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Anthony C. Hall

LEWIS, John et al. Christianity & the Social Revolution. Left Book Club edition. . £25.00

ROMANIA. Photograph album containing 73 photographs taken Romania, 1930-1933. . £150.00

GREENE, Graham. Collected Essays. . £20.00

KUPUSCINSKI, Ryszard. Imperium. Translated from the Polish by klara Glowczewska. . £20.00

SMITH, Stevie. Mother, What Is Man? Poems and drawings by Stevie Smith. . £75.00

TOLLER, Ernst. Masses and Man. A fragment of the social revolution of the twentieth century.Translated from the German by . £150.00

GORDIMER, Nadine. A World of Strangers. . £35.00

LESSING, Doris. African Stories . £30.00

LESSING, Doris. Under My Skin. Volume One of My Autobiography to 1949. . £20.00

LESSING, Doris. Particularly Cats. . £20.00

HUNTER, Hunter. The Beatles. The authorised biography. . £20.00

LEVI, Carlo. Christ Stopped at Eboli. Translated by Frances Frenaye . £25.00

MUGGERIDGE, Kitty & Ruth ADAM. Beatrice Webb. A life 1858-1953. . £30.00

BERNAL, J.D. The World, the Flesh and the Devil. An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul. . £35.00

LONDON, Jack. The Faith of Men and Other Stories. . £30.00

LEHMANN, John (editor). Orpheus. A symposium of the arts. Vols. 1 & 2. . £40.00

RUSHDIE, Salman. The Satanic Verses. 547pp Viking, London 1988. 1st edition signed by the author. . £75.00

RUDKIN, David. Cries from Casement as his Bones are Brought to Dublin. . £20.00

KEYNES, John Maynard. Essays in Biography. . £25.00

CRAIG, Edward Gordon. Index to the Story of My Days. Some memoirsof Edward Gordon Craig. . £25.00

TROTSKY, Leon. Ecrits militaires. I. Comment la Revolution s'est Armee. Traduit du russe par Georges Belet et al. . £35.00

HERALD. Why Labour Let The Coalition. Labour stands OUT OF the Capitalist Coalition. Labour stands FOR the Workers' International. . £25.00

DEWEY, John. 'Truth is on The March'. Report and remarks on the Trotsky Hearings in Mexico. . £20.00

BRITISH UNION OF FASCISTS. Fascism and Agriculture. . £30.00

POTAMKIN, Harry Alan. The Eyes of the Movie. International Pamphlets No. 38. . £20.00

MULLER-STURMHEIM, E. What To Do About Austria. Preface by Phyllis Bottome. . £20.00

CECIL, Lord Robert. The New Outlook. . £20.00

MALAYA. Education in Malaya. Being articles reprinted from 'Overseas Education' (published by The Colonial Office), 1930 to 1942, and 1946. . £30.00

CHURCH ASSEMBLY Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Property & Revenues of the Church. . £35.00

WILKINSON, Ellen. The Terror in Germany, being an account of some the Nazi outrages in Germany under Hitler, with photographs. Compiled . £30.00

HITLER, Adolf. Les propositions du Chancelier Adolf Hitler visant a organiser et a garantir une paix europeenne basee sur la justice . £500.00

MOSLEY, Oswald. A National Policy. An account of the emergency programme by Sir Oswald Mosley. 64pp paper covers, . £30.00

WEBB, Sidney & Beatrice. English Local Government. 10 vols. . £300.00

INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. The Journal of Public Administration. Volume III. 1925. . £30.00

LEONARD, E.M. The Early History of English Poor Relief. . £45.00

ROBSON, William A. The Government and Misgovernment of London. . £20.00

BROOK-SHEPHERD, Gordon. The Last Habsburg. . £30.00

MARX, Karl. Capital. 3 volumes. Volume 1. Translated by Samuel Moore & Edward Avelings. 916pp Allen & Unwin, London 1946. . £50.00

MUZEI PO OKHRANE MATERINSTVA I MLADENCHESTVA. VYSTAVKA i POSTOYANNAYA VYSTAVKA. 16 postcards illustrated in colour by A.N. Komorov, V.V. Spasskii & A.S. Soborov published in the Soviet Union . £250.00

SCHIRACH, Baldur von (preface). Aufbau, Gliederung udn Anschriften der Hitler-Jugend. Amtliche Gliederungsubersicht der Reichsjugenduhrung . £60.00

GREAT BRITAIN. Cmd 8375. Report on certain aspects of the Manchester (Salford) Dock Strike April-June 1951. . £20.00

MACMILLAN, Harold. The State and Industry in 1932. A memorandum. For Private Circulation. . £20.00

MACMILLAN, Harold. The Next Step. Some brief notes.. For Private Circulation. . £20.00

MORGAN, Augustus. The London Mathematical Society. Speech of Professor De Morgan, President, At the First Meeging of the Society, . £30.00

SHILOTRI, Prabhaker S. Indo-Aryan Thought and Culture and their bearing on present day problems in India. An Argument from the Standpoint . £20.00

DIPLOMATIC PRESS & PUBLISHING CO Trade Directory of the Republic of the Sudan 1965 (7th edition). Inclluding Classified Trade Index. . £20.00

COX, Caroline & John EIBNER. Ethnic Cleansing in Progress. War in Nagorno Karabakh. With a preface by Elena Bonner Sakharov. . £25.00

ORIORDAN, Manus Connolly in America. . £25.00

OXFORD PAMPHLETS 1914 Oxford Pamphlets 1914. Nos. 1 to 10, 22 & 31 to 35. 16 pamphlets in 4 volumes with thick card covers. Oxford University Press 1914. . £100.00

OXFORD PAMPHLETS ON HOME AFFAIRS Oxford Pamphlets on Home Affairs. . £50.00

HOELZ, Max From White Cross to Red Flag. . £65.00

LABOUR PUBLISHING CO.LTD. The Labour Who's Who 1927: . £30.00

LENIN, V.I. Selected Works. . £100.00

LIBERAL PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT. The Liberal Year Book for 1924 through 1929 & 1931 through 1939. 15 vols. Liberal Publication Department, London 1924-39. . £225.00

POKROVSKII, M.N. et al. Istoriya Rossii v XIX veke. Vols. 1 to 8 (lacking vol. 9.) many portraits 4to . £300.00

CHARVAT, Josef & others. Medical Science Abused. German Medical Science in Concentration Camps and in the so-called Protectorates. . £30.00

McLEAN, Ruari (editor). Motif 8. Winter 1961. . £20.00

FRANCOIS, Andre. The Biting Eye of Andre Francois. With an introduction of Ronald Searle. . £60.00

BRODRICK, Alan Houghton. Lascaux. A commentary. Photographs by Maurice Thaon. . £30.00

JAMES, Winston. Holding Aloft the Banner of Ethiopia. Caribbean Radicalism in Early Twentieth-Century America. . £30.00

ORAGE, A.R. An Alphabet of Economics. . £20.00

KONI, A.F. Izbrannye proizvedeniya. Stat'i i Zametki. Sudebnye rechi. Vospominaniya. . £30.00

KONI, A.F. Na Zhiznennom Puti. Tom I. Iz zapisok sudebnago deyatelya. Zhiteiskiya vstrechi. . £75.00

TRACEY, Herbert. Trade Unions Fight - For What. With a Critical Foreword by George Gibson, Chairman of the T U C General Council. . £30.00

HARRIS, C.R.S. Allied Military Administration of Italy, 1943-1945. (History of the Second World War). . £30.00

HOROWITZ, Michael. The Wolverhampton Wanderer. An Epic of Britannia. In Twelve Books With a Resurrection & Life. . £40.00

SITWELL, Osbert. Left Hand, Right Hand! An Autobiography. 5 vols. Vol. 1. The Cruel Month. Vol. 2. The Scarlet Tree. . £60.00

AFANAS'EV, Alesandr N. Russian Fairy Tales. Translated by Norbert Guterman. Illustrations by Alexander Alexeieff. Folkloristic commentary by Roman Jakobson. . £30.00

WILLIAMS, Albert Rhys. The Russians. The Land, The People and Why They Fight. . £30.00

ELIOT, T.S. Prufrock and other observations. . £10000.00

BESANT, Annie. An Autobiography. . £20.00

SANINE, Kyra. Saltykov-Chtchedrine: Sa Vie et Ses Oeuvres. . £50.00

O'CONNOR, Lt.-Col. Sir Frederick. Things Mortal. . £25.00

STALIN, Josif V. Works. . £125.00

SAMUELSON, James. Roumania Past & Present. . £75.00

BOTCHARSKY, Sophie & Florida PIER. They knew how to die: . £50.00

LUKE, Sir Harry Charles. Cities and Men: An Autobiography. . £90.00

SENESE, Donald. S.M Stepniak-Kravchinskii: The London Years. Russian Biography Series, 33. . £35.00

BRUCK, Moeller van den. Germany's Third Empire. Authorized Engish edition (condensed) by E.A. Lorimer. Introduction by Mary Agnes Hamilton. . £40.00

CLAYTON, Aileen. The Enemy is Listening. . £50.00

ROSSING, Karl. Mein Vorurteil gegen diese Zeit. 100 Holzschnitte von Karl Rossing. . £50.00

DALLEY, William A. The Life Story of W.J. Davis, J.P. The Industrial Problem Achievements and Triumphs of Conciliation. . £75.00

DREYER, Carl Theodor. La Passione di Giovanna d'Arco. Cineteca Domus in Volumi 2. . £75.00

ICONOCLAST (pseud. of Mary Agnes Hamilton). The Man of To-morrow. . £60.00

CLAYTON, Joseph. The Rise and Decline of Socialism in Great Britain, 1884-1924. . £20.00

CLAYTON, Joseph. The Rise of the Democracy. vi, 256pp 8 plates . £50.00

PADMORE, George (editor). Colonial and A Programme of Action. History of the Pan-African Congress. . £20.00

LEFT REVIEW. Left Review. Vol. 3. No. 2. March 1937. (64pp) card covers, 1937. . £30.00

PREM, Dhani R. Indian National Congress. . £30.00

COLVIN, Sir Auckland & A.O. HUME. Audi Alteram Partem: Being two letters on certain aspects of The Indian National Congress Movement . £35.00

GREAT BRITAIN. Cmd Social Insurance and Allied Services. Report by Sir William Beveridge. . £30.00

MILNE, Lesley. The Master and Margarita: . £25.00

DANIELS, Charles. The Garamantes of Southern Libya. . £20.00

KAPP, Yvonne. Eleanor Marx. . £50.00

NISH, Ian. The Origins of The Russo-Japanese War. . £25.00


STOECKL, Baroness de. Not All Vanity. . £30.00

BELYAEV, V. Gosudarstvennaya Opernaya Studiya-Teatr imeni narodnogo artista respubliki K.S Stanislavskogo. . £30.00

IVANOV, A.E. Uchenye stepeni v Rossiiskoi imperii XVIII v. - 1917 g. . £25.00

LIVANOVA, T.N. Opernaya kritika v Rossii. Tom vtoroi. Vypusk 3. . £35.00

LIVANOVA, T.N. Opernaya kritika v Rossii. Tom pervyi. Vypusk 2. . £30.00

MOROZOV, S. Russkie puteshestvenniki fotografy. . £25.00

LITVIN, Feliya. Moya zhizn' i moe iskusstvo. Vsupitel'naya stat'ya A. Gosenpuda. . £30.00

CHUKOVSKII, Kornei. Chukokkala. Rukopisnyi al'manakh Korneya Chukovskogo. . £35.00

RIMSKII-KORSAKOV, N.A. Letopis' moei muzykal'noi zhizni . 5-oe izdanie, . £25.00

VSEVOLODSKII-GERNGROS, V.N. Kratkii kurs istorii russkogo teatra. Pod redaktsiei P. Novitskogo i V. Radomyslenskogo. . £30.00

MIKHOELS, Solomon Mikhailovich. Stat'i, besedy, rechi. Vospominaniya o Mikhoelse. . £35.00

LUNACHARSKAYA-ROZENTAL, N. Pamyat' serdtsa. Vospominaniya. . £30.00

STRELSKII, V.I. Istochniko-vedenie istorii SSSR. Period imperializma konets XIX v. - 1917 g. . £30.00

ISWOLSKY, Alexander (IZVOL'SKII). The Memoirs of Alexander Iswolsky. Formerly Russian Ambassador of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to France. . £75.00

AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. INSTITUT ISTORII Pis'ma i bumagi Imperatora Petra Velikogo. T. VII. Vypusk II. (pp641-933), paper covers, Moscow 1946 . £50.00

COX, Edwin Marion. The Debate between Folly and Cupid. Written by Louise Labe of Lyone about 1550 and now completely done into . £20.00

ASSOCIATION NATIONALE RUSSE POUR LA LIGUE DES NATIONS. L'Aspect Mondial de l'affaire Koutepoff. (Constat et proposition). . £30.00

CHEVALIER, Maurice. Signed portrait photograph 18 X 24cm inscribed 'Pour Mme Davey. En souvenir de Maurice Chevalier 1968'. . £50.00

SANDERS, Wm. Stephen. Bolshevism. (Supplement to The New Commonwealth No. 8). . £30.00

RIMSKII-KORSAKOV, N.A. Letopis' moei muzykal'noi zhizni (1844-1906). 3-e izdanie, . £25.00

BERTENSON, Sergei. Vokrug Iskusstva. 413pp card covers, Hollywood, California 1957. The author's life in the arts prior to his going to . £150.00

LONGWORTH, Philip. The Art of Victory: . £20.00

PASTERNAK, Boris. Doktor Zhivago. . £750.00

BURGESS, Anthony. MF. . £30.00

BORKIN, Joseph. The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben. . £30.00

AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. INSTITUT ISTORII Pis'ma i bumagi Imperatora Petra Velikogo. T. IX. Vypusk II. (pp531-1619), 4to, card covers, Moscow 1952 . £75.00

TURGENEV, A.I. Khronika russkogo. Dnevniki (1825-1826 gg.). Izdanie podgotovka M.I. Gillel'son. (Literaturnye Pamyatniki). . £35.00

AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. INSTITUT ISTORII Pis'ma i bumagi Imperatora Petra Velikogo. T. XI. Vypusk I. (yanvar - 12 yulya 1711 goda). . £50.00

OBSHCHESTVO TOLSTOVSKAGO MUZEYA V PETERBURGE. Tolstovskii Ezhegodnik 1912 g. . £50.00

CHUKOVSKII, Kornei. Zhivoi kak zhizn'. Razgovor o russkom yazyke. . £40.00

LABOUR RESEARCH DEPARTMENT The London Traffic Combine. A Study of the Finances and Ramifications of the London Trffic Combine - prepared by . £20.00

FIFE, KINROSS & CLACKMANNAN MINEWORKERS' ASSOCIATION. The Fife, Kinross and Clackmannan Miners' Union Dispute. Movement versus Monument. Ideals versus Idols. Principles . £30.00

LAZAREV, P.P. Ionnaya teoriya vozbuzhdeniya. Sovremennye problemy estestvoznaniya kniga 7. . £25.00

GOSUDARSTVENNYI RUSSKII MUZEI Mark Shagal. Almanakh. Vyp. 116. . £25.00

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS The Laying-in-state at Westminster Hall. [Churchill]. . £20.00

DAILY TELEGRAPH Winston Churchill. The Story of a Man of Destiny. Daily Telegraph Obituary Supplement. . £20.00

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS Silver Jubilee Record Number. King George V. and Queen Mary 1910-1935. . £25.00

HAENEN, F. de. Russia. Painted by Haenen. . £75.00

ROBBINS, Lionel. The Economic Problem in Peace and War. Some Reflections on Objectives and Mechanism. . £20.00

AY, Karl-Ludwig. Die Entstehung einer Revolution. Die Volksstimmung in Bayern wahrend des Ersten Weltkrieges. . £20.00

AVELING, Edward. An iintroduction to the study of geology. Specially adapted for the use of candidates for the London B.Sc. . £40.00

GRAHAM, Stephen. Summing-up on Russia. . £20.00

FLEGON, Alec. Za predelami russkikh slovarei: . £20.00

SUTHERS, R.B. Common Objections to Socialism Answered. . £20.00

DRAPER, Warwick. Chiswick. With illustrations and maps. . £100.00

TURNER, Fred. History and Antiquities of Brentford. Illustrated with photographs and reproductions of old prints. . £100.00

SHAKESPEARE, William. Shekspir. Biblioteka Velikikh Pisatelei. Pod redaktsiei S.A. Vengerova. 5 vols. 605, 595, 577, 572 & 608pp 128 plates . £150.00

SUVORIN, A. (publisher). Russkii Kalendar' za 1906 g. A Suvorina. Tridtsat' pyatyi god. . £250.00

GARVIN, J.L. & Julian AMERY. The Life of Joseph Chamberlain. Vols. 1 - 4. . £125.00

USSR ACADEMY OF SCIENCES INSTITUTE OF THE PEOPLES OF ASIA. Fifty Years of Soviet Oriental Studies. . £60.00

COCKS, F. Seymour. The Secret Treaties and Understandings: . £20.00

MOUNTBATTEN of Burma, Vice-Admiral the Earl. Report to the Combined Chiefs of Staff by the Supreme Allied Commander . £20.00

MENGER, Anton. L'Etat Socialiste. Traduit par Edgard Milhaud. Avec une Introduction Charles Andler. Troisieme mille. . £25.00

HOBSON, M.G. Oxford Council Acts 1666-1701. . £20.00

SHADWELL, Arthur. Drink in 1914-1922. A Lesson in Control. . £20.00

BLATCHFORD, Robert. God and My Neighbour. . £20.00

SPENDER, J.A. The State and Pensions in Old Age. Introduction by Arthur H.D. Acland. . £45.00

HAMMOND, R.J. Food. Volume I. The Growth of Policy. (History of the Second World War). . £25.00

MEADE, J.E. The Balance of Payments. &. The Balance of Payments. Mathmatical Supplement. (The Theory of International Economic Policy. Volume I.) . £60.00

ARNOLD, Arthur. Free Land. . £35.00

BELOV, G.A. & others (editors). Iz istorii Vserossiiskoi Chrezvychainoi komissii 1917-1921 gg. Sbornik dokumentov. . £30.00

SOSNORA, Victor. Letuchii Gollandets. . £25.00

CHARSKAYA, Lidiya A. Knyazhna Dzhavakh. Povest' dlya yunoshestva. S 80 illyustratsiyami V.A. Taburina i A.I. Sudarushkina. . £30.00

DANTE ALIGHIERI Bozhestvennaya Komediya. Ad. . £50.00

VOTICHENKO, Sasha. Concert de Musique Ancienne et Slave donne par Sacha Votitchenko. Celebre Virtuose sur Tympanon Louis XIV . £30.00

LANSBURY'S LABOUR WEEKLY. Lansbury's Labour Weekly. Edited by George Lansbury. No. 1. . £50.00

USSR IN CONSTRUCTION USSR in Construction. Yr. 1931 No. 11. Leningrad in Construction. Composition by N. Illyin. . £125.00

RUSSKII V ANGLII. Russkii v Anglii. Russian in Britain. For private circulation only. No. 3/27. . £30.00

TYURIN, Sergei Petrovich. A collection of documents relating to Sergei Petrovich Tyurin and the Russian Union of Zemstvos and Towns. . £200.00

BAERLEIN, Henry. The Birth of Yugoslavia. Vol. 2. . £30.00

GREENE, Graham. The End of the Affair. . £50.00

SINAISKII, Vasilii Pskovo-Pecherskii Monastyr'. Obshchii kulturno-istoricheskii ocherk. . £50.00

DEUTSCHER, Isaac. The Prophet Outcast: Trotsky: 1929-1940. . £25.00

ANDREEV, Leonid. Dnevnik Satany. . £45.00

OSTROGORSKII, M. Khonologiya vseobshchei i russkoi istorii s kartami i risunkami. Posbie i spravochnaya kniga pri izuchenii istorii uchebnykh zavedeniyakh. . £75.00

TOVARISHCHESTVO PEREDVIZHNYKH KHUDOZHESTVENNYKH VYSTAVOK. Al'bom dvadtsatipyatiletiya Tovarishchestva Peredvizhnykh Khudozhestvennykh Vystavok. 1872. XXV. 1897. . £250.00

SPECTOR, Sherman David. Rumania and the Paris Peace Conference: . £60.00

MONTAGU NATHAN, M. A History of Russian Music: . £25.00

CHALIAPIN, Feodor. Chaliapin: . £20.00

GORKY, M.L. AUERBACH & S.G. FIRIN. The White Sea Canal. . £40.00

DIESBACH, Ghislain de. Secrets of the Gotha. . £25.00

EVDOKIMOV, Ivan. Surikov. 221pp 13 tipped-in coloured plates, 76 in-text illustrations, 4to Iskusstvo, Moscow-Leningrad 1940. In Russian . £50.00

NEKRASOV, N.A. Stikhotvoreniya. (Chast' tret'ya). . £75.00

GOETHE, Wolfgang. Faust. Tragediya Gete. Perevod N. Grekova. . £50.00

TOLSTOI, A.K. & others. Polnoe sobranie sochinenii Koz'my Prutkova. S portretom, fac-simile i biograficheskimi svedeniyami. Izdanie tret'e. . £30.00

RUSSIA MEDIAEVALIS. Russia Mediaevalis. Tomus VI, 1. . £35.00

BAILEY, Leslie. Leslie Baily's BBC Scrapbooks. Volume 1, 1896-1914. Volume 2, 1918-1939. With a Calendar of Significant Dates. . £35.00

KIPLING, Rudyard. Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Inclusive edition. 1885-1932. . £30.00

MURATOV, P.P. Obrazy Italii. Redaktsiya, kommentarii i posleslovie V.N Grashchenkova. Tom I. Tom II - III. 3 vols. in 2. . £75.00

PUSHKIN, Aleksandr S. Neizdannyi Pushkin. Sobranie A.F. Onegina. Trudy Pushkinskago Doma pri Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. . £50.00

KONDRASHOVA, E.N. Deti Solntsevykh. Povest' dlya yunoshestva. S risunkami E.P. Samokish-Sudkovskoi. Izdanie 3-'e. S portretom avtora. . £65.00

LOUKOMSKY, George. Monuments d'Architecture en Aquarelles et Dessins de G. Loukomsky et La Critique d'Art Parisienne. . £30.00

AKSAKOV, S.T. Sobranie sochinenii S.T. Aksakova. Pod redaktsiei A.G. Gornfe'lda. . £100.00

LUNTS, Lev N. The Outlaw. A Play in Three Acts. Translated and Adapted from the Russian by F. [Fitzpatrick] O'Dempsey. . £75.00

ZHELIKHOVSKAYA, Vera P. Kak Ya Byl Malen'koi. Vos'moe izdanie. Illyustrirovannoe khudozhnikom P.S. Zakharovym. . £75.00

GORDON, Murray. Slavery in the Arab World. . £20.00

ERICKSON, John. The Road to Stalingrad: . £20.00

ERICKSON, John. The Road to Stalingrad: . £25.00

PASTERNAK, Boris. Poeziya. Izbrannoe. . £35.00

CHEKHOV, A.P. Tri Sestry. Drama v 4-kh deistviyakh. IN. Russkaya Mysl. God dvatsat' vtoroi. Kniga 2. pp124-178. Moscow 1901. . £7500.00

FAROUK-SLUGLETT, Marion & Peter SLUGLETT. Iraq Since 1958: From Revolution to Dictatorship. . £20.00

CARR, E.H. A History of Soviet Russia Vols. 1-8. . £350.00

FENNELL, J.L.I. Ivan the Great of Moscow. . £30.00

KANKA, August Gerald. Poland. An Annotated Bibliography of Books in English. . £20.00

BUNYAN, John. Puteshestvie Piligrima v Nebesnuyu Stranu. Allegoricheskii razskaz. Perevod s angliiskago Yu.D.Z. . £35.00

SIKORSKY, Igor I. The Story of the Winged-S. With new material on the latest development of the Helicopter. . £50.00

SAZONOV, Sergei D. Vospominaniya. . £125.00

BUXHOEVEDEN, Baroness Sophie. The Life & Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia. . £100.00

MIKHEL'SON, Morits I. Russkaya mysl' i rech', . £100.00

MANDICH, Donald R. & Joseph A. PLACEK. Russian Heraldry and Nobility. iv, 700pp including 260pp of coats of arms 4to, Dramco Publisheers, Florida 1992. . £60.00

McMILLIN, Arnold Barratt. The Vocabulary of the Byelorussian Literary Language . £65.00

MUCHA, Jiri. Most. Vitezny roman literarni souteze U.S.C.S. v Londyne roku 1943. . £50.00

BAKST, Leon. Feya Kukol. (The Doll Fairy). 10 of a set of 12 postcards (lacking nos. 1 & 4) designed by L. Bakst. Issued for the benefit of . £500.00

LOTMAN, Jurij. Analysis of the Poetic Text. . £75.00

ZAITSEV, Boris. Putniki. . £25.00

ANDREEV, Leonid. The Dark. . £75.00

BUNTING, J.H. Is Trade Unionism Sound? . £25.00

TAYLOR, James. The Age We Live In: . £75.00

GOODMAN, Geoffrey. The Awkward Warrior: . £20.00

PEARSON, Thomas S. Russian Officialdom in Crisis: . £30.00

GRANVILLE, A.B. St. Petersburgh: . £40.00

BRITNIEVA, Mary. One Woman's Story. . £75.00

BROWN, Henry Phelps. The Origins of Trade Union Power. . £25.00

KUBLIN, Hyman. Asian Revolutionary. . £30.00

LORENTZ, Fr., Adam FISCHER & T. LEHR-SPLAWINSKI. The Cassubian Civilization. . £30.00

ADAMS, Arthur E. Ian M. MATLEY & William O. McCAGG. An Atlas of Russian and East European History. . £20.00

SKRINE, Sir Clarmont. World War in Iran. . £35.00

EDEN, Charles H. Frozen Asia: A Sketch of Modern Siberia. . £75.00

CHALIAPINE (Fedor SHALYAPIN). Royal Albert Hall. Thursday, March 9th, 1933 at 8.15 p.m. . £25.00

MUSSORGSKII, M.P. Boris Godunov. Narodnaya muzykal'naya drama v 4-kh deistviyakh s prologom (po Pushkinu i Karamzinu) . £75.00

MANTULIN, Valentin N. (compiler). Pesennik Rossiiskago Voina 1721-1921. Angliiskie perevody Aleksandra F. Beka. Illyustratsii i oblozhka raboty . £30.00

YURKA (illustrator). Bobkiny prokazy. . £30.00

MAYA, Isolde. Programme. Isolde Maya in her productions of Dances and Miniature Ballets assisted by Dimitry Rostoff & Algeranoff. . £25.00

PYATNITSKII, M.E. Kontserty M.E. Pyatnitskago s krestyanami. O bylinakh i pesnyakh Velikoi Rusi. . £75.00

KOPTA, Josef. V te jedne cervene a v druhe bile. (20pp) 4to Orbis, Prague (1934). Vydali jako soukromy, neprodejny tisk v poctu 222 cislovanych vytisku Rudolf Hala, . £75.00

BEVERIDGE, Janet & William. Antipodes Notebook. . £25.00

PIL'NYAK, Boris. Mother Earth and Other Stories. . £25.00

BELL, Sir Charles Alfred. Portrait of the Dalai Lama. . £25.00

RUSSKAYA MYSL'. Russkaya Mysl'. Ezhemesyachnoe Literaturno-Politichekoe Izdanie. God tridtsat' vtoroi. Iyul'. . £50.00

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SPANISH CIVIL WAR. London Co-operative Society circular cardboard milk bottle top, 4cm diameter, printed 'Milk For Spain 6d.'. . £25.00

BUKHARIN, Nikolai & E. PREOBRAZHENSKY. The ABC of Communism. Translated from the Russian by Eden & Cedar Paul. 4th edition. . £60.00

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THOMAS, J.J. Froudacity. West Indian Fables by James Anthony Froude explained by J.J. Thomas, author of 'The Creole Grammar'. . £20.00

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BIRDWOOD, Lord. The Worcestershire Regiment, 1922-1950. . £25.00

ATELIER SCHAEDLER, SARAJEVO (publishers). Sarajevo. Folding concertina of 12 mounted photographs, each 9.5 x 14.5cm in folder with Sarajevo on front cover, . £150.00

TRAIL, Richard R. (editor). Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians continued to 1965. (Munk's Roll Vol. V). . £20.00

EGGLESTONE, William Morley. Weardale Names of Field and Fell. An etymological and historical inquiry into the names of places in Weardale, Co. Durham. . £60.00

ROBO, Etienne. Mediaeval Farnham. Everyday Life in an Episcopal Manor. With 24 full-page illustrations. . £25.00

ANONYMOUS. Recollections of a Royal Governess. . £20.00

EAGAR, M. Six Years at the Russian Court. . £20.00

KLEINMICHEL, Countess. Memories of a Shipwrecked World. . £40.00

DOLGOROUKY, Princess Stephanie. Russia before the Crash. . £30.00

EULALIA, Infanta of Spain. Court Life from Within. . £20.00

CHRISTMAS, Captain Walter. King George of Greece. . £20.00

BUCHANAN, Sir George. My Mission to Russia & Other Diplomatic Memories. . £35.00

WILSON, Sir Robert. Narrative of Events during the Invasion of Russia by Napoleon Bonaparte, . £40.00

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NOSEK, Vladimir. Independent Bohemia: An account of the Czecho-Slovak Struggle for Liberty. . £30.00

HINE, Lewis W. Men At Work. Photographic Studies of Modern Men and Machines. . £750.00