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Andrew Burroughs Books

Sloane, William Milligan: Life Of Napoleon Bonaparte, in Four Volumes. New York: The Century Co 1906 £175.00

Sandes E W C Lieut-Colonel: From Pyramid To Pagoda London: F J Parsons Ltd ND c1951 £95.00

Randel P.B. Major: A Short History of 30 Corps in the European Campaign 1944-1945 Hanover: ND c1945 £45.00

Potton Edward: A Record Of The United Arts Rifles 1914-1919 London: Alexander Moring Ltd 1920 £90.00

Montgomery Archibald: The Story Of The Fourth Army In The Battles Of The Hundred Days, August 8th to November 11th 1918 London: Hodder & Stoughton 1919 £85.00

May H.A.R. Colonel: Memories Of The Artists Rifles London: Howlett & Son 1929 £85.00

March, Edgar J: British Destroyers. A History of Development 1892-1953 London: Seeley Service 1966 £150.00

Kennedy, Sir Alexander: Ypres to Verdun London: Country Life 1921 £70.00

Kemp P.K. Lieutenant-Commander.: History Of The Royal Norfolk Regiment 1919-1951 Volume III Norwich: The Regimental Association 1953 £100.00

Jervois W. J. Brigadier: The History Of The Northamptonshire Regiment: 1934-1948 The Regimental History Commitee 1953 £120.00

Fellows, George and Freeman, Benson: Historical Records of The South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry 1794-1924 Aldershot: Gale & Polden 1928 £125.00

Farrell, Fred A: The 51st (Highland) Division War Sketches. Edinburgh: T. C. & E. C. Jack Ltd 1920 £150.00

Crookenden Arthur Colonel: The History Of The Cheshire Regiment In The Great War Chester: The Regiment ND c1925 £60.00

Brassey, Sir Thomas: The British Navy: Its Strength, Resources, and Administration. Volume III Part III: Opinions On The Shipbuilding Policy Of The Navy London: Longmans, Green And Co 1882 £30.00

Brassey, Sir Thomas: The British Navy: Its Strength, Resources, and Administration. Volume 1 Part 1; Shipbuilding For The Purpose Of War. London: Longmans, Green and Co 1882 £40.00

Bennett S. G. Captain: The 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-1919 Toronto: Murray Printing Company 1926 £95.00

Barclay C.N. Brigadier: The History Of The Duke Of Wellington's Regiment 1919-1952 London: William Clowes and Sons Ltd 1953 £40.00

Bales P.G. Capt.: The History Of The 1/4th Battalion, Duke Of Welligton's (West Riding) Regiment 1914-1919 London: Edward Mortimer Ltd 1920 £95.00

Bacon Admiral: The Life of Lord Fisher of Kilverstone. London: H&S 1929 2 volumes. £28.00

Anon: The Tiger Strikes Delhi: Director Of Public Relations, India Command 1942. £30.00

Williamson Henry (Ed): The Unreturning Spring. Being the Poems, Sketches, Stories and Letters of James Farrar London: Williams & Norgate 1950 £38.00

Trevor-Roper H.R. (Ed): The Bormann Letters London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1954 £25.00

Reynolds L.C. Lieutenant DSC.: Gunboat 658 London: William Kimber 1955 £30.00

Marshall-Cornwall James: Marshal Massena London: Oxford U.P. 1965 £65.00

Harrison General Sir Richard: Recollections Of A Life In The British Army London: Smith, Elder & Co 1908 £85.00

Goodenough Admiral Sir William.: A Rough Record London: Hutchinson & Co ND c1943 £125.00

Gander Leonard Marsland: Long Road To Leros London: Macdonald & Co 1945 £25.00

Florentin Eddy: Battle Of The Falaise Gap London: Elek Books, 1965. £28.00

Dittmar FJ & Colledge JJ: British Warships 1914-1919 London: Ian Allan 1972 £30.00

Clayton P.B. Reverend: Tales Of Talbot House London: Chatto & Windus 1919 £25.00

Clarke Dudley, Brigadier: The Eleventh At War London: Michael Joseph, 1952 £50.00

Brisset Jean: The Charge Of The Bull Bates Books 1989. £25.00

Brice Martin: The Tribals. London: Ian Allen 1st edition 1971. £28.00

Brice Beatrix (Compiled by): The Battle Book Of Ypres London: John Murray 1927 £28.00

Bond Brian: British Military Policy Between The Two World Wars Oxford: Clarendon Press 1980. £85.00

Anon: ONI 54 Series U.S Naval Vessels. Restricted. Washington: Government Printing Office 1943 £50.00

Young Archibald: Summer Sailings. Edinburgh: David Douglas 1st edition 1898. £95.00

Stacke H. FitzM. Captain: The Worcestershire Regiment In The Great War Kidderminster: G T Cheshire & Sons, ND c1928 £185.00

Smyth William Henry, Rear Admiral.: The Mediterranean London: John Parker 1854 £85.00

Porter W, Watson C M (Sir), Baker Brown W, Pakenham-Walsh R P.: The History Of The Corps Of Royal Engineers. Chatham: The Institution Of Royal Engineers, 1951. £125.00

Lubbock Basil: The Opium Clippers. Glasgow: Brown,Son and Ferguson 1st edition 1933. £38.00

Joslen H.F. Lieut.Col: Orders Of Battle. United Kingdom and Colonial Formations and Units in the Second World War 1939 - 1945 London: HMSO 1960. £200.00

Hiscock Eric: Around the World in Wanderer III. London: Oxford 1st edition 1956. £22.00

Fox Uffa: Sailing Boats. London: Newnes 1st edition 1959. £20.00

Brown Winifred: Duffers on the Deep. London: Peter Davies 1st edition 1939. £25.00

Bean, Gullack. Cutlack, Jose, Mackenzie, Scott: Official History Of Australia In The War Of 1914-18 Sydney: Angus & Robertson 1936 to 1942 £950.00

Anon: Historical Records of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons 1909 £170.00

Wilkinson Norman: The Dardanelles London: Longmans, Green and Co: 1916 £28.00

Whyte Andrew: The Aston Martin and Lagonda MRP 1990 £20.00

von Hase Georg, Commander: Kiel & Jutland London: Skeffington & Son Ltd: 1st edition 1921. £60.00

Seaton Geoffrey: Lagonda. An Illustrated History 1900-1950 Crowood Press 1990 £55.00

Salmon Dick: BRM. A Mechanic's Tale UK: Veloce Publishing, 2006. £20.00

Richmond H. W. Rear-Admiral: The Navy In The War Of 1739 - 48 Cambridge: At the University Press, 1920 £350.00

Reidner Michael: Mercedes-Benz W196. Last of the Silver Arrows. UK: Haynes Publishing, 1990 £35.00

Nye Doug with Rudd Tony: BRM. The Saga of British Racing Motors. Volume 3 - Monocoque V8 Cars 1963-1969 UK: Motor Racing Publications, 2008 £45.00

Nye Doug with Rudd Tony: BRM. The Saga of British Racing Motors. Volume 2 - Spaceframe Cars 1959-1965 UK: Motor Racing Publications, 2003 £50.00

Nye Doug with Rudd Tony: BRM. The Saga of British Racing Motors. Volume 1 - Front Engine Cars 1945-1960. UK: Motor Racing Publications, 1994 £115.00

Mays Raymond and Roberts Peter: BRM London: Cassell 1st edition 1962 £25.00

Jenkinson Denis & Posthumus Cyril: Vanwall. The Story of Tony Vandervell and his Racing Cars Cambridge: Patrick Stephens 1st edition 1975 £40.00

Fearnley Alan: The Classic Car Paintings Of Alan Fearnley UK: David Porteous Editions, 2001 £35.00

Davey Arnold & May Anthony: Lagonda. A History of the Marque. David & Charles 1st edition 1978 £70.00

Cross John D.C.M.: Red Jungle. London: Robert Hale: 1st edition 1957 £25.00

Birkby Carel (Ed): The Saga Of The Transvaal Scottish Regiment 1932 - 1950 Cape Town: Howard Timmins: 1950 £50.00

Barclay C N Brigadier.: The History Of The 53rd (Welsh) Division In The Second World War. London: William Clowes and Sons: 1st edition 1956 £20.00

Balfour Christopher: Roads To Oblivion Bay View Books 1996 £25.00

Anon: A Brief Record Of The Advance Of The Egyptian Expeditionary Force Under The Command Of General Sir Edmund H H Allenby. July 1917 to October 1918 London: HMSO: 1919 £35.00

Smyth Sir John, VC: Percival and the Tragedy of Singapore. London: Macdonald 1st edition 1971 £25.00

Quale Anthony: Eight Hours From England. London: Heinemann 1st ed 1945 £30.00

Blight Gordon, Brigadier: The Royal Berkshire Regiment 1920-1947. London: Staples 1st edition 1953 £48.00

Anon: The Lincolnshire Regiment. Second Battalion: On Special Service in Malta and Palestine. 1st edition 1937. £25.00

Anon: Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the Corps Of Royal Engineers. Vol XXIII Woolwich, Jackson & Sons, 1876 £25.00

Anon: Collection de Douze Vues de Waterloo Bruxelles: Chez Gerard n.d. C1830 £135.00

Wood Frederick.: The History of the Maidstone Companies, Royal Army Medical Corps (Volunteers) Maidstone: Kent Messenger 1907. £35.00

Weightman Alfred: Heraldry in the Royal Navy. Aldershot: Gale and Polden 1st ed 1957. £40.00

Villiers A.. J: Voyage of the 'Parma'. London: Geoffrey Bles 1st edition 1933. £75.00

Urquhart Fred: W.S.C. A Cartoon Biography. London: Cassell 1st ed 1955. £25.00

Scoullar J.L: Battle For Egypt Wellington: Department of Internal Affairs 1st ed 1955. £45.00

Ryan Desmond: Sean Treacy And The 3rd Tipperary Brigade. London: Alliance Press 1st ed nd C1950. £45.00

Ross-of-Bladensburg, Lt. Col.: A History of the Coldstream Guards from 1815 to 1895 London: Inns & Co 1st Ed 1896 £120.00

Rohwer and Hummelchen: Chronology of the War at Sea 1939 - 1945 London: Ian Allan 1972 and MBS 1974 £30.00

Robson J.O: The Uniform of the London Scottish 1859-1959 The Regiment Ogilby Trust 1960. £22.00

Robinson Charles, Commander R.N: Navy & Army Illustrated. London: Hudson & Kearns and George Newnes 1895-1903. £1450.00

Robertson Sir George: Chitral. The Story of a Minor Siege. London: Methuen 1st ed 1898. £100.00

Richards Walter and Caton Woodville R: His Majesty's Territorial Army. London: Virtue & Co C1905 £185.00

Parry Edward: Memorials of Charles Parry R.N. London: Strahan & Co 1st ed 1870. £25.00

Orpen Neil: The History of the Transvaal Horse Artillery 1904 - 1974 RSA: The Regimental Council 1st ed 1975. £24.00

Orpen Neil: The Cape Town Highlanders 1885-1970 Cape Town: The Highlanders History Committee. £22.50

Newbolt Sir Henry: The Story of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. London: Country Life 1st ed nd C1915. £37.00

Moyse-Bartlett H. Lieut-Col: The King's African Rifles. Aldershot: Gale and Polden 1st ed 1956. £85.00

Martin H.J. and Orpen Neil: Eagles Victorious. South African Forces world War II (volume vi) Cape Town: Purnell 1st edition 1977. £35.00

Laing Charles: The Log of the Speranza. One Hundred Ton Yawl. London: Edward Jones 1887. Private printing. £200.00

Kendall H.G. Captain: Adventures on the High Seas. London: Hurst & Blackett 2nd 1939 £75.00

Jones Adrian Capt: Memoirs of a Soldier Artist London: Stanley Paul 1st ed 1933. £45.00

Jellicoe Viscount: The Grand Fleet, 1914-16. London: Cassell 1919. £20.00

Jellicoe Viscount: The Crisis of the Naval War. London: Cassell 1st ed 1920. £22.00

James Lionel: With The Conquered Turk. London: Thomas Nelson nd C1915. £28.00

Jackson D.Major: India's Army. London: Sampson Low ND C1940. £20.00

Horton White A.G: Ships of the North Atlantic. London: Sampson Low nd C1936. £22.00

Holland Clive: From The North Foreland To Penzance. London: Chatto & Windus 1st edition 1908. £28.00

Hall W.G: The Green Triangle Letchworth: Garden City Press 1st ed 1920 £55.00

Gubbins Martin Richard: An Account of the Munities in Oudh, and the Siege of the Lucknow Residency. London: Richard Bentley 2nd ed 1858. £350.00

Gibbs Charles: The Cruise of HMS Grafton London: Gale and Polden 1st nd C1900. £70.00

Falls Cyril: War Books London: Peter Daives 1st edition 1930. £20.00

Cuthbert Alan D: Clyde Shipping Company Limited. Glasgow: Private printing 1st edition 1956. £28.00

Connell Charles: The Hidden Catch. London: Elek Books 1st ed 1955. £20.00

Chatterton E. Keble: The Auxiliary Patrol. London: Sidgwick & Jackson 1st ed 1923. £20.00

Campbell John: Lives of the Admirals and Other Eminent British Seamen. Vol III. London: 1761 £100.00

Calwell, Major General Sir Charles & and Headlam, General Sir John: The History of the Royal Artillery. Vol I. Woolwich: Royal Artillery Institution nd C1931. £45.00

Brunon, Manue and Carles: Le Livre D'or de la Legion Etrangere (1831-1976) Paris: Charles-Lavauzelle 1976. £35.00

Brereton J.M: A history of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards and their predecessors 1685 - 1980. Catterick: The Regiment 1st ed 1982. £28.00

Bredin Lt Col A.E.C: Three Assault Landings. Aldershot: Gale & Polden 1st ed 1946. £35.00

Boraston J. H. Lieut-Colonel: Sir Douglas Haig's Despatches London: Dent 1919 £28.00

Bell A.C: History of the Manchester Regiment. First and Second Battalions 1922 - 1948. Altrincham: Sherratt & Son 1st ed 1954. £40.00

Bailey Hiram P: Shanghaied out of 'Frisco in the 'Nineties. London: Heath Cranton 1st edition 1925 £28.00

Bacon Admiral: The Life of John Rushworth, Earl Jellicoe. London: Cassell 1st ed 1936. £25.00

Bacon Admiral: The Concise Story of the Dover Patrol. London: Hutchinson 1st ed 1932. £20.00

Anon: Tradition London: Belmont-Maitland £275.00

Anon: The Story of 79th Armoured Division. Hamburg: 1st ed 1945. £40.00

Anon: The Gunnery Pocket Book. BR 224/45. Admiralty 1945 £35.00

Anon: The Civil Engineer In War London: The Institution Of Civil engineers 1948 £50.00

Anon: Maps Annexed To The Treaty Of Peace With Italy. London: HMSO 1948. £100.00

Allen Joseph: Life of the Earl of Dundonald. London: Routtedge 1st ed 1861. £25.00

Adams W. H. Davenport: Lighthouses and Lightships. London: Nelson and Sons 1st edition 1870. £75.00

Werth Alexander: Russia at War 1941-1945. London: Barrie & Rockliff 1st edition 1964. £20.00

Ross Captain Robert B.: The Fifty-First in France. Hodder and Stoughton, 1st edition 1918. £35.00

Rawlinson A.: Adventures In The Near East 1918-1922. London & New York, Andrew Melrose Ltd, Third edition 1924. £50.00

Raemaekers, Louis. With contributions from Robinson, Garnett and Huish: The Great War: a Neutral's indictment. One hundred and sixty cartoons by Louis Raemaekers. London, Fine Art Society, two volumes 1916 and 1917, both first editions. £245.00

McMurtrie Francis (ed): Jane's Fighting Ships 1939. London, Sampson Low, 1939 £35.00

anon: The Tale of a Territorial. Perkins & Co Wellingborough Ltd. Private printing nd c1917. £25.00

Simkins Richard: Uniforms of the British Army. England, Webb & Bower, 1982. £20.00

Saber Clifford: Desert Rat Sketch Book. New York, 1959. £25.00

Neville Ralph: British Military Prints. London, The Connoisseur Publishing Company, 1909. £28.00

Low, Edward Bruce (MacKenzie MacBride - editor): With Napoleon at Waterloo and other unpublished documents of the Waterloo and Peninsular campaigns. London, Francis Griffiths, 1911. £20.00

Jane Fred T.: The British Battle Fleet. London, The Library Press Limited, 1915. £20.00

Henty G.A.: With Moore at Corunna. London, Blackie & Son Limited, 1898. £25.00

Gough General Sir Hubert: The Fifth Army. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1931. £28.00

Evans Major R.: A Brief Outline of the Campaign in Mesopotamia 1914-1918. London, Sifton Praed, 1st edition 1926. £20.00

Egan Eleanor Franklin: The War In The Cradle Of The World. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1st edition ND c1919. £22.00

Dudley William S. (ed): The Naval War of 1812. Volume 1 1812 Washington, Naval Historical Center Department of the Navy, 1985. £25.00

Dewar George A.B.: Sir Douglas Haig's Command. London, Constable, 1922. £20.00

Chichester and Burges Short: Records and Badges of the British Army. Frederick Muller Ltd, 1970. £25.00

Anon: The Story of The Royal Army Service Corps 1939-1945. G. Bell and Sons Ltd, 1955. £28.00