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TREVES, F. The cradle of the deep. An Account of a Voyage to the West Indies. Smith, Elder, London 1910. £60.00

McIntosh Dr. and Twyman Dr. The Archko Volume or the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim and Talmuds of the Jews. Philadelphia, 1913 £75.00

F. J. Browne and J. C. McClure Browne Antenatal and Postnatal Care J and A Churchill, London, 1960. £20.00

FUCHS, Sir Vivian. ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE. The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58. [First edition] Cassell, 1959. £35.00

J Kilpatrick the Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon Racing pigeon Publishing, London 1976 £20.00

Ford, Henry with Crowther, Samuel My Friend Mr Edison Ernest Benn Ltd, London, 1930 £35.00

C H Dodd The Authority of the Bible Nisbet, London 1948 £20.00

Maxwell, E Afforestation in Southern Lands : Dealing Specially with Location As to Market, System and Methods of Planting, Sylvicultural Treatment and Species Most Suitable for Southern Lands Whitcombe & Tombs, Auckland, New Zealand, 1930 £60.00

Frank Johnston (Editor) The Football Encyclopaedia: A Historical And Statistical Review Of The Game Of Football Since It Became A National Sport Associated Sporting Press, 1934. £40.00

Porter, A. Cybernetics Simplified. (ISBN: 0340053410 / 0-340-05341-0) English Universities Press., London, 1969 £25.00

De Beauvior, Simone America Day By Day Duckworth, London, 1952. £45.00

Rutherford, I. W. AT THE TILLER Blackie & Son, 1946 £25.00

Ducret, Siegfried The Color Treasury of 18th Century Porcelain (ISBN: 0690011245 / 0-690-01124-5) Thomas Y. Crowell, 1976. £35.00

Hill, W.G. Think Like a Tycoon : How to Make a Million in Three Years or Less (ISBN: 0906619270 / 0-906619-27-0) Scope International, 1997. £30.00

"Barnet, Sylvan; Berman, Morton; Burto, William" Classic Theatre - The Humanities in Drama Little Brown & Co., Boston, MA, 1975. £20.00

"Fidell, Estelle, And Dorothy Cook (Compiled By);" "Short Story Index, Supplement 1950-1954, an Index to 9, 575 Stories in 549 Collections;" H W Wilson NY 1956 £30.00

STEERS, J.A. THE COAST OF ENGLAND AND WALES IN PICTURES. With a commentary. Cambridge University Press, 1960. £55.00

BARRY, R. The construction of buildings: vols 1 & 2: combined volume Crosby Lockwood & Son London 1964 £60.00

Russell, Ralph A New Course in Urdu and Spoken Hindi for Learners in Britain: Part 1: The Course (Pt.1) (ISBN: 0728601311 / 0-7286-0131-1) Univ. Of London, 2nd ed., 1986, published by the School of Oriental And African Studies £35.00

Evans, G. E. Come Wind, Come Weather Chronicles of Tilehouse Street Baptist Church 1669 - 1969 Whitefriars Press Ltd., 1969. £30.00

G D H Cole A Century of Co-Operation Co-Op. Union [1944] First ed. £20.00

Elkin, Prof A P he Australian Aborigines How to Understand Them Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1966. 6th Edition. £40.00

"["" A General Practitioner""." The Illustrated Family Doctor: a handy and authoritative guide to essential medical knowledge and the maintenance of good health. The Amalgamated Press, London, nd [1930s?] £30.00

The Authentic Librettos of the Italian Operas Crown Publishers, NY, 1939. £25.00

Documenta Geigy Scientific Tables J.A. Geigy S.A., Basle, Switzerland, 1956 £25.00

"Willy, A; Coester, A; Fisher, A; and others" The Practice of Sex Francis Aldor, London [1939] £35.00

Terry MacLean THE BOK BUSTERS: the 1965 Springboks in Australia and New Zealand. Timmins, Capetown 1965 £30.00

GORDON-TAYLOR, Sir Gordon & E. W. WALLS Sir Charles Bell, His Life and Times. Edinburgh & London: E. & S. Livingstone, 1958. £110.00

McLean Terry All Black Power. The Story of the 1968 All Blacks in Australia and Fiji and the 1968 French Team in New Zealand and Australia A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington, 1968. £30.00

The New Junior World Encyclopedia (ISBN: 0858351773 / 0-85835-177-3) Revised edition, Bay Books, 1977 £110.00

THE KNACK : THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF HOME IMPROVEMENTS : VOLUME 1-7 complete (ISBN: 0856859753 / 0-85685-975-3) Marshall Cavendish 1981-83 £120.00

Virtue's family physician: A full guide to family health and happiness Virtue and Co, 1971 £60.00

Horne Horne's Official Guide to Whitby (27th Edition) Horne & Son, Ltd., Whitby 1936 £50.00

Harry Edwards A Guide to Spirit Healing Spiritualist Press, 1965. SIGNED BY AUTHOR £30.00

Kotewall & Smith translate The Penguin book of Chinese Verse Penguin 1968 £30.00

Salisbury-Jones G. So Full A Glory. A biography of Marshal de Lattre de Tassigny. Weidenfeld & Nicolson., 1954. £20.00

D F Strauss The Life of Jesus, critically examined. Trans. from the 4th German edition 6th ed, in one volume, George Allen, London 1913.. £50.00

Peter H. Kemp THE CHEMISTRY OF BORATES Part 1, a review Borax Consolidated Ltd, 1956 £140.00

Ione Rideal The Adventures of Patch Told By Mrs Patch : A True Story of a Wonderful Dog Patch Publications, 1945.First ed. £20.00

"British railways;" Diesel traction, manual for enginemen. Brit. Transport Commission 1962 £20.00

Gernsheim, Helmut & Alison A Concise History of Photography (ISBN: 0500200343 / 0-500-20034-3) Thames and Hudson, London 1971 £25.00

E Barker trans with notes / Aristotle The Politics of Aristotle Clarendon press, 1960 £20.00

Fry, Richard Bankers in West Africa : The Story of the Bank of British West Africa Limited (ISBN: 0091269105 / 0-09-126910-5) Hutchinson Benham Ltd, London, 1976. £40.00

Golesworthy, Maurice The Encyclopaedia of Association Football Robert Hale, 1958 £30.00

"Kee, Howard Clark; Young, Franklin W." The Living World of The New Testament Darton, Longman & Todd, London, 1960. First edition £30.00

MOSLEY, LEONARD Dulles: a biography of Eleanor, Allen, and John Foster Dulles and their family network. (ISBN: 9780803717442) Dial Press,, New York, 1978. £30.00

Simpson, Myrtle Due North (ISBN: 0575005858 / 0-575-00585-8) Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1970. first edition £30.00

Spence, Jonathan The China Helpers: Western Advisors in China 1620-1960 The Bodley Head, 1969. £40.00

MEW, Fred Back of the Wight. County Press, Isle of Wight, 1974, £30.00

MILN, Louise Jordan: The Vintage of Yon-Yee Hodder & Stoughon, London 1932 £40.00

Cavenaugh, W.E. The Child & The Court London: Gollancz. 1959 1st edition £20.00

T H E A The MESSAGE [ theosophy] John M. Watkins, London 1923. £20.00

Denholm, James M. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SCOTTISH LIFE: A History of the Scottish Life Assurance Company 1881-1981 Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1981. £35.00

Scott, A. C. Chinese Costume in Transition Singapore: Donald Moore, 1958, £20.00

Fineberg, Soloman Andhil OVERCOMING ANTI-SEMITISM Harper & Brothers, 1943 £20.00

Mrs Herbert Strang, Ed. Tail-Wagger's Great Book London: Humphrey Milford / Oxford University Press, 1933 £50.00

COLBERT, EDWIN H. DINOSAURS : Their Discovery and Their World. Hutchinson, London, 1962. AS NEW IN DW £35.00

Davies C J The Theory and Practice of Breeding to Type and Its Application to the breeding of Dogs Our Dogs, Manchester [1928] First edition £110.00

V.S. Griffiths and W.H. Lee The Electronics of Laboratory and Process Instruments Chatto and Windus, London, 1962. £45.00

C. Rutter Fletcher The Bunkside Book: A Yachtsman's Miscellany The Maritime Press, London, 1962 £25.00

Woodland, Les. Cycle Racing: Training to Win (ISBN: 0900654449 / 0-900654-44-9) Selpress, 1981 £25.00

WALKER (Anthony) editor. "Farmers in the Hills; Ethnographic Notes on the Upland Peoples of North Thailand." Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, 1975. £45.00

Mills, Freddie Battling for a title Stanley Paul 1954 £35.00

Paul Herrmann Conquest By Man Harper & Brothers, New York, 1954. £20.00

John Kirk The Mother of the Wesleys [Susanna Wesley] a Biography Henry James Tresidder, London 1864. First edition £160.00

Weinreb, Ben. And Hibbert, Christopher. ( Editor) THE LONDON ENCYCLOPAEDIA Book Club Associates, London, 1984. AS NEW IN DW £60.00

Chapman, Stanley The Clay Cross Company 1837-1987 Biwater Pipes and Castings, Clay Cross, Derbyshire, 1987. First edition. AS NEW. £45.00

Adrian Mibus intro / Exhibition catalogue The Lure of Cubism, summer exhibition 2001 Whitford Fine Art, St James', London 2001. AS NEW £35.00

Laurent, Paul Artistic Sugar Work and Petit Fours. London, Maclaren & Sons Ltd. nd [1930s?] £70.00

Sheldon, James Veteran and Vintage Motor Cycles B T Batsford, London, 1961. £90.00

James Payn A Hand-Book to the English Lakes 12th edition, J Garnett, Windermere, nd [1890s?] £75.00

Davids,T.W.Rhys BUDDHISM Being a Sketch of the Life and Teachings of Gautama, the Buddha Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1878, 6th thou. £35.00

Prof J B Keswick THE HERBAL FAMILY GUIDE J B Keswick Wigton Cumberland , revised ed, nd [1930s] £35.00

Levy, Muriel The Story of Dick Whittington and his Cat Loughborough: Wills and Hepworth: 1954) Sixth Edition. A Ladybird Book, Series 413. £30.00

SWIFT, Jonathan (1667-1745). Gulliver’s Travels into Several Remote Nations of theWorld. With a memoir of the author. Illustrated with upwards of 300 wood-engravings, from the designs by J. G. Thomson, Engraved by W. L. Thomas. S. O. Beeton, (n.d., ca, London:, 1864 ) £45.00

Greenwood, T., Late of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich The New Turners' and Fitters' Handbook: Great Discoveries relating to Screw Cutting and the Lathe, establishing this Work as a Standard Text Book for all time....... Self-published at Halifax, Yorkshire: Thomas Greenwood: 15th edition, thoroughly revised, nd [1890s?] £150.00

Sergeant Bourgogne The Retreat from Moscow, The Memoirs of Folio Society London 1990 £60.00

Shakspeare / Shakespeare.: Shakspeare's dramatische Werke. Übersetzt von August Wilhelm Schlegel und Ludwig Tieck. 12 Bde. (kplt.). Bln., Reimer, 1850-5. 11 volumes of 12 [ lacks volume 6 ]. £300.00

Robert Bridges a Testament to Beauty Clarendon press 1929. ART DECO BINDING £135.00

R L Finn England World Champions 1966 Hale, London 1966 £60.00

Gilson, Charles L Scenes From A Subalterns Life William Blackwood & Sons, 1913. 1st edition. £35.00

HARDCASTLE ANDREW THE THRUM HALL STORY Published by the author, Halifax 1986. £45.00

Frankau, Gilbert Selected Verses Macdonald, London, 1943. £35.00

Exhibition Catalogue / G Carter FABERGE, the Queen's Galler, Buckingham Palace 24 March 1995 - 7 Jan 1996 HM Elizabeth II, 1995 £30.00

BEVAN, THOMAS. THE THEORY OF MACHINES - A Text-book for Engineering Students. Longmans, Green & Co., London 1942 £25.00

Herbert, George THE POETICAL WORKS OF GEORGE HERBERT WITH LIFE, CRITICAL DISSERTATION AND EXPLANATORY NOTES by the Rev. George Gilfillan Edinburgh, James Nichol 1862. £70.00

O'Faolain, Eileen. Irish Sagas and Folk-Tales. Retold by Eileen O'Faolain. Illustrated by Joan Kiddell-Monroe. Oxford University Press, London., 1966 £20.00

H Marshall Ward Diseases of Plants Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London [1896] SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY. £60.00

Hector Malot Mondaine treiz.mille, Charpentier, Paris nd [1920s?] £50.00

Johns, Captain W.E. Biggles In Australia London: Hodder and Stoughton: 1956 £65.00

Elizabeth Lane So Lovely a Home, an autobiography Pennant, weybridge 1975 £60.00

READ HERBERT Henry Moore, A study of his life and work, Thames and Hudson, 1965. £35.00

G Yazdani Mandu, the City of Joy Univ.Press, Oxford for the Dhar state, 1929. Only edition £110.00

Stilwell, Joseph W.) White, Theodore H. (ed.) The Stilwell Papers MacDonald London 1949 £20.00

Meade, L. T Wilful Cousin Kate Chambers, London, nd [1905 ] £55.00

A DAILY USE ENGLISH-CHINESE DICTIONARY World Book Co. [ Shanghai, China, ca 1950] £40.00


SAMPSON, E ADVERTISE! D C Heath & Company, London. [ but printed in Boston, Ma. ca 1918 £40.00

Bastin, Jeremy THE NORFOLK YEOMANRY IN PEACE AND WAR 1782-1961 Iceni Press, Fakenham, , 1986. 1st edn. £50.00

John Anthony Hargreaves & John Warrender Craig Management of Traumatized Anterior Teeth of Children (ISBN: 0443006210 / 0-443-00621-0) E & S Livingstone, 1970. £35.00

DAVIS, G. N. & KING, Richard M. Dentistry for the Pre-School Child E. & S. Livingstone Ltd, London, 1961. £110.00

J M Anderson Applied Dental Materials (ISBN: 0632085800 / 0-632-08580-0) 4th ed., Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1972. £75.00

Edwards, Joan. Church Kneelers. Batsford, 1967. £20.00

Murphy, Glenn Elements of Nuclear Engineering Wiley, New York, 196 £30.00

isabella beeton MRS. BEETON'S ALL-ABOUT COOKERY Ward, Lock, and Co., London, 1923, new edition £60.00

oscar wilde the Complete works BCA 1976 £30.00

HANSON, T.W. THE STORY OF OLD HALIFAX. First edition, Halifax: F.King & Sons, 1920. £55.00

Hallock, John W Production Planning: Its Engineering Elements N.Y.: Ronald Press 1929, 1942 printing. £35.00

lawrence, Rees & britton Modern Methods of valuation of Land, Houses and Buildings estates gazette 1969 £20.00

Armine von Tempski Born in Paradise Travel Book Club 1947 £30.00

Adams, Douglas The Illustrated Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (ISBN: 0297833936 / 0-297-83393-6) Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1994. AS NEW IN DW £95.00

Hackett, W.H. Decorative Furniture (English & French) of the 16th, 17th & 18th Centuries: Being a History of Old Furniture, and Forming a Concise Guide to the Best-Known Designs & Styles, with Numerous Plates & Illustrations. Estates Gazette London 1902, £35.00

Koch-Isenburg, Ludwig THROUGH THE JUNGLE VERY SOFTLY - a Quest for Wild Animals in the Far East [ Thailand] Travel Book Club 1963 £30.00

Bernard Newman Mr Kennedy's America Travel Book Club 1962 £30.00

Peter Goullart the Monastery of the jade Mountain Travel Book Club 1961 £30.00

Derek robert look at me now, a sailor in the South pacific Travel Book Club 1964 £30.00

S G di turno Diamond River [venezuala] Travel Book Club 1963 £30.00

Osborne & Lammie Partial dentures Blackwell Science Ltd, 1968, 3rd ed. £45.00

John N. Anderson, R. Storer Immediate and Replacement Dentures (ISBN: 0632000902 / 0-632-00090-2) Blackwell Science Ltd, 1966 £45.00

Sitwell, Osbert, Illustrated by Daniel Maloney The Four Continents Being More Discursions on Travel, Art and Life Harper, NY 1954. ASSOCIATION COPY £35.00

Johns, Captain W. E. The Cruise of the Condor : A Biggles Story : The Thames Publishing Co., London, n.d. [1954 ] £30.00

David Howarth Sovereign of the seas, the story of britain's Sea Power BCA 1974 £20.00

S kaye-smith Weald of Kent and Sussex Robert Hale 1966 £20.00

Morland (Nigel) THE CONQUEST OF CRIME. An Outline of Scientific Criminology. Cassell., 1937 £35.00

Audsley, W. Medieval Ornamental Styles : Thirty-Six Plates in Colours with General Introduction and Descriptive Letter Press (ISBN: 1853269212 / 1-85326-921-2) Wordsworth Editions Ltd, Ware,Hertfordshire,UK, 1988 £35.00

George Borodin this Thing Called Ballet macdonald nd [war economy period] £20.00

Bishop, S.W.E. The Secret of Eye-Sign S. & D. Bishop, Ltd., United Kingdom 1965, revised edition £30.00

Cummins, Geraldine (recorded) The Scripts of Cleophas, A Reconstruction of Primitive Christian Documents Psychic Press London 1974 £30.00

J F H Thomas Sheep Faber 1948 £25.00

A J Sewell, rewriiten by W H kirk the Dog's Medical dictionary Routledge 1962 £25.00

Briem, Helgi P Iceland and the Icelanders New Jersey: J F McKenna, , First Edition., 1945. £30.00

P H tucker Monet at Argenteuil BCA 1982 £30.00

Simone Ehivet Gbagbo Paroles d'honneur La premiere dame de Cote d'Ivoire parle (ISBN: 9782845213463) Pharos 2007 £30.00

Jane Marks The Hidden Children, Secret Survivors of the Holocaust BCA 1994 £20.00

Burgess, Thornton W THE ADVENTURES OF CHATTERER THE RED SQUIRREL London, John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, 1931. First Edition £35.00

WAINWRIGHT, A. WALKS ON THE HOWGILL FELLS and adjoining fells. (ISBN: 9780902272040) [First edition] Kendal: Westmorland Gazette, [1972.] £50.00

Miller, Henry The World of Sex and Max and The White Phagocytes London: Calder and Boyars: 1970) £110.00

LENNON, John The Penguin John Lennon. Penguin, London, 1968. £20.00

Charles Dickens / H C Dent Life and Character of Dickens Odhams Press 1930s £30.00

M Smith Thornton road, thornton [Bradford], its people and buildings Thornton Antiquarian Society, 2005 £35.00

Ahlborn Wolf-Dieter, Weit über Land und Meere. Mit den Heilbronner Weltreisenden in vier Jahren einmal um den Globus, Heilbronn, Verlag Wolf-Dieter Ahlborn 1977. SIGNED by author. £40.00

Scott, Walter / Henderson, Thomas [editor] Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting of Historical and Romantic Ballads George Harrap and Co , London, 1931. £60.00

M’GREGOR-ROBERTSON, J. The Household Physician. A Guide to the care of the body in health and disease, including first aid and nursing Gresham Publishing, London [1914][ 33rd edition £60.00

Greenwood, T., Late of the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich The New Turners' and Fitters' Handbook: Great Discoveries relating to Screw Cutting and the Lathe, establishing this Work as a Standard Text Book for all time....... Self-published at Halifax, Yorkshire: Thomas Greenwood: no date [1870s/] £180.00

Blacker, Harry Just Like It Was: Memoirs of the Mittel East. (ISBN: 0853031789 / 0-85303-178-9) London: Vallentine, Mitchell, 1974. First Edition. £30.00

Burstein, Abrahmam The Boy of Wilna NY, Hebrew Pub. Co., 1941. £30.00

A E W Mason Lawrence Clavering Ward Lock, London, nd [1910s?] £35.00

The Newhome cookery Book Stoves Ltd, Rainhill, Liverpool, 9th ed 1956 £20.00

The BBC Year-Book 1931 London: The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1931. £35.00

IRELAND, ALEXANDER. "The book-lover's enchiridion: thoughts on the solace and companionship of books, and topics incidental thereto; gathered from the best writers of every age, and arranged in chronological order." Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., London, 1884. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged, £75.00

YATES, Dornford B-Berry and I Look Back Ward, Lock, London, 1958. First edition. £35.00

CADDELL, CECILIA MARY "Blind Agnes; or, The Little Spouse of the Blessed Sacrament." James Duffy, Dublin 1853 £30.00

GILL, Ronald and GROVES, John. CLUB ROUTE IN EUROPE. The story of 30 Corps in the European Campaign. [First edition] Hannover: Werner Degener, 1946 £60.00

Allan Fraser Sheep Husbandry Crosby Lockwood, London, 1949. £30.00

RAISTRICK, Arthur. GREEN TRACKS ON THE PENNINES. [First edition] Dalesman, 1962 £35.00

"""Old Hand'' Of ''Pigeon Racing News & Gazette''" The Pigeon Fancier All British Pigeon Racing Co, nd [1940s?] £60.00

Violette Practical course on the general management of Pigeons Racing pigeon Publishing, London 1967. £45.00

Linskill, Mary. THE HAVEN UNDER THE HILL, a novel Cordelia Stamp, Whitby 1991 £35.00

Augustine Birrell Obiter Dicta, first and second series complete Duckworth, London 1910 £20.00

M. EDWARD INGRAM (with illustrations by Francis F. Johnson). THE MANOR OF BRIDLINGTON & ITS LORDS FEOFFEES. Bridlington, Yorkshire. The Lords Feoffees. 1977. AS NEW £60.00

HILLSTEAD, A.F.C. Those Bentley Days. Faber and Faber, London. 3rd imp., 1953 £75.00

Gordon-Brown, A. Guide to Southern Africa, Republic of South Africa, South-West Africa, Rhodesia, Zambia, Malawi, etc. for the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Limited : Robert Hale Ltd., London, 1967. £35.00

C L S Nyembezi Learn Zulu Enlarged edition, Pietermaritzburg 1978 £20.00

Arija Rivarés, Emilio "Encuentro con Cantabria / [Emilio Arija Rivarés, M.A. Garc ía Guinea, Mann Sierra ; fotografía: Francisco Ontañón" "Santander : Librería Estudio ; Barcelona 1987" £35.00

J & L Rome Life of the Incas in Ancient Peru. Liber, Milan 1987 £20.00

Savage, Raymond Allenby Of Armageddon Hodder and Stoughton, 1925. £40.00

Innes, William T Exotic Aquarium Fishes : a Work of General Reference Innes Publishing Co., Philadelphia, 1956. £35.00

Baden-Powell, Lord Aids to Scoutmastership: a Handbook for Scoutmasters on the Theory of scout Training Herbert Jenkins, London, 1930. £40.00

The Machining of Copper and its alloys Copper development assoc., 1959 £20.00

Rather, L.J. Addison and the White Corpuscles An Aspect of Nineteenth-Century Biology Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine, London, 1972. 1st Edition. AS NEW IN DW. £40.00

Montagne, Prosper LAROUSSE GASTRONOMIQUE The encyclopedia of food, wine and cooking. With the collaboration of Dr Gottschalk Hamlyn, London, 1963 £50.00

WHITE Mrs E.G. THE GREAT CONTROVERSY BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN During The Christian Dispensation nternational Tract Society, 1903. £35.00

Musia soper Encyclopedia of European cooking Spring books, London 1964 £30.00

Storyland for Boys Frederick Warne, London nd [1930s] £35.00

BARKATAKI, S. N. Tribal folk-tales of assam (hills) . Publication Board, Assam, 1970. £220.00

Stein, Ralph (Foreward By Stirling Moss) The Automobile Book Paul Hamlyn, UK, 1966 £40.00

JAMES, M.R. (contributes). COLLINS BAKER, C.H. British Painting. With a chapter on Primitive Painting by Montague R. James. The Medici Society, London. 1933 £40.00

John Wacher The Towns of Roman Britain BCA, London, 1978, reprint £35.00

Farrow, John Damien the Leper Burns Oates & Washbourne Ltd., London, 1937 £30.00

DAVID, ELIZABETH. French Provincial Cooking Joseph/ Cookery Book Club, 1965. £55.00

Foxwell, Dr GE ed. The Efficient Use of Fuel HMSO 1958. 2nd impression (amended) of 2nd edn £50.00

Samson Wright Applied Physiology (Oxford Medicine Publications) Oxford University Press, 10th edition 1961 £45.00

Roylance, T.F. Engineering Design: Papers Given at the University of Nottingham Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1966. £60.00

PERRIN, Henri. "PRIEST AND WORKER: The autobiography of Henri Perrin; translated and with an introduction by Bernard Wall." Macmillan, London 1965 £30.00

Geographers' London Atlas [ 1964 Borough Boundaries ] Geographers' Map Co Ltd, Sevenoaks, 1964 £30.00

Muir, Augustus The History of Baker Perkins Cambridge, W. Heffer & Sons. 1968 £40.00

Veth, Cornelis. Muziek en musici in de caricatuur. met een inl. door Johan Wagenaar. 's-Gravenhage : Kruseman, ca 1935. £40.00

"Bridges, Robert; Humbert, Wolfe; Neal, Sutton; Richard, Bird; Mary, Richards; Christine Chaundler; W.B. Yeats et al." THE CHILDREN'S GOLDEN TREASURE BOOK FOR 1938. Odhams Press, 1938 £35.00

Hans Tietze Tintoretto, the paintings and drawings Phaidon 1948 £40.00

trade catalogue Broads Covers and Gratings for All Purposes London: Broads Manufacturing Co, nd [1960s/] £35.00

Bonner, Arnold British Co-operation: The History, Principles, and Organization of the British Co-operative Movement Co-operative Union Ltd., Manchester, 1961 £30.00

MAHR, Christian & WALTER, Nikolaus Stadt Feldkirch Reinhard Gassner & Feldkirch, 1993. AS NEW IN DW. £60.00

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una SWALLOW OF THE SEA. Pages from a yacht’s log. [First edition] Country Life, 1937. 4to £35.00

COPPER PIPE-LINE SERVICES IN BUILDING: A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK. Copper Development Association., 1963. Reprint. £30.00

Jones, Leslie W. [ed] / Charles Taze Russell What Pastor Russell Taught. On the Covenants Mediator Ransom Sin Offering Atonement Leslie W. Jones, later printing of 1919 edition £50.00

FURNEAUX, W.S BUTTERFLIES, MOTHS, OTHER INSECTS and Creatures of the Countryside. [First edition] Westminster Press, 1927. £60.00

John Carvel One Hundred Years in Timber. The history of the City saw mills 1849-1949. Brownlee and Company Ltd., 1949. £40.00

Share,Bernard Inish Allen Figgis, Dublin, 1966. £30.00

WALBANK, F. ALAN. WINGS OF WAR : An Air Force Anthology. B. T. Batsford, London, 1942. £25.00

Mantegna R Cipriani All the paintings of Mantegna Oldbourne Press, London, 1963. Parts 1-2 complete £20.00

Titian / F Valcanover All the paintings of Titian Oldbourne Press, London, 1965. Parts 1-3 complete £30.00

Botticelli / Salvini, Roberto All the paintings of Botticelli Oldbourne Press, London, 1965. Parts 1-3 £20.00

Jackson, Harry Scunthorpe a Pictorial History. Pictures, Old and New, of the Borough of Scunthorpe and Environs, with Notes Spiegl Press, Stamford, 1989 £35.00

Various (illust. mainly Marian Allen) The Musical-Box Annual - Tune and Rhyme for Nursery Time Amalgamated /Fleetway House Press, London C 1936, £50.00

A Morley Strength of materials Longmans green, london 1938 £35.00

WATERS, Ivor. Chepstow Miscellany. Foreword by C. Gordon Jolliffe. The Chepstow Society and the Newport and Monmouthshire Branch of the Historical Association, Chepstow., 1958. First edition. £35.00

Haskell, Arnold L Heroes And Roses - A View Of Bulgaria Darton, Longman & Todd, 1966. 1st edition. £30.00

Grace James. Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales. Macmillan, London:, 1912. 2nd ptg £120.00

McLean, Terry Beaten By the 'Boks. The 1960 All Blacks in South Africa. A H & A W Reed, New Zealand, 1960. £30.00

Robert Dehin, Eliminating Pain with Magnet Therapy - the Amazing Curative Powers of Magnets Robert Dehin, 1999. AS NEW £35.00


FAIRFAX-BLAKEBOROUGH, J. Yorkshire Village Life, Humour and Characters. London: A Brown and Sons, N.D. [1955] £35.00

H Nicolson Journey to Java Travel book Club, London 1957 £35.00

J. M Munro Kerr / j Chassar Moir Munro Kerr's operative obstetrics (ISBN: 9780702003417) Bailliere, Tindall & Cassell, London 1956, 6th edition £75.00

Brode, Wallace R. Chemical Spectroscopy. Wiley, 2nd ed 1945 £35.00

Edited by Antonia Gransden The Chronicle of Bury St. Edmunds 1212-1301 Thomas Nelson & Sons, London, 1964. AS NEW £70.00

Warburton, R E Egerton Hunting Songs Basil Montagu Pickering, London, 1877. Sixth Edition. £40.00

Miller, Madeline S. Encyclopedia of Bible Life A. & C. Black, 1967. £30.00

Chevalier, Haakon For us the Living Published by Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd, 7 John Street, London., First edition ., 1949. First edition £35.00

Arbetets Varld [The Museum of Work ] 1991-1992, 500 bilder av 130 fotografer fran 15 lander Arbetets Museum, Norrkoping, Sweden 1991. AS NEW £70.00

Blundred, Rev Frederick From Earthenware to China: Some Memoirs of Rev Frederick Blundred York: Marjorie Blundred, First Edition., 1996. AS NEW £35.00

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