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Johnston, Sir Harry illustrated by E wallcousins: Pioneers in Canada: Great Travellers and Explorers Gresham Publishing , London, no date [ ca 1920] £90.00

Johnston, Sir Harry illustrated by Chas M. Sheldon: Pioneers in Tropical America, Great Travellers and Explorers Gresham Publishing , London, no date [ ca 1920] £60.00

[ IRVING, Washington.]: A Tour on The Prairies. By the author of 'The sketch-book.' John Murray, London, 1835. £320.00

Jones, Clarence Fielden: Commerce of South America Ginn and Company, Boston 1928. First edition. £60.00

Noel Baptist Wriothesley: The Rebellion in America James Nisbet & Co, London, 1863. £175.00

"A Citizen of Massachusetts " [ Charles Prentiss?]: History of the United States of America; With a Brief Account of Some of the Principle Empires & States of Ancient & ModernTimes Keene, N.H. John Prentiss 182. second edition improved. £120.00

Murray, Amelia M.: Letters from the United States, Cuba and Canada (2 volumes bound into 1) John W. Parker and Son West Strand, London, 1856 £350.00

[ Simms, William Gilmore ]: Life in America; or, The Wigwam and the Cabin George Clark & Son, Aberdeen, 1848 £180.00

Pratt, Douglas; Bruner, Phillip L.; Berrett, Delwyn G: A Field Guide to the Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific (ISBN: 0691084025 / 0-691-08402-5) Princeton Univ Pr, 1987 £60.00

Mackay , Charles] ?: The Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints: A Contemporary History. With Memoirs of the Life and Death of Joseph Smith, the "American Mahomet". London. Office of the National Illustrated Library. 1851. First Edition £220.00

George Lester: In Sunny Isles: Chapters Treating Chiefly of the Bahama Islands and Cuba Charles H Kelly, London 1897. First edition. £375.00

PETERSON, ROGER AND FISHER, JAMES: WILD AMERICA The Record of a 30,000-mile Journey Around the North American Continent By an American Naturalist and His British Colleague Collins, London 1956. £35.00

Payne, Will & Wilson, Chas. T.: MISSIONARY PIONEERING IN BOLIVIA: With some account of work in Argentina. H.A. Raymond - "Records of Service (1904), 1st edition £120.00

S Bannister edits / William Paterson: Central America, from a ms. in the British Museum 1701. Trubner, London 1857. £350.00

J. Harris Knowles: A Flight in Spring: In the Car Lucania from New York to the Pacific Coast and Back During April and May, 1898 New York 1898. Privately printed for the author. £250.00

Deb. Randolph Keim: Sketches of San Domingo Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, Philadelphia, 1870 £140.00


J B T Marsh: The Story of the Jubilee Singers with their Songs Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1885. £75.00

Captain Marryat: Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet, in California, Sonora, and Western Texas. Volumes 2 & 3 [of 3] only Longman, Brown, London 1843. £280.00

Rev. Josiah Henson: Uncle Tom’s Story of His Life: An Autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson (Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 'Uncle Tom' from 1789 to 1876, with a preface by Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe and an introductory note by George Sturge and S. Morley Esq. MP "Christian Age" Office, London, 1877. £110.00

Lucas C.P.: A Historical Geography of the of the British Colonies Vol II West Indies Clarendon Press, 1905, revised 2nd edition by Atchley £40.00

Lyell, Charles: Travels in North America, Canada and Nova Scotia. With Geological Observatons.Volume 2[ of 2] only John Murray, London, 1855. Second Edition. £160.00

Livermore, Mary A.: Story of My Life or The Sunshine and Shadow of Seventy Years A. D. Worthington & Co., Hartford CT, 1898. Sold only to Subscribers. £120.00

Livermore, Mary A.: My Story of the War A Woman's Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience As Nurse in the Union Army During the War A.D. Worthington, Hartford, Ct, 1894 £220.00

Livermore, Mary A.: My Story of the War A Woman's Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience As Nurse in the Union Army During the War A.D. Worthington, Hartford, Ct, 1892 £250.00

Livermore, Mary A.: My Story of the War A Woman's Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience As Nurse in the Union Army During the War A.D. Worthington, Hartford, Ct, 1890 £250.00

: Art Treasures Of The World, An Illustrated History in Colour Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd, 1968. £40.00

Steve Turner: A Hard Day's Write, the stories behind every Beatles' song. Little Brown & Co., 1994. £60.00

Fenn, Graham B. and Marsden, C. J.: British Rail Main Line Electric Locomotives (ISBN: 0860934462 / 0-86093-446-2) Oxford Publishing Company, 1993. AS NEW £90.00

Chronicle Books, James R. Petersen, Jim Peterson: Playboy: 50 Years: The Photographs (ISBN: 0811839788 / 0-8118-3978-8) Chronicle Books, 2003. NEW IN D/W £70.00

Pauline Clarke: Beyond the Eye of the Needle (isbn 9780952817918 ) Piercing World 2000. NEW £90.00

: Dandy and Beano: Famous Faces from the Comics (ISBN: 0851165532 / 0-85116-553-2) D.C.Thomson & Co Ltd, London, 1992. £30.00

AVIS, Anthony.: The brewing industry 1950-1990: Reflective essays 1950-1990. Ilkley, West Yorkshire: printed for the author, 1997 £110.00

Roberts, I., Burgess, A. & Berg, D. (ed.): A New Link to the Past - The Archaeological Landscape of the M1-A1 LInk Road West Yorkshire Archaeology Service, 2001. AS NEW. £120.00

: The Village Atlas: Growth of Birmingham and the Midlands, 1831-1907 (ISBN: 0946619336 / 0-946619-33-6) Village Press Ltd, 1989. £120.00

Forss, George: New York/New York masterworks of a street peddler (ISBN: 0002725533 / 0-00-272553-3) Harvill Press, London, 1984. £40.00

Rubens / Goettler, Christine (Editor): Rubens and His Age: Treasures from the Hermitage Museum, Russia (ISBN: 185894127X / 1-85894-127-X) Merrell Publishers Ltd, London, 2001. NEW IN D/W £70.00

Gagneux, Dominique: PARIS MODERNE: Art Deco Works from the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (ISBN: 0966285948 / 0-9662859-4-8) International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC, 2004. NEW IN D/W £90.00

Exhibition Catalogue: Stephen Jones, Christopher Newall, Leonee Ormond, Richard Ormond, Benedict Read / Leighton, Frederic: Frederic Leighton 1830-1896 (ISBN: 0810926555 / 0-8109-2655-5) Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1996. AS NEW £120.00

Zerbst, Rainer / Gaudi: ANTONI GAUDI: 1852-1926, A Life Devoted to Architecture (The Complete Buildings] (ISBN: 3822800740 / 3-8228-0074-0) Taschen, 1993. NEW £75.00

Colin White [ed]: The Nelson Companion (ISBN: 1858337658 / 1-85833-765-8) Bramley, 1997. £30.00

Polak, Ada: Glass, Its Makers and Its Public (ISBN: 029776909X / 0-297-76909-X) Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1975. £30.00

Pat Ware: Ferret: FV700 Series in British Army Service Warehouse Pubs., 1997. AS NEW £60.00

Opie, Robert: Packaging Source Book : A Visual Guide to a Century of Packaging Design (ISBN: 0356176657 / 0-356-17665-7) Macdonald and Co. Ltd, London, 1989. AS NEW IN D/W £95.00

Jessica Glasscock: Striptease: From Gaslight to Spotlight (ISBN: 0810945444 / 0-8109-4544-4) HNA Books, 2003. NEW IN D/W £50.00

Mel Gordon.: Voluptuous Panic - The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin (ISBN: 9780922915583) Feral House Los Angeles 2000. NEW £75.00

C H Olessen: Jacob Jensen. ( isbn 9788711231074 0 Aschehough, Denmark 2004 £110.00

Townend, P.N.: Top Shed (ISBN: 0711018278 / 0-7110-1827-8) Ian Allan, United Kingdom, 1989. NEW IN D/W £30.00

Kemp, A.: WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE MARLBOROUGH WARS (ISBN: 0713710136 / 0-7137-1013-6) Blandford, 1980. £45.00

Dita Von Teese: Burlesque and the Art of the Teese/Fetish and the Art of the Teese (ISBN: 0060591676 / 0-06-059167-6) ReganBooks, 2006. NEW IN D/W £75.00

Hodge, Stephen; Boord, Martin: The Illustrated Tibetan Book of the Dead : A New Translation with Commentary (ISBN: 0722537549 / 0-7225-3754-9) Thorsons, 1999. £40.00

Ireland B.: Jane's Battleships Of The 20th Century. (ISBN: 0004709977 / 0-00-470997-7) Harper Collins, London, 1996. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

: Chester Memories True North Books Ltd., 2005. NEW £30.00

: More Birmingham Memories True North Books Ltd., 2004. NEW £45.00

Hogg, Michael A.: Social Psychology, Third Edition (ISBN: 0130336327 / 0-13-033632-7) Prentice Hall 2002. NEW £35.00

Bennett, Martin: Rolls-Royce The History of the Car (ISBN: 0946609004 / 0-946609-00-4) Oxford Illustrated Press, 1983. £50.00

Brian Bracegirdle: The Archaeology of the Industrial Revolution (ISBN: 043532991X / 0-435-32991-X) Heinemann, 1979. £60.00

Ireland and Grove.: Jane's War at Sea, 1897-1997 : 100 Years of Jane's Fighting Ships (ISBN: 0004720652 / 0-00-472065-2) Harper Collins, 1997. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

Pascal Baetens: The Fragile Touch: Photographs By Pascal Baetens (ISBN: 1898998140 / 1-898998-14-0) NEW Erotic Print Society, London, 1999. £60.00

Bottger, Klaus: Eros and Thanatos (ISBN: 1898998191 / 1-898998-19-1) Erotic Print Society, London, 2003. NEW £35.00

RICHARDSON, Iseult: No Shadows Fall. The Story of Spielplatz Coast & Country Naturist Publications, Scarborough, 1994. AS NEW £90.00

Corre, Joseph and Serena Rees: AGENT PROVACATEUR: A CELEBRATION OF FEMININITY (ISBN: 1858687586 / 1-85868-758-6) Carlton Books, London, 1999. NEW IN D/W £90.00

: More Memories of Cardiff (ISBN: 1903204739 / 1-903204-73-9) True North Books Ltd., 2003. NEW £30.00

Hendrie, Andrew: Lockheed Hudson in World War II (ISBN: 1840370939 / 1-84037-093-9) Airlife Publishing Limited, Shrewsbury, England, 1999. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

Alwyn Coats: More Winsome Warriors London: Wag Books, 1996. NEW £30.00

Cook, Beryl: Beryl Cook's New York (ISBN: 0719542294 / 0-7195-4229-4) John Murray, 1985. £20.00

Boileau. Claude, Huynh-Dinh Khuong and Thomas A.Young.: Encyclopedia Of Military Aircraft Models 1/72. (ISBN: 1853100633 / 1-85310-063-3) Airlife Publishing., Shrewsbury, 1888. AS NEW £30.00

Rothschild, Miriam: Butterfly Cooing Like a Dove (ISBN: 0385269153 / 0-385-26915-3) Doubleday, London, 199. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Schaefer, Herwin: The Roots of Modern Design : Functional Tradition in the 19th Century (ISBN: 9780289797662) London: Studio Vista, 1970 £40.00

Philip Langdon: American Houses (ISBN: 0941434966 / 0-941434-96-6) Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc, NY 1989. £30.00

B O'Dwyer: Contact Book of Illustrators & Photographers 5th ed 1989 £110.00

Craft Magazines: Airfix Magazine for plastic modellers Jan-Dec 1973 £70.00

Tanner, Lawrence E: Westminster School London: Country Life, , 2nd edition, 1951 £30.00

Du Noyer, Paul (editor); Philip Dodd, Eithne Farry, Michael Heatley: Encyclopedia of Singles (ISBN: 1840840323 / 1-84084-032-3) Dempsey Parr, Bristol, England, 1998. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

DAY, David: CHARACTERS FROM TOLKIEN (ISBN: 0753705613 / 0-7537-0561-3) Chancellor Press, London, 2002 £30.00

Fonstad, Karen Wynn: The Atlas of Middle-Earth (ISBN: 026110277X / 0-261-10277-X) London HarperCollins 1994. NEW £40.00

P. Whitfield (ed.): The Marshall Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals (ISBN: 1840280875 / 1-84028-087-5) Marshall, London, 1998. £70.00

Ted Brake: Men of Good Character - A History of the Sheet Metal Workers, Coppersmiths, Heating and Domestic Engineers (ISBN: 0853155801 / 0-85315-580-1) Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1985. as new in d/w. £70.00

Hill, J. R. (ed.): The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy (ISBN: 9780192116758) Oxford U. P. Oxford 1995. AS NEW IN D/W £75.00

CHANDLER David [ed]: The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army BCA, 1995. As new in d/w. £70.00

CARVER, Martin.: Underneath English Towns. Interpreting Urban Archaeology. (ISBN: 9780713436372) B.T. Batsford, London., 1987. First edition. £30.00

G. M. K. Thompson: British Diecasts - A Collectors Guide to Toy Cars, Vans and Trucks (ISBN: 0854292640 / 0-85429-264-0) Haynes, G. B., 1980. £30.00

ZIEGLER, Philip: Britain Then & Now. The Francis Frith Collection Marke & Spencer 2003. NEW IN D/W. £60.00


: A Celebration of Leeds. a Pictorial Look Back on the Changing Face of the City of Leeds Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Leeds 1993. £25.00

CONDER, Peter.: Birsds of woods and hedges. With sound illustrations on two L.P.Records. Nelson / RSPB ., 1969. £50.00

CONDER, Peter.: BRITISH GARDEN BIRDS. With sound illustrations on two L.P.Records. Nelson / RSPB ., 1968. £40.00

Jil Atkinson: 96 Hairy Paws - Signed First Edition Self published, 1996. AS NEW £30.00

Harry Whittington: On The Indian Trail in Paraguay and Brazil The Struggles and Triumphs Encountered by a Missionary Seeking Jewels Knox Press., Edinburgh, nd [1960s?] £40.00

: The Brazen Nose. A College Magazine. Vol. 38 2003-2004 Brasenose College, 2004 £30.00

R M Barnes: The Uniforms and History of the Scottish Regiments Sphere 1972. £30.00

HENDERSON, Diana M.: The Scottish Regiments (ISBN: 9780004700113) HarperCollins, Glasgow, 1993 £20.00

Trigger, Bruce G.: Gordon Childe : Revolutions in Archaeology (ISBN: 0500050341 / 0-500-05034-1) Thames & Hudson, London 1980. £45.00

Howard Ripley: Buttons of the British Army 1855-1970, an Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors Arms & Armour Press, London first edition, 1971 £70.00

Gordon Charles Davidson: The North West Company University of California Press publications, volume VII, Berkeley, 1918 £750.00

CARMAN W.Y.: Glengarry Badges of the Bitish Line Regiments to 1881 an Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors Arms & Armour Press, London first edition, 1973 £70.00

Bolton, Herbert Eugene: Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century, Studies in Spanish Colonial History and Administration University of California Press publications, volume III, Berkeley, 1915 £525.00

McCormac, Eugene Irving; Smith, Donald E. And Hughes, Anne E.: Studies in American History Consisting of "Colonial Opposition to Imperial Authority During the French and Indian War" (McCormac); "The Viceroy of New Spain" (Smith); and "The Beginnings of Spaniah Settlement in the El Paso District" (Hughes) University of California Press publications, volume 1., Berkeley, 1911-1914 £325.00

McCormac, Eugene Irving; Smith, Donald E. And Hughes, Anne E.: Jose De Galvez, Visitor-General of New Spain, 1765-1771 University of California Publications in History, Vol. V. Berkeley, 1916 £475.00

Cunningham, Charles Henry.: The Audiencia In The Spanish Colonies As Illustrated By The Audiencia Of Manila (1583-1800).University of California Publications in History, Vol. IX. University of California Press, Berkeley, 1919. £375.00

Lord Acton (Planned by) Edited by A.W. Ward; G.W. Prothero; Stanley Leathes: The Cambridge Modern History Volume VII (7) The United States Cambridge University Press, 1903. £30.00

Lord Acton (Planned by) Edited by A.W. Ward; G.W. Prothero; Stanley Leathes: The Cambridge Modern History Volume VII (7) The United States Cambridge University Press, 1903. £40.00

DOUGLAS HAIG / SHEFFIELD: GARY & BOURNE: JOHN [Edit].: DOUGLAS HAIG: War Diaries and Letters 1914-1918. London BCA, 2005. AS NEW IN DW £45.00

CESARANI, David.: Making of Modern Anglo-Jewry (Jewish Society and Culture) (ISBN: 9780631167761) Blackwell Publishers, 1990. NEW IN D/W £180.00

Alexander, Peter F: WILLIAM PLOMER. A Biography. (ISBN: 0192122436 / 0-19-212243-6) Oxford: OUP, 1989. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

Gartner, Lloyd P.: The Jewish Immigrant in England, 1870-1914 (ISBN: 0903620006 / 0-903620-00-6) Simon Publications, 1973. £45.00

Helweg-Larsen, Kjeld: Arawaks and Astronauts: Twenty Years on Eleuthera (ISBN: 0091051800 / 0-09-105180-0) Arawaks and Astronauts: Twenty Years on Eleuthera (ISBN: 0091051800 / 0-09-105180-0) £30.00

Livermore, Ann: A Short History of Spanish Music (ISBN: 0715606344 / 0-7156-0634-4) Duckworth, London, 1972. £25.00

Thomas Pakenham: The Year of Liberty. The Story of the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798 The Literary Guild, London 1969. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Castor, Helen: Blood & Roses: The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century (ISBN: 0571216706 / 0-571-21670-6) Faber & Faber January 2004. NEW IN D/W £30.00

Price, Alfred: Pictorial History of the Luftwaffe, 1933-1945 (ISBN: 0668021446 / 0-668-02144-6) Arco Pub Co, New York, 1969. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

Tim O'Brien: Naked Vinyl: Classic Album Cover Art Unveiled (ISBN: 1844110052 / 1-84411-005-2) Chrysalis 2002. NEW £40.00

Strawson, John: Gentlemen in Khaki: The British Army 1890 to 1990 (ISBN: 0436499940 / 0-436-49994-0) Secker & Warburg 1989 £35.00

Thompson, Julian (ed.): The Imperial War Museum Book of Modern Warfare: British and Commonwealth Forces at War 1945-2000 (ISBN: 0283063645 / 0-283-06364-5) Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd, London, 2002. NEW IN D/W £35.00

G. L. Simons: A Place for Pleasure: The History of the Brothel (ISBN: 0904507025 / 0-904507-02-5) Harwood-Smart Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1975 £30.00

BALE, Bernard: [Aston] Villa in the blood (ISBN: 1859831281 / 1-85983-128-1) Breedon Books Derby 1998. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Wilson, Derek: The Uncrowned Kings of England : The Black Legend of the Dudleys (ISBN: 9781841199023) Constable London 2005. NEW IN D/W £40.00

Nicholas, John Liddiard: Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand Performed in the Years 1814 and 1815, in Company with the Rev. Samuel Marsden Principal Caplain of New South Wales in Two Volumes. 1817, facsimile reprint by Wilson & Horton, Aukland, New Zealand, 1970. £50.00

MCANDREW, John.: The Open-Air Churches of Sixteenth-Century Mexico. Atrios, Posas, Open Chapels, and other studies. Harvard University Press., 1965 £85.00

Lathrop, Elsie: Historic Houses of Early America New York: Tudor Publishing Co., 1946 £50.00

Laird, M: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE NATURAL HISTORY OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR Academic Press, London - Edinburgh - New York, 1980. £175.00

Klineberg, Otto [ed]: Characteristics of the American Negro. New York Harper & Brothers Publishers 1944 £30.00

Koebel, W. H.: Argentina Past and Present Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co. Ltd., London, 1910. £80.00

Karst, Kenneth L: Belonging to America Equal Citizenship and the Constitution (ISBN: 9780300043228) Yale University Press, 1989. AS NEW IN D/W. £30.00


Swinglehurst, Edmund: Cook's Tours: The Story Of Popular Travel (ISBN: 0713711833 / 0-7137-1183-3) Blandford Press Poole, UK 1982 £35.00

Hapgood, Charles H.: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age Turnstone books, 1979 £20.00

Alwyn Coats: Winsome Warriors London: Wag Books, 1996. NEW £30.00

Hope, John Francis: Tank Girls (ISBN: 1902579186 / 1-902579-18-6) London: Wag Books, 1999. NEW £30.00

"Jojo": Plymouth Unveiled, nude portraits. DB Publishing 200. NEW £40.00

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe: Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (ISBN: 089381041X / 0-89381-041-X) Aperture, New York 1979. AS NEW £45.00

Derek Robottom: Making Tudor Doll's Houses (ISBN: 0946819211 / 0-946819-21-1) Guild of Master Craftsmen, Uk, 1990. NEW £35.00

Larkin, David (editor): Innocent Art (ISBN: 0330242172 / 0-330-24217-2) Pan Books, London, 1974. £35.00

Bonington, C: THE CLIMBERS. A History of Mountaineering (ISBN: 9780563209188) BBC Books/Hodder & Stoughton; 1992. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

Newman, Kim: Nightmare Movies: A Critical History of the Horror Film, 1968-88 (ISBN: 0747502951 / 0-7475-0295-1) Bloomsbury, 1988. AS NEW £40.00

BRERTON John: CHAIN MAIL The History Of The DUKE OF LANCASTER'S OWN YEOMANRY 1798-1991 Picton Publishing , (Chippenham) Ltd, Nd [ca.1991] NEW IN D/W £140.00

: Guitar Tab White Pages (ISBN: 0711991294 / 0-7119-9129-4) Music Sales Ltd, 2008 £50.00

Sylvie Jones': Sylvie Jones' Sex Diary (ISBN: 1898998434 / 1-898998-43-4) Erotic Print Society, 2002. NEW £40.00

Brassai: The Secret Paris of the 30s (ISBN: 0500271089 / 0-500-27108-9) Thames & Hudson, UK, 200. NEW £50.00

H Cobbold: Wearing a smile, a romantic comedy about nudity. 39 Production Co, 2001 £50.00

Lynn Paula Russell: Sabina, part 2. Erotic Print Society, 2004. NEW £60.00

Lynn Paula Russell: Sabina Erotic Print Society, 2003. NEW £60.00

Von Gotha, Erich: Twenty 1 Erotic Print Society, 2005. NEW £60.00

Von Gotha, Erich: The Troubles of Janice Erotic Print Society, 2004. NEW £75.00

TOM POULTON / Maclean, Alexander James: TOM POULTON, an artist's secret sketchbook The Erotic Print Society, London, 1999. NEW £70.00

Michael Goss: Young Lusty Sluts (ISBN: 1898998825 / 1-898998-82-5) Erotic Print Society, 2003. NEW £45.00

Lynn Paula Russell: Sexcitement (ISBN: 189899854X / 1-898998-54-X) Erotic Print Society, 2003. NEW £45.00

Lowery, Woodbury: The Lowery collection; a descriptive list of maps of the Spanish possessions within the present limits of the United States, 1502-1820. Washington GPO 1912. First edition. £300.00

TOM POULTON / Maclean, Alexander James: THE SECRET ART OF TOM POULTON (ISBN: 189899806X / 1-898998-06-X) The Erotic Print Society, London, 1998. £50.00

McCarthy, Terry: The Great Dock Strike 1889: The Story of the Labour Movement's First Great Victory (ISBN: 0297791990 / 0-297-79199-0) Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1988. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

Beningfield, Betty [text] Beningfield, Gordon: Beningfield's Vanishing Songbirds (ISBN: 0905232194 / 0-905232-19-4) Bird's Farm Books, Barton, Cambs, 2001 £50.00

LEYBURN, JAMES G.: The Haitian People. Yale U.P., 1941 £60.00

Leslie, Shane: American Wonderland: Memories of Four Tours in the United States of America(1911-1935) London Michael Joseph Ltd. 1936 £35.00

David Lavender: California: Land of New Beginnings (ISBN: 0060125241 / 0-06-012524-1) Harper & Row, 1972 £30.00

BELOTE, Theodore T.: American and European Swords in the Historical Collections of the United States National Museum. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution, 1932, £75.00


James, Herman G.: BRAZIL AFTER A CENTURY OF INDEPENDENCE New York The Macmillan Company 1925 £60.00

JANE, Cecil, editor.: Select documents illustrating the four voyages of Columbus; including those contained in R. H. Major's Select Letters of Christopher Columbus. The Hakluyt Society London, 1930 & 1933. £180.00

W H Prescott: History of The Conquest of Peru, With A Preliminary View of The Civilisation of the Incas. Routledge, London, nd [1880s?] £70.00

: The Pan American Yearbook: 1945 Pan American Associates, 1945. £60.00

Webb, Charlotte: Charlotte Webb's Pillow Book (ISBN: 1898998906 / 1-898998-90-6) Erotic Print Society, 2005. NEW £40.00

Koetzle, Michael: 1000 Nudes: Uwe Scheid Collection (ISBN: 3822855693 / 3-8228-5569-3) Taschen, Koln, 2001. NEW £70.00

[erotica] Serges Jacques: Paris-Hollywood Taschen, 2001. AS NEW. £30.00

: See the World (ISBN: 9783822816264) Taschen, 2002. £30.00

H R Giger: H R Giger Taschen, 2003. £25.00

[erotica] Gilles Neret: Pussycats (ISBN: 3822824607 / 3-8228-2460-7) Taschen, 2003. £25.00

Brittain, Vera; Bishop, Alan[ed]: Chronicle of Friendship: Diary of the Thirties, 1932-1939 (ISBN: 0575036028 / 0-575-03602-8) Victor Gollancz, London, 1986. NEW IN D/W £35.00

[ ndia Knight, Adam Buxton, Auberon Waugh, and Russell Hoban]: Erotic Review Bedside Companion (ISBN: 074723597X / 0-7472-3597-X) : Headline, 2000. NEW IN D/W £40.00

: Maids: An Erotic Anthology (ISBN: 1904989098 / 1-904989-09-8) Erotic Print Society, 2005. NEW £45.00

The Erotic Print Society: The Master of the College Nurse (ISBN: 190498911X / 1-904989-11-X) The Erotic Print Society, London, 2005. NEW £35.00

DAVIDSON,Alexander: Blazers Badges & Boaters: A Pictorial History of School Uniform (ISBN: 0906619254 / 0-906619-25-4) Scope Books, 1990 £30.00

Jenkins, E.W.: A Magnificent Pile, A Centenary History of the Leeds Central High School (ISBN: 0951003305 / 0-9510033-0-5) The University of Leeds, Leeds, 1985. £45.00

Maidment, Brian: The Poorhouse Fugitives. Self-taught poets and poetry in Victorian Britain. (ISBN: 9780856357060) Manchester Carcanet Press first edition, 1987 £30.00

Knight, Lynn: Clarice Cliff (ISBN: 0747578281 / 0-7475-7828-1) Bloomsbury Publishing, London 2005. AS NEW IN D/W. £50.00

GERSTEIN, EMMA: MOSCOW MEMOIRS (ISBN: 1860468837 / 1-86046-883-7) Harvil Press, 2004. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

Jennings, Paul: The Public House in Bradford 1770 - 1970 (ISBN: 1853311138 / 1-85331-113-8) Keele University Press, 1995. AS NEW IN D/W £45.00

Patricia Crone: Medieval Islamic Political Thought (ISBN: 0748621946 / 0-7486-2194-6) Edinburgh University Press, 2005. NEW £45.00

Kennedy, Hugh: The Great Arab Conquests, How the Spread of Islam Changed the World We Live in (ISBN: 9780297846574) Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 2007 £50.00

Yorke, Malcolm;Vaughan, Keith: Keith Vaughan: His Life and Work (ISBN: 0094697809 / 0-09-469780-9) London: Constable, 1990. £120.00

FROST Terry: Bradford City a Complete Record 1903-1988 (ISBN: 0907969380 / 0-907969-38-0) Breedon Books, Derby, 1988. £120.00

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