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A W Hamilton Easy Malay Vocabulary Moore, Singapore 1956 £30.00

Maxim Gorki Un Evenement Extraordinaire Editions Rieder, paris 1933 £20.00

E O Ashton Swahili Grammar [including intonation] Longmans 1966 £30.00

W J Patterson Rossnowlagh remembered Author published, 1990. Signed copy £35.00

NINA POTAPOVA Russian: textbook of the russian language for english-speaking people: part 1 [ all issued? ] Van Chong Book Company, Shanghai, reprinted 1949 £30.00

VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS Mary elizabeth towneley [ in religion, sister marie des saints anges] a memoir Burns Oates and Washbourne Limited, 1924. First edition £60.00

HYMN BOOK Hymns Ancient & Modern revised 1950 William Clowes, London 1950 £20.00

Winston S Churchill A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Volume Four: The Great Democracies Educational Book Company, London 1958. the Chartwell Edition. £50.00

Winston S Churchill A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Volume Three: the Age of Revolution Educational Book Company, London 1957. the Chartwell Edition. £50.00

Howitt, Mary (ed.): Biographical Sketches of the Queens of Great Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Queen Victoria or, Royal Book of Beauty Rutter, London, 1865. £180.00

Winston S Churchill A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Volume Two: The New Wold Educational Book Company, London 1956. the Chartwell Edition. £30.00

Robin Cross: World War II in Photographs Parragon 1996 First ed. £20.00

Prothero, Rowland (edited by) Byron The Works of Lord Byron Letters and Journals Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5 only [ of 6] John Murray, London, 1922. enlarged new edition. £30.00

Moses, Stainton Direct Spirit Writing London: Psychic Book Club, 1952 £40.00

F Johnson A Standard Swahili Dictionary OUP 1964 £35.00

LARSEN, HENRY AND MAY PELLATON Behind the Lianas; Exploration in French Guiana Edinburgh, London, Oliver and Boyd, [1958] £30.00

"Hunt, Arthur S.; Edgar, C. C." Select Papyri: Vol. I Private Affairs, Vol. II Official Documents (Loeb Classical Library) Heinemann/ Putnam/ Harvard 1932 & 1934 £70.00

Simon Hickmott: Growing Unusual Vegetables Eco-Logicv Books 2003. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY £30.00

Edward Curtis / Cardozo, Christopher {Editor} Native Nations: First Americans As Seen By Edward Curtis (ISBN: 0821220527 / 0-8212-2052-7) Bulfinch Press, Boston, 1993 £70.00

LINSTRUM, Derek. HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE OF LEEDS. With a preface by John Betjeman. First edition] Newcastle upon Tyne: Oriel Press, 1969. £40.00

Nelson's Budget for Girls Thomas Nelson,, London [1930s?] £50.00

magazine Victorian Erotica Vol. 1 No. 1 Ben's Books, London, 1974. £30.00

[ trade catalogue] kenwright's wholesale cutlers and fancy good dealers Kenwright, Liverpool nd [190s?] £70.00

Sex Mag Jade, the erotic art and literature magazine : issues 28-32 Scarborough, Yorks 2006 £75.00

The Engineer's, Architect's and Contractor's Pocket-Book for the year 1868 Lockwood & Co, London 1868 £120.00

NEWSPAPER The Courier, the GPO Staff magazine, North eastern edition Post Office, Oct 1966 to Dec 1968 £110.00

STEFAN LORANT, Editor LILLIPUT [Magazine] Hulton Press, Jan to June 1938 £110.00

Martin, Edward J. THE TRIAL OF THE [Knight's Templar] ] TEMPLARS London, George Allen & Unwin, 1928. First ed. £50.00

Woodforde, Christopher. THE STAINED GLASS OF NEW COLLEGE, OXFORD. O.U.P., 1951. 1st Ed. £50.00

"POSTGATE, Sarah ( intr. );" PATTERNS FOR PAPERS, Devon, Webb & Bower, 1987 £50.00

Field, G. Lowell The Syndical and Corporative Institutions of Italian Fascism Columbia University Press, New York, 1938. £50.00

Theophrastus Theophrastus: Enquiry Into Plants and minor works on odours and weather signs (Loeb Classical Library 79) Heinemann 1913- 1923 £80.00

julian, translated by W C Wright The Works Heinemann 1913- 1923 £110.00

René Barotte Marc Chagall O'Hana Gallery, London, 1961. AS NEW £35.00

Driving Fantasies "Milan; VisualBooks, 1992. 1st Edition." £50.00

the Child's Own Annual, 97th annual volume Child's Own Magazine, London, nd [1930s] £60.00

"JONES, THOMAS ; JONES, GILBERT T" Machine Drawing - for the Use of Engineering Students in Science and Technical Schools and Colleges. Book 1. John Heywood, Manchester. 1918 £70.00

The Monster Rupert: A Story and Picture Book with 200 Cut-outs in Colour Sampson Low Marston & Company Limited, London, 1950 £60.00

The Girls Own Annual. Vol. 25 London. [Girls Own]. [1903-4] £125.00

KLICKMANN, Flora (edited by) The Girls Own Annual. Vol. 51. London. [Girls Own]. [1930] £85.00

J S Gregory: Land of the Soviets Penguin 1946 £30.00

F R Morris Ladies Garment Cutting and Making. a Standard Textbook Giving Instruction in All Branches of Ladies Garment Cutting ,dress Cutting Modelling and Practical Tailoring The New Era Publishing, 3rd ed, nd [ca 1950] £110.00

Martin Waite Portrait of the artist as a cat, the art of Martin waite since 2000. First ed, June 2007, Leeds £40.00

Kronhausen, Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Walter: The English Casanova: A Presentation of his Unique Memoirs 'My Secret Life' Polybooks, London, 1967. £45.00

HANKIN, Nigel B. Hanklyn-Janklin : A Stranger's Rumble-Tumble Guide to Some Words, Customs and Quiddities Indian and Indo-British. Banyan Books, 1992. £50.00

Flower, Margaret Victorian Jewellery Cassell, London 1967, revised ed. £40.00

CAMERON, IAN. Mountains of the Gods. (ISBN: 9780712603126) London. Century. 1984 £30.00

J F Horrabin The Japhet & Happy's Annual : 1936 The 'News Chronicle' Publications Department, London, 1935 £50.00

Giletta edit Monaco and Monte-Carlo Nice, nd [1900s?] £70.00

Chatterbox [ annual] Well Garner nd [1920s?] £40.00

Mrs A Christie Samplers and Stitches. A Handbook of the Embroiderer's Art London: Batsford, 2nd edition, revised and enlarged, 1929 £50.00

Walt Disney Walt Disney's Snow White Magic Mirror Book and the Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dean & Son Ltd., 41-43 Ludgate Hill, London Specially for Stephenson Brothers, Ltd., Bradford . London 1939. £30.00

The Children's Golden Treasure Book for 1939. London. Odhams Press Ltd, 1939 £30.00

JOYCE, JAMES. A portrait of the artist as a young man. The Egoist Ltd., 1921. 3rd UK edition. £150.00

Taylor, Louis BITS: THEIR HISTORY, USE, AND MISUSE Harper & Row Publishers, New York, NY, 1966 £30.00

Alfieri, Dino Dictators, Face to Face Elek, London 1954, £40.00

Bateman, H.M. "THE EVENING RISE; Fifty Years of Fly Fishing" Gerald Duckworth & Co.Ltd, London, 1960. £30.00

B Naylor Quakers in the Rhondda 1926-1986 1986. NEW £20.00

Ambler, Eric. PASSAGE OF ARMS. William Heinemann, London, 1959. 1st Edition.. £50.00

J C Cox The Parish Churches of England Batsford 1954 £30.00

Wilson, William Scott The Lone Samurai: The Life Of Miyamoto Musashi (ISBN: 477002942X / 4-7700-2942-X) Kodansha International Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 2004 £30.00

Jung, C. G. ( H. Goodwin Boynes, Trans) Psychological Types or The Psychology of Individuation London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, new imp., 1938 £50.00

Tatton Max A (Compiled by) A Staffordshire Centenary 1869-1969 (William Tatton of Leek) Leek, The Company 1969, £30.00

MADONNA MADONNA: Sex (ISBN: 0436270846 / 0-436-27084-6) Secker & Warburg, 1992. 1st edtion. An adults only item. £180.00

Rapaport, Paul The Spirit Of Lady Godiva (ISBN: 0973027010 / 0-9730270-1-0) Newmarket, Ontario, Canada: Anecdote Pubns, 2004. £50.00

Hodgetts, Sheila Thrills with the Adventure Twins: An Exciting Adventure Twins Colour Strip Book London: Sampson Low, Marston: n.d.[1950s] £35.00

C G Temple The queen of Hearts John F Shaw, london nd [ presentation bookplate dated 1935] £70.00

Marsilio ed: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE OF FANS Ventagli italiani: moda costume arte Sett-Nov. 1990, Ventagli italiani, firenze £120.00

Cameron, Margaret "Nature's Year ; Little Stories of Living Things" Blackie & Son Limited, London. ND [inscription dated 1930] £40.00

KULTERMANN, UDO. The new sculpture: environments and assemblages. Thames And Hudson., 1968. £40.00

R M Lockley: Grey seal, Common Seal: A Survival Book Deutsch 1966 First £20.00

Kuhe, Wilhelm My Musical Recollections richard bentley, london 1896. First edition £140.00

O'Connor, Daniel . Illustrated by Alice B. Woodward. THE STORY OF PETER PAN G Bell & Sons Ltd. 1929 £30.00

Hare, Augustus J. C Days near Paris George Allen & Unwin, London,nd, ca 1890 £75.00

Hare, Augustus J. C South-Eastern France George Allen & Unwin, London, 1890 £55.00

T Zammit The prehistoric temples of Malta and Gozo: A description 1995, no place or publisher £50.00

Wilde, Jimmy The Art of Boxing With 15 specially posed illustrations With a preface by Mr 'Ted' Lewis, Manager to Jimmy Wilde W. Foulsham and Co circa 1945, London £50.00

Edwin McClellan Two Japanese Novelists: Soseki & Toson University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1969 £30.00

Hare, Augustus J. C South-Western France George Allen & Unwin, London, 1890 £95.00

Hare, Augustus J. C North-Western France - Normandy and Brittany, (some small extracts in French), George Allen & Unwin, London, 1895 £55.00

Percy Dearmer The Dragon of Wessex: A Story of the Days of Alfred A. R. Mowbray & Co, London, nd [ ca 1911] £35.00

Edwards, Ralph. ENGLISH CHAIRS. Victoria & Albert Museum/HMSO, 1965 £35.00

Masters, David WITH PENNANTS FLYING The Immortal Deeds of the Royal Armoured Corps. E&S, London, 1st 1943 £30.00

Lawton, Mary Schumann-Heink The Last of the Titans New York, NY Macmillan Co. 1928 £30.00

Kenyon, C.R. Twixt Earth and Sky: A Tale of Adventure in Central America Blackie and Son, 1908 £35.00

GILROY, Clinton THE ART OF WEAVING,By Hand and By Power with an Introductory Account of Its Rise and Progress in Ancient and Modern Times.For the Use of Manufacturers and Practical weavers &c. 2nd edition, Henry washbourne 1847 £275.00

Kennett, Basil Romae Antiquae Notitia: or the Antiquities of Rome J. and P. Knapton [among others], London, 1737. £260.00

Bowen, Edward E. HARROW SONGS. Longmans and Green, 1886 £90.00

Curling, Henry Reminiscences of Rifleman Harris Peter Davies, London, 1929. £50.00

JUSSERAND, J.J. English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages (XIVth Century). Translated from the French by Lucy Toulmin Smith. London. T. Fisher Unwin. 8th ed, 1890s £60.00

Education Committee Young Leeds - a Picture of Life in the City's schools and Colleges The Education Committee, Leeds, 1949. £30.00

Curry, Paul. MAGICIAN'S MAGIC. Ronald Whiting & Wheaton, 1966. £60.00

HUTCHINSON F E MEDIEVAL GLASS AT ALL SOULS COLLEGE, A History & Description, based upon the Notes of the Late G M Rushforth. Faber, 1st, 1949. £40.00

Hadfield, C The Canals of the West Midlands Newton Abbott: David and Charles, 1966 £35.00

Green, Roy. ASIATIC PRIMULAS: A GARDENERS' GUIDE. (ISBN: 9780900048210) The Alpine Garden Society, 1976. £25.00

Lauren Ford The Little Book About God William Heinemann, London, nd £60.00

Hill, Sarah Jane Full: Edited By Mark M. Krug MRS. HILL'S JOURNAL -- CIVIL WAR REMINISCENCES. The Lakeside Press/R. R. Donnelley & Song, Chicago, IL, 1980. £40.00

J.F.Horrabin The Japhet & Happy Book News Chronicle Publications Dept., London, 1931 £20.00

RUSSELL, Lady (Constance). THE ROSE GODDESS and other sketches of mystery and romance. With 28 collotype plates and 22 other illustrations. Longman, 1910., London £40.00

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una What Do They Know of Yorkshire? Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1940. £30.00

Betrand Russell: History of Western Philosophy Allen & Unwin 1965 £32.00

Reed, Langford The Complete Limerick Book: The Origin, History and Achievements of the Limerick with About 350 Selected Examples Jarrolds, London, 1925. £30.00

Mabel Early Toy-Making Studio Pubs, 1945 £30.00

Raiwidowicz, Simon (Edited by) Metsudah (Fortress): Essays and Studies Ararat Pub. Soc., London, 1954. £45.00

Alf Bøe NORSKE DESIGNPRIS, DEN / THE NORWEGIAN DESIGN AWARD. De Syv Første År (The First Seven Years) Norway design Centre, Oslo 1969 £45.00

Gernsheim, Alison. FASHION AND REALITY 1840-1914. Faber, London 1963 £40.00

Feiffer, Jules. Sick Sick Sick. Collins., 1959. £35.00

"Richards, Frank; The Magnet (magazine)." Billy Bunter in the land of the pyramids [Magnet, nos 1277-1284]. (ISBN: 0093098901 / 0-09-309890-1) Howard Baker, London, 1969 £30.00

isaac husik A History of Medieval Jewish Philosophy Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society of America, 1946 £45.00

Charles Kingsley / Mabel Lucie Attwell. The Water Babies - a Fairy Tale for a Land Baby Raphael Tuck & Sons, London, n.d. [ neat ink inscription on front paste-down dated 1929].. £90.00

LOWDERMILK, WALTER CLAY. Palestine Land of Promise. London. Victor Gollancz. 1947, 7th imp. £30.00

Enid Blyton Jolly Little Jumbo Brockhampton Press, Leicester [1955 ]. £30.00

KIRKMAN, F.B. (editor). THE BRITISH BIRD BOOK. An account of all the birds, nests and eggs found in the British Isles. T.C. & E.C.Jack, 1912 & 1913. Volumes 3 & 4 [ of 4 ] only £150.00

A History of the Merchant Navy London: George G Harrap, , Presumed First Edition, 1937. £30.00

Ford,Doug The Brainy Way to Better Golf Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd., London, 1961 £30.00

Cohen, Israel Jewish Life in Modern Times. London, Methuen. 2nd. Revised Edit., 1929. £40.00

S Scechter Studies in Judaism: third series Jewish Pub. Soc., Philadelphas 1945 £30.00

Mrs E.G. WHITE The Great Controversy Between Christ & Satan during the Christian Dispensation London: International Tract Society Ltd., 1907. Enlarged edition. £50.00

: The Fifth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire, held in Montreal, Canada 17-21 August 1903 London & Canadian Chambers of Commerce [1903] £160.00

Bert Walsh Bayonets Illustrated Bashal Eaves, Dublin nd [1960s] First ed. £30.00

HAMILTON, Anthony Edited By Sir Walter Scott Memoirs of Count Grammont, with a Portrait of the Author, and 11 other Etchings By Boisson George Routledge, London, 1905 £45.00

[A G Segret]: actorum s. mediolanensis ecclesiae: Pars V Institutiones et regulae diversi generis [Padova 1735] £140.00

SNELL, F.J. NORTH DEVON. [First edition] Adam and Charles Black, 1906. £65.00

Bentley W.O. THE CARS IN MY LIFE. Hutchinson 1961. first ed. £40.00

Parkes, Oscar Ships of the Royal Navy Sampson Low, Marston, London, 1934. £45.00

BURNETT, Frances Hodgson. / Charles Robinson The Secret Garden. London: William Heinemann, 1938 £120.00

Goldstein et al The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, volumes 4-8 Oxford, Clarendon Press 1951-1955 £350.00

JOTIN BHATTACHARYA Ustad allauddin khan and his music Shah Prakashan, India 1979 £75.00

Leiser, Clara Jean de Reszke And The Great Days Of Opera Gerald Howe Ltd, London, 1933. £50.00

JONES, E. Florence Buchanan. The Little Deaconess of the South Seas Soc. for the propogation of the Gospel, london 1921. First edition £35.00

simona Pakenham Quand Dieppe etait Anglais 1814-1914 Info.Dieppoises, 1971 £30.00

Spicer & Pegler [accountants] farming records and accounts H.F.L., London 1925 £1310.00

W B Turrill: British Plant Life. New Naturalist series. [First edition] Collins, 1948 £90.00

Emerson, Ralph Waldo The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson Comprising His Essays, Lectures, Poems, and Orations. in Two Volumes. Bell & Daldy, London, 1873 £140.00

John M. Synge Plays by John M. Synge George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London, 1929. £40.00

H. Spencer Lewis "Rosicrucian questions and answers; with complete history of the Rosicrucian order" San Jose, Calif., Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC, 1954. £60.00

H Alimen Prehistoire de l'Afrique Boubee, Paris 1955 £50.00

Grace Cooke The New Mediumship (ISBN: 0854870687 / 0-85487-068-7) White Eagle Publishing Trust, England, 1965 £30.00

Carleton Will Farm Ballads Festivals & Legends Sampson Low and Co, London, 1885, new ed. £40.00

CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh. The Poetical Works of Arthur Hugh Clough. London: George Routledge, [1900] £30.00

"Wurtele, Fred C.;Caron, Fernand" Fred C. Wurtele, Photographe (ISBN: 0775427713 / 0-7754-2771-3) Ministere des affaires culturelles, Direction generale du patrimoine, Quebec, 1977. £30.00

Roualeyn Gordon Cumming Five Years' Hunting Adventures in South Africa Simpkin Marshall Ltd, London, 1870. £180.00

Garrett (Albert). Wood Engravings and Drawings of Iain Macnab of Barachastlain. (ISBN: 0859360113 / 0-85936-011-3) Midas books, 1973 £35.00

McLEAN, Ruari. JOSEPH CUNDALL. A Victorian publisher. Notes on his life and a check-list of his books. Pinner: Private Libraries Association, 1976 £65.00

Brennan, Tom. Midland City: Wolverhampton - Social and Industrial Survey. Dennis Dobson Ltd., London, 1948. £20.00


Sean O'Riordain Antiquities of the Irish Countryside Methuen, England:, 1953. £25.00

Sir John Hammerton: Outline of Nature in the British Isles: a Comprehensive Photo-Survey of the Varied Life of Field and Hedgerow, Moor and Mountain, River, Pond, and Sea in 3 Volumes London. Waverley Book Company nd [1920s?] £180.00

Bagot, Richard The Lakes of Northern Italy Methuen, 1907 £35.00

Swan, Annie S. Holidays at Sunnycroft and A Year at Coverley Blackie and Son Limited, London, nd [1910s?] £34.00

John wain letters to five artists: Poems. SIGNED COPY Macmillan 1969, first thus £25.00

catalogo Filabo: emsiones de espana 1850-1984 Filabo, Barcelona, 5 ed. £20.00

Isherwood, Christopher EXHUMATIONS. Stories/Articles/Verses Methuen, London, 1966. First Edition. £25.00

M Joseph edits best cat stories Faber, 1952 £30.00

Dolben, Digby Mackworth (1848-1867) The poems of Digby Mackworth Dolben / edited with a memoir by Robert Bridges Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, 1915. First edition. £70.00

E L Bevir Poems Charles Leflaive, Altrincham nd [1920s £40.00

Leach, Allison -- Editor: Savoy Food and Drink Book with an introduction by Kingsley Amis (ISBN: 1871307147) Pyramid , London, 1988 £40.00

G Chaliand the Peasants of North Vietnam Penguin / Pelican 1965 £20.00

C S Taylor Practical Upholstery Illustrated Cassell 1925, first edition. £30.00

Lewis, W. R. NOTES ON SOLDERING Tin Research Institute, 1959 £35.00

BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice THE RETURN OF TARZAN London Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1928., 16th ed. £30.00

Flaubert Madadame Bovary pierre cailler, Geneve 1946 £30.00

WATSON, William. The Year of Shame. With An Introduction by the Bishop of Hereford. London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1897 £60.00

Ellis A. Davidson Practical Manual of House-Painting, Graining, Marbling, and Sign Writing Crosby Lockwood and Son London 1904, £220.00

Austria Munzkatalog 1790-1988 Verlang Netto-Marktpreiskatalog, Wein, Austria. [1989] £35.00

A Dallin Sowjetunion und vereinte Nationen Koln 1965 £20.00

Granick David Der rote Manager Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der russischen Wirtschaft Econ Verlag 1960 £20.00

Dagnall & Pearn Optical alignment, a guide to techniques based upon the use of the Rank Taylor Hobson micro-alignment telescope and its accessories Hutchinson, London 1967 £110.00

Doylend,W.O. AIRCRAFT IN MINIATURE. The Model Aeronautical Press Ltd,1957. £20.00

Sokolowski, S. (ed.) et al Geology of Poland Volume 1 Stratigraphy Part 2 Mesozoic. Wydawnictwa Geologiczne: Warsaw, 1976 £80.00

"Jones, P.E. ; Library Committee, City of London Corporation." The Fire Court : Calendar to the Judgements and Decrees of the Court of Judicature Appointed to Determine Differences between Landlords and Tenants as to Rebuilding after the Great Fire. Vol.1 only William Clowes, London, first edition, 1966 £45.00


E Midgley "Technical Terms in the Textile Trade; volume 2: General Terms" Emmott 7 Co, Manchester 1932 £70.00

Jones,Ernest.(editor) Notes to the People 1851-1852. Volume 2 [of 2] only The Merlin Press, 1967. £40.00

W Wilson translates: Clement of Alexandria The writings of Clement of Alexandria: volume 2. Edinburgh, T & T Clark (Ante-Nicene Library), 1869 £70.00

Roberts, A. & Donaldson, J. trans The writings of the Apostolic fathers Edinburgh, T & T Clark (Ante-Nicene Library), 1868. £80.00

Roberts, A. & Donaldson, J. (eds) The Five Books of Quintus Sept. Flor. Tertullianus Against Marcion. Translated By Peter Holmes Edinburgh, T & T Clark (Ante-Nicene Library), 1868. £120.00

Knowlton, HA, BSc. (Edited by) The Schoolboy's Annual: Tales of School Life, Sport and Adventure. London: 'Boy's Own Paper' Office: n.d. £35.00

Fleetwood, Rev. J. The Life of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, containing an accurate and evangelical history of our glorious redeemer, from his birth to his ascension into heaven: together with the lives and sufferings of his holy evangelists, apostles, and..... Thomas Kelly, London, 1852. £150.00

PEPPER PALETTE (ISBN: 9519927417) Friends of Tampere Art Gallery, 1980. £30.00

Bagenal, T. B.: The Observer's Book of Freshwater Fishes London: Frederick Warne, New edition 1974 £25.00

Western Australia Geological Survey Bulletin 109, part 2. Miscelllaneous reports for 1954 Supplementary atlas Government Printer, Perth, 1959 £75.00

Geological Survey Bulletin 110, Maps, Plans, and Sections to accompany report on The Geology of the Phillips River Goldfield,W.A. Government Printer, Perth, 1958. £110.00

JOHNSON UNA E Great Drawings of the World, 20th Century Drawings, From 1940 to the Present Day, Studio Vista, 1965 £30.00

W T Shaw Mining in the Lake Counties DEalesman, Clapham 1970 £20.00

M Munro The Patter, a guide to current Glasgow usage Glasgow district Libraries 1985 £20.00

Brun, Ch. Uniformes militaries anciens et actuels. Nos soldats. 15 planches en couleurs avec texte et croquis Ed. Delandre (1915), Paris £350.00

YAHAGI, Kijuro And Peter Popham And Kato Hidetoshi. Visions of Japan Japan Festival/ Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 1992. First Edition. AS NEW £175.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: Harry Rountree and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: E J Sullivan and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: W Hatherell and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: Cyrus Cuneo and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: Lawson Wood and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: F H Townsend and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: warwick reynoldsand His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: C E Brock and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: Frank Reynolds and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Bradshaw, Percy V The Art of the Illustrator: H M Bateman and His Work The Press Art School, London, 1918. £75.00

Meek, James B. The Art of Engraving [Guns] Brownell & Son, Montezuma, Iowa, 1973, 24th printing 1999. AS NEW IN DW £80.00

Corbett, Harry Sooty's Annual (ISBN: 0361020244 / 0-361-02024-4) UK: Purnell, 1972. £35.00

Bradshaw, Angela WORLD COSTUMES Adam And Charles Black, London, 1952. £60.00

M.C. Escher GRAFICA E DISEGNI: Introduzione e Commento Di M.C. Escher (ISBN: 3894501804 / 3-89450-180-4) Benedikt Taschen, Berlin, 1990. £35.00

A. J. Smithers A New Excalibur - the Development of the Tank 1909 - 1939 Guild, 1986. AS NEW IN DW £45.00

GENEALOGY: Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Parish Maps of the Counties of England and Wales The Everton Publishers, Logan, UT, 1977 £50.00

Baines. Anthony European And American Musical Instruments. (ISBN: 0460045318 / 0-460-04531-8) "London; Batsford 1966." £60.00

Dan Rubenstein "Graphics ; Graphik ; Graphique" Weingarten, Zürich, 1985. £220.00

Michael Underwood Murder On Trial Thriller Book Club, 1954. £30.00

Galsworthy, John Four Forsythe Stories . SIGNED The Fountain Press / WM. Heinemann Ltd., New York London, 1929 £160.00

C J Wright edits "The Fell and Rock Journal; issues 75, 76, 77, 78, 79" Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District,1996-2004 £20.00

MELLANBY, Kenneth.: PESTICIDES AND POLLUTION. New Naturalist series No. 50. Second revised edition, Collins, 1970. £110.00

HEMINGWAY, Ernest A Moveable Feast "London; Jonathan Cape , first edition, 1964" £110.00

Williams, E. Neville. The Eighteenth-Century Constitution 1688-1815. Documents and Commentary. (ISBN: 0521091233 / 0-521-09123-3) Cambridge University Press, 1960., £35.00

James, Henry The Middle Years W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd., London, 1917. £95.00

A LYTTEL BOOKE OF NONSENSE The CAYME PRESS, Kensington, 1925. £75.00

Robert Frost The Letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer. "London; Jonathan Cape, 1964" £30.00

Hare, Augustus CITIES OF NORTHERN ITALY In Two Volumes. Vol. I . The Riviera di Ponente, and in Piedmont and Lombardy Vol. II. Venice, Ferrara, Piacenza, Parma, Modena and Bologna Smith, Elder, London 1884 £145.00

Hare, Augustus Paris George Allen, London, 1900. £45.00

Revie,Don,Billy Bremner,Eddie Gray.jack Charlton et al: Leeds United Book of Football [ Their Own Official Book By All the Team and the Staff ] Souvenir Press, London, 1969. £40.00

Lord Byron. Poems of Lord Byron. Selected and Arranged in Chronological Order With a Preface by H.J.C. Greirson. The Florence Press., 1923. First edition. £70.00

Webster, F.A.M. OUR GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Their Traditions, Customs and Games. Ward, Lock & Co., London, 1937 £20.00

Hard, Arnold Hard's Year Book for the Clothing Industry. 1951 London.: United Trade Press Ltd, 1951 £60.00

Tetrazzini, Madame My Life of Song Cassell and Company, Limited, London, 1921. £75.00

Le Blanc M. and MM Armengaud. "The Engineer and Machinist's Drawing-Book; A Complete Course of Instruction for the Practical Engineer." Blackie & Son., 1871. £350.00

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"The Book of Common Prayer, and administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the use of the Church of England ; together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in..." John Baskett, London, 1715. £650.00

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