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Aesop Attic Bookstore

J. B. Perkins, A. T. Brooks & A. E. McR. Pearce Bath Stone, a Quarry History Bath: Department of Extra Mural Studies, University College, Cardiff, Kingsmead Press, 1979. £80.00

Hutton, Edward Highways and Byways in Wiltshire London: Macmillan and Co, 1924. £25.00

Peach, R. E. M. Street-Lore of Bath, a Record of Changes in the Highways and Byways of the City London: Simpkin Marshall & Co, 1893. £30.00

Tunstall, James, Dr. Rambles About Bath, and Its Neighbourhood London: Simpkin Marshall & Co, 1847. £45.00

The Post Office BATH Directory, 1922 Bath: H. M. Postmaster General, 1922. £70.00

Kelly's Directory of Bath, and Neighbourhood (Incorporating the Post Office Directory) London: Kelly's Directories Ltd, 1947. £85.00

Kelly's Directory of Bath, 1965 London: Kelly's Directories Ltd, 1965. £35.00

Hall, C. J. Corsham, An Illustrated History, Part 2 Wiltshire: Christopher Hall, 1983. £40.00

Harris, W. Gregory Ballads of Bath, and Other West Country Verses Bath: Mendip Press, 1943. £20.00

Baddeley, M. J. B. Bath and Bristol and Forty Miles Round, Thorough Guide. London: Dulau & Co, 1902. £35.00

Castonier, Elizabeth Emily the Toad London: Collins, 1945. £25.00

Collingwood, Henry In Search of El Dorado London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co Ltd, 1915. £35.00

Elworthy, Frederick Thomas Horns of Honour, and Other Studies in the BY-Ways of Archaeology London: John Murray, 1900. £25.00

Illustrated Life and Career of William Palmer of Rugeley, Containing Details of His Conduct as a School-Boy, Medical Student, Racing Man and Poisoner London: Ward and Lock, 1856. £90.00

Guide Book to Glastonbury Abbey,, Its History, Antiquity and Ruins. 5 High St, Wells: Ernest Jackson, 1894. £30.00

Boz (Edited by) Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi London: G Routledge & Co, 1853. £45.00

Alan Sorrell, Anthony Birley Imperial Rome London: Lutterworth Press, 1970. £20.00

Johnson, Anne Roman Forts, of the 1st and 2nd Centuries A.D. In Britain and the German Provinces London: Adam & Charles Black, 1983. £30.00

Smith. William Classical Dictionary of Biography Mythology and Geography Illustrated By Antiquites and Coinage London: Seaby's Numismatic Publications, 1972. £85.00

Gilbert Abbott a Beckett The Comic History of Rome London: Bradbury, Agnew & Co. £35.00

An Account of the Roman Antiquities Preserved in the Museum at Chesters Northumberland London: Gilbert and Rivington, 1903. £20.00

Greenhalgh, P. A. L. The Year of the Four Emperors London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1975. £45.00

Fortescue, J. W. A History of The British Army London: Macmillan and Co, 1910. £350.00

Stanley Macbean Knight The History of The Great European War, Its Causes and Effects. 5 Volumes, Nos 1- 5 London: Caxton Publishing Company Limited. £25.00

Newman Flower (Editor) The History of The Great War, Volumes 1 to 5 London: The Waverley Book Company Linited. £25.00

Burn, Robert Rome and the Campagna, an Historical and Topographical Description of Ancient Rome Cambridge: Deighton, Bell & Co, 1871. £120.00

Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez The History of Art in Phrygia, Lydia, Caria and Lycia London: Chapman and Hall, 1892. £90.00

Bonomi, Joseph Nineveh and is Palaces, Discoveries of Botta and Layard Applied to the Elucidation of Holy Writ London: Illustrated London Library, 1852. £40.00

Rawlinson, George History of Phoenicia London: Longmans Green & Co, 1889. £20.00

Rawlinson, George The Sixth Oriental Monarchy, or the Geography, History and Antiquities of Parthia London: Longmans Green & Co, 1873. £28.00

Codrington, Sir Henry, and Lady Bourchier Selections from the Letters (private and professional) of Sir Henry Codrington, Admiral of the Fleet London: Spottiswoode & Co, 1880. £150.00

Cunliffe, Barry The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek, the Man Who Discovered Britain London: Penguin, 2001. £20.00

Rigdum Funnidos, Gent The Comic Almanack, for 1835, 1838, 1839 Fleet St, London: Charles Tilt, 1835. £50.00

Bloomfield, S. T. Rev The History of Thucydides, Newly Translated Into English, and Illustrated with Very Copious Annotations. Exegetical,Philological, Historical and Geographical. Prefixed is an Entirely New "Life Of Thucydides" 3 Volume SET Paternoster Row, London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, 1829. £125.00

Henry Maundrell A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter 1697, Also a Journal from Grand Cairo and Back Again. To Which is Added a Faithful Account of the Religion and Manners of the Mahometans By Joseph Pitts Fleet St, London: Richard Edwards, 1810. £100.00

Andrew Tooke The PANTHEON, Representing the Fabulous Histories of the Heathen Gods, and Most Illustrious Heroes London: D. Midwinter, A. Ward; S. Birt, C. Hitch and C. Bathurst, 1741. £90.00

Liatif Kerimof, Nonna Stepanian, Tatyana Grigoliya, David Tsitsishvili Rugs and Carpets from the Caucasus, the Russian Collections Middlesex: Penguin, 1984. £25.00

Grote, George History of Greece, 12 Volume Set London: John Murray, 1849. £135.00

Chaloner Smith, John British Mezzotinto Portraits, Being a Descriptive Catalogue of These Engravings from the Introduction of the Art to the Early Part of the Present Century . 4th Part, Division 1 Piccadilly, London: Henry Sotheran & Co, 1882. £50.00

Pascal, Blaise Pensees De Blaise Pascal Paris: Chez Lefevre, 1824. £70.00

La Fontaine, J Les Fables De J. La Fontaine; 2 Vols, Premier Tome et Second Tome Paris: Chez Lefevre, 1824. £60.00

Derek Tangye A Cat Affair London: Michael Joseph, 1974. £20.00

Palit, D. K., Major General (Editor) History of the Regiment of Artillery, Indian Army London: Lee Cooper, 1972. £22.00

Wright, Walter P. Cassell's Dictionary of Practical Gardening, an Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Practical Horticulture For All Classes; 4 Volume SET London: Cassell & Company Ltd. £35.00

The Cathedrals of England and Wales; Their History, Architecture and Associations; With a Series of Rembrandt Plates and Many Illustrations in the Text. 2 Volume Set, Complete. London: Cassell & Company Ltd, 1906. £40.00

Hingeston-Randolph F. C. Rev The Register of Edmund Lacey, Bishop of Exeter 1420 - 1455; with Some Account of the Episcopate of John Catrik 1419 London: George Bell & Sons, 1909. £25.00

Hingeston-Randolph F. C. Rev The Register of Walter De Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter AD 1307 - 1326 London: George Bell & Sons, 1892. £45.00

Hingeston-Randolph F. C. Rev The Register of John De Grandisson Bishop of Exeter 1327-69, Some Account of James De Berkeley 1327; Vols 1 & 2 0f 3 London: George Bell & Sons, 1894. £55.00

Hingeston-Randolph F. C. Rev. The Registers of Walter Bronescombe, AD 1257 - 1280 and Peter Quivil, Ad 1280 - 1291, Bishops of Exeter; Some Records of Thomas Dy Bytton 1292-1307, Also the Taxation of Pope Nicholas IV London: George Bell & Sons, 1889. £30.00

Henri Le Masson Les Flottes De Combat, 1947 Paris: Societe D'Editions Geographique, Maritimes et Coloniales, 1946. £30.00

The Military Register, June 4 1817 - May 27 1818 London: Robert Scott, 1818. £110.00

Navy Estimates 1958-59 London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1959. £20.00

P. Steel Steel's Original and Correct List of the Royal Navy, Hired Armed Vessels, Packets, Excise and Revenue Cutters; Corrected to March 1805 The Navigation-Warehouse, Union Row, Little Tower: P. Steel, 1805. £100.00

Mark Noble Memoirs of Several Persons and Families Who By Females are Allied To Or Descended From The Protectorate House Of Cromwell; Chiefly Collected From Originl Papers and Records London: Pearson and Rolleson, 1784. £90.00

Alain Gerbault The Gospel of the Sun London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1933. £30.00

Lord Lytton Pilgrims of the Rhine London: Saunders & Otley, 1834. £40.00

William Sewel The History of the Rise, Increase and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers London: William Phillips (Printer), 1811. £45.00

William Smith Collection Choisie Des Voyages Autour Du Monde, et Dans Le Contree Les Plus Curiuses Du Globe. Illustre. Tome Premier/Vol I St Honore: Au Bureau De La Publication. £100.00

Bessie Marchant Jenny's Adventure, or On the Trail of Klondyke London: I. W. Butcher. £50.00

Pictorial Edition of the Book of Common Prayer According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland, Together with the Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining and Consecrating of Bishops, Priests and Deacons. London: Ward and Lock. £175.00

Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott A Greek-English Lexicon Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1929. £80.00

Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal for Dec 1818...March 1819, Vol XXXI Edinburgh: Archibald Constable & Co, 1819. £40.00

Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal for April 1814...September 1814, Vol XXIII Edinburgh: Archibald Constable & Co, 1814. £45.00

William Shakespeare The Shakspeare Library (Shakespeare) 7 Volumes London: William Mackenzie, 1890. £150.00

Donald De Carle Practical Clock Repairing LONDON: N.A.G. Press Ltd, 1964. £30.00

Schumann Album of Children's Pieces for Piano LONDON: Augener Ltd. £20.00

Uncle Dick (Editor) Pip & Squeak Annual, 1925 London: Daily Mirror, 1925. £20.00

Bill Saunders (Text) Ray Joyce (PHotography) Discover New Zealand, the Glorious Islands Auckland, New Zealand: Cumulus, 1994. £20.00

Shipbuilding & Shipping Record (Editor) Directory of Shipowners, Shipbuilders & Marine Engineers 1964 Westminster: Tothill Press Ltd, 1964. £22.00

The Sporting Magazine: Or Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf and the Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprise and Spirit. Vol 23 New Series (73 Old Series) 1829 London: M. A. Pittman, 1829. £25.00

The Sporting Magazine; or Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of The Turf, The Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprise and Spirit, 1809 LONDON: The Sporting Magazine/ J. Wheble, 1809. £90.00

The Sporting Magazine, April 1807 The Sporting Magazine, 1807. £70.00

The Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, Vol VII January to June 1825, a Magazine Entirely Appropriated to Sporting Subjects and Fancy Pursuits Paternoster Row, London: Sherwood & Co, 1825. £250.00

W. B. Daniel (Rev) Rural Sports Volume 2 Part 1 Palsgrave Place: Philanthropic Society (for the Compiler), 1801. £275.00

Gilbert H> Fabes John Galsworthy, His First Editions: Points and Values London: W & G Foyle Ltd, 1932. £20.00

Archibald Williams The Wonders of Asiatic Exploration London: Seeley & Co Ltd, 1910. £22.00

Rhys Davies Rings On Her Fingers London: Harold Shaylor, 1930. £25.00

Robert Garland, Thomas Moule Winkles's Architectural and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales, Volume 1 London: Tilt & Bogue, 1862. £40.00

Robert Garland Winkles's Architectural and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales, Volume II London: Effingham Wilson and Charles Tilt, 1838. £20.00

Robert Garland Winkles's Architectural and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales, Volume II London: Effingham Wilson and Charles Tilt, 1838. £45.00

C. E. Prockter Kempe's Engineers Year-Book, 1972, 2 Volume Set London: Morgan-Grampian, 1972. £25.00

Arthur W Judge Toolroom Practice, a Practical Treatise on Toolroom Equipment, Methods & Materials Etc. Vols 1 & 2 London: The Caxton Publishing Company Ltd, 1950. £50.00

D. J. Smith (Advisory Editor) Newnes Complete Engineer, Vols 1, 2 & 3 London: George Newnes Ltd. £35.00

C. J. Freezer Railway Modelling, All 12 Issues for 1967 Devon: Peco Publications, 1967. £30.00

C. J. Freezer Railway Modeller (All 12 Issues for 1969) Devon: Peco Publications, 1969. £30.00

Harold Monro The Chapbook, a Miscellany, No 39 London: The Poetry Bookshp, 1924. £25.00

Film Stars of the World London: Amalgamated Press, 1938. £20.00

T. Dewitt Talmage, Rev From Manger to Throne, A New Life of JESUS CHRIST and a History of Palestine and Its People Philadelphia: Historical Publishing Company, 1890. £75.00

Immanuel Velikovsky Worlds in Collision London: Victor Gollancz, 1951. £20.00

A. L. Rowse Tudor Cornwall London: Macmillan, 1969. £25.00

Sir Arthur Quiller Couch (Editor) The Oxford Book of English Verse 1250 - 1900 Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1925. £35.00

Roger Morris Atlantic Sail, Ten Centuries of Ships in the North Atlantic London: Aurum Press, 1992. £20.00

Robert Melvin Blackwood The Battles of the British Army, Second Edition. London: Simpkin Marshall Hamilto Kent & Co. £50.00

Hamilton Bailey Surgery of Modern Warfare, 2 Vol Set Edinburgh: E & S Livingstone, 1942. £45.00

J. M. Munro Kerr Operative Obstetrics, a Guide to the Difficulties and Complications of Obstetric Practice London: Balliere Tindall and Cox, 1937. £60.00

Hamilton Bailey Emergency Surgery Bristol: John Wright & Sons Ltd, 1938. £40.00

Ludwig Bemelmans To the One I Love The Best London: Hamish Hamilton, 1955. £25.00

Lawrence Lipton The Holy Barbarians London: W. H. Allen, 1960. £40.00

George Bourne I Flew With Braddock London: D. C. Thomson. £33.00

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Case For Spirit Photography, with Corroborative Evidence By Experienced Researchers and Photographers London: Hutchinson & Co, 1922. £290.00

Henrik Ibsen The Lady From The Sea London: T Fisher Unwin, 1891. £20.00

Emile Zola Work (Travail) London: Chatto & Windus, 1901. £49.00

Emile Zola Doctor Pascal, or Life and Heredity London: Chatto & Windus, 1893. £25.00

Emile Zola Abbe Mouret's Transgressions, a Realistic Novel 42 Catherine St, Strand: Vizetelly & Co, 1887. £150.00

Thomas Good Out of Circumstance 15 Belgrave Road, London: The Fortune Press. £20.00

Tom Webster's Annual 1923, Daily Mail Sporting Cartoons London: Amalgamated Press, 1923. £20.00

Vingt-Troisieme Congres De La Societe Internationale De Chirurgie Bruxelles: Imprimerie Medicale et Scientifique, 1969. £40.00

Vingt et Unieme Congres De La Societe Internationale De Chirurgie Bruxelles: Imprimerie Medicale et Scientifique, 1965. £45.00

Sir Arthur Keith Human Embryology and Morphology London: Edward Arnold & Co, 1933. £22.00

R. A. Willis Pathology of Tumours London: Butterworths, 1967. £70.00

Boutell English Heraldry London: Cassell, Petter and Galpin, 1867. £40.00

John Goldworth Alger Paris 1789-1794, Farewell Letters of Victims of The Guillotine London: George Allen, 1902. £50.00

Paul Gallico The Silent Miaow, a Cat's Eye View of Homo Sapiens London: Heinemann, 1972. £29.00

Alphonse Daudet Recollections of a Literary Man London: George Routledge & Sons Ltd, 1889. £27.00

George Jacob Holyoake Sixty Years of an Agitator's Life, 2 Vols London: T Fisher Unwin, 1893. £30.00

Alphonse Daudet Jack London: George Routledge & Sons Ltd, 1890. £35.00

Robert Schmidt PORCELAIN, as an Art and Mirror of Fashion London: George G Harrap & Co Ltd, 1932. £30.00

Harcourt Williams Tales From Ebony London: Putnam, 1934. £37.00

G Hartwig Sea Monsters and Sea Birds London: Longman's Green & Co, 1887. £50.00

Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Vol II, Appendix, 1955-56 London: Lloyds, 1956. £60.00

Lloyds Register of Ships, Volume 1; 1959-1960 London: Lloyds, 1960. £85.00

LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPs; Volume 1 1962-1963 London: Lloyds, 1963. £95.00

Lloyds Register of Shipping; Rules & Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Steel Ships, 1966 London: Lloyds, 1966. £25.00

Sir Humphry Rolleston The British Encyclopaedia of Medical Practice, 13 Volume Set London: Butterworth & Co, 1936. £125.00

Thomas Mann Lubeck Als Geistige Lebensform Lubeck: Otto Quitzow, 1926. £25.00

Pierre Loti The Marriage of Loti (RARAHU) London: T Werner Laurie Ltd. £30.00

Upton Sinclair Dragon's Teeth New York: Viking, 1942. £40.00

Taylor Gordon Born To Be New York: Covici-Friede, 1929. £25.00

Cyril W Beaumont Design For The Ballet London: The Studio, 1937. £25.00

Sotheby Parke Bernet The Diaghilev-Lifar Library Monaco: Sotheby Parke Bernet, Monaco S.A, 1975. £35.00

Edward Maeder Hollywood History; Costume Design In Film London: Thames & Hudson, 1987. £25.00

Colin Crisp The Classic French Cinema, 1930-1960 Indiana: I. B. Tauris, 1997. £40.00

Ian Christie Powell Pressburger and Others London: British Film Institute, 1978. £65.00

John Leyland The Thames Illustrated, A Picturesque Journeying from Richmond to Oxford Southampton: Geo. Newnes Ltd. £45.00

Anna Alice Chapin The Now A Days Fairy Book London: George G Harrap & Co, 1922. £95.00

Gladys Peto Told In The Gloaming 3 Pilgrim St, London: John F Shaw & Co Ltd. £75.00

Gladys Peto Gladys Peto's Girl's Own Stories 3 Pilgrim St, London: John F Shaw & Co Ltd. £95.00

Macfarlane's Castings, Volume 1 Saracen Foundry, Possil Park: Walter Macfarlane and Co. £90.00

John E. Pemberton Who's Who in Ornithology Buckingham: Buckingham Press, 1997. £20.00

T. A. Blanco White and Anthony Walton RUSSELL on the Law of ARBITRATION LONDON: Stevens and Sons, 1957. £50.00

William H Gill Emden and Watson's Building Contracts and Practice, 6th Edition LONDON: Butterworths, 1962. £22.00

P H Parkin, H J Purkis & W E Scholes Field Measurements of Sound Insulation Between Dwellings London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1960. £20.00

W Ivor Jennings The Law of Housing, with a Chapter on Housing Finance & London: Charles Knight & Co Ltd, 1936. £30.00

Frank W Macey Specifications in Detail LONDON: The Technical Press Ltd, 1955. £20.00

Edward Hyams The Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospitsl, Comprising a Series of Portraits and Memoirs of Celebrated Naval Commanders. Illustrated By Engravings from Original Pictures in the Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospital London: Harding and Lepard, 1832. £375.00

The Illustrated War News, Volume 2, Nov 4th 1914 -Jan 20th 1915 London: Illustrated London News & Sketch Ltd, 1915. £30.00

Betty Harper The Magic of Elvis, Through the Art of Betty Harper Tennessee: Marketing Alliance Inc, 1985. £35.00

Francis E McMurtrie Jane's Fighting Ships 1942 LONDON: Sampson Low, Marston & Co Ltd, 1943. £175.00

Harold H Underhill Sailing Ships Rigs and Rigging Glasgow: Brown Son and Ferguson Ltd, Nautical Publishers, 1945. £45.00

Naval Intelligence ONI 201 Series, Warships of the British Commonwealth Washington: USGPO, 1944. £80.00

Edward W Hobbs How to Make Clipper Ship Models Glasgow: Brown Son and Ferguson, 1948. £30.00

Jeffrey Goodman HUDDLING UP, The Inside Story of the Canadian Football League Ontario, Canada: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1982. £85.00

Hugh Popham A Damned Cunning Fellow, The Eventful Life of Rear-Admiral Sir Home Popham, 1762-1820 Cornwall: The Old Ferry Press, 1991. £65.00

Captain John G Wells Whaley, The Story of H.M.S. Excellent 1850 - 1980 Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1980. £60.00

Herbert Maryon Modern Sculpture, It's Methods and Ideals London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 1933. £30.00

Guy Bellamy I Have a Complaint To Make London: Secker & Warburg, 1979. £95.00

Coventry Repertory Company Season 1932-3 Coventry Repertory Company, 1933. £30.00

John Bartholomew The Citizen's Atlas of the World, 5th Edition Edinburgh: John Bartholomew & Son Ltd, 1935. £27.00

J M Parrish The New Standard Encyclopaedia & World Atlas Odham's Press Ltd, 1932. £45.00

Beeton Beeton's Dictionary of Geography & Universal Gazetteer, Maps, Plans, Woodcuts LONDON: Ward, Lock & Tyler, 1868. £40.00

Whitaker Almanac 1933, Complete Edition London: Whitaker, 1933. £35.00

ENGLAND, The Photographic Atlas Harper Collins, Landmark, 1998. £49.00

Sir Humphry Rolleston British Encyclopaedia 0f Medical Practice, 12 Vol Set + Index Vol + 2 Vols 1939 & 1940 Temple Bar: Butterworth & Co, 1936. £95.00

K. F. Barker Just Dogs London: Country Life, 1942. £20.00

A. Conan Doyle Memories and Adventures Albermarle St, London: John Murray, 1930. £275.00

Reginald A Malby With Camera & Rucksack in the Oberland & Valais Bishopsgate, London: Headley Bros. £35.00

Vanderdecken Yachts and Yachting Edgware Rd, London: Hunt & Co, 1873. £130.00

The Last Great Assize, or Grand Jubilee as Delivered in Six Discourses Paternoster Row, London: Thomas Kelly, 1829. £40.00

Rev J. Fleetwood The Life of Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST Containing an Accurate and Universal History of the Glorious Redeemer From HIS Birth to HIS Ascension Into Heaven Paternoster Row, London: Thomas Kelly, 1834. £35.00

Robert Hunt Popular Romances of the West of England, The Drools, Traditions & Superstitions of Old Cornwall Piccadilly, London: Chatto & Windus, 1896. £49.00

Arthur W. Judge The Modern Motor Engineer, 4 Volume Set Surrey St, London: Caxton Publishing Company Limited, 1948. £30.00

The Prince of Wales Book; Published for St. Dunstans LONDON: Hodder and Stoughton, 1920. £20.00

L. G. Pine Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 102nd Edition, 1959 London: Burke's Peerage Ltd, 1959. £60.00

Major W. P. Drury The Tadpole of an Archangel; The Petrified Eye Etc. London: Chapman and Hall, 1904. £27.00

George Barnett Smith The Right Honourable JOHN BRIGHT- His Life and Speeches - 2 Volume Set Ludgate Hill, London: Thomas C. Jack, 1884. £75.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, PALAEONTOLOGY, Vol 3 PLATES 1861 . £60.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, PALAEONTOLOGY, Vol 3 TEXT . £25.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, PALAEONTOLOGY Vol 2 1852 . £45.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, PALAEONTOLOGY Vol 1 1847 . £45.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, Palaeontology Vol V Part 2 Text Published By Authority of the State, 1879. £22.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, Geological Survey, Palaeontology Vol V Part 1 Text & Plates Published By Authority of the State, 1885. £85.00

James Hall Naural History of New York, Geological Survey,Palaeontology Volume 3 Part 2 PLATES Published By Authority of the State, 1861. £50.00

James Hall Natural History of New York, Geological Survey, Palaeontology Volume 3 Part 1 TEXT Published By Authority of the State, 1859. £22.00

Robert Parr Whitfield U.S. Geological Survey, Monographs IX, Brachiopoda & Lamellibranchiata of the Raritan Clays and Greensand Marls of New Jersey Washington: Department of the Interior, 1885. £45.00

The Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland for the Year of Our Lord 1837 36 Dame-Street: Pettigrew and Oulton, 1837. £250.00

Robert Lloyd Praeger The Way That I Went Dublin, Ireland: Hodges Figgis & Co, 1937. £75.00

Robert Parr Whitfield Monographs of the United States Geological Survey Volume XXIV, Mollusca and Crustacea of the Miocene Formations of New Jersey Washington: Government Printing Office, 1894. £25.00

Robert T. Hill Geography and Geology of the Black and Grand Prairies, Texas. With Detailed Descriptions of the Cretaceous Formations and Special Reference to Artesian Waters. 21st Annual Report to the United States Geological Survey, Part VII Texas Washington: Government Printing Office, 1901. £55.00

Rt Hon Viscount Burnham Modern Advertising Parker St, London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1926. £20.00

William G. Van Dorn Oceanography and Seamanship LONDON: Adlard Coles Limited, 1975. £31.00

Courteney D. Farmer Self-Promotion LONDON: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1935. £20.00

Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Of The Apes Milwauki: Dark Horse, 1999. £110.00

J.G. Alphen Jan Venter S. A P. APlain Narrative of Everyday Life at a South African Police Out-Station Cape Town: MAskew Miller Limited. £47.00


West Coast of England Pilot, Land's End to Mull of Galloway Including Scilly Isles and Isle of Man. Seventh Edition LONDON: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1922. £28.00

Sailing Directions for the West Coast of England, Fourth Edition, 1891 LONDON: Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty & J.D. Potter, 1891. £45.00

Stella Archer and Peter Pearson The Royal St George Yacht Club, a History . £75.00

Lenin The Essentials of Lenin, in Two Volumes, Volumes 1 & 2 LONDON: Lawrence & Wishart, 1947. £45.00

Lanyon, Andrew The Loose Connection, "a Build Up of Static in Art" 18 Farmers Meadow, Newlyn, Cornwall: Andrew Lanyon, 1992. £100.00

John Thomas Hurst A Handbook of Formulae, Tables and Memoranda for Architectural Surveyors 48 Charing Cross: E. And F.N. Spon, 1871. £40.00