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john Rutter [ed] Oxford Choral Classics: Opera Choruses Oxford University Press, 1995. £35.00

Antoni Roca Rosell, Jose Maria Sanchez Ron, prologo de Enric Trillas. Esteban terradas (1883-1950). ciencia y tecnica en la espana contemporanea Ediciones del Serbal, Barcelona 1990, NEW IN D/W £40.00

Phleps. H Deutsche fachwerkbauten Konigstein im Taunus. Karl Robert Langewiesche Verlag, 1951 £30.00

Irish Cruising Club Sailing directions for the south & west coasts of ireland Irish Cruising Club, Dublin, 1966. 4th Edition. £30.00

Periodical: Plainsong and Medieval Music. Volume 1 part 2 Cambridge University Press, Oct, 1992. NEW £30.00

Periodical: Plainsong and Medieval Music. Volume 3 part 1 Cambridge University Press, April 1994. NEW £30.00

Periodical: Plainsong and Medieval Music. Volume 3 part 2 Cambridge University Press, October 1994. NEW £30.00

mozart symphonieen von W A Mozart [symphonies 1,2 & 3] Leipzig, C F Peters nd [1890s?] £90.00

Boosey and hawkes: music for choirs: 3 sacred: unison; upper voices; lower voices; mixed voices Boosey and Hawkes, London various dates £140.00

Boosey and hawkes: music for choirs: 2 : secular: Mixed voices Boosey and Hawkes, London various dates £100.00

WYLIE, Lauri And Herman Finck. A g. and s. cocktail or, a mixed savoy grill, as performed at the london hippodrome and broadcast by the bbc [gilbert and sullivan] Acherberg, London nd [1920s?] £60.00

York Holler York Holler: Aura fur grosses orchester Boosey & hawkes, London . NEW £35.00

Wye Trevor, Morris Patricia Practice Book for the Piccolo Novello & Co Ltd, 2003. NEW £35.00

Andrew Hurrell bumper brass: 101 easy duets for horn players Nova, 1990. NEW £30.00

Andrew Hurrell bumper brass: 101 easy duets for tenor trombonists Nova, 1990. NEW £30.00


Carol Barratt Tunes You've Always Wanted to Play: Piano Music Sales Corp, 1992. NEW £25.00

Novello Book of Carols Novello, London 1986. NEW £35.00

Paynter John Sound & Structure Cambridge University Press, 1992. NEW £35.00

Lionel Dakers New Church Anthem Book Oxford University Press, 1994. NEW £30.00

Kevin Thompson Wind Bands and Brass Bands in Schools and Music Centres Cambridge University Press, 1985. NEW £30.00

FENLON, Iain (ed.) Early Music History: Volume 13: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music Cambridge University Press, 1994. NEW £60.00

FENLON, Iain (ed.) Early Music History: Volume 11: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music Cambridge University Press, 1992. NEW £60.00

Block, Geoffrey Enchanted Evenings: The Broadway Musical from Show Boat to Sondheim Oxford University Press, New York, 1997. NEW IN D/W £40.00

choral music Faber choral music : Choral programme series Faber Music, London 1980s-90s. AS NEW. Complete set £65.00

Boosey and hawkes: music for choirs: 4. christmas : secular: unison; upper voices. lower voices , mixed voices Boosey and Hawkes, London various dates £100.00

Boosey and hawkes: music for choirs: 1 : secular: unison; upper voices. lower voices Boosey and Hawkes, London various dates £150.00

Carol Barratt Tunes you've always wanted to play / More tunes you've always wanted to play Chester Music, 1995. NEW £45.00

wILHEMJ & bROWN A MODERN SCHOOL FOR THE VIOLIN. bOOK THREE: technical practice and studies Novello & Co, London nd [1880s?] £75.00

Stock Image Borrowed Light (ISBN: 9780193859425) Troeger, Thomas H. Borrowed light: hymn texts, prayers, and poems Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 1994. NEW £30.00

Eele, Marjorie Listening Together (Teacher's Book) (Musicianship For students) Novello and Company Ltd, London 1958. Revised edition. NEW £22.00

In their own words: memories of world war ii: chocks away, anchors aweigh; shoulder arms Marks & Spencer 2004. NEW IN SLIPCASE £30.00

Rosignoli, Guido The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Insignia of the 20th Century: A Comprehensive A-Z Guide to the Badges, Patches, and Embellishments of the World's Armed Forces Stanley Paul, London, 1987. £30.00

The Family Friend Volume 5 London: Houlston and Stoneman: n.d. [1851] £50.00

Leslie Bell The Laughing Fish Meridian, 1952. First edition £20.00

YEATS, W. B. WHEELS AND BUTTERFLIES [plays] Macmillan and Co. ,, London:, 1934. First edition £40.00

RICHARDS, DENIS & ST. G. SAUNDERS, HILARY Royal air force 1939-1945 the fight avails HMSO 1954. First edition £40.00

Anne Buck Victorian costume and costume accessories Ruth Bean Publishers, 1984. £30.00

Williams, Michael Point to Pointing in Our Time Quiller Books, London, 1998. NEW IN D/W £35.00

The Best Way Book No. 3: 1200 household hints and recipes he Amalgamated Press, London nd [1920s] £30.00

Besant, W H A Treatise on Hydromechanics. Part 1: Hydrostatics London: Bell & Sons, 1934. AS NEW £45.00

Talbot Baines Reed The Fifth Form at St Dominics 1887, reprinted Hamish Hamilton London, 1971 £30.00

Quant, Mary Quant on Make-Up Guild Publishing, London, 1986. £25.00

Toulouse Lautrec / intro by David piper Paris Album Folio Society, 1958, London £30.00

CRUIKSHANKS, Eveline / Hogarth HOGARTH'S ENGLAND A selection of the engravings with descriptive text Folio Society, 1957., London £30.00

HODGEN, Margaret T. CHANGE AND HISTORY. A Study of the Dated Distributions of Technological Innovations in England New York: Wenner-Gren Foundation, 1952 £35.00

WATERHOUSE, Ellis. Italian Baroque Painting London: Phaidon Press, 1962. First edition £35.00

Beckwith, John The Art of Constantinople: An Introduction to Byzantine Art 330-1453 AD Phaidon Press, London. First edition, 1961 £35.00

C N Parkinson / Osbert Lancaster ills in-laws and outlaws Murray, London 1962. First edition £25.00

Fr. Athanasius B Pekar Contemporary martyrs of the faith... the ukrainian catholic church under the soviets Basilian fathers, Toronto 1982 £75.00

L.N.G. FILON. An introduction to projective geometry London. Edward Arnold & Co. 1947. Fourth edition £50.00

BUCHAN, John. THE CLEARING HOUSE. A survey of one man's mind. A selection from the writings of John Buchan, arranged by Lady Tweedsmuir, with a preface by Gilbert Murray First edition Hodder and Stoughton, 1946. £30.00

Heard, Gerald The Source of Civilization Jonathan Cape, London, 1935. First edition £30.00

PELIKAN, Jaroslav (ed) /Ralph T. H. Griffith (trans) Sacred Writings: Buddhism, The Dhammapada Quality Paperback Book Club, 1992 £20.00

A J MacSelf The vegetable grower's treasury W H & L Collingridge, London nd [1950s?] £20.00

Peter Brandon Sussex Robert Hale, Lpondon 1947 £35.00

Stephen Coote Royal Survivor : The Life of Charles II Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999. NEW IN D/W £35.00

Alexander Gray The socialist tradition: moses to lenin Longmans, London 1963 £30.00

SAVORY, THEODORE H. The language of science: its growth, character and usage Andre Deutsch, London 1953. First edition £30.00

History Workshop the Journal and Socialist Historians: Issue 1 History Workshop Journal, Oxford, 1976. £35.00

Saint saviour in chora Istambul: A Turizm Yayinlari Ltd, nd [1970s?] AS NEW £30.00

AR H Moncrieff classic myth and legend gresham publishing, London nd [1920s?] £30.00

Philip Guedalla Bonnet and shawl: an album Hodder & Stoughton, London nd ]1920s] First edition £30.00

Rogers, Iris Holland The Complete Cookery Book for Diabetics H K Lewis & Co, London, 1959. £20.00

Molloy,E.(General Editor) Practical electrical engineering. : data sheets and blueprint charts George Newnes Limited, London nd [ circa 1950 ] AS NEW £40.00

Loney, S. L. An Elementary Treatise on Statics Cambridge University Press, London, 1934. 2nd Edition. £25.00

Hilaire Belloc sonnets and verse Duckworth 1947 £20.00

Bromwich, T.J.A.; Macrobert, T.M. An Introduction to the Theory of Infinite Series Macmillan, London 1931. 2nd revised edition £75.00

A. J. Smith with Philip Upton Sporting Clays Argus Books, Great Britain, 1989. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

AMBLER, ERIC. Passage of arms. William Heinemann, London, 1959. 1st Edition. £50.00

Burt, Alison Preserves & pickles, bottling, curing, pickling, preserving, drying, salting, over 250 practical recipes Octopus Books, 1973. £30.00

Mannin, E. South to samarkand. Jarrold, London 1936. £35.00

John Boardman Greek art BCA / Thames and Hudson, London 1973 £20.00

Madeleine Bunting The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands Under German Rule, 1940-45 HarperCollins, London, 1995. NEW IN D/W £35.00

Pasternak, Boris. AN ESSAY IN AUTOBIOGRAPHY Collins & Harvill,, London:, 1959. First U.K. edition. £35.00

Days With The Great Composers, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert Hodder & Stoughton., london nd [ca 1900?] £45.00

Harvey A Hornstein managerial courage: revitalizing your company without sacrifing your job Wiley, 1986. Signed presentation copy, april 28, 1988 £35.00

Michael Bateman Cooking People Leslie Frewin, London, 1966 £20.00

Edward Lear The complete nonsense of Edward Lear Faber and Faber, London 1955 £20.00

H R Hitchcock Architecture: nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Pelican History of Art Series Penguin, London 1978 £30.00

FREEDBERG, S J Painting in italy, 1500-1600: pelican history of art series Penguin, London 1975 £30.00

O'Hara, Mary A Song for Ireland Michael Joseph, Londoon, 1982. £25.00

Frindall, Bill (ed) The wisden book of test cricket 1877-1984 Guild Publishing, London, 1985. £25.00

Groom, A / ills by Geoffrey Day my picture book of trains Dean & son, London nd [1960s?] £30.00

my picture book of trains Sampson Low, London nd [1950s/] £20.00

Untermeyer,Louis / ills by Ben Shahn Love Sonnets Octopus, London 1974 £20.00

Auction catalogue / Sale catalog modern and contemporary prints, 14 March 2005 Bonhams Auctioneer, London, 2005. £20.00

Auction catalogue / Sale catalog Garden, Architectural and Fossil Decoration 27 May 2005 Sussex, Sotheby's 2005. NEW £50.00

Auction catalogue / Sale catalog 20th century british art. 30 nov 2004 Bonhams Auctioneer, London, 2004. NEW £30.00

Auction catalogue / Sale catalog Modern pictures including works from the studio of Hans Schwarz, Tuesday 21 June 2005 Bonhams Auctioneer, London, 2005. NEW £20.00

Auction catalogue / Sale catalog 20th century british art. 14 june 2005 Bonhams Auctioneer, London, 2005. NEW £30.00

Auction catalogue / Sale catalog 20th Century British Art. 8 March 2005 Bonhams Auctioneer, London, 2005. NEW £30.00

Christie's Auction catalogue VALUABLE PRINTED BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPTS Wednesday 8 June 2005 Christie's, 2005, London. NEW £25.00

Anne Ward adventures in archaeology Book Club Associates / Hamlyn, London 1977 £20.00

PORTER, Roy. QUACKS: Fakers & Charlatans in English Medicine Stroud UK, Tempus, 2000. NEW IN D/W £35.00

Hill , Adrian On the mastery of water-colour painting : with practical demonstrations Pitman, London 1939 £25.00

Flint, Francis Russell, Illustrated by Author WATER COLOUR OUT OF DOORS London: The Studio Publications, 1958 £30.00

A Rivelles lets speak spanish: terraphone tourist language courses Concert Hall Record Club, 1962 £50.00

Richmond, Leonard From the Sketch to the Finished Picture Oil Painting Pitman 1953 £25.00

Book of british birds London Drive Publications 1969. £30.00

Woods, Steve. Go Canon Go! : 15 Contemporary Rounds For Strings. Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1993. NEW £35.00

periodical land, sea, air: Firepower, the weapons the professional use, and how, Issues 13-24 Orbis 1990. Volume 2 complete. £35.00

TERENCE CONRAN Terence conrans new house book : [the complete guide to home design] (isbn: 0394546334 / 0-394-54633-4) Guild, London 1985. £25.00

Hollingsworth,Brian and Arthur Cook The Great Book Of Trains Salamander, London, 1996. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

William Tilden Tennis a to z Gollancz 1950. first edition £25.00

Watson, William LACHRYMAE MUSARUM AND OTHER POEMS London: Macmillan and Co. 1896 £30.00

Brown (Alfred J) Tramping in yorkshire (north and east). Country Life, 1932 £25.00

Olson, Robert J. M. ITALIAN RENAISSANCE SCULPTURE Thames & Hudson., 1992. NEW £30.00

Georges Bataille The Accursed Share: Consumption volume 1 Zone, NY 1998. NEW £25.00

M RAYMOND The Man Who Got Even with God: The Life of An American Trappist Burns Oates & Washbourne, 1945 £30.00

Eric Knight sam small, the flying yorkshireman Spearman, London 1957 £20.00

Macaulay, T B The History of England: Volumes 1,4 and 5 Folio society, London 1985-1986 £25.00

Malory, Sir Thomas THE NOBLE AND JOYOUS HISTORY OF KING ARTHUR: Morte D'Arthur: The First Nine Books. Edited by Ernest Rhys. Walter Scott Pub Co, nd [1890s?] £39.00

[Robert Burton] THE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY. What is it, with all the kinds, causes, symptons, prognostics & several cures of it. In three Partitiona, with their several Sections, numbers & subsections. Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically opened & cut up. A New Edition corrected, and enriched by Translations of the numerous classical extracts by Democritus Minor London, Thomas Tegg 1845 £350.00

Bernard Leach A Potter's Book. With introductions by Soyetsu Yanagi and Michael Cardew Faber and Faber, London 1969. £160.00

David Lloyd George War memoirs: volume 6 Nicholson & watson, London 1936. First edition £35.00

Sigmund Freud an autobiographical study Hogarth press 1950 £20.00

C C Bell The story of fountains abbey Raphael Tuck, London nd [1910s?] £30.00

Wolfgang Wagner the partioning of europe, a history of the soviet expansion 1918-1945 deutsche verlag, Stuttgart 1959 £25.00

Fermor, Patrick Leigh three letters from the andes QPD, London 1991 £20.00

L W van der Meulen-Nulle Lace Merlin Press, London 1963 £25.00

Carroll, Lewis Through the looking-glass and what alice found there London: Macmillan 1908. The miniature edition. First thus. £60.00

Jospeh Murphy your infinite power to be rich Dynamic books, london 1966 £20.00

How, W. Walsham The Four Gospels: According to the Authorized Version, with a brief commentary London: Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, 1873. First edition thus £45.00

Kingston upon Hull music festival, 1951, 1953-1970 complete. Hull, for the Festival 1951, 1953-1970 £150.00

Kingston upon hull music festival, 1930;1931; 1939; 1946; 1948-1970 complete. Hull, for the Festival 1930-1971; 1973; 1974; 1976 £240.00

Suarez, J C The Big Book of Horses London Scriptum Editions, 2006. NEW IN D/W £35.00

wilfrid Jonson Card Conjuring Foyles 1953 £20.00

Flight Lieutenant Hubert Griffith This is Russia Hammond and Hammond, London 1943. £25.00

L Hoffer Chess Routledge 1954 £25.00

Blake, Norman Three Against the Gang Blackie & Son Limited, London. First edition nd [1930s?] £30.00

G H Tempany the eight days feud Tho.Nelson, London nd [1930s?] £30.00

Pontefract, Ella and Marie Hartley. Wharfedale Smith Settle, Otley, 1989. P £20.00

Harper, Harry Ace Air Reporter John Gifford Ltd., London, 1943 £20.00

Stanley Matthews feet first Ewen and Dale, London 1948, first edition £20.00

H O Brunn the story of the original dixieland jazz band Jazz Book Club, London 1963 £20.00

Moran, Margaret Pastoral Counselling for the Deviant Girl London; Chapman; 1968. First edition £30.00

S A Mansbach Visions of Totality: Moholy-Nagy, Theo van Doesburg & Lissizky UMI Research Press, 1980. £50.00

Gordon, Maxwell (ed). Psychopharmacological agents. [subtitle]: (medicinal chemistry, a series of monographs, volume 3) Academic Press,, NY:, 1974. £25.00

Venturi, Lionello (translated by James Emmons) / Piero Della Francesca Piero Della Francesca Geneva; Skira, 1954. £30.00

Matheson, Andrew The leica and leicalex way; the leica and leicaflex photographer's companion Focal Press, London, revised edition 1979 £20.00

Collins concise thesaurus[ of the english language ] Collins / BCA London, 2003 £20.00

Collins concise dictionary of the english language Collins, London, 2001 £20.00

Gordon, Maxwell (ed). Psychopharmacological Agents. [Subtitle]: (Medicinal Chemistry, A Series of Monographs, Volume I) Academic Press,, NY:, 1964. £35.00

Margaret Mitchell Gone with the wind Macmillan, London 1937 £20.00

Hawks, Ellison Wonders of Engineering Methuen, London, 1929 £35.00

The london magazine or, gentleman's monthly intelligencer vol. 23 for the year 1753 London. R Baldwin [1754] £475.00

Judge,Arthur W. (general editor) Modern Motor Cars Their Construction,Maintenance,Management,Care,Driving,And Running Repairs. Volume 2 only Caxton Publishing Company Limited, London, 1924. £50.00

JOHN MILTON Poems 1645; Lycidas 1638 Fascsimile reprint Scolar Press, Yorkshire 1970 £70.00

JOHN KEATS LAMIA,: ISABELLA, THE EVE OF ST. AGNES, AND OTHER POEMS, 1820 1820, fascsimile reprint Scolar Press, Yorkshire 1970 £60.00

Prout, Ebenezer The Orchestra|: Volume 1 : Technique of the Instruments Augener & Co, London [1897] First edition £35.00

Johnston, Edward. Writing & Illuminating & Lettering Series: The Artistic Crafts Series of Technical Handbooks John Hogg, London 1917 £35.00

Jean Leymarie Impressionism Skira, Lausanne 1959 £30.00

Gabriel Jacobs,Panicos Georghiades Music and new technology: the midi connection Sigma Press, 1991. NEW £25.00

John Rutter / Kenneth Grahame The Wind in the Willows: An Entertainment Based on the Book by Kenneth Grahame [ Oxford Choral music] Oxford University Press, 1986. NEW £50.00

Brunelle, Philip The new novello anthem book (soprano, alto, tenor, bass, organ / vocal score) Novello & Co Ltd., 2003 NEW £30.00

Lazarus, John The opera handbook Longman, London 1990. NEW IN D/W £25.00

Kendall Taylor Principles of piano technique and interpretation Novello, Kent, 1986. NEW £60.00

Marc-Antoine Charpentier / ed Jean-Paul Montagnier Messe de minuit, h. 9: christmas mass (liturgical) Eulenburg, London 1996. NEW £50.00

Bartholomew, Marshall Songs of yale G. Schirmer, New York, 1953. AS NEW £30.00

Karl jenkins Adiemus - songs of sanctuary - vocal score for chorus (ssaa), piano, and optional recorder. Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited, London 1995. NEW £30.00

Jenkins, Karl Dewi sant (saint david) : vocal score for satb chorus and piano. Boosey & Hawkes, 2001. NEW £25.00

Jack Brymer Clarinet (yehudi menuhin music guides) Kahn & Averill Publishers, 2001. NEW £35.00

The new novello part-song book: forty-four british part-songs for mixed voices from purcell to the present day Novello, 1999. NEW £30.00

BONELLO, Michael editor / Charles Camilleri The Piano Music of Charles Camilleri Valletta, Malta, Andrew Rupert Publishing, 1990. NEW £35.00

David Adams A handbook of diction for singers Oxford University Press, 1999. NEW £30.00

Reginald Smith Brindle The New Music: The Avant-garde Since 1945 Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 1993. NEW £35.00

Andrew Carter, David Blackwell In the mood: 17 choral arrangements of classic popular songs (lighter choral repertoire) Oxford University Press, 1995. NEW £30.00

Charles Herbert Kitson Elementary harmony: 3 volumes in one 1920, facsimile reprint Oxford University Press 1991. NEW £50.00

Grindea, Carola; Menuhin, Yehudi and Percival, Allen Tensions in the Performance of Music: A Symposium Kahn Averill, United Kingdom, 1998, 6th Revised edition. NEW £30.00

Breuer, Janos A GUIDE TO KODALY Corvina, 1991. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

Louis Kentner piano London: Kahn & Averill 1996. NEW £35.00

John O'Neill Jazz method for saxophone (with audio cd) for alto saxes Schott Music Ltd, 1994. NEW £40.00

dennis stevens Early Music London: Kahn & Averill 1997. NEW £33.00

James galway Flute London: Kahn & Averill 1996. NEW £30.00

Menuhin, Yehudi & Primrose, William Violin & Viola London: Kahn & Averill 1991. NEW £30.00

Reginald & Jamila Massey The music of india Kahn & Averill, 2006. NEW £20.00

wilfrid mellers Percy grainger Oxford University Press 1992. NEW £75.00

SIMON WRIGHT VILLA-LOBOS Oxford University Press 1992. NEW £75.00

Peter Manning Electronic and Computer Music Oxford University Press, second edition 1994. NEW £50.00

Stanley Sadie & Alison Latham The cambridge music guide Cambridge University Press, 1990. AS NEW £50.00

Paynter John Sound & Structure Cambridge University Press, 1992. First Edition. NEW £75.00

STURMAN, Paul Advanced harmony, melody & composition London, Longman 1993. NEW £30.00

STURMAN, Paul Harmony, melody & composition London, Longman 1994, NEW £30.00

Hillier, Paul English Romantic Partsongs (Oxford Song Books) Oxford University Press, 1986. NEW £35.00

Dakers, Lionel Scott, John Lionel Dakers, John Scott Ash wednesday to easter for choirs Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 1998. NEAR-NEW £30.00

Tippett, Michael A Child of our Time: Oratorio for soli, chorus and orchestra with text and music - vocal score Schott & Co, London [1944] NEW £35.00

Tallis, Thomas John Milsom A Tallis Anthology: Vocal Score: 17 Anthems and Motets Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 1992. NEW £35.00

Bnejamin Britten The world of the spirit: vocal score OUP Oxford, 2001. NEW £90.00

Grigson, Lionel Practical Jazz Step-by-step Guide to Harmony and Improvisation Stainer & Bell Ltd, London 1988. NEW £40.00

Grainger, Percy Grainger on Music Oxford University Press, 1999. NEW IN D/W £110.00

Shaw, Gordon L. KEEPING MOZART IN MIND (ISBN: ) Academic Press, 2000. £35.00

Susan Hallam Instrumental Teaching: A Practical Guide to Better Teaching and Learning (ISBN:) Heinemann 1998. NEW £40.00

York, Norton (edited by) The rock file : making it in the music business Oxford University Press, 1991. NEW £30.00

Josquin / Ross Duffin (, Paul Hillier (Editors) 9780193532182 Oxford University Press, 1999. NEW £60.00

Daryl Runswick Rock, jazz and pop arranging: all the facts and all the know-how Faber Music Ltd, United Kingdom, 1993. NEW £35.00

Samuel Barber Complete choral music Schirmer, NY 1979. NEW £30.00

Dakers, Lionel Scott, John Lionel Dakers, John Scott Ash Wednesday to Easter for Choirs Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 1998. NEW £25.00

John Rutter European Sacred Music Oxford University Press, 2008. NEW £25.00

The Galliard Book of Carols London, Stainer & Bell , 1980. AS NEW IN D/W £130.00

Joyce Bourne Who's who in opera: a guide to opera characters Oxford University Press, USA, 1998. £25.00

Toft, Robert Heart to heart: expressive singing in england 1780-1830 (oxford early music series) Oxford University Press, 2000. NEW IN D/W £110.00

Handel / Morell, Thomas / Channon, Merlin (Editor) Judas Maccabaeus: An Oratorio for Soprano, Alto (Or 2 Altos), Tenor and Bass Soli, Satb Chorus and Orchestra: Vocal Score Novello & Co, London 1998. NEW £35.00

Rossini, Gioachino/ Fleming, Nancy (Editor) Petite messe solennelle: performing score Oxford University Press, 1993 £30.00

Humperdinck, Engelbert Hansel und Gretel : Marchenspiel in drei Bildern / Fairy tale opera in three acts - Klavierauszug von / vocal score by R. Kleinmichel, ED8029 Mainz : Schott, ca., 1990. NEW £40.00

William Llewellyn (Compiler) Novello book of carols: part two Novello & Co Ltd, london 1986. NEW £30.00

William Llewellyn (Compiler) Novello book of carols: part 1 Novello & Co Ltd, london 1986. NEW £30.00

Carol Barratt More Tunes You've Always Wanted to Play [ including Air On The G String, Canon, Danse Des Mirlitons, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, The Four Seasons, Pie Jesu, etc] Chester Music, 1991. NEW £30.00

Stanford, Charles Villiers Organ sonatas Cathedral Music, Chichester 1991. £40.00

Rossini, Gioachino/ Fleming, Nancy (Editor) Petite Messe Solennelle: Performing Score (ISBN: 0193380455 / 0-19-338045-5 Oxford University Press, 1993. NEW £25.00

Kenneth Hytch Motets for a capella choir with satb soli: 4 separate works self published, Wymondham College, Norfolk 1997 £120.00

Tchaikovsky Songs, volume 2; medium / low voice. twenty romances for voice and piano Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited, London 1995. NEW £35.00

Hancock, Gerre Improvising: How to Master the Art [of playing the organ] Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, 1995. NEW £60.00

Fritz Emonts Europaische klavierschule, deutsch-englisch-franzosisch. the european piano method. methode de piano europeenne. band / volume 1 [ ed 7931] Mainz Schott Music 1992. NEW / NEUE £30.00

Orff, Carl. Carmina burana. cantiones profanae cantoribus et choris cantandae comitantibus instrumentis atque imaginibus magicis. ed 2877 Schott, Mainz, 1990s. NEW £75.00

Vajda, Cecilia The kodaly way to music [ the method adapted for british schools] book 2, for secondary level British Kodaly Academy, 1992. NEW £85.00

paul patterson te deum for chorus, soprano, solo, boy's choir and orchestra: vocal score weinberger, london 1990s. NEW £50.00

Bruce Cole The composer's handbook: a do-it-yourself approach combining tricks of the trade and other techniques Schott, 1996. NEW £45.00

William walton march for concert band : full score Oxford Univ. press. NY 1972 £60.00

Maurice Ravel, Moussorgsky, M.P. Mousorgskii, Pictures at an Exhibition: Tableaux d'une Exposition - Bilder einer Ausstellung (Boosey & Hawkes Masterworks Library) full orchestral score Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers, London 1997. NEW £50.00

Bela Bartok Concerto for Orchestra: Full Score Boosey & Hawkes Masterworks, London 2004. NEW £40.00

Vajda, Cecilia The Kodaly Way to Music: The Method Adapted for British Schools Boosey & Hawkes Music Pub Ltd, London 1974. NEW £75.00

Payne, Anthony / Edward Elgar The Sketches for Symphony No.3 Elaborated by Anthony Payne. full score Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited, London 1998. NEW £50.00

Compiled and edited by DRAYTON, Matthew. The organist`s christmas album. London: Cramer Music Ltd., 1995. NEW £30.00

alison bauld play your way, volumes 1-3 Novello, London 1992. ALL AS NEW £50.00

Willam, Healey Requiem: vocal score Oxford University Press 1992. NEW £50.00

John Gay / J Barlow [ed] The music of john gay's the beggar's opera: performing score OUP, 1990. NEW £55.00

auction catalogue Orders, decorations and medals. june 27, 2007 Dix, noonan webb 2007 £50.00

choral music Popular choral theatre music from music sales Music Sales , London 1980s-90s. AS NEW. Complete set of review copies £150.00

Henry Oldenburg / Marie Boas and A. Rupert Hall (ed. + trans.) The correspondence of henry oldenburg , volume i, 1641-1662; volume ii 1663-1665 Univ of Wisconsin Press, 1965 & 1966. £160.00

choral music Faber choral music folder Faber Music, London 1980s-90s. AS NEW. Complete set £95.00

teachers pack[by berkshire teachers] Music resource file Berkshire Education Dept., Music Education Supplies Ltd, 1993 £40.00

Dolby & Biddle Music for the primary school[teachers pack] Coventry Education Dept., 1992 £95.00

choral music Schott choral folder Schott Music 1970s-90s. AS NEW. £350.00

Johann Sebastian Bach / ED r JONES The music for violin & cembalo/continuo . volume 2 / band 2. sonatas for violin and obbligato cembalo nos. 4 - 6, bwv 1017-19 works for violin and continuo,sontaa no 6, bwv 1019 Oxford U.P. 1993. NEW £35.00

Johann Sebastian Bach The music for violin & cembalo/continuo book 1. sonatas for violin and obbligato cembalo nos. 1 - 3, bwv 1014-16 works for violin and continuo, bwv 1021, 1023 1026 Oxford U.P. 1993. NEW £35.00

Igor Stravinsky Oedipus Rex/Symphony of Psalms Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd, 1998. NEW £40.00

MATTHEW DRAYTON [ed] Victorian and Edwardian Marches for the organ Cramer Music 1994. NEW £30.00

MATTHEW DRAYTON The organist's funeral album Cramer Music 1993. NEW £35.00

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