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David Aldous-Cook

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Takacs, Kornelia: Compass Chronicles U.S.A., Schiffer, 2010 £32.50

Jenkins, David Fraser: Paul Nash, the Elements London,Scala, 2010 £25.00

Morris, Alistair: Antiques from the Garden Suffolk, Garden Art Press, 2001 £25.00

Eldred, Emmett W.: Eldred Wheeler: A Collectors Guide U.S.A. Emmett W. Eldred 2010 £40.00

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Salter, John, Editor and co-author: Wine Labels 1730-2003, A Worldwide History Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 2004 £50.00

Bennett Daryl and Pill Colin: Newlyn Copper, Arts and Crafts Work in Newlyn Bristol, Sansom & Company Ltd,2008 £20.00

Secord, William: Dog Painting, A history of the dog in art. Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 2009 £20.00

Carney, Margaret: Lithophanes U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2008 £49.00

Miller, C.L.: Postmortem Collectibles America, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2001 £24.00

Mentasti, Rosa Barovier: Anzolo Fuga, Murano Glass Artist New York, Acanthus Press 2005 £40.00

Lyons Harry: Christopher Dresser The People's Designer 1834-1904 Suffolk Antique Collectors' Club 2005 £20.00

Yorke, Malcolm: Edward Bawden and His Circle, The inward laugh. England, Antique Collectors' Club, 2008 £25.00

Heltoft, Kjeld: Hans Christian Anderson as an Artist Denmark, Christian Ejlers' Forlag, 2005 £24.00

Johnson, Tony: The Morris Ware, Tiles & Art of George Cartlidge. U.K. , Makingspace,2004 £35.00

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Snyder,Jeffrey b.: Asian Ivory U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2007 £59.00

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Goodfellow, Peter S.: The Vine Pottery, Birks Rawlings & Co. Influences from Minton and Spode-Copeland Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 2006 £20.00

Doares,Robert and Wood, Barbara: Old Limoges: Haviland Porcelain Design and decor, 1845-1865 U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2005 £40.00

Copeland, Robert: Parian Copeland's Statuary Porcelain Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 2007 £30.00

Andrew Casey: Art Deco Ceramics in Britain Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 2008 £20.00

Williams-Thomas R.S.: The Crystal Years Stevens & Williams Ltd 1983 £20.00

Haig, Paul & Shelton, Marla: Threads of Gold, Chinese textiles Ming to Ch'ing U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2006 £59.00

Edited by Beard,Geoffrey and Gilbert Christopher: Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Leeds,WS Maney & Son Ltd,1986 £100.00

Crosby, Deborah: A Century of Jewelry, Classy,Flashy, and Trashy U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2005 £37.00

Crabtree C. Stallebrass P.: Beadwork, A World Guide U.K, Thames and Hudson Ltd £25.00

Cope, Dawn and Peter: Postcards from the Nursery, The illustrators of children's books & postcards 1900-1950 London, New Cavendish Books, 2000 £27.00

Brett, Mary: Fashionable Mourning Jewelry, Clothing and Customs U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2006 £45.00

Atterbury, Paul and Henson, John: Ruskin Pottery, The pottery of Edward Richard Taylor and William Howson Taylor 1898-1935 England, Baxendale Press, 1993 £35.00

Gantz,Carroll FIDSA: Design Chronicles, significant mass-produced designs of the 20th century U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2005 £45.00

Alwyn W.Turner: The Biba Experience Woodbridge, Antique Collectors'Club, £20.00

Taragin S. Davira, Ward Alex, Drutt English W. Helen: Womens Tales: Four Leading Israeli Jewelers U.S.A. Hudson Hills Press LLC, 2006 £29.00

Wittkower, Rudolf: Bernini, The Sculptor of the Roman Baroque London, Phaidon Press Ltd, 1999 £20.00

Williamson, Paul: European Sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum London, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1996 £20.00

Jackson, Lesley: The Sixties, decade of design revolution London, Phaidon Press Ltd, £20.00

Baker, Malcolm: Figured in Marble, The making and viewing of eighteenth century sculpture London, V & A Publications,2000 £45.00

Snyder, Jeffrey B.: Flow Blue U.S.A., Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1999 £24.00

Deverill,Ian and Sheppard, Barry: Billingsley Mansfield England, The Pinxton Porcelain Society, 1999 £20.00

Rago, David: American Art Pottery U.S.A., Knickerboker Press, 1997 £20.00

Ezell, Elaine and Newhouse, George: Cruets, Cruets, Cruets. U.S.A. Antique Publications, Ohio, 1993 £20.00

Bowett, Adam: English Furniture 1660-1714, Charles the Second to Queen Anne England, Antique Collectors' Club, 2002 £30.00

Langendijk, Eugene: Dutch Art Nouveau and Art Deco Ceramics, 1880-1940 Holland, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, £20.00

Amico, Leonard N.: Bernard Palissy, in search of earthly paradise New York, Flammarion, 1996 £20.00

Tracy, Charles: Continental Church Furniture in England, A Traffic in Piety Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 2001 £30.00

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Rieman, Timothy and Burks, Jean: The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture U.S.A., Harry N. Abrams Inc, 1993 £35.00

Kenny, Peter and Bretter, Frances and Leben, Ulrich: Honore' Lannuier, Cabinetmaker from Paris, The life and work of a French Ebeniste in Federal New York U.S.A., The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 1998 £25.00

Delph, John: Firearms & Tackle Memorabilia USA, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1991 £20.00

Trachtenberg, David and Keith, Thomas: Mauchline Ware, A Collector's Guide England, Antique Collectors' Club £25.00

Finn and Goldberg: Nude Sculpture, 5000 years. U.S.A. Harry N. Abrams, INC., 2000 £20.00

O'Leary, Fred: Corkscrews U.S.A., Schiffer Publications Ltd, 1996 £50.00

Kenny, Adele: Photographic Cases, Victorian Design Sources 1840-1870 U.S.A., Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2001 £45.00

Du Cann, Edward: The Duke of Wellington England, Antique Collectors' Club, 2000 £20.00

Bull, Donald A.: Boxes Full of Corkscrews U.S.A.,Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2001 £45.00

Glass, I. S.: Victorian Telescope Makers, The lives and letters of Thomas and Howard Grubb England, IOP Publishing Ltd, 1997 £25.00

Crawforth, Michael A.: Weighing Coins,English folding gold balances of the 18th and 19th Centuries London, Cape Horn Trading Company, 1979 £20.00

Latimer, Tirza, True: The Perfume Atomizer, an object with atmosphere. U.S.A., Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1991 £45.00

Gerson, Roselyn: Vintage and Contemporary Purse Accessories U.S.A., Collector Books, 1997 £20.00

Kelly, Clarence W.: Tang Dynasty, AD 618-907 Chinese Gold and Siver in American Collections. Dayton,Ohio, 1984 £20.00

Felstead, Louise A.: A Cloud of Sail, Maritime Paintings by Steven Dews. England, Sweet Lake,2001 £35.00

Steier, Sarah and Braun, Donna: A Bit of Brundage, The illustration art of Frances Brundage U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1999 £30.00

Roberts, Leonard: Arthur Hughes, His Life and Work Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 1997 £25.00

Parkinson, Ronald: British Watercolours at the Victoria and Albert Museum London, V. and A. Publications, 1998 £20.00

Meng,Ho,Wing: Straits Chinese Silver, A collectors guide Asia, Times Books International, 1994 £30.00

Hawkins, J.B.: Nineteenth Century Australian Silver England, Antique Collectors'Club, 1990 £75.00

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Hartop, Christopher: The Huguenot Legacy, English Silver 1680-1760 London, Thomas Heneage& Co Ltd, 1996 £50.00

Schneider, Stuart: Ronson's Art Metal Works U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd £34.00

Loring, John: Magnificent Tiffany Silver U.S.A. Harry N. Abrams, 2001 £40.00

Himmelheber, Georg: Cast-iron Furniture, and all other forms of iron furniture London, Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd,1996 £60.00

Wojciechowski, Kathy: The Wonderful World of Nippon Porcelain 1891-1921 U.S.A., Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1992 £35.00

Spaulding De Voe, Shirley: The Art of the Tinsmith, English and American U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd,1981 £20.00

Morabito, Jacques and Lison de Caunes: L'ecaille, Tortoiseshell France, Editions Vial, 1997 £20.00

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Dooner, Kate: A Century of Handbags U.S.A., Schiffer Publications Ltd, 1993 £24.00

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Wilkinson, Vega: Spode-Copeland-Spode, The works and its people 1770-1970 England, Antique Collectors' Club,2002 £30.00

Pope, Caroline and Nick: Dahl-Jensen Porclain Figures 1897-1985 U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2003 £39.00

McGarva, Andrew: Country Pottery, Traditional Earthenware of Britain London, A. & C. Black, 2000 £22.00

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Casey, Andrew: 20th century Ceramic Designers in Britain England, Antique Collectors' Club, 2001 £25.00

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McConnel Bridget: The Story of the Thimble U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1997 £37.00

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Dooner Kate E.: Telephone Collecting, Seven Decades of Design U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1993 £20.00

Winfield L. Pina L. Korosec C.: Beads on Bags 1800s-2000 U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2000 £35.00

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Peters, Ferd: German Corkscrew Patents Netherlands, Beheermaatschappy Pintex B.V. £50.00

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