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Adrian Gunzburg and Jeff Austin Rails Through the Bush Tinber and Firewood Tramways and Railway Contractors of Western Australia Melbourne: Light Railway Research of Australia Inc, 1997. £35.00

Pierre Bollee Naissance De L'Industrie Automobile Tempete Sur L'Histoire France: L Chaudourne, 1939. £39.99

Major Christopher Draper SIGNED The Mad Major Hertfordshire UK: Air Review Ltd, 1962. £48.00

M Jones Dr Kane the Arctic Hero a Narrative of His Adventures and Explorations in the Polar Regions London: T Nelson and Sons, 1870. £20.00

Babcock and Wilcox Limited Steam Its Generation and Use with Catalogue of the Manufactures of Babcock and Wilcox Limited London London: Babcock and Wilcox Company, 1903. £28.00

Arthur H Plaisted SIGNED Ale Feasts and Country Taverns Medmenham Bucks: The Village Bookshop, 1962. £30.00

Arthur H Plaisted SIGNED The Romance of a Chiltern Village 5000 BC to 1957 AD Medmenham Bucks: The Village Bookshop, 1958. £30.00

H A Rey How the Flying Fishes Came Into Being London: Chatto and Windus. £29.99

H A Rey Zebrology London: Chatto and Windus. £29.99

Isobel St Vincent SIGNED The Adventures of Henry Penn London: George G Harrap and Co Ltd, 1944. £35.00

Leonard Clark Signed Sark Discovered the Prospect of an Island London: J M Dent and Sons ltd, 1956. £25.00

The War Office Cavalry Training (Horsed)1937 London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1937. £30.01

Cooke, John; Vogel, John New Zealand Steam Finale London: Collins, 1979. £25.00

C H Ward Jackson and Denis E Harvey The English Gypsy Caravan Newton Abbot: Country Book Club, 1973. £30.00

William M Thayer Story of the Life of Ulysses S Grant His Boyhood, Youth, Manhood, Public and Private Life and Services London: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1885. £38.00

Edited By Edward Almack Eikon Basilike or the King's Book London: De La More Press, 1903. £35.00

F J Fisher A Short History of the Worshipful Company of Horners London: George Becker The Worshipful Company of Horners, 1936. £45.00

Thatcher, Margaret SIGNED Downing Street Years London: Harper Collins, 1993. £88.00

Henri De Parville La Nature Revue Des Scienceset De Leurs Applicatios Aux Arts at a L'Industrie Paris: Libraires De L'Academie De Medicine, 1901. £25.00

The Brooklyn Museum Egyptian Sculpture of the Late Period New York: The Brooklyn Museum, 1960. £140.00

Phileas Gilbert La Cuisine De Tous Les Mois Paris: Librairie Paul Ollendorff, 1899. £30.00

Marion St John Webb The Little One in Between London: George G Harrap and Co Ltd, 1929. £28.00

Daily Mirror Pip and Squeak Annual 9th Year 1931 London: Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd, 1931. £25.00

Victor Girard, Harold M Barnes Vertical Cut Cylinders and Discs a Catalogue of All Hill and Dale Recordings of Serious Worth Made Between 1897-1932 Circa London: British Institute of Recorded Sound, 1971. £69.99

Mallinson, Howard SIGNED Guildford Via Cobham : The Origins and Impact of a Country Railway Claygate, United Kingdom: Howard Mallinson, 2006. £28.00

Alexander Pearson Annals of Kirkby Lonsdale and Lunesdale in Bygone Days Kendal UK: Titus Wilson and Son, 1930. £110.00

John R Bennett Melodiya : A Soviet Russian L. P. Discography London: Greenwood Press, 1981. £28.00

Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth SIGNED On and off the Record : A Memoir of Walter Legge London: Faber and Faber, 1982. £38.00

Swart, Rutgers Handboek voor de Rubbercultuur in Nederlandsch-Indië Amsterdam: J H De Bussy, 1921. £38.00

Richard Bentley and Son Reprinted from Le Livre of October 1885 with Some Additional Notes France: Richard Bentleyand Son, 1886. £40.00

Kennedy, Tom Victorian Dublin Dublin: Albertine Kennedy with the Dublin Arts Festival, 1980. £29.99

John Glasham SIGNED The Eye of the Needle London: Dennis Dobson, 1961. £20.00

Askey, Arthur SIGNED Before Your Very Eyes London: The Woburn Press, 1975. £25.00

Kashiwazaki, Katsuhiko Fighting Judo London: Pelham Books, 1985. £155.00

Mallinson, Howard SIGNED Hinchley Wood: The Origins of a 1930s Settlement Claygate, United Kingdom: Howard Mallinson, 2002. £25.00

Harrison Marks She Walks in Beauty London: Kamera Publications. £98.00

EditedC Stewart Caine John Wisden's Cricketers Almanack for 1928 London: John Wisden and Co Ltd, 1928. £85.00

Elizabeth Beresford SIGNED The Wombles of Wimbledon London: Ernest Benn Limited, 1976. £39.00

M S Randhawa A History of Agriculture in India Volume II Eighth to Eighteenth Century New Delhi: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, 1982. £32.00

Skotnes, Cecil;Gray, Stephen The Assassination of Shaka by Mhlangane Dingane and Mbopa on 22 September 1828 at Dukuza by Which Act the Zulu Nation First Lost Its Empire Johannesburg: McGraw-Hill, 1974. £90.00

Anthony Buckeridge SIGNED Jennings Joins the Search Party Plays for Radio Volume 3 Hampshire UK: David Schutte, 2002. £45.00

Anthony Buckeridge SIGNED Jennings to the Rescue Plays for Radio Volume 4 Hampshire UK: David Schutte, 2002. £45.00

J N Halbert Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLII Section B No 8 a List of the Irish Hemiptera Dublin: Hodges Figgis, 1935. £30.00

Cresswell, Helen SIGNED The Winter of the Birds London: Faber and Faber, 1975. £28.00

Anthony Buckeridge The Jennings Report London: Collins, 1970. £58.00

J Whitaker and Sons Ltd The International Whitaker 1914 London: J Whitaker and Sons Ltd, 1914. £35.00

Robert Gurney Larvae of Decapod Crustacea London: The Ray Society, 1942. £38.00

Henry Stephen Chapman Deal Past and Present a Full and Comprehensive History of This Neighbourhood from the Landings of Julius Caesar to the Close of the Last Century London: Reeves and Turner, 1890. £125.00

Duncan Haldane Islamic Bookbindings in the Victoria and Albert Museum London: World of Islam Festival Trust, 1983. £38.00

Coates, Austin SIGNED The Commerce in Rubber : The First 250 Years Oxford Uk: Oxford University Press, 1987. £35.00

Cochran, Keith Colt Peacemaker British Model South Dakota: Cochran Pub Co, 1989. £28.00

Graham Greener SIGNED The Greener Story the History of the Greener Gunmakers and Their Guns London: Quiller Press, 2000. £68.00

Cuneo, Terence The Mouse & His Master : The Life and Work of Terence Cuneo London: New Cavendish Books, 1977. £145.00

Agustin Guimera y Dolores Romero Puertos y Sistemas Portuarios ( Siglos XVI - XX ). Actas del Coloquio Internacional : El sistema portuario espaņol, Madrid, 19-21 octubre, 1995 Madrid: Artegraf, 1996. £22.00

Karel Davids, Leo Noordegraaf The Dutch Economy in the Golden Age Amsterdam: Neha, 1993. £30.00

James J Moore The Historical Handbook and Guide to Oxford Embracing a Succinct History of the University and City from the Year 912 Oxford Uk: Thomas Shrimpton and Son, 1878. £34.00

Nyasaland Advisory Committee on Publicity Nyasaland Calling a Travel Guide to the Nyasaland Protectorate South Africa: Nyasaland Advisory Committee on Publicity, 1936. £20.00

Dominion Bureau of Statistics Canada Canada 1937 the Official Handbook of Present Conditions and Recent Progress Ottawa, ON, Canada: Dominion Bureau of Statistics Canada, 1937. £28.00

Edited Jared Lobdell A Tolkien Compass Illinois: Open Court, 1975. £20.00

Oddone Camerana Fiat Line Turin: Fiat Press Department, 1966. £20.00

Florence Molesworth Hawtrey The History of the Hawtrey Family 2 Volumes London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd, 1903. £48.00

Dahl, Roald Dirty Beasts New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1983. £25.00

Peebles, Malcolm W. H. SIGNED The Claygate Book : A History of a Surrey Village Dorset: The Blackmore Press, 1983. £25.00

Anthony Buckeridge SIGNED Jennings Sounds the Alarm Seven Plays for Radio Hampshire UK: David Schutte, 1999. £45.00

South African Railways and Harbours Administration The Sunshine Route 5000 Miles Through Southern Africa Over the South African Railways London: C Carlyle Gall, 1935. £22.00

Southern Rhodesia Department of Agriculture and Lands Southern Rhodesia Handbook for the Use of Prospective Settlers on the Land Southern Rhodesia: Southern Rhodesia Department of Agriculture and Lands, 1935. £38.00

Hans Andersen A Selection from Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales London: Siegle Hill and Co. £28.00

Norrison Scatcherd The Hisrory of Morley London: Cassell Petter Abd Galpin, 1874. £40.00

Ron Burgess SIGNED Football My Life London: Souvenir Press Ltd. £48.00

Edited By Andrew Lang The Blue Fairy Book London: Longmans Green and Co, 1905. £75.00

Mihran Balian Cycling Its Art and Pastime with Supplement Including Physical Exercises London: The Bishopsgate Press, 1938. £48.00

Rev. Arthur Du Boulay Hill East Bridgford Notts London: Oxford University Press, 1932. £98.00

Reid-Daly, Ron Pamwe Chete the Legend of the Selous Scouts South Africa: Covos Day Books, 2000. £135.00

Edied M W Greenslade and D A Johnson A History of the County of Stafford London: The University of London Institute of Historical Research, 1979. £38.00

John Everard Seen in England London: Chapman and Hall Ltd, 1937. £22.00

Gertrude Bell Safar Nameh Safar Nameh Persian Pictures a Book of Travel London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1894. £625.00

Hans Henrik Brummer ZornMCMLXXXIX SWEDISH TEXT Sweden: Zornsamlingarna, 1989. £32.00

Edited David Phipps Autocourse 1971-72 London: Haymarket Press Ltd, 1972. £165.00

Sotheby and Co The Diana Vierny Collection of Highly Important Dolls and Automata London: Sotheby and Co, 1996. £29.99

Sotheby and Co Rock n Roll and Film Memoabilia and Animation Art 14th September 1994 London: Sotheby and Co, 1994. £45.00

M Edourd Chaux, M Rene Berger Le Lido Des Champs Elysees Paris: Editions D'Art Mona, 1928. £59.99

Boothroyd, Geoffrey The Handgun London: Cassell and Company Limited, 1970. £29.99

Edited E D Volckmar Boats from Norway Fishing Vessels, Cargo Vessels, Pleasure Boats Norway: Norwegian Boat Export Board. £38.00

Bjorn Svallner Alla Saabs Sportbilar the Sonnett and All Other Saab Sports Cars Stockholm: Allt om Hobby AB, 1983. £38.00

Paul W Nash Folio 50 : A Bibliography of the Folio Society 1947-1996 London: The Folio Press, 1997. £28.00

Colonel G A Tokaev Stalin Means War London: George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd, 1951. £28.00

Carlton Ross Black Skull Murders London: Gerald G Swan. £35.00

W H Lane Crauford Murder to Music London: Ward Lock and Co Limited, 1936. £25.00

Lyn Southney Deadly Fresco Edinburgh: The Moray Press, 1939. £38.00

William W Portal Some Account of the Settlement of Refugees at Southampton and the Chapel of St Julian Attached to the Hospital of God's House Hampshire UK: Hampshire Archaeological Society, 1902. £49.99

Roy Grosvenor Thomas Stained Glass Its Origin and Application New York: Private Print, 1922. £20.00

Hasenson, Alec The History of Dover Harbour London: Aurum Special Editions, 1980. £48.00

James Mason SIGNED Before I Forget London: Hamish Hamilton, 1981. £85.00

T Chaudhuri Modern Chemistry and Chemical Industry of Starch and Cellulose with Reference to India India: Butterworth and Co, 1918. £28.00

John Freeman Sons and Co Limited Cornish Granite Its History Legends and Modern Uses Falmouth: The Cornish Echo. £75.00

R S Phillips Electric Lifts a Manual on the Current Practice in the Installation Working and Maintenance of Lifts London: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd, 1939. £35.00

Belton Cobb The Secret of Superintendent Manning London: Longmans Green and Co, 1948. £20.00

Foreward By Frank Clune A Noose for Ned Melbourne: The Hawtorn Press, 1948. £25.00

Zoe Christina Spanish Morning London: W P Nimmo Hay and Mitchell Ltd. £60.00

Sydney Fowler Dinner in New York London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1943. £89.00

Frank King The Ghoul London: W P Nimmo Hay and Mitchell Ltd. £38.00

Leslie Beresford Murder Can be Such Fun London: John Long Limited. £48.00

Romilly Cavan Heron London: J M Dent and Sons ltd, 1934. £58.00

Ronald E Wilson Two Hundred Precious Metal Years a History of the Sheffield Smelting Company Limited 1760-1960 London: Ernest Benn Limited, 1960. £25.00

Hermann Lea Thomas Hardy's Wessex London: MacMillan and Co Limited, 1913. £38.00

Sir Bernard Burke A Geneaalogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland London: Harrison and Sons, 1912. £175.00

J Scott Riddell A Manual of Ambulance London: Charles Griffin and Company Limited, 1897. £20.00

Lionel Johnson The Art of Thomas Hardy London: John Lane, 1895. £49.99

Giles Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons Fifth Series London: Daily Express, 1951. £90.00

Paternoster Associates Paternoster Square the Master Plan Architectural Plans London: Paternoster Associates. £22.00

Levine, Joseph E. A Bridge Too Far: Notes from a Film Maker New York: J. E. Levine Presents, 1977. £48.00

Edited Mark Haworth Booth The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Photographs London: The Folio Society, 2006. £35.00

Edited By Andrew Browning Memoirs of Sir John Reresby Glasgow: Jackson and Co, 1936. £28.00

Geoffrey Chaucer, John Koch The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale London: Oxford University Press, 1928. £28.00

Edward Ellerker Williams Journal of Edward Ellerker Williams Companion of Shelley and Byron in 1821 and 1822 London: Elkin Matthews Ltd, 1902. £24.00

F Strickland A Manual of Petrol Motors and Motor Cars Comprising the Designing, Construction and Working of Petrol Motors London: Charles Griffin and Company Limited, 1914. £45.00

Doctor Angelo S Rappoport Dictionary of Socialism London: T Fisher Unwin Ltd, 1924. £25.00

John H Weeks Among the Primitive Bakongo London: Seeley Service and Co Limited, 1914. £95.00

Gorey, Edward The Broken Spoke London: Ernest Benn Limited, 1979. £28.00

Tempest, Margaret Curley Cobbler Stories Four Books London: Collins, 1983. £22.00

G M Faulding The Sunflower Book a Flower Book for Little Folks London: Oxford University Press Humphrey Milford. £35.00

The Purple Book or the Story of Violet in the Valley London: Henry Frowde and Hodder and Stoughton. £30.00

The Blue Book or the Story of Little Blue Gown London: Henry Frowde and Hodder and Stoughton. £30.00

The Brown Book or the Story of the Gingerbread Man London: Henry Frowde and Hodder and Stoughton. £82.00

The Pink Book or the Story of Ragged Robin London: Henry Frowde and Hodder and Stoughton. £79.00

G M Faulding Springtime London: Oxford University Press Humphrey Milford, 1927. £38.00

G M Faulding Summer Flowers London: Oxford University Press Humphrey Milford, 1927. £38.00

G M Faulding The Little Book of Wild Flowers a Flower Book for Little Folks London: Oxford University Press Humphrey Milford, 1927. £35.00

Mrs Strang Cherry Ripe Play Book UK: Oxford University Press Humphrey Milford. £29.00

T W Chalmers The Production and Treatment of Vegetable Oils London: Constable and Co Ltd, 1918. £48.00

Lieut General Sir Francis Tuker While Memory Serves The Story of the Last Two Years of British Rule in India London: Cassell, 1950. £38.00

Thomas Gray Poems By Thomas Gray Eton UK: Eton College, 1920. £55.00

James Geikie Mountains Their Origin Growth and Decay Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1913. £28.00

Mary Crozier An Old Silk Family 1745-1945 the Brocklehursts of Brocklehurst - Wiston Amalgamated Limited Aberdeen: Aberdeen the University Press, 1947. £25.00

Carlo Goldoni The Good Humoured Ladies a Comedy London: C W Beaumont, 1922. £28.00

Erte; Lee, Marshall Erte at Ninety : The Complete Graphics London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1982. £58.00

Cross; Dallas-Smith Trouble for Trumpets London: Ernest Benn Limited, 1982. £125.00

Opie, James Signed The Great Book of Britains : 100 Years of Britains Toy Soldiers 1893-1993 London: New Cavendish Books, 1994. £230.00

J K Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets London: Bloomsbury, 1999. £105.00

Ullyett, Roy SIGNED While There's Still Lead in My Pencil London: Andre Deutsch, 1998. £28.00

Dudley Noble SIGNED Milestones in a Motoring Life UK: Advanced Mile-Posts Publications Ltd, 1969. £20.00

Bogarde, Dirk SIGNED Great Meadow an Evocation London: Viking, 1992. £28.00

E F Spanner Gentlemen Prefer Aeroplanes Complementary to This Airship Business London: E F Spanner, 1928. £175.00

Ian Fleming For Your Eyes only Facsimile UK: First Edition Library, 1988. £45.00

Ian Fleming On Her Majesty's Secret service Facsimile UK: First Edition Library, 1991. £59.00

Ian Fleming Dr No Facsimile UK: First Edition Library, 1986. £58.00

Ian Fleming Moonraker Facsimile UK: First Edition Library, 1983. £85.00

Ian Fleming You Only Live Twice Facsimile UK: First Edition Library, 1992. £49.00

T S Eliot Asparagus London: Mim Hain. £98.00

Frank Gerald A Millionaire in Memories London: George Routledge and Sons Limited, 1936. £48.00

Herbert Collins Parsons A Puritan Outpost a History of the Town and People of Northfield Massachusetts New York: The Macmillan Company, 1937. £28.00

Tony Hogg Thunderboating with Bill Muncey California: Tony Hogg Publications, 1978. £25.00

Edited A Hamilton Thompson Bede His Life Times and Writings Essays in Commemoration of the Twelth Cetenary of His Death London: Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1969. £28.00

Giles Giles Annual Number 1 London: Daily Express, 1945. £105.00

Guilford L Spencer and George P Meade Cane Sugar Handbook a Manual for Cane Sugar Manufacturers and Their Chemists New York: John Wiley and Sons Inc, 1945. £20.00

Rev W Houghton Sea Side Walks of a Naturalist with His Children London: Groombridge and Sons, 1870. £68.00

Helen Bannerman The Story of Little Black Sambo London: Chatto and Windus, 1928. £50.00

Kay Thompson Eloise London: Max Reinhardt, 1957. £48.00

C Day Lewis Christmas Eve Ariel Poem London: Faber and Faber, 1954. £20.00

John Symonds The Stuffed Dog London: J M Dent and Sons ltd, 1967. £30.00

Ardizzone, Edward Johnny's Bad Day London: The Bodley Head, 1970. £40.00

Eleanor Farjeon Mrs Malone London: Oxford University Press, 1962. £48.00

John Walsh SIGNED The Truants and Other Poems for Children London: Heinemann, 1965. £30.00

Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island London: Ernest Benn Ltd, 1927. £185.00

Father Ronald Knox, Hilaire Belloc and Others The Fame of Blessed Thomas More Being Addresses Delivered in His Honour in Chelsea July 1929 London: Sheed and Ward, 1929. £30.00

Rev. Leigh Richmond. Domestic Portraiture or the Successful Application of Religious Principle London: R B Seeley and W Burnside, 1837. £25.00

BMW Motors BMW Flugmotoren Einschlieblich Rapp Und Siemens Bramo Flugmotoren Steinebach: Luftfahrt Verlag Walter Zuerl. £24.99

Ernest Cockburn Port Wine and Oporto London: Wine and Spirit Publications Ltd, 1949. £45.00

Edited By C R Ashbee Jerusalem 1918-1920 London: John Murray, 1921. £65.00

K I T Richardson The Gyroscope Applied London: Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications, 1955. £20.00

Anne Hope Percy Pig House Painter London: Frederick Warne and Co Ltd, 1958. £22.99

Hans Christian Andersen The Beetle London: Sandle Brothers Limited, 1944. £28.00

Jo Holleyman Mouse in the Moon London: Sandle Brothers Limited, 1947. £25.00

Phoebe and Selby Worthington Teddy Bear Coalman a Story for the Very Young London: Frederick Warne and Co Ltd. £30.00

Dorothy P Lathrop The Colt from Moon Mountain London: George G Harrap and Co Ltd, 1943. £80.00

Capt W E Johns Gimlet Lends a Hand Leicester: The Brockhampton Press, 1949. £30.00

Vali Myers Vali Myers Drawings 1949-1979 London: Open House, 1980. £199.00

H F Crowther Smith A Croquet Nonsense Book Long Ditton UK: H F Crowther Smith, 1929. £195.00

G P M Woodward Department of Mines ambulance Handbook Sydney Australia: William Apllegate Gullick Government Printer, 1898. £38.00

Ruempol, Alma Pre-Industrial Utensils, 1150-1800 Rotterdam: Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, 1991. £49.00

Mastersof the Bench of the Hon Society of the Inner Temple 1450-1883 . £95.00

Frederick Scott Mitchell Practical Gilding Bronzing Lacqueringand Glass Embossing London: The Trade Papers Publishing Co Ltd, 1915. £39.99

Compiled and Edited By C E Newham with J D B Williams and Eileen M Richards The Official History of the VIth British Empire and Commonwealth Games 1958 Cardiff Wales: Organising Commitee, 1958. £55.00

Michael R Lane Burrell Showmans Road Locomotives Hemel Hempstead Herts UK: Model And Allied Publications Ltd, 1971. £28.00

George D Leslie Our River London: Bradbury Agnew and Co, 1881. £48.00

Edited By R S Hutchings Alphabet Volume One 1964 Birmingham: James Moran for the Kynoch Press, 1964. £35.00

Giles Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons Sixth Series London: Daily Express, 1952. £30.00

Oskar Garstein Rome and the Counter Reformation in Scandinavia Volume 1 1539-1583 Scandinavia: Universitetsforlaget, 1963. £28.00

E De Barry Barnett Coal Tar Dyes and Intermediates London: Bailliere Tindall and Cox, 1919. £28.00

Justus Eck The Application of Arc Lamps to Practical Purposes London: S Rentell and Co Ltd, 1910. £30.00

R A J Earl The Development of the Telephone in Oxford 1877-1977 Oxford Uk: The Post Office, 1978. £20.00

Beaumont, Richard SIGNED Purdey's: The Guns and the Family Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1985. £25.00

Joseph Sellar SIGNED Kindergarten of Celestial Navigation Los Angeles: Reliable Duplicator Service, 1964. £28.00

Allen, John E. SIGNED Aerodynamics : The Science of Air in Motion London: Granadapublishing Limited, 1982. £25.00

J Travis Jenkins The Fishes of the British Isles Both River and Salt London: Frederick Warne and Co Ltd, 1925. £58.00

Hamilton, David A Place in the Sun London: Aurum Press, 1996. £28.00

Sotheby's Haute Epoque Catalogue London: Sotheby's, 2007. £35.00

H S Altham, John Arlott SIGNED, E D R Eagar and Roy Webber Hampshire County Cricket London: The Sportsmans Book Club, 1958. £28.00

Lodge of Regularity No 91 Lodge of Regularity No 91 UK: Lodge of Regularity No 91, 1955. £35.00

Brian Rust and Edward S Walker British Dance Bands 1912-1939 London: Storyville Publicationsand Co, 1973. £45.00

Edited Hubert Preston Wisden Cricketer's Almanack 1945 London: Sporting Handbooks Ltd, 1945. £115.00

Edited Stephen Knight Robin Hood : An Anthology of Scholarship and Criticism Suffolk UK: D S Brewer, 1999. £65.00

Dorothy Blackadder The Cats Portfolio London: The Royal Mail, 1995. £20.00

Napoleon Translated J A Manning Maximes of Napoleon London: Arthur l Humphreys, 1913. £20.00

Alfred James Hurley Days That are Gone Milestones I Have Passed in South West London Tooting London: A J Hurley Limited, 1947. £22.00

R Campbell Puckett Sciography or Radial Projection of Shadows London: Chapman and Hall Ltd, 1877. £28.00

B B D Watkins Pitchford The Quiet Fields London: Michael Joseph, 1981. £25.00

Ferenc Andras Volgyesi Hypnosis of Man and Animals with Special Reference to the Development of the Brain in the Species and in the Individual London: Bailliere Tindall and Cassell, 1966. £39.99

Leon Moussinac Jean Picart Le Doux FRENCH TEXT Paris: Editions Cercle D'Art, 1964. £28.00

Dika, Vera Games of Terror : Halloween, Friday the 13th and the Films of the Stalker Cycle U S A: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1990. £78.00

Joseph Goodman Practical Modern Mertalithography Hertfordshire UK: Garden City Press Ltd, 1914. £65.00

Edward Cardwell Lectures on the Coinage of the Greeks and Romans London: John Murray, 1832. £39.95

Brothers Grimm Snowdrop and Other Fairy Tales London: Constable and Co Ltd, 1920. £105.00

Zoa Sherburne SIGNED Journey Out of Darkness London: Hurst and Blackett Limited, 1961. £20.00

Marion St John Webb The House Fairies London: The Modern Art Society. £35.00

Bentley Motors Limited Bentley Owner's Handbook Turbo R Crewe: Bentley Motors Limited, 1986. £75.00

Rolls Royce Limited Handbook for the Bentley S Type Number XVIII Crewe: Rolls Royce Motors Limited, 1986. £65.00

Bentley Motors Limited The Handbook of the Bentley S3 London: TSD Publcation Bentley Motors Limited, 1978. £65.00

Rolls Royce Limited Handbook for the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III Crewe: TSD Publcation Rolls Royce Limited, 2005. £65.00

Rolls Royce Limited Hanbook of the 40/50 H P Rolls Royce Car Phantom III Stoke on Trent: Weberley Limited TSD Publcation, 1976. £65.00

Major General Sir Frederick Smith A History of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps 1796-1919 London: Bailliere Tindall and Cox, 1927. £95.00

Mary Alicia Owen Old Rabbit the Voodoo and Other Sorcerers London: T Fisher Unwin, 1893. £49.99

Hamilton, Peter F. SIGNED The Reality Dysfunction London: MacMillan, 1996. £165.00

Richard Lines and Leif Hellstrom Frog Model Aircraft 1932-1976 London: New Cavendish Books, 1989. £48.00

J K Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone London: Bloomsbury, 1998. £89.00

J Macmillan Brown The Riddle of the Pacific London: T Fisher Unwin Ltd, 1926. £48.00

Sir Walter Besant Sir Walter Besant's Boubon Journal August 1863 London: Besant and Co Ltd, 1933. £45.00

Walt Disney Mickey et Son Navire France: Hachette, 1945. £20.00

Walter Crane Flora's Feast a Masque of Flowers London: Cassell and Company Limited, 1895. £95.00

J K, John Kendall A Flight Into Egypt During the Winter of 1894-1895 . £59.99

British Electricity Authority Souvenir of the Opening of Kingston Power Station London: British Electricity Authority, 1948. £80.00

Edited John Lawrence Frontier Spring to Winter 1969 London: Pergamon Press for Christian Frontier Council, 1969. £30.00

Edited John Lawrence Frontier Spring to Winter 1972 London: Pergamon Press for Christian Frontier Council, 1972. £25.00

Edited John Lawrence Frontier 1970 London: Pergamon Press for Christian Frontier Council, 1970. £25.00

Edited John Lawrence Frontier Spring to Winter 1968 London: World Dominion Press for Christian Frontier Council, 1968. £30.00

Hard's Year Books Hard's Year Book for the Clothing Industry 1960 London: United Trade Press Ltd, 1960. £25.00

Lord Halifax Further Stories from Lord Halifax's Ghost Book London: Geoffrey Bles, 1937. £20.00

The Book of Job London: Ernest Benn Limited, 1927. £22.00

Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Film Edition New York: Grosset and Dunlap. £30.00

Elinor Brent Dyer Janie of La Rochelle London: W and R Chambers Limited, 1952. £45.00

Elinor Brent Dyer A Head Grl's Difficulties London: W and R Chambers Limited, 1952. £48.00

Elinor Brent Dyer Jo to the Rescue London: W and R Chambers Limited, 1960. £38.00

Elinor Brent Dyer Jo to the Rescue London: W and R Chambers Limited, 1951. £45.00

Elinor Brent Dyer Peggy of the Chalet School London: W and R Chambers Limited, 1950. £75.00

Peachment, Brian The Defiant Ones : Dramatic Studies of Modern Social Reformers Oxford Uk: The Religious Education Press Ltd, 1969. £35.00

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen London: Frederick Warne and Co. £95.00

Cecil Reddie Abbotsholme London: Geoge Allen, 1900. £38.00

Arthur J Pickering The Cradle and Home of the Hosiery Trade 1640-1940 Hinkley: W Pickering and Sons Limited, 1940. £40.00

Felipe Ferre La Aventura Del Cafe Spain: Felipe Ferre, 1991. £78.00

Joseph Budko, Arno Nadel Das Jahr Des Juden Germany: Sonderdruck Fur Den Heine-Bund, 1926. £130.00

Randolph Cadecott Picture Book Number 1 London: Frederick Warne and Co Ltd. £25.00

Randolph Cadecott Picture Book Number 2 London: Frederick Warne and Co Ltd. £25.00

Walther Scheidig Weimar Crafts of the Bauhaus 1919-1924 an Early Experiment in Industrial Design London: Studio Vista, 1967. £30.00

Dora Ward Digswell from Domesday to Garden City Welwyn Garden City: Welwyn and District Regional Survey Association, 1953. £20.00

Henry M Snyder The Ma Jung Manual Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1923. £20.00

C Cochrane Poole Bay and Purbeck (2) 1660-1920 Dorchester UK: The Friary Press, 1971. £25.00


Thomas Ingoldsby The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1882. £28.00

A Committee of Officers The War History of the Sixth Battalion the South Staffordshire Regiment London: William Heinemann Ltd, 1924. £197.00

Maryam Babangida Nigeria's First Ladies Life in the State House London: Loxia International Limited, 1990. £28.00

Jose Maria De Heredia Les Trophees Paris: Ferroud, 1927. £65.00

W Wilfred Whitten Between the Cupolas a Light and Airy Record London: Headley Bros., 1905. £20.00

Babcock and Wilcox Company Fifty Years of Steam a Brief History of the Babcock and Wilcox Company New York: Babcock and Wilcox Company, 1931. £38.00

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