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Ogorkiewicz, R. M. Design and Development of Fighting Vehicles MacDonald London 1968 £35.00

SPIEGELMAN, ART Maus : a survivor\'s tale (isbn: 0394747232 / 0-394-74723-2) Pantheon, New York, 1986. AS NEW £20.00

Sonia Allison european cooking BCA London 1979 £60.00

Dual atlas britain (isbn: 0851527272 / 0-85152-727-2) Bartholomew + Son Ltd, Edinburgh 1977 £110.00

Buchanan, H. S George and Matilda Mouse and the Dolls' House (ISBN: 0416604900 / 0-416-60490-0) Methuen Children's Books, London, 1988. AS NEW £20.00

The practical gardening encyclopedia aura 1997. as new in d/w £30.00

The Colour Library Book of Gardening (ISBN: 0862835186 /0-86283-518-6) The Colour Library 1987 £20.00

DEACON, G. E. R. (editor) OCEANS - An Atlas-History of Man's Exploration of the Deep London 1968, Paul Hamlyn. £25.00

SIEGNER, O deutschland / Germany / Allemagne Simon, Munchen nd [1980s?] AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Devine, Mary (ed) Classic Designs: An Exclusive Collection of Knitted Sweaters Guild Publishing 1985. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Bob the Builder Wind-up Power Book! (ISBN: 1405242957 / 1-4052-4295-7) Egmont Books Ltd, 2008. £20.00

LICHFIELD Lichfield: royal album Elm tree Books, London 1982 £30.00

M Wilson The National gallery, London BCA, London 1977 £20.00

The Complete Book of Sewing - a practical step-by-step guide to sewing techniques (ISBN: 1579548768 / 1-57954-8768 Dorling Kindersley 1996. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Robin Karney (ed) Cinema Year By Year 1894-2002 (ISBN: 0751349690 / 0-7513-4969-0) Dorling Kindersley, London, 2002 £35.00

Aa touring guide to wales, , (isbn: 0092115705 / 0-09-211570-5) AA, 1975. £30.00

Bax. Martin. ed. Ambit 103 Ambit, 1986. AS NEW £30.00

Contemporary Poets of 1972 London, Regency Press, 1973, 1st edn. £25.00

Editor's Choice for 1973: An Anthology of Selected Contemporary Verse London, Regency Press, 1973, 1st edn. £30.00

Plaidy, Jean Saint Thomas's Eve; [and], Royal Road to Fotheringay; [and], the Goldsmith's Wife; [and], Perdita's Prince (ISBN: 0905712374 / 0-905712-37-4) BCA 1980. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Titherington, Arthur Kinkaseki : One Day at a Time (ISBN: 0620254416 / 0-620-25441-6) Covos Day Books, South Africa, 2001. AS NEW £20.00

Nye, Doug. MCLAREN THE GRAND PRIX, CANAM AND INDY CARS Guild Publishing. 1988, new edition. £30.00

Wilson, Colin and Grant, John THE DIRECTORY OF POSSIBILITIES BCA, london 1981 £20.00

Reshetovskaya Natalya Sanya. My Life with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, 1975. £30.00

Kennedy, William. The Flaming Corsage. (ISBN: 0670858722 / 0-670-85872-2) Viking NY 1996. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

ART CATALOGUE / AULD & PHILLIPS SELECT: African sculpture from private collections in London South London Art Gallery, 1979. Catalogue. £90.00

W.Keble Martin Over the Hills (ISBN: 0718105486 / 0-7181-0548-6) Michael Joseph, London, 1968. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Patrick Mccabe call Me the Breeze (ISBN: 0571217451 / 0-571-21745-1) Faber and Faber, UK, 2003. NEW IN D/W £20.00

R A Brooks A critical bibliography of french literature - the eighteenth century. suoolement Syracuse 1968 £50.00

Tanitch, Robert Ashcroft (ISBN: 0091710308 / 0-09-171030-8) Hutchinson, London, 1987. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

DANIEL BLUM A pictorial history of the silent screen Spring Books, London 1973, 3rd imp. £35.00

Cezanne Cezanne Spring, London 1961 £20.00

FéLIX BENOIT Beaute de lyon et du beaujolais (isbn: 9782830701715) Minerva, 1992 £50.00

Michael Wright The Complete Indoor Gardener (ISBN: 086283631X / 0-86283-631-X) Colour Library Books Ltd, 1988. £25.00

Salter, Lionel The Gramophone Guide to Classical Composers and Recordings (ISBN: 0861010256 /0-86101-025-6 Salamander Books Ltd, London 1978 £28.00

Salter, Lionel The Gramophone Guide to Classical Composers and Recordings (ISBN: 0861010256 /0-86101-025-6 Salamander Books Ltd, London 1978 £25.00


Anne Ward Adventures in Archaeology Book Club Associates, 1977. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

the Oder - future of the regions / Odra przyszlosc regiobow Bydgoszcz 2001. NEW £60.00

CHILD, HEATHER AND DOROTHY COLLES. christian symbols, ancient and modern a handbook for students (isbn: 0713519606 / 0-7135-1960-6) G. Bell and Sons,, London:, 1971. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

Metcalfe Jean Sunnylea: A 1920s Childhood Remembered Book Club Associates, 1980 £20.00

D & D Parry Bygone Breweries of South Yorkshire (ISBN: 0907511228 / 0-907511-22-8) Neil Richardson, Manchester, 1983. £30.00

The Practical Grocer; A Manual and Guide for the Grocer the Provision Merchant and members of the Trades. Volume Three only [of 4] PROVISIONS &C London, The Gresham Publishing Co. 1905. £40.00

C BEECHING The modern grocer and provision dealer Caxton Publishing 1920. Volumes 2, 3 & 4 [of 4] £30.00

ELIZABETH DICKSON & MARGARET COLWIN The laura ashley book of home decorating U K: Octopus Books, 1982. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

DY BRITTAIN (assisted by Sally Harding). GOOD HOUSEKEEPING STEP-BY-STEP ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF NEEDLECRAFT. London. Book Club Associates. 1984. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Madeleine Hours Secrets of the Great Masters Hamlyn Publishing, nd [1970s?] £30.00

HAMILTON, GEOFF AND SUE FISHER. Geoff hamilton\'s radio times gardening year. BCA., 1994. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Snowdon, Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Stills 1984-1987 (ISBN: 9780297794110 Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1987. £30.00

CHINERY, MICHAEL (GENERAL EDITOR) The natural history of britain and europe (isbn: 0862720370 / 0-86272-037-0) Kingfisher Books (for W.H.Smith), London, 1982. £20.00

JIM BUCHAN Bygone buchan (isbn: 0951273604 / 0-9512736-0-4) Buchan Field Club, 1987. First Ed. £35.00

BEATRIX POTTER The complete adventures of tom kitten and his friends. Guild Publishing, 1985. £30.00

D'ARCY M C The Sense of History, Secular and Sacred Faber, 1959. £30.00

Alex Fleming Wath Upon Dearne As It Was (ISBN: 0860670821 /0-86067-082-1 Hendon Publishing Company, 1982. £30.00

GEMMA ANN PENNEY [TRIBUTE TO ] A tribute to gemma ann penney ( jim jam gemma darling) privately printed, nd [1990s?] AS NEW £30.00

Smith, Delia Delia Smith's Winter Collection : 150 Recipes for Winter (ISBN: 0563364777 / 0-563-36477-7) BBC, London, 1995. £30.00

Judi Dench / MILLER, JOHN (Editor JUDI DENCH, SCENES FROM MY LIFE. (ISBN: 029784427X / 0-297-84427-X) Weidenfeld & Nicolson,, London, 2005. NEW IN D/W £30.00

Thomas, Peter (ed. Memories of Southampton (ISBN: 1900463342 / 1-900463-34-2) True North Books Limited, West Yorkshire, 1999. AS NEW £35.00

Casson, Hugh Hugh Casson's Oxford (ISBN: 0714838101 / 0-7148-3810-1) Phaidon, London, 1998. AS NEW £30.00

the Life and Times of Mohammed Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, 1968. First edition £30.00

MAYHEW, HENRY / CANNING JOHN[ED] The illustrated mayhew's london. the classic account of london street life and characters in the time of charles dickens and queen victoria Guild, London, 1986. £30.00

MYSTIC PLACES: Mysteries of the Unknown Series (ISBN: 0705406679 / 0-7054-0667-9) Time-Life Books 1989.AS NEW £30.00

Mondey, David Aviation : The Complete Book Of Aircraft & Flight Book Club Associates, 1980. £35.00

KATIE STEWART Katie stewart's cookbook Book Club Associates, 1983. £40.00

Lorraine Johnson how to restore and repair practically everything BCA, London 1979. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Burton Maurice Just Like an Animal Book Club Associates, London, 1978. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

J Guichard-Meili Matisse Thames & Hudson 1967 £25.00

J E MULLER Fauvism Thames & Hudson 1967 £30.00

Winspear, Jacqueline Messenger of Truth - A Maisie Dobbs Mystery (ISBN: 0719567378 / 0-7195-6737-8) John Murray, London, 2006. NEW IN D/W £20.00

The Royal Society of Edinburgh: Directory 2009. The Royal Society of Edinburgh £30.00

GRAUCOB, SYLVIA Hello poems & verse. Marmaduke Pilling & Sons, Yorkshire nn.d. [c, 1981] £20.00

Kendal & Wroot The geology of Yorkshire 1924, facsimile reprint EP Publishing 1972. Volume 2 [of 2 ] only £30.00

DALY, B. B. [FOREWORD BY A. E. MARTIN] Woods practical guide to fan engineering Woods of Colcheste, 3rd ed., 4th imp 1988 £70.00

Mowat, Farley The Siberians Readers Union 1973. £20.00

Pearce, Charles W The Art of the Piano Teacher viwed from its physical, psychological and practical standpoints. Winthrop-Rogers, London. 6th ed n.d [1910s?] £20.00

GRIEVE, HILDA E.P. Some examples of English handwriting from Essex official, ecclesiastical, estate and family archives of the 12th to the 17th century. With transcripts and translations. Essex County Council, Chelmsford, 1949. First edition £75.00

Bravery, H E. Illustrated By Jon Rogers Home Booze: A Complete Guide for the Amateur Wine and Beer Maker Book Club Associates by Arrangement with Macdonald Futura Publishers Ltd., London, 1982. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Wesley, Mary The Vacillations Of Poppy Carew, Not That Sort Of Girl Second Fiddle, Jumping The Queue (ISBN: 0706610768 / 0-7066-1076-8) BCA, 1995. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Hebborn, Eric Drawn to Trouble : The Forging of an Artist (ISBN: 1851583696 / 1-85158-369-6) Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh, 1991. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Helm, Sarah A LIFE IN SECRETS The Story Of Vera Atkins And The Lost Agents Of SOE. (ISBN: 9780316724975) Little Brown, London, 1st 2005. NEW IN D/W £35.00

Bradford & Morgan 50 famous tanks Ian Allan 1969 £20.00

JOHN DONNE One equall light: an anthology of writings by john donne (isbn: 1853115401 / 1-85311-540-1) Canterbury Press Norwich 2003. First Edition. NEW IN D/W £30.00

Gillis, Frank J., and John W. Miner, editors Oh, Didn't He Ramble; The Life Story of Lee Collins as Told to Mary Collins (ISBN: 1871478103 / 1-871478-10-3) Bayou Press, Oxford,1989. £30.00

Farrow, Nige The Gower Handbook of Management (ISBN: 0566026627 / 0-566-02662-7) Gower Pub Co, Great Britain, 1988. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

PETER LEMESURIER The armageddon script - prophecy in action Book Club Associates By Arrangement with Element Books Ltd., 1982. £20.00

SAUNDERS J.J. The History of the Mongol Conquests (ISBN: 9780710070739) Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1971 £30.00

JOE MORAN On roads, a hidden history (isbn: 9781846680526) Profile Books 2009. new in d/w £20.00

Taylor, Philip Meadows Confessions of a Thug Folio Society, London, 1974. AS NEW £35.00

Stine, Whitney / Stine, Whitney I'd Love to Kiss You.conversations with Bette Davis (ISBN: 0671742396 / 0-671-74239-6) Pocket Books, New York, 1990. £30.00

Fothergill, Claud F A Doctor in Many Countries Pickering & Inglis, London, 1945. First Edition £45.00

GREER, GERMAINE (INTRO.) Kissing the rod: an anthology of seventeenth-century women's verse Noonday, 1989. £30.00

Mineko Iwasaki with Randle Brown GEISHA OF GION, The Memoir of Mineko Iwasaki, (ISBN: 9780743220361 Simon and Schuster, London 2002. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Ian Clayton Bringing It All Back Home (ISBN: 1901927334 / 1-901927-33-4) Route 2007. NEW IN D/W £30.00

GENERAL HEINZ GUDERIAN - FOREWORD - TRANSLATED BY PROFESSOR ALAN BANCE Blitzkrieg in their own words - first-hand accounts from german soldiers 1939 - 1940 (isbn: 1844152766 / 1-84415-276-6) Pen and Sword Military, South Yorkshire, 2005. NEW IN D/W £30.00

Miller, Isabel [pseudonym of Alma Routsong] Patience & Sarah (original title; A Place for us) London Rupert Hart-Davis 1972. £30.00

REID, STUART All the king\'s armies : a military history of the english civil war, 1642-1651 (isbn: 1862270287 / 1-86227-028-7) Spellmount, Kent, 1998. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

F SPENCER CHAPMAN Memoirs of a mountaineer Reprint Society. 1945 £30.00

BLAKE, ROBERT R & MOUTON, JANE SRYGLEY The managerial grid. key orientations for achieving production through people Gulf Publishing Co, Houston USA 1st ed 12th printing 1968 £30.00

A Short Guide to Mental Illness for the Family Doctor May & Baker Ltd, England, 1971, 2nd edition £20.00

Drucker, Peter F. Managing for Results : Economic Tasks and Risk-Taking Decisions William Heinemann Limited, London, 1966. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Valerie O'Farrell Problem Dog. Behaviour and Misbehaviour (ISBN: 041364460X / 0-413-64460-X) Guild Publishing, 1989. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Holland, James Fortress Malta, An Island under Siege (ISBN: 9780752852881) Orion London 2003. NEW IN D/W £35.00

Smith, Richard C. Al Deere, Wartime Fighter Pilot, Peacetime Commander (ISBN: 9781904010487) Grub Street London 2003. NEW IN D/W £30.00

WORSLEY, LUCY Cavalier - a tale of chivalry passion and great houses (isbn: 9780571227037) Faber & Faber Limited, London, 2007. NEW IN D/W £30.00

The Family Friend Vol 6 Houlston & Stoneman, London, 1852 £75.00

The Family Friend Vol 3, new series Houlston & Stoneman, London, 1850s £75.00

CHARLES DICKENS The collected works of charles dickens Odhams, London nd [1830s] £75.00

COLIN DEXTER Inspector morse - the complete collection of 13 novels in slipcase Ted Smart, 1982. £40.00

Blake / Shepard / Mouton Managing Intergroup Conflict in Industry Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas, 1968 £30.00

Terence Reese play Bridge with Reese Mayflower 1960 £20.00

KEMISH NORMAN Once upon a wessex - memories of wessex in the 30s Norpet Publishing, Southampton, 1986. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

MILL, HUGH ROBERT The realm of nature: an outline of physiography John Murray, London, 1907 £35.00

THOMSON, DAVID GLEGHORN Training worker citizens - an exposition by experts of some modern educational methods designed to equip youth for the service of industry and state Macdonald & Evans, London 1949 £30.00

Seymour, William Battles in Britain and their political background Volume 1 1066-1547 London, Book Club Associates 1979. £20.00

Harvey, A. D. A Muse of Fire: Literature, Art and War (ISBN: 1852851686 / 1-85285-168-6) Hambledon 1998. NEW IN D/W £30.00

GRANT, M The world of rome 1960 £20.00

The oxford illustrated dictionary 2nd ed, BCA 1975 £20.00

VARIAN, H.F. Some african milestones George Ronald, Oxford 1953. First edition. £50.00

Stan Gooch The Neanderthal Question The Scientific book Club, London, 1978. £20.00

R Wearmouth Methodism and the Common people of the eighteenth century Epworth Press 1957 £30.00

Stretton, Hesba Pilgrim Street. A Story of Manchester Life Religious Tract Society, London, nd [1880s] £30.00

Knightley, Phillip The Second Oldest Profession : the Spy As Bureaucrat, Patriot, Fantasist, and Whore: (ISBN: 0233979689 / 0-233-97968-9 London. Guild / A. Deutsch, 1987. £20.00

ROLAND ALLEN Missionary methods: st. paul's or ours? world Dominion press 1962. £35.00

EDITED BY E. M. MACDONALD Occupational therapy in rehabilitation: a handbook for occupational therapists,students and others interested in this aspect of reablement Bailliere, Tindall and Cassell, London 2nd ed 1964 £25.00

PERLMAN, HELEN HARRIS Social casework: a problem-solving process--a fresh, unifying approach to casework practice (isbn: 0226660338 / 0-226-66033-8) University Of Chicago Press 1968 £30.00

Karl, Jason The Secret World of Witchcraft (ISBN: 1847730698 / 1-84773-069-8) New Holland 208. NEW £30.00

Maya Magee Sutton Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom (ISBN: 1567184812 / 1-56718-481-2) llewellyn Pubs., 2004 £20.00

Dieter Bohlen die bohlen-weg Heyne. NEW IN D/W £20.00

Guy Walters Berlin Games: How the Nazis Stole the Olympic Dream (ISBN: 0060874120 / 0-06-087412-0) William Morrow 2006. NEW IN D/W £30.00

Chant, Christopher . [et al.] World War II : Land, Sea & Air Battles 1939-1945 (ISBN: 0904230309 / 0-904230-30-9) Sundial, London, 1981. £20.00

Archibald Thorburn / james Fisher THORBURN'S BIRDS. Book Club Associates. London., 1972. £25.00

The Essential Guide to Optimum Health BCA / Book Club Associates 2000. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

JAMES CAMPBELL The aerofilms book of scotland from the air BCA 1984 £35.00

Stuart, Roy Roy Stuart Volume II , 1999 (ISBN: 3822868701 / 3-8228-6870-1) Taschen , Koln 1999. £50.00

MANHOOD, H[AROLD] A[LFRED]. Selected stories . from collections published between 1928-1944. London: Jonathan Cape, 1947. First edition £20.00

HEWART OF BURY, Lord. ESSAYS AND OBSERVATIONS. First edition Cassell & Co. ., 1930. £20.00

Burnell, Mark The Rhythm Section (ISBN: 000225915x / 0-00-225915-x) London, Harper Collins, 1999. £30.00

Herbert L. Edlin What Wood Is That? A Manual of Wood Identification Thames and Hudson,, London:, 1969. £40.00

Edited by E. M. MacDonald Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation: A handbook for occupational therapists,students and others interested in this aspect of reablement Bailliere, Tindall and Cassell, london 972, third edition £20.00

LISTER, HARVEY, JENNER, HOLMES, AND OTHERS, COLLECTED BY C N B CAMAC Classics of medicine and surgery (formerly titled: epoch-making contributions to medicine, surgery and the allied sciences) c.n.b. camac (editor) Dover Publications. 1959, facsimile reprint of 1909 publication £20.00

Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan The Unnatural History of the Nanny Dial Press, New York, 1973. 1st Edition. £20.00

Collins, Larry & Lapierre, Dominique Or I'll Dress You In the Mourning: The Extraordinary Story of El Cordobes and the New Spain he Stands for 1968 £30.00

CABLE & FRENCH The gobi desert London: Hodder and Stoughton 1943 £30.00

[Leeds, Yorkshire bookseller] Cooper Fenteman treasures of truth for busy lives, a book of good counsel for young and old, collected and compiled from the treasures of an old book shop during the intervals of business. Ward Lock, London nd [1860s?] £175.00

Harriet martineau The Hour and the Man, an historical romance cassell & Co, London nd [1880s?] £40.00

Lord Lytton [Bulwer] Dramatic works cassell & Co, London nd [1880s?] £40.00

BAIN, JOHN A. The developments of roman catholicism. Edinburgh, Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, no date (1908) £30.00

DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (BUILDING RESEARCH STATION). Principles of modern building. volume 1 [of 2] the building as a whole and the wall and its functions. HMSO 1962 £30.00

Clarens, Carlos Horror Movies - An Illustrated Survey London, Secker & Warburg, 1968. Revised edition. £20.00

BUNYAN, John. THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS and other works. The prefaces, indices, and the text revised by George Offor, with copious notes, original and selected; and an original memoir of the author by George B. Cheever. Glasgow: William Mackenzie, [1866.] £350.00

Ghose, Zulfikar TRIPLE MIRROR OF THE SELF. (ISBN: 0747510962 / 0-7475-1096-2) Bloomsbury 1992. first edition £20.00

J G MILLAIS [ J E MILLAIS ] the life and letters of sir john everett millais, president of the royal academy. London: Methuen 1899, first editionJ G Millais £140.00

Clunn, Harold Famous South Coast Pleasure Resorts : Past & Present (Their Historical Associations, their rise to fame & a forecast of their Future Development) London. T. Whittingham & Co. Ltd. 1st edition, 1929 £60.00

Falconer and Gill THE OLD WOODEN WALLS : Their Construction, Equipment, etc. Being an abridged Edition of Falconer's Celebrated Marine Dictionary. Edited and Arranged with an Introduction by Claude S. Gill. With Thirty-one Folding and other Plates. W & G Foyle Ltd, London, 1930. £50.00

[Joseph Thomas Fowler] Memorials of the Church of SS. Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon, Volume I only First edition, the Surtees society, Durham 1882 £90.00

Tattersalls Doncaster & Newmarket Auction Sales Catalogues for 1934 to 1936 Tattersalls Doncaster & Newmarket Sales Catalogues, 1934, 1935, 1936 £150.00

GREIG, JOHN (ED) The musical educator, a library of musical instruction by eminent specialists Caxton Publishing Company 1920s Vols 1,2, 3 &5 only £20.00

J HEMMING The search for el dorado BCA 1978 £30.00

Waring, J.B. Ceramic Art in Remote Ages: With Essays on the Symbols of the Circle, the Cross and Circle, the Circle and Ray Ornament, the Fylfot and the Serpent, Showing their Relation to the Primitive Forms, of Solar and Nature Worship London. John B.Day., 1874. £295.00

TANERA, Karl und Paul GISBERT (Hrsg.). Reise um die Erde.: Unter Mitwirkung von Kurt Aram, Gustav Diercks, Fedor von Zobeltitz, und andren Berlin, Internationaler Weltverlag, 1905 £145.00

SINGER, HANS W. Die moderne graphik. eine darstellung fur deren freude und sammler. Leipzig, E. A. Seemann, 1914. £120.00

E.And O.E PLANNING An Annual Notebook with an additional section on farm buildings by EDWIN GUNN A.R.I.B.A. And a section of examples illustrating recent practice. London: The Architect And Building News 1939 £125.00

BEETHOVEN / DORRELL, W. [ED] Beethoven\'s sonatas for the pianoforte - complete edition Boosey & Co. London, nd [ ca 1880?] £110.00

Gustave Dore / La Fontaine. The Fables of La Fontaine, Translated into English Verse by Walter Thornbury with Illustrations by Gustave Dore. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, London and New York, nd [ 1870s?] £110.00

Art for Commerce: Illustrations and Designs in Stock at E. S. & A. Robinson, Printers, Bristol in the 1800's (ISBN: 0859671224 / 0-85967-122-4 Scolar Press Ltd./Hastings House, London and New York, 1973 £75.00

Harris, Rev John (editor); introduction by Rev Linday Alexander The Altar of the Household Containing a Hymn, a Prayer, a Select Portion of Holy Writ and Appropriate Devotional Reflections for Every Morning and Evening Throughout the Year. Also Prayers, Hymns, and Thanksgiving for Particular Occasions. Richard Griffin and Company, London, nd [ 1860s?] £135.00

TERENCE CONRAN Terence conrans new house book : [the complete guide to home design] (isbn: 0394546334 / 0-394-54633-4) Guild 1985. AS NEW £30.00

MARIT GUINNESS ASCHAN / HUGHES, GRAHAM. Marit guinness aschan: enamellist of our time. (isbn: 0952665301 / 0-9526653-0-1) Starcity, London 1995 £45.00

KIMURA, FUMI Lacquer & silver-oriental elegance for western tables (isbn: 4770015771 / 4-7700-1577-1) Kodansha International, Tokyo, Japan, 1991 £75.00

GEOFFREY CHAUCER / EDITED BY WALTER SKEAT The complete works of geoffrey chaucer Oxford University press, 1957 £30.00

EDITH VELMANS Edith' s book. the true story of how one young girl survived the war. BCA 1998 £20.00

COLUM, Mary M. From These Roots. The Ideas That Have Made Modern Literature. Jonathan Cape, 1938. First Edition. £35.00

ANNE HURE IN PRISON. London. MacDonald. 1965., £20.00

LYND, Robert The Orange Tree, a volume of essays Methuen, 1928, 2nd ed. £20.00

PUDNEY, John. The Thomas Cook Story Joseph, London 1953 £20.00

SUMMERHAYS, R.S.: Summerhays' Encyclopaedia for Horsemen London: Frederick Warne & Co, 1966, Fourth Revised Edition. £35.00

franc, Kocvara et al Handbook for dyers and printers Chemapol, Prague 1990 £70.00

VAT DYEING OF COTTON PIECE Imperial Chemical Industies Ltd (ICI), UK - second Edition, 1959, £60.00

Callahan, Steven Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea Guild Publishing 1986, £20.00

Exhibition catalogue. Surrealism the Untamed, A Tate Gallery Collection Exhibition Norwich Castle Museum Tate Gallery, London, 1999 £30.00

textile finishing manual BASF, Ludwigshafen nd [1970s?] £60.00

Manual Sizing, Pretreatment, and Dyeing of Cellulosic Fibres, Alone and in Blends with Other Fibres, with Indanthren Dyes, Cottestren Dyes and Indigo BASF, 1980 £110.00

Klimt, Gustav GUSTAV KLIMT - Disegni Milano: Nuove Edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta, 1983. £45.00

Sandon, John The Phillips Guide to English Porcelain of the 18th and 19th Centuries (ISBN: 1897730020 / 1-897730-02-0) Premier Editions, London, 1993. £20.00

Paul James Fifty golden years...Her Majesty and Prince philip daily Mail 1987 £40.00

Porter, Philip Jaguar: History of a Classic Marque (ISBN: 051756792X / 0-517-56792-X New York: Orion Books, 1988 £20.00

L S LOWRY: LEVY, MERVYN The paintings of l s lowry: oils & watercolours (isbn: 0904041239 / 0-904041-23-9) Jupiter Books, London, 1978 £30.00

Walt Disney Disneyland Kingdom editions [1955] £35.00

Banks, Mary M.; McFadden, Christine The Complete Guide to Coffee . Southwater 2000 £30.00


Douglas Bolton, G.: YORKSHIRE REVEALED. Oliver and Boyd 1961. £35.00

Life World Library: EASTERN EUROPE; Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland Time-Life 1966 £20.00

Life World Library: THE WEST INDIES Time-Life 1965 £20.00

Douglas Bolton, G.: YORKSHIRE REVEALED. Oliver and Boyd 1961. £35.00

Life World Library: SOUTH-EAST ASIA Time-Life 1964 £30.00

Gordon Stowell: The Book of Knowledge: a Pictorial Treasury of Reading & Reference for Young and Old The Waverley Book Company Ltd, 1959. £90.00

M Pianzola 1500-1700, le temps des rois: Les Renaissances et les Revoltes Planete, Paris 1966 £30.00

The element encyclopedia of 5000 spells the ultimate reference book for the magical arts (isbn: 0007164653 / 0-00-716465-3illes, judika Harper Element, London 2005. NEW, but no d/w. £40.00

The Dorling Kindersley Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia (ISBN: 0751350923 / 0-7513-5092-3) Dorling Kindersley, London, 1993. £30.00

Frank Chester: How's That? Hutchinson 1956 £20.00

: Monster Book for Girls Dean & son, London nd [1930a?] £20.00

WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN & STEVE HUMPHRIES The making of modern london 1914-1939 Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1984 £30.00

Angel, Heather : Wolseley, Pat The Natural History of Britain and Ireland BCA 1981 £20.00

Life World Library: THE ARAB WORLD Time-Life 1967 £30.00

Life World Library: CHINA Time-Life 1966 £30.00

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