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Adam Mills Rare Books

FARREN, Robert. Cambridge & Its Neighbourhood. Drawn and etched by R. Farren. [With an Introduction by John Willis Clark]. Cambridge, Macmillan 1881. £150.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : William Morris : Sebastian Carter : Rampant Lions Press. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 224 on 26 March 1974. Double Crown Club 1974. £25.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe : Charles S. Middleton. Shelley & His Writings. By Charles S. Middleton. Newby 1858. £275.00

FULTON, Hamish. Walking Through : selected observations. Stour Valley Art Project 1999. £48.00

SMART, John. Tarantula's Web : John Hayward, T. S. Eliot and their circle. Russell 2013. £25.00

D'ARBELOFF, Natalie. Small Packages : The Augustine Adventures : Nos 1 - 7. London, NdA Press 1984 - 1986. £45.00

ANON : Vicar of Bray The Vicar of Bray : A Tale. London, printed for R. Baldwin 1771. £1200.00

Lonsdale, John Smith, photographer. [Volume of Victorian Family Photographs c.1860s]. London, Lonsdale [c.1860s] £110.00

SCHOLDERER, Victor. The Avenue and other verses. Privately Printed 1959 £24.00

BROADSIDE MURDER BALLAD : Wincott the Butcher : Taylor, printer in Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London. The Horrid Murder of Mr John Wincott a Butcher, carrying on business in Whitechapel Road, and South Street, Manchester Square [London]. Taylor, printer, Brick Lane, Spitalfields [1862] £200.00

Smith, William. The Uses and Abuses of Domestic Animals. London, Jarrold & Sons [1887]. £75.00

BLYTON, Enid. Silver & Gold. Pictures by Ethel Everett. Thomas Nelson & Sons nd. £55.00

MATRIX. Matrix 17 : A Review For Printers & Bibliophiles. Whittington Press 1997. £90.00

BROWNING, Robert : Margaret Armstrong and Frederick Simpson Coburn illus. The Last Ride Together. New York, Putnam 1906. £385.00

DENHAM, Sir John. Coopers-Hill. A Poem written by the Honourable Sir John Denham, Knight of the Bath. London, printed and sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near the Water-side 1709. £55.00

PHILIPS, Ambrose : John Sparrow Association. Pastorals by Mr Philips. London, printed and sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near the Water-side 1710. £175.00

GILLINGHAM, H. W. : Hughes Stanton association. Unto The Fields. Illustrated by Harry A. Pettit. London, Country Book Club 1955. £30.00

INKY PARROT PRESS : Voltaire : Richard Aldington. Candide or Optimism : by François Voltaire. Translated by Richard Aldington. Illustrated by Wilton Priestner. Oxford, Inky Parrot Press 1985. £175.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Matthew Carter : John MIles. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 211 on 5 October 1971. Double Crown Club 1971. £30.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Anthony Gross : Harold Hugo. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 209 on 30 March 1971. Dr Harold Hugo will describe his work at The Meriden Gravure Company. Double Crown Club 1971. £55.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Henry van de Velde : Fernand Baudin : Herbert Spencer. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 207 on 2 December 1970. Double Crown Club 1970. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Rollo Silver : W. A. Dwiggins. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 206 on 6 October 1970. Double Crown Club 1970. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Hans Schmoller : David Gentleman. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 200 on Midsummer Eve 1969 at The Hall of the Middle Temple. Double Crown Club 1969. £35.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Iain Bain : Roger Powell : Sydney Cockerell. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 194 on 1 May 1968. Double Crown Club 1968. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 171 on 16 October 1963. Double Crown Club 1963. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Hugh Williamson : Frederic Warde. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 170 on 12 June 1963 at The Old House, Windsor. Double Crown Club 1963. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Will Carter. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 165 on 22 June 1962 at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Double Crown Club 1962. £35.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 151 on 28 Oct 1959. Double Crown Club 1959. £35.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Harry Carter : Vivian Ridler : Joseph Moxon. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 146 on 23 Oct 1958. [Titled] Coenator Prognoticus : A Pisgah for the Famished; or the Menu. Double Crown Club 1958. £35.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Harry Carter. Invitation + Menu + Keepsake for Double Crown Club 140th Dinner : with Gezelschap Nonpareil : at All Souls College, Oxford 28 June 1957. Double Crown Club 1957. £55.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : John O'Connor. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 150 at the Tallow Chandlers' Hall, City of London, on 11 June 1959. Double Crown Club 1959. £35.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Nicolas Barker : Holbrook Jackson : Oliver Simon. [50th Anniversary Menu for] Double Crown Club Dinner 226 on 31 October 1974. Double Crown Club 1974. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Joan Hassall. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 238 on 10 February 1977. Double Crown Club 1977. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : John Miles. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 232 on 4 December 1975. Double Crown Club 1975. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Berthold Wolpe. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 231 on 21 October 1975. Double Crown Club 1975. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Michael Turner. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 227 on 17 December 1974. Double Crown Club 1974. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : David Chambers : William Harvey. Invitation + Keepsake for Double Crown Club Dinner 225 on 5 July 1974 on board the Motor Vessel Mayflower Garden. Double Crown Club 1974. £30.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : William Morris : Sebastian Carter : Rampant Lions Press. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 224 on 26 March 1974. Double Crown Club 1974. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Christopher Cornford. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 221 on 9 October 1973. Double Crown Club 1973. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Herbert Simon : Harold Curwen : Colin Banks. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 219 on 27 March 1973. Double Crown Club 1973. £30.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Harold Evans. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 216 on 25 October 1972. Double Crown Club 1972. £30.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Westminster Abbey. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 215 on 21 July 1972 at Westminster Abbey. Double Crown Club 1972. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : James Moran : George W. Jones. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 212 on 1 December 1971. Double Crown Club 1971. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : John Dreyfus : Francis Meynell : The Nonesuch Press. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 268 on 10 February 1983. Double Crown Club 1983. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Simon Rendall : Curwen Press : Martyn Goff. Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 256 on 16 October 1980. Double Crown Club 1980. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Hugh Williamson. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 254 on 25 March 1980. Double Crown Club 1980. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Charles Peignot : John Dreyfus. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 249 on 3 April 1979. Double Crown Club 1979. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Charlene Garry : Sandy Cockerell : Basilisk Press. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 243 on 14 February 1978. Double Crown Club 1978. £25.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : James Moran : Bullen. Invitation + Menu for Double Crown Club Dinner 241 on 12 October 1977. Double Crown Club 1977. £20.00

GREAT YARMOUTH. The Visitor's Guide To The Town and Neighbourhood of Great Yarmouth. Great Yarmouth, Cooper 1853. £58.00

HEATH, Francis George. The Fern World. The Second Edition. London, Sampson Low &c 1877. £20.00

HEATH, Francis George. The Fern World. The Eighth Edition, revised. London, Imperial Press 1898. £30.00

THOMSON, James : Isaac Taylor illus. The Seasons. London, Suttaby, Evance & Fox; and Baldwin, Cradock & Joy 1818. £36.00

HENREY, Blanche. British Botanical & Horticultural Literature before 1800. Comprising a history & bibliography of botanical & horticultural books printed in England, Scotland & Ireland from the earliest times until 1800. Oxford University Press 1975. £85.00

HULME, F. Edward. Familiar Wild Flowers : Series 1 - 7 : with coloured plates. London, Casell & Co 1902. £80.00

RUSKIN, John. The Stones Of Venice : Introductory Chapters and Local Indices (printed separately) for the use of travellers while staying in Venice and Verona. 3rd Edition (revised) 1884 Vol 1. 2nd Edition 1885 Vol 2. Orpington, Kent, George Allen 1884 & 1885. £30.00

GRAY, Thomas. An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. London, Sampson Low &c nd [1875]. £25.00

BEAUMARCHAIS, Canon de. Le Mariage De Figaro : comedie en cinq actes. Avec une Etude par Auguste Vitu. Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles nd [c.1880s]. £40.00

GRAY, Thomas : Richard Westall illus. Poems Of Thomas Gray. Embellished with engravings from the designs by Richard Westall. London, Whittingham for John Sharpe 1821. £25.00

GREGYNOG PRESS : J. Michael Davies : Rigby Graham. The Private Press at Gregynog : by J. Michael Davies. Illustrations by Rigby Graham. Leicester College of Art 1959. £75.00

OAKWOOD Ltd of Birmingham. A Catalogue of Type & Lettering Styles for Photosetting. Birmingham, Oakwood Ltd [c. 1960s]. £25.00

NERI Ltd of Longiano. Street Lights & Urban Furnishing [a portfolio containing 12 publications detailing the cast-iron street furniture available from the firm Neri of Longiano]. Neri [c. 1991]. £55.00

ALSOP, William et al. Northampton : The Cultural Mile. Alsop; with Northampton Borough & County Councils [1990s]. £20.00

MANDEVILLE PRESS : Peter Scupham et al. Winter Dragoncards : Fourteen Poems for Christmas and Winter. Hitchin, The Mandeville Press [1970s]. £24.00

MANDEVILLE PRESS : Peter Scupham et al. Winter Dragoncards : Fourteen Poems for Christmas and Winter. Hitchin, The Mandeville Press [1970s]. £24.00

THEATRE De COMPLICITE : Simon McBurney. [Theatre Ephemera relating to the production of] Mnemonic. Theatre de Complicite 1999. £25.00

ARNOLD, John : Fanfrolico Press. The Fanfrolico Press : Satyrs, Fauns & Fine Books. Private Libraries Association 2009. £48.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : Charles Peignot. Double Crown Club : French Typography 1920 - 1939 : an address given to the 249th meeting of the Double Crown Club by Charles Peignot. Double Crown Club, Lund Humphries and Cambridge University Press 1979. £75.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : Mardersteig : T. E. Lawrence. Double Crown Club : From A Letter of T. E. Lawrence. Double Crown Club, Mardersteig at the Officina Bodoni 1959. £525.00

DOUBLE Crown Club. Double Crown Club : Roll of Members 1978-9 [with] Roll of Members 1979-80 [with] Roll of Members 1980-81. Double Crown Club, Skelton's Press 1978, 1979 and 1980. £24.00

DOUBLE Crown Club. Double Crown Club : List Of Members 1982-83. Double Crown Club, Skelton's Press 1982. £20.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : Holbrook Jackson, Lynton Lamb. Double Crown Club : Rules Of The Club : Roll of Past & Present Members : List Of Dinners : together with Historical Essays by Holbrook Jackson and Lynton Lamb &c &c. Double Crown Club, Privately Printed 1969. £35.00

WYNKYN De Worde Society. Constitution of the Wynkyn De Worde Society. Wynkyn De Worde Society 1957. £20.00

HUTT, Allen. James Shand. Wynkyn de Worde Society 1968. £35.00

KINDERSLEY, David. Space Craft [A Talk with illustrations on Optical Letter Spacing at the Wynkyn de Worde Society, Stationers (sic) Hall Meeting, 19 July 1973]. Wynkyn de Worde Society 1973. £30.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : Francis Meynell. Menu for The Double Crown Club 40th Dinner on 6 Dec 1933. Double Crown Club, Fanfare Press 1933. £36.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : John Mason : Rigby Graham. Twelve By Eight : some adventures in papermaking. A talk to the Double Crown Club 11 December 1957 by John Mason. Double Crown Club, Leicester College Of Art 1958. £40.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : Harold Curwen : Herbert Simon. Harold Curwen : the careful printer. An address delivered by Herbert Simon at the 219th Dinner in March 1973. Double Crown Club, Curwen Press 1974. £35.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : 42nd Dinner : Menu 1934. Bill Of Fare ... Chairman Dr John Johnson. Mr James Guthrie will read a paper on The Hand Printer And His Work. [1934]. £25.00

DOUBLE Crown Club : 118th Dinner Invitation. The 118th Dinner of the Double Crown Club will be held at Kettner's Restaurant on Wednesday 11 February ... the President Mr Crutchley in the Chair. Mr P. H. Muir will give a discourse on February 14 And All That ... [1953]. £20.00

BUTLER, Joseph. The Analogy Of Religion, Natural & Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature. To which are added two Brief Dissertations : 1 Of Personal Identity : 2 Of The Nature Of Virtue. Second Edition, corrected. John & Paul Knapton 1736. £355.00

THE ROLYAT TANK Co Ltd, YORK. The Rolyat (registered) Patent Domestic Hot Water System : manufactured by the Rolyat Tank Co. Ltd. York & London, printed by Delittle, Fenwick & Co [c. 1927]. £25.00

CAFFYNS Ltd. Caffyns Ltd : Motorists [sic] Maps of England & Wales. No publisher, no date [c. 1930]. £45.00

SCOTT, Sir Walter : and Reginald Heber. The Field Of Waterloo : a poem [BOUND WITH] Europe : lines on the present war by Reginald Heber [BOUND WITH] The Gentleman's Magazine January 1822 *and* Feb 1822. By Sylavanus Urban, gent. Scott's Field Of Waterloo, Edinburgh, Constable &c 1815 : Heber's Europe, London, Hatchard 1809 : Gentleman's Magazine, London, John Nichols 1822. £95.00

CAMBRIDGE : William White. A Jubilee Memorial of the Consecration of Christ Church, Cambridge : which took place 27 June 1839. To which is prefixed A Short History Of Barnwell Priory from its foundation to the present time. By William White, sub-Librarian of Trinity College. Cambridge, Heffer 1889. £55.00

ONE-TIME PRESS : Peter Wells. Poems : Collected & Revised 1939 - 2006. By Peter Wells. Suffolk, One-Time Press 2007. £25.00

BASKETT BIBLE : Pocket Bible in Jesuit-style Binding : John Baskett. The Holy Bible containing The Old Testament and The New Testament ... newly translated out of the original Greek, and with the the former translations diligently compared and revised. By His Majesties [sic] special command. Appointed to be read in Churches. London, printed by John Baskett ... and by the assigns of Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills deceased, 1715. £400.00

FLAVELL, Rev. John. Select Works of the Rev. John Flavell. Edited by the Rev. C. Bradley. London, printed by A. J. Valpy for L. B. Seeley 1823. £145.00

CAMBRIDGE History Of English Literature : Vols 5 & 6 : Ward & Waller. The Drama To 1642 : parts 1 & 2. Edited by Sir A. W. Ward and A. R. Waller. Cambridge University Press 1907; reprinted variously; and here Pt 1, 1970; Pt 2, 1969. £28.00

WORONOFF, Denis : trans Julian Jackson. The Thermidorean Regime & The Directory 1794 - 1799. Cambridge University Press 1984. £35.00

BUCHAN, William. Domestic Medicine : or a treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases by regimen and simple medicines. A New Edition edited and brought down to the present state of medical science. Thomas Nelson 1847. £30.00

RANKIN, Margaret Cuthbert. The Art & Practice Of Laundry Work for students and teachers. Blackie & Son, nd [1890s - 1910]. £25.00

CLATER, Francis : D. McTaggart : Rarey. Every Man His Own Farrier : revised and much new matter added by D. McTaggart. Together with Rarey's Treatment & Management of the Horse. Milner & Co, nd [mid to later 19th century]. £25.00

FIELDING, Henry. The Adventures Of Joseph Andrews. Cochrane 1832. £55.00

SHELLEY, Mary : W. H. Lyles. Mary Shelley : An Annotated Bibliography. By W. H. Lyles. New York & London, Garland Publishing 1975. £45.00

RAMPANT LIONS PRESS : Lady Keynes. With Love & Eighty Candles : for M. E. K. : Margaret Elizabeth Keynes [wife of Sir Geoffrey Keynes] 1890 -1970. To Celebrate Her 80th Birthday ... a dinner ... at her birthplace Newnham Grange, now Darwin College &c. Rampant Lions Press 1970. £375.00

BLACK, Mrs. Superior Cookery. 36th Thousand. Collins, no date [c.1900]. £25.00

FINZI, Joyce : and Richard Shirley Smith. A Point Of Departure : poems by Joyce Finzi. Wood engravings by Richard Shirley Smith. Cambridge, Golden Head Press 1967. £25.00

ROUAULT, Georges. Georges Rouault 1871 - 1958 : Catalogue raisonee [of the Rouault Collection in the Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris : with text in French]. Paris, Musee d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris [1983]. £20.00

CLOUZOT, Henri. Histoire De La Manufacture de Jouy et de la Toile Imprimee au 18th siecle. Paris, Les Editions G. Van Oest 1928. £95.00

BEERBOHM, Max. The Happy Hypocrite. Illustrated by George Sheringham. John Lane, The Bodley Head [1915]. £80.00

LIBANUS PRESS : Margot Coatts. Edible Architecture : by Margot Coatts. Libanus Press 1987. £115.00

EVANS, Rev. G. B. Vivian, late acting Chaplain to H M. Forces. A Day At Waterloo by Little Harold : to which is added An Account Of Brussels during the war in 1815 [comprises A Day At Waterloo : and also The Battle Of Waterloo with an account by eye-witnesses of Brussels and the field during and after the engagement]. Brussels, Kiessling 1908. £40.00

[RUSSELL, Lord John, 1st Earl Russell]. The Nun Of Arrouca : a tale. London, John Murray 1822. £400.00

WATERLOO : Gerard. [Binding Titled] Views Of Waterloo [comprising lithograph plates by Gerard of Brussels]. No place, No publisher [Lithographs with imprint of Gerard of Brussels : and Map dated 10 March 1840]. £175.00

WATERLOO : Gerard. Collection De Douze Vues de Waterloo [lithograph plates by Gerard]. Brussels, chez Gerard, lithographe-editeur nd [c.1840s]. £175.00

WELLINGTON : John Wickens : George Tickell : J. C. Prichard : George K. Rickards : Roundell Palmer : Isaac Nicholson Allen : Charles Seager : A. Lloyd : John Graham : Miles Atkinson : John Adams : William Herbert Woodhouse : Lord Maidstone : G. K. Morrell Congratulatory Addresses recited in The Theatre, Oxford, at the installation of His Grace The Duke Of Wellington, Chancellor of the University 1834. Oxford, Vincent 1834. £45.00

EVANS, Rev. G. B. Vivian, late acting Chaplain to H M. Forces. A Day At Waterloo by Little Harold : to which is added An Account Of Brussels during the war in 1815 [comprises A Day At Waterloo : and also The Battle Of Waterloo with an account by eye-witnesses of Brussels and the field during and after the engagement]. Brussels, Kiessling 1919. £25.00

WELLESLEY, Lord Gerald : & John Steegmann. The Iconography Of The First Duke Of Wellington. Foreword by Philip Guedalla. London, Dent 1935. £55.00

ABBOT, Charles, Lord Colchester : edited John Rickman. Speeches In Communicating Thanks of The House of Commons to Military Commanders 1807 - 1816. With a Biographical Memoir and Appendix. Not Published. London, Not Published, printed by Hansard 1829. £150.00

KELLY, Walter R. A Life Of Wellington For Boys. Illustrated by John Absolon. London, Addey 1853. £65.00

TENNYSON, Alfred. Ode On The Death of the Duke of Wellington. A New Edition. London, Moxon 1853. £45.00

[BOONE, James Shergold]. The Welcome Of Isis : a poem occasioned by an expected visit of the Duke of Wellington to the University of Oxford [in 1820]. Oxford, for Henry Slatter 1834. £150.00

[CROKER, J. W.] Talavera. Ninth Edition : to which are added Other Poems [WITH] Tribute To The Memory of the Rt Hon Spencer Perceval. By a Friend. Second Edition. Talavera, printed by Harding & White for Murray &c 1812 : and Tribute, printed by Harding & White for the Author 1812. £300.00

MEMLING. Memling In Bruges. Bruges, Stichting Kunstboek [1994]. £20.00

BLAKE, William : Joseph Wicksteed : Geoffrey Keynes. Jerusalem. A Facsimile of the Illuminated Book. With Introduction by Joseph Wicksteed and Bibliographical Statement by Geoffrey Keynes. Trianon Press for the William Blake Trust [1951]. £2750.00

AUSTRIAN ARMY UNIFORMS. Uniformen, Distinktions- und sonstige Abzeichen der gesammten k. u. k. osterr.-ung Wehrmacht sowie Orden und Ehrenzeichen Osterreich-Ungarns. Dritte Auflage. Troppau, Aug. Strasilla; Leipzig, Moritz Ruhl [1891]. £115.00

FORSTER, E. M. A View Without A Room. New York, Albondocani Press 1973. £75.00

JOHNSON, Barbara : edited by Nathalie Rothstein : Roy Strong Barbara Johnson's Album Of Fashion and Fabrics. Edited by Nathalie Rothstein. Thames & Hudson 1987. £120.00

USSHER, Captain Sir Thomas : Colonel Laborde : Napoleon. A Narrative Of Events connected with the First Abdication of the Emperor Napoleon, his embarkation [sic] at Frejus and voyage to Elba on board His Majesty's ship Undaunted [AND] His Embarkation at Elba ... and a journal of his extraordinary march to Paris as narrated by Colonel Laborde who accompanied the Emperor on that occasion. Dublin, Grant and Bolton; London, James Fraser 1841. £250.00

BELLA, Gabriel : Alvise Zorzi : Vittorio Sgarbi. Venetia Felix : Gabriel Bella (Venetian painter 1730 - 1798), Chronicler of the Republic. Text by Alvise Zorzi : Introduction by Vittorio Sgarbi. Milan, Franco Maria Ricci 1989. £115.00

ORDNANCE Survey : Stroud & Chepstow. Ordnance Survey Contoured Road Map of Stroud & Chepstow. Popular Edition price 2/6 net. Scale : one inch to one mile. Sheet 103. Ordnance Survey, Sheet 103 : 1919, corrections 1931, re-issued 1933 [?]. £20.00

MONTOLIEU, Isabelle de : trans Thomas Holcroft. Caroline Of Lichtfield : a novel. Translated from the French by Thomas Holcroft. London, printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row 1786. £150.00

MACAULAY, Lord. Lays Of Ancient Rome. With illustrations, original and from the antique, drawn on wood by George Scharf. New Edition. Longmans 1865. £55.00

NONESUCH PRESS : Lord Tennyson : John Sparrow. Tennyson's In Memoriam. Introduction by John Sparrow. Nonesuch Press 1933. £300.00

NONESUCH PRESS : John Collier : Blair Hughes-Stanton. The Devil & All : six short stories by John Collier. Illustrated by Blair Hughes-Stanton. Nonesuch Press 1934. £35.00

WHISTLER, Laurence : Christopher Booker. Enter [Poems by Laurence Whistler]. With an Afterword by Christopher Booker. Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1987. £35.00

DONNE, John : Geoffrey Keynes. Death's Duell : A Sermon delivered before King Charles I in the beginning of Lent 1630/1. Edited with Postscript by Geoffrey Keynes. Boston, Godine 1973. £75.00

QUAYLE, Eric : Jost Amman. Jost Amman's Kunst und Lehrbuchlein 1580 [A Book Of Art & Instruction For Young People]. Facsimile Edition with Notes & Introduction by Eric Quayle. Eugrammia Press 1971. £65.00

NONESUCH PRESS : Romer Wilson. Latterday Symphony : by Romer Wilson. Nonesuch Press 1927. £20.00

LAMB, Charles attributed : Clement Shorter. The Book Of The Ranks & Dignities of British Society 1805 : chiefly intended for the instruction of young persons. Introduction by Clement Shorter. CUP for Cape 1924. £25.00

CAMMELL, Charles Richard. [Two Inscribed Poetry Leaves 1957-58] : Stanzas To Silence : and Tintern Abbey. Reprinted from The Aylsford Review, 1957 & 1958. £25.00

WHITTINGTON PRESS. Matrix 9 : A Review For Printers & Bibliophiles. Whittington Press 1989. £175.00

SITWELL, Sacheverell : Thomas Lowinsky. Exalt The Eglantine and other poems. Decorated by Thomas Lowinsky. Curwen Press for Fleuron 1926. £95.00

FRIENDS' PRESS, Cambridge : Patricia Jaffe : Mrs Turner. Christmas 1982. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, The Friends' Press 1982. £30.00

WHITTINGTON PRESS. Matrix 11 : A Review For Printers & Bibliophiles. Whittington Press 1991. £165.00

WHITTINGTON PRESS. Matrix 8 : A Review For Printers & Bibliophiles. Whittington Press 1988. £190.00

WHITTINGTON PRESS. Matrix 7 : A Review For Printers & Bibliophiles. Whittington Press 1987. £220.00

SCOTTISH NEWSPAPERS : M. E. Craig. The Scottish Periodical Press 1750-89 : By M. E. Craig. Oliver & Boyd 1931. £40.00

ANDERSON, W. J. : and R. H. Spiers : Thomas Ashby. The Architecture Of Ancient Rome : an account of its historic development. New Edition revised and rewritten by Thomas Ashby. Batsford 1927. £50.00

DICKENS, Charles. Commercial Traveller or Travelling Salesman's Specimen Book for The Charles Dickens London Edition. Caxton Publishing Co [1901]. £75.00

SHAKESPEARE : L. Collison-Morley. Shakespeare In Italy. By L. Collison-Morley. Shakespeare Head 1916. £20.00

MENDELSSOHN, Felix : Sebastian Hensel. The Mendelssohn Family 1729-1847 : From Letters & Journals. By Sebastian Hensel. Translated Carl Klingemann. Notice by George Grove. Sampson Low 1881. £132.00

HERVEY, Thomas K. : Australia : New Zealand. The Poetical Sketch-Book : including a 3rd Edition of Australia [revised]. Edward Bull 1829. £125.00

LANGLAND : Piers Ploughman : ed Thomas Wright. The Vision & Creed Of Piers Ploughman. Edited from a contemporary manuscript, with historical intro, notes & glossary by Thomas Wright. 'Second Edition, revised'. Reeves & Turner 1887. £25.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe. The Works. Ascham 1834. £500.00

William Nash [family : papermakers of St Paul's Cray. By W. S. Shears. Batchworth 1950. £22.00

LAWRENCE, D. H. The Collected Letters. Edited with intro by H. T. Moore. Heinemann 1962. £58.00

GREEN, Emanuel. The Union Jack : Its History & Development. Second Edition, with additions. London, Harrison; and Bath, Gregory 1903. £75.00

EROTICA : Cochin : Eisen : Boucher : Moreau Le Jeune : Charles Monnet : Binet. Delizie Galanti del XVIII Secolo [Delightful Gallantry of the 18th Century : with illustrations after Cochin, Eisen, Boucher, Moreau Le Jeune, Charles Monnet, Binet &c]. Milan, Perrella [1950s]. £65.00

MARDERSTEIG : J. C. Hardy. Catalogue Of English Prose Fiction [principally 18thC]: from a private library. By J. C. Hardy. Duval 1982. £22.00

BYRON : T. G. Ehrsam. Major Byron : the incredible career of a literary forger. By T. G. Ehrsam. New York & London 1951. £24.00

MEDWIN : Byron : Shelley : E. J. Lovell. Captain Medwin : friend of Byron & Shelley. By Prof E. J. Lovell. Macdonald 1962. £24.00

BLOOMFIELD, Nathaniel. An Essay On War, in blank verse : Honnington Green, a ballad : The Culprit, an elegy : and other poems on various subjects. Gedge, Bury [St Edmonds] for Hurst, and Vernor & Hood, 1803. £125.00

TYPEFOUNDING : Rollo Silver. Typefounding In America 1787-1825. By Rollo Silver. Virginia UP 1965. £34.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe : Thomas Hutchinson. The Complete Poetical Works : including materials never before printed in any edition. Edited with textual notes Thomas Hutchinson. OUP 1904. £55.00

GILL, Eric : Brocard Sewell. Servile Labour & Contemplation. Foreword by Brocard Sewell. Aylesford Press 1989. £20.00

JOHNSON, Dr : Boswell : B. H. Bronson. Johnson Agonistes & other essays. By B. H. Bronson. CUP 1946. £20.00

HERRICK, Robert : J. Nott. Select Poems from The Hesperides. Occasional remarks by J. Nott. Bristol, Gutch [1810]. £155.00

BODLEY : Sir Edmund Craster. History Of The Bodleian Library 1845-1945. By Sir Edmund Craster. OUP 1952; reprinted 1981. £26.00

BODLEY : Sir Edmund Craster. History Of The Bodleian Library 1845-1945. By Sir Edmund Craster. OUP 1952. £35.00

LEWIS, John. The Twentieth Century Book : its illustration & design. Studio Vista 1967. £35.00

LEWIS, John. The Twentieth Century Book : its illustration & design. Studio Vista 1967. £28.00

FOULIS : D. Murray. Robert & Andrew Foulis and the Glasgow Press : with some account of the Glasgow Academy of the Fine Arts. By D. Murray. Glasgow, Maclehose 1913. £90.00

WARNER, Sir George ed. The Libelle Of Englyshe Polycye 1436 : a poem on the use of sea-power. Edited Sir George Warner. OUP 1926. £40.00

TEMPLE, Sir William. Miscellanea : The First Part [complete thus]. Containing 1. A Survey of the Constitutions and Interests of the Empire, Sweden, Denmark, Spain Holland, France and Flanders ... in the year 1671. 2. An Essay upon the Original and Nature of Government. 3. An Essay upon the Advancement of Trade in Ireland. 4. Upon the conjuncture of Affairs in Oct 1673 [The Dutch War &c]. 5. Upon the Excess of Grief. 6. An Essay upon the Cure of Gout by Moxa. The 4th Edition Printed for Tonson ... and Awnsham ... and John Churchill 1693. £125.00

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