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Simply Read Books

Gilson, Leslie E Parrys Woodworking Machinery Electric Tools and Accessories Parry and Son, 1955. £31.49

Taylor, Lord First Aid in the Factory (Medical World Handbook) Longmans, 1960. £26.24

Patterson, Marian J A History of Stafford Township 1835-1991 Canada: Stafford Township, 1991. £41.99

Bauer, J M As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me Popular Book Club, 1959. £20.99

Meney, Kathy; Brown, P. Forests on Foot : Forty Walks in Western Australia Cloisters Square, W.A., Australia: Campaign to Save Native Forests, 1985. £20.99

HAWES, Hugh (ed) Health Promotion in Our Schools Child-to-child Trust, 1997. £20.99

Hutchison, Isobel Wylie On Greenland's Closed Shore Blackwood, 1930. £94.49

Kinderlehrer, Jane Confessions of a Sneaky Organic Cook Signet, 1972. £26.24

Bohmer, Marietje Status: a Stage for People Without Papers Rotterdam: Stichting Rotterdams Wijktheater, 2009. £20.99

Badeau, John S et al The Genius of Arab Civilzation: Source of Renaissance Eurabia, 1983. £20.99

Sava, George The Healing Knife: a Surgeon's Destiny Right Book Club, 1948. £20.99

Runciman, Steven Byzantine Civilisation Edward Arnold, 1959. £20.99

Jones, E H The Road to En-dor Pan, 1955. £26.24

Kornitzer, Louis Pearls and Men Penguin, 1946. £31.49

Voss; Hughes, Richard The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss Travel Book Club, 1950. £31.49

Rolleston, T W Celtic (Myths and Legends series) Bracken Books, 1976. £36.74

Clough, Raymund Gore Oil Rivers Trader : Memories of Iboland London: C Hurst & Co, 1972. £20.46

Dennison, E J A Cottage Hospital Grows Up: The Story of Queen Victoria Hospital East Grinstead Baxendale Press, 1996. £34.64

Sell, Henry T Sell's Bible Study Text Books: Bible Study By Books Fleming H Revell, 1926. £20.99

Woodward, A Smith The Earliest Englishman Watts and Co; Thinker's Library, 1948. £26.24

Darwin, Charles The Origin of the Species Watts and Co; Thinker's Library, 1945. £26.24

Duguid, Julian Tiger-man Pan, 1951. £62.99

Morris, James Pax Britannica Folio Society, 1992. £31.49

Rizal, Dr Jose; Bocobo, Dr Jorge Noli Me Tangere Manila: R Martinez and Sons, 1956. £41.99

Lemaire, Angela A Sister of Our Lady of Grace and Compassion: Her Day Heathfield: Holy Cross Priory; Angela Lemaire, 1980. £41.99

National Agricultural Advisory Serviced; HMSO Management in Farming HMSO, 1949. £20.99

Mazumdar, Anil The Journey is the Reward: The Chemtech Story Mumbai: Chemtech Foundation, 2002. £31.49

Marshall, Emma et al The Boys' and Girls' Companion Church of England Sunday School Institute, 1896. £26.24

Scroggie, W Graham Know Your Bible: a Guide to the Gospels Pickering and Inglis, 1952. £20.99

Connor, Ralph The Gaspards of Pine Croft: a Romance of the Windermere New York: George H Doran, 1923. £26.24

MacLennan, Hugh Barometer Rising Harrap, 1942. £31.49

Hodge, T N (ed) Kent Bird Report 1995 Kent Ornithological Society, 1997. £20.99

Shannon, Dell Murder with Love: a Luis Mendoza Mystery New York: William Morrow & Co, 1971. £20.99

Smith, F H Photo-engraving By Line, Half-tone and Photogravure Society of Lithographic Artists, Designers, Engravers and Process Workers, 1940. £52.49

Sohmen, Helmut Legislative Interlude: Hong Kong's Road to 1997 Hong Kong: Impressions Design and Print, 1991. £20.99

Harris, F R One Man's Tread: Poetry & Short Stories 1979-1982 Uckfield Press, 1983. £20.99

Duffy, Michael (ed) Developing Leadership in Schools Training for Leadership and Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century, 2000. £20.99

Wilson, Bill Free Heel & Telemark Skiing: a British Isles Perspective Bill Wilson, 2000. £20.99

War Office Reme Training Vol IV Reme in Specialist Roles Pamphlet No 4 Reme in the Guided Weapons Role The War Office, 1962. £31.49

British Standards Institution British Standard 2052:1965 Specification for Ropes Made from Coir, Hemp, Manila & Sisal British Standards Institution, 1965. £31.49

British Standards Institution British Standard 2597:1955 Glossary of Terms Used in Radiology British Standards Institution, 1955. £31.49

Horn, Robert E (ed) Trialectics: Towards a Practical Logic of Unity Lexington Institute, 1983. £41.99

Bartholomew, John (ed) The Desk Reference Atlas Home Library Book Co, 1930. £20.99

F E James Educational Medicine William Heinemann Medical Books, 1970. £41.99

Lobl, Robert Tirol in Farben Innsbruck: Tyrolia Verlag, 1967. £20.99

Kalezic, Danilo (ed) Montenegro: Historical Monuments and Natural Beauties Belgrade: Monos, 1972. £20.99

Obolensky, Chloe; Hayward, Max The Russian Empire : A Portrait in Photographs Jonathan Cape, 1980. £26.24

Clarke Isabel C. Haworth Parsonage: a picture of the Bronte Family Hutchinson and Co London, 1949. £20.99

Ottenheimer Buffet Cook Book (Better Cooking Library) Ottenheimer Publishers, 1964. £20.99

Aspin, Chris; Pilkington, Derek Haslingden Helmshore Local History Society, 1979. £26.24

Crump, Leslie Charming Sussex Greycoat Press, 1950. £31.49

Kent, Howard The Complete Yoga Course : A Personal Yoga Program That Will Transform Your Life Crows Nest, NSW, Australia: Allen & Unwin Pty., Limited, 1996. £34.64

Deeping, Warwick The Road Cassell, 1931. £20.99

Deeping, Warwick The Slanderers Cassell, 1928. £20.99

Kline, Harry (ed) Yachtsman's Guide to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico: 1983-84 Tropic Isle Publishers, 1982. £20.99

Hilda Vaughan Her Father's House Heinemann, 1930. £41.99

Bennett, Paula Pogany; Clark, Velma R The Art of Hungarian Cookery Paperback Library, 1967. £31.49

Davis, Wade Shadows in the Sun: Essays on the Spirit of Place Edmonton, AB, Canada: Lone Pine Publishing, 1992. £31.49

Gehler, Michael; Kaiser, Wolfram Christian Democracy in Europe Since 1945 Volume 2 Routledge, 2004. £26.24

Lyndon Snow Don't Shut Me Out Collins, 1974. £31.49

Helen W Pryde Maisie McFlannel's Romance Thomas Nelson, 1951. £20.99

Ross Cranston Consumers and the Law (Law in Context series) Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1984. £20.99

Long, Marguerite; Laumonier, Pierre; Senior-Ellis, Olive At the Piano with Ravel Dent, 1973. £52.49

St John Philby The Empty Quarter Century Publishing Co (The Century Travellers series), 1986. £20.99

Owen, Robert A New View of Society & Other Writings Dent Everyman, 1927. £20.99

D Gilchrist Shirlaw Soil Fertility Cassell Technical, 1962. £24.14

Cunard My Voyage in R M S Queen Elizabeth Cunard, 1959. £20.99

Cunard My Voyage in R M S Queen Mary Cunard, 1950. £20.99

Skouras, Thana (ed) The Tale of South Pacific New York: Lehmann, 1958. £20.99

Ebers, Georg; Safford, Mary J The Story of My Life: From Childhood to Manhood Hirschfeld Bros, 1893. £52.49

Parry-Jones, Edward From Workhouse to Hospital: a Story of H M Stanley Hospital, St Asaph 1840-1980 Clwyd Area Health Authority, 1981. £20.99

Mrs Gatty Parables from Nature Everyman Dent, 1919. £20.99

Singh, Ansuyah Summer Moonbeams on the Lake: Poems, Short Stories and a Play Durban, South Africa: Purfleet Publications, 1970. £83.99

Lavery, Brian Jack Aubrey Commands : An Historical Companion to the Naval World of Patrick O'Brian Conway Maritime Press, 2005. £49.34

Hall, Michael Francis Brett Young Seren, Poetry Wales Press Ltd, 1997. £36.74

Sydney C Grier The Path to Honour William Blackwood and Son, 1914. £34.64

Gordon, W.J. Under The Avalanche Frederick Warne, 1886. £31.49

Roland Pertwee Operation Wild Goose Geoffrey Cumberlege OUP, 1955. £83.99

B B The Pool of the Black Witch Methuen, 1974. £41.99

Robert Arthur Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure Collins, 1972. £20.99

P N Campbell; G D Greville Essays in Biochemistry Vol 2 The Biochemical Society; Academic Press, 1966. £20.99

Winifred Pares The Grey House Opposite Thomas Nelson, 1925. £31.49

Anne G Shaw An Introduction to the Theory and Application of Motion Study Columbine Press, 1960. £20.99

Clive Dalton Malay Treasure Brockhampton Press, 1967. £41.99

Alexander Symon; George d w Millikin Arithmetic Gibson, 1930. £26.24

Alexander Symon; George d w Millikin Arithmetic Gibson, 1929. £20.99

G March-Phillipps Ace High Macmillan, 1938. £47.24

Eryk k s Sopocko "Orzel's" Patrol: The Story of the Polish Submarine Methuen, 1942. £41.99

George Manville Fenn Fire Island Sampson Low Marston and Co, 1930. £20.99

G V Stewart; U S Naval Institute The bluejackets' Manual United States Navy U S Naval Institute, 1940. £52.49

Good Housekeeping Aga Weekend Cookbook : Over 150 Recipes Including Sunday Roasts and Teatime Bakes Ebury Press, 1998. £20.99

Lula M Westenhaver Lesson Plans in Gregg Shorthand Gregg Publishing Company, 1925. £31.49

Brock Bower The Late Great Creature Atheneum, 1971. £20.99

Alfred Nuemann; Countess Nora Wydenbruck The Friends of the People Hutchinson, 1940. £20.99

Barbara J Stewart (Ed) Terminal Care in the Community Radcliffe Medical Press, 1992. £26.24

George R R Martin; Vernor Vinge Binary Star 5: Nightflyers; True Names Dell, 1981. £20.99

Caxton and Holmesdale Press Directory of Sevenoaks and District Caxton and Holmesdale Press, 1955. £20.99

Huggett, Richard J. Fundamentals of Biogeography Routledge, 1998. £20.46

Archibald Hurd; H H Bashford Sons of Admiralty Constable and Co, 1919. £41.99

Charles Ray The Life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon Passmore and Alabaster; Isbister and Co, 1903. £20.99

Mawby, Colin Invocation : Prayer Chants Kevin Mayhew, 1991. £20.99

Nancy Spain The Nancy Spain All COlour Cookery Boook World Distributors, 1967. £26.24

Cavanagh, Terry Public Sculpture of Liverpool Liverpool University Press, 1997. £20.99

Wyke, Terry Public Sculpture of Greater Manchester Liverpool University Press, 2004. £20.99

Cameron, Viola Mary God's plan and man's destiny Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co, 1955. £41.99

Schreiber, Flora Rheta Sybil Henry Regnery, 1973. £20.99

HARRY Edwards The Healing Intelligence (SCARCE HARDBACK FIRST EDITION, FIRST PRINTING SIGNE. Healer Publishing Co, 1971. £20.99

Wattel, H. The Policy and Consequences of John Maynard Keynes Macmillan, 1986. £26.24

Cannar, Kenneth Essential Cases in Insurance Law Woodhead-Faulkner, 1985. £31.49

Home Office, UK Royal Commission on Criminal Justice Report (Command Paper) HMSO, 1993. £20.99

David A. Stimpson; Field, Jill The Prisoner Variations Reunis, 2003. £31.49

Harvey eric Tolley's Tax Appeals to the Commissioners Tolley Publishing Co Ltd, 1990. £41.99

Judith Mathieu et al. Cleanse and Purify Thyself : Book Two Christobe, 2001. £31.49

Madden, Richard Robert The life and times of Robert Emmet, esq. Glasgow: Washbourne, 1909. £20.99

Halliday, James Setting Up Your Own Wine Cellar Angus & Robertson, 1989. £20.99

Jackson, Frederick J Risky rustling, Harrap, 1936. £94.49

Barker, Philip Techniques of Archaeological Excavation Batsford, 1989. £39.89

Jaffrey, Madhur Madhur Jaffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cookery Premier Books, 2001. £20.99

Gleason, Walter Is Your Math Ready for Physics? Wm C Brown, 1993. £31.49

Magdaleen Van Wyk The South African Wholefood Cookbook C Struik, 1987. £26.24

April Fitzlyon The Libertine Librettist. A Biography of Mozart's Librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte John Calder, 1955. £20.99

Nurith Gertz Myths in Israeli Culture: Captives of a Dream (Parkes-Wiener Series on Jewish. Vallentine-Mitchell, 2000. £20.99

Stephen M Voynick In Search of Gold: Rock Mining, Gold Panning, Treasure Hunting, Coin Beachcom. Paladin Press, 1982. £26.24

Joan Sutherland The Idle Wind Cassell, 1932. £20.99

Henry Howarth Bashford Lodgings for Twelve Constable, 1935. £73.49

Gregory Haines Sound Under Water Scientific Book Club, 1975. £41.99

Noel Currer-Briggs English Adventurers and Colonial Settlers (Phillimore genealogical research s. Phillimore, 1971. £28.34

C E Fryer Acts relating to the salmon and freshwater fisheries of England and Wales HMSO/Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1896. £41.99

John R Raynes History of Wesleyan Methodism in the Mansfield Circuit 1807-1907 J E Alcock, 1907. £31.49

Dorothy Millar; Peter Millar Letters from Madras Church of Scotland, 1988. £20.99

Andersen, Hans O Readings for Science Education in the Secondary School Macmillan, 1969. £20.99

Judith Ferguson Cooking with herbs and spices Colour Library, 1987. £20.99

Deighton, Len Action Cookbook Cookery Book Club, 1967. £31.49

Sara Stevenson; Helen Bennett Van Dyck in Check Trousers: Fancy Dress in Art and Life, 1700-1900 Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1978. £52.49

Henry George The Science of Political Economy Henry George Foundation, 1932. £26.24

Mrs Beeton Mrs. Beeton's everyday cookery; with about 2,500 practical recipes Ward Lock, 1950. £26.24

Parr, John. A Tell Me Doctor Butterworths, 1962. £20.99

Angus McDonald The Five Foot Road in Search of a Vanished China Angus & Robertson, 1995. £26.24

Aubrey Burl From Carnac to Callanish: Prehistoric Stone Rows of Britain, Ireland and Brit. Yale University Press, 1993. £94.49

Jeremy Cooper Victorian and Edwardian Furniture and Interiors: From the Gothic Revival to A. Thames & Hudson, 1987. £20.99

Glantz, David M. Kharkov: Anatomy of a Military Disaster Ian Allen, 1998. £20.99

India General Staff Our Indian Empire: a Short Review and Some Hints for the Use of Soldiers Proc. Manager of Publications Delhi, 1940. £20.99

J. Oswald Sanders A Spiritual Clinic: A Suggestive Diagnosis and Prescription for Problems in C. Moody Press, 1958. £20.99

Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra Der scharfsinnige Ritter Don Quixote von der Mancha. Verlag Friedrich Oetlinger, 1968. £23.09

Wolfgang K Hunig Strukturen des Comic Strip: Ansätze zu einer textlinguistisch-semiotischen An. Georg Olms Verlag, 1974. £60.89

Albert Steffen Der Künstler Zwischen Westen und Osten. Grethlein. 1925. Grethlein and Co, 1925. £25.19

Hobart Cust, R H The Life of Benvenuto Cellini SET OF TWO VOLS Navarre Society, 1935. £20.99

Coulter, Catherine Secret Song (Song saga) Severn House, 1991. £20.99

Anthony Hogg Wine Mine Summer 1965 Peter Dominic, 1965. £20.99

Sir Leybourne Davidson The Principles and Practice of Medicine . Seventh edition E & S Livingstone, 1965. £20.99

O'Donel Browne A Manual of Practical Obstetrics John Wright & Sons, 1936. £20.99

A Woman Of No Importance Memories Discreet And Indiscreet Herbert Jenkins, 1917. £20.99

Elleston Trevor Naked Canvas (Mayflower-Dell Paperbacks. no. 6255.) Mayflower Dell, 1965. £41.99

Mark W. Sears Francis Weston and Zemansky UNIVERSITY PHYSICS Complete Edition (Second edition) Addison-Wesley, 1957. £20.99

Caccin, Angelo Maria St. Mark's : the golden basilica Zanipolo, 1962. £20.99

TOBIAS SMOLLETT The complete works of Tobias Smollett, with Memoir of the Author By Thomas Ro. George Bell & Sons, 1881. £41.99

Marshall, H.E. THE CHILD'S ENGLISH LITERATURE. T C and E C Jack, 1909. £26.24

Bronte, Emily Poems of Emily Bronte Heinemann, 1906. £31.49

Roche, Mazo De La Finch's Fortune Macmillan, 1983. £20.99

William Cowper The Poetical Works of William Cowper Nimmo, 1883. £20.99

Joy Packer The Valley of the Vines Popular Book Club, 1957. £20.99

ENID BLYTON Adams, George Martin: BIRDSCAPING YOUR GARDEN Rigby, 1980. £31.49

Eddy, Mary Baker MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS 1883-1896 Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy, 1924. £20.99

H. Ernest Hunt Self-Training: the Lines of Mental Progress Rider, 1924. £31.49

Rupert, Anton. Progress through partnership. Nasionale Boekhandel, 1967. £31.49

Brittain, Herbert The British budgetary system George Allen & Unwin, 1959. £20.99

Emanuel Swedenborg The Apocalypse Revealed, In Which Are Disclosed The Mysteries There Foretold Swedenborg, 1897. £31.49

Mundy, Jane Sydney Wild Flower Bushwalks Kangaroo Press, 1990. £20.99

Jennifer Isaacs Bush Food Ure Smith Press, 1992. £20.99

Elizabeth BlackadderKellaway, Deborah Favourite Flowers: Watercolours Pavilion, 1994. £20.99

Thieberger, Nick;McGregor, William MACQUARIE ABORIGINAL WORDS - A dictionary of words from Australian Aboriginal. Macquarie, 1994. £31.49

Klinge Sven Cycling the Bush- Hundred Rides in Tasmania Hill of Content Melbourne, 1991. £26.24

Davy, Humphry Consolations In Travel Or, The Last Days Of A Philosopher (Cassell's national. Cassell, 1895. £20.99


Clamp, H M E The Sheik of Montmartre Toucan, 1935. £20.99

Pitman Pitman's Commercial Geography: Book 1 The British Isles Pitman, 1899. £20.99

William Shakespeare The Handy-Volume Shakspeare, Complete In 13 Volumes Shakespeare. Bradbury Agnew and Co, 1880. £83.99

CIty and County Borough of Liverpool; W H Seften LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE PLAN. City and County Borough of Liverpool, 1965. £31.49

Grimm Grimms' Fairy Tales Andrew Dakers, 1950. £20.99

Bruce, Dorita Fairlie Wild Goose Quest Lutterworth Press, 1945. £94.49

Coxe George Harmon THE FRIGHTENED FIANCEE Dell, 1955. £20.99

Liss, Howard The Masters Tournament (Laurel-Leaf Library) Dell, 1974. £31.49

Gardner, Erle S Case of the Negligent Nymph Pocket, 1961. £20.99

Erle Stanley Gardner The case of the rolling bones & The case of the cautious coquette Pocket Books, 1965. £20.99

V I Lenin Lenin Speeches At Party Congresses (1918-1922) Progress Publishers Moscow, 1976. £31.49

Black Black's Guide To Kent. A & C Black, 1909. £31.49

James Cairn Today's Stars. A Hollywood Portrait Album With Biographies Hollywood Publications Ltd, 1947. £20.99

H. M Groome The Approach to Economics Christophers, 1960. £20.99

Johnston, James A Alcatraz Island Prison (Panther books no.635) Panther, 1957. £20.99

Bevan, Tom Held By Rebels Collins, 1920. £31.49

Brecht; John Willett Brecht on Theatre, the Development of an Aesthetic Methuen, 1964. £20.99

Katayama, Pat Japan: A Living Portrait Kodansha International, 1994. £20.99

Raymond N Blair The Lithographers Manual seventh edition Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, 1983. £20.99

Buckland, A. R. (Augustus Robert) The Empire Annual for Girls London 4 Bouverie St, 1910. £20.99

Fisher, Lois Go Gently Through Peking Souvenir Press, 1979. £20.99

Marivaux The Virtuous Orphan: Or, the Life of Marianne Countess of * * * * * Southern Illinois University Press, 1965. £27.29

Smith, Peter C. Destroyer Leader: HMS Faulknor 1935 - 1946 Pan, 2004. £20.99

Clements, Carole Cook's Kitchen Handbook & 500 Basic Recipes Hermes House, 2006. £24.14

Robertson, Struan Jno. T The Glasgow horse tramways Scottish Tramway and Transport Society, 2000. £20.99

Dalyell, Tam Thatcher's Torpedo: Sinking of the Belgrano Cecil Woolf, 1983. £41.99

Sutton, Ann Tablet Weaving Batsford, 1975. £31.49

Nicholls and Clarke Nicholls And Clarke Ltd Catalogue 50: Manufacturers And Distributors Of Build. Nicholas and Clarke, 1966. £26.24

Brian Cooper A Touch of Thunder Vanguard Press, 1961. £20.99

Edna Lyall Edna Lyall omnibus: A Hardy Norseman, Donovan, We Two, To right the wrong (Hu. Hurst & Blackett, 1910. £52.49

Robert Rice The Business of Crime Victor Gollancz, 1956. £26.24

Briggs Aerial Handbook Wharfedale Wireless Works, 1964. £20.99

Peter Bull I say, look here: The rather random reminiscences of a round actor in the square Peter davies, 1965. £20.99

Jean De Troyes The MEMOIRS OF PHILIP DE COMMINES (Vol 1) George Bell, 1883. £20.99

Willy Berens Düsseldorf and Duisburg (The Nagel travel guide series) Nagel, 1960. £20.99

Oscar Mendelsohn THE EARNEST DRINKER'S DIGEST - A Short and Simple Account of Alcoholic Bevera. Sydney Consolidated Press, 1946. £26.24

Stanley Ellin The big night Signet, 1966. £31.49

W Somerset Maugham Cakes and Ale: Or, The Skeleton in the Cupboard Avon Books, 1944. £20.99

John Creasey The Toff at Butlin's (Panther Books. no. 1506.) Panther, 1963. £24.14

Stout, Rex Too Many Clients Fontana, 1973. £20.99

Farmer, Philip Jose Jesus on Mars (A Panther book) Granada Panther Science Fiction, 1982. £20.99


Lumley Josephine M Mr Brook's Inspiration and other Stories Arthur H Stockwell, 1945. £31.49

Martel Aimee Secrets Not Shared Leisure Books NY, 1981. £38.84

Ann Bridge Illyrian Spring (Penguin Books. no. 713.) Penguin, 1949. £20.99

ENID BLYTON Enid Blyton's Rumble And Chuff - The First Book Juvenile Productions, 1958. £26.24

Howard, Leon Herman Melville: A biography University of California Press, 1958. £20.99

Archer, Geoffrey Skydancer Century Hutchinson, 1987. £31.49

Margaret Jones Thatcher`s Kingdom : A View Of Britain In The Eighties Collins, 1984. £20.99

George Nafziger THE RUSSIAN ARMY 1800-1815 - A Detailed Organisational Study. Canada: Rafm Co Inc, 1988. £20.99

young A question of judgment Mayflower, 1972. £20.99

Erle Stanley Gardner The Case of the Long-Legged Models Heinemann, 1963. £20.99

Carrick John. The Vulture. Robert Hale, 1964. £73.49

Carrick, John Bond of hate Robert Hale, 1966. £26.24

Carrick, John Beware the shadows Robert Hale, 1967. £62.99

Carrick, John Young and Deadly Robert Hale, 1969. £52.49

Carrick, John Mario Robert Hale, 1965. £31.49

Ann Bridge The Portuguese Escape - Penguin 1461 Penguin, 1960. £20.99

Paul Seta Corsican Cooking of Yesterday and Today La Marge Editions, 1991. £31.49

Laxalt, Robert A Man in the Wheatfield University of Nevada Press, 1987. £20.99

Draper, Alfred The Great Avenging Day Piatkus, 1988. £31.49

Billy McNeill; Jim Black Hail Cesar Headline, 2004. £20.99

Catullus The Poems Of Catullus With Complete Verse Translations And Notes By F. C. W. . Piazza Press, 1929. £31.49

Utigawa,Wakana The Lady Of Decoration Hodder & Stoughton, 1910. £34.64

R C Leslie Old Sea Wings Ways and Words; Reproduced in Facsimile from the Original Edition Chapman & Hall, 1930. £41.99

Gilbert Murray Aristophanes: a Study Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1933. £20.99


Sir George Douglas, Bart Poems Of A Country Gentleman Longmans Green & Co, 1897. £41.99

Bowman, Gerald Jump for it: Stories of the Caterpillar Club Pan, 1957. £20.99

H M Jameson The Road back. A novel (World War Two Series. no. 18.) Badger Book, 1950. £20.99

Tilley, Patrick Amtrak Wars: Cloud Warrior Bk. 1 (The Amtrak Wars, Book I) Severn House UK, 1984. £26.24

Dashiell Hammett The Return of the Continental Op Dell, 1947. £26.24

Alister Glass The Dream Club Ursa Minor, 2002. £31.49

Royal Northern The Royal Northern And University Club: A History Royal Northern, 1989. £41.99

Das Goswami, Satsvarupa Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 1983. £20.99

J. R. Miller In Green Pastures Nelson. £20.99

Lambert, Gavin The slide area: Scenes of Hollywood life Ballantine Comstock, 1972. £20.99

DODD, C. H. The Authority of the Bible Nisbet and Co, 1928. £26.24

Williams, John Hume: Portrait of a double murderer (Panther books) Panther, 1961. £20.99

the Duchess of Atholl [Hardcover] Searchlight on Spain Penguin, 1938. £26.24

Lieut.Com. W.H. Stuart Garnett Seamanship For Scouts Wells Gardner Darton and Co, 1952. £20.99

Nagel Mexico (Travel guides) Nagel, 1960. £26.24

Austin, H.W. Frank Buchman as I Knew Him Grosvenor, 1975. £31.49

Elizabeth Gurne Fry Memoir Of The Life Of Elizabeth Fry, With Extracts From Her Journal And Letters John Hatchard and Son, 1848. £20.99

Hudson, W.H. The Naturalist In La Plata Chapman & Hall, 1892. £20.99

Philip Wylie corpses at indian stones Popular Library, 1943. £20.99

Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case Of The Baited Hook Pocket Book, 1950. £20.99

Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Substitute Face Ballantine, 1987. £20.99

Ogan, George To Kill a Judge Raven House, 1981. £20.99

Ngaio Marsh Light Thickens Jove, 1984. £20.99

Sayers, Dorothy L. The Nine Tailors Pocket Books, 1942. £20.99

Jackson, Josephine A.; Salisbury, Helen M. Outwitting Our Nerves: a Primer of Psychotherapy Kegan Paul, 1924. £20.99

Hillerman, Tony The Dark Wind (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic Series) Thorndike Press, 1982. £20.99

Pall Mall Royal Academy Pictures 1894 Pall Mall Publications, 1894. £20.99

Lawson, Henry While the billy boils (Platypus ed) Angus & Robertson, 1925. £20.99

Lord Byron Childe Harold's Pilgrimage And The Prisoner Of Chillon Macmillan, 1922. £20.99

Wills, William David Throw away thy rod: Living with difficult children Victor Gollancz, 1960. £20.99

G H Blore Winchester Cathedral Record Nos 8,9,10,11,12,13,14 Friends of Winchester Cathedral, 1945. £20.99

G S Ritchie General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) GEBCO, 1984. £83.99

Bonamy Dobree Giacomo Casanova (Men of Destiny) Heron, 1970. £20.99

Burke, Shirley R. Human Biology in Health and Disease John Wiley & Sons, 1975. £20.99

West, John F Faroese folk-tales & legends Shetland publishing Co, 1980. £62.99

James Anthony Boyle Lecture notes in pharmacology and therapeutics for Nurses Livingstone, 1969. £41.99

Anonymous The Handbook Of India Tourist Dept, 1958. £20.99

Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock A woman's thoughts about women Hurst and Blackett, 1880. £20.99


Burton, Robert Bird Flight: An Illustrated Study of Bird's Aerial Mastery Eddison Sadd, 1990. £20.99

Petersen, Bengt Delicious fish dishes Wezata Forlag, 1976. £20.99

Peterson, Susan L. Self-Defense for Women: How to Stay Safe and Fight Back Leisure Press, 1984. £20.99

Moore, Robin Marilyn & Joe Di Maggio Manor Books, 1976. £20.99

Hymovich, Debra P. Nursing of Children: A Family Centred Guide for Study W B Saunders, 1974. £20.99

Ann Bridge The Dark Moment Chatto & Windus, 1973. £20.99

Bridge Ann Illyrian Spring Chatto & Windus, 1935. £26.24

John Gay Polly An Opera: Being The Second Part of The Beggar's Opera Daniel O'Connor, 1922. £20.99

Grove, George Beethoven and his nine Symphonies Novello and Co, 1904. £20.99

Gibbings, Robert Coconut Island Puffin Story Book Ps19 Puffin, 1945. £26.24

Ferrars, Elizabeth The busy body (Crime Club series) Collins Crime Club, 1962. £26.24

Martin Hurlimann Italy: 225 pictures in photogravure, introductory essay, historical notes Thames and Hudson, 1953. £20.99

Hammett, Dashiell The glass key Dell, 1966. £20.99

J. M. Scott Sea-Wyf And Biscuit Pan, 1957. £20.99

Charles Samuels Death Was the Bridegroom (Gold Medal Books. no. 251) Gold Medal, 1955. £20.99

Jane Ellen Wayne The life and loves of Grace Kelly Robson Books, 1991. £20.99

Shand Alexander Innes The War In The Peninsula 1808-1814 Seeley and Co, 1898. £31.49

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