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Michelangelo The Sculptures of Michelangelo Oxford & London: Phaidon, nd [ 1940s?] £30.00

HENDY, Philip & GOLDSCHEIDER, Ludwig. Giovanni Bellini. Oxford & London: Phaidon, 1945 £40.00

Dolphin, Richard R. The International Book of Beer Can Collecting (ISBN: 0600313905 / 0-600-31390-5 Hamlyn, United Kingdom, 1977. First edition. £35.00

Grosser u. Kruska Gladbeck [ Glad Beck ] Stadt & Heute 1994 £25.00

Kiedrowski, Rainer & Bodenstein, Ekkehard Ruhrgebiet (ISBN: 389261119X / 3-89261-119-X) [The Ruhr] Artcolour, Hamm, 1994. £35.00

Gladbeck hat es Neomedia 1989 £25.00

Gladbeck, die familienfreundliche stadt Neomedia 1999 £25.00

Hiles, John A Complete and Comprehensive Dictionary of 12,500 Italian, French, German, English and Other Musical Terms, Phrases and Abbreviations : F Pitman Hart, London, nd [1880s??] £30.00

C H Oglesby & Kewes, L. I. Highway Engineering John Wiley, 1964 £30.00

BECKETT, Dorothy M. Knitted Garments for the Family London, Odhams Press Ltd., nd (c1940's) £20.00

J. Clifford. Voice & Speech in the Theatre. Pitman Publishing, 1960. AS NEW IN D/W £25.00

Jan Durdik et al The Pictorial encyclopedia of Antiques Hamlyn 1972 £20.00

The Compendium of Games [ board, card, dice ] Guild, London 1989 £20.00

HOOD, THOMAS. HOOD'S OWN : Or, Laughter Year to Year. Being Former Runnings of His Comic Vein, with an Effusion of New Blood for General Circulation. First and Second Series. (two volumes in one). E. Moxon, Son, and Co., London, nd [1861 ?] £110.00

Leo Tolstoy War and Peace Penguin / Collins 1972 £20.00

Anthony Stuart Snap Judgement Macdonald, London 1977. First edition £25.00

Evan John Crippled Splendour Nicholson & Watson 1938 reprint £20.00

Ernest Stern My Life My Stage Victor Gollancz, 1951. £20.00

Exhibition Catalogue JEAN-LOUIS FORAIN, 1852-1931 Musée Marmottan, Paris, Mai-Juin 1978. £60.00

M & M Hardwick Dickens's England BCA, LOndon 1976. £20.00

Halliday, M.A.K., McIntosh, Angus, Strevens, Peter The linguistic sciences and language teaching Longmans, London, 1965 £40.00

Gerald Stoodley Beat 'em don't Join 'em self published, nd [1970s?] £30.00

Harold B Rattenbury China - Burma Vagabond Travel Book Club, London, 1948. £35.00

NORDEN, Mary thnic Needlepoint (ISBN: 0297832174 / 0-297-83217-4 Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1993. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

Aphrodisiacs An Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom Guild Publishing, London, 1990. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes. Farnes, Norma [Edited by] The Goons The Story : Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes Virgin Publishing Ltd, London First edition 1997. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

W J Macqueen Pope Theatre Royal, Drury Lane W H Allen, London 1945 £20.00

GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS / Phair, Elsie Elizabeth THE POETRY OF GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS: A Survey and Commentary Cambridge Univ. Press 1933,. £35.00

Haggard, Lilias Rider A NORFOLK NOTEBOOK Faber and Faber, London, , 1947. 2nd imp. £30.00

RICHARDSON, Henry Handel [Pseud: ETHEL Lindesay Richardson Robertson] HUGH WALPOLE Foreword MAURICE GUEST Heinemann, 1922. Cheap edition £20.00

BECKWITH, Lillian, Illustrated by Douglas Hall BRUACH BLEND London: Hutchinson, 1978. AS NEW IN D/W £40.00

Cohen, The Rev Dr A The Five Megilloth Soncino Press, 1946. £30.00

Migot, Andre Tibetan Marches. The Travel Book Club [1955] £30.00

Giles Playfair [Edmund] KEAN:: THE LIFE AND PARADOX OF THE GREAT ACTOR. Reinhardt and Evans, London, 1950 £35.00

BRADLEY (N), Dr. The Old Burma Road. A Journey on Foot and Muleback. From the Diary, Notes and Reminiscences of Dr. Neville Bradley, for many Years a Medical Missionary in China. With a Foreword by Lady Erskine Crum Heinemann, 1945. £20.00

Anderson, Jean (ed) Late Joys at the Players' Theatre T.V. Boardman and Company Limited, London, 1943 £20.00

Hobson, Harold Theatre In Britain: A Personal View (ISBN: 9780714823393) Phaidon Press. Oxford. 1984. £25.00

J C Trewin Edith Evans Rockliff 1954 £20.00

John Gielgud Early Stages Falcon press, revised ed. 1948 £20.00

SCOFIELD, PAUL & J.C. TREWIN Paul Scofield. An Illustrated Study of His Work, With a List of His Appearances on Stage and Screen London Rockliff 1956, First Edition. £30.00

Cousteau, Capt. Jacques Yves and Dugan, James THE LIVING SEA. Hamish Hamilton, London 1963. First ed. £20.00

Susannah Constantine, Trinny Woodall What You Wear Can Change Your Life (ISBN: 1841882550 / 1-84188-255-0) Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2005. £20.00

RUSHBROOKE, C.S. and D.W. LAIDLAW-DICKSON LAIDLAW-DICKSON, D.W. Aeromodeller Annual, 1961-62. Model Aeronautical Press, Ltd, Watford, Hertfordshrie, 1961,. £25.00

WHITWORTH, Reginald Organ Stops and Their Use. Pitman, London, 1951 £20.00

Christie, Manson & Woods Fine Historical Steam Engine Models and Ship Models, Railway Relics, Locomotive Name Plates, Etc. Christie's Auction Sale Catalogue April 7th 1971. Christie, Manson & Woods. Christie's., London, 1971 £30.00

Nirvana "Commercial Cake Decoration; A Complete Treatise on the Correct Method of Decorating Cakes." London: Maclaren & Sons Ltd, n.d [c. late 1940s]. £20.00

O’Donoghue, Edward Geoffrey Bridewell Hospital, Palace, Prison, Schools from the death of Elizabeth to Modern Times. John Lane the Bodley Head, London, 1929. £50.00

Turner, Stuart RALLYING: Preparation Navigation Organisation London: G.T.Foulis & Co, 4th ed 1971. SIGNED by author. £30.00

Lingstrom Freda This is Norway London: Gerald Howe Ltd. 1933 £30.00


Ordnance Survey Walker's Britain, the complete pocket guide to over 240 walks and rambles BCA, London 1983 £20.00

West, Alick "A Good Man fallen among Fabians"" [ a study of George Bernard Shaw ]" London : Lawrence & Wishart, 1950. 1st Edition £25.00

Danys Val Baker Writers of Today Sidgwick, London 1946. First edition. £20.00

JOHN LEHMANN Ancestors and Friends. Eyre & Spottiswoode, London 1962 £40.00

O'Brien, Kate The Ante-Room London: Heinemann, 1934 £35.00

POTTER, Stephen One-Upmanship: Being Some Account of the Activities and Teaching of the Lifemanship Correspondence College of One-Upness and Gameslifemastery Rupert Hart-Davis, 1952. First edition £40.00

MacDonald, James Ramsay (1866-1937) Socialism: Critical and Constructive Cassell, London, 1921. First edition £50.00

The Drama Review: Italian theatre issue NY Univ.March 1978 £35.00

Felicitas Kuhn The Golden Story Book Collins 1969 £20.00

Twentieth century Poets Regency Press, London nd [1975?] £25.00

Fleetwood, the Revd. John: The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Being an Accurate and General History of All the Events and Discourses of Our Blessed Redeemer as Recorded By the Four Evangelists from His Birth to His Ascension Into Heaven J. Hagger & A. H. Payne, London & leipzig/dresden ca 1865 £250.00

P H Blair An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England Cambridg U.P 1959. £25.00

Hartley & Ingilby The Yorkshire Dales Dent 1960 £25.00

Reischek, Andreas Yesterdays in Maoriland - New Zealand in the Eighties, Translated and Edited By H. E. L. Friday onathan Cape, London, 1933, facsimile reprint, Wilson & Horton, Aukland £20.00

Wainwright , A. Wainwright in the Limestone Dales (ISBN: 9780718134914) Guild, UK, 1991. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

Westerman, Percy F., Illustrated by F. Gillett The Dispatch-Riders - The Adventures of Two British Motor Cyclists in the Great War London: Blackie & Son Limited, nd [1920?] £30.00

John Galsworthy the Plays Duckworth 1929. First edition. £30.00

Terry Smith Snooker. the players, the shot, the matches St Michael 1989 £20.00

Hicks, Roger and Sara Cooper Classic Cars (ISBN: 0862834163 / 0-86283-416-3 Colour Library Books 1987 £35.00

Marion Friedel, photog. Michael Friedel Malediven MM Photodrucke, 1999 £20.00

Peter Brookesmith Ghosts Book Club Associates, London, 1984. £35.00

Maurice Burton Animals of Europe the Ecology of the Wildlife Book Club Associates, London, 1979. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Michael Johnson Flying Dinosaurs Amazing, Easy-to-make Aerodynamic Models Guild / Penguin 1990 £30.00

Woman's Own Book of Flower Arrangements Newnes, London 1967 £20.00

Peter Ryan and Ludek Pesek SOLAR SYSTEM. (ISBN: 0713910437 / 0-7139-1043-7 BCA, 1978. £30.00

N BARNARD The complete home decorating book BCA 1999 £20.00

Christopher Hibbert the Tower of London Readers Digest / Newsweek 1971 £20.00

P Leprohon Paris Liber, 1980 £20.00

PAULO, BRYN WILLIAMS AND GIORGIO STIRANO D\'ALESSIO F1 2002: the world championship photographic review: behind the scenes. Ted Smart, 2002. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

CONRAN, Terence THE SOFT FURNISHINGS BOOK Guild Publishing, London, 1989 £20.00

Magazine Wanderlust, inspiring the free-spirited traveller Oct/Nov 1997 to Apri/May 1999, issues 24 to 33, lacking no 30. 9 vols. £30.00

ROWSE A L Heritage of britain Artus 1977, £20.00

N Courtney Diana, Princess of Wales Park Lane press. revised ed with additional photos. £20.00

Canby, Courtland The Past Displayed - A Journey Through The Ancient World Book Club Associates / Phaidon, Oxford, 1980. £20.00

Elaine Brumstead The Coats Book of Soft Furnishings, professional designs, hints and tips Guild, London 1987 £20.00

Jean Valbonne Greece Minerva eds., Geneve 1986 £20.00

The Country Life Book of the Natural History of the British Isles. (ISBN: 0600315401 / 0-600-31540-1 BCA / Country Life Books, Surrey, 1979. £35.00

Veronica Ions Egyptian Mythology Hamlyn 1968 £20.00

Eley, Wilson & Duffy Research into Architectural Competition Briefs, a report Dept. Environment, UK nd [1980s] £60.00

"Albin Stanescu ills;" My First Picture dictionary Brown watson, London 1977 £20.00

J Pope-Hennessy Queen Mary 1867-1953 Allen & unwin, London 1959 £25.00

John Robert Young The Dragon's Teeth. Inside China's Armed Forces. Guild Publishing, London 1987. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

On The Road : The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Maintain Repair And Improve Your Car (ISBN: 085685915X / 0-85685-915-X) Marshall Cavendish, London, 1981. Volumes 2, 3, 5,6,7,8,9 £20.00

Linguaphone - Holiday French - All the French You Need to Know for a Fortnight Colour Library Books (CLB), London, 1994. £20.00

The Chess Player 15 Chess Digest, Inc., 1978 £30.00

Kincaid, Lucy. Illustrated by Eric Kincaid. BENJI'S BOOK OF ABC (ISBN: 0904494128 / 0-904494-12-8 Brimax Books. 1977 £55.00

J H Srawley The Story of Lincoln Minster Raphel Tuck 1938 £30.00

Peel, H I F Elements of Radio Engineering. London: Cleaver-Hume., 1952. First edition £50.00

W. E. Johns Biggles Pioneer air fighter Dean & Son Ltd, London, nd [1950s] £40.00

W. E. Johns Biggles Works it Out Hodder, 2nd imp 1952 £40.00

W. E. Johns Biggles and the Black Peril Dean & Son Ltd, London, nd [1950s] £50.00

W. E. Johns Bigglesand the Black Peril Dean & Son Ltd, London, nd [1950s] £50.00

W. E. Johns Biggles of the Camel Squadron Dean & Son Ltd, London, nd [1950s] £50.00

W. E. Johns Biggles of 266 Dean & Son Ltd, London, nd [1950s] £40.00

DEUTSCH DIREKT! A combined BBC Radio and Television course for beginners in German. (ISBN: 0563210990 / 0-563-21099-0 BBC Books,, London:, 1988.. £40.00

Carpenter David Ilkley, the Victorian Era (ISBN: 1870071018 / 1-870071-01-8) Smith Settle, Yorkshire 1986 £60.00

Erich Maria remarque Shadows in Paradise Hutchinson, London [1972] Corrected proof copy £30.00

Charles Seligman Approach to Greek Art Studio Pubs., 1948 £35.00

A H Bowers Raffia-Work Pitman, London nd [1930s?] £35.00

W. C. Handy - Edited by Arna Bontemps with Foreword by Abbe Niles Father Of The Blues: An Autobiography Sidgwick & Jackson, 1957. £110.00

Coast, J P C The Land Agents' Society 1901-1939 Land Agents' Society [1939] £120.00

Pemberton, John Will Pickles of Wensleydale : The Life of a Country Doctor (ISBN: 0713802790 / 0-7138-0279-0 Geoffrey Bles, London, 1970. £30.00

Glancey, Jonathan The Car: A History of the Automobile (ISBN: 1842229427 / 1-84222-942-7) Carlton Books Ltd, 2003. £75.00

STANLEY W. FISHER Fine porcelain & pottery (isbn: 0706403908 / 0-7064-0390-8 Octopus, 1975. £40.00

DAVID DOUBILET LIGHT IN THE SEA (ISBN: 1853101818 / 1-85310-181-8) Swan Hill Press, Shrewsbury 1990 £60.00

MAISON, K E (Intro by Michael Ayrton) Themes and Variations - Five Centuries of Master Copies and Interpretations Thames & Hudson, London, 1960 £75.00

Rothenstein, John Augustus John Phaidon Press Ltd, Oxford & London, 1946. £70.00

Michelangelo / Goldscheider, Ludwig. Michelangelo: Paintings, Sculptures, Architecture. Phaidon, London 1953. First edition £120.00

Innes, T.A. & Castle Ivor, Editors Covenants With Death Daily Express Publication., London, 1934 £110.00

Linda McCartney Linda's Pictures: A collection of photographs. (ISBN: 039449959X / 0-394-49959-X) Knopf, New York, 1976. £120.00

HAFTMANN, WERNER Emil Nolde. Thames & Hudson, London 1959 £125.00

Bessy, Maurice A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural Spring Books, 1964. £50.00

"The Romance of Scott his home ;his work : his country Sir Walter Scott Centenary 1832 - 1932" Travel Press and Publicity Co. AS NEW £35.00

The Shanty Book. Part I, Sailor Shanties. Collected and Edited, with Pianoforte Accompaniment, by Richard Runciman Terry, with a Foreword by Sir Walter Runciman. London: J. Curwen & Sons, 1921 £40.00

Roberts-Goodson, R. Bruce Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding Bruce Roberts International, California, 1978 £35.00

Alan H Vaitses Lofting Int. Marine, Maine 1987 £35.00

Vivian Fuchs Oxford Illustrate Encyclopedia: Volume 1, the Physical World Guild Publishing / OUP 1985 £35.00

"Lukacs, George ; Bone, Edith (trans)" Studies in European Realism : A Sociological Survey of the Writings of Balzac, Stendhal, Zola, Tolstoy, Gorki and Others Hallway Publishing Co., London, 1950. £50.00

Sillanpaa, F E Meek Heritage The Otava Publishing Co, Helsinki, 1971. £40.00

Maurice Pacaut Frederick Barbarossa Collins 1970 £20.00

Colin Cowdrey M.C.C., the autobiography of a cricketer Hoddrer, 1976 £20.00

T S Eliot Murder in the Cathedral Faber, 2nd ed 1936 £30.00

Thomas Lowell The Untold Story of Exploration Harrap, London, 1936. £30.00

St John Ervine Robert's Wife, a comedy Allen & Unwin, 3rd imp., 1939 £30.00

P R Ackroyd Israel under Babylon and Persia OUP 1970 £25.00

Robert Crookall The Junge-Jaffe View of Out-of-the-body Experiences World Fellowship, UK 1970 £35.00

H House The Dickens World OUP 1969 £20.00

Tristram Coffin edits Ameican Folklore Voice of America, 1969. £25.00

Isaiah Berlin Four Essays on Liberty OUP 1969. £20.00

Ernest Jones The Life and Works of Sigmund Freud Penguin 1964 £25.00

Block & Salinger The Creative Vision, modern european writers on their art Grove, NY 1960 £20.00

A P Herbert The Thames Weidenfeld, London 1966. Signed copy £45.00

The Cannon Cookery Book containing valuable aids in the art of cooking. Tested in the Cannon Research Kitchen Twelfth Edition, Cannon Iron Foundries,Bilston, Staffs, 1932. £20.00

WINNICOTT, D. W THE MATURATIONAL PROCESSES AND THE FACILITATING ENVIRONMENT: Studies in the Theory of Emotional Development The Hogarth Press, London, 1965. First Edition. £70.00

M Verney Complete Amateur Boat Builder 3rd ed enlarged, Readers Union 1979 £20.00

Maccomby et al Readings in Social Psychology 3rd ed, Methuen 1966 £50.00

MAPLE, Eric. "The Complete Book of Witchcraft and Demonology. Witches, Devils, and Ghosts in Western Civilization (Three Books in One Volume) The Dark World of Witches; The Domain of Devils; The Realm of Ghosts." A.S. Barnes and Company, South Brunswick, NY, 1966. First Edition. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

"test book on the ""Whiteley"" self acting Mule" Wm, Wghiteley and sons, Lockwood, Huddersfield [july 1923] £75.00

Birds, Trees and Flowers - Illustrated Odhams Press- London [1947] £40.00

Edith Kenyon Scenes in the Life of Princess Alice W Nicholson and Sons., London.[11887] £60.00

Oparin, A. I Life: Its Nature, Origin and Development. From the russian Oliver and Boyd, 1961. £20.00

Maugham, Lord. THE TICHBORNE CASE. Hodder & Stoughton, 1936. £40.00

SPENCER, Herbert London's canal. The history of the Regent's Canal., Putnam, 1961. £25.00

Ewing, Juliana Horatia Lob Lie-By-The-Fire and other tales London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: no date [1900s?] £45.00

Craig, Andrew Weardale Days: Up the Square Naylor/Craig, 1999 £25.00

Bryan Little Abbeys and Priories in England and Wales BCA London 1979 £30.00

Gunn, Peter My Dearest Augusta: A Biography of the Honourable Augusta Leigh, Lord Byron's Half-Sister London: Bodley Head, First Edition 1968. £20.00

Edwards, Lt Com. K. THE NAVY OF TODAY. Blackie & Son, 1945 Revised edition £30.00

C V Wedgwood teh King's War 1641-1647 Collins 1959 £20.00

Laurence Sterne The Works of Laurence Sterne, with a life writen by himself Henry G Bohn, London, 185 £30.00

The Boys' Budget Backie,London, nd [1920s?] £60.00

A H Franks, editor, in collaboration with members of the Pavlova Commemoration Committee PAVLOVA, A Biography, Burke Publishing, 1956 £35.00


Peter L Duren "Theory of H[superscript p] spaces (Pure and applied mathematics; a series of monographs and textbooks)" Academic Press, 1970. £30.00

BIRKENHEAD, The Right Hon. Earl of FOURTEEN ENGLISH JUDGES Cassell & Company, London, 1927. £60.00

J R S Wilson Emotion and Object Cambridge U.P., First edition £20.00

W Y Carman Model Soldiers Letts, London 1973 £20.00

J F Dandy Shakespeare's Doctrine of Nature, a study of King Lear Faber, 1949. First edition £20.00

: Topographischer Atlas Bayern. Herausgegeben vom Bayerischen Landesvermessungsamt. Kartenwahl und Interpretation von Hans Fehn. München, List, 1968. NEw / NEUE £60.00

Ludovic Kennedy Sub-Lieutenant, a Personal Record of the War at Sea. Batsford, London, 1942. £20.00

Phillips-Lucas C.E. THE SPANISH PIMPERNEL. Heinemann 1960. First edition £30.00

HART , NORMAN DE V The bridge players bedside book Eyre, London 1939,. First edition. £40.00

Rose Henniker-Heaton Dinner with James. London: Elkin Mathews & Marrot, 1932 £20.00

Mrs Henry Wood Danesbury House Collins Clear-Type, nd [1910s?] £30.00

"""Cheiro""" Cheiro's Language of the Hand: a Complete Practical Work on the Sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy Containing the System and Experience of Cheiro London: Herbert Jenkins, enlarged ed, nd [1930s?] £25.00

Frank Arnau Three Thousand Years of Deception in Art and Antiques Jonathan Cape, London, 1961. £40.00

Edward garnett / John Galsworthy Letters from John Galsworthy 1900-1932 Cape, London 1934 First ed/ £20.00

Eve Curie Journey Among Warriors Heinemann 1943 £20.00

Athas, Daphne The Fourth World Secker & Warburg 1957 £25.00

D M & E M Lloyd A book of Wales Collins 1953 £20.00

W B jOHNSON FOLKTALES OF NORMANDY Chapman & Hall, 1929 £35.00

WHITING, John THE PLAYS OF JOHN WHITING. Saint's Day, A Penny for a Song, Marching Song Heinemann, London, 1957. £40.00

The Times Guide to The House of Commons 1974 The Times 1974 £50.00

The Times Guide to The House of Commons 1970 The Times 1970 £50.00

The Times Guide to The House of Commons 1966. The Times 1966. £50.00

P Pringle The Boys Book of Soccer for 1955 Evans 1954 £20.00

OUSBY, William J. The theory and practice of hypnotism Thorsons London 1967, £20.00

Theodore Fyfe Architecture in Cambridge: Examples of English architectural styles from Saxon to modern times The University Press, 1943. £20.00

Ronald Mason Sing All A Green Willow Epworth Press, 1967. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Potter, Stephen Potter on America :Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1956. 1st Edition. £40.00

DE JONGE, Alex Nightmare Culture: Lautréamont and Les Chants De Maldoror (ISBN: 043622450X / 0-436-22450-X) Secker, London 1973. First edition. £50.00

Margaret Drabble edits The Oxford Companion to English Literature New ed., Guild puiblishing 1989 £30.00

Loth, David The Brownings: A Victorian Idyll Tudor Publishing Co NY 1935 £20.00

P Scarlett Potter The farm by the Wood S.W.Partridge, nd [1890s?] £30.00

Sotheby Parke Bernet The Robert Von Hirsch Collection. Volume Three. Furniture and Porcelain. Sotheby Parke Bernet, London. 1978 £30.00

C Northcote Parkinson Parkinson's Law or the pursuit of progress John Murray 1958 £20.00

Henry Cecil A woman named Anne Michael Joseph, London 1967. First edition £30.00

FRENCH, ASHLEY [ Denise Robins ] Breaking Point. [ Romantic novel written by Denise Robins under the pseudonym Ashley French.] Hutchinson, London, 1956. £35.00

Maldwin Drummond edits The Royal Cruising Club, season 1982 Sutton Publishing 1983 £30.00

Munz, Sigmund Prince Bulow: the Statesman and the Man Hutchinson 1935 £30.00

Dennis F Shaw An introduction to electronics : Longmans, London 1962 £40.00

The Metropolitan Borough of St Pancras: The Official Guide St Pancras Borough Council, 10th ed., nd [1950s?] £30.00

The Metropolitan Borough of St Pancras: The Official Guide St Pancras Borough Council, 9th ed., nd [1940s] £40.00

LOCKE, John The Second Treatise of Civil Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration. Edited with an Introduction by J. W. Gough. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1946 £30.00

"British Railways Illustrated Resort Holiday Guide For 1955; Area No. 4 South West England" British Railways, London 1955. £50.00

Connell, Brian KNIGHT ERRANT - A BIOGRAPHY OF DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1955 £35.00

WORTHINGTON, S. and E.B. Inland Waters of Africa. The Result of Two Expeditions to the Great Lakes of Kenya and Uganda, with Accounts of their Biology, Native Tribes and Development. London: Macmillan, 1933 £40.00

Geiger, Rudolf The Climate Near the Ground Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1965 £35.00

MEE, ARTHUR [editor]. THE KINGS ENGLAND - Lincolnshire Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1949. First ed. £30.00

MEE, ARTHUR [editor]. THE KINGS ENGLAND - KENT - The Gateway of England and its Great Possessions. Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1946 £20.00

Haswell, Jock Spies & Spymasters. A Concise History of Intelligence. Thames and Hudson, London 1977. £30.00

Picciotto, Richard 'Pitch' Last Man Down. The Fireman's Story BCA, 2002.AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Cruse, Amy: English Literature Through the Ages : Beowulf to Stevenson George G Harrap, London, 1928 £40.00

STRUTT, RAYLEIGH G. Schoolboy Cricket: . The boys' and masters' guide. London, Stanley Paul, (1940s?) £20.00

Stamp, Don The Challenge of Archery (ISBN: 0713612606 / 0-7136-1260-6 Adam & Charles Black, London, 1971. First edition. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

"Journey to the World of Ninja and Kengo; a guide to the Kansai area" Uniplan Co,, Kyoto 1997 £50.00

Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf Pimlico 1997 £20.00

Todhunter, I. Spherical Trigonometry for the Use of Colleges and Schools with Numerous Examples Macmillan, London, 1871. Third Edition. £70.00

Frederick, Sir Charles et al FOX-HUNTING Seeley, Service & Co. Limited, London, nd [ ca 1930] £50.00

Merrifield, John A Treatise on Navigation Longmans Green and co, London, 5th imp., 1900 £60.00

Comrie & Thomson Black's Medical Dictionary Black, London 1951. 20th ed reset. £35.00

Mohammed / Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah, Al Azhari(RA): Jamal Ul Qur'an - the Beauteous Qur'an. (The Koran). (ISBN: 969502002X) : Zia ul Qur'an Publications, Pakistan, 2000. First edition thus. NEW IN DW £70.00

Mrs C Overend The Noble Printer: A Tale of the First Printed Bible Oliphant Anderson, Edinburgh nd [ presntation bookplate dated 1901] £35.00

RHODES, R. Compton: Harlequin Sheridan: The Man and the Legends. With a Bibliography and Appendices. Oxford: Basil Blackwell:, First edition, 1933 £30.00

Jonathan Swift Satires and Personal Writings OUP 1932 £30.00

H.M.S.O. The Royal Air Force Retired List (1974) H.M.S.O. 1974. £35.00

Leslie A Fiedler The Second Stone Heinemann, London 1966. First edition. £30.00

CALVERLEY, C.S. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF C.S. CALVERLEY. With a Biographical Notice by Sir Walter J. Sendall George Bell & Sons., London., 1905 £35.00

DICKENS, Charles / LANG, Andrew. The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot. Chapman & Hall. 1905 £60.00

Sarah Schulman Empathy, a novel Sheba Feminist Pubs., 1993 REVIEW COPY £20.00

Page, H Principles of Aerial Design Iliffe & Sons Ltd, 1966. £30.00

Flower, Robin The Irish Tradition Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1947. Firste dition £35.00

Welsford, Enid. The Fool: His Social and Literary History. Faber & Faber, London 1968. £30.00

Translated By Clare Dupont Itineraire Gourmand Des Castels Les Castels, Vannes Cedex France, 2003 £40.00

John Verney Seven Sunflower Seeds Collins, London, 1968 £75.00

Brand Blanshard The Nature of Thought (Library of Philosophy) Volume one only of a two volume set. G. Allen & Unwin, 1939, 2nd imp., 1948 £55.00

J N Murrell, S F A Kettle and J M Tedder VALENCE THEORY John Wiley & Sons, London 1965, 2nd printing 1966 £45.00

Maurice Walsh The Road to Nowhere Chambers 1934. First edition. Signed presentation copy. £50.00

Herculine Barbin Herculin Barbin: Being the Recently Discovered memoirs of a Nineteenth-century French Hermaphrodite The Harvester Press, Sussex, 1980 £50.00

Burton, John Wear Snapshots in India. Elliott Stock, London, 1912. £65.00

The Golden Book of Songs Blandford Press, London, 1956. £30.00

Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 A Corgi 007, nd ] London 1964?] £60.00

007 James Bond in Focus "Gildrose Productions; Mervyn Brodie & Associates, 1964" £40.00

Buhagiar, Mario. THE ICONOGRAPHY OF THE MALTESE ISLANDS 1400-1900: PAINTING. World Confederation of Salesian Past Pupils of Don Bosco Lions Club (Malta), 1987 £75.00

The Pictorial History of World War II (ISBN: 0861243870 Bison Book, 1988. £40.00

How to Write and Speak Better [ A Practical Guide to Using the English Dictionary More Effectively] (ISBN: 0276420306 / 0-276-42030-6 Reader's Digest Association 1996 £30.00

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