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Jeffrey Stern Antiquarian Bookseller

WOODWARD (Thomas): An Account of a new Plant of the Order of Fungi..., communicated by Sir Joseph Banks, £60.00


ROWNTREE (BENJAMIN SEEBOHM, 1871-1954): A COLLECTION OF 54 antiquarian books £5000.00

PARLIAMENT: IRREMOVEABLE POOR: Report from the Select Committee on Irremovable Poor, together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Appendix and Index, £150.00

GOLDING (Henry A.): Horse Power Computer for Steam, Gas & Oil Engines, £22.00

COMPUTER MACHINE: Horse Power Computer for Steam, Gas & Oil Engines by Henry A.GOLDING £22.00

BABBAGE (CHARLES) and computer pioneers: BABBAGE & COMPUTER PIONEERS; a collection of rare early books by Charles Babbage with some further early books on computers, £12500.00

PARLIAMENT: REGISTRAR-GENERAL OF BIRTHS, DEATHS &c: First [and Second] Annual Report of the Registrar-General of Births, £90.00


WEYLAND (John): The principles of population and production, as they are affected by the progress of society; with a view to moral and political consequences, £1950.00

MORGAN (William); PRICE (Richard): The Doctrine of Annuities and Assurances on Lives and Survivorships, stated and explained. By William Morgan, Actuary to the Society for Equitable Assurances on Lives and Survivorships, £650.00

LONDON: COMPUTATION OF THE INCREASE OF LONDON and Parts Adjacent; with some Causes thereof, and Remarks thereon: Particularly, with Respect to the Influence such Increase of the Capital may have on the Body of the Nation, its Constitution and Liberties. £650.00

JARROLD (Dr. Thomas) MALTHUS: Dissertations on man, philosophical, physiological, and political; in answer to Mr. Malthus's "Essay on the Principle of Population." £1500.00

HOWLETT (John): An examination of Dr. Price's essay on the population of England and Wales; and the doctrine of an increased population in this kingdom, established by facts. By the Rev. John Howlett, A.B. £1500.00

CLELAND (James): Enumeration of the inhabitants of the city of Glasgow and the county of Lanark, for the government census of 1831; with population and statistical tables relative to Scotland and England. £550.00

MARSHALL (Alfred); BOOTH (Charles, witnesses, with others): Report of the Committee appointed by the Treasury to inquire into certain questions connected with the taking of The Census, £100.00

MALTHUS (T. R.): An Essay on the Principle of Population; or, A View of its Past and Present Effects on Human Happiness; with an Inquiry into our Prospects Respecting the Future Removal or Mitigation of the Evils which it Contains, a new [i.e. second] edition, £2500.00

MALTHUS (T. R.): An Essay on the Principle of Population; or, A View of its Past and Present Effects on Human Happiness; £750.00


KEYNES (John Maynard, with others) [BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS]: Royal Commission on Indian Finance and Currency, 1914, Final Report of the Commissioners, £350.00

GRAUNT (John): Natural and Political Observations Mentioned in a Following Index, £2200.00

CHESHIRE (Edward): The Results of the Census of Great Britain in 1851. With a Description of the Machinery and Processes Employed to Obtain the Returns. Also an Appendix of Tables of Reference.., £50.00

VOLTA (Alessandro): On the Electricity Excited by the Mere Contact of Conducting Substances of Different Kinds. £2850.00

TYNDALL (John): The complete suite of Tyndall's 19 papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: On the Absorption and Radiation of Heat by Gases and Vapours, £3650.00

TRUSLER (John); BEWICK (John): Proverbs Exemplified, and Illustrated By Pictures from Real Life. Teaching Morality and a Knowledge of the World with Prints. £950.00

THOMSON (William, 1st Baron KELVIN); JOULE (J. P.): The complete suite of Kelvin's 10 papers extracted from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: including "Mathematical Theory of Magnetism" and; "On the Thermal Effects of Fluids in Motion." £850.00

OWEN (Richard): On the Fossil Mammals of Australia; being the complete suite of 10 papers extracted from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. £1500.00

JEVONS (William Stanley): On the Mechanical Performance of Logical Inference, £550.00

HUME (David): Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. A New Edition [i.e. the First Quarto Edition]. £1200.00

CROOKES (William): The complete suite of Crooke's 12 papers extracted from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: including his six papers "On Repulsion Resulting from Radiation" £2200.00

BOOLE (George): The complete suite of Boole's 6 papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: On the Theory of Probabilities, £1800.00

BARRY (Martin): The complete suite of Barry's nine papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: Researches in Embryology, and; On the Corpuscles of the Blood. £1200.00

SOUTER (Ralph William) [MARSHALL, Alfred]: Prolegomena to Relativity Economics, An Elementary Study in the Mechanics and Organics of an Expanding Economic Universe, £30.00

PIGOU (A. C.); MARSHALL (Alfred): Alfred Marshall and Current Thought, £40.00

MARSHALL (Alfred); KEYNES (J. M. editor, preface): Official Papers, £180.00

MARSHALL (Alfred); GROENEWEGEN (Peter, editor): Official Papers of Alfred Marshall, A Supplement, £45.00

MARSHALL (Alfred) edited by Tiziano Raffaelli, Eugenio Biagini and Rita McWilliams Tullberg,: Alfred Marshall's Lectures to Women. Some Economic Questions Directly Connected to the Welfare of the Labourer, £40.00

MARSHALL (Alfred): The Early Economic Writings of Alfred Marshall, 1867-1890. £70.00

MARSHALL (Alfred): Principles of Economics, vol. I [all published], £3950.00

MARSHALL (Alfred): Money, Credit & Commerce, £125.00

MARSHALL (Alfred): Industry and Trade, A Study of Industrial Technique and Business Organization; and of their Influence on the Conditions of Various Classes and Nations, £320.00

MARSHALL (Alfred): Die zollpolitische Regelung des Außenhandels. Eine Denkschrift, Herausgegeben von Eduard Rosenbaum. £80.00

WRIGHT (John, M.D.): An Essay on Wines, especially Port Wine; Intended to Instruct Every Person to Distinguish That Which is Pure, and to Guard Against the Frauds of Adultery. £750.00

WARDER (Joseph): THE TRUE AMAZONS : Or, the Monarchy of BEES. Being a new Discovery and Improvement of those Wonderful Creatures..., Also, How to make the English Wine or Mead, equal, if not superior, to the best of other Wines. £400.00

WALTON (Izaak): The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert. £450.00

WALKER (John, Dr., 1731-1803): Institutes of Natural History: containing the heads of the lectures in Natural History, delivered by Dr. Walker, in the University of Edinburgh. £120.00

THORBURN (Archibald): British Birds, £75.00

Thackeray or Dickens, George Cruikshank (illustrator).: The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman. £25.00

TAYLOR (John W.): Monograph of the Land and Freshwater Mollusca of the British Isles, £200.00

SLADEN (F. W. L.): The Humble-bee: Its Life History and How to Domesticate it With Descriptions of all the British Species of Bombus & Psithyrus; including the Humble-Bee, 1892, £40.00

NEALE (William Johnson): History of the Mutiny at Spithead and the Nore; with an Enquiry into its Origin and Treatment and Suggestions for the Prevention of Future Discontent in the Royal Navy, £250.00

GUNNING (Henry): Reminiscences of the University, Town, and County of Cambridge, from the Year 1780. £45.00

GRANT (Peter R.); DARWIN: Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches, £22.00

GOLDSMITH (Oliver); BEWICK (illustrator): An Abridgement of the History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Death of George the Second, and continued, by an eminent writer, to the end of the year 1823, £25.00

DUNS (J.); SIMPSON (Sir James Y.); DALLAS (E. W. photographer): Memoir of Sir James Y. Simpson, Bart., £145.00

DOME, THE: THE DOME. An illustrated magazine and review of literature, music, architecture, and the graphic arts. Volume seven of the new series (May-July 1900). £20.00

DICKENS (Charles): The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, A Fancy for Christmas-Time, £40.00

DICKENS (Charles): The Cricket on the Hearth. A Fairy Tale of Home, £50.00

DICKENS (Charles): The Battle of Life. A Love Story, £20.00

COWPER (Maria Frances Cecilia Maddan, 1726-1797): Original Poems, on Various Occasions. By A Lady. Revised by William Cowper, Esq. of the Inner Temple. £185.00

COLLINS (William); Dr Samuel Johnson: THE POETICAL WORKS OF WILLIAM COLLINS, enriched with elegant engravings, to which is prefixed a life of the author, by Dr. Johnson. £45.00

COBBETT (William): A Grammar of the English Language in a Series of Letters. Intended for the use of schools and of young persons in general; but more especially for the use of soldiers, sailors, apprentices and plough-boys. £25.00

BINDING: COWPER (William): Poems by William Cowper.., with a Life of the Author by Rev. T. Greatheed, £25.00

BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (illustr.), & SYMONS, Arthur (ed): The Savoy, An Illustrated Monthly, £380.00

BEARDSLEY (Aubrey) - with others: The Yellow Book. An Illustrated Quarterley, Volumes I, 2, 3 and 4, £480.00

BANNERMAN (D. A. & M); [D.M. REID-HENRY and others, illustrator].: Birds of the Atlantic Islands, £150.00

ARMSTRONG (John): The Art of Preserving Health: A Poem. £120.00

ARBER (Agnes): Herbals: Their Origin and Evolution, A Chapter in the History of Botany, 1470-1670. WITH THREE LETTERS FROM THE AUTHOR £95.00

[ROZIER (Abbé François) et CLARET DE LA TOURETTE (Ant.-Louis)].: Démonstrations élémentaires de botanique, contenant les principes généraux de cette science, l'explication des termes,les fondemens des méthodes les éléments de la physique des végétaux. £250.00

[DICKENS (Charles, - imitation /homage)]: Wedding Bells. An Echo of "The Chimes," £190.00

[BARHAM, Richard Harris] INGOLDSBY, Thomas: THE INGOLDSBY LEGENDS. Or Mirths & Marvels. £80.00

WRIGHT (John Frederick): Alma Mater; or Seven Years at the University of Cambridge, by a Trinity Man, £300.00

WOOSTER (David): Alpine Plants; Figures and Descriptions of Some of the Most Striking and Beautiful of the Alpine Flowers £95.00

VAN GOGH (Vincent); JANSEN (Leo), with Hans Luijten and Nienke Bakker editors: VINCENT VAN GOGH: The Letters. The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition. £500.00

POPPER (Karl): The Logic of Scientific Discovery. £20.00

PLOT (Robert): The Natural History of Oxford-shire, Being an Essay towards the Natural History of England, £495.00

NICOLSON (Joseph); BURN (Richard): The History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland.. In Two Volumes, £400.00

MARSDEN (William): The History of Sumatra - Containing An Account of the Government, Laws, Customs, and Manners Of the Native Inhabitants, With A Description of the Natural Productions, And A Relation of the Ancient Political State Of that Island. £550.00

MADEIRA: 15 item pamphlet volume.: MADEIRA: 15 item pamphlet volume. £90.00

KINGSLEY (Charles): Glaucus; or the Wonders of the Shore £30.00

GODWYN (Thomas): Moses and Aaron. Civil and Ecclesiastical, used by the ancient Hebrews; observed and at large opened, for the clearing of many obscure texts... £380.00


COBBETT (William): Cobbett's Tour in Scotland; and In the Four Northern Counties of England: in the Autumn of the Year 1832, £90.00

CARROLL (Lewis), [i.e. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ('Lewis Carroll')]: Notes by an Oxford Chiel, £850.00

CARROLL (Lewis): Alice's Adventures in Wonderland : With Forty Two Illustrations By John Tenniel, £200.00

CAMERON (Julia Margaret); COX (Julian), FORD (Colin, editors with others): Julia Margaret Cameron: The Complete Photographs, £450.00


BEARDSLEY (Aubrey): Under the Hill and Other Essays in Prose and Verse by Aubrey Beardsley. With Illustrations £240.00

BADHAM (Charles David): A Treatise on the Esculent Funguses of England, Containing an Account of their classical history, uses, characters, development, structure, nutritious properties, modes of cooking and preserving &c. £280.00

AUDUBON: Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson (editors): Audubon's Birds of America. The National Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio, £120.00

ADDISON (Joseph) CURLL [publisher]: Poems on Several Occasions. With a Dissertation upon the Roman Poets, £150.00

DAWES (Richard): Lessons on the Phenomena of Industrial Life, and the Conditions of Industrial Success, £22.00

CRICK (W. F.): WADSWORTH (J. E): WARREN FISHER (N. F. association copy): A Hundred Years of Joint Stock Banking, £200.00

CARROLL (Lewis); WAKELING (Edward, editor): Lewis Carroll's Diaries. The Private Diaries of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, £225.00

CARROLL (Lewis); COLLINGWOOD (Stuart Dodgson): The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev C.L. Dodgson), £50.00

CARROLL (Lewis); COHEN (Morton N. editor): The Letters of Lewis Carroll, edited by Morton N. Cohen with the assistance of Roger Lancelyn Green. £75.00

CARROLL (Lewis); GREEN (Roger Lancelyn, editor): The Diaries of Lewis Carroll, £120.00

CARROLL (Lewis): David Carlson & Jeffrey Eger: Dodgson at Auction 1893-1999, £20.00

FARADAY (Michael): Experimental Researches in Electricity; First Edition, complete set of 30 series parts (plus Supplement to Eleventh series and Continuation of Twenty-second series), £5750.00


DARWIN (Charles): On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life £6000.00

THORNTON (Robert John); BEWICK (Thomas); HENDERSON (J.): A New Family Herbal. Or, Popular Account of the Natures and Properties of the Various Plants used in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts. £750.00

MEE (Margaret): Flowers of the Brazilian Forest, £900.00

LOCKE (John): An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding. In Four Books. Written by John Locke, Gent. The Fourth Edition, with Large Additions. £1950.00

JAMES (Angela, designer binder); BRETT (Simon, illustrator); O'MALLEY (Brian, author): The Animals of Saint Gregory, [DESIGNER BINDING] £1800.00

HUNT (P. F.); GRIERSON (M.): Orchidaceae, £425.00

LISTER (Joseph): The complete suite of Lister's 3 papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: On the Early Stages of Inflamation £180.00

JENNER (Edward): Some Observations on the Migration of Birds..with an Introductory Letter to Sir Humphry Davy.. by the Rev. G. C, Jenner, contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, £150.00

FARR (William): The complete suite of both of Farr's 2 papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: On the Construction of Life-Tables. £900.00

EVELYN (John): SILVA or, a Discourse of Forest Trees, and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions: As it was Delivered in the Royal Society on the 15th Day of October, 1662. £1650.00

DALTON (John): The complete suite of Dalton's 3 papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: On the constitution of the Atmosphere.., read February 24, 1826. £200.00

BARRY (Martin): The complete suite of Barry's 9 papers contributed to The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: Researches in Embryology, and; On the Corpuscles of the Blood. £1100.00

BALLOONING: GARNIER (Capt.): Cours de Construction, Aerostation Militaire, Lecon Unique, £150.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: STERNE Laurence; Graham Petrie; Gilbert Phelps and John Lawrence: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £25.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: DICKENS, Charles; Illustrated by Charles Keeping: The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Introduction by Christopher Hibbert, FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £50.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: DICKENS, Charles; Illustrated by Charles Keeping: Our Mutual Friend, FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £24.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: DICKENS, Charles; Arthur J Cox (ed): The Mystery of Edwin Drood, FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £30.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: DICKENS, Charles;: Great Expectations, FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £35.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND Kevin; and Virgil Burnett: The Exeter Riddle Book, FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £20.00

FOLIO SOCIETY: BEOWULF, Translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Introduction by Bruce Mitchell. Lithographs by Virgil Burnett,: BEOWULF; FOLIO SOCIETY EDITION. £30.00

WHITE (Gilbert): The Natural History of Selborne; observations on Various Parts of Nature and the Naturalist's Calendar, £25.00

WELLS (H. G.): The First Men in the Moon, £20.00

WEISSENBORN (Hellmuth, illustrator) [SHAKESPEARE (William)]: Shakespeare's Sonnets illustrated with wood-engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn, £120.00

WATT (James); WILLIAMSON (George): Memorials of the Lineage, Early Life, Education and Development of the Genius of James Watt, £80.00

THOMSON (James); NONESUCH PRESS; JACQUIER (illustrator): The Seasons, with Five Pictures by Jacquier and an Introduction by John Beresford, £20.00

SURTEES (Robert): Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour, £295.00

SURTEES (R. S.); FINE BINDING WITH FORE-EDGE PAINTING.: Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds, with Colour Plates by John Leech and Hablot K. Brown, £190.00

SMITH (Thomas): The Life of a Fox Written by Himself and Extracts from the Diary of a Huntsman. £70.00

SCORESBY (William): Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale-Fishery; including Researches and Discoveries on the eastern Coast of West Greenland, made in the summer of 1822, in the ship Baffin of Liverpool, £525.00

MILDMAY (Sir William): The Police of France: or, an account of the Laws and Regulations established in that Kingdom, for the Preservation of Peace, and the Preventing of Robberies. £475.00

MACKENZIE (James): The Study of the Pulse, Arterial, Venous, and Hepatic and of the Movements of the Heart, £280.00

LYNN (Escott): Under the Red Rose: A Tale of the War of the Roses, with Eight Illustrations by Christopher Clark, £35.00

KIPLING (Rudyard): Kim, £30.00

KINDERSLEY (Sir Robert Molesworth): The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay during Two Hundred and Fifty Years 1670-1920, £25.00

Jeremy Norman & Co.,: 10 BOOKSELLER CATALOGUES £40.00

JAMES, Henry, Colonel Sir (introduction): DOMESDAY BOOK.: DOMESDAY BOOK or the great survey of England of William the Conqueror, A.D. MLXXXVI, fac-simile of the part relating to Yorkshire, £40.00

HOOD (Thomas) BINDING: The Complete Poetical Works.., edited with Notes by Walter Jerrold, £25.00

HARDY (Thomas) [SIGNED]: The Dynasts. An Epic-Drama of the War with Napoleon, in Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, and One Hundred and Thirty Scenes, the Time Covered by the Action being about Ten Years. £350.00

HARDY (Thomas): The Well-Beloved : A Sketch of a Temperament, £20.00

FORD (Thomas) [sometimes attributed to George Hall]: The History of Chesterfield; with Particulars of the Hamlets Contiguous to the Town, and Descriptive Accounts of Chatsworth, Hardwick and Bolsover Castle, £280.00

FLECKER (James Elroy) BEAUMONT PRESS: The Letters of J. E. Flecker to Frank Savery, £30.00

FLECKER (James Elroy): Forty-Two Poems, £75.00

FLECKER (James Elroy): Bridge of Fire. Poems, £50.00

EDWARDS (William): The Early History of the North Riding, £30.00

DULAC (Edmund); HOUSMAN (Laurence): Stories from the Arabian Nights in the words of Laurence Housman, £35.00

CROCKETT, S[AMUEL] R[UTHERFORD]; STEVENSON (Robert Louis): The Stickit Minister and Some Common Men . . . With a Prefatory Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. £40.00

CLARKE (J. Erskine): Chatterbox. Annual volume for 1915, £30.00

BUNYAN (John); MAGUIRE (Robert, editor): The Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which is to Come. £30.00

BREWSTER (David) [HARROW SCHOOL PRIZE BINDING]: The Life of Sir Isaac Newton, £155.00

BRAZIL (Angela): The Girls of St Cyprians - a Tale of School Life, £30.00

BATES (H. E.); PARKER (Agnes Miller, illustrator): Down the River.. with 83 engravings on wood by Agnes Miller Parker, £20.00

ADDISON, Mr., [pseudonym]; DE COVERLEY [binding]: Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments; Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality, £90.00

HILL (Matthew Davenport): Suggestions for the repression of crime, contained in charges delivered to Grand Juries of Birmingham; supported by additional facts and arguments. £85.00

CHADWICK (Edwin, with others): First report of the commissioners appointed to inquire as to the best means of establishing an efficient constabulary force in the counties of England and Wales. £90.00

BAKER (Thomas Barwick Lloyd): "War with crime" being a selection of papers on crime, reformatories, etc. By the late T. Barwick Ll. Baker Esq. Edited by Herbert Phillips and Edmund Verney. £52.00

WILSON (Edmund Beecher): The Development of Renilla [Sea Pansy], £90.00

WATNEY (Herbert): The Minute Anatomy of the Alimentary Canal, £30.00

VARLEY (Cromwell Fleetwood): Polarization of Metallic Surfaces in Aqueous Solutions. On a New Method of Obtaining Electricity from Mechanical Force, and Certain Relations between Electro-Static Induction and the Decomposition of Water, £20.00

TURNER (William): On the Placentation of the Lemurs, £30.00

TOMLINSON (Herbert); STOKES (G. G.): The Coefficient of Viscosity of Air, £30.00

TOMLINSON (Herbert): The Influence of Stress and Strain on the Action of Physical Forces, £30.00

TOMES (Charles Sissmore): On the Structure and Development of Vascular Dentine, £40.00

TILDEN (William A.); SHENSTONE (W. A.): On the Solubility of Salts in Water at High Temperatures, £20.00

THORPE (Thomas Edward); RUCKER (A. W.): On the Expansion of Sea-Water by Heat, £20.00

STENHOUSE (John): Examination of the Proximate Principles of Some of the Lichens. Part II, £20.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On Hyperjacobian Surfaces and Curves, £30.00

SCHUSTER (Arthur): On the Nature of the Force Producing the Motion of a Body Exposed to Rays of Heat and Light £30.00

SCHORLEMMER (Carl): On the Normal Paraffins, £80.00

SANDERS (Alfred): Contributions to the Anatomy of the Central Nervous System in Vertebrate Animals, £30.00

ROWE (R. C.); CAYLEY (A.): Memoir on Abel's Theorem, £30.00

ROBINSON (T. R.): On the Determination of the Constants of the Cup Anemometer by Experiments with a Whirling Machine, £30.00

REYNOLDS (Osborne): On the Forces Caused by the Communication of Heat between a Surface and a Gas; and on a New Photometer, £30.00

REINOLD (Arnold William); RUCKER (Arthur William): On the Relation between the Thickness and the Surface Tension of Liquid Films, £30.00

PRIESTLEY (John): On the Physiological Action of Vanadium, £30.00

PARKER (Thomas Jeffery): On the Blood-Vessels of Mustelus Antarcticus: A Contribution to the Morphology of the Vascular System in the Vertebrata, £40.00

NOBLE (Andrew, Capt); ABEL (Frederick Augustus): Researches on Explosives. No. II. Fired Gunpowder, £80.00

McCONNEL (James): An Experimental Investigation into the Form of the Wave Surface of Quartz, £30.00

MAC MUNN (C. A.): Observations on the Chromatology of Actiniae, £40.00

MAC MUNN (C. A.): Further Observations on Enterochlorophyll, and Allied Pigments, £40.00

M'LEOD (Herbert); CLARKE (George Sydenham): On the Determination of the Rate of Vibration of Tuning-Forks, £30.00

LIVEING (G. D.); DEWAR (J.): On the Ultra-Violet Spectra of the Elements. Part I. Iron (with a Map). [and] Part II £30.00

LEWIS (W. Bevan): Researches on the Comparative Structure of the Cortex Cerebri, £30.00

LEWIS (W. Bevan): On the Comparative Structure of the Brain in Rodents, £30.00

LANGLEY (J. N.): On the Histology and Physiology of Pepsin-Forming Glands, £30.00

LANG (Viktor von): Experiments on the Friction between Water and Air, £30.00

LAMB (Horace): On Electrical Motions in a Spherical Conductor, £40.00

LACHLAN (Robert): On Systems of Circles and Spheres, £40.00

JONES (Henry Bence): Contributions to Animal Chemistry. Paper V. On the Oxidation of Ammonia in the Human Body, with Some Remarks on Nitrification, £40.00

JOHNSTON (James F. W.): On the Constitution of the Resins, [complete in five papers from the Philosophical Transaction of theRoyal Society], £80.00

JENKIN (Fleeming): On Friction between Surfaces Moving at Low Speeds, £30.00

HOPKINSON (John); HOPKINSON (E.): Dynamo-Electric Machinery, £40.00

HOPKINSON (John): The Residual Charge of the Leyden Jar, £40.00

HOPKINSON (John): Magnetisation of Iron, £40.00

HOPKINSON (J.): Electrostatic Capacity of Glass, £90.00

HOPKINS (William): Researches in Physical Geology, [complete in three parts], £90.00

HINDE (George Jennings): On Beds of Sponge-Remains in the Lower and Upper Greensand of the South of England, £40.00

HILL (M. J. M.): On the Motion of Fluid, Part of Which is Moving Rotationally and Part Irrotationally, £30.00

HICKSON (Sydney J.): On the Ciliated Groove (Siphonoglyphe) in the Stomodaeum of the Alcyonarians [sea anemones], £20.00

HEATH (R. S.): On the Dynamics of a Rigid Body in Elliptic Space, £20.00

HARTLEY (Walter Noel); ADENEY (W. E.): Researches on Spectrum Photography in Relation to New Methods of Quantitative Chemical Analysis. Part I [and II] £60.00

HARTLEY (Walter Noel): The Absorption Spectra of the Alkaloids, £30.00

GRIESS (Peter): On a New Series of Bodies in Which Nitrogen is Substituted for Hydrogen, £30.00

GORDON (James Edward Henry): On the Determination of Verdet's Constant in Absolute Units, £50.00

GLAZEBROOK (Richard Tetley); DODDS (J. M.); SARGANT (E. B.): Experiments on the Value of the British Association Unit of Resistance. Part I and Part II, £30.00

GIBSON (John C.); BARCLAY (Thomas): Measurements of Specific Inductive Capacity of Dielectrics, in the Physical Laboratory of the University of Glasgow, £20.00

GARDINER (Walter): On the Continuity of the Protoplasm through the Walls of Vegetable Cells £30.00

FOX (Wilson): On the Development of Striated Muscular Fibre £30.00

FORSYTH (Andrew Russell): On Abel's Theorem and Abelian Functions, £30.00

FITZGERALD (George Francis): On the Electromagnetic Theory of the Reflection and Refraction of Light, £30.00

FARQUHARSON (James): On the Ice Formed, under Peculiar Circumstances, at the Bottom of Running Water, £30.00

ELLIS (William): On the Relation between the Diurnal Range of Magnetic Declination and Horizontal Force, as Observed at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, during the Years 1841 to 1877, and the Period of Solar Spot Frequency, £20.00

DUPRE (August); PAGE (F. J. M.): On the Specific Heat and Other Physical Characters of Mixtures of Ethylic Alcohol and Water, £30.00

DIXON (Harold B.); ESSON (W.): Conditions of Chemical Change in Gases: Hydrogen, Carbonic Oxide, and Oxygen, £30.00

DAVIES (Thomas Stephens): Geometrical Investigations concerning the Phenomena of Terrestrial Magnetism, £30.00

CASEY (John); CAYLEY (A.): On a New Form of Tangential Equation, £40.00

CALLENDER (George W.): On the Formation of Some of the Subaxial Arches in Man, £30.00

BURKE (Edmund): A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. £1750.00

BURDON-SANDERSON (John Scott): On the Electromotive Properties of the Leaf of Dionaea in the Excited and Unexcited States, [Dionae = Venus Fly-trap] £30.00

BRUNTON (Thomas Lauder); CASH (J. Theodore): Contributions to Our Knowledge of the Connexion between Chemical Constitution, Physiological Action, and Antagonism, £40.00

BRUNTON (T. Lauder); PYE (Walter): On the Physiological Action of the Bark of Erythrophleum Guinense, Generally Called Casca, Cassa, or Sassy Bark £40.00

BROUN (J. A.): On the Variations of the Daily Mean Horizontal Force of the Earth's Magnetism Produced by the Sun's Rotation and the Moon's Synodical and Tropical Revolutions, £20.00

BROUGHTON (J.): Chemical and Physiological Experiments on Living Cinchonae, £20.00




BOWER (Frederick Orpen): On the Development and Morphology of Phylloglossum Drummondii, £30.00

BOWER (Frederick Orpen): On the Comparative Morphology of the Leaf in the Vascular Cryptogams and Gymnosperms, £30.00

BONNEY (Thomas George): On a Collection of Rock Specimens from the Island of Socotra, £30.00

BABER (Edward Cresswell): Contributions to the Minute Anatomy of the Thyroid Gland of the Dog, £30.00

BABER (E. Cresswell): Researches on the Minute Structure of the Thyroid Gland, £30.00

AYRTON (W. E.); PERRY (John): The Contact Theory of Voltaic Action. Paper No. III, £30.00

AIRY (G. B.): Results Deduced from the Measures of Terrestrial Magnetic Force in the Horizontal Plane, at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1841 to 1876, £40.00

WOOD (John): On a Group of Varieties of the Muscles of the Human Neck, Shoulder, and Chest, with Their Transitional Forms and Homologies in the Mammalia, £30.00

WILLIAMS (C. Greville): On Some of the Products of the Destructive Distillation of Boghead Coal. Part I £30.00

WILLEMOES-SUHM (R. von): On the Development of Lepas fascicularis and the "Archizoea" of Cirripedia, £50.00

WHEWELL (William): Researches on the Tides. Sixth Series. On the Results of an Extensive System of Tide Observations Made on the Coasts of Europe and America in June 1835, £60.00

WALKER (James): On the Resistance of Fluids to Bodies Passing through Them, £20.00

TURNER (William): On the Placentation of the Apes, with a Comparison of the Structure of Their Placenta with That of the Human Female, £60.00

STORY-MASKELYNE (Nevil): On the Mineral Constituents of Meteorites, £30.00

STEVENS (William): Observations on the Theory of Respiration, £20.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On the Contact of Surfaces, £30.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On the Contact of Conics with Surfaces, £30.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On the Contact of Conics with Surfaces, £30.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On Multiple Contact of Surfaces, £30.00

SCHUSTER (Arthur): On the Spectra of Metalloids-Spectrum of Oxygen, £50.00

SCHOENBEIN (C. F.): On Spontaneous Nitrification, £20.00

SCHAFER (Edward Albert): Observations on the Nervous System of Aurelia Aurita, £30.00

SCHAEFER (Edward Albert): On the Minute Structure of the Leg-Muscles of the Water-Beetle, £20.00

SAVORY (William S.); PAGET (James): On the Development of Striated Muscular Fibre in Mammalia, £30.00

SANDERS (Alfred): Contributions to the Anatomy of the Central Nervous System in Vertebrate Animals, £30.00

ROYSTON-PIGOTT (G. W.): On a Searcher for Aplanatic Images Applied to Microscopes, and Its Effects in Increasing Power and Improving Definition, £20.00

ROSCOE (Henry Enfield): THORPE (T. E.): On the Absorption-Spectra of Bromine and of Iodine Monochloride, £40.00

ROSCOE (Henry Enfield): On a Self-Recording Method of Measuring the Intensity of the Chemical Action of Total Daylight, £40.00

ROSCOE (Henry E.); THORPE (T. E.): On the Relation between the Sun's Altitude and the Chemical Intensity of Total Daylight in a Cloudless Sky, £20.00

ROSCOE (Henry E.); THORPE (T. E.): On the Relation between the Sun's Altitude and the Chemical Intensity of Total Daylight in a Cloudless Sky, £20.00

ROSCOE (Henry E.); THORPE (T. E.): On the Measurement of the Chemical Intensity of Total Daylight Made at Catania during the Total Eclipse of Dec. 22nd, 1870, £20.00

ROBERTS (William): Studies on Biogenesis, £30.00

REYNOLDS (Osborne): On the Refraction of Sound by the Atmosphere £30.00

REYNOLDS (Osborne): On Rolling-Friction, £20.00

PRATT (John Henry): On the Constitution of the Solid Crust of the Earth, £30.00

PENNY (Frederick): On the Application of the Conversion of Chlorates and Nitrates into Chlorides, and of Chlorides into Nitrates, to the Determination of Several Equivalent Numbers, £20.00

NIVEN (W. D.): On Certain Definite Integrals Occurring in Spherical Harmonic Analysis and on the Expansion, in Series, of the Potentials of the Ellipsoid and the Ellipse, £30.00

NEWTON (Isaac): Isaac Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica £225.00

MOSELEY (Henry Nottidge): The Croonian Lecture: On the Structure of the Stylasteridae, a Family of the Hydroid Stony Corals, £50.00

MOSELEY (Henry Nottidge): On the Structure of a Species of Millepora Occurring at Tahiti, Society Islands, £50.00

MOSELEY (Henry Nottidge): On the Structure and Relations of the Alcyonarian Heliopora caerulea, with Some Account of the Anatomy of a Species of Sarcophyton, £40.00

MOSELEY (Henry Nottidge): On the Structure and Development of Peripatus Capensis, £60.00

MOSELEY (Henry Nottidge): On the Anatomy and Histology of the Land-Planarians of Ceylon, with Some Account of Their Habits, and a Description of Two New Species, and with Notes on the Anatomy of Some European Aquatic Species, £90.00

M'KICHAN (Dugald): Determination of the Number of Electrostatic Units in the Electromagnetic Unit Made in the Physical Laboratory of Glasgow University, £20.00

LUBBOCK (John William): On the Determination of the Terms in the Disturbing Function of the Fourth Order as Regards the Eccentricities and Inclinations Which Give Rise to Secular Inequalities, £30.00

LOWNE (B. Thompson): On the Modifications of the Simple and Compound Eyes of Insects, £30.00

JOHNSTON (James F. W.): On a New Equiatomic Compound of Bicyanide with Binoxide of Mercury, £20.00

JOHNSON (Edward J.): Report of Magnetic Experiments Tried on Board an Iron Steam-Vessel, £40.00

HARTLEY (Walter Noel); HUNTINGTON (A. K.): Researches on the Action of Organic Substances on the Ultra-Violet Rays of the Spectrum, £30.00

HANNAY (J. B.): On the Microrheometer, £30.00

GORE (George): On Fluoride of Silver, £40.00

GORE (George): On Fluoride of Silver, £20.00

GORE (George): On Electrotorsion, £30.00

GOLDINGHAM (John); KATER (Capt): Observations for Ascertaining the Length of the Pendulum at Madras in the East Indies, Latitude 13 degrees 4'9",1 N. with the Conclusions Drawn from the Same £50.00

GLAISHER (J. W. L.): Tables of the Numerical Values of the Sine-Integral, Cosine-Integral, and Exponential-Integral, £30.00

GLAISHER (J. W. L.): Tables of the Numerical Values of the Sine-Integral, Cosine-Integral, and Exponential-Integral, £30.00

GLAISHER (J. W. L.): On a Class of Identical Relations in the Theory of Elliptic Functions, £30.00

GILBERT (Davies): On the Nature of Negative and of Imaginary Quantities £20.00

FRANZ (J. C. August): Memoir of the Case of a Gentleman Born Blind, and Successfully Operated upon in the 18th Year of His Age, with Physiological Observations and Experiments, £20.00

FORBES (James D.): On the Temperatures and Geological Relations of Certain Hot Springs, Particularly Those of the Pyrenees; and on the Verification of Thermometers, £40.00

FARQUHARSON (James): Report of a Geometrical Measurement of the Height of the Aurora Borealis above the Earth, £30.00

FARADAY (Michael); MACLEAR (Thomas): An Account of the Fall of a Meteoric Stone in the Cold Bokkeveld, Cape of Good Hope, £80.00

DUNCAN (P. Martin): On the Structure and Affinities of Guynia annulata, Dunc., with Remarks upon the Persistence of Palaeozoic Types of Madreporaria, £30.00

DIVERS (Edward): On the Union of Ammonia Nitrate with Ammonia, £60.00

DES CLOIZEAUX (M. A. O.): On a New Locality of Amblygonite, and on Montebrasite, a New Hydrated Aluminium and Lithium Phosphate, £30.00

DE LA RUE (Warren); MULLER (Hugo): On the Resin of Ficus Rubiginosa, and a New Homologue of Benzylic Alcohol, £20.00

DAVY (John): On the Male Organs of Some of the Cartilaginous Fishes, £20.00

DAVY (John): An Account ofSome Experiments and Observations on the Torpedo (Raia Torpedo, Linn.) £30.00

DAUBENY (Charles): Some Account of the Eruption of Vesuvius, Which Occurred in the Month of August 1834, Extracted from the Manuscript Notes of the Cavaliere Monticelli, £20.00

DARWIN (George Howard): On the Bodily Tides of Viscous and Semi-Elastic Spheroids, and on the Ocean Tides upon a Yielding Nucleus, £90.00

CROFTON (Morgan W.): On the Proof of the Law of Errors of Observations, £30.00

CLIFFORD (W. K.): On the Classification of Loci, £20.00

CLARK (Latimer): On a Standard Voltaic Battery, £30.00

CHRISTIE (Samuel Hunter): On Magnetic Influence in the Solar Rays, £30.00

CHAMBERS (Charles); CHAMBERS (F.): On the Mathematical Expression of Observations of Complex Periodical Phenomena; And on Planetary Influence on the Earth's Magnetism, £30.00

BULLAR (J. F.): On the Development of the Parasitic Isopoda, £30.00

BRIDGE (Thomas William): On the Osteology of Polyodon Folium, £30.00

BREWSTER (DAVID); HORNER (Leonard): On an Artificial Substance Resembling Shell: By Leonard Horner, Esq. F.R.SS. Lond. & Edinb. With an Account of an Examination of the Same: By Sir David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S. £20.00

BREWSTER (David): On the Anatomical and Optical Structure of the Crystalline Lenses of Animals.. particularly those of the Hare and Salmon, £20.00

BLANDFORD (Henry F.): The Winds of Northern India, in Relation to the Temperature and Vapour-Constituent of the Atmosphere, £50.00

BALL (Robert Stawell): Researches in the Dynamics of a Rigid Body by the Aid of the Theory of Screws, £30.00

BALFOUR (F. M.): On the Development of the Spinal Nerves in Elasmobranch Fishes, £30.00

ALLMAN (Professor George James): On the Structure and Development of Myriothela, £40.00

AIRY (George Biddell); STUART (James Stuart): Experiments on the Directive Power of Large Steel Magnets, of Bars of Magnetized Soft Iron, and of Galvanic Coils, in Their Action on External Small Magnets. £30.00

WILLEMOES-SUHM (Rudolph von): On a New Genus of Amphipod Crustaceans, £30.00

WILLIAM (C. Greville): On Isoprene and Caoutchine, £30.00

WALKER (Charles V.): Walker's two papers (complete) on Earth-Currents, comprising: On Magnetic Storms and Earth-Currents, £50.00

THOMSON (Wyville): On Holtenia, a Genus of Vitreous Sponges £40.00

THOMSON (W.): On the Rigidity of the Earth, £30.00

THOMSON (W.): Dynamical Problems Regarding Elastic Spheroidal Shells and Spheroids of Incompressible Liquid, £30.00

SYLVESTER (J. J.): On the Motion of a Rigid Body Acted on by No External Forces, £30.00

STRUTT ( J. W.), later Lord RAYLEIGH: On the Values of the Integral… being Laplace's Coefficients of the Orders n, n', with an Application to the Theory of Radiation, £50.00

STEWART (Balfour): On the Nature of the Forces concerned in Producing the Greater Magnetic Disturbances £20.00

STEWART (Balfour): An Account of Experiments on the Change of the Elastic Force of a Constant Volume of Atmospheric Air, between 32 degrees F. and 212 degrees F., and Also on the Temperature of the Melting-Point of Mercury, £30.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On the Contact of Curves, £20.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On the Calculus of Symbols, £30.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William): On an Extended Form of the Index Symbol in the Calculus of Operations, £30.00

SMITH (Henry J. Stephen): On Systems of Linear Indeterminate Equations and Congruences, £30.00

SIMPSON (Maxwell): On the Synthesis of Succinic and Pyrotartaric Acids, £30.00

SIEMENS (C. William): On Uniform Rotation, £30.00

SCORESBY (William): Experiments and Observations on the Development of Magnetical Properties in Steel and Iron by Percussion, £50.00

SCHLAEFLI (Ludwig); [SCHLAFLI]: On the Distribution of Surfaces of the Third Order into Species, in Reference to the Absence or Presence of Singular Points, and the Reality of Their Lines, £50.00

SALMON (George): On Quaternary Cubics, £20.00

RUSSELL (W. H. L.): Three parts complete: On the Calculus of Symbols, with Applications to the Theory of Differential Equations, £50.00

ROBINSON (T. R.): On Spectra of Electric Light, as Modified by the Nature of the Electrodes and the Media of Discharge, £30.00

RAINEY (George): On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Muscles of the Pig, £30.00

RAINEY (G.): On the Structure and Use of the Ligamentum Rotundum Uteri, with Some Observations upon the Change Which Takes Place in the Structure of the Uterus during Utero-Gestation, £30.00

POLLOCK (Frederick): On Certain Properties of Square Numbers and Other Quadratic Forms, with a Table of Odd Numbers from 1 to 191, Divided into 4, 3 or 2 Square Numbers, £40.00

PLUCKER (Julius): Fundamental Views Regarding Mechanics, £20.00

PETTIGREW (James Bell): On the Muscular Arrangements of the Bladder and Prostate, and the Manner in Which the Ureters and Urethra are Closed, £30.00

PAVY (Frederick William): Researches on Sugar Formation in the Liver, £40.00

MOSELEY (Henry): On the Dynamical Stability and on the Oscillations of Floating Bodies, £40.00

MITH (Archibald); EVANS (Frederick John): On the Effect Produced on the Deviations of the Compass by the Length and Arrangement of the Compass-Needles; and on a New Mode of Correcting the Quadrantal Deviation £30.00

MERRIFIELD (Charles W.): On a New Method of Approximation Applicable to Elliptic and Ultra-Elliptic Functions, £30.00

LUBBOCK (John): Notes on the Generative Organs, and on the Formation of the Egg in the Annulosa, £40.00

KOPP (Hermann): On the Relation between Boiling-Point and Composition in Organic Compounds, £30.00

KIRKMAN (Thomas P.): complete suite of 5 papers on Polyedra, including:On the Enumeration of X-Edra Having Triedral Summits, and an (x-1)-Gonal Base, £120.00

JONES (Thomas Wharton): The Caudal Heart of the Eel a Lymphatic Heart. Effect of the Force with Which the Lymph-Stream is Propelled Therefrom on the Flow of the Blood in the Vein into Which the Heart Opens. £30.00

HULKE (J. W.): On the Anatomy of the Fovea Centralis of the Human Retina, £30.00

HOFFMAN (A. W.): Researches Regarding the Molecular Constitution of the Volatile Organic Bases, £60.00

HIRST (T. A.): On the Volumes of Pedal Surfaces, £30.00

HAUGHTON (Samuel): On the Reflexion of Polarized Light from Polished Surfaces, Transparent and Metallic, £30.00

HAUGHTON (Samuel): On the Joint-Systems of Ireland and Cornwall, and Their Mechanical Origin, £30.00

HARLEY (Robert): On the Method of Symmetric Products, and on Certain Circular Functions Connected with That Method, £30.00

HARCOURT (A. Vernon); ESSON (William): On the Laws of Connexion between the Conditions of a Chemical Change and Its Amount, On the Reaction of Permanganic and Oxalic Acid, £50.00

GUTHRIE (Frederick): On the Thermal Resistance of Liquids, £30.00

GOSSE (Philip Henry): On the Dioecious Character of the Rotifera, £30.00

GORE (G.): On the Properties of Liquid Carbonic Acid, £20.00

GORE (G.): On Hydrofluoric Acid, £30.00

GOMPERTZ (Benjamin): A Supplement to Two Papers Published in the Transactions of the Royal Society, "On the Science Connected with Human Mortality;" The One Published in 1820, and the Other in 1825, £40.00

GLADSTONE (John Hall); DALE (T. P.): Researches on the Refraction, Dispersion, and Sensitiveness of Liquids, £50.00

GLADSTONE (John Hall): On the Refraction-Equivalents of the Elements, £30.00

FLOWER (William Henry): On the Posterior Lobes of the Cerebrum of the Quadrumana, £40.00

EVERETT (Joseph D.): Account of Experiments on the Flexural and Torsional Rigidity of a Glass Rod, Leading to the Determination of the Rigidity of Glass, £20.00

EARNSHAW (S.): On the Mathematical Theory of Sound, £30.00

DUNCAN (P. Martin): On Palaeocoryne, a Genus of Tubularine Hydrozoa from the Carboniferous Formation, £30.00

DONKIN (W. F.): On the Equation of Laplace's Functions, &c £30.00

DONKIN (W. F.): On the Analytical Theory of the Attraction of Solids Bounded by Surfaces of a Hypothetical Class Including the Ellipsoid, £20.00

DEBUS (Henry): On Some Compounds and Derivatives of Glyoxylic Acid, £30.00

DAVY (John): Some Observations on Corrosive Sublimate, £20.00

DAVY (John): On the Temperature of Man within the Tropics, £30.00

DAVY (John): Miscellaneous Observations on Animal Heat, £20.00

COHEN (A.): On the Differential Coefficients and Determinants of Lines, and Their Application to Analytical Mechanics, £30.00

CLOIZEAUX (M. A. L. O. de): New Researches upon the Dispersion of the Optic Axes in Harmotome and Wohlerite, Proving These Minerals to Belong to the Clinorhombic [Oblique] System, £20.00

CLELAND (John): On the Relations of the Vomer, Ethmoid, and Intermaxillary Bones, £30.00

CHURCH (A. H.): Researches on Turacin, an Animal Pigment Containing Copper, £30.00

CHAMBERS (Charles): On the Nature of the Sun's Magnetic Action upon the Earth, £30.00

CALLENDER (George W.): The Formation and Early Growth of the Bones of the Human Face, £30.00

BUCKTON (George Bowdler): On the Isolation of the Radical, Mercuric Methyl, £40.00

BROUGHTON (J.): On a Certain Excretion of Carbonic Acid by Living Plants, £30.00

BRODIE (Benjamin Collins): On the Peroxides of the Radicals of the Organic Acids, £40.00

BOYD (Robert): Tables of the Weights of the Human Body and Internal Organs in the Sane and Insane of Both Sexes at Various Ages, Arranged from 2614 Post-Mortem Examinations, £30.00

BEALE (Lionel S.): On the Structure and Formation of the So-Called Apolar, Unipolar, and Bipolar Nerve-Cells of the Frog, £40.00

BEALE (Lionel S.): On the Distribution of Nerves to the Elementary Fibres of Striped Muscle, £40.00

AIRY (George Biddell): On the Difference in the Magnetic Properties of Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Malleable Iron, as Regards the Power of Receiving and Retaining Induced Magnetism of Subpermanent Character, £30.00

AIRY (George Biddell): Computation of the Lengths of the Waves of Light Corresponding to the Lines in the Dispersion Spectrum Measured by Kirchhoff £30.00

TOMLINSON (Charles): On Supersaturated Saline Solutions, £30.00

YORKE (Philip): Researches on Silica, £30.00

WROTTESLEY (Lord); HERSCHEL (John): On the Results of Periodical Observations of the Positions and Distances of Nineteen of the Stars in Sir John Herschel's Lists of Stars, Favourably Situated for the Investigation of Parallax, £30.00

WILLIAMS (Thomas): On the Blood-Proper and Chylaqueous Fluid of Invertebrate Animals, £50.00

TOYNBEE (Joseph): On the Structure of the Membrana Tympani in the Human Ear, £30.00

STENHOUSE (John): On the Oils Produced by the Action of Sulphuric Acid upon Various Classes of Vegetables, £30.00

STENHOUSE (John): On the Nitrogenated Principles of Vegetables as the Sources of Artificial Alkaloids, £30.00

STENHOUSE (John): On the Action of Nitric Acid on Various Vegetables, with a More Particular Examination of Spartium scoparium, Linn., or Common Broom £30.00

SABINE (Edward): The Bakerian Lecture: On the Influence of the Moon on the Magnetic Declination at Toronto, St. Helena, and Hobarton, £30.00

SABINE (Edward): On the Annual Variation of the Magnetic Declination, at Different Periods of the Day, £30.00

RUSSELL (W. H. L.): On the Theory of Definite Integrals, £30.00

POWER (Joseph): Theory of the Reciprocal Action between the Solar Rays and the Different Media by Which They Are Reflected, Refracted, or Absorbed; in the Course of Which Various Optical Laws and Phenomena Are Elucidated and Explained, £30.00

PAGET (James): Observations on the Freezing of the Albumen of Eggs, £30.00

O'BRIEN (M.): On Symbolic Forms Derived from the Conception of the Translation of a Directed Magnitude £30.00

NOAD (Henry M.): On Some of the Products of the Decomposition of Nitrotoluylic Acid, £30.00

NEWPORT (George): On the Impregnation of the Ovum in the Amphibia. (First, Second and Third Series, complete) £55.00

NELSON (Henry): The Reproduction of the Ascaris mystax, £40.00

MOSELEY (Henry): On the Rolling Motion of a Cylinder, £30.00

MERRIFIELD (Charles W.): On the Comparison of Hyperbolic Arcs, £20.00

LETHEBY (H.): An Account of Two Cases, in Which Ovules, or Their Remains, Were Discovered in the Fallopian Tubes of Unimpregnated Women Who Had Died during the Period of Menstruation, £30.00

JONES (T. Wharton): Discovery That the Veins of the Bat's Wing (Which are Furnished with Valves) are Endowed with Rythmical Contractility, and That the Onward Flow of Blood is Accelerated by Each Contraction, £30.00

HOFFMAN (A. W.): Researches Regarding the Molecular Constitution of the Volatile Organic Bases, £30.00

HENNESSY (Henry): The Figure and Primitive Formation of the Earth, or Researches in Terrestrial Physics. £60.00

HASSALL (Arthur Hill): On the Frequent Occurrence of Indigo in Human Urine, and on Its Chemical, Physiological, and Pathological Relations, £30.00

HARGREAVE (Charles James): General Methods in Analysis for the Resolution of Linear Equations in Finite Differences and Linear Differential Equations, £40.00

HANCOCK (Albany); EMBLETON (Dennis): On the Anatomy of Doris, [Mollusca] £50.00

GRAY (Henry): On the Development of the Retina and Optic Nerve, and of the Membranous Labyrinth and Auditory Nerve, £50.00

GLADSTONE (J. H.): On Circumstances Modifying the Action of Chemical Affinity, £30.00

ELLIS (George Viner): Researches into the Nature of the Involuntary Muscular Tissue of the Urinary Bladder £30.00

ELLIOT (C. M.): Magnetic Survey of the Eastern Archipelago, £90.00

DONKIN (William Fishburn): On a Class of Differential Equations, Including Those Which Occur in Dynamical Problems. Part I [and II, complete] £40.00

DE MORGAN (Campbell): On the Structure and Functions of the Hairs of the Crustacea £30.00

GLADSTONE (J. H.); DALE (T. P.): On the Influence of Temperature on the Refraction of Light £30.00

CURREY (Frederick): On the Fructification of Certain Sphaeriaceous Fungi, £30.00

BROOKE (Henry James): On the Geometrical Isomorphism of Crystals, £50.00

BRONWIN (B.): On the Solution of Linear Differential Equations, £30.00

BOOTH (James): Researches on the Geometrical Properties of Elliptic Integrals, £50.00

BOOTH (James): Elliptic Integrals: 2 papers making the complete work, comprising: Researches on the Geometrical Properties of Elliptic Integrals £50.00

BATE (C. Spence): On the Development of Decapod Crustacea £30.00

BARLOW (William Henry): On the Existence of an Element of Strength in Beams Subjected to Transverse Strain, Arising from the Lateral Action of the Fibres or Particles on Each Other, £80.00

BARLOW (Frederick): Observations on the Respiratory Movements of Insects, £20.00

AIRY (George Biddell): Two papers, complete work, comprising: 1. Account of Experiments on Iron-Built Ships, Instituted for the Purpose of Discovering a Correction for the Deviation of the Compass Produced by the Iron of the Ships, £90.00

WILLIAMSON (W. C.): On the Microscopic Structure of the Scales and Dermal Teeth of Some Ganoid and Placoid Fish, £40.00

SKEY (Frederick C.): On the Elementary Structure of the Muscular Fibre of Animal and Organic Life £40.00

RENNIE (George): On the Friction and Resistance of Fluids, £30.00

POWELL (Baden): On a New Case of the Interference of Light, £40.00

POWELL (Baden): Observations on certain cases of Elliptic Polarization of Light by Reflexion, £30.00

PLAYFAIR (Lyon): On the Nitroprussides, a New Class of Salts, £40.00

NEWPORT (George): On the Respiration of Insects, £30.00

NEWBOLD (T. J.): On the Ipoh or Upas Poison Used by the Jacoons and Other Aboriginal Tribes of the Malay Peninsula, £30.00

LUBBOCK (John William): Researches in Physical Astronomy, £40.00

LUBBOCK (J. W.): On the Tides in the Port of London, £30.00

LLOYD (John Augustus): An Account of Operations Carried on for Ascertaining the Difference of Level between the River Thames at London Bridge and the Sea; And Also for Determining the Height above the Level of the Sea, &c. £30.00

LISTER (Joseph Jackson): Some Observations on the Structure and Functions of Tubular and Cellular Polypi, and of Ascidiae, £30.00

KNOX (George): Experiments and Observations on the Newry Pitch-Stone, and Its Products, and on the Formation of Pumice £30.00

KIDD (J.): On the Anatomy of the Mole-Cricket, £30.00

KEYNES (John Maynard, with others); SMITH (Henry Babington, chair): East India, Committee on Indian Exchange and Currency [BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS] £1150.00

KATER (Henry): A Description of a Vertical Floating Collimator; and an Account of Its Application to Astronomical Observations with a Circle and with a Zenith Telescope £60.00

JONES (Thomas Wharton): On the First Changes in the Ova of the Mammifera in Consequence of Impregnation, and on the Mode of Origin of the Chorion £30.00

IVORY (James): On the Theory of the Elliptic Transcendents, £30.00

IVORY (James): On the Equilibrium of Fluids, and the Figure of a Homogeneous Planet in a Fluid State £40.00

IVORY (James): On the Conditions of Equilibrium of an Incompressible Fluid, the Particles of Which Are Acted upon by Accelerating Forces, £30.00

IVORY (James): Of Such Ellipsoids Consisting of Homogeneous Matter as are Capable of Having the Resultant of the Attraction of the Mass upon a Particle in the Surface, £30.00

HOME (Everard): Observations on the Changes the Egg Undergoes during Incubation in the Common Fowl, Illustrated by Microscopical Drawings, £30.00

HENNELL (Henry): On the Mutual Action of Sulphuric Acid and Alcohol, and on the Nature of the Process by Which Ether is Formed, £30.00

HARRIS (William Snow): On the Influence of Screens in Arresting the Progress of Magnetic Action, £30.00

HARRIS (W. Snow): On the Transient Magnetic State of Which Various Substances are Susceptible, £90.00

HARGREAVE (Charles James): On the Solution of Linear Differential Equations £30.00

HARGREAVE (Charles James): On the Calculation of Attractions, and the Figure of the Earth, £30.00

GROVE (W. R.): On the Effect of Surrounding Media on Voltaic Ignition, £40.00

GRAY (John Edward): Remarks on the Difficulty of Distinguishing Certain Genera of Testaceous mollusca by Their Shells Alone, and on the Anomalies in Regard to Habitation Observed in Certain Species, £30.00

GRANVILLE (A. B.): An Essay on Egyptian Mummies; With Observations on the Art of Embalming among the Ancient Egyptians, £30.00

FARRE (Arthur): Observations on the Minute Structure of Some of the Higher Forms of Polypi, with Views of a More Natural Arrangement of the Class £30.00

DAVY (John): Observations on the Torpedo, with an Account of Some Additional Experiments on Its Electricity, £30.00

DAVY (Edmund): On a Simple Electro-Chemical Method of Ascertaining the Presence of Different Metals; Applied to Detect Minute Quantities of Metallic Poisons £30.00

DALRYMPLE (John): Description of an Infusory Animalcule Allied to the Genus Notommata of Ehrenberg, Hitherto Undescribed £30.00

CHRISTIE (Samuel Hunter); WOODHOUSE (Robert): On the Magnetism of Iron Arising from Its Rotation £50.00

CHRISTIE (Samuel Hunter): On the Magnetism Developed in Copper and Other Substances during Rotation £30.00

CHRISTIE (Samuel Hunter): On the Laws of the Deviation of Magnetized Needles towards Iron, £40.00

CHRISTIE (Samuel Hunter): On Magnetic Influence in the Solar Rays, £40.00

CHRISTIE (James R.): On the Use of the Barometric Thermometer for the Determination of Relative Heights, £20.00

CHRISTIE (Charles C.): Memoranda Made during the Appearance of the Aurora Borealis on the 18th of November, 1835, £20.00

BIRD (Golding): Observations on the Electro-Chemical Influence of Long-Continued Electric Currents of Low Tension £40.00

BELCHER (E. Capt Sir): Tide Observations at Otaheite, or Tahiti, £40.00

BARLOW (Peter): On the Probable Electric Origin of All the Phenomena of Terrestrial Magnetism; With an Illustrative Experiment, £30.00

BAILY (Francis): On the Correction of a Pendulum for the Reduction to a Vacuum: Together with Remarks on Some Anomalies Observed in Pendulum Experiments, £40.00

BAILY (Francis): Description of a New Barometer, Recently Fixed up in the Apartments of the Royal Society; With Remarks on the Mode Hitherto Pursued at Various Periods, £20.00

WORDSWORTH (William); copy presented by Sir John Richardson and Lady Richardson: The Prelude, or Growth of a Poet's Mind; an Autobiographical Poem. £650.00

YOUNG (James); FORBES (G.): Experimental Determination of the Velocity of White and of Coloured Light, £80.00

WOLLASTON (William Hyde); HOWARD (Luke); BARLOW (Peter); IVORY (James): WOLLASTON (William Hyde) On the Finite Extent of the Atmosphere, £60.00

SABINE (Edward): An Account of Experiments to Determine the Acceleration of the Pendulum in Different Latitudes, £60.00

PROUT (William); HOME (Everard); GOLDINGHAM (J.): PROUT (William) Some Experiments on the Changes Which Take Place in the Fixed Principles of the Egg during Incubation, £50.00

PRITCHARD (Urban): The Cochlea of the Ornithorhynchus platypus Compared with that of Ordinary Mammals and of Birds, £40.00

PARKER (William Kitchen): On the Structure and Development of the Skull in Sturgeons (Acipenser ruthenus and A. sturio), £80.00

NIVEN (C.): On the Conduction of Heat in Ellipsoids of Revolution, £30.00

MOLL (G.); VAN BEEK (A.); HOME (Everard): MOLL (G.); VAN BEEK (A.) An Account of Experiments on the Velocity of Sound, Made in Holland, £60.00

MALLET (J. W.): Revision of the Atomic Weight of Aluminum, £40.00

JOHNSON (J. R.); MARCET (Alexander); URE (Andrew): JOHNSON (J. R.) Observations on the Genus Planaria, [flatworms] £50.00

HOME (Everard): On the Difference in the Appearance of the Teeth and the Shape of the Skull in Different Species of Seals, £40.00

GLAZEBROOK (R. T.): An Experimental Determination of the Values of the Velocities of Normal Propagation of Plane Waves in Different Directions in a Biaxal Crystal, and a Comparison of the Results with Theory, £80.00

DEBUS (H.): The Bakerian Lecture: Chemical Theory of Gunpowder, £60.00

DARWIN (G. H.): On the Stresses Caused in the Interior of the Earth by the Weight of Continents and Mountains, £70.00

DARWIN (G. H.): On the Secular Changes in the Elements of the Orbit of a Satellite Revolving About a Tidally Distorted Planet, £90.00

BROOKS (W. K.): Lucifer: A Study in Morphology, £70.00

BEVAN (B.); WHIDBEY (Joseph): BEVAN (B.) Observations on the Heights of Places in the Trigonometrical Survey of Great Britain, and upon the Latitude of Arbury Hill, £60.00

BALFOUR (F. M.); PARKER (W. N.); PARKER (William Kitchen): On the Structure and Development of Lepidosteus, £90.00

WILDE (H.): Experimental Researches in Magnetism and Electricity, £30.00

SPOTTISWOODE (William); MOULTON (J. Fletcher): On the Sensitive State of Electrical Discharges through Rarefied Gases, £90.00

SANDERSON (J. Burdon): The Croonian Lecture: On the Influence Exercised by the Movements of Respiration on the Circulation of the Blood, £30.00

ROYAL SOCIETY:: A Continuation to the Alphabetical Index of the Matter Contained in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, from vol LXXI, to vol CX, the year 1781 to the Year 1820 Inclusive, £90.00

ROYAL SOCIETY:: Fellows of the Society; an annual list each of c.30pp., from 1850 - 1875 £50.00

REYNOLDS (Osborne): On the Theory of Lubrication and its Application to Mr. Beauchamp Tower's Experiments, including an Experimental Determination of the Viscosity of Olive Oil, £90.00

REED (E. J.): On the Relation of Form and Dimensions to Weight of Material in the Construction of Iron-Clad Ships, £40.00

RANSOM (W. H.): Observations on the Ovum of Osseous Fishes, £30.00

RAMSAY (William); YOUNG (Sydney): [Ramsay and Young's complete series of 4 contributions to the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, including: On Evaporation and Dissociation]. £120.00

POYNTING (J. H.): On the Transfer of Energy in the Electromagnetic Field, £60.00

PAVY (F. W.): On the Immunity Enjoyed by the Stomach from Being Digested by Its Own Secretion during Life, £50.00

OWEN (Richard): Evidence of a Large Extinct Monotreme (echidna Ramsayi, Ow.) from the Wellington Breccia Cave, New South Wales, £40.00

OWEN (Richard): Evidence of a Large Extinct Lizard (Notiosaurus dentatus, Owen) from Pleistocene Deposits, New South Wales, Australia, £40.00