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Grocott, Alan Airborne from Manchester, A guide for beginners. CMC Publishers, 1987 £30.00

RITCHIE, Berry. Good Company : The Story of Scottish and Newcastle . (ISBN: 0907383084 "James and James;, 1999" £20.00

Mitchell, James (Ed) The Joy of Knowledge. Two vols complete Guild, London 1980 £50.00

Gill, Joan E. and Read, Beth R. (Editors) Born of the Sun Florida Bicentennial Commemorative Journal Inc., Hollywood, Fla., 1975 (1776-1976) £30.00

BRANTL, Klaus. MÜNCHEN / MUNICH / MONACO / MUNICH. Bruckmann Munchen., Munchen, 1969 £70.00

Candida Geddes The Complete Book of the Horse (ISBN: 0706407431 / 0-7064-0743-1 Octopus Books 1978 £35.00

Clapham, Wanda WANDA'S NEW ROSE BOOK. Signed and Inscribed By Author Self-published, Wanda Clapham, 1977 {USA] £95.00

MILK MARKETING BOARD OF ENGLAND AND WALES The dairy book of british food ( over 400 recipes for every occasion) (isbn: 0852237359 / 0-85223-735-9 Edbury Press, Great Britain, 1988 £20.00

Evelyn Findlater Off the Shelf : The Healthfood Shopper's Brandname Cookbook Guild, London, 1986. £30.00

Sarah Garland Wild Flowers of Britain Artus Publishing 1978 £20.00

J Clayton intros Flower Arranging BCA 1979 £20.00

Reader's Digest Library Of Modern Knowledge - 3 Volume Set Reader's Digest, London, 1981 £35.00

Simon Blackburn The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy OUP 1994 £20.00

Ferris, Timothy (Editor) The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics (ISBN: 0316281298 / 0-316-28129-8 Little Brown & Co, Boston., 1991 £20.00

Gaute & Odell The New Murderer's Who's Who Harrap, 2nd ed enlarged, 1989 £20.00

MCKNIGHT, HUGH The shell book of inland waterways Book Club Associates, London, 1980. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00


JONES, Harold (illustrates). Vipont, Elfrida (compiles). Bless this Day: A Book Prayer for Children Collins, London. 1958 £75.00

H B Kane The Tale of the Mouse Collins 1947 £30.00

Sorche Nic Leodhas All in the Morning early Bodley head, 1966 £20.00

Marokvia, Mireille and Artur Belle Arabelle The World's Work, 1964 £20.00

Trade Catalogue Church's English Shoes Church & Co, Northampton, nd [1980s?] £70.00

HORSFALL Magdalene and APPLETON Honor C. THE FAIRY LATCHKEY Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent & Co., c. 1905 £120.00

Edward Crankshaw Kruschev Collins 1956. First ed. £30.00

ACTON, Harold The Pazzi Conspiracy: The Plot Against the Medici. (ISBN: 0500250642 / 0-500-25064-2 London: Thames and Hudson, 1979. 1st ed. £50.00

Plato. Adam, James, Ed. The Republic of Plato. Edited with Critical Notes, Commentary and Appendices By James Adam. Second Edition, with an Introduction By D. A. Rees Cambridge U.P., Cambridge, 1963. Volume 1 [of 2 ] comprising Books I-V.. £75.00

Lewer, H. William The China Collector - A Guide to the Porcelain of the English Factories Herbert Jenkins. 1st Edition. No date. Circa 1912. £25.00

RUSSELL, BERTRAND Has Man A Future? London: Allen & Unwin, 1961 £30.00

Roger Bannister First Four Minutes Sportsman Book Club 1956 £20.00

William Shakespeare The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Arranged in Their Chronological Order. Volumes I and II. Garden City, New York: Nelson Doubleday, [1939] £30.00

JAKSTEIN, W. Liebe alte Stadt. (Altona). Hamburg 1942 £25.00

Michael Ridley Treasures of China Readers Union 1973 £35.00

Patrick Clifford Rear-Guard, a novel Putnam, London. First edition 1956 £25.00

Ostwald, Wilhelm: Outlines of General Chemistry. Transl James Walker. First Edition. London: Macmillan., 1890. £120.00

Storm, Stella [ed] Philosophy of Silver Birch Spiritualist Press, London, AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Gilpin, William: Observations on the River Wye (ISBN: 0855461780 / 0-85546-178-0) The Richmond Publishing Co, 1973. NEW £60.00

Agathe Christie Agathe Christie Crime Collection: 4.50 from Paddington, Lord Edgeware Dies & Murder in Mesopotamia . ISBN:6007660 London: Paul Hamlyn, 1969, AS NEW IN D/W. £30.00

Enid Blyton Five get into trouble Hodder 5th imp., 1953 £20.00

Vogel, Dr. H. C. A. The Nature Doctor A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Helpful Hints From the Swiss Folklore of Healing Verlag A Vogel, Tuefen, 1977 £25.00

Bernard Ramm The Christian View of Science and Scripture Paternoster Press, London 1960 £20.00

CLAPHAM, A R, T G TUTIN & E F WARBURG Excursion Flora of the British Isles Cambridge University Press, 1968. £25.00

Mottram, Tony and Joy Modern Lawn Tennis Nicholas Kaye, London, 1957. £30.00

D Guy Adams, editor BACKWATER, Oflag IX A/H Lower Camp Frederick Muller Ltd, London, first edition, 1944 £40.00

edited by B. Rajan & Andrew Pearse FOCUS 2 1st Edition. London, 1946 £30.00

Louise Gerrard The Harbour of Desire London, Mills & Boon,1927 £30.00

Doris Mary Alford "Kindling Light, The; A Collection of Poems" The Fortune Press, London 1968. First edition £50.00

Searle, Ronald and Willans, Geoffrey. Back In The Jug Agane. Max Parrish, London 1959. First edition £120.00

Monica Borner & Bernard Stonehouse Orang Utan, orphans of the Forest Book Club Associates, London, 1979. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

Margaret A Murray The Splendour that was Egypt New & revised ed., Book Club Associates, London, 1973. AS NEW IN D/W £25.00


HENCKEN, Hugh. Tarquinia and Etruscan Origins: Ancient Peoples and Places series. Edited by Glyn Daniel. London, Thames and Hudson, 1968. First edition £35.00

D C Browning Everyman's Dictionary of Shakespeare Quotations Dent 1970 £20.00

T R Glover The Ancient world, a beginning Cambridge Univ. Press, 1935, first ed. £30.00

Robbins, Rossell Hope THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WITCHCRAFT AND DEMONOLOGY Fourth Impression. Spring Books 1968 £65.00

Iona Opie and Moira Tatem, editors A Dictionary of Superstitions (ISBN: 0198661754 / 0-19-866175-4 Oxford Univ Pr, 1990. AS NEW IN D/W £35.00

Ivor H. Evans revises Brewer's Dictionary Of Phrase And Fable Book Club Associates, London, 1978, Centenary edition £30.00

Velde, Van de. Ideal Marriage: Its Physiology and Technique. London: William Heinemann Medical Books, 1930. £35.00

Massingham, Hugh & Pauline The London Anthology Phoenix House, London, 1951 £30.00

Burke, Thomas. The streets of London through the centuries. Fourth edition. London, Batsford 1949. £30.00

Countess Morphy Recipes of All Nations Herbert Joseph for Selfridge & Co., London, nd [1930s?]. £40.00

JONES, L.E. Georgian Afternoon Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1958 £20.00

SEAVER, George. EDWARD WILSON: NATURE-LOVER. John Murray 1938 £35.00

Brereton, Austin The Literary History Of The Adelphi And Its Neighbourhood T Fisher Unwin, 1908. 2nd edition. £30.00

Bruce, Sir Michael Tramp Royal Elek London 1954 £25.00

Chapman, Hester W. Privileged Persons: Four Seventeenth-Century Studies London: Jonathan Cape, 1966, £30.00

STARK, Freya Ionia: A Quest. Readers Union, 1956 £30.00

G B Wood Yorkshire Villages Hale, London 1971 £20.00

J Mitchell The Ilford Manual of Photography Ilford Ltd., 1956 £20.00

John P. O'Connell (edited by) "The Prayer Book: Beautiful and helpful prayers from ancient and modern sources ; The Life of Christ" The Catholic Press, Chicago, 1954 £60.00

Mtv Unplugged (ISBN: 0--671-54523-X) Pocket Books, 1995 NY £50.00

Gee, Stephen. editor Nostalgic Halifax. (ISBN: 1903204305 / 1-903204-30-5) Halifax: True North Books Ltd, 2000 £35.00

Hanfstaengl-Drucke. Große farbige Wiedergaben nach Meisterwerken Alter und Neuer Kunst. Berlin, Hanfstaengl, o.J.[ 1954?] £50.00

Andersen, Hans Christian Illustrated by Jiri Trnka "Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales;" London, Hamlyn, 1971 £20.00

FELIX, DENNIS MUHAMMAD ALI: THE GLORY YEARS (ISBN: 0091886805 / 0-09-188680-5) Ted Smart 2002. £75.00

Nawrat , Chris and Steve Hutchings THE SUNDAY TIMES ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF FOOTBALL (ISBN: 185613427X / 1-85613-427-X) Hamlyn 1998 £30.00

Moore, Captain John (editor). Jane's Naval Review-Fifth Year of Issue-1986. (ISBN: 0710603703 / 0-7106-0370-3 Jane's Publishing, London, 1986.[ as new in d/w ] £30.00

Mary Ford THE COMPLETE BOOK OF CAKE DECORATING (ISBN: 0946429367 / 0-946429-36-7 Mary Ford Publications Ltd, 1991 £20.00

R S Schiff Jazz, Blues, Boogie & Swing for Piano MCA, NY nd [1970s?] £20.00

John Burnet , Tait and Lorne The Information Book of Sir John Burnet, Tait and Lorne Architectural Press, London, 1934. £50.00

DEJARDIN, L. A. E The Church in Kirton in Lindsey a History The Kirton in Lindsey Society, 1993. £45.00

Godfrey Talbot The Country Life Book of the Royal Family (ISBN: 0600376486 / 0-600-37648-6 Country Life Books, 1980. AS NEW IN D/W £20.00

The Complete Illustrated Home Book Associated Newspapers Ltd, nd [1930s?] £20.00

Barley, Maurice Nottingham Now Nottingham Civic Society, 1975. £30.00

Larkin, Dr. Peter & Stockman, Mike Ultimate Encyclopedia of Dogs, Dog Breeds & Dog Care (ISBN: 1843095610 / 1-84309-561-0) Hermes House, London, 2002. AS NEW IN D/W £50.00

Japanese Colour Travel Guide: Britain Tourist Board, 1990s? £30.00

Antony Jay Elizabeth R : The Role of the Monarchy Today (ISBN: 9780563362722) BCA, London, 1992. AS NEW £30.00

HASLEHUST, Ernest W - Painted By "OUR BEAUTIFUL HOMELAND - Canterbury; Winchester; Isle of White; Swanage" The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd, Covent Garden, London nd [1920s] £40.00

Robinson, David N. The Book of the Lincolnshire Seaside. The Story of the Coastline from the Humber to the Wash. (ISBN: 0860231224 / 0-86023-122-4 Barracuda Books, Buckingham, 1981 £60.00

Gunther Treffer Salz Kammergut Brandstatter, Osterreich,nd [1980s?] £20.00

R Mathis Aesop's Fables Guild, London 1986 £102.00

The Horizon Book of Railways Paul Hamlyn. 1961, £20.00

FAIRY TALES AND NURSERY RHYMES : Birn Brothers Ltd. nd [ 1940s?] £20.00

Thomas Creevy / edited by J. Gore: CREEVEY'S LIFE AND TIMES.A Further Selection from the Correspondence of Thomas Creevey. Born 1768-Died 1838. John Murray. London . Cheap Ed., 1937 £40.00

Everett-Green E: Gladys or Gwenyth: The Story of a Mistake Thomas Nelson and Sons -circa, 1900. £30.00

BBC YEAR BOOK 1951 First edition British Broadcasting Corporation 1951 £40.00

BAWDEN, Edward (dustwrapper illustrator) BBC YEAR BOOK 1947. First edition British Broadcasting Corporation 1947. £40.00

Richard Hering Hering's dictionary of classical and modern cookery and practical reference manual for the hotel, restaurant and catering trade: Brief recipes, professional . drinks, menu knowledge and table service Virtue and Company, 1994 £35.00

Dowden, Edward A History of French Literature (ISBN: 9780836966442) 1897, reprinted 1972 by Books for Libraries Press, NY £40.00

Carnegie, Dorothy (ed) Dale Carnegie's Scrapbook a Treasury of the Wisdom of the Ages Edited, with a Selection of Dale Carnegie's Own Writings (ISBN: 0671189506 / 0-671-18950-6 Simon & Schuster, New York, 1959 £20.00

Charles Dickens Christmas Books Chapman & Hall 1876, facsimile reprint, G E Fabbri, London 1993, for the DickensCollection £30.00

Frazer, Sir James George THE GOLDEN BOUGH : A Study in Magic and Religion MacMillan & Co Ltd 1923 (Abridged Edition) £20.00

BRANDER MICHAEL. HO FOR THE BORDERS. London. Bles, 1964. 1st edn £20.00

Lawrence Faucett Six Great teachers of Morality Shinozaki Shorin, Tokyo 1958 £60.00

Rolland, Romain & Moncure-Sime, A.H. Some Musicians of Former Days/Shakespeare: His Music and Song [ 2 vols in 1] Waverley Book Co., London, nd [1920s?] £40.00

Thompson, C. J. S. (Charles John Samuel) The mysteries and secrets of magic. (ISBN: 0883560054 / 0-88356-005-4 New York: Causeway Books, 1973 £35.00

ANSON George. (Edited with an Introduction by Glyndwr Williams) A VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD IN THE YEARS 1740-44. (ISBN: 0192554026 / 0-19-255402-6 Oxford University Press 1974. £80.00

Robertson, Thomas "Human Ecology : The Science of Social Adjustment;" Glasgow, Wm MacLellan, 1948 £40.00

DONNITHORNE, AUDREY. China's Economic System. London. Allen & Unwin. 1967 £120.00

Montessori., Maria DR. MONTESSORI'S OWN HANDBOOK. 1914, reprinted Cambridge, Mass, Robert Bentley 1966 £20.00

Maurice Baring: Cat's Cradle Heineman, London 1926 £30.00

Framp (Charlie), foreword by Lord (Len) Murray Crimson Skies: The History of a Twentieth Century English Working Man. (ISBN: 090266283X / 0-902662-83-X) "Boston, Lincs; Richard Kay, 1988" £30.00

Lyn Elis I Didn't Have Cancer for Nothing Richard Kay, Boston, UK, 1987. £20.00

Carpentry for Beginners Evans Bros., London, nd [1930s?] £30.00

Mrs. Henry De La Pasture The Unlucky Family The Folio Society, London, 1980. £40.00

Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities Chapman & Hall 1875, facsimile reprint, G E Fabbri, London 1993, for the DickensCollection £30.00

Kyoto By Camera And Pen Asahi Press, Tanko-Shinsha Co, Ltd. 1963, £35.00

TRAVIS, W G. / SAVIDGE, J.P., HEYWOOD, V.H. & GORDON, Vera (editors). TRAVIS'S FLORA OF SOUTH LANCASHIRE. Liverpool: Botanical Society, 1964 £50.00

Biancolli, Louis and William S. Mann. (Editors) THE ANALYTICAL CONCERT GUIDE. Cassell, 1957 £30.00

Nuttall / Wood, James extends & improves Nuttall's Popular Dictionary of the English Language, based on the labours of the most eminent lexicographers Frederick Warne and Co , London , 1930 £35.00

Charles Dickens David Copperfield Chapman & Hall, facsimile reprint, G E Fabbri, London 1993, for the DickensCollection £50.00

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Chapman & Hall 1874, facsimile reprint, G E Fabbri, London 1993, for the DickensCollection £30.00

Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities Chapman & Hall 1875, facsimile reprint, G E Fabbri, London 1993, for the DickensCollection £30.00

Charles Dickens Great Expectations Chapman & Hall 1875, facsimile reprint, G E Fabbri, London 1993, for the DickensCollection £30.00

Honey, W B Old English Porcelain: A Handbook For Collectors Faber & Faber, London, 1948, new ed. £30.00

Sarah G Millin Rhodes Chatto, London 1933. First ed. £30.00

Hill, Adrian Art Versus Illness: A Story of Art Therapy George Allen, London, 2nd ed., 1948 £35.00

James E Wheeler, editor THE PRACTICAL MAN'S BOOK OF THINGS TO MAKE AND DO, Odhams Press Ltd, nd [1940s?] £35.00

Kingsley, Charles The Water Babies Retold for Younger Readers from the Story (series: Early Reader Series #27) Spring Books, London, nd [1960s?] £25.00

Picasso / Ripley, Elizabeth Picasso Oxford University Press, London, 1959 £30.00

Sawyer, L.A. and W.H. Mitchell. The Liberty Ships. The history of the 'Emergency' type cargo ships constructed in the United States during World War II. "Newton Abbot; David & Charles 1970" £50.00

"Topsfield, Andrew;Victoria and Albert Museum" An Introduction to Indian Court Painting (ISBN: 0112903835 / 0-11-290383-5 London:H.M.S.O., 1984 £60.00

HAYWARD, Charles FURNITURE DESIGNS for Dining Room, Sitting Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Hall including Scale Elevations, Construction Drawings, Cutting Lists. Evans Bros, London 1954 £30.00

David Turashvili His Majesty Georgian Wine Georgian Wine and Spirits Company, 2000 £90.00

"VERLET, Pierre; Michel FLORISOONE, Adolf HOFFMEISTER & François TABARD." The Art of Tapestry. London: Thames & Hudson, 1965 £150.00

Len Deighton The Battle of Britain BCA 1980 £20.00

Michael Wood In Search of the Dark Ages BCA 1981 £30.00

The Macmillan Encyclopedia of Art Book Club Associates, London, 1981. £30.00

Kittel, Charles Introduction to Solid State Physics (3rd edition) John Wiley 1967, 3rd edition £40.00

Blyton, Enid. Illustrated by E.M. Dawson & Grace Lodge & et al. THE EIGHTH HOLIDAY BOOK Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd. [1953] £90.00

Mockba Moscow Moscou Moskau Moscu 1962 Mockba 1962 £40.00

Bosi, R The Life and Times of Cortes Hamlyn 1969 £30.00

Kanneth Clarke Civilisation, a personal view BBC 1969. £20.00


Amy steedman The Child Jesus Nelson, London nd [1930s?] £20.00

Arthur Rackman illustrates Fairy Tales from Many Lands Book Club Associates, London, 1976. £20.00


Wolstenholme, K 1970 Official World Cup Preview World Distrib., Manchester 1969. AS NEW £30.00

TV Cowboys Zane Grey's Western Annual World Distributors, Manchester 1966 £20.00

TV Cowboys Laredo Annual Universal TV 1966 £20.00

BBC TV: David Coleman's Grandstand Book of Sport World Distrib., Manchester 1967 £20.00

CLUNN, H.P. The Face of London. A completely new and revised edition Spring Books,n.d.[1970s?] £30.00

Jwing-Ming, Dr. Yang ADVANCED YANG STYLE TAI CHI CHUAN Volume One Tai Chi Theory and Tai Chi Jing (ISBN: 0940871025 / 0-940871-02-5 Yang's Martial Arts Association, Massachusetts, 1987. £30.00

K Adlard Coles Heavy weather Sailing Self published, Adlard Coles Ltd 1967 £38.00

Gilbert White The Natural History of Selbourne Arrowsmith, London, nd [1930s?] £20.00

Swain, Margaret. Scottish Embroidery. Medieval to Modern. (ISBN: 0713446382 / 0-7134-4638-2 Batsford, 1986 £40.00

"Boulton, E. H. B.; Jay, B. Alwyn" BRITISH TIMBERS Their Properties, Uses and Identification With Notes on the Growth and Cultivation of the Trees Adam & Charles Black, London, 1946. £25.00

Essential Guide to Beauty Eaglemoss Pubs, nd. [2000s?] Issues 1-35 £50.00

Benet, William Rose The Reader's Encyclopedia Book Club Associates, London, 1972 £20.00

Benet, William Rose The Reader's Encyclopedia Book Club Associates, London, 1972 £20.00

Bates, Margaret. Scottish and Irish Baking Book. The Cookery Book Club, 1968 £30.00

Aldous Huxley: Stories, Essay & Poems Everyman's Library, J.M. Dent, London 1938 £30.00

Milton, John: Poetical Works Everyman's Library, J.M. Dent, London 1941 £20.00

Tchekhov: Plays and Stories Everyman's Library, J.M. Dent, London 1937 £20.00

Webster & Ford: Plays Everyman's Library, J.M. Dent, London 1933 £20.00

W H Hudson: Far Away and Long Ago Everyman's Library, J.M. Dent, London 1939 £20.00

F Pain The Practical Wood Turner: use of gouge and chisel, face-plate turning, chucking, parting, boring, special work, etc. Evans Brothers Limited, London, 1962 £30.00

Buckeridge, Anthony. Illustrated by Mays. Jennings, of course Collins. 1965. £20.00

RAFTERY, Joseph. PREHISTORIC IRELAND. First edition Batsford, 1951. £50.00

Norbury & Agutter Odhams Encyclopaedia of Knitting Odhams Press, London, nd [1950s?] £35.00

Collins Westminster Dictionary: An English Dictionary with 60,000 References followed by a 192 Page Supplement on Everyday English Usage. London: Collins 1962 £30.00

Freytag, H. The Hasselblad Way. The Hasselblad Photographer's Companion. London. Focal Press, 1968 £55.00

Rhoades, Walte The Hidden City, a Story of Central America. London.: S.W. Partridge & Co., 1907. £50.00

Lippincott, William Adams POULTRY PRODUCTION Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1940. Sixth Edition, Thouroughly Revised by Leslie E. Card £40.00

Bontekoe, Willem Ysbrantsz & Geyl, Pieter (ed.) Willem Bontekoe: Journal or Memorable Description of the East Indian Voyage of Willem Ysbrantz Bontekoe of Hoorn .1618-1625 George Routledge & Sons, London, 1929 £75.00

Gray, Thelma The Welsh Corgi : Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire Types Watmoughs Limited, London. Third Edition Revised, nd [1950?] £40.00

WALPOLE, Hugh JOHN CORNELIUS. His life and adventures. Macmillan ., 1937. First public edition. £30.00

Mrs Hemans, Felicia Dorothea (Browne). THE POETICAL WORKS Reprinted from the early editions, with memoir, explanatory notes, etc. Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, London, 1891. The Albion edition £50.00

The Wonders of Water, Being Pleasant Talks About the Great Deep and Its Inhabitants. London: G. Morrish, nd [1900s?] £30.00

D C Money Introduction to Human Geography University Tutorial Press 1964 £20.00

Zwilling, Ernst A. Jungle Fever. Travel Book Club 1956 £35.00

Isler, Alan Op. Non Cit.: Four Tales (ISBN: 0224043862 / 0-224-04386-2 London: Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1997 £25.00

Porritt, Arthur It Happened Here. Some events which have 'made news' in Halifax and district from the 15th to the present century recalled from records and re-written by Arthur Porritt. Second series. Fawcett, Greenwood & Co., Halifax 1959. £35.00

M Nelkon Light and Sound Heinemann 1962, 2nd ed. £20.00

NICHOLS, Beverley. The Art of Flower Arrangement.with drawings by William McLaren. London & Glasgow: Collins, [1967] First Edition. £40.00

Collins, Wilkie. The Woman in White. Bernhard Tauchnitz,, Leipzig:, 1860 £110.00

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst The Way to the East, songs of the building craft and songs by the way. Watkins, london 1984 £65.00

Paul N. Hasluck DOMESTIC JOBBING: The Repair of Household Articles Cassell and Company, Ltd, London, 1916 £40.00

Hart, Ivor B. & Laidler, W. Elementary Aeronautical Science Oxford Press, Oxford, 1923. £75.00

Lee, A W Once Dark Country - Recollections and Reflections of a South African Bishop London: SPCK, 1949. First Edition £30.00

Rolt, L T C Red For Danger David and Charles 1966 £30.00

St. Chrysostom' St. Chrysostom's picture of the Religion of His Age. Published Under the Direction of the Tract Committee Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, 1875 £35.00

Kennedy, John The Days of the Fathers in Ross-Shire John Maclaren, Edinburgh, 4th ed., 1867 £110.00

Baroness Carla Jenssen I Spy Jarrolds Publishers, London. First Edition. No Date. ( c. 1920 ) £40.00

Gasquet, Abbot Parish Life in Mediaeval England London: Methuen 1906 £45.00

Cowling, Maurice Religion and Public Doctrine in Modern England (ISBN: 0521232899 / 0-521-23289-9 Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1980. £35.00

GROTE, George.: A History of Greece: From the Time of Solon to 403 B.C. Condensed and Edited with Notes and Appendices by J.M. Mitchell amd M.O.B. Caspari. London: George Routledge & Sons, Limited, 1930. £70.00

WARD C S Surrey and Sussex [including Tunbridge wells] Dulau, 1897 £45.00

Eric parker HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS IN SURREY. With Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. London, Macmillan 1921 £30.00

M L Ridley "Mortimer's Friend; or Goldengates" New ed., John Shaw, nd [1890s?] £20.00

Hugh Barr, James G. Holburn MacGibbon's MO.T. Orals and Marine Engineering Knowledge James Munro, Glasgow, nd [1930s?] £40.00

Karl Breul, enlarged by Lepper & Kottenhahn Cassell's German & English Dictionary Cassell & Co. Ltd.,1942 £35.00

Carr, Edward Hallett SOCIALISM IN ONE COUNTRY, 1924-1926: A History of Soviet Russia--Volume One (1) Only MacMillan & Company Ltd., London, 1958 £30.00

Chaucer, Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales The Leisure Circle Library 1982 £30.00

edward carran The Soviet Spy web Ampersand 1961 £30.00

WAUGH, Alec The Coloured Countries. London: Chapman & Hall, 1930 £20.00

Eden, Guy Portrait of Churchill Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., London nd [1946] £20.00

GAVER, Jack, edited by Critics' Choice: New York Drama Critics' Circle Prize Plays Arco Publications, London, 1959, 2nd ed. £30.00

Van Druten, John The Widening Circle Heinemann, 1957. £20.00

W E Williams Applications of Interferometry Methuen & Co: Monographs on Physical Subjects, London, 1954 £30.00

R W James X-RAY CRYSTALLOGRAPHY Methuen & Co Monographs on Physical Subjects, London, 1945. Third edition £30.00

Richard Sudell THE NEW ILLUSTRATED GARDENING ENCYCLOPEDIA Odhams Press [1930] £35.00

Markmann C.L. & Sherwin M The Book of Sports Cars. Mulle, London, 1960 £140.00

G W Rhead: The Earthenware Collector Jenkins 1920 £35.00

Joseph Blakey University Mathematics: a Textbook for Students of Science and Engineering Blackie & Sons Ltd, 1956. £25.00

Moeller, Therald Inorganic Chemistry. An Advanced Textbook. New York: Wiley., 1956 £30.00

BAKIR, SITARE TURAN Iznik cinileri ve Gulbenkyan Koleksiyonu. [ Iznik tiles and the Gulbenkian Collection ] Ankara: Kultur Bakanligi, 1999. AS NEW IN D/W £350.00

Lancelot Hogben Mathematics for the Million: A Popular Self Educator George Allen & Unwin, London, 1945 £35.00

Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald. IN SEARCH OF SCOTTISH ANCESTRY. Phillimore, 1973, 2nd imp. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

Schwartz, Gary / Rembrandt Rembrandt's Universe - His Art, His Life, His World (ISBN: 0500093318 / 0-500-09331-8 Thames & Hudson, London, 2006. NEW £120.00

Yigael Yadin Masada : Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand Book Club Associates, London, 1971. £20.00

C Wright Mills The Power Elite OUP, NY 1957 £20.00

M H Marx Psychological Theory, contemporary readings Macmillan NY 1956 £25.00

Dom Hubert van Zeller The Inner Search Sheed & Ward 1957. First ed. £20.00

P Magnus Kitchener, portrait of an Imperialist Murray, London 1958. First ed. £30.00

Cecil Hunt Talk of the Town, the place names in our language Jenkins, London 1951 £30.00

David Lewer: A Spiritual Song The Templar's Union, London, 1961. £40.00

Pierce, Philip N. and Karl Schuon John H. Glenn: Astronaut George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., London, 1962. £40.00

Macrow, Brenda G Kintail Scrapbook Edinburgh & London: Oliver & Boyd, , Presumed First Edition, 1948. £30.00

Sladek, John THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Gollancz, London, 1968 £150.00

A Scott The Complete Commodore 64: PLUS a collection of 12 other separate books on the Commodore 64 all published in the1980s. £120.00

Merten, Ernst Rembrandt and his contemporaries Artline Editions, 1989. £25.00

Merten, Ernst Flemish Painting (ISBN: 1871487161 / 1-871487-16-1) Artline Editions, 1990. £25.00

Kate Burnett, Peter Ruthven Hall 2D 3D (ISBN: 0952930927 / 0-9529309-2-7) SOCIETY OF BRITISH THEATRE DESIGNERS, 2002. £35.00

Introduction By Robert Graves Larousse Encyclopedia of Modern History London: Paul Hamlyn 1964 £22.00

Richard Cooper. Country Artists for the Discerning Country Artists Limited, 1996. £40.00

MACKINNON J & K Animals of Asia, the Ecology of the Oriental Region, 1975 Book Club Associates, £35.00

E MASCHWITZ, MUSIC BY HANS MAY Clarissima, a musical comedy romance : vocal score Keith Prowse, London nd [1950s?] £30.00

G A Baroli Visioni di Roma Ist,Geog. de Agostini Nova 1945 £45.00

Revie et al Battle, a history of conflict on land, sea and air BCA London1974 £30.00

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