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Brian Annesley

SLOSS D J ; WALLIS J P R (eds) The Prophetic Writings of William Blake in Two Volumes Edited with a General Introduction Glossary Index of Symbo;s Commentary and Appendices Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1926. £28.00

HEATH C Gallery of Engravings London: Longman & Co. £39.00

SEGUR La Comtesse De Jean Qui Grogne et Jean Qui Rit Paris: Hachette, 1869. £49.00

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna Letters from Ireland MDCCCXXXVII London: R.B. Seeley & W. Burnside, 1838. £89.00

LELAND T The History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry II with a Preliminary Discourse on the Antient State of That Kingdom Complete in 3 Volumes R Moncrieffe, 1774. £229.00

CASTERA J The Life of Catherine II. Empress of Russia: Complete in 3 Volumes London: T N Longman and O Rees, 1799. £229.00

TWISS H The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon with Selections from His Correspondence in 3 Volumes London: John Murray, 1844. £49.00

MIGNET M Histoire De Marie Stuart 2 Volumes Paris: Paulin, Lheureux, 1851. £29.00

The Gazetteer of Scotland; Containing a Particular and Concise Description of the Counties, Towns ... [etc] Dundee: W Chalmers, 1803. £89.00

TASSO T La Gerusaleme Liberata Complete in 2 Volumes Livorno: G Gambo, 1817. £59.00

KEITH Alexander Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, Derived from the Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy; Particularly as Illustrated By the History of the Jews, and By Discoveries of Recent Travellers Edinburgh: Waugh and Innes, 1932. £89.00

GOLDSMITH Dr The Roman History from the Foundation 0f the City of Rome to the Destruction of the Western Empire 2 Volumes London: Leigh and Southeby, 1805. £109.00

CAMBERLAYNE J Magnae Britanniae Notitia: Or The Present State of Great-Britain, with divers Remarks upon the Ancient State thereof. London: S Birt T Longman and T Shewel..., 1748. £119.00

GRAHAM P ; RICHARDSON Essay on the Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian in Which the Objections of Malcolmlaihg are Paticularly Considered and Refuted, to Which is Added an Essay on the Mythology of Ossians Poems Edinburgh: Peter Hill, 1807. £189.00

HOGG James The Queen's Wake a Legendary Poem Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1819. £29.00

HEAD Sir F B A Narrative London: John Murray, 1839. £32.00

HAMILTON Elizabeth The Cottagers of Glenburnie a Tale of the Farmers Ingle-nook Edinburgh: Manners and Miller, 1809. £39.00

BALFOUR A Contemplation with Other Poems Edinburgh: Archibald Constable and Company, 1929. £229.00

The Inquirer Directed to an Experimental and Practical View of the Work of the Holy Spirit London: John F Shaw, 1840. £149.00

MONTESQUIEU Considérations sur les Causes de la Grandeur des Romains, et de leur Décadence, Suivies Du Dialogue De Sylla et d'Eucarte Nouvelle Edition a Laquelle on a Joint La Vie De l'Auteur Paris: H Barbou, 1802. £32.00

CAMPBELL Dr J : BERKENHOUT Dr Lives Of The British Admirals : Containing Also A New And Accurate Naval History, From The Earliest Periods... Complete in 4 Volumes London: Alexander Donaldson, 1779. £549.00

ROBERTSON W The History of the Reign of Charles V with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe , from the Subversion of the Roman Empire ..sixteenth Century Complete in 3 Vols Dublin: W and W Smith .., 1770. £229.00

HAWKINS Laetitia-Matilda Rosanne or a Father's Labour Lost 3 Volumes London: F C and J Rivington, 1814. £229.00

COOPER Fenimore The Bravo a Venitian Story Paris: Baudry's European Library, 1836. £59.00

BYRON Lord The Corsair a Tale; The Giaour 1813 Eight with Additions ; the Bride of Abydos 1813 Forthrth John Murray, 1814. £98.00

KAMES Lord H H Statute Law of Scotland Abridged with Historical Notes Edinburgh: A Kinaird and A Donaldson, 1757. £275.00

KENNETT B Romae Antiquae Notitia: Or the Antiquities of Rome in Two Parts London: C Bathurst..Rivington Et al, 1776. £98.00

NEWMAN J W The Lounger's Common-Place Book: Or Miscellaneous Collections in History, Criticisms, Biography, Poetry, and Romance; Complete Set 3 Volumes London: Longman Hurst Rees, and Orme, 1805. £89.00

PHILIP R Life and Times of the Reverend George Whitefield M A London: George Virtue, 1837. £189.00

CONNELL A A Treatise on the Election Laws in Scotland: To Which Is Added an Historical Inquiry Concerning the Municipal Constitutions of Towns and Boroughs with Appendix Containing the Election Statutes and Various Illustrative Documents Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1827. £89.00

JAMES W The Naval History of Great Britain from the Declaration of War ... Vol 5 1810- 1820 London: Baldwin, 1822. £98.00

WOODW Zoography or the Beauties of Nature Displayed in Select Descriptions from the Animal and Vegetable, with Additions from the Mineral Kingdom. Volume II London: Cadell and Davies, 1807. £98.00

CHAMBERS R A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen Complete in 4 Volumes Glasgow: Blackie, 1835. £229.00

HERON R Observations Made in a Journey Through the Western Counties of Scotland in the Autumn of M,DCCXCII Relating to Antiquities, Customs Manners Population, Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce, Political Conditions and Literature of These Parts 2 Volumes Perth: R Morison and Son, 1793. £129.00

NOBLE J Memoirs of the Protectorate-House of Oliver Cromwell; Deduced from an Early Period, and Continued Down to th Present Time; Collected Chiefly from Original Records 2 vols..... Birmingham: Sold By Baldwin Pater-Noster-Row, 1784. £798.00

Glen Grant a Distillation of 150 Years Rothes: Glen Grant Distillery, 1989. £79.00

ANTHING F History of the Campaigns of Count Alexander Suworow Rymnikski Field-Marshal-General in the Service of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of All the Russias; With a Preliminary Sketch of His Private Life and Character 2 Volumes Translated from the German London: J Wright, 1799. £289.00

The Beauties of Scotland containing a clear and full account of the Agriculture,Commerce,Mines and Manufactures; of the Population,Cities,Towns,Villages,etc.,of each County, Complete in 5 Vols 1805 Thomas Bonar & John Brown Edinburgh 5 Vols. £398.00

LOGAN J Sermons by the Late Reverend John Logan, F.R.S.; one of the ministers of Leith Vol1 Only London: Bell & Barfute, 1800. £59.00

MATHER S; ed C Fry The Gospel of the Old Testament: an explanation of the types and figures by Which Christ Was Exhibited Under the Legal Dispensation (rewritten from the original work by C Fry )2 volumes Bound in 1 London: R B Seeley and W Burnside, 1834. £59.00

The Juvenile Missionary Magazine Vol V 1948 January to December Bound with Vol VI 1949 ; Two Volumes in One London: The London Missionary Society, 1848. £32.00

MUIR J Glasgow Streets and Places; Notes and Memoranda Glasgow: William Hodge & Co, 1899. £20.00

FINDLAY Colonel J M With the 8th Scottish Rifles 1914 - 1919 Glasgow: Blackie, 1926. £59.00

HEATHCOTE N St Kilda Edinburgh: Rowll Press, 1959. £42.00

MORTON H B A Hillhead Album . £29.00

CAMPBELL A A Journey from Edinburgh Through Parts of North Britain Containing Remarks on Scottish Landscape; and Observations on Rural Economy, Natural History, Manufactures, Trade, and Commerce Intersperced with Anecdotes, Traditional , Literary,... 2 Volumes London: John Stockdale, 1810. £229.00

Strathisla 200 Years of Distilling Tradition Keith: The Distillery, 1986. £32.00

McWILLIAM J M The Birds of the Island of Bute London: H F & G Witherby, 1927. £42.00

McWILLIAM J M The Birds of the Island of Bute London: H F & G Witherby, 1927. £59.00

PHIPPS E A Memorials of Clutha or Pencillings on the Clyde London: C Armand, 1841. £39.00

McWILLIAM J M The Birds of the Island of Bute London: H F & G Witherby, 1927. £59.00

WILLOX J The Glasgow Tourist and Itinerary Being a Complete Handbook to the History, Manusfactures, Public Institutions, Scenery of Glasgow, and the Surrounding Districts; Consisting of a Series of Walks in the City, and Excursions Through the Adjoining Country Edinburgh: W H Lizars, 1849. £32.00

Illustrated Guide to Orkney Kirkwall: John Mackay. £32.00

The Laws and Acts Made in the Parliament of ..James VII ..Holden at Edinburgh 1685 ; Second Session 1686; Acts and Orders ... Of William 1689; ..W illiam and Mary 1690 - 1701; Queen Anne 1702 - 1707.. Edinburgh: Printed By the Heirs and Suceffors of Andrew Anderson. £119.00

MACKENZIE A History of the Lodge Cannongate Kilwinning No 2 Compiled from the Records 1677 - 1888 Edinburgh: The Lodge, 1888. £89.00

KER W Lee Mother Lodge Kilwinning "The Ancient Ludge of Scotland" Discussions of an Old Historical Question Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1896. £79.00

KER W L Kilwinning Kilwinning: A W Cross. £49.00

BAIRD J G A Muirkirk in Bygone Days with a Description of the Parish Published in 1761 Muirkirk: W S Smith, 1910. £29.00

Maxwell's Guide Book to the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Castle Douglas: J H Maxwell. £35.00

Peebles and its Neighbourhood with a Run on Peebles Railway Edinburgh: W and R Chambers, 1856. £69.00

HARPER M M Rambles in Galloway Topographical, Historical, Traditional and Biographical with Illustrations of the Scenery Castles, Abbeys, & Objects of Antiquarian Interest, By Faed,clark, Cowan,moule etc., Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1876. £29.00

DOUGLAS William Scott "In Ayrshire." A descriptive picture of the County of Ayr, with relative notes on interesting local subjects . Part First: The District of Cunninghame. With Historical Introduction, etc. . £49.00

HAVERFIELD F Roman Inscriptions in Britain 1888- 1890 ; 1800 - 1891 ; 18-2 - 1803 3 volumes in One London: Archaeological Journal, 1888. £49.00

GALT J The Ayrshire Legatees; or the Pringle Family Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1821. £89.00

PATERSON J History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton Vol 1 Kyle Part 1 & 2 Edinburgh: James Stillie, 1863. £89.00

WARRICK Rev John The History of Old Cumnock Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1899. £49.00

PATERSON J The Obit Book of the Church of St John the Baptist, Ayr; with a Translation, and an Historical Sketch, illustrative notes, index, Etc Edinburgh: Thomas G Stevenson, 1848. £52.00

BUCHAN J W A History of Peeblesshire 3 Volume Set Glasgow: Jackson Wylie & Co, 1925. £375.00

SMITH J A Monograph of the Stalactites and Stalagmites of the Cleaves Cove, Near Dalry, Ayrshire London: Elliot Stock, 1894. £89.00

SMITH J A Prehistoric Man in Ayrshire London: Elliot Stock, 1895. £39.00

BALFOUR J A The Book of Arran Archaeology Glasgow: The Arran Society of Glasgow, 1910. £149.00

GREENSHIELDS J B Annals of the Parish of Lesmahagow Edinburgh: The Caledonian Press, 1864. £169.00

M'KERLIE P H History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway with Historical Sketches of the District Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1906. £119.00

RENWICK R Historical Notes on Peeblesshire Localities Peebles: Watson & Smyth, 1897. £69.00

SEMPLE Duglad Joys of the Simple Life London: G Bell & Sons Ltd, 1915. £25.00

OATTS Lt Col L B Proud Heritage the Story of the Highland Light Infantry 1777 - 1959 in 4 Volumes London: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd, 1952. £429.00

A Testimony to the Truths of Christ Agreeably to the Standards , as Received By the Reformed Church of Scotland and in Opposition to Defections from the Reformation Sworn to in Britain and Ireland ; Together with an Act for Renewing the Covenants.... Paisley: J and R Parlane, 1887. £22.00

Chambers's Repository of Instructive and Amusing Tracts Vo 10 - 12 London: Chambers, 1854. £32.00

IRVINE A F Advocate Report of the Trial of Madeleine Smith Before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh June 30th to July 9th 1857 for the Alledged Poisioning of Pierre Emile l 'Angelier Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1857. £109.00

RUSSELL Rev M View of Ancient and Modern Egypt With an Outline of Its Natural History Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1831. £25.00

CHALMERS Rev Peter Historical and Statistical Account of Dunfermline 2 Vols Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1844. £189.00

SEMPLE Duglad Joys of the Simple Life London: G Bell & Sons Ltd. £22.00

MACLEOD Fiona (William Sharp), Illustrated by H C Preston MacGoun A Little Book of Nature Thoughts from Fiona Macleod London: T N Foulis. £39.00

BATE G A Short Narrative of the Late Troubles in England First Written in Latin for the Information of Forreners,and Now Don Into English,for the Behoof and Pleasure of Our Countrymen- 1649 London: F E Robinson & Co, 1902. £79.00

FORBES J; CONOLLY J ( eds) The British and Foreign Medical Review or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery Vol VII October - April 1839 London: John Churchill, 1839. £68.00

BOSWELL Sir A Edinburgh or the Ancient Royalty; a Sketch of Former Manners: With Notes By Simon Gray Edinburgh: Manners & Miller, 1810. £69.00

CAIRNS Rev J Fragments of College and Pastoral Life a Memoir of the Late Rev John Clark of Glasgow with Selections from His Essays Lectures and Sermons Edinburgh: William Oliphant, 1851. £22.00

PRIMROSESir Archibald of Chester The Laws and Acts of the First Parliament of Charles the Second Holden at Edinburgh First January 1661 Printed By Evan Tyler, 1661. £249.00

MACLEAN M Archaeology, Education, Medical & Charitable Institutions of Glasgow Glasgow: British Association, 1901. £20.00

The Edinburgh Memorandum-Book General Commercial and Juridical Remembrancer and Scottish Diary 1848 , with Almanack Adapted to the Meridian of Glasgow. M'Gregor's Greenock and Glasgow Tide Table Edinburgh: William Wilson, 1848. £58.00

LYON Rev C J The History of St Andrews Ancient and Modern Edinburgh: The Edinburgh Printing and Publishing Company, 1838. £898.00

GOURLAY G Fisher Life; or, the Memorials of Cellardyke and the Fife Coast Cupar: "Fife Herald Office", 1879. £159.00

ROGER History of St Andrews, with a full account of recent improvements in the City Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, 1849. £275.00

CONOLLY M F Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Men of Fife of Past and Present Times Natives of the County, or Connected With it By Property Residence, Office, Marriage ... Cupar: John C Orr, 1866. £139.00

FRASER James Map of the Counties of Fife and Kinross Made on the Basis of the Trigonometrical Survey of Scotland By James Fraser Being a Re-Construction of the Map By Greenwood & Fowler ..aditions to 1841. Markinch: James Fraser. £169.00

ARMISTEAD J J An Anglers Paradise and How to Obtain it Scarborough: The Angler Ltd, 1895. £49.00

Anstruther and Cellardykes, & King's Muir Monthly Visitor . £69.00

Anstruther and Cellardykes Monthly Visitor . £69.00

The St Andrews Pictorial Magazine No II Feb1858 ; III ; V; VI & Vols to XXXVI Dec 1860 . £389.00

GRANT R W The Highlands By Road (or Rail) with Scottish Garages for Motorists, Cyclists, and Sportsmen Touring the Highlands of Scotland ... Forres: R W Grant, 1908. £29.00

Kilrounie (pseud. [ John R. Russell.]) The kingdom. A descriptive and historical hand-book to Fife. With ... map and Illustrations Cupar: A Westwood & Son. £98.00

Charters of the Royal Burgh of Ayr Edinburgh: The Ayr and Wigton Archaeological Association, 1883. £25.00

REID A The Regality of Kirriemuir Edinburgh: John Grant, 1909. £350.00

KiDD W Dundee Past and Present Dundee: William Kidd & Sons, 1909. £55.00

MILLER S N The Roman Fort at Balmuildy on the Antonine Wall Glasgow Archaeological Society, 1922. £22.00

DUNCAN G ; DYKES D O The Principles of Civil Jurisdiction as Applied in the Law in Scotland Edinburgh: W Green & Sons, 1911. £29.00

Westwood's Parochial Directory for the Counties of Fife and Kinross Containing the Names and Addresses of Gentry and of Persons in Business ,.. Cupar: A Westwood & Son, 1862. £98.00

BELL D Among the Rocks Round Glasgow, a Series of Excursion Sketches & Other Papers Glasgow: James Maclehose and Sons, 1885. £45.00

CONNOLLY M F Fifiana: Or Memorials of the East of Fife Glasgow: John Tweed, 1869. £230.00

M'KERLIE P H History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway with a Historical Sketches of the District 5 Volumes Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1870. £119.00

WILSON D Memorials of Edinburgh in Olden Times 2 Volumes Edinburgh: Hugh Paton, 1848. £139.00

The Poetical Works of Robert Ferguson with His Life 2 Volumes in 1 Alnwick: Printed By W Davidson, 1814. £89.00

SYMSON A A Large Description of Galloway . M.DC.LXXXIV. With an appendix, containing original papers from the Sibbald and Macfarlane MSS Edinburgh: W and C Tait, 1832. £49.00

DEFOE Daniel The History of the Union between England and Scotland with collection of original papers relating thereto... An introduction, in which the consequences and probability of a like union between this country and Ireland are considered.:life of Daniel De Foe London: John Stockdale. £198.00

GALT J The Entail or the Lairds of Grippy 2 Volumes Edinburgh: William Andrews, 1823. £59.00

GALT J The Provost Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1822. £39.00

GALT J Annals of the Parish or the Chronicle of Dalmailing During the Ministry of the Rev Micah Balwhidder Written By Himself Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1821, 1821. £42.00

COCKBURN Lord Circuit Journeys Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1889. £25.00

The Register of the Synod of Galloway, from October 1664 to April 1671 Kirkcudbright: J.Nicholson, 1856. £39.00

MURRAY T The Literary History of Galloway, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time: With an Appendix Containing, with Other Illustrations, Notices of the Civil History of Galloway Till the End of the Thirteenth Century Edinburgh: Waugh and Innes, 1822. £29.00

MAIDMENT J The Court of Session Garland. Including all the Supplements London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co, 1888. £49.00

LAUDER Sir Thomas Dick Highland Rambles, and Long Legends to Shorten the Way 2 VOLUMES Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1837. £39.00

AGNEW Sir Andrew The Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway Their "Forebears" and Friends Their Courts and Customs of Their Times with Notes of the Early History, Ecclesiastical Legends, the Baronage and Place-Names Of the Province 2 Volumes Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1893. £200.00

The Ministers of the Respective Parishes The Statistical Account of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1845. £149.00

The Ministers of the Respective Parishes The Statistical Account of Wigtonshire Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1841. £119.00

A Galloway Herd [Henry M.B. Reid] About Galloway Folk Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1889. £22.00

M'ILWRAITH W The Visitors' Guide to Wigtownshire. With notes Historical, Antiquarian, & Descriptive. Upon the Burghs, Towns, Villages, Gentlemen's seats, ruins, and other places of interest in the County Dumfries: "Courier" Office, 1877. £42.00

CANNON J F Droll Recollections of Whithorn and Vicinity Dumfries: J Maxwell & Son, 1904. £29.00

CALDERWOOD W L The Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland London: Edwar Arnold, 1909. £89.00

M'KERLIE E Marianne H, Illustrated by The Author Pilgrim Spots in Galloway London: Sands & Co, 1916. £32.00

BANNERMAN D A The Birds of the British Isles 12 Volumes Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1953. £129.00

BAIRNSFATHER Bruce The Bairnsfather Case as Tried Before Mr Justice Busby London: Putman's Sons, 1920. £29.00

REID R C Wigtownshire Charters Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1960. £29.00

The Harp of Renfrewshire Second Series A collection of songs & other poetical Pieces (many of which are original) accompanied with notes,explanatory,critical,and Biographical Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1873. £20.00

BLAKE G John Rutherford Crosby a Memoir Glasgow: Robert Machelhose and Company. £29.00

TRANTER N The Deer Poachers London: Blackie, 1961. £39.00

LYON J Jubilee Souvenir of Dumbarton Building Society Ltd 1873 1923 Fifty Years History Dumbarton: Bennett & Thomson, 1923. £32.00

FORBES E A History of British Starfishes and Other Animals Of the Class Echinodermata London: John Van Voorst, 1841. £69.00

TAYLOR R H R & Others British Journal of Herpetology Vol 1 No 1- 6 The Distribution of Reptiles and Amphibia in the British Isles ............ London: British Herpetology Society, 1948. £119.00

STEUART W Collections and Observations Methodiz'd Concerning the Worship, Discipline and Government of the Church of Scotland Edinburgh: Printed By the Heirs and Suceffors of Andrew Anderson, 1709. £149.00

PAGAN J Sketches of the History of Glasgow Glasgow: Robert Stuart, 1847. £49.00

SCOTT Sir Walter Familiar Letters of Sir Walter Scott 1894 Edinburgh 2 vols. £22.00

WATT Flora Euphemia The Watt Line A Shorth History of the Watts of Orkney,Arbroath and Gamrie and related Families 1984 St Johns Michigan. £169.00

Black's economical Tourist: Scotland Edinburgh: A & C Black, 1840. £32.00

LANG A ( R Barclay ed) A Batch of Golfing Papers, London: Simpkin Marshall Hamilton, Kent and Co. £69.00

MACLEOD D, Illustrated by Hamilton M'Millan The Clyde District of Dumbartonshire Dumbarton: Bennett & Thomson, 1886. £29.00

PENNEY Scott Moncrieff (ed) Handbook for Travellers in Scotland London: John Murray, 1900. £20.00

FORBES William Advocate A Treatise of Church-Lands & Tithes in two parts containing An Historical Account of Eclefiaftical Revenues Churches Church-yards, .. & some Military orders, with a particular history of Tithes: 1st 1705 Andrew Anderson Edinburgh. £89.00

SMITH W Views of Campbelton and Neighbourhood Edinburgh: William Smith, 1835. £239.00

TAVERNER E ; SCOTT J Salmon Fishing The Lonsdale Library editor Major P Verney London: Seeley Service, 1972. £20.00

FERGUS A F The Origin and Development of the Glasgow School of Medicine: From Maister Peter Lowe to Sir William T Gairdner Presidential Address Delivered to the medicoo-Chirgical Society of Glasgow 6th October 1911 Glasgow: The Society, 1911. £22.00

WARRENDER M Marchmont and the Humes of Polwarth 1894 Blackwood Edinburgh. £79.00

History Barrhead Co-Operative Society Limited a Record of Its Struggles Progress and Success from Its Inception in 1861until the Year of Its Jubilee, 1911; Volv II 1911 -1936 Barrhead: Barrhead Co-Operative Society Limited, 1937. £69.00

TAYLOR F Johnstone and Co-Operation a Record of Circumstances And Events That Will be Helpful to an Itelligent Appreciation of the Co-Operative Movement in Johnstone and of the Co-Operative Movement as a whole Johnstone: Johnstone Co-Opertive Society Limited, 1916. £69.00

MURRAY A Fifty Years of Slamannan Co-Operative Society Limited 1861 - 1911glimpses of Slamannan Parish Slamannan: Slamannan Co-Operative Society, 1911. £79.00

MURRAY R History Barrhead Co-Operative Society Limited a Record of Its Struggles Progress and Success from Its Inception in 1861until the Year of Its Jubilee, 1913 Barrhead: Barrhead Co-Operative Society Limited, 1911. £49.00

BLAIR G Biographic and Descriptive Sketches of Glasgow Necropolis Glasgow: Maurice Ogle & Son, 1857. £98.00

DICKINSON W C Early Records of the Burgh of Aberdeen 1317 1398 - 1407 Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1957. £26.00

MORT F North Arran: A Physiographic Study The Author. £29.00

FRASER Rev William Memoir of the Life of David Stow; Founder of the Training System of Education London: James Nisbet and Company, 1868. £29.00

SCOTT Sir Walter The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott , Publishers Specimen London: Virtue & Co. £29.00

DOUGLAS R General View of the Agriculture in the Counties of Roxburgh and Selkirk with Observations on the Means of Their Improvement: Drawn Up, for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture & Internal Improvement London: G Nicol, 1798. £179.00

DOBIE James Memoir of William Wilson of Crummock with Prefatory Notice of the Author and Addenda By James Sheddon-Dobie of Morishill Edinburgh: The Editor, 1896. £169.00

CARRUTH R A Description of the Kilbarchan Copy of the Solemn League and Covenant Being a Supplement to the History of History of Kilbarchan Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1903. £39.00

GRAY J Biographical notice of the Rev.David Ure: with an examination, critical and detailed, of his History of Rutherglen and East Kilbride Glasgow: Hugh Hopkins, 1865. £89.00

FAIRIE J S Transcriptions of Monumental Inscriptions in the Ramshorn Burying Grounds and St Davids (Ranshorn) Church with Other Records of Lair Ownership Glasgow And West of Scotland Family History Society, 1983. £69.00

NAILEY W H A Chronicle of the Family of Gairdner of Ayrshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow and Their Connections from the Seventeeth Century Taunton: Printed By Hammett & Company. £89.00

HAY H L Guthrie Annandale Past and Present 1839 -1900 Christchurch: Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, 1901. £139.00

BEATTIE A G ; BEATTIE M H (eds) Pre 1855 Gravestone Inscriptions in Kilmarnock and Loudoun District Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Society. £69.00

McJANNET A F Royal Burgh of Irvine Glasgow: Civic Press, 1938. £159.00

DOBIE James Examination of the claim of John Lindsay Crawfurd:to the titles and estates of Crawfurd and Lindsay containing an exposure of the Forgeries of which that claim is Founded.refutation of the statements in the book entitled, "The Crawfurd Peerage." Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1831. £98.00

GRANT F J Scottish Record Society Index to the Register of Marriages and Batisms in the Parish of Kilbarchan Edinburgh: Scottish Record Society, 1912. £59.00

ADDISON W I The Snell Exhibitions from the University of Glasgow Yo Balliol College , Oxford Glasgow: James Maclehose and Sons, 1901. £22.00

The Dunlop Papers Vol 1 Autobiography of John Dunlop; Vol. Two the Dunlops of Dunlop of Auchenskaith , Keppoch and Gairbraid ;Vol. Three Letters and Journals 1663-1889 3 vols London: Spottiswoode Ballantyne & Co, 1932. £179.00

GILLESPIE George Dundonald A Contribution to Parochial History 2 Volumes Glasgow: John Wylie, 1939. £79.00

Archaeological and Historical Collections Relating to the County of Renfrew Vol 1 & 2 Parish of Lochwinnoch Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1885. £229.00

Archaeological and Historical Collections Relating to the County of Renfrew Vol 1 & 2 Parish of Lochwinnoch Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1885. £189.00

ROWAN D Memorials of Ochiltree and Neighbourhood in a Letter to a Friend Glasgow: Aird & Coghill, 1879. £29.00

GILLIES J The History of Ancient Greece it Colonies and Conquestsm from the Earliest Accounts Till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East Including the History of Literature, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts Vol 1 & 2 Only London: T Cadell and W Davies, 1809. £29.00

MAULE Mr Henry Miscellanea Pictia : Containing The History of the Picts By Mr Henry Maule) Sir Robert Sibbald's Account of the Picts From the History of Fife and Kinross and a Description of Pictish Antiquiies Remaining in Scotland & Northern Isles Edinburgh: D Webster Bookseller 6 Horse Wynde, 1818. £219.00

STRAWHORN J (ed) Ayrshire at the Time of Burns Ayr: Ayrshire and Natural History Society, 1959. £79.00

RENWICK R Glasgow Memorials Glasgow: James Maclehose and Sons, 1908. £32.00

FOSTER V, Illustrated by Ada Hanbury Vere Foster's Simple Lessons in Water-Color Flowers London: Blackie, 1884. £25.00

Glasgow Past and Present Illus in Dean Guild Court Reports and in the Reminicences ..of Senex.. Vol 1 & Vol 2; Glasgow Past and Present Embracing I. Loose Memoranda On Glasgow .. By Senex II. Desolutory Sketches By J B Vol 3 Glasgow: Printed By James MacNab, 1851. £189.00

The Glasgow Mechanics' Magazine and Annals of Philosophy Vol 1 & Vol 2 Glasgow: W R M'Phun, 1824. £169.00

DUNBAR G A Greek and English and English and Greek Lexicon : With Addenda and an Appendix Explanatory of Scientific Terms ... 2 Parts in One Volume Edinburgh: Maclachlan, Stewart & Co, 1844. £28.00

SMELLIE J Shipbuilding and Repairing in Dublin 1901 - 1923 Glasgow: McCorquodale & Co. £189.00

MCSKIMIN s The History and Antiquities of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus from the Earliest records till 1839. Also, A Statistical Survey of the County Notes and Appendix E J M'Crum Belfast: Mullan, 1909. £79.00

ROUX L N Le Patrick H Pearse Dublin: The Talbot Press. £59.00

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