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Ambler, E. DR FRIGO. 1974. £40.00


Alington, C. MORE ETON FABLES. 1927. £24.00

Aldington, R. THE CRYSTAL WORLD. First edition. 1937. £60.00

Aldington, R. THE EATEN HEART. First edition. 1933. £36.00

Aldeba Militaria. ESTADO MAJOR. Madrid1990. £24.00

Alcott, L.M. JO'S BOYS AND HOW THEY TURNED OUT. Boston, 1886. £120.00


Alcott, L.M. AUNT JO'S SCRAP-BAG. Boston, 1872. £120.00

Abercrombie, L. PHOENIX. 1923. £40.00

Abbott, J. ROLLO IN GENEVA. New York, 1880. £30.00

[Wilde, O]. PROFUNDIS. Berlin, 1922. £60.00



---- THE PICK OF PUNCH: AN ANNUAL SELECTION. 1947,48, 50,52,52,53, 1957 £20.00



THE BOOK OF THE OLD EDINBURGH CLUB. Edinburgh, for the members, 1942 - 72. £550.00



---- CHINA HANDBOOK 1937-1943. N.Y. 1943. £32.00


(Ward,T.H.) ENGLISH ART IN THE PUBLIC GALLERIES OF LONDON. Boussod Valodon, 1888. £500.00

(Lazarro) SIECLE. 1960s-70s. £700.00

Civil engineeering Le Genie Civil.Revue générale hebdomadaire des industries françaises et étrangères - Industrie, travaux publics, agriculture, architecture, hygiène, économie politique, sciences, arts Paris 1870s-1950s. £120.00

Newspaper THE LONDON GAZETTE. HMSO 1919-39 and 1900's - 1910's £70.00

Campbell POEMS, 1830 - 1833. Privately printed, 1862. £60.00



Anthology POETRY ANTHOLOGY: NO - ONE. Cornwall, N.D. £30.00

Letters LES LETTRES FONDEES EN 1913. Paris, 1922. £60.00

Magazine LONGMAN'S MISCELLANY, No. I & 2. 1945, 1st English Ed. £40.00



Harvey William HARVEIAN YEAR BOOKS. Numerous . £60.00

Journals ON THE STATE OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH. 1827-1938. £700.00

Gazette King's College Hospital Gazette, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1947-49, 1950, 1955, 1955, 1958, 1959, 1960. 1936 -1960 £300.00


Recipes for Medicines. n.d. (circa Early 19C?) £220.00

ANNALS OF ANATOMY AND SURGERY. Vol.vii. N.Y. 1883. £60.00


James Thomson / edited by Robertson, J. Logie] The Complete Poetical Works of James Thomson [Oxford Edition] Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1908 £30.00

BROWN JOHN. Compendio della nuova dottrina medica di G. Brown e confutazione del sistema dello spasmo, tradotti dall'inglese coll'aggiunta di alcune annotazioni e d'un discorso preliminare da G. Rasori . Parte prima (-seconda) Domenico Fracasso,, In Venezia, 1793. £450.00

Cutler, Elliott C. and Zollinger, Robert Atlas of Surgical Operations The Macmillan Co., NY, 1940. £75.00

Schieferdecker, A (edited by) GEOLOGICAL NOMENCLATURE Gorinchem, Netherlands, 1959 £70.00

Ezekiel Blomfield Lectures on the Philosophy of History Black, Kingsbury et al, London 1819. First edition £1250.00

Howard A Kelly Operative Gynecology. Volume 2 only [of 2] Henry Kimpton. london 1898 £60.00

Sronkova, O. GOTHIC WOMAN'S FASHION. Artia, Prague 1954. First edition £60.00

Medical Proceedings Newcastle and Gateshead Pathological Society: Proceeding Newcastle and Gateshead Pathological Society, 1849-50 to 1859-60 complete. £160.00

YONGE Charlotte Life of John Coleridge Patteson Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands. Macmillan,, London, 1884, fifth edition £150.00

Paul And Beatrice Grabbe (editors) The Private World of the Last Tsar in the Photographs and Notes of General Count Alexander Grabbe (ISBN: 000272636X / 0-00-272636-X) London: Collins, 1985, £30.00

"Macmillan; David S." Australian Universities: a Descriptive Sketch Sydney University Press, Australia, 1968. £30.00

POLLARD, Joseph. THE LAND OF THE MONUMENTS. Notes of Egyptian Travel. Introduction by Rev.W.Wright. Second edition Hodder and Stoughton, 1898. £140.00

Mayor Tucker CITY OF ADELAIDE: MAYOR'S REPORT, 1894-95, delivered to the City Council, November 1895 W K Thomas, Adelaide 1895 £180.00

WINSTEDT, SIR RICHARD: MALAYA AND ITS HISTORY Hutchinson University Library London 1966 £30.00

SERLE, Percival Dictionary of Australian Biography Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1949, £70.00

Singapore Street Map Automobile Association of Malaya, Singapore, nd [1940s?]. £220.00

Lotze, Hermann Microcosmus: AN Essay Concerning Man and His Relation to the World. volume 1 [ of 2 ] only T. & T. Clark Pub., Edinburgh, 1885. First edition £40.00

Mountford, C.P. BROWN MEN AND RED SAND, JOURNEYNGS IN WILD AUSTRALIA. Phoenix, London 1951 £20.00

Braim Thomas H A HISTORY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Richard Bentley, London 1846 £550.00

Jones-Hall, J. MR. SURVEYOR THOMSON. EARLY DAYS IN OTAGO AND SOUTHLAND. Reed, Wellington 1971 £30.00

Smith, G.A. THE LIFE OF HENRY DRUMMOND. Hodder and Stoughton 1899 £20.00

The Port of Hobart, Tasmania. A Description of the Port and its approaches. With particulars as to the Harbour, Shipping Facilities and Trade, Table of Port Charges, Plan of the Harbour, and illustrations Marine Board of Hobart 1926, amplified editon by Eric Hawson £120.00


Riley, E Baxter AMONG PAPUAN HEADHUNTERS.An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Old Fly River Headhunters,with a Description of the Secrets of the Initiation Ceremonies . London.Seeley Service & Co.1925. £180.00

LANDON, H.C. Robbins. "Mozart and the Masons,: new light on the Lodge ""Crowned Hope (ISBN: 9780500550144)" Thames and Hudson, 1982 £20.00

WALDENSTRÖM, P. Till Österland. Skildringar från en resa i Turkiet, Grekland, Syrien, Palestina, Egypten samt på Sinaihalfön hösten och vintern 1894. A.L. Norman, Stockholm 1896 £90.00

Oram, N.D. COLONIAL TOWN TO MELANESIAN CITY. Port Moresby 1884-1974. (ISBN: 0708105408 / 0-7081-0540-8) Canberra, Australian National Univ. Press, 1976. £40.00

J Tate [ed] et al "THE SCHOOL PAPER FOR GRADES III AND IV; V AND VI; VII AND VIII; Issues no 271 to" Education Department, Victoria, Australia. 1920 complete. £170.00

Dhrymes, P.J. Introductory Econometrics (ISBN: 9780387903170) Springer Verlag, 1978 £30.00

Sargent, George E Alice Barlow's Trust or, Principle in Everything The Religious Tract Society, nd [1900s?] £30.00

Child, Richard Washburn BATTLING THE CRIMINAL Garden City, NY Doubleday, Page & Company 1925( £35.00

Marshall, Edison THE PAGAN KING Frederick Muller Ltd, 1960. £40.00

Barrie, J. M. Illustrated by Attwell, Mabel Lucie & Goodall, John The Nursery Peter Pan "Leicester; Brockhampton; 1962" £30.00

INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS I. C. S. Reference Library: Brickwork, Terra-Cotta, Faience and Tiling, Building Stones, Masonry, Carpentry, Roofing International Correspondence Schools Ltd, 1914. £60.00

A.A. DALLMAN [ed] The North Western Naturalist. Volume 1, nos 1-4 complete T Buncle, Arbroath, 1926. First edition. £75.00

Drummond, Henry Tropical Africa London Hodder & Stoughton 1908, 13th ed.. £60.00

DAWSON, E.C. James Hannington, first bishop of eastern equatorial Africa. A history of his life and work 1847-1885. seventh thousand. London, Seeley & Co., 1888 £35.00

Johnston, Harry PIONEERS IN WEST AFRICA. Blackie, 1912. £60.00

Hone, Percy F. Southern Rhodesia George Bell & Sons., London, 1909 £30.00

"Davis, Margo (Photographer); Davis, Gregson (Text)" Antigua Black (ISBN: 091202030X / 0-912020-30-X) Scrimshaw Press, San Francisco, 1973. £75.00

Knight, Rev. G.A. Frank Nile and Jordan Being the Archaeological and Historical Inter-Relations Between Egypt and Canaan from the Earliest Times to the Fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 James Clarke, London, 1921. £70.00

INFAMOUS CRIMES THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD. (ISBN: 0748102604 / 0-7481-0260-4 Black Cat., 1991 £30.00

"Dean, Roger; Howells, David (Ed)" Album Cover Album 3 Guild Publishing/BCA, 1986. £45.00

Charles Dickens David Copperfield The Imperial Edition, Gresham Publishing, 1904. £30.00

THE BOOK OF THE OLD EDINBURGH CLUB. Edinburgh, for the members, 1942 - 72. £550.00

Cunningham Geikie THE HOLY LAND AND THE BIBLE Cassell, London. Special edition 1880s? £130.00

Gehrig & Niemyer. Die Phönizier im Zeitalter Homers. Kestner-Museum, Hannover, 14 Sept. 1990 - 25. Nov. 1990 (The Phoenicians in the Age of Homer) (ISBN: 3805311737 / 3-8053-1173-7) Von Zabern, Mainz 1990. £40.00

Osburn, William The Monumental History of Egypt, as recorded on the Ruins of Her Temples, Palaces, and Tombs.Two volumes: Vol.I. from the first Colonization of the Valley to the Visit of the Patriarch Abram. Vol.II. from the Visit of Abram to the Exodus.: Trubner, London, 1854. £240.00

THOMAS, Bertram ARABIA FELIX: across the empty quarter of Arabia. Foreword by T.E.Lawrence and appendix by Sir Arthur Keith. First edition Cape, 1932.. £160.00

PETRIE, Graham Tunis, Kairouan and Carthage. London, Heinemann, 1908. First edn. £50.00

Frye, R.N. THE HERITAGE OF PERSIA. Weidenfeld, London 1962. £50.00

GARDINER, Sir Alan EGYPT OF THE PHAROAHS. An Introduction. Oxford Univ. Press, London, 1962 £60.00

Erskine, Mrs. Steuart (Illustr. Major Benton Fletcher) Vanished Cities of Northern Africa London: Hutchinson & Co., nd [1927]. First edition. £25.00

Davis, S. G. editor Symposium on Land Use and Mineral Deposits in Hong Kong, Southern China and South-East Asia: Proceedings of a Meeting Held in September 1961 as Part of the Golden Jubilee Congress of the University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong University Press, 1964. £75.00

Daniel, Norman. The Arabs And Mediaeval Europe. Longman/Librairie du Liban, London, 1975. £30.00

CURZON Robert. VISITS TO MONASTERIES IN THE LEVANT. London: George Newnes, 1897. £85.00

GRAHAM R B Cunninghame. "MOGREB-EL-ACKSA; a Journey in Morocco." London: Wm Heinemann, 1898 £140.00

GREENE, Harvey B., Rev. WILD FLOWERS FROM THE HOLY LAND, Collected in Palestine by Rev. Harvey B. Greene New York: The Christian Herald, 1895. £90.00

Holt, P. M. STUDIES IN THE HISTORY OF THE NEAR EAST. frank Cass, first edition, 1973. £50.00

Hangeldian, A. Les Tapis d'Orient (Oriental Carpets) Presses Universitaires De France, Paris 1958, 7th revised edition £80.00

Gsell-Fels, Dr SWITZERLAND: ITS SCENERY & PEOPLE. Blackie & Son, London [1881] £280.00

Wey, F. ROME Chapman & Hall 1872 £220.00

(Parker, Matthew) De Antiquitate Britannicae Ecclesiae et nominatim de privilegiis Ecclesiae Cantuariensis, atque de archiepiscopis eiusdem LXX . Hanoviae [Hanau]: Typis Wechelianis, apud Claud. Marnium & haeredes Ioannis Aubrii 1605. £650.00

Salmson, A, J. [Malm, Wilhelm] Rikssalen på Gripsholms Slott. Historiskt Porträtt-Galleri af Konung Gustaf I:s samtida regenter, i lithocromi och tontryck af A. J. Salmson. Stockholm. Hörbergska boktryckeriet. 1854. £550.00

Gnudi,M translates:- THE VARIOUS AND INGENIOUS MACHINES OF AGOSTINO RAMELLI. 1588. From the French & Italian, Scolar Press, 1976. £170.00

Wilson, Colonel [Charles W]. Assisted by the most eminent Palestine explorers, Illustrated by Various artists Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt : Volume 4 only Virtue & Co., n.d. [1880] £180.00

Menpes, M. & D. JAPAN, A RECORD IN COLOUR. 1905. A & C Black. £30.00

Cotes, Annie Russell Westward from the Golden Gate.: Privately printed, London, nd [ 1880s?] £140.00

David Murray Japan Fisher Unwin, London 1920, revised edition. £30.00

James Moffatt A New Translation of the Bible Hodder, London 1928. £30.00

David Murray Japan 5th edition revised with new ills, war map &c., Fisher Unwin, London 1904 £40.00

Statler Oliver Japanese Inn Secker, London, first edition, 1961 £20.00

Komakichi Nohara "The True Face of Japan; a Japanese Upon Japan" Jarrolds, London, 1936. £60.00

SPEKE, John Hanning. Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile. Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 2nd edition., 1864. £125.00

Johnson, Chalmers Conspiracy at Matsukawa (ISBN: 9780520020634) University of California, 1972. £20.00

Wesker, Arnold The Journalists: A Triptych (ISBN: 0224014447 / 0-224-01444-7) Jonathan Cape, London,1979 £25.00

Kase, T. ECLIPSE OF THE RISING SUN...the critical period leading up to the surrender of Japan. Cape, London 1951. £40.00

Cary, Joyce Spring Song and other stories Michael Joseph, 1st Edition, 1960. £35.00

Soulie, B. JAPANESE EROTISM Liber, Geneve, 1983 £50.00

Reischauer Fairbank Craig East Asia: The Modern Tranformation Allen Unwin, London, 1965. £30.00

Dickens , Charles / Valance, Rosalind Dickens' London Folio Society, 1966. £30.00

Thomas, P Kama Kalpa or the Hindu Ritual of Love: A Survey of the Customs, Festivals, Rituals and Beliefs Concerning Marriage, Morals, Women, the Art and Science of Love and Sex Symbolism in Religion in India from Remote Antiquity to the Present Day. Bombay: D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co., 1959. £30.00

Suzuki, Juzo and Harry Packard Images Du Temps Qui Passe Peintures et Estampes d'Ukiyo-e Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, 1966 £40.00

Munsterberg, Hugo. THE ARTS OF JAPAN, an Illustrated History. Thames & Hudson, London 1957. £25.00

Dasgupta, Prodosh. TEMPLE TERRACOTTA OF BENGAL. Crafts Museum, New Delhi 1971. £40.00

Idemitsu, S. BE A TRUE JAPANESE. Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., Tokyo, 1971. £40.00

Ienaga, Saburo Japanese Art: A Cultural Appreciation (ISBN: 9780834810297) New York: Weatherhill / Tokyo: Heibonsha, (1979 £30.00

Einstein, C. FRUHERE JAPANISCHE HOLZSCHNITT. Berlin, Wasmuth [1923] £30.00

Charles Dickens Little Dorrit Chapman and Hall, London 1868. £60.00

Hearn, L. GLEANINGS IN BUDDHA FIELDS-Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East. Cape, London 1927. £30.00

Lafcadio Hearn. Some Chinese Ghosts. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., London, 1907, 1907. First UK edition. £45.00

Gossiping Guide to Wales North Wales and Aberystwyth. Traveller's Edition, being Popular edition, Part 1 Simpkin and Marshall, London, 1912. £40.00

Paul McGuire Australian Journey The Travel Book Club, 1948 £20.00

Bompas, C FOLKLORE OF THE SANTAL PARGANAS DavidNutt, London 1909. First edition. £110.00

Wilson-Carmichael, Amy LOTUS BUDS Morgan and Scott, 1912. £50.00



Job Scott. Journal of the Life, Travels and Gospel Labours of That Faithful Servant and Minister of Christ, Job Scott. James Phillips, London 1797. First english edition. £120.00

Basil Hall Chamberlain & W B Mason A HandBook For Travellers in Japan John Murray, 1913. 9th Ed revised £110.00

Thuillier, H R Synopsis of the Results of the Operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India. Volume XXIV: Descriptions and Co-ordinates of the principal and secondary stations and other fixed points of the Mangalore Meridional Series Dehra Dun, 1891 £150.00

A C Bent LIFE HISTORIES OF NORTH AMERICAN WILD FOWL: ORDER ANSERES [ ducks, geese swans ] Washington 1923 £35.00

BEETON , Mrs. Mrs. Beeton's Household Management. A Complete Cookery Book with Sections on Household Work, Servants' Duties, Labour-Saving, Laundry Work, Etiquette, Marketing, Carving and Trussing, The Art of 'Using-Up', Table Decoration, etc., New Edition Ward Lock n.d. c., 1926. £180.00

SIDHANTA, N.K. The Heroic Age of India. A Comparative Study. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1929 £40.00

THOMAS, P. Epics, Myths and Legends of India, a comprehensive survey of the sacred lore of the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, Bombay, D. B. Taraporevala Sons, n.d [1960s?] Second edition. £60.00

"G Hutton {London; G W Oakes {Wasington} NEWS & FINANCE MAGAZINE" American Outlook, cabled weekly from Washington Volume 1 and Volume 2, comprising all the 92 issues, from 27th March 1947 to 31st Dec 1948. [all issued?] £280.00

MacMunn, Lieutenant General Sir George The Underworld of India Jarrolds, London 1933. First edition. £95.00

ROBERTS, Lord, of Kandahar. FORTY-ONE YEARS IN INDIA: From Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief. London. Macmillan, reprint. 1908 £90.00

The Imperial Gazetteer of India: Vol. I : Descriptive. Oxford University Press, London, 1907. New edition £120.00

Arnold, Edwin "Indian Poetry, Containing ""The Indian Song of Songs,"" from the Sanskrit of the Gita Govinda of Jayadeva, Two Books from ""The Iliad of India"" (Mahabharata), ""Proverbial Wisdom"" from the Shlokas of the Hitopadesa, and Other Oriental Poems" Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., London 1909.9th impression £90.00

Hunter, W.W. A STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF BENGAL. Volume 3: Districts of Midnapur & Hugli (including Howrah). Trubner, London 1876, First edition. £280.00

Keene, H. G. A Sketch of the History of Hindustan. From the first muslim conquest to the fall of the Mughol Empire. London, Allen, 1885, facsimile reprint, Idarah-I Adabiyat-I, Delhi [1972] £60.00

India. A Reprint of the Special India Number of the Times The Times Publishing Co., London1930 £35.00

Gansser, Augusto. Edited By L.U. De Sitter Geology of the Himalayas [Regional Geology Series] Interscience Publishers, London, 1964. First Edition. £220.00

Heim, Arnold and Gansser, August. THE THRONE OF THE GODS. An Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas. First edition, Macmillan, 1939. £120.00

Applebaum, Anne Gulag.: A History of the Soviet Camps. (ISBN: 0713993227 / 0-7139-9322-7) Allen Lane, London, 2003. NEW IN D/W. £30.00

H G Fletcher Tengyueh [ Teng Yueh] Route Book of travels in the neighbourhood, hints for travellers...Yunnan pronunciation etc. Shanghai Inspector of Customs, 1927 £450.00

FINE BINDING : Phillips, E. C. "Peeps into China; or, The Missionary's Children" Cassell London, ND [ c.1890] £160.00

Das, Amarnath India and Jambu island, showing changes in boundaries and river-courses of India and Burmah from Pauranic, Greek, Buddhist, Chinese, and western travellers’ accounts, by Amarnath Das Calcutta, The Book company, limited, 1931. £50.00

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich A journey to Arzrum (ISBN: 0882330683 / 0-88233-068-3) Ardis, Michigan 1974. £35.00

Sykes, Brigadier General Sir Percy. The Quest for Cathay. A & C Black Ltd. First Edition., 1936. £35.00

Werner, R. JAH-HET OF MALAYASIA, ART AND CULTURE. Univ. Malaya, Kuala Lumpur 1975. £175.00

Murray, W. H. The Scottish Himalayan Expedition. J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd 1951 £90.00

Rattenbury, H. B. / Cecil Beaton (illustrator). Face to Face with China George G. Harrap and Co. Ltd, London, 1945. £75.00

Karaka, C. S. I. Dosabhai Farmji History of the Parsis Including Their Manners, Customs, Religion, and Present Position Macmillan and Co, London), 1884. £450.00

Miles, Beryl THE STARS MY BLANKET John Murray, London, 1955 £50.00

"John Plamenatz; M. E. Plamenatz; Robert Wokler" Man and Society - A Critical Examination of Some Important Social and Political Theories from Machiavelli to Marx. ISBN: 9780582480445) Longmans., London 1967 & 1968 £50.00

David Cecil A Portrait of Jane Austen (ISBN: 0094624003 / 0-09-462400-3) Constable, 1978. £30.00

SATALOFF, Joseph & Alison RICHARDS. The Pleasure of Jewelry and Gemstones. (ISBN: 9780706403848) London]: Octopus Books, 1975 £35.00

D Wilson THE WORLD ATLAS OF TREASURE BCA / Pan, London 1981 £40.00

Casazza, Ornella Masaccio and the Brancacci Chapel (ISBN: 9781878351111) Scala/Riverside, N. Y, 1990. £30.00

Wim Swain The Gothic Cathedral: With an Historical Introduction The Cathedral in Medieval Society London, Elek 1969 £120.00

Terence Conran Terence Conran's New House Book Guild 1986 £25.00

Gustave Dore. The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, Illustrated By Gustave Dore. Cassell, Petter and Galpin, London, Paris and New York, 1870. £110.00

FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO / COLUMBUS Columbus on himself London, the Folio Society, 1992, AS NEW £45.00

Demus, Otto The Mosaic Decoration of San Marco, Venice (ISBN: 9780226142913) University Of Chicago Press, 1988. £75.00

Coats, P. [Editor] Book of Gardens from House & Garden. London, Heinemann, 1961 £30.00

Laver Bill Marine UK Radio Frequency Guide (ISBN: 0951272969 / 0-9512729-6-9) SPA Publishing, 1989 £20.00

EARLE, Alice Morse. Child Life in Colonial Days. Macmillan, 1899, New York £30.00

[ BUDDEN, Maria Elizabeth.] ALWAYS HAPPY!!! OR, ANECDOTES OF FELIX AND HIS SISTER SERENA. A tale. Written for her children, by a mother. London: printed for J. Harris, 1833. 10th ed. £120.00

[CONDER, Josiah] The Modern Traveller. A Popular Description, Geographical, Historical, and Topographical, of the Various Countries of the Globe: Brazil and Buenos Ayres. James Duncan, London, 1825 £350.00

Hernandez, Jose Martin Fierro Ediciones Latinoamericanas, Buenos Aires, 1981. Edicion Polilingue [ In Spanish, English, French, and Italian] £160.00

S Venables Everest: Kangshung Face Hodder, London 1989 £25.00

Puig Casurance, José Manuel. COSECHA Y LA SIEMBRA. EXPOSICIÓN. CRÍTICA SOCIAL Y POLÍTICA. (México), The Author, 1928 £140.00

Butland, G J The Human Geography of Southern Chile London: George Philip, , First Edition., 1957. £45.00

HERRING, HUBERT A HISTORY OF LATIN AMERICA From the Beginnings to the Present Jonathan Cape London 1961,Third edition £40.00

Helmericks, Constance and Harmon Our Alaskan Winter Museum Press, London, 1953 £30.00

Dixon, William Hepworth. History of William Penn. Founder of Pennsylvania. Hurst and Blackett, London., 1872. new edition £35.00

Clifton, Violet Vision of Peru: Kings, Conqueros, Saints Travel Book Club, London, 1947. £30.00

Burke, Edmund. "A Letter from Edmund Burke to John Farr and John Harris on the Affairs of America; THOUGHTS ON THE LETTER OF EDMUND BURKE, ESQ; TO THE SHERIFFS OF BRISTOL, ON THE AFFAIRS OF AMERICA ; Second Thoughts: Or, Observations Upon Lord Abingdon's Thoughts.." Printed for J. Dodsley,, London:, 1777. The Fourth Edition. £1570.00

"Brown (Lilian Mabel Alice ""Mabs"" Richmond). (nee Roussel) (1885-1946)." UNKNOWN TRIBES, UNCHARTED SEAS. BY LADY RICHMOND BROWN. Signed presentation copy. Duckworth & Co. London., 1924, first edition. £90.00

Weil, Thomas E., Jan Knippers Black, Howard I. Blutstein, David S. McMorris, Frederick P. Munson and Charles Townsend Area Handbook for Peru U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1972. £40.00

D. Miller Born To Bowl: The Life and Times of Don Shepherd (ISBN: 0954488601 / 0-9544886-0-1) Fairfield Books, Bath, 2004. AS NEW IN D/W £30.00

[ Post, Charles C.] Ten Years a Cowboy By Tex Bender The Cowboy Fiddler Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company, Chicago, 1890 £110.00

Adams, Randolph Greenfield A History of the Foreign Policy of the United States. New York: Macmillan Company, 1924 £40.00

HARVEY, Oliver. Hardy, John, Editor. THE WAR DIARIES OF OLIVER HARVEY 1941-1945 (ISBN: 0002161486 / 0-00-216148-6) London, Collins, 1978 £30.00

J P Kenyon The Stuart Constitution, 1603-1688: Documents and Commentary (ISBN: 0521313279 / 0-521-31327-9) Cambridge University Press, 1976. AS NEW £50.00

RABAN Jonathan Arabia Through the Looking Glass (ISBN: 0002160374 / 0-00-216037-4) Collins, London, 1979. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

Scientific London (ISBN: 0714623288 / 0-7146-2328-8) 1874, facsimile reprint, Frank Cass & Co, 1968. £220.00

Prucha, Francis Paul. INDIAN-WHITE RELATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES: A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS PUBLISHED 1975-1980. Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, 1982. £50.00

Francis Parkman The Old Regime in Canada: France & England in North America (2 Volumes) Boston 1902, facsimile reprint AMS Press, NY 1969 £110.00

Mackay , Charles] ? "The Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints: A Contemporary History. With Memoirs of the Life and Death of Joseph Smith, the ""American Mahomet""." London. Office of the National Illustrated Library. 1851. First Edition £220.00

Chronicle Books, James R. Petersen, Jim Peterson Playboy: 50 Years: The Photographs (ISBN: 0811839788 / 0-8118-3978-8) Chronicle Books, 2003. NEW IN D/W £70.00

Rubens / Goettler, Christine (Editor) Rubens and His Age: Treasures from the Hermitage Museum, Russia (ISBN: 185894127X / 1-85894-127-X) Merrell Publishers Ltd, London, 2001. NEW IN D/W £70.00

Bottger, Klaus Eros and Thanatos (ISBN: 1898998191 / 1-898998-19-1) Erotic Print Society, London, 2003. NEW £35.00

Hendrie, Andrew Lockheed Hudson in World War II (ISBN: 1840370939 / 1-84037-093-9) Airlife Publishing Limited, Shrewsbury, England, 1999. AS NEW IN D/W £60.00

Ted Brake Men of Good Character - A History of the Sheet Metal Workers, Coppersmiths, Heating and Domestic Engineers (ISBN: 0853155801 / 0-85315-580-1) Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1985. as new in d/w. £70.00

CHANDLER David [ed] The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army BCA, 1995. As new in d/w. £70.00

CARVER, Martin. Underneath English Towns. Interpreting Urban Archaeology. (ISBN: 9780713436372) B.T. Batsford, London., 1987. First edition. £30.00

Cunningham, Charles Henry. The Audiencia In The Spanish Colonies As Illustrated By The Audiencia Of Manila (1583-1800).University of California Publications in History, Vol. IX. University of California Press, Berkeley, 1919. £375.00

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (ISBN: 089381041X / 0-89381-041-X) Aperture, New York 1979. AS NEW £45.00

BRERTON John CHAIN MAIL The History Of The DUKE OF LANCASTER'S OWN YEOMANRY 1798-1991 Picton Publishing , (Chippenham) Ltd, Nd [ca.1991] NEW IN D/W £140.00

Michael Goss Young Lusty Sluts (ISBN: 1898998825 / 1-898998-82-5) Erotic Print Society, 2003. NEW £45.00

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