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Gearrannan Blackhouse Village The blackhouse families : Teaghlaichean nan Taighean-Dubha Isle of Lewis: Gearrannan Blackhouse Village/Urras Nan Gearrannan, 1980. £29.99

Fraser, Alex A glimpse of Forres of yesteryear Elgin: Moravian Press, 1989. £24.99

Tomaszewski, Wiktor Edinburgh University and Poland Edinburgh: Aberdeen University Press, 1968. £29.99

Shaw, Frances J. The Northern and Western Islands of Scotland : Their Economy and Society in the Seventeenth Century J. Donald Publishers, 1980. £28.99

Macpherson, Norman The Appellate jurisdiction of the House of lords in Scotch causes illustrated by the litigation relating to the custody of the Marquis of Bute T & T Clark Law Booksellers, 1861. £22.99

Archibald, Malcolm Scottish Animal and Bird Folklore Edinburgh: Saint Andrew Press, 1996. £22.99

Sprenger, Richard A. The Intermediate Food Hygiene Handbook for Scotland : A Text for Food Hygiene Courses and Supervisors Highfield, 2003. £24.99

Barnard, Alfred; Joynson, Richard The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom Birlinn, 2003. £95.00

Gibbs, K Elizabeth; Tees, Mairi William Rose and George Blaik old country settlers of Athelstan 1792-1907 K Elizabeth Giibbs, 2006. £24.99

Rhodes, Mandy; Peakin, Will Scottishness : Relections on Identity Holyrood Communications, 2006. £24.99

Davies, Douglas J Mormon Identities in Transition Cassell, 1996. £24.99

Centore, F. F. Persons : A Comparative Account of the Six Possible Theories Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.: Greenwood Pub Group, 1979. £24.99

Jackson, T Sturges Logs of the Great Sea Fights 1794-1805 Navy Records Society, 1981. £24.99

Bight, Charles; Harding, Susan Statemaking and Social Movements : Essays in History and Theory Jackson, Tennessee, U.S.A.: Ann Arbor Univ of Michigan Pr, 1984. £24.99

Madan, G. R. Western Sociologists on Indian Society : Marx, Spencer, Weber, Durkheim, Pareto Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979. £29.99

Weidner, Marsha Cultural Intersections in Later Chinese Buddhism Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.: Univ of Hawaii Pr, 2001. £21.99

Graham, A. C. Disputers of the Tao : Philosophical Argument in Ancient China Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.: Open Court Publishing Company, 1989. £21.99

Crowther, Paul The Kantian Sublime : From Morality to Art Oxford: Clarendon Pr, 1989. £22.99

McCrone, David; Morris, Angela; Kiely, Richard Scotland-The Brand : The Making of Scottish Heritage Edinburgh Univ Pr, 1995. £22.99

Scarlett, James D. Tartan: The Highland Textile London, United Kingdom: Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd, 1990. £24.99

Way, George Collins Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia Collins, 1998. £45.00

Drever, Helen Tales of the Scottish clans for children (and grown-ups) Edinburgh: Grant & Murray, 1931. £24.99

Robertson, Anne; Scott, Margaret; Keppie, Lawrence Bar Hill: A Roman Fort and its finds (British Archeological Reports) British Archeological Reports, 1975. £23.99

Cosgrove, Brian; Hall, mark; Appleby, Bridget; Moores, Graham; Kenyon, Sylvia; Scoble, Keith; Wride, Katharine; Evans, Roy The Magic Ball Annual 1974 World Distributors (manchester) Ltd, 1973. £59.99

Lake, Deryn Death at the Devil's Tavern London, United Kingdom: Hodder and Stoughton, 1996. £49.99

Smiley, David Irregular Regular Michael Russell, 1994. £39.99

Rose, June Mistress of Montmartre: A Life of Suzanne Valadon United Kingdom: Richard Cohen Books, 1998. £24.99

Holt, P. M.; Daly, M.W. The History of the Sudan : from the Coming of Islam to the Present Day Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1979. £28.99

Bell, E. Moberly Storming the Citadel : The Rise of the Woman Doctor Westport, Connecticut, U.S.A.: Hyperion Pr, 1994. £32.99

Banham, Reyner Scenes in America Deserta London: Thames & Hudson, 1982. £30.99

Wikeley, Nick; Williams, David; Hooker, Ian Social Security Legislation 2011/2012 Volume IV Tax Credits and HMRC-administered Social Security Benefits Sweet & Maxwell, 2011. £50.00

Rowland, Mark; White, Robin Social Security Legislation 2011/2012 Volume III Administration, Adjudication and the European Dimension Sweet & Maxwell, 2011. £40.00

Bonner, David; Poynter, Richard; Wikeley, Nick; Wood, Penny Social Security Legislation 2011/2012 Volume II Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance, Pension Credit and the Social Fund Sweet & Maxwell, 2011. £50.00

Tolkien, J R R The Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King Folio Society, 2002. £99.00

Paton, Donald M; Boswell, Ella S Glencraig comes home : a Scots comedy in three acts Glasgow: Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1938. £29.99

Porter, Jane Life of Sir William Wallace or The Scottish Chiefs Walter Scott Publishing Co, 1918. £24.99

Thomas, John; Patterson, Alan J S A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume 6 Scotland : The Lowlands and the Borders United Kingdom: David & Charles, 1984. £26.99

Herbert, W.N. The Testament of the Reverend Thomas Dick Arc Publications, 1994. £34.99

Rizvi, Janet Ladakh : Crossroads of High Asia Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1983. £55.99

Arthos, John Dante, Michelangelo and Milton Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1963. £49.99

Rosetta, Brian Tumut : a quiet resting place by the river Tumut NWS Australia: Wilkie Watson Publications, 1990. £24.99

Wilde, Oscar De Profundis and The Ballad of Reading Gaol Leipzig: Bernard Tauchnitz, 1930. £24.99

Von Klarwill, Victor; Byrne, L S R The Fugger News-letters Second series John Lane the Bodley Head, 1926. £29.99

Bernanos, George; Whitehouse, J C Mouchette Bodley Head, 1966. £29.99

Barker, Cicely Mary Flower Fairies of the Autumn : with the nuts and berries they bring Blackie and Son Limited, 1940. £69.99

Barker, Cicely Mary Fairies of the Trees Blackie and Son Limited, 1940. £69.99

Barker, Cicely Mary A Little Book of Old Rhymes Blackie and Son Limited, 1936. £44.99

Barker, Cicely Mary Groundsel and Necklaces Blackie and Son Limited, 1946. £34.99

George Philip & Son Rank at a Glance in the Army and Navy : with over 300 badges Liverpool: George Philip & Son, 1916. £39.99

Lawless, Peter The Golfer's Companion J M Dent and Sons, 1937. £39.99

Brent-Dyer, Elinor M Eustacia goes to the Chalet School W & R Chambers, 1950. £34.99

Hutchinson British, German and Italian aircraft : how to spot them Hutchinson, 1943. £24.99

Graham, Stephen Russia in 1916 Cassell, 1917. £29.99

Seers, H Waddingham Nature Stories to tell to children George G Harrap and Co, 1918. £39.99

Moore, George Confessions of a Young Man Heinemann, 1926. £24.99

Rix, Herbert Prince Pimpernel : Kitty's adventures in Fairyland and the regions adjoining London: Duckworth and Co, 1909. £129.00

Dornhorst, Paul Run of a Comedy Stanley Smith, 1936. £24.99

Mellis, Captain D B N Mostly from the Bridge Isle of Mull: CCC Design and Publications, 2003. £24.99

Hill, Weldon Lonesome Traveler New York: David Mckay, 1971. £24.99

Sansom, Olga In the Grip of an Island : Early Stewart Island History Christchurch: Cadsonbury Publications, 2006. £59.99

Katz, Michael Jay Socrates in August : From Incondensable Complexity to Myth New York, New York, U.S.A.: Peter Lang Pub Inc, 1991. £24.99

Chomsky, Noam The Backroom Boys Fontana, 1973. £29.99

Wallave, Iny L The Kittie-Poosies Collins, 1965. £24.99

Salvationist Publishing This was their call Salvationist Publishing, 1965. £24.99

Dasgupta, Sugata Towards a philosophy of social work in India New Delhi: Popular Book Services/Gandhian Institute of Studies, 1967. £29.99

Corelli, Marie Thelma : a Norwegian Princess Methuen, 1897. £39.99

Wrong, George M The rise and fall of New France Volume 2 Macmillan, 1928. £24.99

Masterman, C F G How England is Governed Selwyn and Blount, 1921. £49.99

Khayyam, Omar; FitzGerald, Edward RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM London: George G Harrap and Co, 1918. £69.00

Vachell, Horace Annesley Quinneys' John Murray, 1915. £39.00

Weedon, L L Rose or Thistle : a romance of the border London: Ernest Lister, 1903. £49.00

Roberts, Margaret Margaret Woodward or Summerleigh Manor London: Frederick Warne, 1885. £24.99

Andersen, Hans Christian The Ice-Maiden (Stories for the Children) London: Sisley's Ltd, 1920. £79.99

De Vries, Peter The Cat's Pajamas & Witch's Milk : Two Novels Victor Gollancz, 1969. £29.99

Davies, Trevor H The Inner Circle : studies in the associates of Jesus Hodder and Stoughton, 1924. £28.99

Harraden, Beatrice The Scholar's daughter Methuen, 1906. £59.99

Allsop, F The Story of Mangatu : the forest which healed the land Wellington: A R Shearer, 1973. £64.99

Aiken, Conrad Three Novels : Blue Voyage, Great Circle, King Coffin W H Allen, 1965. £32.99

Christie, Agatha Akhnaton : A Play in Three Acts Collins, 1973. £29.99

Magee, Bryan Facing Death: A Novel Kimber, 1977. £125.00

Ferguson, J M Macdougall Kagawa the Fearless: his life-story for boys and girls Independent Press, 1937. £39.99

Lindgren, Astrid; Crampton, Patricia Karlson on the Roof Methuen, 1977. £49.99

Ballew, Charles Rim-Fire returns London: Wright & Brown, 1944. £24.99

Fay, C R Copartnership in Industry Cambridge at the University Press, 1913. £24.99

Green, L C The International Law Association: Report of the Forty-Seventh Conference Dubrovnik 1956 London: International Law Association, 1957. £49.00

Anstey, F The imaginary invalid Hodder and Stoughton, 1929. £24.99

Marsh, Richard A Spoiler of Men Staple Inn Press, 1925. £29.99

Bartowne, Veronica The Playtime Book of Fairy Stories: King Midas, Hansel and Gretel, The chocolate elf Rylee Ltd, 1960. £24.99

Garland, Rosemary Kate and Katie Doll Young World Productions Ltd, 1960. £24.99

Conrad, Joseph Almayer's Folly : a story of an eastern River T Fisher Unwin, 1896. £39.99

Dickens, Charles Christmas Tales Harrap, 1932. £34.99

Morran, Elda Susan; Schlemmer, Lawrence; DIAKONIA (Organization) Faith for the Fearful? An Investigation into the New Churches in the Greater Durban Area Durban: Centre for Applied Social Sciences, University of Natal, 1984. £29.99

Bose, Mihir The Lost Hero: A Biography of Subhas Bose Quartet Books, 1982. £24.99

Ryan, Alan; Berlin, Sir Isaiah The Idea of Freedom: Essays in Honour of Isaiah Berlin Oxford University Press, 1979. £26.49

Haining, Peter The Third Book of Unknown Tales of Horror Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980. £27.99

Williams, Rowan A margin of silence : the Holy Spirit in Russian Orthodox Theology / Une marge de silence : L'Esprit Saint dans la theologie orthodoxe russe Quebec: Editions du Lys Vert, 2008. £44.99

Quick, Oliver Chase Essays in Orthodoxy Macmillan, 1916. £129.99

McLean, K.A. Drying and Storing Combinable Crops Ipswich: Farming Press, 1989. £31.99

Mariner, David The Beaufort Dossier Robert Hale, 1973. £95.00

Dicks, Henry V Marital Tensions: clinical studies towards a psychological theory of interaction Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973. £28.99

Cunynghame, Sir H Short Talks upon Philosophy Constable and Co, 1923. £34.99

Wade, Henry The High Sheriff London: Constable and Co, 1939. £42.99

Crook, D M Pursuit of Passy London: Herbert Joseph, 1946. £64.99

Cox, J R Third World Rover Scout Moot: the official Souvenir Book Scotland July 15-29 1939 Boy Scouts Association/Munro Publications, 1939. £44.99

Luebke, Frederick C Ethnicity on the Great Plains Lincoln, NE, U.S.A.: University of Nebraska Press, 1980. £22.99

Cribb, T. J. Imagined Commonwealths: Cambridge Essays on Commonwealth and International Literature in English Macmillan, 1999. £28.99

Krasikov, Anatoly From Dictatorship to Democracy: Spanish Reportage Tarrytown, New York, U.S.A.: Pergamon Pr, 1984. £44.99

Swales, Erika The Poetics of Skepticism: Gottfried Keller and Die Leute Von Seldwyla Oxford, United Kingdom: Berg Pub Ltd, 1994. £29.99

Martin, Philip W.; Jarvis, Robin Reviewing Romanticism Macmillan, 1992. £28.99

Metzidakis, Stamos Understanding French Poetry: Essays for a New Millennium Garland Publishing, 1994. £28.99

Gonzalez, Margaret C. Literature of Protest: The Franco Years Lanham, Maryland, U.S.A.: Univ Pr of Amer, 1998. £28.99

Campbell, Michael Lord Dismiss Us Book Club, 1968. £24.99

Lapointe, Francois H Soren Kierkegaard and His Critics: An International Bibliography of Criticism Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.: Greenwood Press, 1980. £32.99

Phillips, Donald G. Post-National Patriotism and the Feasibility of Post-National Community in United Germany Westport, Connecticut, U.S.A.: Praeger Pub Text, 2000. £26.99

Luker, Ralph E. Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement Lanham, Maryland, U.S.A.: Scarecrow Pr, 1996. £28.99

Mehl, Margaret History and the State in Nineteenth-Century Japan Palgrave, 2001. £26.99

Frohlich, Klaus The Emergence of Russian Constitutionalism 1900-1904: The Relationship between Social Mobilization and Political Group Formation in Pre-Revolutionary Russia M. Nijhoff, 1981. £27.99

Kyd, David Russell; Williamson, A Wallace Life's transient dream: brief discourses Edinburgh: James Clarke & Co, 1922. £48.99

Strathern, Paul Pass by the Sea Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1968. £129.00

Remy, Mylene The Gambia Today Paris: Les editions du Jaguar, 2002. £29.99

Winter, Eric The Stanley Book of Home Storage Spectator Publications/Stanley Works, 1970. £24.99

Robinson, W. Heath Inventions United Kingdom: Duckworth Pub, 1998. £24.99

Cumpston, J H L Charles Sturt: his life and journeys of exploration Melbourne: Georgian House/Hawthorn Press, 1951. £34.99

Milton, John Poetical Works of John Milton Thomas Nelson, 1848. £34.99

Mwondela, W R; Republic of Zambia Know the peoples of Zambia series no 1 Lusaka: Government Printer, 1950. £29.99

Buchan, John The four adventures of Richard Hannay Hodder and Stoughton, 1930. £29.99

Lewanika, Godwin A M English-Lozi phrase book Macmillan, 1936. £29.99

Jalla, A Dictionary of the Lozi language Vol 1 Lozi-English Methuen, 1936. £39.99

Hall, R N; Keane, A H Great Zimbabwe Mashonaland, Rhodesia: an account of two years' examination work in 1902-4 on behalf of the Government of Rhodesia Methuen, 1905. £79.00

Buckland, Patrick Irish Unionism 2: Ulster Unionism and the origins of Northern Ireland 1886 to 1922 Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1973. £34.99

Williams, Roger M. Sing a Sad Song: The Life of Hank Williams University of Illinois Press, 1981. £49.99

Woolman, David S Rebels in the Rif: Abd El Krim and the Rif Rebellion Oxford Universitty Press, 1969. £59.99

Willey, Keith Ghosts of the Big Country Hale, 1975. £29.99

Farrant, Leda The Legendary Grogan: The Only Man to Trek from Cape to Cairo, Kenya's Controversial Pioneer H. Hamilton, 1981. £20.99

Smiley, David; Fermor, Patrick Leigh Albanian Assignment Chatto & Windus/Hogarth Press, 1984. £24.99

Bingham, Tom The Rule of Law London, United Kingdom: Allen Lane, 2010. £39.99

Monk, Ray Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius Old Tappan, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Free Pr, 1990. £23.99

Deane, Phyllis The measurement of colonial national incomes (National Institute of Economics and Social Research Occasional Papers XII) Cambridge University Press. £26.99

Temple, Rev Merfyn Small Miracles: changing Africa's image of despair Merfyn Temple, 1998. £24.99

Leatham, Lady Victoria The wrestling boys: an exhibition of Chinese and Japanese porcelain Burghley House Stamford Trustees of Burghley House, 1983. £24.99

Colonial Office Colonial Office Annual report on Northern Rhodesia for the year 1947 London: HMSO, 1948. £24.99

Gorman, W A R Simple Silozi: a guide for beginners Longmans Green and Co, 1950. £29.99

Northern Rhodesia Information Department The Northern Rhodesia handbook Lusaka: Government Printer, 1953. £24.99

Smith, Tony Bagnall; Smith, John; Chalker, Lynda Vet in Africa: Life on the Zambezi 1913-1933 Radcliffe Press, 1997. £54.99

Colson, Elizabeth; Gluckman, Max Seven Tribes of British Central Africa Oxford Universitty Press, 1951. £24.99

Brelsford, W V Handbook to the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Federal Information Department/Cassell, 1960. £29.99

Lliboutry, Louis Quantitative Geophysics and Geology Springer, 1999. £21.99

Comley, John The border men Heinemann, 1961. £84.99

Takano, Saikoh Birds and Animals in Honiton Lace United Kingdom: B T Batsford Ltd, 1992. £24.99

Ford, Leslie Shot in the dark Crime Club, 1949. £59.99

Allan, Mabel Esther The vine-clad hill Collins, 1967. £29.99

International Paints Ltd; Hardy, A C Ship and Boat Builder Year Book 1950 London: John Trundle, 1950. £79.99

Wray, J W South Sea Vagabonds Herbert Jenkins, 1953. £79.99

Melville, Herman; Hayford, Harrison; Sealts, Merton M Billy Budd Sailor: an inside narrative London: University of Chicago Press, 1962. £39.99

Clube, Victor; Napier, Bill The Cosmic Winter Oxford: Blackwell Pub, 1990. £69.99

Brand, Max Dan Barry's Daughter White Lion Publishers, 1974. £29.99

Bell, Josephine Alvina Foster Longmans Green and Co, 1944. £27.99

Clay, A S Shipmates: Agnes Rankin 1774-1859 Windermere: A S Clay, 1967. £44.99

Loughlin, John; Mazey, Sonia The End of the French Unitary State?: Ten Years of Regionalization in France 1982-1992 Frank Cass & Co, 1995. £21.99

Christian, Carol; Plummer, Gladys God and One Redhead: Mary Slessor of Calabar United Kingdom: Hodder & Stoughton, 1970. £24.99

Bruder Grimm Kinder-und hasmarchen SET OF 2 VOLUMES Eugen Diederichs Verlag, 1982. £24.99

Littmann, Enno Die Erzahlungen Aus Den Tausendundein Nachten: In 12 Bd (SET OF 12 VOLUMES) Insel-Verlag, 1976. £29.99

Anger, Eberhard; Schafer, Gerd Der Kunst: Brockhaus in 10 banden: 10 VOLUME SET B I Taschenbuchverlag, 1987. £29.99

Schiller, Friedrich Werke in drei banden: THREE VOLUME SET Munchen: Carl Hanser Verlag, 1981. £29.99

Proust, Marcel Aufder Suche Nach der Verlorenen Zeit: SET OF 10 VOLUMES Suhrkamp, 1980. £79.00

Stifter, Adalbert Adalbert Stifter: Werke SET OF 4 VOLUMES Insel Verlag, 1978. £39.99

Hesse, Hermann Die Romane und die großen Erzählungen (in 8 Bänden): SET of 8 volumes of the works of Herman Hesse Suhrkamp, 1977. £39.99

Kimura-Sagara Deutsch-Japanisches Worterbuch Hakuyusha, 1990. £39.99

Schinzinger, Robert; Yamamoto, Akira; Nambara, Minoru Worterbuch der Deutschen und Japanischen Sprache: Japanisch-Deutsch Tokyo: Sanshusha Publishing Co, 1980. £49.99

Breitung, P Eusebius Deutsch-japanisches Worterbuch: Romaji Dokuwa Jiten Tokyo: Rupert Enderle, 1963. £39.99

Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin Berlin-Tokyo im 19 und 20 jahrhundert Springer, 1997. £39.99

Kiepenheuer, Bettina Die Jahreszeiten Atlantis-Kinderbucher, 1936. £44.99

Gering, Von Hugo; Stassen, Von Franz; Potthoff, Von O D Edda gotterlieder/heldenlieder Berlin: Askanischer Verlag/ Carl Albert Kindle, 1943. £195.00

Kraas, E; Hiki, Y 300 Jahre deutsch-japanische Beziehungen in der Medizin Springer-Verlag, 1992. £49.99

Jullian, Philippe Der Symbolismus Schauberg: Verlag M Dumont, 1974. £44.99

Lochner, Stefan MEISTER ZU KÖLN. - Herkunft, Werke, Wirkung: Eine Ausstellung des Wallraff-Richartz-Museums Köln Hanstein Verlag, 1993. £49.99

Hammitzsch, Horst; Brull, Lydia; Goch, Ulrich Japan-Handbuch F. Steiner, 1981. £39.99

Mochizuki, Koitsu; the Japan Foundation Langenscheidts Lernworterbuch: Japanisch Langenscheidt/Japan Foundation, 1997. £34.99

Letolle, Rene; Mainguet, Monique Der Aralsee: Eine ökologische Katastrophe Heidelberg, Germany: Springer-Verlag GmbH, 1996. £49.99

Suzuki, Bokushi; Lesser, Rose Leben unter dem Schnee: geschichten und bilder aus dem anderen Japan Eugen Diederichs Verlag, 1989. £59.99

Busuttil, Captain E D Kalepin (Damm il-kleim) dizjunarju SET OF 2 VOLUMES: Ingliz-Malti (English-Maltese) and Malti-Ingliz (Maltese-English) It-tielet Harga/It-Tieni Edizzjoni, 1965. £49.00

Cooley, Julia Wolves against the moon Peter Davies, 1941. £27.99

Bojer, Johan; Muir, Jessie The Last of the Vikings Hodder and Stoughton, 1923. £349.00

Lewis, Hilda Wife to Great Buckingham Jarrolds, 1959. £24.99

Wyndham, John Jizzle Science Fiction Book Club, 1961. £49.99

Harvey, Frank Hudasky's Raiders Michael Joseph, 1966. £21.99

Riley, P W J The English Ministers and Scotland 1707-1727 Athlone Press, 1964. £34.99

Watters, Norman; Watters, Ann Stories behind some of Burns songs and other Scottish songs Fife: Ann Watters, 1997. £49.99

Duncan, Andrew A A Wheen Mair - and then some: 100 Scottish verses with glossary Vol III Writers' Own Publications, 2000. £24.99

Paston-Williams, Sara Fish: Recipes From A Busy Island United Kingdom: Natl Trust, 2005. £28.99

Bondi, Stefano Za Za's Trattoria of Florence and his recipes of typical Tuscan cooking Florence: GE 9, 1997. £29.99

Hemingway, Ernest The old man and the sea Reprint Society, 1953. £49.99

Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin; Syers, Kenneth Beyond the Planet Earth Pergamon Press, 1960. £49.99

Standish, Robert The Course of True Love Peter Davies, 1968. £32.99

Raynor, David; Beyer, John C The Standard Bearer: a Biography of Charles Oxley Quinta Press, 2002. £49.99

Karger, Howard Jacob The Sentinels of Order: A Study of Social Control and the Minneapolis Settlement and House Movement, 1915-1950 Lanham, Maryland, U.S.A.: Univ Pr of Amer, 1987. £21.99

Wilson, Henry S. The Imperial Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1870: Europe and the World in the Age of Expansion Volume VIII Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.: Univ of Minnesota Pr, 1977. £22.99

Gerner, Kristian; Hedlund, Stefan The Baltic States and the End of the Soviet Empire Florence, Kentucky, U.S.A.: Routledge, 1993. £28.99

Farrington, David P.; Gunn, John Reactions to Crime: The Public, the Police, Courts, and Prisons Somerset, New Jersey, U.S.A.: John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1985. £28.99

Shelton, Beth Anne Women, Men and Time: Gender Differences in Paid Work, Housework and Leisure Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.: Greenwood Pub Group, 1992. £36.99

Scott, Peter The Property Masters: a history of the British commercial property sector E & FN Spon, 1996. £49.99

Zabkar, Anton Analyses of the Conflict in Former Yugoslavia Vienna: Landesverteidigungsakademie, 1994. £24.99

Cook, Richard I. Bernard Mandeville Twayne Publishers, 1974. £24.99

His Highness Raja Yeshwantrao (Maharaja of Jawhar) Jayaba T & A Constable, 1970. £129.99

Berkowitz, David Sandler John Selden's Formative Years: Politics and Society in Early Seventeenth-Century England U.S.A.: Folger Books, 1988. £28.99

Cezanne, Paul; Rewald, John Paul Cezanne: Letters B. Cassirer, 1976. £28.99

Locke, Ralph P; Barr, Cyrilla Cultivating Music in America: Women Patrons and Activists Since 1860 Ewing, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Univ of California Pr, 1997. £44.99

Pedraza-Bailey, Silvia Political and Economic Migrants in America: Cubans and Mexicans Austin: University of Texas Press, 1985. £36.99

Doyle, William The Old European Order 1660-1800 Oxford University Press, 1978. £28.99

Judd, Ellen R. Gender and Power in Rural North China Chicago, IL, U.S.A.: Stanford University Press, 1994. £24.99

Polkinghorn, Bette; Thomson, Dorothy Lampen Adam Smith's Daughters: Eight Prominent Women Economists from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Williston, Vermont, U.S.A.: Edward Elgar Pub, 1999. £27.99

Guzman, Jose Miguel; Singh, Susheela; Rodriguez, German; Pantelides, Edith A The Fertility Transition in Latin America Clarendon Press Oxford, 1996. £28.99

Valenta, Jiri; Cibulka, Frank Gorbachev's New Thinking and Third World Conflicts Edison, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Transaction Pub, 1990. £22.99

Levitine, George Culture and Revolution: cultural ramifications of the French Revolution University of Maryland, 1989. £21.99

Coe, Lewis The Telephone and Its Several Inventors: A History Jefferson, North Carolina, U.S.A.: McFarland & Co Inc Pub, 1995. £24.99

Turner, Harry A Frenzy of Indifference: Tales of a TV Journeyman East Susex, United Kingdom: Book Guild Ltd, 2000. £24.99

Chambers, Anne Chieftain to Knight: Tibbott-Ne-Long Bourke (1567-1629) Wolfhound Press, 1983. £24.99

James, Wilmot G.; Simons, Mary Class, Caste and Color: A Social and Economic History of the South African Western Cape Edison, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Transaction Pub, 1992. £24.99

Walsh, Margaret Sam Maguire: The Enigmatic Man behind Ireland's Most Prestigious Trophy Kenneigh Tower Publications, 2003. £22.99

Masson, Madeleine Edwina: the biography of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma White Lion, 1975. £24.99

Marshall, Barbara; Woods, Bob Out of the Rough: a century of golf in Queanbeyan The Queanbeyan Age, 1996. £54.99

Fuhrmann, Von Ernst Peru: mit 100 abbildungen Folkwang Verlag, 1922. £29.99

Joyce, T Athol; Thomas, N W Women of all nations: a record of their characteristics, habits, manners, customs and influence Cassell, 1911. £89.00

Francis, John C The Athenaeum Journal January-June 1895 John C Francis, 1895. £79.00

Staigl, Tadeusz Through Hell to Freedom Bognor Regis: New Horizon, 1982. £39.99

Grieve, Captain W Grant; Newman, Bernard Tunnellers: the story of the tunnelling companies, Royal Engineers, during the World War Herbert Jenkins, 1936. £99.00

Williams, G Mountford Silk Rope Gerald Duckworth, 1947. £24.99

Merrick, Leonard; Pertwee, Roland; Wodehouse, P G; Wells, H G My funniest story Faber and Faber, 1946. £24.99

Martin, Edward Alfred Glimpses into nature's secrets Elliot Stock, 1890. £39.00

Onions, Oliver Ghosts in daylight Chapman & Hall, 1924. £89.00

Horler, Sydney The breed of the Beverleys: a story of the modern prize-ring Odhams Press, 1940. £89.00

Blyth, Alan Heddle Nash: the recorded legacy: a critical discography with biographical notes and commentary Lavenham, 2007. £34.99

Naidoo, Jennie; Wills, Jane Public Health and Health Promotion: Developing Practice Bailliere Tindall, 2006. £28.99

Roche, Nan The new clay: techniques and approaches to jewelry making Flower Valley Press, 1991. £22.99

Horsley, Terence The Odyssey of an out-of-work John Lane The Bodley Head, 1931. £29.99

Baker, Colin Sir Glyn Jones: A Proconsul in Africa United Kingdom: I B Tauris & Co Ltd, 2000. £39.99

Yoskikawa, Eiji; Terry, Charles S Musashi Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.: Kodansha International/Harper & Row, 1981. £39.99

Tapie, Michel; Tominaga, Soichi Sofu Teshigahara Tokyo: Institut International de Recherches esthetiques/Editeur Sogetsu, 1959. £24.99

Field, Tiffany M.; McCabe, Philip M.; Schneiderman, Neil Stress and Coping: Across Development New York, New York, U.S.A.: Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc Inc, 1988. £28.99

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