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Peter Scott Observations of Wildlife Phaidon, Oxford 1980 £30.00

"Froud, Brian [illus.]; Llewellyn, J J [text]" The World of the Dark Crystal (ISBN: 085533455X / 0-85533-455-X) Henson Organization Publishing / Mitchell Beazley, London, 1983. £70.00

R H Bew The Modern Plumber and sanitary Engineer Gresham 1927. Volume 3 only. £30.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: German and spanish Art to 1900 New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: I Origins of Western Art New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: Italian Art to 1850 New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture:Modern Art New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: French art from 1350 to 1850 New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: Impressionisst and Post-Impressionists New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: Chinese and japanese Art New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £50.00

Dr. Donald E. Strong et al The Book of Art A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: Flemish and Dutch Art New York: Grolier Inc. 1969 £20.00

Currie, Bob Motor Cycling in the 1930s (ISBN: 9780600349310) London: Hamlyn, 1981. First edition. £30.00

Aution Catalogue The 'Per-neb' Collection (Part I) - Highly Important Egyptian Antiquities - Christie's London - 9 December 1992 Christie's, London, 1992. £150.00

BEARDSLEY, Aubrey THE STORY OF VENUS AND TANNHAUSER (ISBN: 0856701726 / 0-85670-172-6) Academy Editions, 1974 £20.00

Jeffery Hudson: In case of Need Heron Books Collector's edition, 1960s £20.00

DUFF, MILRED,HOPE, NOEL "Hezekiah the King; or, The City Defended by God" Marshall Brothers, ca 1910 £20.00

Rodrigues, Terence (ed.) Christie's Review of the Year 1997 (ISBN: 0903432498 / 0-903432-49-8) Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd., London, 1998. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Mansall,Cordelia THE ASTROLOGY WORKBOOK Understanding the Art of Natal Interpretation The Leisure Circle, 1985. £20.00

Pierree Courthion Impressionism Abrams, NY 1977 £20.00

FEAVER, WILLIAM Masters of caricature from Hogarth and Gillray to Scarfe and Levine. Introduction and commentary by William Feaver. Edited by Ann Gould Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1981 £50.00

HAMMERTON, Sir John (ed). THE WAR ILLUSTRATED. Complete Record of the Conflict by Land and Sea and in the Air. London Amalgamated Press 1939-42. Vols 1-5 £150.00

Mockba Moscow Moscou Moskau Moscow, 1956. £35.00

Carter, Michael (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Popular Antiques (ISBN: 0861784928 / 0-86178-492-8) Cathay Books 1987 £30.00

"Collings Lawrence; Durrant Lawrence L" Tasmania (ISBN: 0909950725 / 0-909950-72-5) Pollard, NSW 1974. £20.00

Vaughan, William German romantic painting. (ISBN: 9780300023879) New Haven, Yale University Press 1980. AS NEW IN D/W. £60.00

Illing, Richard The Art of Japanese Prints (ISBN: 0706413806 / 0-7064-1380-6) Book Club Associates By Arrangement with Octopus, London, 1980 £50.00

Talbot , Godfrey THE COUNTRY LIFE BOOK OF THE ROYAL FAMILY (ISBN: 0600376486 / 0-600-37648-6) Country Life 1980. AS NEW IN D/W. £30.00

Swinglehurst, Edmund "Country Life Book of Britain - Then and Now; A Unique Visual Record of Britain Over the Last 100 Years." Guild Publishing, London, 1988. £20.00

Edited By Vivien Bowler Pictures with Pins (A Golden Hands Book) (ISBN: 0856850594 / 0-85685-059-4) Marshall Cavendish, London 1974. £20.00

L.S. Lowry The Paintings of L.S. Lowry: Oils and Watercolors London. Book Club Associates, 1978 £50.00

Clive Hardy Teesside at War: a Pictorial Account 1939-1945 (ISBN: 0948946423 / 0-948946-42-3) Archive Pubs., 1989. AS NEW £30.00

Toynbee, Arnold A Study of History (One-Volume Edition) (ISBN: 0192152548 / 0-19-215254-8) Oxford University Press, London, 1972. £30.00

Lodge, Edmund PORTRAITS OF ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES OF GREAT BRITAIN Engraved from Authentic Pictures in the Galleries of the Nobilitry and the Public Collections of the Country. With Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Their Lives and Actions John Tallis and Company, London, nd [ cicrca 1855? ] £300.00

Paul Johnson The Civilization of Anciernt Egypt BCA 1978 £20.00

W Addison Local Styles of the English Parish Church (ISBN: 0713425644 / 0-7134-2564-4) Batsford, first ediiton, 1982. £30.00

[japanese] Brother Knitting pattern:Embroidery, Design, Figure, Knitting ? £30.00

J Thompson British trams in camera Ian Allen 1978 £20.00

John Hedgecoe / Henry Moore A Monumental Vision: Sculpture of Henry Moore (ISBN: 1855854503 / 1-85585-450-3) Collins & Brown 1998 £75.00

R Humble Famous Land Battles Artus 1980 £20.00

J. C. Wardell- Yerburgh The Pleasure of Antiques : Gold and Silver, Glass and Furniture, Pottery and Porcelain, Clocks and Watches (ISBN: 0706403274 / 0-7064-0327-4) Octopus, London, 1974. £20.00

Jeno Barcsay Anatomy for the Artist (ISBN: 9780316907644) Bookmart Ltd, 1997. £40.00

C. Hamilton Ellis THE LORE OF THE TRAIN (ISBN: 051711268X / 0-517-11268-X) Nordbok, 1981, Sweden, £35.00

Jones Griffiths , Philip , Naomi James , Miles Kington and others GREAT JOURNEYS (ISBN: 0563205954 / 0-563-20595-4) Giuld, London 1989. AS NEW IN D/W. £30.00

The Catalogue of International Cigarette Cards (ISBN: 0906671868 / 0-906671-86-8) Exeter: Webb & Bower, 1982. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Richard Burton the Perfumed Garden Guild, 1989 £30.00

Chas. S Dunbar Buses, Trolleys & Trams (ISBN: 0753709708 / 0-7537-0970-8) Bounty Books, London, 2005. £25.00

"Harmon, Carole, Byron; Robinson, Bart" Byron Harmon: Mountain Photographer (ISBN: 0919381847 / 0-919381-84-7) Altitude Publishing, 1992. Canada £50.00

John Hogue Nostradamus, the new millenium Element, 1997 £20.00

Grigson, G GEOFFREY GRIGSON'S COUNTRYSIDE Ebury press 1982 £20.00

Horwood, Wally Adolphe Sax. 1814-1984. His Life and Legacy. Egon Publishers Ltd. 1983. AS NEW IN D/W £140.00

D J Breeze The Northern Frontiers of roman britain BCA 1982 £30.00

Attwood, Gertrude M. Wilsons of Tranby Croft Shipping Line Family (ISBN: 0907033717 / 0-907033-71-7) Hutton Press, UK, 1988. AS NEW £30.00

Chatterbox 1921. Wells Gardner Darton & Co. ., 1921. £30.00

Grant, Michael Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum New York: MacMillan Co. 1971 £30.00

Map of roman britain. scale 1:625,000, about ten miles to one inch. Fourth edition Southampton: Ordnance Survey, 1978 £20.00

"Simpson, Ian; Robb, Tom; Cuming, FredAllen Lane 1983" Painter's Progress : An Art School Year in Twelve Lessons (ISBN: 0713914882 / 0-7139-1488-2) Allen lane 1983 £20.00

Dalton. Stephen. Caught In Motion : High - Speed Nature Photography. (ISBN: 0297780662 / 0-297-78066-2) Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1982. £30.00

Milani, Mino Man Emerges - Man's Great Adventure Tom Stacey Ltd. 1972, London, £30.00

de Pauw, Linda Grant: Senna: Portrait of a Racing Legend (ISBN: 0952486709 / 0-9524867-0-9) Oxford International Publications, Oxford, 1994. Limited edition - this number 66 £90.00

Jullian. P (illustrations by) CHERI 1963 Folio society £40.00

: Webster's Family Encyclopedia Arrow Trading, New York, 1989 £60.00

Latham, R. THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO. Folio Society 1968. £40.00

A Century of Bradford League Cricket 1903 - 2003 Privately printed, Bradford [2004] £40.00


LENNON, John. A Spaniard in the Works. Jonathan Cape, London., 1965. First edition. £150.00

Arabian Nights' Entertainments Ward Lock, london nd [ 1920s?] £20.00

James Laver Victoriana Ward Lock 1967 £20.00

H Havers Underground railways of the world temple Press 1966 £20.00

Lin Yutang The Wisdom of India Michael Joseph, London, 1944, fisrt edition. Limited to 500 numbered copies. £120.00

William itford The History of Greece: Volume 3 [ only] T Cadell, London 1822 £40.00

J Angenault La Chimie, dictionnaire encyclopedique Dunod 1991 £35.00

M Allaby Making and Managing a Smallholding David & Charles 1979 £20.00

Edward Lasker Chess secrets I learned from the Masters Dover, NY 1969 £20.00

W J Reader Victorian England BCA, London 1973 £20.00

John Porteous Coins Weidenfeld, London 1967 £20.00

C K Yang Religion in Chinese Society Univ. of california, 1967 £30.00


Chris Pitt A Long Time Gone (ISBN: 1901570622 / 1-901570-62-2) Portway Press Ltd, updated edition 2006. NEW £75.00


Hiltner, W.A. (editor 0 Astronomical Techniques, Vol 2 (Stars & Stellar Systems: Compendium of Astronomy & Astrophysics) University of Chicago Press, 1962 £50.00

H.G.Wells The War of the Worlds. The Invisible Man. The Time Machine. (ISBN: 0706420012 / 0-7064-2001-2) Octopus, London, 1983 £20.00

GEORGE GROSSMITH Diary of a nobody London: The Folio Society:, 1969. AS NEW IN SLIPCASE £25.00

MITFORD, Mary Russell Our Village. London: The Folio Society:, 1997. AS NEW IN SLIPCASE £35.00

J A Higginson When Duty Called SPCK, London nd [ prize bookplate dated 1922] £30.00

Pearce, St. John Off His Own Bat: A Public School Story London: Ward, Lock: 1921. First Edition £30.00

A Rastrick West Riding of Yorkshire Hodder 1970 £20.00

Cheyenne And the Lost Gold Of Lion Park : Based on the Warner Bros.television production starring Clint Walker World Distributors ( Manchester ) Ltd 1958 £30.00

Rzewuski, Jan Field Theory. Volume 2 Iliffe Books, London, 1969, revised ed. £35.00

Moore, Doris Langley My Caravaggio Style Cassell and Company, London, 1959 £30.00

Wood, Christopher The Pre-Raphaelites Guild Publishing, London, 1983. AS NEW IN D/W £110.00

Sykes, Christopher Simon Country House Camera (ISBN: 1851451714 / 1-85145-171-4) Pavilion, 1987. NEW £30.00

Light, Michael Full Moon (ISBN: 0224051288 / 0-224-05128-8) Jonathan Cape, 1999 £50.00

Japanese Ornament from the 17th to the 19th Century (The Cambridge Library of Ornamental Art) (ISBN: 1853269530 / 1-85326-953-0) Wordsworth ed., 1991 £30.00

watteau / H Borsch-Supan Antoine Watteau 1684-1721 Konemann, 2000. English edition £20.00

Meuth, Martina u. Neuner-Duttenhofer, Bernd West-östlicher Küchendiwan. -- - Ein kulinarisacher Dialog zwischen Asien und Europa (ISBN: 3426264145 / 3-426-26414-5) Droemersche Verlagsanstalt, München, 1989 £60.00

S Karcher THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DIVINATION (ISBN: 1852308761 / 1-85230-876-1) Elememt 1997 £20.00

Sheppard, Charles Railway Stations :Masterpieces of Architecture. (ISBN: 1880908638 / 1-880908-63-8) Todtri Publ, New York, 1996. AS NEW IN D/W. £35.00

Dr. Robin Baker, chief contributing editor The Mystery of Migration (ISBN: 0354041975 / 0-354-04197-5) Macdonald, London, 1980. £30.00

Stainer, J. & Wood, F. Cunningham The Village Organist - A Series of Pieces for Church & General Use.Volume 2 published by Novello & Co. Ltd. , London no date given approximately 1895 £120.00

M benton On the Trail of the Dinosaurs Kingfisher 1989. AS NEW IN D/W. £30.00

Presnall, Terry R. Illustration & Drawing: Styles & Techniques (ISBN: 9780891341932) Cincinnati, OhioNorth Light Books 1987. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Dickens, Charles. Illustrated by Alan Marks. DAVID COPPERFIELD (ISBN: 1558584536 / 1-55858-453-6) North-South Books. 1995. NEW £25.00

Audrey ellis the great Country Cookbook, 300 traditional recipes. BCA, London 1979 £20.00

Jim Burns Lightship Guild, 1986. £20.00

P Leprohon Florence and Tuscany Minerva 1984. £30.00

Jean Mathe The Atlantic Coast of France Minerva 1983 £30.00

P Leprohon the alps Minerva 1982 £20.00

P Leprohon Venice and the venetia Minerva 1984 £20.00

HARRIS, NATHANIEL A treasury of impressionism (isbn: 9780600349143) Optimum, 1983 £30.00

Cocks, Anna Somers The Victoria and Albert Museum. The Making of the Collection. (ISBN: 0711200424 / 0-7112-0042-4) Windward, Leicester, 1980. AS NEW IN D/W. £45.00

A J P Taylor History of world war II [ two] Octopus 1974 £20.00

josephine Ross The Tudors Artus 1979 £35.00

Bildausw. V. Ulrich E. Huse (editor) "SCHÖNES DEUTSCHLAND; BEAUTIFUL GERMANY; LA BELLE ALLEMAGNE (ISBN: 3524630561 / 3-524-63056-1)" Umschau Buchverlag, Frankfurt 1983 £40.00

Michael Raeburn (ed) Architecture of the Western World (ISBN: 0856130591 / 0-85613-059-1) Orbis Publishing, London, 1980 £40.00

FARRINGTON, Karen SHIPWRECKS (ISBN: 1902616138 / 1-902616-13-8) Parkgate Books, 1st Edn 1999. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Winkler, Heinz Die große Küche und ihre kleinen Geheimnisse : 160 Rezepte zum Nachkochen. (Collection Rolf Heyne) (ISBN: 3453360206 / 3-453-36020-6) Collection Ralf Heyne, München 1986, £90.00

M C Escher Escher (Portfolio (Taschen)) (ISBN: 3822830488 / 3-8228-3048-8) Taschen, 2004. £140.00

Sommer, Robin Langley, Illustrated by Korab, Balthazar (photographer) American Architecture: An Illustrated History (ISBN: 051716020X / 0-517-16020-X) Crescent Books, New York, 1996.. AS NEW IN D/W. £45.00

Nasibova, Aida. The Art Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin. (ISBN: 5852500313) Planeta Publishers., Moscow., 1988 £90.00

Illustrated World Atlas (ISBN: 0749501650 / 0-7495-0165-0) : Automobile Association, 1990. £45.00

Beautement, Margaret & Lowcock, Eileen Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Embroidery (ISBN: 0004350472 / 0-00-435047-2) Collins, Glasgow and London, 1977. £35.00

Clayton, Peter A. A Companion to Roman Britain (ISBN: 0714820318 / 0-7148-2031-8) Phaidon, Oxford 1980. AS NEW IN D/W. £40.00

Weiditz, Christoph "Authentic Everyday Dress of the Renaissance: All 154 Plates from the ""Trachtenbuch"" (ISBN:0486279758)" Dover Publications, 1994 £65.00

David Pearce The Great Houses of London (ISBN: 086565154X / 0-86565-154-X) Vendome Press, 2001. NEW £40.00

Wood, Christopher Tissot: The Life and Work of Jacques Joseph Tissot 1836-1902 (ISBN: 0297794752 / 0-297-79475-2) Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1986 £50.00

HETHERINGTON, Paul. BYZANTIUM. City of Gold, City of Faith. First English Edition Orbis Publishing, 1983. £50.00

Neesam, Malcolm G. Exclusively Harrogate (ISBN: 1870071417 / 1-870071-41-7) Smith Settle, West Yorkshire, 1994. £20.00

"Moore, Sir Thomas; Walpole, Horace. Edited and with Introductions by Paul Kendall" Richard III - The Great Debate. History of King Richard III & Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard III London The Folio Society 1965. £30.00

Ted dodswoth the train now standing: Volume 1. Life and Times of the Hull and Barnsley railway. HUTTON PRESS, 1990 £30.00

THOMPSON , M THE RAILWAYS OF HULL & EAST YORKSHIRE (ISBN: 1872167462 / 1-872167-46-2) HUTTON PRESS, 1992. £30.00

Leonardo da Vinci / A E popham The drawings of leonardo da vinci Reprint soc., 1953 £25.00

Molten metal. From Wearhead to Wearmouth, an anthology Washington writers 200 £20.00

Holdsworth, Peter Domes of Delight, The History of the Bradford Alhambra (ISBN: 0907734189 / 0-907734-18-9) Bradford Libraries, Bradford, 1989. £20.00

SMITH, Geoffrey (Editor) "FLIGHT HANDBOOK: A Guide to Aeronautics, Aircraft Engines and Superchargers. Illustrated by photographs and diagrams from ""Flight"" and ""Aircraft Production""." London Flight Publishing Co. Ltd, 3rd edition, Nov. 1942. £20.00

ETHERTON, P. T. ACROSS THE GREAT DESERTS London: Lutterworth Press 1948. First ed. £25.00

SHUTTLEWOOD Arthur Warning from Flying Friends, Flying Saucer Revelations Portway Press, Warminster, 1968 £20.00

The Air force List HMSO 1973 £30.00

HORNE, Alexander. KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IN THE MASONIC TRADITION (ISBN: 0850300525 / 0-85030-052-5) Wellinborough, The Aquarian Press 1977, £30.00

BRERETON F.S. WITH RIFLE AND BAYONET A Story Of The Boer War Blackie & Son, c. 1900 £35.00


Henry Miller Selected Prose 1 [ first volume of two] McGibbon & Kee 1965. First UK ed. £20.00

Janusz Podlecki Wieliczka- a Royal Salt Mine (ISBN: 8388553054) "Publishing House ""Karpaty"", Cracow, 2001." £20.00

Burke, John Life in The Villa in Roman Britain (ISBN: 0713410132 / 0-7134-1013-2) B T Batsford, London, 1978. First Edition. £20.00

"Fry, Eric C.; Wilson, Peter" The Shell Book of Practical and Decorative Ropework (ISBN: 0715376152 / 0-7153-7615-2) David & Charles, Oxford, 1978 £20.00

Wainwright, A. WAINWRIGHT IN THE LIMESTONE DALES. (ISBN: 9780718134914) Guild Publishing., 1991 £30.00

Hillier, Bevis Asprey of Bond Street 1781 - 1981 London, Quartet Books, 1981. £40.00

Ridley, Anthony At Home - An Illustrated History of Houses And Homes (ISBN: 0434959618 / 0-434-95961-8) William Heinemann 1976, £20.00

J E Walley The Kitchen in catering, a handbook for students Constable, London 1958, revised ed. £20.00

Roulstone, Michael & Alan Taverns in Town: A Pictorial Anthology Balfour Publications, London, 1973. £30.00

Celia Fiennes / MORRIS, Christopher (editor). The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes, 1685 - c.1712 (ISBN: 0356086313 / 0-356-08631-3) London, Webb & Bower, 1982. 1st Edition. £30.00

Charles Hamilton The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes (ISBN: 0948248912 / 0-948248-91-2) Hawk, 1989 £25.00

Benkovitz, Miriam Aubrey Beardsley: An Account of His Life (ISBN: 0241103827 / 0-241-10382-7) Hamish Hamilton, London, 1981. £20.00

Hutton, Len & Alex Bannister FIFTY YEARS IN CRICKET Stanley Paul, London, 1984. £25.00

Molloy,E[ ed ] Engineering Works Practice George Newnes Limited, London 1952. £90.00

"CONSULT ME. How to cook . consult me on confectionary; . consult me, and I will teach you how to brew . consult me on household management and economy; . consult me on diseases and their remedies . consult me on the games of cards, chess &c. . consul" New edition W.Nicholson & Sons, nd [1910s?] £35.00

P H White e[ed] Parry's Valuation tables, revised and enlarged. Estates gazette, London 1958 £20.00

Mrs. Beeton All About Cookery Ward Lock, London, 1911. New edition. £50.00

Oscar Wilde Four Plays]: Lady Windemere's Fan: A Woman of no Importance: An Ideal Husband: The Importance of being Earnest: London: The Unicorn Press, 1946 £20.00

Ideal book for Boys Dean & Son, nd [1940s?] £20.00

George Savage Glass (ISBN: 0706400380 / 0-7064-0038-0) Octopus Books, London 1972, £20.00

C Howard [ed] Complete Dressmaking in Pictures Odhams, london nd [1940s?] £20.00

R. fedden [ed] Treasures of the National Trust BCA, London 1976 £20.00


Lin Yutang The Wisdom of China Michael Joseph, London, 1944, fisrt edition. Limited to 500 numbered copies. £160.00

HEALD TIM, SELECTS The best after-dinner stories The Folio Society, London, 2004. £30.00

Stuart, Janet Erskine The Education of Catholic Girls Longmans Green and Comapny Ltd., London, 1922. £30.00

Scott, Walter the Waverley Novels Edited by the Rev. P. Hately Waddell, LL. D., with notes and a glossary of Scotch words and foreign phrases, and biographical and critical notes by the Editor. COMPLETE SET Edinburgh, Nimmo, Hay, & Mitchell ca. 1885 £595.00

Wilson C The Illustrated Bible Treasury Eyre and Spottiswoode, London nd [1880s?] £30.00

Hugh Thomson ills / Austin Dobson itro CORIDONS SONG And Other Verses London, Macmillan,1894 £50.00

Chamberlain, Joseph W. Physics of the Aurora and Airglow: International Geophysics Series Volume 2 Academic Press, Inc., NY, 1961 £60.00

ANNE RENNARD [ED] The cavalier king charles spaniel club: millennium year book: volume 36. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, 2000. £50.00

"Moncreiffe,Iain; Pottinger, Don" Simple Heraldry Cheerfully Illustrated Nelson, London, 1953 £20.00

Christopher Hibbert Redcoats and Rebels: The War for America, 1770-1781 (ISBN: 0246134674 / 0-246-13467-4) Grafton, 1990. £30.00

A Harris CUMBERLAND IRON. The story of Hodbarrow Mine 1855-1968. Monographs on Mining History No.2. First edition Truro: Bradford Barton, 1970. £50.00

Tony Palmer Charles II, portrait of an age BCA, London 1979 £20.00

Elizabeth Sharpe A Visit to Iran The Travel Book Club, London, 1972. £35.00

Fermor, Patrick Leigh. MANI: Travels In The Southern Peloponnese John Murray, [1958]., London. First edition £75.00

Charles Berlitz The Dragon's Triangle Guild Publishing, London, 1990 £20.00

Russell of Liverpool, Lord. The Knights of Bushido: A Short History of Japanese War Crimes. London, Cassell, 1958. First edition £30.00

Migot, Andre. The Lonely South The Travel Book Club., London, nd [1960s?] £20.00

Hugh Quigley The Highlands of Scotland Batsford 1949 £20.00

Neville cardus Autobiography Collins 1947 £20.00

Eunice evans Through the Years with Romany Univ.,of london, 1948 £20.00

Coward, H Reminiscences of Henry Coward J. Curwen & Sons Ltd, 1919. £40.00

Mayo, Lida Bloody Buna. The Campaign That Halted The Japanese Invasion Of Australia. Purnell Book Services, n.d. [1970s?] £20.00

Glyn Hughes Millstone Grit Readers Union 1975 £20.00

Wolf Uecker. Küche der Liebe. (ISBN: 342626286X / 3-426-26286-X) München, Droemer/Knaur Verlag, 1987 £35.00

Charles Boff How to grow and produce your own Food Odhams, London nd [1940s?] £30.00

John Bunyan The Pilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come : a new edition with memoir and notes Routledge, London nd [ 1880s?] £20.00

SHEPHERD K M Land and Life of Japan Edinburgh House Press, London, 1937 £35.00

Raynor, Frank C. The Giant Masquerade. An Historical Survey of the Roman Hierarchy. London: Morgan & Scott, 1925 £20.00

Toyne. S.M Sark. A Feudal Survival. Eton, Windsor: The Shakespeare Head Press, 1959 £30.00

DONNELLY,Ignatius ATLANTIS The Antediluvian World Sidgwick & Jackson, 1950 £20.00

Miss Read CHRONICLES OF FAIRACRE Michael Joseph., 1964. £20.00

Turner, Thomas THE DIARY OF A VILLAGE SHOPKEEPER, 1754-1765 The Folio Society, London, 1998. £30.00

Hakluyt, Richard. The Tudor Venturers. Selected from The principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation made by Sea or Over Land. Edited by John Hampden. (ISBN: 9780850670240) Folio Society , London , 1970 £35.00

Gaskell, Elizabeth The Life of Charlotte Bronte (ISBN: 0742623645 / 0-7426-2364-5) Folio Society , London , 1971 £35.00

Hutchinson, Walter ( Edited by) Pictorial History of the War. A Complete and Authentic Record in Text and Pictures. Volumes 1-5 Virtue & Co, London 1940-41 £110.00

John Gay / Kronenberger, Louis & Goberman, Max The Beggar's Opera by John Gay, A Faithful Reproduction of the 1729 Edition Argonaut Books Larchmont 1961, £60.00

Stapleton, Rev Henry Memorials of Calverley Parish Church and Its 41 Vicar,With some Account of the Old Hall, Calverley, Esholt Priory and Hall, and the Daughter Churches of Pudsey, Idle, and Farsley Leeds: Richard Jackson [1912] £90.00


BOOK OF BRITISH BIRDS London Drive Publications 1969. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Gartner, Lloyd P. The Jewish Immigrant in England, 1870-1914 (ISBN: 0903620006 / 0-903620-00-6) Simon Publications, 1973. £75.00

SYKES, Captain C[lement] A[rthur] Service and sport on the tropical Nile, some records of the duties and diversions of an officer among natives and big game during the re-occupation of the Nilotic province. Murray London, 1903. First edition, £275.00

Jame Joyce Ulysses Bodley Head London, 1947. £60.00

David M. Friedman A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis (Paperback) (ISBN: 9780709074755) Robert Hale 2003. NEW £20.00

Dodwell, Robert Lancashire. Pocket County Companion. London. Tylston. 1895 £50.00

Grinter, Linton E. "Theory of Modern Steel Structures; volume 2;statically indeterminate structures and space frames." "Macmillan; NY; 1937; 1st ed." £40.00

SIGSWORTH ERIC M Black dyke mills: a history. with introductory chapters on the development of the worsted industry in the nineteenth century Liverpool University Press, 1958 £60.00

Rejected Addresses: Or, The New Theatrum Poetarum John Murray, London, 1821. 17th edition £90.00

Geikie, James The Great Ice Age and its relation to the Antiquity of Man. London: Daldy, Isbister & Co. 2nd edition revised ., 1877. £80.00

Jacques Casanova The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt Prince of Adventurers and the Most Indomitable of Lovers The Navarre Society, London, new ed nd [1930s?] £50.00

Guber, Rivka The Signal Fires of Lachish Massadah, Jerusalem, 1964. First edition £25.00

[ Mountaineering ] Slovenia - GORENJSKA (Highland Slovenia). Ljubljana, Bratko (Drzavna Zalozba Slovenije), 1966 £35.00

R J Unstead looking at history, britain from cavemen to the present day A & c Black, 1957 £20.00

Nai-An, Shih Water Margin, Volume One Commercial Press, Limited, Hong Kong, 1979 £40.00

George Herbert The Poetical Works of George Herbert James Nichol, Edinburgh, 1853 £30.00

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