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Worcester Rare Books

Speir,Mrs Life In Ancient India With a map, And Illustrations Drawn on Wood By George Scharf London: Smith, Elder And Co 1856 £95.00

Lehmann, R.C The Complete Oarsman With Chapters By F.S.Kelly,R.B.Etherington-Smith, And W.H.Eyre. London: Methuen 1919 £45.00

Bourne, Gilbert C A Text Book Of Oarsmanship with an early essay on muscular action in rowing Oxford University Press: Humphrey Milford 1925 £70.00

Coutts,Francis James Henderson Dissertation On An Experimental Study Of The Pharmacology Of hedera Helix- The Common Ivy The Victoria University1898 Manchester; Morris And Yeaman. 1898 £50.00

Hill, Mrs Rowland Brush Work For The Kindergarten London: O.Newmann 1894 £35.00

Colquhoun, John Moor And The Loch containing Minute instructions in all Highland sports with Wanderings Over Crag And Correi "Flood And Fell" London:Blackwood 1851 £38.00

Anon The Penny Magazine of Society For The Diffussion Of Useful Knowledge VIII London Charles Knight 1834 £30.00

Britton, John Memoir of John Aubrey, F.R.S. embracing his Auto-Biographical Sketches,A Brief review Of His personel And literary Merits,And An Account Of His Works: With Extracts From His Correspondence, Anecdotes Of Some Of His Contemporaries,And Of The Times In Which He Lived. Wiltshire Topographical society 1845 £110.00

Lucas, Edouard Recreations MATHEMATIQUES Vols I-II and III-IV Paris:Gauthier - Villars Et Fils 1891 £300.00

Burrill, Katherine And Annie.M.Booth. Illustrated by Mabell Attwell The Amateur Cook London: W &R Chambers c:1900 £95.00

Bentlet , Richard A Dissertation Upon The Epistles of Phalaris with An Answer to Objections of the Hon.Charles Boyle London: W.Bowyer And J.Nichols 1777 £110.00

Upton, Florance K and Bertha Upton The Adventures Of Two Dutch Dolls And A Golliwogg London: Longmans Green 1923 £220.00

Henslow, Rev J.S. Le Bouquet Des Souvenirs; A Wrath Of Friendship Twenty Five Coloured Plates London;Robert Tyas 1840 £110.00

Hobbies L.T.D Hobbies 30th Annual Catalogue 1912 London: Editorial offices 1912 £48.00

E.And O.E PLANNING An Annual Notebook with an additional section on farm buildings by EDWIN GUNN A.R.I.B.A. And a section of examples illustrating recent practice London: The Architect And Building News 1939 £20.00

Crompton, Richard William - The Outlaw Illustrated by Thomas Henry London: George Newnes c:1927 £40.00

Abbe Prevost The Adventures Of A French Lady; Or Manon Lescaut With Numerous Illustrations London: Parry And Co 1852 £70.00

Sisson, Septimus The Anatomy Of The Domestic Animals With 725 Illustrations Many in Colors London: W.B.Saunders Company 1914 £40.00

Hunton, W.Gordon ENGLISH DECORATIVE TEXTILES Tapestry And Chintz Their Design And Development From The Earliest Times To The Nineteenth Century London: John Tiranti 1930 £70.00

De Trafford, Sir Humphrey F The Foxhounds of Great Britain And Ireland Their Masters And Huntsmen London: Walter Southwood 1906 £95.00

Rede, Leman Thomas MEMOIR Of The Right Honourable George Canning late premier of England With His Parliamentary Orations, All His Poems , Essays ... London: G.Virtue, 1827 £30.00

Singleton, Esther The Shakespeare Garden With Numerous Illustrations From photographs and Reproductions Of Old wood Cuts London: Methuen 1922 £48.00

Whitehead, Alfred North Science And The Modern World New York: Macmillan 1925 £25.00

Hahn, Von Helmutt Die stadt Kabul ( Afghanistan) und Ihr Umland II Sozialstruktur Und Wirtschaftliche Lage der Agrarbevolkerung im Stadtumlamd Bonn: Ferd.Dummlers verlag 1964 £20.00

Stanley,Henry M. In Darkest Africa or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor Of Equatoria London: Sampson Low, MArston 1897 £50.00

Morris, J.W Sacred Biography 2 Volumes Chronologically Arranged ;Or Lives Of all The Principal Persons Mentioned In Scripture: Forming A Connected History Of The Old And New Testament London: George Virtue c:1820 £100.00

Cregan, Mairin Old John Illustrated by Helen Sewell New York : Macmillan 1936 £32.00

Clark, Stephen R.L From Athens To Jerusalem The Love Of Wisdom And The Love Of God Oxford: Clarendon Press 1984 £40.00

Mr Jerningham H.E.H Jerningham (ed) Siege Of Berwick A Tragedy As Performed At The Theatre- Royal, Covent Garden in 1794 London 1881 £20.00

Anon The Rugby Football Annual 1931-31 London: Sporting Handbooks 1931 £30.00

Anon English Churchwomen Of The Seventeenth Century Derby: Henry Mozley 1845 £28.00

Bradley,A.P and Michael Burn Forward by H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales Wheels Take Wings London: G.T.Foulis c:1930 £28.00

Hanson, Norwood Russell . Stephen Toulmin And Harry Woolf (ed) What I Do Not Believe And Other Essays Holland: D.Reidel Publishing Company 1971 £38.00

Benians,E.A, J.R.M Butler, P.N.S. MAnsergh, E.A.Walker (ed) The Cambridge History Of The British Empire Volume Three Cambridge University press: 1959 £38.00

Herbecke, Jens Mental Causation Investigating The Mind`s Powers In A Natural World Lancaster: Ontos Verlag 2008 £58.00

Dallmayr, Fred R Hegel, G.W.F Modernity And Politics Modernity And Political Thought Vol 3 London: Sage Publications 1993 £40.00

Hannan, Patrick Wales In Vision The People And Politics Of Television Gomer BBC Cymru Wales 1990 £40.00

Chapman, Murray Criminal Proceedings In The Montgomeryshire Court Of Great Sessions Transcript Of Commonwealth Gaol Files 1650-1660 The Powysland ClubThe National Library Of Wales 1996 £48.00

Barrett, Eaton Stannard WOMAN, A Poem Occasional Poems London: Henry Colburn 1819 £30.00

Ross, Thomas, Sir Robert Lorimer Examples Of Scottish Architecture From The 12th to the 17th Century A Series Of Repropuctions From The National Art Survey Drawings , Published By A Joint Committee Of The Board Of Trustees For The National Galleries Of Scotland And The Incorporation Of Architects In Scotland Edinburgh: George Watson And Sons 1923 £75.00

Gibb, Sir Alexander and Partners Report On Central african Rail Link Development Survey Volume 1 June 1925 New York: Overseas Consultants 1952 £80.00

Bumpus, John S. A Dictionary Of Ecclesiastical Terms Being A History And Explanation Of Certain Terms Used In Architecture, Ecclesiology, Liturgiology,Music,Ritual,Cathedral Constitution,Etc London: T.Werner c:1960 £20.00

Haines, Charles Reginald A Complete Memoir Of Richard Haines (1633-1685) A Forgotten Sussex Worthy, With A Full Account Of His Ancestry And Posterity Containing also chapters on the origin of the names Hayne And Haynes, And The Various Coats Of Arms Associated With Them London: Harrison (printers) 1899 £45.00

Bateman, John The Acre-Ocracy Of England A List Of All The Owners Of Three Thousand Acres And Upwards With Their Possessions And Incomes Arranged Under Their Various Counties Also Their Colleges And Clubs Culled From The Modern Domesday Book London: Basil Montagu Pickering 1876 £70.00

Wendt , Lionel Lionel Wendt`s Ceylon Introduction by L.C.Van Geyzel . Technical Note by Bernard G.Thornley London: Lincolns- Prager Publishers 1950 £100.00

Davenport, Bishop Expositio Epistolę D. Pauli ad Colossenses, per Reveredum in Christo Patrem Joannem Sarisburiensem Episcopum in lucem edita: Olim ab eodem, Dominę Margaretę in Academia Cantabrigiensi professore theologico, dictata. Cantabrigię Apud Thomas & Joannem Buck 1630 £190.00

Hughes,John Methodistiaid Cymru Sef Hanes Blaenorol A Gwedd Bresenol Y methodistiaid Calfinaidd Yn Nghymru; O Ddechread Y Cyfundeb Hyd Y Flwyddyn 1850 in 3 Volumes Gwrecsam: Cyhoeddwyd Gan R.Hughes A`i fab, Heol-Yr-Eglwys 1851 £120.00

Todd, Rev Henry J The Poetical Works Of John Milton Vol.1 with notes of various Authors To which are added illustrations And some account of The Life And writings of Milton London: Law And Gilbert 1809 £200.00

Swift, Jonathan Gulliver`s travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World London: Willoughby And co no date £80.00

Anon The Smaller House: Being Selected Examples Of The Latest Practice In Modern English Domestic Architecture London: The Architectural Press 1924. £30.00

Burke,Edmund The Works Of The Right Honourable EDMUND BURKE 8 Volumes London: Printed for F. And C. Rivington 1801 £250.00

Parker, B (Verses), Illustrated by N.Parker The Hole And Corner Book London: W.R Chambers no date £60.00

Newman, John Henry Letters And Correspondence Of John Henry Newman During His Life In The English Church in 2 Volumes With A Brief Autobiography Edited At The Cardinal Newman`s Request By Anne Mozley London: Longmans,Green 1891 £28.00

Walton, Izaak The Life Of Dr Sanderson, Late Bishop Of Lincoln Some Short Case O Coinscience, Written By The Late Bishop London: Marriot 1678 1678 £180.00

Derham, W Astro-Theology or A Demonstration Of The Being And Attributes Of God From A Survey Of The Heavens London: W.Innys 1741 £150.00

Stillingfleet, Edward. Lord Bishop Of Worcester A Discourse Concerning the Doctrine of Christ`s Satisfaction; or The True Reasons of His Sufferings; With The Answer of the Socinian Objections London: Henry Mortlock, 1697-1700 1700 £280.00

Ward Lock Ward Lock`s Illustrated Guide To And Popular History Of Brighton With Excursions In The Neighbourhood. Tourist`s Picturesgue Guide to Brighton with historical anecdotes,description of town and suburbs, And excursions in the neighbourhood London:Ward , Lock c:1886 £58.00

Harris, Joel Chandler . Illustrated by J.A Sheppard UNCLE REMUS or Mr Fox, Mr Rabbitt, And Mr Terrapin London: Chatto And Windus 1921 £25.00

Ransome,Arthur Racundra`s First Cruise London: Allen,George 1923 £110.00

Mayhew,Henry London Labour And The London Poor 2 Volumes London: Office 16 Wellington 1851 £380.00

Crane, Walter Renascence. A Book of Verse London: Elkin Matthews at the Bodley Head 1891 £120.00

Launay, Robert Traders Without Trade Responses To Change In Two Dyula Communities Cambridge: University Press 1982 £30.00

Boyer,Pascal Tradition As Truth And Communication A Cognitive Description Of Traditional discourse Cambridge University Press 1990 £25.00

More, Hannah Mrs Coelebs In Search Of A Wife With A memoir Of The Author London:T.Allman 1838 £30.00

Hoppus,E Practical Measuring Made Easy To The Meanest Capacity By A New set Of Tables Mr Hoppus`s Measurer Greatly Enlarged And Improved London: Wickstead (printers) Rivington, Hinton,Hawes.... 1771 £120.00

Blind, Mathilde The Ascent Of Man with an introduction by A.R.Walllace London: T. Fisher Unwin 1899 £58.00

Maulevrier, Le Comte de Colbert Voyage Dans L'Interieur Des Etats-Unis Et Au Canada Batimore: Hopkins Press 1935 £40.00

Anon The PRECEPTOR: Containing A General Course Of Education Where in The First Principles Of Polite Learning are laid down in a way most fruitable for trying the Genius and advancing the Instruction Of Youth in twelve parts.Illustrated with Maps And useful Cuts The First Volume London: R.And J.Dodsley (printers) 1758 £380.00

Francis Francis A Book On Angling being A complete Treatise On Art Of Angling In Every Branch with Explanatory Plates London:Longmans 1867 £180.00

Cullingworth,W.C The River Of Life Pilgrims or Homeward Bound Who`s For The Voyage? A Sacred Allegory London: W.H. Collingridge 1866 £100.00

Pictorial Bible, being The Old And New Testaments according to The Authorized Version: Vol II illustrated with Many Hundred Wood-Cuts, Representing The Historical Events........... London: Charles Knight 1836 £75.00

Hoffman, Laboccetta, Mario Tales Of Hoffman New York: Dodd, Mead c:1930 £120.00

Conway, Moncure Daniel The Life Of Thomas Paine 2 Volumes With A History Of His Literary , Political And Religious Career in America France and England To which is Added A sketch Of Paine byWilliam Cobett London:G.P.Putnams 1892 £60.00

Ackermann, Rudolph (Publisher) The Analysis Of The Hunting Field being A Series Of sketches of The Principal Characters That Compose One. The Whole Forming A Slight Souvenir Of The Season 1845-6 Illustrated by H.Alken Illustrated by H.Alken London: Ackermann 1846 £175.00

Torr,Cecil (ed) Wreyland Documents Cambridge: Univerity press 1910 £200.00

Smith, Horatio Festivals,Games,And Amusements, ancient And Modern London: Henry Colburn 1831 £100.00

Camden,William Remains Concerning Camden London: John Russell Smith 1870 £45.00

Surtees,R.S Hawbuck Grange or The Sporting Adventures Of Thomas scott, Esq Illustrated by H.K.Brown And W.T.Maud London: Bradbury,Agnew No Date £200.00

Quiz,Roland Tim Pippin The Wonderful Adventures Of Tim Pippin With Original Illustrations by Puck (J.Proctor) London: Joiner And Steele 1947 £220.00

Quiz, Roland (Richard M.H.Quittenton) Giant-Land The Wonderful adventures Of Tim Pippin Illustrated by PUCK (John Proctor) London: Joiner and Steel 1936 £220.00

Birkin, William Dictionary Of The English Language; with competant directions for foriegners, To acuire an accurate pronounciation of English. Chiefly Extracted from Mr Sheridan`s Work by STEPHEN JONES London: John Harris 1834 £40.00

J.L.K Madagascar And Its Martyrs A Short History of The Triumphs of The Gospel Of The Grace Of God, And The Suffering Of His People In That Island. With Some accounts of The Manners And Customs Of The Natives London: W.H.Broom 1874 £80.00

Lang, Andrew The tercentenary of IZAAK WALTON London: Printed for private circulation only 1893 £225.00

Jamieson, Eleanore English Embossed Bindings 1825-1850 Cambridge: University Press 1972 £20.00

Members Of The 85th Field Ambulance Aladdin A Pantomime Aladdin In Macadonia London: Andrew Melrose no date £35.00

Pearce ,Alfred J The Future A Monthly Magazine Of Predictive Science And Events Of That Day VOL 1 London: Cousins and co 1892 £60.00

Dearmer, Mabel The Cockyolly Bird The Book Of The Play Written and illustrated by Mabel Dearmer (Mrs Percy Dearmer) London: Hodders an Stoughton 1913 £175.00

One Who Has Whistled At The Plough The Autobiography of A WORKING MAN London : Charles Gilpin 1848 £70.00

Park, M The Life And Travels Of Mungo Park; With A Supplementary Chapter Detailing The Results Of Recent Discovery in Africa Edinburgh: William P.Nimmo 1870 £25.00

Anon The Spectator Vol 1 The Twelfth Edition Dublin: Phil Crampton 1737 £38.00

James, A.F.G Eliot INDIAN INDUSTRIES. London: W.H.Allen 1880 £80.00

Owen Jones Ceinion Llenyddiaeth Gymreig (Beauties in Welsh Literature) in 4 Volumes Llundain:Blackie 1875 £50.00

Twitchett, Denis And John K. Fairbank (ed) The Cambridge History Of China Volume 1 The Ch`in And Han Empires 2212 BC -AD.220 Yaipei: Caves Books 1987 £85.00

Spurrell, William George The History Of Carew (Pembrokeshire) Carmarthen:W.Surrrell 1921 £65.00

Philips,F.C Illustrated by G.du Maurier As In A Looking Glass London:Ward & Downey 1889 £50.00

Bartlett,W.H The Pilgrim Fathers; or Founders Of New England in The Reign Of James The First London: T.Nelson and Sons 1866 £48.00

Freud, Ernst, Lucie Freud And Ilse Grubrich-Smitis(ed). With A Biographical Sketch by K.R.Eissler SIGMUND FREUD His Life In Pictures And Words London: Andre Deutsch 1978 £20.00

Prince, C. Leeson Observations Upon The Topography And Climate Of The Crowborough Hill, Sussex Lewes: Farncombe And Co 1898 £50.00

Wilkinson, Sir J.Gardner Dalmatia And Montenegro; A Journey To Mostar In Herzegovina, And Remarks On The Slavonic Nations; The History Of Dalmatia And Ragusa;The Usocs; VOLUME 2 London: John Murray 1848 £180.00

Pollard,William The Stanleys Of Knowsley A History Of That Noble Family .Including A Sketch Of The Political And Public Life of the late Right Hon. The Earl Of Derby, K.G. London: Frederick Warne 1869 £32.00

Macgregor,John Through The Buffer State A record of recent travels through BORNEO, SIAM, AND CAMBODIA London: F.V.White 1896 £175.00

Evans, Beriah Gwynfe DIWYGWYR CYMRU Caernarfon 1900 £20.00

Brown , Stephen Moral Virtue And Nature A defense Of Ethical Naturalism Continuum 2008 £64.00

Hume, P Early Travellers In Scotland Edinburgh: David Douglas 1891 £35.00

Birkbeck, Joseph (Ed) Vennings new century Postal Directory Cornwall: Vennings 1901 £130.00

Dennys, Joyce (Illustrator) . Verses by EVOE A Winter Sports Alphabet London: John Lane The Bodley Head 1926 £120.00

Barker, Cicely Mary (Poems & Pictures) The Book Of The Fairies London: Blackie & Son c:1927 £230.00

Braithwaite, Richard .Bevan Scientific Explination A Study Of The Function Of Theory, Probability And Law in Science Based Upon The Tarner Lectures-1946 Cambridge : university Press 1953 £30.00

Anon Bryant And May`s Special Safety Matches. British Lights For Safety. London: Joseph Causton & Sons 1902 £20.00

Smyth, Ethel Inordinate (?) Affection A Story For Dog Lovers Illustrated by Mabel Wigan London: The Cresset Press 1936 £85.00

SALT IN BRITISH INDIA Report Of The Commissioner Appointed To Inquire Into And Report Upon The Manufacture And Sale Of, And Tax Upon Salt In British India. And More Especially Upon The Practises Of Substituting For Present Arrangements , A System Of Excise In The Presidencies Of Bengal And Madras. London: Harrison And Sons 1856 £380.00

Simpson, Charles The Harboro` Country With 24 Illustrations In Colour and 52 in Black and White by The Author, An Introduction By Lord Stalbridge , Joint Master Of The Fernie Hunt London: John Lane-Bodley Head 1927 £30.00

Crosfield, John Fotheringill The Crosfield Family A History Of The Descendents Of Thomas Crosfield Of Kirkby Lonsdale who Died In 1614 - Revised Edition University Press : Cambridge 1980 £70.00

Crosfield, John Fotheringill The Crosfield Family A History Of The Descendents Of Thomas Crosfield Of Kirkby Lonsdale who Died In 1614 University Press : Cambridge 1980 £90.00

St .Clements Press St Clements Press Distinctive Type Faces Day And Night Printers London:St .Clements Press no date £77.00

Harvey ,Dr The City Remembrancer : being Historical Narratives Of The Great Plague , At London, 1666; And The Great Storm,1703. Volume 2 Of The Fire And Storms to which are addded, Observations And Reflections On The Plague in General; Considered in a Religious, Philosophical And Physical View. With Historical Accounts of the most Memorable, Plagues , Fires , And Hurricanes London: 1769 £150.00

Williams, Butler A Manual For Teaching Model-Drawing from Solid Forms the models founded on those of M.Dupuis: combined with A Popular View Of Perspective London: J.W.Parker c;1857 £65.00

Whatton The Family Of Whatton A Record Of Nine Centuries being a reprint of articles by Henry Whatton in the Gentlemans Magazine of 1825 London: Sylvan Press 1930 £44.00

Anon Who`s Who in Worcestershire Limited Edition Hereford: Wilson & Phillips 1935 £50.00

Stokes, William Memory London: Houlston and wright 1866 £22.00

Stirling, Major William The Rivers Of Paradise And Children Of Shem with a copious appendix and a disguisition concerning The Expedition Of Sesostris Into India London: Revingtons 1855 £48.00

Savage, C.R Views Of Utah Jos Hyrum. Utah: Salt LAke City c; 1887 £40.00

The Dental Manufacturing Co Rathbone Dental Unit The Product Of The D.M.Co`s British Factories London: The Dental Manufacturing Co 1936 £60.00

Prichard, James Cowles. R.G.Latham (ed) The Eastern Origin Of The Celtic Nations provided by the comparison of Their Dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek,Latin And Teutonic Languages: London: Houlston And Wright 1857 £100.00

Ponsonby, Sir John The Ponsonby Family London: The Medici Society 1929 £150.00

Huxley, Henrietta Poems Of Henrietta Huxley with three of Thomas Henry Huxley Privately Printed 1899 £170.00

Oriental Sporting Magazine Oriental Sporting Magazine From June 1828, To June 1833. Volume 2 October 1830 to June 1883 London: Harry S.King 1873 £150.00

Borland, William J The Battle of The Somme MEMORIES Souvenir And Roll Of Honour Manchester: James Lord 1916 £120.00

Mills, John. Illustrated by John Leech The Flyers Of The Hunt London: Ward And Lock 1859 £55.00

McBryde, James The Story Of A Troll-Hunt Cambridge: University Press 1904 £175.00

Major, Albany F. And Edward J. Burrow The Mystery Of Wansdyke Being the record of research and investigation in the field Cheltenham: Ed J.Burrow 1926 £75.00

Lewis, C.S. Walter Hooper (ed ) Poems London: Geoffrey Bles 1964 £20.00

Leigh-Bennett, E.P Southern Golf Illustrated by Helen McKie Waterloo: Southern Railway 1935 £65.00

Ciro Of Bond Street A Book Of Ciro Pearls And Jewels London: Ciro Of Bond Street C:1950 £25.00

Knecht, Edmund And James Best Fothergill The Principles and Practice Of Textile Printing With 19 Plates 221 Patterns, And 90 Ilustrations in the text. Revised Throughout by J.B.Fothergill London: Charles Griffin 1936 £90.00

King, Richard J Warsop Parish Register with Notes And Illustrations Mansfield: William Gouk 1884 £50.00

Kennedy, Rankin The Principles Of Aeroplane Construction with calculations, Formulae, And 51 Diagrams London: Churchill J And A 1911 £90.00

Jordan , Rev Albert History Of The Church And Parish Of Llanbadarn-Fawr Brecon:Express Offices. Sayce 1926 £50.00

Johnson,Thomas L. Twenty-Eight Years of A Slave or The Story Of My Life In Three Continents Bournemouth: W. Mate And Sons 1909 £140.00

Dilke,Sir Charles W. Industrial Remuneration Conference. The Report of the Proceedings And Papers Read in Princes Hall, Piccadilly On The 28th, 29th, And 30th January 1885 London: Cassell 1885 £58.00

Huxham, Joanne Observationes de Aėre et morbis epidemicis, Ab Anno MDCCXXVIII ad Finem Anni MDCCXXXVII, Plymuthi factae. His accedit Opusculum de Morbo Colico Damnoniensi London: Joannis Hinton 1752 £150.00

Hobbs, Major H. The Romance of the Calcutta Sweep Calcutta: Thackers press 1930 £45.00

Hewett, William The History And Antiquities Of The Hundred of Compton, Berks, Being A Topographical, Statistical, And Archaeolical Description Of The Parishes Of Aldworth, Compton,East Ilsley,West Ilsley, Chilton,Catmere And Farnborough. To Which Are Added Dissertations On Roman station Calleve Attrebtum, And The Ashdown: With An Account Of Cuckhamsley, Lowborough And Other Antiquities In The Neighbourhood Reading: John Snare 1844 £100.00

Ganthony, Robert Practical Ventriloquism and its Sister Arts A revelation In Vocal Phonetics being A Thoroghly Reliable Guide To The Art Of Voice Throwing And Vocal Mimicry. By An Entirely Novel System of Graduated Exercises London: L.Upcott Gill 1893 £58.00

Forbes - Leith, Major F.A By Car To India London: Hutchinson no date £35.00

Dodge, David Plunder Of The Sun London: Michael Joseph 1950 £50.00

Demmin, Auguste An Illustrated History Of Arms And Armour from the earliest period to the present titme With nearly 2000 illustrations London:George Bell 1877 £45.00

Currie, James Medical Reports, On The Effects Of Water Cold And Warm as a remedy in Fever And Other Diseases Vol1 An Inquiry Into The Circumstances That render cold drink or the cold bath, dangerous in health London: T.Cadell And W.Davies 1805 £38.00

Clark, G.W The Housing Of The Working Classes Of Scotland Part 1- A notebook of Scottish Housing conditions Decade 1921-31 Part ii The New Situation Glasgow: Hay Nisbet 1930 £40.00

Churchill, Winston Spencer Liberalism And The Social Problem London:Hodder and Stoughton 1909 £140.00

Brown, Thomas Observations on the Zoonomia Of Erasmus Darwin Edinburgh: Mundell and Son (printers) 1798 £400.00

The Bicycle Polo Association Of Great Britain Bicycle Polo London: The Premier press: The Bicycle Polo Association Of Great Britain c;1939 £45.00

Anon The Autobiography Of A Working Man London: Gilpin, Charles. 1848 £100.00

King, R.W A History Of Arnold Nottinghamshire Map And Collotype Illustrations Nottingham: Henry B. Saxton 1913 £60.00

Anon A Collection Of Epigrams vol 2 London: J.Walthoe And sold by John Osborne 1837 £80.00

Jones, Major Francis Treasury Of Historic Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire: Brawdy Books 1998 £20.00

Jones, Major Francis Treasury Of Historic Carmarthenshire The Dyfed Collection Volume VI Pembrokeshire: Brawdy bpooks 2002 £20.00

Charles-Jones, Caroline Historic Pembrokeshire Homes And Their Families Brawdy Books 2001 £60.00

Stansky, Peter and Leslie Hume The British Hegelians 1875-1925 Modern British History A Garland Series London: a Garland publishing 1982 £70.00

Lewis, W.S And Raalph S. Brown (ed) The Yale Edition Of Horace Walpole`s Correspondence with George Motagu In 2 Volumes The Yale Edition New Haven: Yale University 1941 £130.00

Boyce, George, Robert Eccleshall And Vincent Geoghegan (ed) Political Thought In Ireland Since The Seventeenth Century London: Routledge 1993 £35.00

Edwards, Peter The Horse Trade Of Tudor And Stuart England Cambridge: University Press 1988 £20.00

Edmunds, Michael J. The Pennard Manor Court Book 1673-1701 With An introduction by Joanna Martin Cardiff: South Wales Record Society 2000 £30.00

Giono, Jean Chroniques Romanesques France: Gallimard 1962 £38.00

Martin, Alderman History Of Brighton And Environs From The earliest known period to the present time. A Short hostorical Description Of Towns And Villages Of The Interest Within Twelve Miles Of Brighton Brighton: John Beal 1871 £80.00

Flenley, Ralph A Calandar Of The Register Of The Queen`s Majesty`s Council In The Dominion And Principality Of Wales And The Marches Of The Same [1535] 1569-1591 London: Issued By The Honourable Society Of Cymmrodorion New Stone Buildings 1916 £25.00

Proctor, Richard A Old And new Astronomy With numerous Plates And Woodcuts London: Longmans, Green And Co 1892 £168.00

Reid, Thomas Notes by Rev G.N.Wright. Essays on The Active Powers Of The Human Mind an enquiry into the human mind on the principles of common sense. And an Essay on Quantity London:Thomas Tegg 1843 £80.00

Scott, Sir Walter Scott`s Novels in 25 Volumes Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black 1862 £700.00

Rosenblum, Nancy L. Liberalism And The Modern Life London: Harvard Press 1989 £30.00

George, Henry Jnr The life of Henry George London: William Reeves 1900 £80.00

Bradley, R.S (ed) High Pressure Physics And Chemistry Volume 2 London: Academic Press 1963 £21.00

Bell, Charles TIBET Past And Present Oxford: Clarendon Press 1924 £75.00

Wright, Andrew Blake`s Job A Commentary Oxford: Clarendon Press 1972 £25.00

Dalton, Hugh Some Aspects Of The Inequality Of Incomes In Modern Communities London: George Routledge 1920 £28.00

Patten, Simon N. The Theory Of Prosperity New York: Macmillan 1902 £20.00

Gregory, J.W Australasia Volume 1 Australia And New Zealand London: Edward Stanford 1907 £35.00

Bauer, Von Max Deutscher Frauenspiegel Bilder Aus dem Frauenleben In Der Deutschen Vergangenheit in 2 Volumes Berlin: Georg Muller 1917 £20.00

Ross, Hugh Munro British Railways Their Organisation And Managemaent London: Edward Arnold 1904 £80.00

Verleyen, Emile CONGO Patrimoine De La Belgique Les Editions De Visscher 1950 £110.00

Anon Official Report of the visit of the delegation of the international federation of master cotton spinners and manufacturers` associatons to EGYPT (October-November, 1912) And report by the secretary on his subsequent tour in the Anglo- Egyptian Sudan (November-December,1912) with a preface to the latter by His Excellency Lieut-general Sir reginald Wingate, Also Cotton Growing In Egypt A Reissue of the report by the secretary on his visit to Egypt in 1911, with some additions London: Taylor Garnett Evans and Co 1913 £30.00

Anon The History Of The Indian Revolt And The Expeditions To Persia, China And Japan 1856-7-8. With Maps, Plans, And Wood Engravings London: W. And R. Chambers 1859 £140.00

Sewell, Anna Illustrated by Cecil Aldin Black Beauty The Autobiography Of A Horse London: Jarrolds c;1910 £30.00

Duckworth, The Rev Canon The Holy Land Illustrated by W.J.Webb. From Original Drawings Painted In Palestine London: Raphael Tuck c;1900 £45.00

Cresswell, D AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE GEOMETRICAL AND ALGEBRAICAL INVESTIGATION OF MAXIMA AND MINIMA, Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures... To Which Is Added, a Selection of Propositions Deducible from Euclid's Elements. Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. Cambridge: J.Deighton 1817 £58.00

Hayward, Richard Belfast Through The Ages Drawings by Raymond Piper Dundalk: Dundalgan 1952 £28.00

Miles, Alfred H (ed) 52 Stories Of Girl-Life At Home And Abroad London: Hitchinson 1894 £25.00

Leslie, Charles The Truth Of Christianity Demonstrated With A Dissertation Concerning Private Judgement And Authority To Which Is Prefixed A Vindication Of The Short Method With The Deists In answer To A Book Lately published With This Title London: E.Peel 1711 £150.00

Harte, Bret Sally Dows Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz 1893 £28.00

Champlin, John Denison & Parker, Charles C (ed) Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings New York: Charles Scribner's sons, 1886-87. £100.00

Anon The Little People`s Scrap Book London: Ernest Nister 1853 £70.00

Penry, John Three Treatises Concerning Wales Cardiff: University Of Wales Press 1960 £20.00

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