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MALAN, C.-H., majeur dans l'armée anglaise: SOUVENIRS D'UN SOLDAT par C.-H. Malan, majeur dans l'armée anglaise [1877]. Published by Société des Livres Religieux, Toulouse, 1877. £148.50

UPTON, Florence K. (Illustrations); words by Bertha UPTON: THE GOLLIWOGG'S BICYCLE CLUB . . . 1896 First Edition [Golliwog]. . London & New York: Longmans Green & Co., 1896. £78.50

CATALOGUE of the FIFTH BIRMINGHAM HORSE SHOW held in BINGLEY HALL, BROAD STREET, AUGUST 1870. Published by The Society (whose name is not stated), and printed by Martin Billing, Son, & Co., Livery Street., Birmingham. £48.50

POTTER, Beatrix: THE STORY OF A FIERCE BAD RABBIT . . . early edition (1923 or 1924). Published by Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd., London, undated [1923 or 1924]. £68.50

BALDINI Umberto: UFFIZIOLO VISCONTEO . . . beautiful Italian book of religious art. Published by Arti Grafiche Ricordi, Milano, 1963. £24.99

KENTELL, Eamonn, and Colin STANNARD: THE RT FAMILY ALBUM by Kentell & Stannard. Published by Bandwagon, London, 1978. £22.95

WHITE, Rev. Gilbert, M.A. . . . edited by Grant ALLEN . . . illustrated by Edward H. NEW: THE NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES OF SELBORNE . . . 1902 John Lane, Bodley Head Edition, inscribed by J. Herbert Laurence to the artist Muriel Hardy, 1907. Published by John Lane, The Bodley Head, London & New York, 1902. £25.00

B. B. ( Denys WATKINS-PITCHFORD, A.R.C.A.): THE SHOOTING MAN'S BEDSIDE BOOK. . . . 1948 LEATHER First Edition. Published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1948. £25.00

KENTELL, Eamonn, and Colin STANNARD: THE RT FAMILY ALBUM by Kentell & Stannard . . . near FINE. Published by Bandwagon, London, 1978. £23.95

MASSEY, George B.: THE ENGINEERING OF EXCAVATION [1923]. Published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1923. £78.50

KINGSTON, Henry: THE HISTORY OF WYCOMBE with Recollections of MY NATIVE TOWN including anecdotes, biography, oral reminiscences, poems, etc., etc. Published and printed by Charles Foyster, High Street, High Wycombe, 1848. £350.00

KENNARD, Mrs. E. (/Mary) (Mrs. Edward Kennard); illustrated by Edgar GIBERNE: THE RIGHT SORT by Mrs. E. Kennard. Published by Ward Lock, London, undated, c.1910. Ward Lock's 2/- Copyright Novels. £45.00

Great Western Railway: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY (G.W.R.) Tender for New Goods Offices and Lock-up Mess Rooms Cart Weighbridges, &c., at HOCKLEY GOODS YARD [1914]. Published by Great Western Railway, 1914. £148.50

COLFER, Eoin . . . oversatt av Frank LIE: ARTEMIS FOWL . . . Norwegian / Norsk Language First Edition. Published by N. W. Damm & Son et Egmont Forlag, Norway, 2001. £48.50

ELIASBERG, Alexander: OSTJUDISCHE VOLKSLIEDER by Alexander Eliasberg ... 1918 First Edition. Published by Georg Müller, München, 1918. £48.50

BURDEKIN, Katherine (nee Katharine Penelope CADE; alias Katharine BURDEKIN, Kay BURDEKIN, Murray CONSTANTINE): THE REBEL PASSION by Katherine Burdekin ... rare First Edition. Published by Thornton Butterworth Limited, 15 Bedford Street, London WC2, 1929. Printed in Guernsey by the Star and Gazette Co. Ltd. £188.50

KINGLAKE, A. W. ( Alexander William ): THE INVASION OF THE CRIMEA : Its Origin to the Death of Lord Raglan. Volume V (5) BATTLE OF INKERMAN - with special provenance. Published by William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London, 1875. £48.50

ALPHONSE, Pierre (Petro ALPHONSI ): DISCIPLINE DE CLERGIE / DISCIPLINA CLERICALIS de Pierre Alphonse / Petro Alphonsi (ex-Judaeo-Hispano) : Première Partie / Pars Prima ... 1824 Rignoux Edition, selling in London. Paris: de l'imprimerie de Rignoux, Rue des Francs-Bourgeois-S.-Michel, No. 8, 1824. £188.50

WEEDON, L. L. (Lucy L. ): SWEET OLD STORIES FROM THE BIBLE ... First Edition, Ernest Nister. London: Ernest Nister (New York: E. P. Dutton), undated, c.1900. £29.50

BARRIE, J. M. ... illustrated by William HOLE, R.S.A.: A WINDOW IN THRUMS ... Rare Limited Edition of 550, 1892, SIGNED by CONSTANCE HOLE (illustrator, WILLIAM HOLE). London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1892. No. 492 in Limited Edition of 550 copies. £128.50

TAPP, Major W. H., M.C., F.R.G.S., F.R.A.I.; foreword by Lawrence E. TANNER, M.V.O., F.S.A., Keeper of the Muniments, Westminster Abbey.: SUNBURY CHARTER : KING EADGAR, circa A.D.962. Published by the author, Major W. H. Tapp, "The Ivy House", Sunbury-on-Thames, 1957, and printed by Thomasons Ltd. at the Cedar Press, Hounslow. Revised Edition. £98.50

STEEL, John Henry , MRCVS, AVD, Professor of Veterinary Science, Bombay Veterinary College.: A Treatise on the DISEASES OF THE OX; Being a Manual of Bovine Pathology . . . 1890 Third Edition. Published by Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd., London, 1890. £24.50

MATTIOLI, Silvio (sculpture); Dr. phil. Volker SCHUNK (Textautoren); Esther FUHRIMANN (Gestaltung): SILVIO MATTIOLI : enormous 1994 sculpture book , SIGNED by Mattioli Published by Verlag Huber, Frauenfeld, 1994. £24.95

KELTIE, J. Scott (introduction); W. & A. K. JOHNSTON (publishers): THE WORLD-WIDE ATLAS of Modern Geography : Political and Physical . . . 3rd Edition, 1897. Published by W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London, 1897. £24.95

MARTINEZ, Alberto, and Jean-Loup NORY: AMERICAN FOLLIES : American Cars of the Fifties and Sixties. Published by Osprey, London, 1982. Printed in France. £27.50

CONQUEST, Robert; D J ENRIGHT; Dannie ABSE; John and Geoffrey LEHMANN; Harold MASSINGHAM; Ruthven TODD; Vernon SCANNELL; Stephen SPENDER, Ian HAMILTON et al.: POEM OF THE MONTH CLUB . . . 31 Poems, each SIGNED BY ITS AUTHOR, in special portfolio. Published by Poem of the Month Club, London, 1970 to 1978. £675.00

WECKLEIN, N; AESCHYLUS: ASCHYLOS ORESTIE mit erklarenden Anmerkungen . . . Dritter Teil (Vol. 3): Die Eumeniden [1888]. Published by B. G. Teubner, Leipzig, 1888. £29.50

BURTON, John: DEAR SURVIVORS : Planning After Nuclear Holocaust : War Avoidance . . . excellent hard cover First Edition. Published by Frances Pinter, London, and Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1982. £22.95

LEIGHTON, Harold: FROM SALON TO CELEBRITY : the British Hairdressing Story . . . FINE 2004 First Edition. Published by Seven Publications, Paris, 2004. £22.50

UPTON, Florence K. (Illustrations); words by Bertha UPTON: THREE GOLLIWOG FIRST EDITIONS by BERTHA & FLORENCE UPTON: THE ADVENTURES OF TWO DUTCH DOLLS - and a " GOLLIWOGG " [1895]; THE GOLLIWOGG'S BICYCLE CLUB [1896]; THE GOLLIWOGG AT THE SEA-SIDE [1899]. London & New York: Longmans Green & Co., 1895, 1896 and 1899. £185.00

SEMPLE, Armand, BA, MB, MRCP Lond.: ESSENTIALS of FORENSIC MEDICINE, TOXICOLOGY AND HYGIENE. Published by Henry Renshaw, 356 Strand, London, 1890. £29.50

CHETHAM-STRODE, Warren: THE BARLOWES OF BEDDINGTON by Warren Chetham-Strode. Published by Robert Hale, London, 1956. £38.50

GARRARD, F. J.: WATCH REPAIRING by F. J. Garrard . . . 1908 Second Edition, Revised. Published by Crosby Lockwood & Son, London, 1908. £22.50

STRANG, Mrs. Herbert . . . illustrations by Grace LODGE, M. SOWERBY et al; cover design by Sonja KLIBANSKI: OUR OLD NURSERY TALES Edited by Mrs. Herbert Strang. Published by Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press / OUP, Oxford & London, 1939. £68.50

DASENT, Sir George Webbe (translation); F. J. SIMMONS (selection, adaptation & preface); Reginald L. and Horace J.KNOWLES (illustrations).: NORSE FAIRY TALES Selected & Adapted from Translations by Sir George Webbe Dasent. Published by S. T. Freemantle, London, and J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1910; printed in Edinburgh by Morrison & Gibb Ltd. £125.00

SMITH, Dame Janet, DBE (Chairman of the Shipman Inquiry): THE SHIPMAN INQUIRY First Report Volume Five / 5 / V . . . HYDE: DECISIONS K-R. Published by HMSO Her Majesty's Stationery Office, July 2002. £88.50

BRIGHAM, Hlen Case and Arthur P., Editors, International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation: THE HERITAGE EAGLE : Newsletter of the International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation, No. 8, Vol. 2, No. 4, Spring 1989. Published by International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, 1989. £29.50

CLARK, Frances B. . . . jacket design by BIRO: MISTRESS JANE SEYMOUR by Frances B. Clark . . . 1967 First Edition. Published by Robert Hale, 1967. £68.50

BACHARACH, A. L. (Editor): THE MUSIC MASTERS : Complete in Four Volumes . . . (1) From the Sixteenth Century to the Time of Beethoven; (2) After Beethoven to Wagner; (3) The Romantic Age; (4) The Twentieth Century. Published by: (1) Maurice Fridberg, Dublin & London, 1948; (2) Cassell, London, 1950; (3) Cassell, London, 1952; (4) Cassell, London, 1954. £49.50

Hanna-Barbera: QUICK DRAW McGRAW Television Story Book [1961]. Published by New Town Printers Ltd., Great Britain, undated, Hanna-Barbera Copyright 1961. £29.50

PATTERSON, Gerald R., Oregon Social Learning Center (ed.): DEPRESSION AND AGGRESSION IN FAMILY INTERACTION . . . 1990 First Edition. Series: Family Research Consortium Advances in Family Research. Published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates / LEA, Hillsdale, New Jersey, Hove and London, 1990. £22.50

RENAULT, Mary . . . illustrated by C. Walter HODGES: THE LION IN THE GATEWAY : The Story of the Persian Wars by Mary Renault . . . 1964 UK First Edition. Published by Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd., London, 1964. £22.50

BRAY, Warwick; Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery: ANCIENT MESOAMERICA : Pre-Columbian Mexican and Maya Art . . . rare 1970 exhibition catalogue. Published by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, 1970. £68.50

LOVER, Samuel; Will. CARLTON; Charles LEVER; T. Crofton CROKER, Esq; Mr. & Mrs. S. C. HALL; J. B. O'MEARA: WEIRD TALES : IRISH. Published by William Paterson & Company, London, undated but believed 1886. £29.50

HARDING, G., & Sons: COMPETITION GUIDE 1906 - G. Harding & Sons, Hardware Merchants & Manufacturers, Long Lane, Borough, London, S.E. Published by G. Harding & Sons, Hardware Merchants & Manufacturers, Long Lane, Borough, London, S.E., 1906. £128.50

FLANDERS, Michael, and Donald SWANN . . . compilation by Claudia FLANDERS . . . jacket design by Ronald SEARLE: THE SONGS OF MICHAEL FLANDERS & DONALD SWANN . . . MINT 1977 Hard Cover Edition. Published by Elm Tree Books & St. George's Press, London, 1977. £22.50

BARTHOLOMEW, J. G., F.R.S.E., F.R.G.S.: THE TIMES GAZETTEER OF THE WORLD (Bartholomew). Published by T. Nelson & Sons, London, Edinburgh & New York, undated, c.1890. £148.50

Tornabuoni Arte . . . foreword by Sabiana Paoli: MAESTRI MODERNI E CONTEMPORANEI : ANTOLOGIA SCELTA, 2005. Published by Tornabuoni Arte, Firenze, Nov. 2004. £24.95

SMITH, Dorothy Evelyn . . . jacket design by Bertram PRANCE: HE WENT FOR A WALK : 1954 First Edition, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, Dorothy Evelyn Smith. Published by Robert Hale, London, 1954. £59.50

HILL, Robert T; Anthony F. LUCAS; N. M. FENNEMAN; C. W. HAYES and William KENNEDY; G. D. HARRIS, with I. PERRINE and W. E. HOPPER; Heinrich RIES; W. T. GRISWOLD and M. J. MUNN;: OIL FIELDS OF LOUISIANA : a unique bound collection of scientific papers published between 1901 and 1910. Published by The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 1902; Government Printing Office, Washington, 1903, 1907 & 1910; Louisiana State Experiment Stations, Baton Rouge, 1907 & 1909; American Institute of Mining Engineers, 1901 & 1906. £188.50

HOME, Gordon (painted & described by): YORKSHIRE Painted & Described by Gordon Home - 1908 First Edition, with 71 coloured plates. Published by Adam & Charles Black, Soho Square, London, 1908. £24.99

BLEW, William C. A., M.A.: A HISTORY OF STEEPLE-CHASING (Steeplechasing) by William C. Blew, M.A. : 1901 First Edition Published by John C. Nimmo, London, 1901. £39.50

SPITTEL, R. L.: WILD CEYLON : Describing in Particular the Lives of the Present Day Veddas . . . 1924 First Edition, SIGNED with Bookplate of W. W. A. PHIILLIPS, Author of BIRDS OF CEYLON. Published by The Colombo Apothecaries Company, Colombo, 1924. £48.50

LEO, Alan: ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY : A Study in Human Nature (Series: Alan Leo's Astrological Text Books, Astrology For All Vol. VII ) ... 1925 Second Edition. Published at " Modern Astrology " Office, Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, London E.C., 1925. £22.50

ANGELSEN, A. (Arild), and D. KAIMOWITZ: AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGIES & TROPICAL DEFORESTATION edited by Angelsen and Kaimowitz (ISBN 0851994512) ... AS NEW Published by CABI Publishing, Wallingford and New York, 2001, in association with Center for International Forestry Research (CI £34.95

JANNEAU Guillaume (Administrateur du Mobilier National): LES SIEGES par Guillaume Janneau (Series: Les Beaux Meubles Francais Anciens): Portfolio of pictures of antique French furniture, c.1920 First Edition Published by Editions d'Art Charles Moreau, Rue de Pregue, Paris, undated, circa 1920. £49.50

SANDLER, Joseph e colaboradores; traduçao: José Octavio de Aguiar ABREU; Revisão da traduçao: Rita de Cássia Sobreira LOPES: PROJEÇÃO, IDENTIFICAÇÃO, IDENTIFICAÇÃO PROJETIVA : Portuguese translation of Projection, Identification, Projective Identification. Published by Artes Medicas, Porto Alegre, Brasil / Brazil, 1989. £29.50

HUTCHINSON, Ursula C.: MANY HAPPY RETURNS : A Discursive History of the Haslemere Pantomimes 1898-1927 by Ursula C. Hutchinson. Published by the author and printed by Penny & Hull, 2 Church Street, Minories, London, 1928. £24.85

WELFORD, Maurice: THAMESIDE GOLD : A Great Detective Story ... rare Maurice Welford novel set in London. Published by Modern Publishing Company, London EC4, undated, c.1936. £48.50

BARTHOU, Louis `: MIRABEAU (Series: Figures du Passé) ... SIGNED by Author LOUIS BARTHOU to Sir John Simon. Published by Hachette, Paris, undated (copyright date 1913; inscription date 1936). £29.50

JEROME, Wells: JIM BRADY RIDES HERD - rare 1941 Western novel by Wells Jerome. Published by Ward Lock, London, 1941. £48.50

LORANT, Stefan ... jacket and slipcase designed by Edgard CIRLIN: THE PRESIDENCY: A Pictorial History of Presidential Elections from Washington to Truman - by Stefan Lorant - with ORIGINAL SLIPCASE and SIGNED BY AUTHOR. Published by The MacMillan Company, New York, 1951. £24.95

HILL, Margot Hamilton, and Peter A. BUCKNELL: THE EVOLUTION OF FASHION PATTERN AND CUT FROM 1066-1930 ... Signed by Author, Peter Bucknell. Published by B. T. Batsford, London, and Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, 1967. £29.50

JOHNSTON, Frederick C. (Editor; later Features Editor): LEISURE PAINTER Magazine (5 copies 1971-1973); LEISURE PAINTER & CRAFTSMAN (5 copies 1974) . Published by Leisure Painter, Enfield, 1971 to 1974. £29.50

WYNBURNE, S. B. (Senior Lecturer, Stranmillis Training College, Belfast); intro by J. A. LAUWERYS, DSc, FRIC; jacket design by EISNER: Vertical Translation and the Teaching of English - by S. B. Wynburne. Published by P. R. Macmillan Ltd., London & Geneva, 1960. £26.95

ALVAREZ, Angel Villalba (presentacion); Juan Bassegoda NONELL; Daniel GIRALT-MIRACLE; Manuel Carriedo TEJEDO; Felix Compadre DIEZ, Mariano Diez Saenz de MIERA; Luis Garcia ZURDO; Jose F. CASTRILLO: EL EDIFICIO GAUDI DE LEON : Casa Botines (Antonio Gaudi Cornet, 1852-1926). Published by Caja Espana de Inversiones, 1997. £24.99

BOCCARDO, Piero, and Clario DI FABIO ... testi di Massimo BARTOLETTI, Franco BOGGERO, Marzia Cataldi GALLO, Roberto CONTINI, Ezia GAVAZZA, Carlo MILANO, Caterina Olcese SPINGARDI, Laura STAGNO et al.: GENOVA E L'EUROPA CONTINENTALE : Opere, Artisti, Committenti, Collezionisti : Austria, Germania, Svizzera. Published by Silvana Editoriale, Milano, for Fondazione Banca Carige, Genova, 2004. £29.85

MICHAUD, Roland and Sabrina: AFGHANISTAN by Roland and Sabrina Michaud ... FINE. Published by Thames & Hudson, London, 1990. £24.99

GRUOSI, Fawaz ... photos des bijoux par Jean-Daniel MAYER & Monique BERNAZ: LE DIAMANT NOIR by Fawaz Gruosi. Published by de Grisogono, Bijoux et Objets d'Art, Geneva, 1999. £88.50

CHRISTIE'S, South Kensington ... introduction by Len GRIFFIN: CLARICE CLIFF CENTENARY AUCTION Christies South Kensington 21 May 1999 Illustrated Catalogue No. 8387. Published by Christies South Kensington, London, 1999. £24.95

TYTLER, Patrick Fraser: TYTLER'S HISTORY OF SCOTLAND Div. VI covering years 1569 to 1592 including Moray, Lennox, Morton and King James VI. . Published by William Mackenzie, Edinburgh, London & Glasgow, undated, c.1880. £27.95

GRENDER, Iris ... illustrated by Tony ROSS: The Second "DID I EVER TELL YOU ...? " Book by Iris Grender. ISBN 0091339707. Published by Hodder Junior Books Ltd., London, 1978. £24.95

CLAYTON, Sylvia: FRIENDS AND ROMANS : a novel by Sylvia Clayton. Published by Faber & Faber, London, 1975. £49.95

CAPOTE, Truman ... introduction by Mark SCHORER: SELECTED WRITINGS OF TRUMAN CAPOTE. With an Introduction by Mark Schorer. Published by Hamish Hamilton, London, 1963., £24.95

FRAYN, Michael ... jacket design by Charles GORHAM: TOWARDS THE END OF THE MORNING ... 1967 First Edition - RARE. Published by Collins, London, 1967. £22.95

GILCHRIST, Karen: ORGANISING EFFECTIVE EVENTS (Organizing) by Karen Gilchrist. Series: Croner's Management of Voluntary Organisations. Published by Croner Publications, Kingston upon Thames, 1998. £29.50

Matlab / The Math Works Inc.: Sealed Partial Differential Equation Toolbox for use with MATLAB (Comsol AB): User's Guide Version 1. Published by The Math Works Inc., Natick, MA, USA. £29.50

WALLSER, Art ... introduction by Senator John W. ELLIS: THE 'GENE LE BEAN LETTERS (1982-84) by Art Wallser ... Jersey's folk hero sttrikes again! Published by Allied Print & Publishing Company, St. Helier, Jersey, 1984. £24.95

Art-Journal : various artists: The ART-JOURNAL 1850 Volume XII. Bound volume containing 12 monthly issues. Published for the Proprietors [of the Art-Journal] by George Virtue, London, 1850. £94.50

ROBERTS, S. C.: DOCTOR WATSON : Criterion Miscellany No.28 [1931]. Prolegomena to the study of a biographical problem with a bibliography of Sherlock Holmes ... SIGNED BY AUTHOR, S. C. Watson. Published by Faber & Faber, London, 1931. £48.50

" THORMANBY ": KINGS OF THE TURF : Memoirs and Anecdotes of Distinguished Owners, Backers, Trainers, and Jockeys who have Figured on the British Turf with Memorable Achievements of Famous Horses. Published by Hutchinson, London, undated, c.1898. £39.50

Religious Tract Society: PICTURE PAGES FOR LITTLE CHILDREN [c.1850] ... Rare children's book. Published by The Religious Tract Society, London, undated, c.1850. £48.50

LAND & WATER (contributors: Hilaire BELLOC, John BUCHAN, etc.): LAND & WATER Weekly Magazine ... 3 BOUND VOLUMES 1916 1917-1918 and 1919. Published by Land & Water, London, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1919. £288.50

BROWNING, Oscar, M.A. (Editor); FRANCIS, Fifth Duke of Leeds: THE POLITICAL MEMORANDA of FRANCIS FIFTH DUKE OF LEEDS now first printed from originals in the British Museum. Published by The Camden Society, 1884. £88.50

LETTS, C. Hubert: ONE HUNDRED BEST PICTURES PORTFOLIO [c.1901]. Contains 110 tipped-in prints. London, Charles Letts & Co., c.1901. £88.50

SAMPAIO, Daniel: A CINZA DO TEMPO by Daniel Sampaio. Published by Caminho, Lisboa / Lisbon, 1999. £29.50

DORNIER, Ann (ed.): MERCIAN STUDIES - edited by Ann Dornier. Published by Leicester University Press, 1977. £68.50

LYND, Robert: OLD & NEW MASTERS by Robert Lynd ... 1919 First Edition. Published by T. Fisher Unwin Ltd., Adelphi Terrace, London, 1919. £24.99

HOWARD, Joseph Jackson, Maltravers Herald Extraordinary, and Frederick Arthur CRISP: VISITATION OF ENGLAND AND WALES Vol. 3, 1895 ... No. 316 in Limited Edition of 500, Privately Printed. NOT a modern facsimile! Published by the author, Frederick Arthur Crisp, and printed at his Private Press, Grove Park, Denmark Hill, London S.E., 1895. £42.50

CRISP, Frederick Arthur: VISITATION OF ENGLAND AND WALES Vol. 19, 1917 ... No. 29 in Limited Edition of 500, Privately Printed. NOT a modern facsimile! Published by the author, Frederick Arthur Crisp, and printed at his Private Press, "Grove Park Press", 270 Walworth Road, London S.E., 1917. £29.50

COLE, G., and J. ROPER: PLANS OF ENGLISH TOWNS 1810 by G. Cole & J. Roper. Published by Brian Stevens, Historic Prints, Monmouth, 1970. £48.50

DICKS, A. J., B.A., B.Sc.: CAMBRIDGE GEOGRAPHICAL TEXT BOOKS : INTERMEDIATE ... 1914 Second Edition. Published in Cambridge at the University Press, 1914. £39.50

WHYMPER, F.: THE SEA : Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril & Heroism ... 2 Vols. Complete, 1879 First Edition, VG. Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London, 1878. £88.50

KELLY & Co. Ltd.: KELLY'S DIRECTORY of Essex, Herts / Hertfordshire & Middlesex 1886 ... with new maps engraved expressly for the work. Published by Kelly & Co. Ltd., 182, 183 & 184 High Holborn, London, W.C., 1886. £174.50

KELLY & Co. Ltd.: KELLY'S DIRECTORY of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk 1896 ... with new maps engraved expressly for the work. Published by Kelly & Co. Ltd., 182, 183 & 184 High Holborn, London, W.C., 1896. £88.50

BINNS, Ottwell: IN THE FLASHLIGHT ... 1937 First Edition ... rare title. Published by Ward Lock, London, 1937. £39.50

Anonymous (but actually Christian Isobel Johnstone (1781-1857) ... illustrated by James Horsburgh.: LIVES AND VOYAGES of DRAKE, CAVENDISH AND DAMPIER including a view of the HISTORY OF THE BUCCANEERS with three portraits engraved by Horsburgh ... 1837 Third Edition. Published by Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, and Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London, 1837. £27.50

HAGEN, Victor W. von ... Mit Photos von Adolfo TOMEUCCI ... aus dem Englischen von Jens KULENKAMPFF: Alle Strassen führen nach Rom ... MINT CONDITION, in original SLIPCASE. Published by G.B. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main, 1968. Printed in England by Jarrold & Sons, Norwich. £29.50

BBC; notes by David PIPER, Carel WRIGHT, David Talbot RICE, Ellis WATERHOUSE, Michael AYRTON, Eric NEWTON, Geoffrey AGNEW, Philip HENDY, Andrew FORGE, John SUMMERSON, L. D. ETTLINGER, Bryan ROBERTSON: BBC PAINTING OF THE MONTH 1961 Complete portfolio of 12 paintings in individual folders with notes on each. Published by BBC / British Broadcasting Corporation, London, 1961. £24.95

Pagkyprios Organismos Architektonikes Kleronomias / Pansyprian Architechtural Heritage Organization / Panzyprische Organisation des Architektonischen Erbes; ills. by N. Michaelides & Anastasia Pitta: LAIKOI TECHNITES TES KYPRIOU / TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMEN OF CYPRUS / DAS TRADITIONELLE HANDWERK IN ZYPERN Published by Dimos Leukosias / Nicosia Municipality / Stadt Nikosia, 1982. £29.50

CHAMOISEAU, Patrick ... illustrations de Mireille VAUTIER: AU TEMPS DE L'ANTAN : contes du pays Martinique Published by Hatier, Paris, 1988. £68.50

E. L. M. (E.L.M.): LIGHT FROM THE CATACOMBS : A Story of The Early Christian Church in Rome ... by E.L.M. Published by T. Nelson, London, Edinburgh & New York, 1873. £68.50

THACKERAY, W. M. ( William Makepeace ): 12 Volumes of Thackeray's Works published in London by Smith, Elder in 1869 Published by Smith, Elder & Co., London, 1869. £48.50

BOSSUET, Jacques-Bénigne: OEUVRES COMPLÈTES DE BOSSUET ... Eleven FINE Volumes, FINE BINDINGS, 1863 to 1865. Published by Librairie de Louis Vivès, Rue Delambre 5, Paris, 1863 to 1865. £128.50

POTTER, Beatrix: THE TALE OF PIGLING BLAND ... 1913 First Edition. Published by Frederick Warne & Co., London & New York, 1913. £39.50

WILLIAMS, Michael: VIRGIN TWINS by Michael Williams ... rare South African novel for young adults Published by Heinemann, Johannesburg, 1996. £29.95

VEERAMANI, K. (compilation & intro); R. Sundara RAJU (translation); PERIYAR (Periyar RAMASAMI, 1879-1973): Periyar On Women's Rights. Published by M. D. Gopalakrishnan, Emerald Publishers, Madras, India, 1992. £24.99

CARROLL, Lewis: THE MACMILLAN ALICE : LITTLE ALICE EDITION Miniature Boxed Set : Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass Published by Macmillan Children's Books, London, 1991. £24.95

LEWIS, Sara: CHILDREN'S COOKBOOK : 60 Fun and Easy Recipes for children to make Published by Bounty Books (Octopus Publishing Ltd.)., London, 2006. £29.50

NAUMANN & GOBEL ( GÖBEL / GOEBEL ): SALADS : Light, Refreshing & Savoury ... by Naumann & Göbel ... AS NEW Published by Naumann & Göbel Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne, undated, c.2000. £23.95

GOLD, Harry ... edited by Roger COTTERELL ... preface by John (Johnny) DANKWORTH: GOLD, DOUBLOONS & PIECES OF EIGHT : the autobiography of HARRY GOLD ... SIGNED BY AUTHOR Published by Northway Publications, London, 2000. £24.95

TOSITTI, Stefano (Editor); articles by Maria Da Villa URBANI; Giorgio CRAVATO; Giandomenico ROMANELLI; Michele GOTTARDI; Flavia FACCIOLI; Davide BANZATO; Cristiana Moldi RAVENNA: YACHTINVENICE / YACHT IN VENICE No. 3 ... Spring-Summer 2005 Published by JLT Yacht Agency, Venice, 2005. £29.50

BURKE, Sir Bernard and Ashworth P.: A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the PEERAGE and BARONETAGE, The Privy Council, Knightage and Companionage ( BURKE'S PEERAGE ) 76th Edition, 1914. Published by Harrison & Sons, Booksellers to the King, 45 Pall Mall, London, S.W., 1914. £88.50

ILES, Margaret: NOBODY'S DARLINGS by Margaret Iles ... 1942 First and only Edition, SIGNED BY AUTHOR Published by Victor Gollancz, London, 1942. £48.50

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