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Sadler, D. H. (Editor) Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Vol. XIA: Reports on Astronomy Academic Press, 1962. £90.00

Sadler, D. H. (Editor) Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Vol. XIB: Proceedings of the Eleventh General Assembly, Berkeley, 1961. Academic Press, 1962. £90.00

Changing patterns of Rural Organisation / le changement dans l'organisation Sciale Rurale / Wandlungen der Landlichen Sozialverfassung. Paper and discussion European Society for Rural Sociology, Oslo 1961. £250.00

RESURGAM (Exhibition catalogue) RESURGAM, La Réconstruction en Belgique après 1914. (Text in French). Brussels, Crédit Communal, 1985 £150.00

Hemming, C. F. and T. H. C. Taylor, edit Proceedings of the International Study Conference on the Current and Future Problems of Acridology, London, United Kingdom, 6-16 July 1970 . (ISBN: 0851350038 / 0-85135-003-8) London: Centre for Overseas Pest Research 1972. £240.00

Deutsche Bundespost 4th International Symposium on Human Factors in Telephony VDE-Vlg. GmbH, Berlin. 1968, £160.00

The Problems of the Arid Zone: Proceedings of the Paris Symposium Unesco, Paris, 1962. £120.00

CONNELL, J.J [ed] Advances in Fish Science and Technology, papers presented at the Jubilee Conference of the Torry Research Station, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 1979. (ISBN: 0852381085 / 0-85238-108-5) Farnham, 1980. £170.00

E D Mills [ed] ARCHITECTS DETAILS SHEETS . 96 selected sheets. Fourth series Iliffe, London 1958 £75.00

E D Mills [ed] ARCHITECTS DETAILS SHEETS 3. 96 selected sheets.Third series Iliffe, London 1956 £75.00

E D Mills [ed] ARCHITECTS DETAILS SHEETS 5. 96 selected sheets. Fifth series Iliffe, London 1961 £75.00

"American Book Publishing Record Cumulative 1950-1977. An American National Bibliography. Volume 13: Author Index; vol 14: Title index" R. R. Bowker Company, New York, 1978. £350.00

Nuth, Joseph A. And Robert E. Stencel [ed] Interrelationships Among Circumstellar, Interstellar, and Interplanetary Dust. Proceedings of a workshop held at the Aspen Institute's Wye Plantation Conference Center, February 27-March 1, 1985. NASA Conference Publication 2403. NASA, 1986. £120.00

G Hartman [ed] PROCEEDINGS OF THE CARNATION CREEK WORKSHOP, a 10 year review, 1982, Nanaimo, B.C. Nanaimo, B.C 1982 £140.00

Assoc Applied Solar Energy PROCEEDINGS OF THE WORLD SYMPOSIUM ON APPLIED SOLAR ENERGY Phoenix, Arizona 1955 Assoc Applied Solar Energy, Stanford Research Inst, Assoc Applied Solar Energy, 1956 £70.00


The Royal Society Rosenhain Centenary Conference The Contribution Of Physical Metallurgy To Engineering Practice.A joint symposium held 22-24 September 1975 of the Metals Society, the National Physical Laboratory and the Royal Society. The Royal Society, London 1976 £220.00

Proceedings of the Seventh Asian regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Haifa Israel, 1983. Volume 1. Haifa 1983 £220.00

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Lasers and the Mechanical Engineer. A Symposium 1968. Proceedings 1968-69 Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London 1969 £90.00

Broida, Victor, D. Barlow and Otto Schäfer (ed) Automatic and remote control. Procedings of the Second Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (I.F.A.C.) Basle, Switzerland, 1963. : Applications and Components London & München, Butterworths/ Oldenbourg, 1964 £120.00

SZMANT, H.H. AND J. WEMPLE [ed] First Symposium on the Scientific Aspects of Orchids, October 25, 1974 Southfield, Michigan. Univ. of Detroit, 1976 £75.00

Courtney-Pratt, J. S., ed Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress on High-Speed Photography Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 1962 £120.00

KOCH, Walter Die Reichskanzlei in den Jahren 1167 bis 1174. Eine diplomatisch-paläographische Untersuchung. (ISBN: 3700100345 / 3-7001-0034-5) Wien, 1973. £120.00

The Automatic Factory - What Does It Mean? The full Report of the Margate Conference of the Institution of Production Engineers, June 1955. The Institution of Production Engineers & Spon Ltd, London. 1955, first edition £125.00


MODERN FOOTWEAR COMPONENTS.PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2ND SATRO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, sept. 1972, London Shoe and Allied Trades Research Assoc., 1972 £220.00

Changes of Climate / Les Changements De Climat. Changes of Climate: Proceedings of the Rome Symposium organized by Unesco and the World Meteorological Orginization / Les Changements de Climat: Actes du colloque de Rome organisé par l'Unesco UNESCO, Paris, 1963. £180.00

International conference & exhibit on Aerospace electro-technology. IEEE Transactions on Aerospace, Vol AS-2, issues 1-3 (bound together) IEEE, 1964. £160.00

The Centrality of Science and Absolute Values: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, November 27-30, 1975, New York--Vol. 1 and 2 (ISBN: 0892260041 / 0-89226-004-1) The International Cultural Foundation, Inc., Tarrytown, NY, 1975. £160.00

Dr. Oldrich Hanc, Dr. Josef Hubík : Editors "Scientiae Pharmaceuticae [Vol.I & II]: Proceedings of the 25th Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prague 24-27 August, 1965. Vol. 2. Symposium: Identification of Drugs; Sections: Analytical Chemistry, Galenic Pharmacy, Biology" Butterworths, London, 1966. £70.00

Royal Society The Royal Society Empire Scientific Conference, June-July 1946. For the Royal Society, London 1948 £140.00

Conference Internationale pour la protection de la nature / International Conference for the protection of nature, Brunnen June 1947 J Buttikofer, Basle, 1947 £120.00

Jacob, M. & Winter, K. [Editors] The Quark Structure of Matter. Proceedings of a Topical European Meeting in the Rhine Valley. Strasbourg-Karlsruhe, 26 September (ISBN: 9971500752) World Scientific Co, 1986 £180.00

Underhill, Frank H. [editor] The Canadian Northwest: Its Potentialities. Symposium Presented to the Royal Sociey of Canada in 1958. L'Avenir Du Nord-Quest Canadien. Colloque Presente a La Societe Royale Du Canada En 1958 University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1959. £50.00

Kiefer, Howard E. & Munitz, Milton K. (Eds. ) Perspectives in Education, Religion, and the Arts University of New York Press, Albany, New York, 1970. £50.00

Bailey, Joseph A. Disproportionate Short Stature : Diagnosis and Management (ISBN: 0721614701 / 0-7216-1470-1) W. B. Saunders Company, U.S.A., 1973 £120.00

Transactions Of The Second Prague Conference On Information Theory, Statistical Decision Functions, Random Processes The Czechoslovak Academy Of Sciences, 1960. £120.00

Transactions of the Ninth Prague Conference : on Information Theory, Statistical Decision Functions, Random Processes held at Prague, from June 28 to July . Volumes A & B (ISBN: 9027715009) Academia Publishing, Prague 1983. 2 vols. First editions. £375.00

Loosli, Clayton G. (Chairmen and Editor of the Proceedings) Conference on Newer Respiratory Disease Viruses: National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center Auditorium, Bethesda, Maryland - October 3, 4, 5, 1962 The National Institutes of Health, United States Public Health Service, 1962 £60.00

"Mitchell, J.W.; DeVries, R.C.; Roberts, R.W.; Cannon, P. (eds.)" Reactivity of Solids : Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on the Reactivity of Solids, Schenectady, New York, U.S.A., August 25-30, 1968 Wiley-Interscience (a Division of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), London, 1969. £75.00

Dumont, Fernand and Jean-Paul Montminy (Eds.) Le pouvoir dans la societe canadienne-francaise L'University Laval Presses, Quebec, 1966. £70.00

Paul-Henri Spaak, Barbara Ward, Gunnar Wyrdal, Linus Pauling et al Man and His World. Terre des Hommes. The Noranda Lectures/Expo 67. University of Toronto Press. 1968 £60.00

Proceedings of the United States Army Operations Research Symposium May 1971: Tenth Annual Symposium: The Next Decade U.S.Army Research Office, Durham, NC [1971] £160.00


"Mincheva-Stefanova, Iordanka.Ê; Bonev, I.Ê; International Mineralogical Association." "KRISTALLOKHIMIIA MINERALOV : MATERIALY XIII KONGRESSA MEZHDUNARODNOI MINERALOGICHESKOI ASSOTSIATSII MMA, VARNA, 19-25 SENTIABRIA 1982 = CRYSTAL CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS; PROCEEDINGS OF THE 13TH GENERAL MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL MINERALOGICAL ASSOC." Publishing House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences / Izd-vo Bolgarskoi akademii nauk, Sofia [Bulgaria], 1986. £160.00

HILL, David and JESSON, Margaret. (Editors). The Iron Age and Its Hill-Forts. Papers Presented to Sir Mortimer Wheeler on the Occasion of his Eightieth Year at a Conference held by the Southampton University Archaeological Society 5th - 7th March 1971. Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton., 1971. First edition. £60.00

Levinson, A.A., ed. Proceedings of the Apollo 11 Lunar Science Conference, Houston, Texas, January 5-9, 1970, Volume 1: Mineralogy and Petrology & Volume 2: Chemical and Isotope Analysis Pergamon Press 1970 £110.00

J W Johnson [ed] Proceedings of Seventh Conference on Coastal Engineering, The Hague, Netherlands Aug. 1960 Council on Wave Research, 1961 £180.00

J W Johnson [ed] Proceedings of Sixth Conference on Coastal Engineering, Palm Beach, Florida Dec 1957 Council on Wave Research, 1958 £180.00

Bailey, D. L. (editor). Recent Advances in Botany, From Lectures & Symposia presented to the IX [9th] International Botanical Congress, Montreal 1959. (2 volumes) University of Toronto Press, 1961. £140.00

Grupe, Ommo et. al Sport In The Modern World - Chances And Problems Papers, Results, Materials, Scientific Congress Munich, August 21 to 25, 1972 (ISBN: 3540066071 / 3-540-06607-1) Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1973. £110.00

Richards, Adrian F. [ed] MARINE GEOTECHNIQUE Univ of Illinois Press 1967 £110.00

Climax and AMAX- sponsors Symposium- Materials for the Mining Industry- Vail, Colorado, July 30-31, 1974 AMAX & Climax Molybdenum, USA, 1974 £110.00

British Road Federation London, 1956. Urban Motorways. Report of the London Conference organised by the British Road Federation, 1956. With illustrations British Road Federation, London, 1957 £160.00

DIESEL AND GAS ENGINE POWER DIVISION.39TH CONFERENCE American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1967 £120.00


Institution of Mechanical Engineers "British Postal Engineering; a Conference Jointly Sponsored By the Manipulative and Mechanical Handling MacHinery Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Post Office, 19th to 21st May, 1970" Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, 1971. £110.00

Ward, J.T. & Wilson, R.G. (Editors). LAND AND INDUSTRY. The Landed Estate and the Industrial Revolution. A Symposium. (ISBN: 0715353039 / 0-7153-5303-9) David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1971. £355.00

Various Economic growth and resources : proceedings of the fifth world congress of the International Economic Association held in Tokyo, Japan, 1977 : Volume 4, nationals and international policies. isbn 0333244419 Macmillan, London 1979 £90.00

Various Economic growth and resources : proceedings of the fifth world congress of the International Economic Association held in Tokyo, Japan, 1977 : Volume 3 natural Resources. isbn 0333277775 Macmillan, London 1980 £90.00

Various Economic growth and resources : proceedings of the fifth world congress of the International Economic Association held in Tokyo, Japan, 1977 : Volume 1 The major issues [ isbn 0333244435 Macmillan, London 1979 £90.00

Various Economic growth and resources : proceedings of the fifth world congress of the International Economic Association held in Tokyo, Japan, 1977 : Volume 2 -- Trends and Factors / edited by R.C.O. Matthews (ISBN: 0333244443 / 0-333-24444-3) Macmillan, London 1980 £90.00

Klussmann & Kluncker Karl Wolfskehl Kolloquium (ISBN: 9783835303935) Wallstein, Castrum Peregrini Presse, 1983 £45.00

Frey, Kenneth J. (editor) Plant Breeding A Symposium Held At Iowa State University Iowa State University Press, 1966 £45.00

Rujula, A. De, D.V. Nanopoulus und P.A. Shaver A Unified view of the Macro-And the Micro-Cosmos (First International School on Astroparticle Physics, Erice (Sicily, Italy), January 1987) 1st (ISBN: 997150393X) World Scientific, 1987. First ed. £220.00

Coulborn, Rushton, Ed. Feudalism in History. Princeton University Press. 1956 £60.00

"Thimann, Kenneth V.; Critchfield, William B.; Zimmermann, Martin H. (editors)" The Physiology of Forest Fires (Symposium at Harvard Forest, April, 1957) The Ronald Press Company, New York, 1958 £75.00

afcet [ed] raffic Control and Transport Systems, a symposium. (ISBN: 9780720428131) North-Holland Pub. Co., 1974. £70.00

G B Shaw / Narrated and Edited By Allan Chappelow Shaw the Villager and Human Being. A Biographical Symposium. Charles Skilton, London, 1961 £40.00

MORSE, D.E, et al [ed] Recent Innnovations in Cultivation of Pacific Molluscs, proceedings of an international symposium sponsored by the California Sea Grant College Program. held at La Jolla, California, USA, 1 December to 3 December 1982. (ISBN: 0444423508 / 0-444-42350 Elsevier, Amsterdam:, 1984. £140.00


Sutherland, Arthur E. (ed) Government Under Law. A Conference Held at Harvard Law School on the Occasion of the Bicentennial of John Marshall, Chief Justice 1801-1835 Cambridge, Mass Harvard Univ Press 1956. £70.00

Murton (R.K.) and Wright (E.N.) Editors. THE PROBLEMS OF BIRDS AS PESTS: INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY SYMPOSIA. NUMBER 17. 1st edition. Academic Press. London & New York., 1968. £75.00

Spilhaus, A.F. ( Editor ] EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union Volume 60 [complete] American Geophysical Union citizens, Washington, 1980. £120.00

Toussoun, T.A., Robert V. Bega and Paul E. Nelson (editors). Root Diseases and Soil-Borne Pathogens. University of California Press., 1970 £95.00

Eckardt, F E [Ed] Functioning of Terrestrial Ecosystems at the Primary Production Level. Proceedings of the Copenhagen Symposium. Fonctionnement des écosystèmes terrestres au niveau de la production primaire. Paris: UNESCO., 1968. £110.00

PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRD SPACE CONGRESS, March 1966 Cocoa Beach Florida 1966 £110.00

Mountbatten of Burma, Vice-Admiral The Earl. REPORT TO THE COMBINED CHIEFS OF STAFF BY THE SUPREME ALLIED COMMANDER SOUTH-EAST ASIA 1943-1945 London, HMSO, 1951 £60.00

Takamatsu ET AL "Analytic and experimental epidemiology of cancer;: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund (Princess Takamatsu symposia) (ISBN: 9780839106791)" University Park Press, 1973. £75.00

Abbott, Isabella A, Michael S. Foster & Louise F. Eklund. PACIFIC SEAWEED AQUACULTURE.Proceedings of a Symposium on Useful Algae Sponsored by the Pacific Area Sea Grant Advisory Program and The California Sea Grant College Program, March 6,7,8, 1980, Pacific Grove, California. California Sea Grant College California Sea Grant College Program £110.00

Ardus, D. A. [ed] Offshore Site Investigation: Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by The Society of Underwater Technology. (ISBN: 0860101606 / 0-86010-160-6) Graham & Trotman Limited, London, 1980 £160.00


American Statistical Society Proceedings of the Social Statistics Section, 1966. Paper and Discussions American Statistical Society, Washington 1966 £90.00

CPEM DIGEST 1980 CONFERENCE OF PRECISION ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS, 23-27 June 1980 in Braunschweig Braunschweig [1980 ] £90.00

International Water Supply Association: Twelfth Congress, Kyoto 1978 International Water Supply Association 1978 £95.00

G W A Dummer [ed] [ M J Lanigan ] "Proceedings of the First Microelectronics Lecture Course, Oxford 1965 [ includes ""the design of integrated circuits for computers"" by M J Lanigan" United Trade Press, London [1965] £350.00

H Hadley [ed] Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Magnet Technology, Oxford 1967 Rutherford Laboratory, 1967. First edition. £350.00

People and cities : report of the 1963 London conference organized by the British Road Federation in association with the Town Planning Institute London : British Road Federation, 1964. 1st Edition. £80.00

People and cities : report of the 1963 London conference organized by the British Road Federation in association with the Town Planning Institute London : British Road Federation, 1964. 1st Edition. £80.00

"Cushing, Colbert E.;Ecological Society of America;Oregon State University" Radioecology and Energy Resources: Proceedings of the Fourth National Symposium on Radioecology, May 12-14, 1975, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon (ISBN: 0879332506 / 0-87933-250-6) Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, 1976 £95.00

"Judd, William R. (Editor);" "State of Stress in the Earth's Crust; Proceedings of the International Conference, June 13-14, 1963, Santa Monica, California;" Elzevier, NY 1964 £120.00

"Grossman, Charles C; Holmes, Joseph H; Joyner, Claude; and Purnell, Edward W (editors)" Diagnostic Ultrasound: Proceedings of the First International Conference, University of Pittsburgh,1965 Plenum Press, New York, 1966. First ed. £120.00

Krizek & Hoopes [ed] Symposium on Basic Science in Plastic Surgery (ISBN: 080162746X / - vol 15 of the Proceedings of the symposium of the Educational Foundation of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, v. 10) (ISBN: 0801648521 / 0-8016-4852-1) Mosby, St Louis 1976 £110.00

Tanzer & Edgerton [ed] Reconstructive Surgery of the Auricle: v. 10: Symposium Proceedings (Proceedings of the symposium of the Educational Foundation of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, v. 10) (ISBN: 0801648521 / 0-8016-4852-1) C V Mosby, 1974 £110.00

"Spanides, A. G. (Ed); Hatzikakidis, Athan. D. (Ed)" "SOLAR AND AEOLIAN ENERGY. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Solar and Aeolian Energy; Sounion, Greece; September 4-15, 1961." Plenum Press, New York, 1964. £110.00

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 5TH SYNTHETIC GAS PIPELINE SYMPOSIUM, Chicago 1973 American Gas Assoc., Chicago 1973 £170.00

Proceedings of the International Conference on Magnetism, Nottingham 1964. Published in Association with Proceedings of the Physical Society by the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society. London 1964 £110.00

"Osterbrock, D.E.; O'Dell, C.R.; Swan, E.F. (editors)" Planetary Nebulae: Symposium No. 34, International Astronomical Union, Tatranska, Czechoslovakia, 4-8 September, 1967 D Reidel Publishing Co, Dordrecht, Holland, 1968. £90.00

Moore, Gary T. (ed) Emerging Methods in Environmental Design and Planning (ISBN: 0262130572 / 0-262-13057-2) MIT, 1971 £90.00

Flaks, I. P. (ed.) V International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions: Leningrad, USSR, July 17-23, 1967, Abstracts of Papers Publishing House Nauka, Leningrad, Russia, 1967 £90.00

Goldthwaite, Richard P. (editor) {Glacial ] Till, A symposium (ISBN: 0814201482 / 0-8142-0148-2) Goldthwaite, Richard P. (editor) £45.00

Perlmutter, Arnold Field Theory in Elementary Physics (ISBN: 0-306-41345-0) Plenum,1983 £90.00

Onesti, Kim & Moyer [ed] HYPERTENSION.MECHANISM AND MANAGEMENT, THE 26TH HAHNEMANN SYMPOSIUM (isbn 0808907905 Grune & Stratton, NY 1973 £190.00

Hogben, Lancelot Political Arithmetic: A Symposium of Population Studies (ISBN: 0415314070 / 0-415-31407-0) George Allen & Unwin, London, 1938. £75.00


Talsma & Philip Salinity and Water Use , a national symposium on Hydrology...1971(ISBN: 0333133099 / 0-333-13309-9) Macmillan, 1971 £110.00

Bib. Venezolana de Cultura Sexto libro de la Semana de Bello en Caracas, 22 - 29 nov 1956 Min. de Education, Caracas 1957 £220.00

Zelinsky, Wilbur, et al. Geography and a Crowding World: A Symposium on Population Pressures upon Physical and Social Resources in the Developing Lands. OUP 1970 £75.00

(Editor)/Devreese, Jozef T. Theoretical Aspects and New Developments in Magneto-Optics: Proceedings (ISBN: 0306405555 / 0-306-40555-5) Plenum Pub Corp, 1981. £180.00

PILLSBURY, Donald M. & Clarence S. LIVINGOOD (eds.). Proceedings of the XII International Congress of Dermatology, September 1962, volume 1 [ of 2 ] Excerpta Medica Foundation, Washington DC. Amsterdam, New York et al:, 1963. £50.00

HARLAND, W.B., SMITH, A. Gilbert & WILCOCK, B. eds. The Phanerozoic Time-scale: A Symposium Dedicated To Professor Arthur Holmes. Volume 120s A Supplement To The Quarterly Journal Of the Geological Society Of London. Geological Society of London, Dec 1964 £95.00

"Ellis, John; and Ferrara, Sergio, eds.; with Zichichi, Antonino, series ed" UNIFICATION OF THE FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLE INTERACTIONS II [ETTORE MAJORANA INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE SERIES, 15] (ISBN: 0306411660 / 0-306-41166-0) Plenum Press, New York, 1983 £140.00

Monachesimo e la Riforma Ecclesiastica ( 1049-1122) [ centro di studi medioevali VI ] Milano, centro di studi medioevali, 1971 £140.00

The British Association for the Advancement of Science / S J Jones [ed] DUNDEE AND DISTRICT. First edition Dundee: The British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1968. £60.00


Proceedings of the Symposium on Shaft Sinking and Tunnelling. Olympia - London 15th, 16th and 17th July 1959. The Institution of Mining Engineers, London, 1960. First Edition. £90.00

Kroeber, A. L. , Ed. Anthropology Today: an Encyclopedic Inventory (ISBN: 1299269729 / 1-299-26972-9) University of Chicago Press, 1953. £75.00

Hambridge, Gove[ed] Hunger Signs in Crops: A Symposium. Jointly published by the American Society of Agronomy and The National Fertilizer Assocaition, Washington DC, 1941 £60.00

BOHR Niels - and others Report of an International Conference on Fundamental Particles and Low Temperatures - held at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, on 22-27 July 1946 The Physical Society 1947 £180.00

Proceedings Actas del VIII Congreso Internacional de Arqueologia Crirtiana, Barcelona 5-11 Oct., 1969: Laminas [ the plate volume] Pont. Inst. di Archeologia Cristiana, Roma 1972 £140.00

GROVES, R.H. & RIDE, W.D.L. eds. Species at Risk: Research in Australia. Proceedings of a Symposium on the Biology of Rare and Endangered Species in Australia, sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science and held in Canberra, 25 and 26 November 1981.(ISBN 0858471027) Australian Academy of Science, 1982 £95.00

edited by J. Philip Hyatt "The Bible in modern scholarship; papers read at the 100th meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, December 28-30, 1964 /" Carey Kingsgate Press, 1966. £75.00

Kollar, Kru &c [ ed ] Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Phonon Physics (ISBN: 9971500027) World Scientific Publishing Co 1985 £160.00

Kuvi & Politi ed Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochastic Processes: v. 1 (ISBN: 9971500183) World Scientific Publishing Co 1985 £140.00

Shotwell James Thompson, Lindsay Samuel McCune and Moon Parker Thomas [ed] Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science in the City of New York, July 1926. International Problems and Relations. A Series of Addresses and Papers. Columbia UP, 1926. £110.00

"Bucurescu, D.; Ceausescu, V.; Zamfir, N. V. ed" Nuclear Collective Dynamics: Lectures of the 1982 International Summer School of Nuclear Physics, Poiana Brasov, Romania, 26 Aug.-7 Sep. 1982 (ISBN: 9971950693) World Scientific Publishing 1983 £140.00

L. Michel, J. Mozrzymas, A. Pekalski ed Spontaneous Symmetry Breakdown and Related Subjects: 18 February-2 March 1985, Karpacz, Poland (Xxi Winter School of Theoretical Physics XXI) (ISBN: 9971978547) World Scientific Pub Co Inc, 1985. £150.00

Bardeen,William A. & White,Alan R. ed Symposium on Anomalies, Geometry, Topology (ISBN: 9971978695) World Scientific, New York, 1985. £140.00

Robinson & Sullivan ed A Symposium on Carbenoxolene Sodium at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1967 Butterworths, 1968 £95.00

"Thomas, Gareth; Fulrath, Richard M.; Fisher, Robert M. (editors)" Electron Microscopy and Structure of Materials (Proceedings Fifth International Materials Symposium 'The Structure & Properties fo Materials-Techniques & Applications of Electron Microscopy', UCB, Sep 13-17, 1971) (ISBN: 0520021142 / 0-520-02114-2) University of California Press, 1972. £110.00

Goodall, David W. ed Evolution of Desert Biota (ISBN: 0292720157 / 0-292-72015-7) University of Texas Press, Austin 1976 £75.00

"Fustero, X. ; Verdaguer, E. ed" Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology: Proceedings of the XIVth GIFT International Seminar on Theoretical Physics (ISBN: 9971966603) World Scientific Pub Co Inc, Singapore., 1984. £75.00

SPAETH JR., JOHN WILLIAM. ndex Of The Transactions And Proceedings Of The American Philological Association, Volumes 1-100, 1870-1969. William Clowes and Sons, London: 1971 £75.00

Giersch, Herbert (ed.) The International Division of Labour Problems and Perspectives. International Symposium. (ISBN: 3163355218 / 3-16-335521-8) J. C. B. Mohr. Tübingen. 1974. £115.00

Iengo et al ed. Non-Perturbative Field Theory, proceedings of the Trieste Workshop.[ isbn 9971950847 World Scientific, 1983 £160.00

A Morales ed Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos (ISBN: 9789971950897) World Scientific Pub Co Inc, 1983. £85.00

"Ferrando, A.; Grifols, J. A.; Mendez, A." SU(3) x SU92) x U(1) and Beyond: proceedings of the XIIIth GIFT Itnernational Seminar on Theoretical Physics and Xth International Winter meeting on Fundamental Physics - 28 Jan - 6 Feb 1982, Masella (Girona) Spain (ISBN: 9971950790) World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd., Singapore, 1983. £140.00

"Prij, Jan; Jockwer, Norbert; Mirschinka, V.;" Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management VII: Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings, Boston, Massachusetts, Volume 26 (ISBN: 044400906X / 0-444-00906-X) North-Holland/Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1984 £120.00

FATTORI, BIANCHI ORDO, Il Colloquio Internazionale del Lessico Intellettuale Europeo, Roma 7-9 gennaio 1977, Atti a cura di Marta Fattori e Massimo Bianchi, 2 volumi, (Lessico Intellettuale Europeo, 20-21), Edizioni dell'Ateneo Roma, 1979 £120.00

Wright & Osburn edit Arctic and Alpine Environments Indiana UP 1967 £120.00

LOWE-McCONNELL, R.H.(ed). Man-Made Lakes (Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Royal Geographical Society, London on 30 September and 1 October 1965) Academic Press for the Institute of Biology, London, 1966. £60.00

Edward J. Cording, editor "Stability of Rock Slopes; Proceedings; Thirteenth Symposium on Rock Mechanics held at The University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois; August 30-September 1, 1971" American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, 1972. £85.00

"Kiraly, Z.; Klement, Z.; Solymosy, F. & Voros, J." Methods in Plant Pathology: With Special Reference to Breeding for Disease Resistance (ISBN: 0444998810 / 0-444-99881-0) Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, London, 1974 £60.00

National Bureau of Economic Research The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment: A Conference of the Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research Princeton University, Princeton, 1957 £60.00

Management of primary bone and soft tissue tumors: A collection of papers presented at the Twenty-First Annual Clinical Conference on Cancer, 1976, at . Hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston, Texas (ISBN: 0815102143 / 0-8151-0214-3) Year Book Medical, 1977 £50.00

Symposium Acqua Dolce dal mare, il inchiesta internazionale Milano 1967 £175.00

D’Auria, R., Fre, P edit "1st Torino Meeting on Superunification and Extra Dimensions, 22-28 September 1985, Torino, Italy / sponsored by I.S.I. (Institute for Scientific Interchange), I.N.F.N. (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), Universita` di Torino ; edited by R. D’Au" World Scientific, 1986. £160.00

Klein, Richard M., editor Plant Growth Regulation, Fourth International Conference on Plant Growth Regulation The Iowa State Univ. Press, Ames, 1961. £75.00


Heller, Gerhard Thermophysics of Spacecraft & Planetary Bodies, Radiation Properties of Solids & the Electromagnetic Radiation Environment in Space, Volume 20, Academic Press New York 1967 £110.00

E T Cook The Life of John Ruskin. Volume 2 [of 2] only, 1860-1900 Allen, London 1911. First ed. £40.00

"Siegenthaler, Walter; Luthy, Ruedi ed" Current Chemotherapy: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Chemotherapy, Zurich/Switzerland, 18-23 September 1977. Volumes I & II (ISBN: 0914826166 / 0-914826-16-6) American Society for Microbiology, Washington, D.C., 1978. £120.00

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