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Adam Mills Rare Books

SARGEAUNT, John : Virgil. The Trees, Shrubs & Plants Of Virgil. New York, Books For Libraries Press 1969. £25.00

STEPHEN, Sir Leslie : G. M. Trevelyan. Sketches From Cambridge : by A Don. Foreword by G. M. Trevelyan. OUP 1932; reissued 1936. £25.00

STAINED GLASS : C. H. Sherrill. Stained Glass Tours In Germany, Austria & the Rhinelands. By C. H. Sherrill. Lane 1927. £28.00

TEXAS : D. B. Alexander. Texas Homes Of The 19th Century. By D. B. Alexander. Foreword H. H. Ransom. Texas UP 1966. £42.00

JOHNSON, Philip & John Burgee. Philip Johnson & John Burgee : Architecture 1979-1985. New York, Rizzoli 1985. £36.00

EXHIBITIONS : Wolfgang Clasen. Exhibitions : Exhibits : Industrial & Trade Fairs. By Wolfgang Clasen. Architectural Press 1968. £55.00

ITALY : Paolo Nestler. New Ways Of Building In Italy : by Paolo Nestler. Munich, Callwey 1954. £35.00

STRATTON, A. Elements Of Form & Design In Classic Architecture : shown in exterior & interior motives collated from fine buildings of all periods. Batsford 1925. £45.00

VIRGINIA : H. I. Brock. Colonial Churches 1635-1776 In Virginia USA : by H. I. Brock. Intro H. J. Eckenrode. Virginia, Dale Press 1930. £55.00

JAPAN : Jiro Harada. The Lesson Of Japanese Architecture : by Jiro Harada of Tokyo National Museum. Studio 1954. £48.00

NUTT, Alfred. Celtic & Medieval Romance. By Alfred Nutt. Second Edition [revised]. Nutt, Pop Studies In Mythology &c No 1, 1904. £35.00

SMITH, Albert. The Fortunes Of The Scattergood Family. Bentley Standard Novel 122, 1853. £80.00

HEADLEY, Henry : Dr Johnson. Select Beauties Of Ancient English Poetry : with remarks. Cadell 1787. £200.00

NOVELS : Gothic : Birkhead : Walpole : Radcliffe : Beckford : Godwin. The Tale Of Terror : a study of the Gothic Romance. By Edith Birkhead. Constable 1921. £80.00

JERROLD, Douglas. The Story Of A Feather. Punch Office 1844. £155.00

KEATS : M. B. Forman. The Letters Of John Keats. Edited by M. B. Forman. Second Edition: with revisions & additional letters. OUP 1935. £30.00

WORDSWORTH, William : W. Knight. Wordsworthiana : A Selection From Papers read to the Wordsworth Society. Edited by W. Knight. Macmillan 1889. £38.00

BOSWELL, Thomas Alexander. The Journal Of An Exile. Second Edition. Saunders & Otley 1825. £350.00

MALTHUS, Thomas. Travel Diaries Of Thomas Malthus. Edited by Patricia James. CUP 1966. £30.00

WELLINGTON : G. P. R. James. An Oration On The Character & Services of the late Duke Of Wellington. Delivered before the British residents of Boston & vicinity, and their American friends. By G. P. R. James. Boston, Ticknor &c 1853. £145.00

LAWRENCE, D. H. The Collected Letters. Edited with intro by H. T. Moore. Heinemann 1962. £45.00

THACKERAY, W. M. A Collection Of Letters 1847-55 [written to Rev & Mrs Brookfield by W. M. Thackeray]. Second Edition. Smith, Elder 1887. £20.00

BAUDELAIRE : Peter Quennell. Baudelaire And The Symbolists : five essays by Peter Quennell. Chatto & Windus 1929. £32.00

THACKERAY, W. M. : Lucy W. Baxter. Thackeray's Letters To An American Family. Intro by Lucy W. Baxter. Smith, Elder 1904. £20.00

TUCKER & Benham. A Bibliography Of 15th Century Literature : with special reference to the history of English culture. By Tucker & Benham. New York 1972. £20.00

HURNARD, James : G. Rostrevor Hamilton. A Victorian Character : being extracts from The Setting Sun by James Hurnard. Edited by G. Rostrevor Hamilton. CUP 1946. £25.50

FARNELL, Ida. Spanish Prose & Poetry [13th-19th Centuries]. By Ida Farnell. OUP 1920. £25.50

GIBBON, Edward : J. E. Norton. Bibliography Of The Works Of Edward Gibbon. By J. E. Norton. OUP 1940. £75.00

JEFFERIES, Richard : Grace Toplis. Richard Jefferies' Early Fiction. With a rare portrait. Edited by Grace Toplis. Printed by Arthur Young, Diocesan Printing Works, Wells, Somerset, for Simpkin, Marshall 1896. £85.00

BYRON, Lord : John Cordy Jeaffreson. The Real Lord Byron : new views of the poet's life. By John Cordy Jeaffreson. Hurst & Blackett 1883. £125.00

HOBBES : Macdonald & Hargreaves. Thomas Hobbes : a bibliography. By Macdonald & Hargreaves OUP for Bib Soc 1952. £64.00

BEDDOES, Thomas Lovell : R. H. Snow. Thomas Lovell Beddoes : eccentric & poet. By R. H. Snow. New York, Covici Friede 1928. £45.00

HUGHES-STANTON, Blair & Penelope. The Wood Engravings Of Blair Hughes-Stanton. With a biography : a bibliography of his illustrated books: and a list of his independent engravings. By Penelope Hughes-Stanton. PLA 1991. £190.00

GILL, Eric : D. Steven Corey. Eric Gill : A Bibliography by Evan Gill. Second Edition: revised by D. Steven Corey & Julia Mackenzie. St Paul's Bibs, & Omnigraphics, Detroit, 1991. £45.00

LOVAT FRASER : Haldane Macfall. The Book Of Lovat. By Haldane Macfall. Dent 1923. £85.00

TENNYSON, Lord Alfred. Songs & Poems by Alfred Tennyson. Peter Pauper Press, New York [1940s?]. £25.50

MITFORD, Mary Russell. Country Stories. Saunders & Otley 1837. £155.00

LITHOGRAPHY : Alois Senefelder. The Invention Of Lithography 1818 : by Alois Senefelder. English translation by J. W. Muller. New York, Fuchs & Lang 1911. £116.00

MUNBY, A. N. L. The Cult Of The Autograph Letter In England c.1700-1914. Athlone 1962. £38.00

SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS : Henry Fielding. Amelia : by Henry Fielding. With text & bibliographical notes. Shakespeare Head Press 1926. £48.00

SPEARING, H. G. The Childhood Of Art ... based chiefly on the relics of artistic work in prehistoric times. Second Edition, revised. Benn 1930. £45.00

CURWEN PRESS : Revelations : St John. The Revelation Of St John The Divine. Illustrated by Frances Clayton. Faber 1931. £22.00

JACOBI, C. T. Some Notes On Books & Printing : a guide for authors and others. Chiswick Press 1892. £42.00

JOHNSON, A. F. French 16thC Printing. Benn 1928. £25.50

AUTOGRAPHS : E. H. Courville. Autograph Prices Current. A complete alphabetical & chronological record ... sold by auction in London, with the date & place of sale, name of purchaser, and price ... With comprehensive index. Edited E. H. Courville. Vol 1 1914-16. Courville 1916 £25.00

NEWTON, A. Edward : Bible : Johnson : Sterne : Godwin : Wollstonecaft : Shelley : Dickens. The Greatest Book In The World : and other papers. Boston, Little, Brown 1925. £20.00

CHILDREN's LIBRARY : W. C. Berwick Sayers. A Manual Of Children's Libraries. By W. C. Berwick Sayers. Allen & Unwin 1932. £20.00

FAIRBANK, Alfred. A Book Of Scripts [the development of handwriting]. King Penguin 1949. £26.50

MACDONALD, Rev William. Poems. Edinburgh, printed by George Ramsay & Co for The Author 1809. £200.00

TAYLOR, Henry. Philip Van Artevelde : a dramatic romance. Moxon 1834. £85.00

THEATRE COSTUME : Theodore Komisarjevsky. Costume Of The Theatre. By Theodore Komisarjevsky. Bles 1931. £62.00

GOLDSMITH, Oliver : Prof Katherine Balderstone : C. B. Tinker. A Census Of The Manuscripts Of Oliver Goldsmith. By Prof Katherine Balderstone. New York, Brick Row 1926. £38.00

GRIFFIN, Gerald & Daniel. The Life Of Gerald Griffin [19thC Irish novelist]. By his brother Daniel Griffin. Dublin, Duffy 1857. £95.00

CARLYLE, Thomas & Jane : Ian Campbell. Thomas & Jane : Selected Letters from the Edinburgh University Library collection. Edited Ian Campbell. Edinburgh UL Friends 1980. £20.00

LUTTRELL Society : Christopher Smart : Defoe : John Evelyn : Saltonstall : Settle : Urquhart : Fraunce : Drummond : Cameron : Ardene : Wills : Baltharpe. Reprints Of Rare 17thC Literature. Oxford, Luttrell Society, Blackwell 1946-59. £180.00

BOWLES, Mrs Caroline : Southey. The Birth-Day : A Poem in three parts. To which are added Occasional Verses. Edinburgh, Blackwood; London, Cadell 1836. £116.00

AINSWORTH, W. H. Salesman's Specimen Book for the Author's Copyright Edition. Waverley Book Co [c.1910?] £85.00

CROKER : Pottle : Brightfield. John Wilson Croker. By M. F. Brightfield. Allen & Unwin 1940. £55.00

DICKENS, Charles : John Forster. The Life Of Charles Dickens. By John Forster. Chapman & Hall 1872 - 1874. £2000.00

GRAY, Thomas. An Elegy Written Originally In A Country Church Yard. The 8th Edition : corrected by the Author. Dodsley 1753. £200.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe : Charles S. Middleton. Shelley & His Writings. By Charles S. Middleton. Newby 1858. £275.00

THORNTON, Robert : Edmund Brock. Robert Thornton's Morte Arthure : or the Death of Arthur. Edited from Thornton's 15thC MS in Lincoln Cathedral by Edmund Brock. With glossary. Trubner for EETS 1871. £35.00

RITSON, Joseph : Bronson. Ritson's Bibliographia Scotica [a critical bio-bibliography of Scottish writers]. Edited & introduced by B. H. Bronson. New York, PMLA 52, 1937. £30.00

HEIDLER, J. B. The History Of English Criticism 1700-1800 Of Prose Fiction. Illinois UP 1928. £45.00

DOUGLAS & Harnoncourt : Red Indians. Indian Art Of The United States. By Douglas & Harnoncourt. New York, Museum Modern Art 1948. £25.50

BYRON, Lord. Marino Faliero, Doge Of Venice : an historical tragedy. The Prophecy Of Dante : a poem. Murray 1821. £37.00

JOHNSON, Samuel : W. T. Cairns. The Religion Of Dr Johnson : and other essays by W. T. Cairns. OUP 1946. £20.00

FARJEON, Eleanor : Stoney : Curwen Press. The Dark World Of Animals. Illustrated T. Stoney. Sylvan Press 1945. £36.00

TARG, William. Bibliophile In The Nursery : a bookman's treasury of collectors' lore on old & rare children's books. New York 1957. £60.00

AMERICAN BOOK Catalogues : James F. Drake. Catalogues Of Rare Books issued 1926-1928 by James F. Drake of New York. New York 1926-28. £20.00

KEATS, John : McCracken : Shackford Two Pamphlets on The Eve Of St Agnes. By McCracken and Shackford. 1907 & 1921. £30.00

[SHERER, J. W.] : Paul Benison. The Lost Vicar. By Paul Benison. Bath, bound by W. Brown 1908. £200.00

SWIFT, Jonathan : James Hay. Swift : The Mystery Of His Life & Love. By James Hay, author of Johnson's Characteristics &c. Chapman & Hall [1891]. £42.00

JOHNSON, Samuel : Courtney & Smith. A Bibliography Of Samuel Johnson. By Courtney & Smith. OUP 1968. £42.00

AKERMAN, John Yonge. Coins Of The Romans relating to Britain described & illustrated. John Russell Smith 1844. £125.00

PORTER, Anna Maria. Duke Christian Of Luneburg : or tradition from the Hartz. Longmans &c 1824. £400.00

ADDISON : Sir Richard Phillips. Addisoniana [by Sir Richard Phillips]. Printed for Richard Phillips [1803]. £155.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe : Lady Shelley. Shelley Memorials : from authentic sources. Edited by Lady Shelley. To which is added An Essay On Christianity by Shelley : now first printed. Smith, Elder 1859. £85.00

BLAND, Robert : Greek Literature. Collections From The Greek Anthology : and from the pastoral, elegiac & dramatic poets of Greece. By Robert Bland and others. Bulmer for Murray 1813. £125.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe : Seymour De Ricci. A Bibliography Of Shelley's Letters published & unpublished. Compiled by Seymour De Ricci. Privately Printed [Bois-Colombes, France] 1927. £85.00

DUNN, Douglas. The Happier Life. Faber 1972. £30.00

THURTLE, Frances [later Mrs Jamieson]. Ashford Rectory : a tale. Hailes, Juvenile Library, London Museum, Piccadilly 1817. £200.00

BECK, Richard. Icelandic Lyrics. Originals And Translations selected & edited [with introductions] by Prof. Richard Beck Iceland, Reykjavick, Bjarnarson 1930. £48.00

MORATA, Olympia : Julius Bonnet. The Life Of Olympia Morata. An episode in the revival of letters and of the Reformation in Italy. By Julius Bonnet. A New Translation: to which is prefixed an Historical Sketch of the Reformation in Italy. Edinburgh, Johnstone & Hunter 1854. £100.00

DICKENS : J. J. Ayling : R. Aitken. Charles Dickens : In Memoriam Photograph c.1870. 1870. £58.00

SWIFT, Jonathan : Alexander Pope : Jonathan Smedley. Gulliveriana 1728 ... by Jonathan Smedley. Garland, Swiftiana VIII, 1974. £58.00

KEATS & Shelley : Sir Rennell Rodd & H. Nelson Gay. Bulletins Nos 1 & 2 [all issued] Of The Keats-Shelley Memorial : Rome. Edited by Sir Rennell Rodd & H. Nelson Gay. Macmillan 1910 & 1913. £265.00

MOORE, Henry. Moore On Sculpture. Henry Moore's writings & spoken words on sculpture. Edited with intro by Philip James. Macdonald 1966. £30.00

SITWELL, Sacheverell. Southern Baroque Revisited. Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1967. £65.00

ARNOULD & Massing : Spufford & Blackburn. Splendours Of Flanders [Illuminated Manuscripts, Books, Paintings &c.] : Late Medieval Art in Cambridge Collections. Exhibition Catalogue by Arnould & Massing : and contributions by Spufford & Blackburn. CUP & Credit Communal 1993. £60.00

BEWICK : Austin Dobson. Bewick And His Pupils : by Austin Dobson. Chatto & Windus 1884. £30.00

MARTIN, John : Thomas Balston. John Martin 1789-1854 : Illustrator & Pamphleteer. By Thomas Balston. Reprinted by OUP from Bibliographical Society Transactions 1934. £22.00

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. Portfolio Papers. Seeley 1889. £20.00

CECIL, David : Samuel Palmer : Edward Burne-Jones. Visionary & Dreamer. Two poetic painters : Samuel Palmer & Edward Burne-Jones. By David Cecil. Constable 1969. £28.00

FUSELI, Henry : Nicolas Powell. The Drawings Of Henry Fuseli. By Nicolas Powell. Faber 1951. £20.00

FUSELI, Henry : Schiff & Hofmann : Sarah Twohig. Henry Fuseli 1741 - 1825 [By Schiff & Hofmann : translated by Sarah Twohig]. Tate Gallery 1975. £20.00

McDOWALL, Arthur. Peaks & Frescoes : a study of the Dolomites. By Arthur McDowall. OUP 1928. £42.00

POWELL, Nicolas. From Baroque To Rococo. An introduction to Austrian & German architecture 1580 - 1790. Faber 1959. £20.00

VAUGHAN, William. German Romanticism & English Art 1800-1850. Yale UP 1979. £30.00

JACKSON, John : W. A. Chatto : H. G. Bohn. A Treatise On Wood Engraving : historical & practical. By John Jackson & W. A. Chatto. Second Edition : with a new chapter on the artists of the present day by H. G. Bohn : and with 145 additional wood engravings. Bohn 1861. £80.00

SULLIVAN, Sir Edward. The Book Of Kells : described by Sir Edward Sullivan & illustrated with 24 plates. Studio 1914. £65.00

BLUNT, Wilfrid. The Art Of Botanical Illustration. By William Blunt. Collins 1950. £30.00

MORRIS, William : John J. Walsdorf : Sir Basil Blackwell. William Morris In Private Press & Limited Editions. A Descriptive Bibliography of books by & about William Morris 1891 - 1981. By John J. Walsdorf. Foreword by Sir Basil Blackwell. Arizona, Oryx Press 1983. £45.00

CLAIR, Colin. A History Of European Printing. Academic Press 1976. £32.00

BIGMORE & Wyman. A Bibliography Of Printing : with notes & illustrations. Holland Press & Oak Knoll 1978. £35.00

SEWELL, Brocard. St Dominic's Press, Ditchling : A Checklist of publications 1916 - 1936. Hassocks, Ditchling Press 1979. £28.00

BREWER, Roy : Eric Gill. Eric Gill : The Man Who Loved Letters. By Roy Brewer. Muller 1973. £20.00

GILL, Evan : Eric Gill : Corey & Mackenzie. Eric Gill : A Bibliography by Evan Gill. Second Edition, revised by Corey & Mackenzie. Winchester, St Paul's Bibliographies 1991. £35.00

SPEAIGHT, Robert : Eric Gill. The Life Of Eric Gill : by Robert Speaight. Methuen 1966. £25.00

BROWN, Stephen : Desmond Clarke. Ireland In Fiction : a guide to Irish Tales, Romances & Folklore. By Stephen Brown. Introduction Desmond Clarke. Irish University Press 1968. £45.00

PROCTOR, Mortimer R. The English University Novel. University of California Press 1957. £20.00

WOLFF, Robert Lee. Strange Stories. Explorations in Victorian Fiction - the Occult and the Neurotic. Boston, Gambit 1971. £20.00

COURTNEY & Smith : Chapman & Hazen : Samuel Johnson. A Bibliography Of Samuel Johnson : by Courtney & Smith. With Johnsonian Bibliography : a supplement to Courtney by Chapman & Hazen. Delaware, Oak Knoll & Goldberg 1984. £25.00

MacGILLIVRAY, J. R. : Keats. Keats : A Bibliography & Reference Guide. With an Essay on Keats. University of Toronto 1949; 2nd printing 1968. £25.00

CHEW, Samuel C. Byron In England : His Fame & After-Fame Murray 1924. £30.00

SADLEIR, Michael : Anthony Trollope. Trollope : A Bibliography. An analysis of the history and structure of the works of Anthony Trollope, and a general survey of the effect of original publishing conditions on a book's subsequent rarity. Dawsons 1964. £42.00

WISE, Thomas J. : Percy Bysshe Shelley. A Shelley Library : a catalogue of printed books, manuscripts & autograph letters by Percy Bysshe Shelley, Harriet Shelley, and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Haskell House 1971. £24.00

ROFF, Renee : Charles & Mary Lamb. A Bibliography Of The Writings Of Charles & Mary Lamb. Compiled by Renee Roff. New York, Nicholas Smith 1979. £20.00

WARREN, Murray : Thomas Chatterton. A Descriptive & Annotated Bibliography of Thomas Chatterton : by Murray Warren. Garland Publishing 1977. £35.00

JOHNSON, Samuel : William Prideaux Courtney & David Nichol Smith. A Bibliography Of Samuel Johnson : by William Prideaux Courtney & David Nichol Smith. OUP 1968. £35.00

SADLEIR, Michael. Excursions In Victorian Bibliography. Dawsons 1974. £25.00

RICHARDSON, Charles James. Observations On The Architecture Of England during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James &c &c [or Specimens Of The Architecture ... from drawings by Richardson, Moore and Parish]. John Weale, Artchitectural Library 1837. £75.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Benjamin Franklin. A Printer's Epitaph : written by himself 1727 [by Benjamin Franklin]. Double Crown Club 1934. £28.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Stanley Morison. Illustrations To A Paper on Ichabod Dawks & His News Letters : by Stanley Morison. Double Crown Club 1930. £110.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB. List Of Members 1982 - 1983. Double Crown Club 1982. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Montaigne : P. C. Hooft : H. J. C. Grierson. Montaigne : from an Epithalamium by P. C. Hooft translated by H. J. C. Grierson. Double Crown Club 1949. £20.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : B. C. Barker-Benfield. Trilinguis Bibliothecae Spectaculum : some manuscripts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, displayed to the Double Crown Club 1 July 1978. Double Crown Club 1978. £30.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Brooke Crutchley. Gallery 303 : Facsimile of a 1930 Menu of the Double Crown Club to accompany an address given by Brooke Crutchley on 28 Oct 1970. Double Crown Club 1970. £26.00

DOUBLE CROWN CLUB : Charles Peignot. Type Specimens : presented to Members of the Double Crown Club to illustrate a talk given by Charles Peignot on 3 April 1979. Double Crown Club 1979. £55.00

SHENSTONE, William : Robert Dodsley. The Poetical Works : a new edition. [Foreword by Robert Dodsley]. Cadell & Davies 1798. £90.00

GOULD, John : William Blake. Biographical Sketches Of Eminent Artists : comprising Painters, Sculptors, Engravers & Architects from the earliest ages to the present time. Interspersed with original anecdotes. With an Introduction containing a brief account of various schools of art. By John Gould. Effingham Wilson 1834. £110.00

DIRINGER, David. The Illuminated Book : its history & production. New York, Philosophical Library 1958. £100.00

AUSTEN, Jane : R. W. Chapman. Jane Austen : A Critical Bibliography. By R. W. Chapman. OUP 1953. £22.00

COLERIDGE, S. T. : A. Hayter. A Voyage In Vain : Coleridge's journey to Malta 1804. By A. Hayter. Faber 1973. £20.00

LAWRENCE, G. A. Barren Honour : a tale. Parker & Bourn 1862. £200.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe : C. H. Herford. Shelley's Dramatic Poems : arranged chronologically. Preface by C. H. Herford. Florence Press 1922. £145.00

BOSWELL, James. [The Hypochondriack] Boswell's Column : his 70 contributions to The London Magazine 1777-1783 under the pseudonym The Hypochondriack. Intro & notes by M. Bailey. Kimber 1951. £32.00

ROBERTSON, Rev Frederick W. : Wordsworth : Tennyson. Lectures And Addresses On Literary & Social Topics. Smith, Elder 1858. £110.00

NEW ZEALAND : John Miller. Early Victorian New Zealand : a study of racial tension & social attitudes 1839-1852. By John Miller. OUP 1958. £20.00

MORISON, Stanley : James Moran. Stanley Morison : his typographic achievement. By James Moran. Lund Humphries 1971. £30.00

BRUCE ROGERS : Ray Nash. Printing As An Art : a history of the Boston Society Of Printers 1905-55. By Ray Nash. Harvard UP 1955. £40.00

MILL, John Stuart : Michael St John Packe. Life Of John Stuart Mill. By Michael St John Packe : preface by Hayek. Secker & Warburg 1954. £32.00

STERNE, Laurence : Walter Sichel. Laurence Sterne : a study by Walter Sichel. With The Journal To Eliza. Williams & Norgate 1910. £24.00

MARTINEAU : Charles Kingsley. John Martineau : the pupil of Charles Kingsley. By his daughter Violet Martineau. Arnold 1921. £58.00

LE FANU, J. Sheridan. The Cock And Anchor : a chronicle of Old Dublin City. Downey's Colonial Library 1895. £145.00

BANGS, John Kendrick. A House Boat On The Styx. By John Kendrick Bangs. New York, Harper 1896. £50.00

TURTON, W. A Manual Of The Land & Fresh-Water Shells of the British Islands : by W. Turton. Arranged according to the more modern system of classification, and described from perfect specimens in the author's cabinet. Longmans 1831. £95.00

DE WORDE, Wynkyn : ed Isaac Herbert. Roberte The Devyll : a metrical romance from an ancient illuminated manuscript. Printed for Herbert 1798. £120.00

HORACE : Lord Ravensworth. The Odes Of Horace. Translated into English lyric verse [with brief notes] by Lord Ravensworth. Upham & Beet 1858. £125.00

FITZGERALD, Edward : Bernard Barton. Letters By Edward Fitzgerald 1839-1856. Edited by F. R. Barton : Foreword by Viscount Grey of Falloden. Putnam, Knickerbocker Press 1924. £22.00

ROGERS, Bruce : Joseph Blumenthal : John Dreyfus. Bruce Rogers : A Life In Letters 1870-1957. By Joseph Blumenthal. Foreword by John Dreyfus. Texas, Taylor 1989. £65.00

MAORI : New Zealand : A. A. Grace. Folk Tales Of The Maori. Collected by A. A. Grace. New Zealand 1907. £40.00

TROLLOPE, Anthony : Lynton Lamb. Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope. Preface by Edward Marsh. Edited with general intro Michael Sadleir. OUP 1948. £28.00

KOVACEVIC, I. : Paley : Hannah More : Godwin : Martineau. Fact Into Fiction : English literature & the industrial scene 1750-1850. By I. Kovacevic. Leicester UP 1975. £20.00

BOSWELL, James : By C. B. Tinker. Young Boswell ... the biographer : based largely on new material. By C. B. Tinker. Boston 1922. £24.00

DELILLE, Jacques : Virgil. L'Homme Des Champs : ou Les Georgiques Francoises par Jacques Delille. Basle, Jacques Decker, de l'imprimerie de Levrault, Strasbourg, 1800. £155.00

ELKIN MATHEWS : Dr Johnson. The Fountains : a fairy tale by Dr Johnson. Baskerville Series 1927. £28.00

MARX, Karl : N. Stone. Karl Marx's Contribution To The Critique Of Political Economy : translated N. I. Stone. Appendix with Marx's Introduction to the Critique, recently published among his posthumous papers. Chicago, Kerr 1918. £35.00

BEATTIE, James. The Poetical Works. Pickering 1831. £65.00

COLERIDGE, S. T. Aids To Reflection. Sixth Edition, enlarged. Edited by H. N. Coleridge. Pickering 1848. £105.00

SCHOTTENLOHER, Karl. Bucher Bewegten Die Welt : eine Kulturgeschichte des Buches. Stuttgart, Hiersemann 1951. £42.00

PLANTIN : D. C. McMurtrie. Plantin's Index Characterum of 1567. Facsimile Reprint : with introduction by D. C. McMurtrie. New York, privately printed 1924. £150.00

GILMOUR, S. Carter. Paper: Its Making, Merchanting & Usage. The paper merchant's text book. Edited by S. Carter Gilmour. 2nd Edition, revised. Nat Assoc Paper Merchants, and Longmans 1965. £20.00

PAPER : Clapperton & Henderson. Modern Paper Making. By Clapperton & Henderson. Waverley 1929. £30.00

BARNES, William : Giles Dugdale. Giles Dugdale's Original Manuscript & Typescript of his 1953 Biography Of William Barnes. [c.1953] £265.00

KEATS, John : Baldwin & Broughton. A Concordance To The Poems Of John Keats. Compiled & edited by Baldwin, Broughton et al. Massachusetts, Smith 1963. £60.00

[MACKENZIE, Henry]. The Man Of The World. The 4th Edition. Strahan, and Cadell 1777. £225.00

BULWER LYTTON, Edward. Devereux. Colburn's Modern Novelists 1836. £58.00

BULWER LYTTON, Edward. Ernest Maltravers. Saunders & Otley 1840. £70.00

BULWER LYTTON, Edward. Godolphin : and The Pilgrims Of The Rhine [complete to Chap V as issued]. Saunders & Otley 1840. £70.00

BULWER LYTTON, Edward. The Disowned. Colburn's Modern Novelists 1835. £70.00

MAXWELL, William. Stories Of Waterloo. Bentley Standard Novels 31, 1833. £48.00

JAMES, G. P. R. Darnley : or The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold. Bentley Standard Novels 53, 1836. £58.00

PORTER, Anna Maria. The Hungarian Brothers. Bentley Standard Novels 11, 1832. £70.00

HOOK, Theodore. The Parson's Daughter. Bentley Standard Novels 46, 1835. £65.00

BANIM, John. The Smuggler : a tale. Bentley Standard Novels 29, 1833. £155.00

MANZONI, Alessandro. The Betrothed. Bentley Standard Novels 43, 1834. £145.00

HOOK, Theodore. Maxwell : A Novel. Bentley Standard Novels 35, 1834 £58.00

RAMPANT LIONS PRESS : David Jones. The Fatigue. Rampant Lions Press 1965. £145.00

LAURENCIN : Marcel Jouhandeau. Marie Laurencin : avec une preface par Marcel Jouhandeau. Paris, Quatre Chemins 1928. £190.00

GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS : Eric Gill. Clothing Without Cloth : an essay on the nude by Eric Gill. Golden Cockerel Press 1931. £250.00

HORSEMANSHIP : La Gueriniere. Ecole De Cavalerie : contenant la connoissance, l'instruction et la conservation du cheval. Par M. de la Gueriniere, Ecuyer du Roi. Paris, par La Compagnie 1769. £750.00

MINIATURE PAINTING : Claude Boutet. Escole De La Mignature dans laquelle on peut aisement apprendre a peindre sans maitre. Avec le secret de faire les plus belles couleurs, l'or bruny & l'or en coquille. Nouvelle Edition, augmentee. Rouen, Jean B. Besongne 1694. £160.00

CAVALRY : Baron William Fitzgerald De Ros. An Abridgement Of The Regulations for the formation and movements of The Cavalry (as last corrected by the Board). Adapted to the use of Yeomanry Corps with suggestions on several points of discipline and interior. And a short notice upon patrols, picquets and other measures of precaution in times of disturbance. Also the forms of Yeomanry Returns ... [by Lt Colonel W. F. De Ros]. W. Clowes 1835. £110.00

ALFIERI, Victor. Memoirs Of The Life & Writings of Victor Alfieri : written by himself. Translated from the Italian. Colburn 1810. £120.00

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