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ANNE L. HOUSTON (EDITOR) Lest we forget, the parish of canisbay isbn: 0952916703 Canisbay Parish Church Fund 1996. First edition. AS NEW £120.00

A & N HARDING Victorian staffordshire figures 1835-1875 book one (isbn: 076430464x / 0-7643-0464-x) Schiffer Publishing, 1998. £120.00

SPARKE, PENNY Design in context: history, application and development of design. Bloomsbury, London, 1987. £55.00

JOHN PULLIN EDITOR The innovative engineer 125 years of the engineer Morgan-Grampian London 1981, AS NEW £40.00

FLORENCE, GENE Collector\'s encyclopedia of depression glass (isbn: 9780891454724) Collector Books, 1992. AS NEW £35.00

HUGHES, TED. What is the truth? a farmyard fable for the young (first uk edition). (isbn: 0571131557 / 0-571-13155-7) Faber, London, 1984. First edition, first issue. AS NEW IN D/W £125.00

PERKINS, EDWARD S. AND HILL, DAVID W. Scientific foundations of ophthalmology (isbn: 0433250151 / 0-433-25015-1) William Heinemann Medical, London, 1977. £75.00

BENNION, ELISABETH Antique medical instruments (isbn: 0856670529 / 0-85667-052-9) Sotheby\'s, London, 1980. AS NEW IN D/W £195.00

JOHN WALK The big book of fenton glass: 1940-1970 Schiffer Publishing 1998. AS NEW £50.00

THORGERSON, STORM; CURZON, PETER; CROSSLAND, JON Eye of the storm: the album graphics of storm thorgerson (isbn: 1860742599 / 1-86074-259-9) Sanctuary Publishing, Ltd., London, 1999. AS NEW £45.00

Eric Treacy. The Best of Eric Treacy (ISBN: 1858770076 / 1-85877-007-6) Atlantic Transport Publishers, 1994. AS NEW IN D/W £45.00

RICHARDS, FRANK & CLIFFORD, MARTIN Bunter at st. jim\'s (isbn: 0703001515 / 0-7030-0151-5) Howard Baker, London, 1978. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

WATKINS, DUDLEY Broons/oor wullie: v.15: family fun through the years (annual) (isbn: 1845354249 / 1-84535-424-9) D.C.Thomson & Co Ltd, 2010. £20.00

KING J S Bradford corporation tramways (isbn: 1898432805 / 1-898432-80-5) Venture Pubs., 1998, AS NEW £40.00

MARCH, PETER (EDITOR) Brace by wire to fly by wire : 75 years of the royal air force 1918-1993 (isbn: 0951658131 / 0-9516581-3-1) The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Enterprises, Fairford, 1993. AS NEW IN D/W £75.00

Jewell, Richard B (with Vernon Harbin) The RKO Story : The Complete Studio History (ISBN: 0706412850 / 0-7064-1285-0) London: Octopus Books Presumed First Edition, 1982. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

BYRNE, GEORGINA Der deutsch-kurzhaar the german shorthaired pointer (isbn: 1863070060 / 1-86307-006-0) Georgina & Michael Byrne, Australia, 1990. AS NEW IN D/W £450.00

JACOBS, ALAN Seventeenth century dutch and flemish painters (isbn: 0070844771/0-07-084477-1) £120.00

Reichert, Nikolaus; Klersy, Hans Joachim VW Beetle: An Illustrated History (ISBN: 0854295917 / 0-85429-591-7 Haynes Pubns, 1988 £30.00

Catherine G. Sutton Dog Shows and Show Dogs (ISBN: 0903264412 / 0-903264-41-2) K. & R. Books Ltd., Edlington, Lincs., 1980 £120.00

AMERY, Colin. THREE CENTURIES OF ARCHITECTURAL CRAFTSMANSHIP. (ISBN: 9780893970048) The Architectural Press/ Nichols Publishing, London/ New York, 1977 £50.00

RANDALL, David The Search for Old Wirral. A Historical Guide to Wirral's Buildings and Sites Form Roman Times to the Civil War (ISBN: 0907768806 / 0-907768-80-6) Countywise Ltd., UK, 1984. £35.00

JEFFERYS, THOMAS The county of york survey'd in mdcclxvii, viii, ix and mdcclxx sayer & bennett, London 1775, facsimile reprint, 1973. £180.00

0-300-06320-2) Defoe, Daniel A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain (ISBN: 0300063202 / Yale University Press, New Haven, 1991. AS NEW £50.00

Plowden, Alison The Case of Eliza Armstrong : 'A Child of 13 Bought for £5' (ISBN: 0563108738 / 0-563-10873-8) BBC Publications, London, 1974. £35.00

Ireland, Bernard Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail , War at Sea 1756-1815 (ISBN: 0007629060 / 0-00-762906-0) Ted Smart, HarperCollins Publishers, 2000. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

Jenkinson, David Historical Railway Modelling - A Personal View (ISBN: 1899816100 / 1-899816-10-0) Pendragon Press, York, 2001. NEW IN D/W £35.00

Ball, Richard & Campbell, Peter Master Pieces Making Furniture from Paintings (ISBN: 0713714247 / 0-7137-1424-7) Blandford Press, Poole, 1983. £35.00

MACQUOID. P. A history of english furniture including the age of oak, the age of walnut, the age of mahogany, the age of satinwood. Bracken Books, London 1989. AS NEW IN D/W £150.00

EDWARD SEAGO / RANSON, RON Edward seago (isbn: 0715390015 / 0-7153-9001-5) David & Charles, 1988. AS NEW IN D/W £120.00

Patrick Regan Hallmark: A Century of Caring (plus CD) (ISBN: 9780740792403) Andrews McMeel Publishing, United States, 2010. NEW £60.00

The Beatles / Robert Freeman The Beatles: A Private View (ISBN: 1857322509 / 1-85732-250-9) Mitchell Beazley, 1993. £35.00

ANDY GOLDSWORTHY Andy goldsworthy (isbn: 0670832138 / 0-670-83213-8) Viking, London, 1990 £120.00

Cleemput, Marcel R. Van The Great Book of Corgi 1956-1983 (ISBN: 0904568539 / 0-904568-53-9) New Cavendish Books, London, 1989. £160.00

HUNNICUTT, R. P Sherman: a history of the american medium tank (isbn: 0891410805 / 0-89141-080-5) Taurus, Belmont, CA, 1994. £350.00

Edgar Degas / Lillian Browse ( Selected; Introduced By ) Edgar Degas : Ballet Dancers The Folio Society, 1960 £40.00

PABLO PICASSO / ROLAND PENROSE ( INTRODUCED BY ) Pablo picasso : four themes The Folio Society, 1961 £50.00

HARVEY, DAVID A nostalgic look at birmingham trams 1933 - 53 - volume 3 the eastern and western routes isbn 1857940377 Silver Link Publishing, Peterborough England, 1993. NEW £50.00

HARVEY, DAVID A nostalgic look at birmingham trams 1933 - 53 - volume 2 the southern routes isbn 1857940210 Silver Link Publishing, Peterborough England, 1993. NEW £50.00

HARVEY, DAVID A nostalgic look at birmingham trams 1933 - 53 - volume 1 - the northern routes (isbn: 1857940148 / 1-85794-014-8) Silver Link Publishing, Peterborough England, 1993. NEW £50.00

David Harvey A Nostalgic Look at Birmingham Trolleybuses 1922 - 51 (ISBN: 1857940695 / 1-85794-069-5) SLP Silver Link Publishing, Peterborough £30.00

The encyclopaedia britannica or dictionary of art, sciences, and miscellaneous literature. volume 7 only. [et-glo] James Moore, Dublin Edition 1792 £1850.00

STONE, JEFFREY C. The pont manuscript maps of scotland : sixteenth century origins of a blaeu atlas (isbn: 0906430097 / 0-906430-09-7) Map Collector Publications, Tring, 1989. AS NEW £150.00

[MARK BOXER] EDITED BY MARK AMORY WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY CRAIG BROWN The collected and recollected marc (isbn: 1857021649 / 1-85702-164-9) Fourth Estate,, London, 1993 £50.00

REESE M.M. The royal office of master of the horse (isbn: 0901366900 / 0-901366-90-0) Threshold Books, London, 1976. AS NEW IN D/W. £50.00

Tag Heuer Tag Heuer 2006 Watch Catalogue. Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860d. Tag Heuer, Switzerland., 2006. AS NEW £75.00

D\'ANGELO, RUDY Television's cowboys, gunfighters, & cap pistols (isbn: 9780930625832) Antique Trader Books, Dubuque, IA 1999. £140.00

F.Nigel Hepper[ed] Plant Hunting for Kew (ISBN: 0112500382 / 0-11-250038-2) HMSO For The Royal Botanic Gardens , Kew, London, 1989. NEW £35.00

WARHOL, ANDY & PAT HACKETT (EDITOR) The andy warhol diaries (isbn: 0446514268 / 0-446-51426-8) Warner Books, New York, 1989. First edition. £45.00

Turner, Alice K The History of Hell (ISBN: 015140934X / 0-15-140934-X) Harcourt Brace, NY, 1993. £30.00

Robinson, John Martin The Architecture of Northern England (ISBN: 0333373960 / 0-333-37396-0) Macmillan. 1986. AS NEW IN D/W £75.00

FLANDERS, DENNIS. Dennis flanders britannia, being a selection from the work of dennis flanders, who for half a century has observed, drawn and loved the landscape and architecture of the british isles (isbn: 085362206x / 0-85362-206-x) Oriel Press, Stocksfield, 1984. AS NEW IN D/W £55.00

Graham, G. Gordon. THE FLORA AND VEGETATION OF COUNTY DURHAM (ISBN: 0905362020 / 0-905362-02-0) Durham Flora Committee/Durham County Conservation Trust, 1988. AS NEW IN D/W £120.00

Chris Ellis Next Steps in Railway Modelling (ISBN: 1857801717 / 1-85780-171-7) Ian Allan Publishing, 2004. NEW £30.00

King, J.S. Bradford Trolleybuses (ISBN: 1898432031 / 1-898432-03-1) Venture Publications, Glossop, 1994. £35.00

GOSCINNY ( Text ) and UDERZO ( Drawings ). Translated By Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge THE MANSIONS OF THE GODS (ISBN: 0340177195 / 0-340-17719-5) Brockhampton Press., Leicester, 1973. AS NEW £35.00

Thomas Gainsborough / J N Leonard [ed] The World of Gainsborough 1727-1788 Time-Life 1972 £30.00

D & J Parker The complete astrologer BCA 1979 £30.00

Bruinsma, Max Deep Sites: Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Web Design (ISBN: 0500283842 / 0-500-28384-2) Thames & Hudson 2003. NEW £50.00

Clark, Ronald H An Historical Survey of Selected Great Western Stations. [Abbeydore - Yatton]Layouts and Illustrations. Volume One (ISBN: 0902888293 / 0-902888-29-3) Oxford Publishing Co. [OPC], Poole, 1986. AS NEW IN D/W £55.00

LANE, A. When You Go Home (ISBN: 1897666004 / 1-897666-00-4) A. Lane, UK, 1993. NEW IN D/W. £40.00

Foster, Michael The History of Hornby Dublo Trains, 1938-1964, The Story of the Perfect Table Railway (ISBN: 0904568180 / 0-904568-18-0) New Cavendish Books, London, 1992. AS NEW IN D/W £140.00

Raistrick, Arthur. & Roberts, Arthur Life and Work of the Northern Lead Miner. (ISBN: 0862998263 / 0-86299-826-3 Alan Sutton Publishing., United Kingdom, 1990. NEW IN D/W £40.00

Cole, Beverley RAILWAY POSTERS 1923-1947: FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE NATIONAL RAILWAY MUSEUM, YORK (ISBN: 1856690148 / 1-85669-014-8) Laurence King, 2000. NEW £40.00

HEATH ROBINSON Inventions - w. heath robinson (isbn: 0715607243 / 0-7156-0724-3) Duckworth, London, 1997. NEW £30.00

Sawrey, Hugh (Illustrator) Outback : Paintings and Sketches Inspired By the Great Australian Bush Ballads (ISBN: 0730102289 / 0-7301-0228-9) Currawong Press, Australia, 1987. £35.00

Lowery, Dave Advanced Model Railways (ISBN: 1850764387 / 1-85076-438-7) Apple Press, London, 1994. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Bekker, Cajus The German Navy , 1939 - 1945, The (ISBN: 1851525912 / 1-85152-591-2) Chancellor Press, London, 1997. NEW £30.00

Spencer Drate, Judith Salavetz Swag 2: Rock Posters of the '90s and Beyond (Paperback) (ISBN: 9780810992351) Abrams, NY 2005. NEW £35.00

LED ZEPPELIN / NEUBERG, ETHAN (EDITOR) Led zeppelin complete (isbn: 0897243889 / 0-89724-388-9) Warner Bros Pubns, Miami, 1990. AS NEW £40.00

ALESSI, ALBERTO, ET AL Alessi : the design factory. (isbn: 0471978574 / 0-471-97857-4) Academy Editions, 1998. £120.00

Ivana Basicevic [ Ilija] SVET PO ILIJI [ Ilijas World] Tribina, Novi Sad 2009. NEW. £120.00

MEULSTEE, LOUIS Wireless for the warrior vol 3 : reception sets Radio Bygones, 2001. First Edition. £120.00

MEULSTEE, LOUIS Wireless for the warrior vol 2 standard sets of wwii Radio Bygones, 1998. First Edition. £120.00

HARESNAPE, Brian Railway Design since 1830. Volume One: 1830-1914 (and) Volume Two: 1914-1969 London, Ian Allan, 1968 and 1969 £70.00

Greg Slater and Jonathan Brough [ Clarice Cliff ] Comprehensively Clarice Cliff (ISBN: 0500512302 / 0-500-51230-2) Thames & Hudson, Inc. New York NY - London, 2005. NEW £140.00

SPARKE, PENNY Design in context: history, application and development of design. Guild Publishing, UK, 1987. AS NEW IN D/W £55.00

White-Spunner, Barney. orse Guards. (ISBN: 9781405055741) Macmillan., London., 2006. NEW IN D/W £110.00

Corder, F. THE ORCHESTRA AND HOW TO WRITE FOR IT A Practical Guide to Every Branch and Detail of Modern Orchestration; Including Full Particulars of all Instruments Now in Use and Rules for Their Combination. with Numerous Exercises and over Two Hundred Useful Examples from Modern Works. J. Curwen & Sons, Ltd., London [1895] £90.00

Frey, Dr. Verena 75 YEARS OF LEICA PHOTOGRAPHY; 75 Jahre Leica Fotografie, 75 ans de photographie Leica Leica, Solms, 1990. First Edition. £155.00

BATTERSBY, Martin The Decorative Twenties (ISBN: 0289795761 / 0-289-79576-1) Studio Vista, London, 1974. AS NEW IN D/W. £45.00

BATTERSBY, Martin The Decorative Thirties Studio Vista, London, 1974. AS NEW IN D/W. £45.00

Tricia Guild, Elspeth Thompson White Hot: Cool Colours for Modern Living (ISBN: 190384505X / 1-903845-05-X) Quadrille Publishing Ltd, 2001. £35.00

FLUGEL, DR. FELIX. Englisch:deutsch und deutsch:englisches: worterbuch: erster theil: englisch-deutsch band i: a-k. George Westermann, 1891 £40.00

Cyril J. Freezer Model Railways. The Complete Guide to designing , building and operating a model railway London, BCA, 1994. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Chirbes, Rafael; Martinez Llopis, M.; Mijares, Maria Isabel Course on Spanish Wines/Vinoseleccion's Book of Spanish Wines Vinoseleccion, Madrid 1992. AS NEW £30.00

CHRIS ELLIS Complete book of radio controlled models (isbn: 186160968x / 1-86160-968-x) Quantum, 2004. NEW £30.00

Christopher Payne The Encyclopedia of Modelmaking Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide to Preparation, Construction, and Finishing skills for All Scale Modelers (ISBN: 1861609698 / 1-86160-969-8) Select Editions, Great Britain, 1996. NEW £30.00

Michael Schumacher There but for Fortune: The Life of Phil Ochs (ISBN: 0786882883 / 0-7868-8288-3) Hyperion Books ny 1996. AS NEW £35.00

READ, Missí [SAINT, Dora].: VILLAGE DIARY. First edition Michael Joseph, 1957 £95.00

MCNEIL, LEGS; OSBORNE, JENNIFER tHe other hollywood : the uncensored oral history of the porn film industry (isbn: 0060096594 / 0-06-009659-4) regan books 2005. AS NEW IN D/W £45.00

Anthony mcReavy The Toy Story (ISBN: 9780091881177) Ebury Press, 2002. NEW IN D/W £35.00

DICKENS, (Charles, editor). HOUSEHOLD WORDS. A Weekly Journal. Volume III. From March 29 to September 20 London, 1851 £90.00

Deutsche Pioniere 1939-1945. Eine Dokumentation in Bildern. Hrsg. vom Zentralarchiv der Pioniere. Neckargmünd, Kurt Vowinckel, 1970 £60.00

Wolfgang Werthen Geschichte der 16. Panzer-Division 1939-1945. Hans Henning Podzun, Bad Nauheim, first edition, 1958. £140.00

D S Rogo Life after death, the case for survival of bodily death Guild 1986 £20.00

Jack London John Barleycorn Arco 1967. AS NEW IN D/W. £20.00

PENHALLOW, SAMUEL Penhallow\'s indian wars. the history of the wars of new england with the eastern indians (isbn: 0879280441 / 0-87928-044-1 Corner House Publishers, Williamstown, MA, 1981. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Peter fleming Brazilian Adventure Reprint Society 1940 £20.00

Samuel Hahnemann The Life & Letter of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann B Jain, New Delhi, 1992 £35.00

CHARLES J. (CHARLES JULIUS) HEMPEL Organon of specific homeopathy; or, an inductive exposition of the principles of the homeopathic healing art, addressed to physicians and intelligent (isbn: 1425519261 / 1-4255-1926-1) India::B Jain, 1990 £30.00

FITCH, W.H. and SMITH, W.G.: ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BRITISH FLORA: a series of wood engravings, with dissections, of British plants. Fifth edition Lovell Reeve & Co. ., 1946. £45.00

Roberts, Herbert A. The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy a Modern Textbook (ISBN: 8170210283) India::B Jain, 1995 £20.00

George Moore The Brook Kerith, a syrian story Heinemann, London 1931 £30.00

Walsh 7 Gannon TIME IS SHORT & THE WATER RISES. Operation Gwamba: The story of the rescue of 10,000 animals from certain death in a South American rain forest. £30.00

ROHWER, JüRGEN Geleitzugschlachten im märz 1943. fUhrungsprobleme im hohepunkt der schlacht im atlantik. herausgegeben vom arbeitskreis fur wehrforschung. (isbn: 3879433836 / 3-87943-383-6) Motorbuch, Stuttgart, 1975. £45.00

Turnell, Martin The Novel in France: Mme de La Fayette, Laclos, Constant, Stendhal, Balzac, Flaubert, Proust Hamish Hamilton., London, 1950 £30.00

MACINTYRE, Alasdair A Short History of Ethics: a History of Moral Philosophy from the Homeric Age to the Twentieth Century, (ISBN: 0415040272 / 0-415-04027-2) Routledge, reprint, 1991 £20.00

R L Stevenson treasure island Heirloom Library 1955 £30.00

R L Stevenson treasure island Heirloom Library 1955 £20.00

Lusar, Rudolf Die deutsche Waffen u.Geheimwaffen des 2. Weltkrieges u.ihre Weiterentwicklung. Lehmann, München, 1962. £70.00

Erich groner Die Schiffe der deutschen Kriegsmarine u. Luftwaffe 1939-45 u. ihr verblieb Lehmanns, Munchen 1976 £75.00

CRONIN (Harley) THE SCREW TURNS John Long, 1967. £25.00

Tress, Karl Infanterie- und Sturm-Regiment 14 im zweiten Weltkrieg. Hrsg. von der Kameradschaft Ehemaliger 114er und 14er. Konstanz, 1959 £120.00

C Bryant advanced ballroom dancing C A pearson, London 1953 £35.00

I M Parsons [ed] Men who march away, poems ofthe first world war BCA 1978 £20.00

Hari Singh, Asha Hari Singh Synthetic Materia Medica of Mind Smriti Books, New Delhi 1990. First edition £40.00

Alfred Pulford Homoeopathic Materia Medica of Graphical Drug Pictures (ISBN: 8170211174) B Jain, New Delhi 1996 £30.00

Cowperthwaite, C. A Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics: Characteristic, Analytical and Comparative (ISBN: 8170211956) Jain Publishers Pvt. Limited, New Delhi, India, 1998 £35.00

Saunders, David The Ukrainian Impact on Russian Culture, 1750-1850 (ISBN: 0920862349 / 0-920862-34-9) Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1985. £45.00

PHILIP AND CAROLINE FREEMAN SAYER victorian kinetic toys and how to make them (isbn: 0237448416 / 0-237-44841-6 Evans Bothers, London, 1977. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Walther Melzer Albert-Kanal und Eben-Emael Vowinckel, Heidelberg 1957 £40.00

HARDWICK, John. Addicted to Romance. The Life & Adventures of Elinor Glyn. (ISBN: 0233988661 / 0-233-98866-1 Andre Deutsch, 1994. £30.00

All Guns Blazing! : The 12 Most Action Packed Commando Books Ever (ISBN: 9781844422845) Carlton, 2007. NEW £40.00

Jurij Borys, John A. Armstrong The Sovietization of Ukraine, 1917-1923: The Communist Doctrine and Practice of National Self-Determination (ISBN: 9780920862032) Canadian Inst of Ukranian Study Pr, 1980 £35.00

Thornton, Eric Leeds United & Don Revie (ISBN: 0709118732 / 0-7091-1873-2) Robert Hale, 1970 £40.00

C S Lewis Mere Christianity And The Screwtape Letters (ISBN: 0007131852 / 0-00-713185-2) Harpercollins, 2001. NEW £50.00

Feather, John A HISTORY OF BRITISH PUBLISHING Croom Helm, London, 1988. First edition. £35.00

M-P Boethius Mediernas Svarta Bok, en kriminografi Stockholm 2001, first edition £20.00

Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby The Last Hero, a discworld fable. Gollancz, 2002. NEW £35.00

Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby The Art of the Discworld (ISBN: 9780575077126) Gollancz, 2005. NEW £35.00

Bartholomew, E.; Blakemore, Michael RAILWAYS IN FOCUS Photographs from the National Railway Museum Collections (ISBN: 0906899915 / 0-906899-91-5) Atlantic Transport Publishers, London, 1998. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

FILEDT (Kok J.P.) editor Catalogue of the Collection of the Japanese Prints Part IV. Hiroshige and the Utagawa school. Japanese prints c. 1810 - 1860. Rijksprentenkabinet - Rijksmuseum , Amsterdam, 1984. AS NEW £40.00

Marsh, Hugo Christie's Toy Trains (ISBN: 9780823006410) Watson-Guptill New York 2002. NEW IN D/W £55.00

G & J Souter Classic Toy Trains (ISBN: 0760313679 / 0-7603-1367-9) Motorbooks 2002. NEW £25.00

Wittlich, Petr Art Nouveau Drawings: The Works Of Mucha, Beardsley, Redon, Rodin, Klimt & Other Important Art Nouveau Artists. (ISBN: 0861781252 / 0-86178-125-2 Cathay Books London 1974. AS NEW IN D/W. £50.00

[BREWERY BUSINESS HISTORY] One hundred years a century of progress John Smith\'s Brewery, Tadcaster, Yorkshire nd [ ca 1948] AS NEW £90.00

Keepnews (Orrin) and Grauer Jr. (Bill A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF JAZZ People and Places from New Orleans to Modern Jazz Spring Books 1963 £40.00

DUNBAR, CHARLES buses, trolleys & trams Paul Hamlyn, London, 1967. £30.00

KICHENSIDE, GEOFFREY & WILLIAMS, ALAN Two centuries of railway signalling (isbn: 0860935418 / 0-86093-541-8 ) Oxford Publishing Co., Somerset, 1998. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

C.J. Freezer The Model Railway Manual: A Step-by-step Guide to Building a Layout (ISBN: 9781852605018) Haynes Publishing Group 1995 £30.00

GEFAELL DE VIVANCO, Maria Luisa (text) & GAL, Laszlo (illust El Cid Soldier and Hero. London, Paul Hamlyn 1967. £30.00

HERRING Peter YESTERDAY'S RAILWAYS Recollections Of An Age Of Steam. (ISBN: 0715313878 / 0-7153-1387-8) David & Charles, 2002. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

Binding, John Brunel's Cornish Viaducts (ISBN: 0906899567 / 0-906899-56-7) Pendragon, Cornwall, 1993. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

Lowery, David Model Railways: A Complete Guide to the Hobby (ISBN: 1854860747 / 1-85486-074-7) Argus Books, Hemel Hempstead, 1992. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

R Lurlie Under the Great Barrier Reef Jarrolds 1966 £30.00

M L Turner Somerset London: Robert Hale, 1950 £30.00

Vithoulkas George Talks on Classical Homoeopathy B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi 1993. Three volumes complete. £75.00

WALKER, John. A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of The English Language: in which are prefixed, principles of English pronunciation; rules to be observed by the natives of Scotland, Ireland, and London, for avoiding their respective peculiarities Tegg, London, 1861. £160.00

Bird, Andrew Reminiscences of Editors, Reporters, and Printers, During the Last Sixty Years Bird and Coghill, Glasgow, 1890. £120.00

Whitaker, Thomas Dunham; Edited By A. W. Morant The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, in the County of York. Third Edition with Many Additions and Corrections. With a Chapter on the Geology, Natural History and Pre-Historic Antiquities, By L. C. Maill 1878, reprinted E. J. Morten, Didsbury, 1973. £300.00

Mrs Bayly Workmen and Their Difficulties James Nisbet & Co, London, 1861. £110.00

M Goldsmith The Curie family Heron Books 1971 £30.00

E & M Sherwood Ivan Pavlov Heron Books 1970 £30.00

Ellen Hart Henry Dunant Heron Books 1971 £30.00

C L Boltz Ernest Rutherford Heron Books 1970 £30.00

COSTANTINI COLONEL l'union soviétique en guerre ( 1941-1945 ) Imprimerie Nationale, Paris, 1968. £175.00

SCHRODEK, G.W Ihr glaube galt dem vaterland. geschichte des panzer-regiments 15 (11. panzerdivision). (isbn: 3880140553 / 3-88014-055-3) Munchen: Schild, 1976. £75.00

BODO E. UNGERECHTS, KURT WILKE, AND KLAUS REISCHE, EDS. Swimming science Champaign, Illinois, Human Kenetics, 1988 £80.00

JAMES GRANVILLE australia the beautiful (isbn: 0949708011 / 0-949708-01-1) Mencap, London, 1983. £30.00

Sarah Parr. Edited By Black & Decker Power Tool Carpentry (ISBN: 0856853739 / 0-85685-373-9 London: Marshall Cavendish, 1978 £30.00

Alive Reseach Group Encyclopedia of Natural Healing: The Authoritative Reference to Alternative Health and Healing (ISBN: 1553120396 / 1-55312-039-6) Alive Books, 2002. £70.00

Hitchcock, Henry-Russell Early Victorian Architecture in Britain. Volume 1 [of 2] New Haven and London: Yale University Press/Architectural Press, 1954 £30.00

acself, A.J. PLANT PORTRAITS AND PLANT NAMES Their Meanings and Pronounciation. Amateur Gardening, London nd [1930] £75.00

LAURA PAINE Essential picasso Parragon Book Service Ltd, Bath, United Kingdom, 1999 £25.00

VINCENT CRONIN the last migration Rupert Hart Davis-Book, London 1957 £50.00

Richard Middleton Reading Pop: Approaches to Textual Analysis in Popular Music (ISBN: 0198166117 / 0-19-816611-7) NEW £40.00

Freya Stark The Southern gates of Arabia Murray, London 1944 £20.00

MAILLART, ELLA turkestan solo. one woman's expedition from the tien shan to the kizil kum. introduction by julia keay [the century travellers] Century, London, 1985. First English edition £25.00

Mathur K.N. Systematic Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Remedies With Totality of Characteristic Symptoms, Comparisons and Various Indications of Each Remedy (ISBN: 817021243X) B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd 1999. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

The mechanical world year book for 1938 Emmot & Co, Manchester 1938 £20.00

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