The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure containing Geography..Philosophy..Mathematics Husbandry Cookery..Chemistry..Navigation.. and other Arts and Sciences:which may render Instructive and Entertaining to Gentry, Merchants, Farmers and Tradesman… Also of the Stage, New Operas, Plays and Oratoriso. Vo. XX. Pub. London: John Hinton. 1757 £380.00

Aldin Cecil A Sporting Garland- Pictured in Colour by Cecil Aldin. Hunting- Shooting- Fishing London: Sands. £750.00


J. W. Mellor A Comprehensive Treatise on Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry. Volumes 1-16 Longmans, Green 1922-1937 £250.00

Brickhill, F/Lt. Paul and Conrad Norton. Escape to Danger. pub. London: Faber. 1946 £350.00

Matthews, T. Welsh Records in Paris pub. Carmarthen: W Spurrell and Son, 1910 £40.00

Anon. Chemist and Druggist Diary. for 1921. pub. London. Offices of the Chemist and Druggist. 1921. £45.00

Anon. Chemist and Druggist Diary. for 1924 . pub. London. Offices of the Chemist and Druggist. 1924 £45.00

Anon. Chemist and Druggist Diary. for 1923. pub. London. Offices of the Chemist and Druggist. 1923. £45.00

Anon Chemist and Druggist Diary. for 1922. . pub. London. Offices of the Chemist and Druggist. 1922 £45.00

Anon. Chemist and Druggist Diary. for 1921. pub. London. Offices of the Chemist and Druggist. 1921 £45.00

Anon. Chemist and Druggist Diary. for 1920 pub. London. Offices of the Chemist and Druggist. 1920 £45.00

Wells, Robert: Ornamental Confectionery. A Guide for Bakers, Confectioners and Pastry Cooks London: Crosby Lockwood & Son, 1897, 1897. £40.00

Lear, Edward Nonsense Botany and Nonsense Alphabets Etc. To Which is Added a Nonsense Alphabet Recently Discovered London : Frederick Warne 1927 £50.00

Claparede, Edouard. Recherches sur la Structure des Annelides Sedentaires. 1873 £280.00

Darwin, Charles. The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species. with illustrations. pub. London: John Murray. 1877 £280.00

Stephens, J.L Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea and the Holy Land. London: Walker and Co. 1840 £78.00

Cooke, M. C. British Desmids: A Supplement to British Fresh-Water Algae London: Williams & Norgate Ltd, 1887. £90.00

Cherry, A. J. The Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette January - December. 1908 £30.00

Babbage, Charles The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise London: John Murray 1837 £850.00

[Gaskell, Elizabeth) Right and Last and Other Tales. Pub. Sampson Low 1860. £220.00

Bigsby, John. J. THE SHOE AND CANOE or Pictures of Travel in the Canadas. Illustrative of their scenery and of colonial life with facts and opinions of emigration, state police and other points of public interest. With numerous plates and maps Pub. London: Champman and Hall. 1850. £280.00

Bouhours, Father The Arts of Logick [Logic] and Rhetorick [Rhetoric] by Examples taken out of the Best Authors in all the Polite Languages London: John Clark, Richard Hett, John Pemberton, Richard Ford and John Gray. 1728 £580.00

Culpeper, Nicholas CULPEPER'S COMPLETE HERBAL, to Which is now Added, Upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs, with a Display of Their Medicinal and Occult Qualities; To Which are Now Annexed His English Physician Enlarged.forming a Complete Family Dispensatory. London: E. Sibly, c.1794 £300.00

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm; Couturat, Louis (ed.) Opuscules et fragments inedits de Leibniz. Extraits des manuscrits de la Bibliotheque royale de Haonvre. Pub. Paris: Felix Alcan 1903. £250.00

Phillips, D.Z. (ed.) Philosophical Investigations. Oxford: Blackwell.: 1982-2004. £280.00

Dickens, Charles. The Personal History of David Copperfield. pub. London: Bradbury & Evans. 1850 £700.00

Lawrence, D. H., John P. Heins(illustrator). We Need One Another. Pub. Equinox. 1933. £35.00

Catlow, Agnes. Drops of Water: their Marvellous and Beautiful Inhabitants displayed by the Microscope. London: Reeve and Benham. 1851. £70.00

Lex.[McAulay]. Sports and the Courts. One hundred and one points of Law for Sportsmen. Pub. Herbert Jenkins. 1933 £48.00

Matthews, R. Borlase. The Aviation Pocket-Book for 1916. Pub. London: Crosby Lockwood. 1916. £34.00

Short, Geo., Chas. Brown. History of the Bethel Methodist Church Hindley Green from 1865 to 1915.(Manchester) pub. Leigh. W.H. Stafford. 1913. £35.00

Aldin, Cecil. A Sporting Garland- Pictured in Colour by Cecil Aldin. Hunting- Shooting- Fishing. London: Sands. £1150.00

Stewart, F. A. Hunting Countries . pub. Londond: Collins, Pall Mall. 1935. £100.00

Doizy, Marie-Ange De La Dominoterie a La Marbrure. Paris: Art & Metiers dul Livre. (Histoire des techniques traditionelles de la decoration du papier. 1996. £80.00

Colling, James Kellaway. Examples of English Mediaeval Foliage and coloured decoration, taken from the buildings of the twelfth to the fifteenth century with Descriptive Letters. London: Cooling, Batsford. 1874. £175.00

Haslem, John. The Old China Factory: The Workmen and their Productions, containing biographical sketches of the Chief Artist Workmen, various marks used, fac-similes copied from the Old Derby Pattern Books, Original Price List of more than 400 figures and groups. London: George Bell. 1878. £98.00

Perrault, Master Charles w/trans. by A. E. Johnson Old-Time Stories London : Constable 1921 £110.00

Fry, C. B. C.B.Fry's Magazine of Sports and Outdoor Life. Vol. 1. April to September 1904. London: Newnes. 1904. 1904. £85.00

Atkyns, Arabella The Family Magazine: in Two Parts Containing Useful Directions in all the Branches of House-Keeping and Cookery. Particularly Shewing How to Buy-it the Best of all Sorts of Provisions; as Poultry-Ware, Butchers-Meat, Fish, Fruit, &c. With several Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Pastry, Pickling, Confectionary, Distilling, Brewing, Cosmeticks, &c. Together with the Art of making English Wines, &c. Part II. Containing a Compendious Body of Physick; Succinctly Treating of all the Diseases and Accidents Incident to Men, Women, and Children: with Practical Rules and Directions for the Preserving and Restoring of Health, and Prolonging of Life. London: printed for J.Osborn 1741 £350.00

DAVIS, JOE. How I Play Snooker. London: Country Life, 1949. £24.00

DARTON, F.J. Harvey (Editor). The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen. London: privately printed for The Navarre Society Ltd 1930 £30.00

Priestley, J B; West, Rebecca; Spender, Stephen; Mannin, Ethel; Golding, Louis; Powys, T F; Langdon-Davies, J; Carswell, Catherine SPAIN AND US London: Holborn & West Central London Committee for Spanish Medical Aid. , 1936. £30.00

Nightingall, Arthur. My Racing Adventures. London: T. Werner Laurie, no date [ca 1910]. £95.00

Milne, A. A., Willebeek Le Mair(Saida). A Gallery of Children. Pub. London: Stanley Paul. 1925. £110.00

Barr, James. Semi-Jubilee of Dennistoun Free Church, Glasgow; 26th November 1899. A Historical account of the congregation, sketches of its ministers and a description and history of its various offices and agenicies. With Illustrations. pub. Kirkintilloch; "Herald" Office. . 1900 £38.00

Heanley, Rev. R. M. The History of Weyhill Hants and its Ancient Fair. Winchester: Warren & Son. 1922. £85.00

Millett, George Bown, FRCS, Sec Royal Geological Society of Cornwall. The First Book of the Registers of Madron in the County of Cornwall; edited with Appendix and Notes. . pub. Penzance: Beare and Son.. 1877 £110.00

Lawson, Alexander(edited by), Minister of Deir. A Book of the Parish of Deir. Pub. Aberdeen: Free Press Office. 1896. £80.00

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