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John Greenleaf Whittier The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier with Life, Notes, Index, Etc Frederick Warne and Co., London. 1894, Albion Edition. £40.00

Kelman, John The Holy Land A. & C. Black, Ltd., London, 1912. £50.00

M E Mathews The Redheads of Windyridge Blackie, nd [1940s?] £20.00

Adams, W.H. Davenport Stories of the Lives of Noble Women. "London; Nelson; 1885." £40.00

De Caussade, J P. Abandonment to Divine Providence. Catholice Records Press. Exeter. c., 1921. £30.00


The New International Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus: DE-LUXE Encyclopedic Edition Trident Press, 1999 £30.00

Heralds` Commemorative Exhibition 1484-1934 Held at the College of Arms. Enlarged and Illustrated Catalogue. (ISBN: 0901951293 / 0-901951-29-3) Tabard Press Limited, London, 1970. AS NEW IN DW £110.00

Bible / fine binding The Holy Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty's Special Command. Oxford, at the University Press, 1846 £150.00

St. Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society. HERTFORDSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGY Transactions. St. Albans, volume 5, 1977, volume 6, 1978 £30.00

Bruun, Jonas. The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory 1775 -1975 Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory 1975 £80.00

Riley, Noel. TILE ART: A HISTORY OF DECORATIVE CERAMIC TILES. Apple Press UK, 1987. First edition. £50.00

HUNT (Leigh) THE MONTHS. Descriptive Of The Successive Beauties Of The Year. London, Ivor Nicholson and Watson Limited., 1936. FIRST EDITION. £60.00

Christine Veasey Pins and Needles Treasure Book of Family Needlework Christine Veasey, London, 1953. £20.00

Kersting & Linnell English Cathedrals in Colour Batsford, London 1960 £20.00

Butler,General Sir William F. G.C.B. Red Cloud A Tale of the Great Prairie, edited by T Corcoran Browne and Noilan, Dublin nd [1920s?] £50.00

Emlyn Williams GEORGE AN EARLY AUTOBIOGRAPHY Hamish Hamilton. 1961 £20.00

Zorn, Yogi William True Yoga: The Eternal Philosophy of Health and Happiness Preston: A Thomas & Co, 1965 £30.00

Morris, Willie NORTH TOWARD HOME Macmillan, London 1968. First UK edition. £20.00

S. Walker and H. Straw Spectroscopy Volume One 1 Atomic, Microwave and Radio-frequency Spectroscopy Chapman & Hall, London, 1961 £35.00

Barron, Norman The Pig Farmer's Veterinary Book... Farm Treatment and Control of Pig Diseases Dairy Farmer Books Ltd, Ipswich, 1952. £30.00

Drinkwater, John (commentary by) A PAGEANT OF ENGLAND'S LIFE Presented By Her Poets Thornton Butterworth Limited, London, 1934 £20.00

Churchill, Winston MR CREWE'S CAREER London, Macmillan, 1908. 1st Edition £30.00


Mario Vargas Llosa The way to Paradise Faber 2003. UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY £20.00

Finlayson, T.Campbell Biological Religion, An Essay in Criticism of Professor Henry Drummond's 'Natural Law in the Natural World' James Clarke & Co., London, 1895. £35.00

CHAUCER, Geoffrey. Troilus & Criseyde. Original text by. Edited by Walter W. Skeat. Translation and Introduction by Stewart Boston. Illustrations by Peter Brookes. London: The Folio Society., 1990 £60.00

LUCAS, E.V. CRICKET ALL HIS LIFE. Cricket writings in prose and verse. Assembled and arranged by Rupert Hart-Davis. [First edition] Hart-Davis, 1950. £35.00

CLARK, John Willis. A CONCISE GUIDE TO THE TOWN AND UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE in an Introduction and Four Walks. Bowes & Bowes, Cambidge, 1925. £30.00

Feld, Michael Super Shelley's Mein Kampf London, Alan Ross Ltd., , 1969. First Edition: £30.00

EDDINGTON, A.S. Space Time and Gravitation. An outline of the general relativity theory. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1921. £35.00

KOHLER, Carl. A History of Costume. Edited and Augmented by Emma Von Sichart. Translated by Alexander Dallas. London: George Harrap, 1929 £60.00

Shimmin, F N Permanent Values of Religion. The Sixteenth Hartley Lecture Hammond,Primitive Methodist Pub., London, 1914. £35.00

MASSINGHAM, H.J. "Dogs Birds & Others : Natural History Letters From "" The Spectator."" Chosen with an Introduction and Notes by H.J. Massingham, with a Preaface by John St. Loe Strachey" London T. Fisher Unwin Ltd, 1921. £35.00

DARBY, H. C. (ed.) An Historical Geography of England Before A. D. 1800. Fourteen Studies. Cambridge: University Press, 1936 £45.00


ADAMI, J. George. Inflammation: an introduction to the study of pathology, being the reprint (revised and enlarged) of an article in Professor Allbutt’s System of Medicine. London, Macmillan, 1909. £60.00

Griffith, J.W. & Henfrey, Arthur. "The Micrographic Dictionary; A Guide to the Examination and Investigation of the Structure and Nature of Microscopic Objects. Volume 1 [of 2] only" London. Jan van Voorst., 1875. £120.00

Price, Nancy Tails and Tales London: Gollancz: 1945 £25.00

Marie Hartley & Joan Ingilby The Yorkshire Dales Dent 1956, first edition £30.00

Walter Wood [Ed.] The Boys' All-Round Book Of Stories, Sports And Hobbies. Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., nd [prize bookplate dated 1928] £60.00

SIMPSON, Helen. The Woman on the Beast - Viewed from Three Angles. Heinemann, London. 1933 £30.00

Firsoff, V. A. Facing the Universe Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1966 £30.00

CHRISTOPHERS ( Samuel Woolcock ) Hymn-Writers and their hymns. S. W. Partridge, circa 1885. Third edition. £75.00

Hammond Innes Harvest of Journeys Collins, 1960. First Edition. SIGNED £75.00

BENNETT, J.A.W. & G.V. Smithers. (Editors). EARLY MIDDLE ENGLISH VERSE AND PROSE. Clarendon Press., Oxford., 1968 £35.00

Swann, Annie S. ( Mrs. Burnett Smith ) Alderside - A Border Story Oliphants Ltd., London. New ed, nd [1940s?] £30.00

LOCKHART, J.G. and WOODHOUSE, C.M. (The Hon.) RHODES. A new biography based, for the first time, on unrestricted use of the Rhodes papers. Hodder and Stoughton, 1963. £40.00

Exhibition Catalogue Italian Art and Britain. Royal Academy, London 1960 £20.00

Wilson & Seaman The Serial Killers, a study in the psychology of violence BCA 1991 £20.00

Cruden, Alexander A Concordance to The Old and New Testament, or a Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to The Bible ( Edited By Rev. C.S. Carey) George Routledge and Sons, London, nd [1870s?] Exclesior Series £35.00

Trade Catalogue C.G.A. General Price Book 1965. ( CGA = Country Gentlemen's Association ). Catalogue. Country Gentlemen's Association Ltd.1965 £40.00

West, Herbert Faulkener A Modern Conquistador: Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, His Life and Works Cranley and Day, London, 1932. £75.00

Berlioz, Hector The Life of Hector Berlioz as Written by Himself in his Letters and Memoirs J. M Dent, London. E. P. Dutton, NY. 1903. £40.00

Ivor Brown Say The Word Cape, London 1947. First edition £20.00

Ivor Brown Just Another Word Cape, London 1943. First edition £20.00

Molesworth, Mrs. (Ennis Graham). CARROTS: JUST A LITTLE BOY. Macmillan, 1897 reprint £35.00

WALPOLE, Hugh. "FOUR FANTASTIC TALES. Maradick at forty; The Prelude to Adventure; Portrait of a man with red hair; Above the dark circus." [First collected edition] Macmillan, 1932. £35.00

Hans Andersen with illustrations by Harry Clarke Fairy Tales From Hans Andersen J. Coker & Co., ca1930. £50.00

Cunningham, Adm. A Sailor's Odyssey: The Autobiography of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope. Hutchinson & Co, London, 1951 £35.00

Cheshire The County Handbook Cheltenham & London, J Burrow & Co. First Edition. nd [1961] £40.00

Speak, Harold & Jean Forrester. Old Wakefield in Photographs. (ISBN: 9780902907102) Hendon Publishing Co Ltd, 1972 £20.00

F R BARRY. The Relevance of Christianity An Approach to Christian Ethics Nisbet & Co, London, 1932 £30.00

TAYLOR, Samuel. CARTMEL PEOPLE AND PRIORY. [First edition] Kendal: Titus Wilson, 1955. £45.00

Jenkins, E.H The Rock Garden Country Life Limited, London, nd [1920s] £30.00

Neal.Ernest The Natural History of Badgers Guild Publishing, London, 1986. AS NEW in protected dw. £40.00

Steve Crespo Star wars: Episode 1: Anakin Skywalker. SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION Dark Horse 1999 £100.00

Ritchie, Lewis, et al. The Epic of Malta Odhams Press Limited c. 1943, London £35.00

Eric Kraft: Herb 'n' Lorna, a love story Hodder 1989, first ed. £20.00

Ronalds, Mary THE EYEWITNESS: THE TESTIMONY OF JOHN The World's Work Ltd, 1965 first edition £30.00

Milner, John, Roman Catholic Bishop of Castabala and Vicar-Apostolic of the western district of England, 1752-1826 The end of religious controversy. A new edition by Luke Rivington. London: Catholic Truth Society, 1896 £70.00

Elsie Bindrum Needles, story and pictures Warne, London 1944 £45.00

KERSH, Gerald Faces in a Dusty Picture William Heinemann Ltd London 1944. First Edition. £60.00

KNAPPETT, Rachel. A PULLET ON THE MIDDEN. Michael Joseph, 1946. £20.00

Mercedes Benz A History of Passion: Mercedes Benz cars Germany: Daimler Chrysler AG, 2001 £20.00

Goldring, Douglas A TOUR IN NORTHUMBRIA, George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London, N. D. [1930's] £20.00

Kate O'Brien Without My Cloak Heinemann, new imp 1931 £20.00

Brian Fawcett / P H Exploration Fawcett. Arranged from his manuscripts, letters, log-books, and records by Brian Fawcett. Hutchinson 1953 £35.00

Ninette Lyon Chicken and Game Cookery Book Club 1966 £20.00

Stanley, Lady Augusta Letters Of Lady Augusta Stanley. A Young Lady At Court 1849-1863 London: Gerald Howe Ltd, 1927. £20.00

G A Henty Won by the Sword Blackie, 1900 £75.00

Jackson, G. Gibbard The Splendid Book of The Army and Air Force London.Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd. no date (1936) £25.00

FORD, Charles Bradley, Illustrated by Photos THE COLOURED COUNTIES London: B. T. Batsford Ltd. 1937 £35.00

J R Jones The Encyclopaedia of Rugby Football 2nd ed., Hale 1966 £20.00

Lord Kinross Europa Minor, journeys in coastal Turkey Travel book Club, nd [1950s] £20.00

Magener, Rolf Prisoners' Bluff. Rupert Hart-Davis London 1954, £30.00

The Staff of The Aeroplane THE AEROPLANE PICTORIAL REVIEW No.3 Temple Press, 1958 £30.00

M Wheeler Roman Art and Architecture BCA 1971 £20.00

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST Islands in the Stream (First British Print) (ISBN: 0002213443 / 0-00-221344-3) Collins, London, 1970. [Precedes US printing] £80.00

Hole, Christina Witchcraft in England London, Book Club Associates, 1977. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

SEWELL, E. H. D. Well hit! sir Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd, ca 1950 £30.00

INNES, Hammond. CAMPBELL’S KINGDOM. [First edition] Collins, 1952. £50.00

car manual pocket mechanic volvo 240 series, volvo 244 and 245 to 1984 Peter Russek Manuals,19080s £20.00

Directions for Using the Singer Sewing Machine Company's Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machines The Singer Manufacturing Co., New York & London Jan 1898 £30.00

Brooke, Stopford Augustus Notes on the Liber studiorum of J. M. W. Turner London Autotype Company 1885 £75.00

Edith Miles Moonshine Island Frederick Warne, London 1940. First edition £30.00

Green, William The Observer's World Aircraft Directory London: Frederick Warne, , First Edition., 1961 £25.00

Thorpe. W. ENGLISH GLASS. A & C Black, London 1935 £55.00


Bohn, Henry G. A Dictionary of Quotations from the English Poets. George Bell & Sons, London, 1882, 3rd edition £35.00

E.B. Ford Butterflies Collins. London Edition , 1945 £45.00

Roberts, Thomas TAPPET AND DOBBY LOOMS: Their Mechanism and Management Emmott & Co. Limited, Manchester 1912 £35.00

Arnold, Matthew w/intro by A. T. Quiller-Couch The Poems of Matthew Arnold 1840-1867 Oxford University Press, 1909 £30.00

KLICKMANN, Flora (ed) Pillow-lace and hand-worked trimmings. Containing directions for making Brussels Duchesse lace, Cluny lace, Torchon lace, Maltese lace, and a variety of designs for decorative embroidery stitches Girl's Own Paper London [1921] £120.00

C. C Channer Practical lacemaking: Bucks point ground Dryad Handicrafts, 1928. £125.00

Margaret L Brooke Lace In The Making With Bobbins And Needle (ISBN: 0686111427 / 0-686-11142-7) Routledge, 1923, reprinted Robin & Russ Handweavers, Oregon1978. £60.00

Smith, Steve West Hartlepool Rugby Football Club The History up to 1981-2 Hartlepool: West Hartlepool Rugby Football Club, 1982. £75.00

Sir John Mandeville / Friar Odoric The Voiage and Travayle of Sir John Mandeville and the Journal of Frier Odoricus Heron Books, ca 1970. AS NEW £45.00

Lord Anson A Voyage Round the World Heron Books, 1968. AS NEW £45.00

Marco Polo The Travels of Marco Polo Heron Books, 1960s. AS NEW £45.00

Lloyd, H.A CHATS ON OLD CLOCKS E Benn, London 1951 £35.00

GROSSMITH, GEORGE AND WEEDON. THE DIARY OF A NOBODY. The Folio Society., London, 1969. £35.00

Hammond Innes The Strode Venturer Collins, London, 1965. First edition £45.00

A Mitchell A Brief History of the Thornton [Bradford] Co-operative Society 1909-1930 Co-Op, Manchester 1930, Souvenir copy. £85.00

MURRAY, W.H. The story of Everest. Dent, London 1953 £50.00

PLAY BETTER GOLF (ISBN: 1551101041 / 1-55110-104-1) CLB 1993 £60.00

Elliott & Brooks Budgerigar Matings and Colour Expectations Containing Dr H Duncker's Original Tables The Budgerigar Society, Derby, [1948] Fifth edition £30.00

Markets Year Book, a list of Markets in England, Wales and Scotland World's Fair, Oldham, 9th ed., nd [1950s?] £30.00

Kennedy, Douglas England's Dances, Folk Dancing To-day And Yesterday G Bell & Son Ltd London, 1949. 1st edition. £30.00

G Taylor Art in Silver and Gold Dutton Vista, London 1964 £30.00

Carlisle, Christabel Seven Countries of South America George G. Harrap, London, 1965. £50.00

Wodehouse, P.G. Mr. Mulliner Speaking Herbert Jenkins, London, 1961. £25.00

READ, Miss. Country Bunch. A Collection. London: Michael Joseph, (1963). First edition £30.00

Collins, L M Great Western Steam in Action D Bradford Barton Ltd, Cornwall, 1973. £20.00

SAUNDERS, W. R. History of Watford. Watford: C H Peacock, 1931. £55.00

Rudolph Robert Famous Authors in Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Countryside, nd [1960s?] £30.00

Typefounders Catalogue Types Sun Printers, Watford, nd [1935] £75.00

Typefounders Catalogue List of Typefaces Odhams [ watford] Ltd., Nov. 1936 £110.00

RIVERS James (Ed) The Sports Book. Compiled and edited by James Rivers Macdonald & Co 1946 £30.00

Hilliard, Arthur Under the Black Eagle Blackie, London, nd [ prize bookplate 1890s] £40.00

Prezemyslaw Trzeciak Across Poland Interpress Publishing House, Warsaw, 1972, 2nd ed enlarged. £35.00

Stefan Arczynski In the Klodzko Sudeten Mountains Interpress Publishing House, Warsaw, 1970 £65.00

Saysse-Tobiczyk, Kazimierz In Eastern Pomerania Polonia Publishing House, Warsaw, 1964 £35.00

"Sharp, William - ""Fiona MacLeod""" Poems and Dramas William Heinemann Ltd, London, 1923, uniform edition £30.00

Hesse, Hermann Magister Ludi [The Glass Bead Game] Aldus, London, 1949. £50.00

Churchill, Winston S. Frontiers and Wars: His Four Early Books Covering His Life as Soldier and War Correspondent Edited Into One Volume London Eyre & Spottiswoode 1962 1st printing, £30.00

John Bright A HISTORY OF ISRAEL SCM, London 1964 £40.00

Practical Automobile Engineering Odhams Press Ltd, London, nd [1940s?] £35.00

John Steinbeck, edited by Chase Horton The Acts of KING ARTHUR AND HIS NOBLE KNIGHTS, From the Winchester Manuscripts of Thomas Malory, and other sources, Book Club Associates, publishers, London, 1977 £30.00

H England Cycling Manual temple Press, London 1960 £30.00

South American Handbook, 1967: An Annual Traveler's Guide to the Countries and Economies of South America, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean and West Indies London, UK Trade and Travel Publications, 1967 £30.00

Shepherd, D.G. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE GAS TURBINE Constable and Company, 1949 £30.00

Abraham Lincoln / ed R Basler Abraham Lincoln, his speeches and writings World Pub., Chicago 1946 £20.00

LEWIS Peter A Fox-Hunter's Anthology Lovat Dickson & Thompson ,London second printing, 1935 £30.00

Cramp, Stanley, Bourne, W.R.P. & Saunders, David. The Seabirds of Britain and Ireland. Readers Union, Country Book Soc. 1974 £30.00

Duggan, Alfred Winter Quarters Faber and Faber, 1956. £60.00

Nicholas Tselementes Greek Cookery Divry, New York, 1972. £30.00

Curtis, S. J. (Stanley James) -- Foreword (p. vi-viii) by Dorothy L. Sayers. A short history of Western philosophy in the middle ages. London: Macdonald & Co. 1950. £30.00

DURRELL, Gerald. BIRDS, BEASTS & RELATIVES. [First edition] Collins, 1969. £35.00

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. Folio Society, 1960 £40.00

Ingoldsby, Thomas THE INGOLDSBY LEGENDS, OR MIRTH AND MARVELS Frederick Warne and Co., London/New York, nd [1890s] £50.00

Porsche Boxster Porsche, nd [2006?] £20.00

Stuart, Esmè "Miss Fenwick's Failures : Or, ""Peggy Pepper-Pot""" Blackie & Son, London, nd [ ornamental prize bookplate dated 1887] £40.00

CAHILL, James THE ART OF SOUTHERN SUNG CHINA. New York 1962, Asia Society £50.00

Maurice Speed The western Film Annual Macdonald, London [1951?] £30.00

Gibbs, May Mr. and Mrs. Bear and Friends Sydney: Angus & Robertson,Second edition, 1957. £70.00

Gibbs, May Scotty in Gumnut Land Sydney: Angus & Robertson, nd [ 1940s ? ] £60.00

Ernest Raymond Once In England Comprising Book I : A Family That Was Book II The Jesting Army Book III Mary Leith A Story Set In England's Stirring Years 1890 - 1930 Cassell and Company, 1932. £50.00

HOCHE (Jules) et ALLERS (C.W.), Notre tour du monde, Paris, Juven s.d. (vers 1900), £340.00

PORTERFIELD,BRUCE Commandos for christ. the gospel witness in bolivia\'s green hell Hodder, London 1964 £30.00

Gee, Samuel AUSCULTATION AND PERCUSSION together with the Other Methods of Physical Examination of the Chest Henry Frowde / Hodder & Stoughton, 1908, 6th ed. £40.00

Beeton, Mrs. MRS BEETONS ALL ABOUT COOKERY. Ward Locke, London 1961.. £50.00


Meljon, Zeev, editor Towns and Villages in Israel: The Union of Local Authorities in Israel Immanuel Blaushild and Arie Nuernberg, Tel Aviv, 1966. £50.00

Grace, Harvey (ed) The New Musical Educator: 3rd edition, Caxton 1953 £90.00

Dunne, Diane M (managing editor) THE PRINTER - FALL 1989 - 125 YEARS R. R. DONNELLEY & SONS COMPANY, THE LAKESIDE PRESS 1864-1989 Chicago, IL R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co. 1989 £30.00

YOUNG ENGLAND. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys Throughout the English-Speaking World. Thirty-sixth Annual Volume, 1914-15. London: The Pilgrim Press, 1914 £30.00

Abba Eban My People - The Story of the Jews Georges Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1968 £35.00

E A Hoebel: Man in the Primitive World, an Introduction to Anthropology McGraw Hill 1949, First edition £20.00

J E Handley the Irish in Modern Scotland Cork university Press, 1947 £120.00

BURKE, Jack, et al HOW TO SOLVE YOUR GOLF PROBLEMS Nicholas Kaye, London, 1964 £20.00

The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich. Facts and Documents translated from the German. Burn Oates., 1940. £50.00

Sewell, Anna and Aldin, Cecil (illus) Black Beauty London Jarrolds, nd [ inscription dated 1934] £80.00

Mee, Arthur & Hammerton, J. A. & Innes, A. D. Harmsworth History of the World London: Carmelite House / Harmswoth, 1907-1909. £225.00

Merle Miller: Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman Berkley 1974 £30.00

The North Lonsdale Magazine and Furness Miscellany: Volume 1, issues 1-12 complete W Holmes 1894-5, Ulverston. £110.00

Chapman, C.W MODERN HIGH-SPEED OIL ENGINES Caxton House, 1949. £90.00

"WILKINSON, Neville Illustrated by The Author; H. V. Crawfurth-Smith; Col. R Goff" YVETTE IN ITALY and TITANIA'S PALACE Humphrey Milford - The Oxford University Press, London, 1922. £25.00

anon Russian Naval Grammar 1961 Signal Division Admiralty [1961] £160.00

Jo Monie Introducing Australia: The Beauty, Wildlife and Heritage of Australia Through Stamps Australia Post, 1989. £80.00

Sajjad Haider Tilework in Pakistan National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Islamabad, Pakistan, nd [1980s] £45.00

Next Directory no 42 Autumn / Winter : Fashion / Home, nd £60.00

Lloyd, Seton (& others) World architecture. An illustrated history. London, Paul Hamlyn 1963. £70.00

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode, London, 1863. £90.00

RAILWAY WORLD Jan to Dec 1968, Ian allen. £50.00

"Standard Eight Service Instruction Manual: Incorporating The Standard ""Ten""" Standard Triumph Sales Ltd., Coventry, England. No date, 8th printing £50.00

Fuller, W H SMALL BORE TARGET SHOOTING Herbert Jenkins, London 1963 £35.00

TURNER, J. Horsfall Yorkshire Place Names, As Recorded in the Yorkshire Domesday Book 1086: comprising all the references (nearly five thousand) to places in the Three Ridings and North Lancashire (then included in Yorkshire from the River Ribble to Furness... Bingley: for the Author, c., 1900. £90.00

FLETCHER, E.M. YOUNGSTERS IN YORKSHIRE. Local history for the family. Second journey - to the north A.Brown & Sons, 1948. £35.00

FLETCHER, E.M. YOUNGSTERS IN YORKSHIRE. Local history for the family. First journey - to the west. A.Brown & Sons, 1948. £35.00

Pellaton, Dr. James C. Watch Escapements N.A.G. Press, London. Circa, 1950. Third edition £55.00

A Hopkins: Understanding Music Dent 1979. AS NEW £20.00

KIPLING, Rudyard. ALL THE MOWGLI STORIES. Macmillan,1943 reprint £35.00

STIGAND, C.H. (Major). EQUATORIA: THE LADO ENCLAVE. Introductory memoir by General Sir Reginald Wingate. [First edition] Constable, 1923. £450.00

D'Auvergne Edmund B. The Coburgs. The Story of the Rise of a Great Royal House Stanley Paul & Co, London, nd [1910s?] £110.00


Jane Austen The Novels of Jane Austen in 6 volumes. Book-of-the-Month Club, UK 1996 £110.00

"Anne Bronte's ""The Tenant of Wildfell Hill"", & ""Agnes Grey""; Charlotte Bronte's ""The Professor"", ""Jane Eyre"", ""Shirley"", & "THE WORKS OF ANNE, CHARLOTTE & EMILY BRONTE. 7 volumes. Anne Bronte's ""The Tenant of Wildfell Hill"", & ""Agnes Grey""; Charlotte Bronte's ""The Professor"", ""Jane Eyre"", ""Shirley"", & ""Villette""; and Emily Bronte's ""Wuthering Heights""" London, the Folio Society. 1991 £160.00

Bronislaw Malinowski - Preface by Havelock Ellis THE SEXUAL LIFE OF SAVAGES in North-Western Melanesia - an Ethnographic Account of Courtship, Marriage, and Family Life Among the Natives of the Trobriand Islands, British New Guinea Routledge & Kegan Paul, London - reprint, 1968, £70.00

Townsend, Joseph "A Journey Through Spain in the Years 1786 and 1787: With Particular Attention to the Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce, Population, Taxes, and Revenue of That Country; and Remarks in Passing Through a Part of France - Vol 2. only [of 2]" 3rd ed with additions, James Moore, Dublin 1792 £220.00

HAWES, Barbara Tales of the North American indians, and adventures of the early settlers in America. London: Jarrold and Sons, [1853?]. Second edition. £140.00

Edited by Anderson, J.R.L. HISTORY ON THE ROAD: A Vintage Car Miscellany London: Hamish Hamilton, 1958 £40.00

Hilton, W.F. Manned Satellites Their Achievements and Potentialities Hutchinson, London, 1965. £40.00

Burroughs, Edgar Rice Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Cassell & Company., London, 1930 £40.00

BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice Tarzan the untamed 8th ed., Methuen London 1943 £60.00

ARMOUR, TOMMY with illustrations by GUSTAVSON, LEALAND. HOW TO PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF ALL THE TIME. Hodder and Stoughton, London, 12th imp., 1964 £25.00

"""Bestway""" BESTWAY COOKERY GIFT BOOK - Seventh book [edition] Bestway 1930s? £30.00

Wodehouse, P.G Short Stories. First edition thus, Folio Society., 1983. £30.00

P G Wodehouse Money for Nothing Herbert Jenkins, London, third printing, nd [1928?] £45.00

By G.W., Russell, Edward Francis, ed. The Life of Charles Alan Smythies Bishop of the Universities Mission to Africa Office of the Universities Mission to Central Africa, London, 1898. 1st Edition. £30.00

Silas R.Hocking,F.R.H.S """Chips"",""Joe"",And ""Mike""" Frederick Warne, N/d. [1880s?] £40.00

Sir Oswald Mosley My Life BCA 1968. £30.00

A.Harcourt Burrage. THE 'Q' PLANE and Other Stories of School and Adventure The Epworth Press, nd [1930s] £35.00

Twining, E. W. Indoor Model Railways : H0 and 00 Gauges Newnes, London, 1937. £30.00

BRONTE SISTERS NOVELS. Selected with an introduction by Peter Quennell. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Wuthering Heights by Emile Bronte, Agney Grey by Ann Bronte. [First edition thus] Pilot Press, 1947. £35.00

John Greenleaf Whittier The Poetical Works Of John Greenleaf Whittier With Prefatory Memoir W.P.Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell, Edinburgh, nd [ ca 1900?] £60.00

Pollard, Eliza F Florence Nightingale the Wounded Soldier's Friend S. W. Partridge & Co., London. [1900] £35.00

PALLENBERG, Corrado. THE VATICAN FROM WITHIN. London. George G Harrap. 1st ed. 1961 £30.00

Freda M Hurt Fun Next Door Thomas Nelson, London 1958 £30.00

Lennox Kerr The Blackspit Smugglers Thomas Nelson, London nd [1950s?] £20.00

Tom Bower: Blind Eye to Murder. Britain, America and the Purging of Nazi Germany - A Pledge Betrayed. (ISBN: 0233972927 / 0-233-97292-7) Andre Deusth, London England, 1981 £30.00

Julie Tatham The Clue of the Broken Blossom Sampson Low, London 1961 £20.00

Julie Tatham Behind the White Veil Sampson Low, London 1961 £20.00

Freda M Hurt Thirteen for Luck Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, London 1963 £20.00

T & L Davis: Doctor to the Islands Joseph 1985, London £40.00

Wallis, Charles L. A Treasury Of Sermon Illustrations Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, Nashville, TN, 1950. £20.00

Best, Charles Herbert Taylor, Norman Burke Best & Taylor's Physiological basis of medical practice E & S Livingstone, 8th ed, London 1966 £20.00

John D Comrie BLACK'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY Waverley Book Co., 8th ed 1928 £30.00

Turner,Walter, F. Goodies and Other Stories in a Yorkshire Dialect E.T.W. Dennis, Scarborough [1925] £30.00

Dennis Wheatley PLOT AND COUNTERPLOT, THREE ADVENTURES OF GREGORY SALLUST First Edition, Hutchinson, 1959 £45.00

Jeffery Farnol The High Adventure Sampson Low and Marston, London, 1940 £30.00

Viola Bayley White Holiday The Children's Press, London, nd [1950s?] £20.00

Mollie Chappell Rhodesian Adventure The Children's Press, London, nd [1950s?] £20.00

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