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J Sanders PHOTOGRAPHY YEAR BOOK 1972 Fountain Press 1972 £30.00

VICTORIA, Queen of Great Britain) MAXWELL, Sir Herbert. Sixty Years a Queen. The Story of Her Majesty's Reign. 4to. Arranged & printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode, Her Majesty's Printers. Published by Harmsworth Bros. [1897] £90.00

W D Edmonds The Matchlock Gun Dodd, Mead, NY,1941 £20.00

D Holman Lady Louis, life of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma Odhams, London 1952 £30.00

In England Now. Spring. 68 evocative Camera Studies collected and edited by B.J. Bradley. Introduced by H.E. Bates Avalon Press, 1950. £30.00

JOHN BUNYAN THE SELECT WORKS OF JOHN BUNYAN: Containing the Pilgrim's Progress, the Holy War & Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners William Collins Publishers, Glasgow, 1863 £120.00

The Morris Minor Series MM, Series II & Minor 1000 Workshop Manual & The Morris Minor Series II Service Parts List (Fourth Issue) Oxford: Morris Motors Ltd., c.a 1950. £40.00

The Adventure Book for Girls No publisher [1940s?] £35.00

George Meredith "The Egoist; One of Our Conquerors; Beauchamp's Career; Lord Ormont; Diana at the Crossways; One of our Conquerors; Harry Richmond; Rhoda Fleming; Amazing Marriage; Short stories; Richard Feverel; Evan harrington" Constabel & Co, London 1914-19. The Standard edition £20.00

MOTLEY (John Lothrop) The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History. London: John Murray,1910. £90.00

"Ward, A. W., et al. (eds); planned by Sir Harold Acton" The Cambridge Modern History Cambridge University Press, 1934 £30.00

James Harrington "the Oceana and Other Works of James Harrington Esq; Collected, Methodiz'd, and Reviewed, ... , by John Toland. To Which is Added an Appendix Containing All the Political Tracts Wrote by This Author, Omitted in Mr. Toland's Editio" 3rd edition, enlarged. For A Millar, 1747 £850.00

A S Byatt POSSESSION - A ROMANCE Chatto and Windus. 1990 £45.00

: New English Bible - New Testament OUP & CUP 1961. First thus. £40.00

CONRAD, Joseph. "WORKS: Youth; An Outcast of the Islands; The Nigger of the Narcissus & Typhoon; The Inheritors; Romance; Nostromo; The Secret Agent.; A Set of Six; .A Set of Six; Under Western Eyes;.Chance; The Arrow of Gold; Notes on Life and Letters; The Rover;" London: Gresham Publishing Company., 1925. Medallion edition £40.00

"Theophrastus, Herodas and Cercidas and the Choliambic Poets; Edited and translated by Jeffrey Rusten, J C Cunningham and A D Knox" Characters, Mimes, Hipponax and Ananius et al Harvard University Press 1993. Reprint of the Loeb Classical Library, £20.00

"Theophrastus; Benedict Einarson; Geoge K. K. Link (editors" De Causis Plantarum : Volume I (1), II (2), III (3) Harvard Press 1990. Reprint of the Loeb Classical Library, £60.00

Dickie Bird .: My Autobiography Hodder 1997. First edition. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Walter Stein: No Ned of this Hypothesis, reprinted from the Critical Quarterly Critical Quarterly 1967 £30.00

Walter Stein: Criticism as Dialogue CUP 1969. First ed £40.00

Philip, George, FRGS (Edited by) Philips' International Atlas: A Series of 160 pages of coloured Maps and Plans forming a complete Geographical Survey of the International Relationships of the New Era, Its Territorial Changes and Commercial Communications London: George Philip and Son: 1937 £120.00

"Joyce, T. Athol; Thomas, N. W." WOMEN OF ALL NATIONS: A RECORD OF THEIR CHARACTERISTICS, HABITS, MANNERS, CUSTOMS AND INFLUENCE. Volume 2[of 2] only London Cassell & Co 1909 £70.00

Le Grandi Automobili / the Great Cars Quarterly Review: autunno 1988, no 25. £20.00

Arthur Koestler, E.L. Woodward, J.D. Bernal, E.M. Forster, Benjamin Farrington, Michael Polanyi, J.B.S. Haldane, V.A. Demant, C.H. Waddington, A.D. Ritchie, Lord Lindsay THE CHALLENGE OF OUR TIME: A Series of Essays Percival Marshall, London, 1948. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Catherine Karolyi A Life Together: The Memoirs of Catherine Karolyi London, Allen & Unwin, 1966. 1st Edition. £40.00

Dutton & holden the Land of France Batsford 1939 £30.00

R Asselineau The Evolution of walt whitman Belknap, Harvard 1960. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

J H S Burleigh A Church History of Scotland OUP 1960. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Dylan Thomas / C Fitzgibbon Selected letters of Dylan Thomas Dent 1966. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Duncan (C.J.) The Molecular Properties and Evolution of Excitable Cells Pergamon Press , International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Biology, Zoology Division 1967 £30.00

J.A. HANLEY (Editor). Progressive Farming : The Maintenance of High Production. London. The Caxton Publishing Company Ltd. 1951 £90.00

The British War Blue Book, Miscellaneous No. 9: Documents Concerning German Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities Between Great Britain and Germany on Sept. 3, 1939 HMSO 1939 £70.00

Miller, Emily Huntington A Year at Riverside Farm Charles H. Kelly, London 1896. £50.00

MARSHALL, Perciva PRACTICAL LESSONS IN METAL TURNING. A handbook for young engineers and amateur mechanics. Third edition, Percival Marshall & Co., no date [ ca 1906]. £60.00

Robert K. Massie Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War Ballantine Books, 1992. £20.00

David cecil Melbourne Constable 1965 £20.00

Bernard Berenson Italian Painters of the Renaissance Phaidon press 1953 £50.00

Richard Ollard THE ESCAPE OF CHARLES II - AFTER THE BATTLE OF WORCESTER Hodder and Stoughton. 1966. Signed by author £30.00

: Allgemeines evangelisches gesang u.gebetbuch zem Kirchen u. Hausebrauch Hamburg 1846 £60.00

STRACHEY, Lytton. Books and Characters: French and English Chatto & Windus, London. 1922 £40.00

HIRD, Horace. HOW A CITY GROWS. Historical notes on Bradford and its Corporation. [First edition] Bradford: privately published, 1966. £40.00

WALTER DE LA MARE O Lovely England and other poems London: Faber and Faber 1953. £25.00

(KOBBE), HAREWOOD The Earl of (Ed & Rev'd) KOBBE'S COMPLETE OPERA BOOK, Putnam, 8th ed 1972 £30.00

Makarenko, A S A Book For Parents Foreign Languages Publishing, Moscow, 1954. £30.00

M Pearlman The Capture of adolf eichmann weidenfeld 1961.first ed £20.00

Hyman, Alan. Sullivan and His Satelites: A Survey of English Operettas, 1860-1914. London: Chappell | Elm Tree Books, 1978. £20.00

air navigation vol. 1 1941 [ all issued ] His Majesty s Stationery Office 1941, £50.00

FUARE, GABRIE The Italian Lakes. London. Nicholas Kaye Ltd. 1958 £30.00

Stuijvenberg, J.H.van.: Het Centraal Bureau. Een coŲperatief krachtveld in de Nederlandse landbouw 1899-1949. Onder auspiciŽn van het Nederlandsch Economisch Instituut te Rotterdam. Rotterdam. 1949. £60.00

NEWMAN, Bernard Portrait of Poland Robert Hale Limited, London, 1959 £30.00

Sir Harry Johnston "GEORGE GRENFELL AND THE CONGO A History and Description of the Congo Independent State and Adjoining Districts of Congoland Together with some account of the Native Peoples and their Language, the Fauna and Flora; and similar no" Hutchinson, London 1908. £320.00

E. Cobham Brewer Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, Giving the Derivation, Source, or origin of common phrases, allusions and words that have a tale to Tell Cassell and Company, London, 1895. £60.00

A P herbert Mr Gay's London Ernest Benn, 1949 £20.00

"The Georgian Group Journal: 1989; 1992" "London 1889; 1892." £20.00

LORD BIRDWOOD Khaki and gown: an autobiography Ward, Lock & Co, 1941 £30.00

Mozley, Alan Reconnaissance: An Approach to Exploration London, H.K. Lewis & Co. 1965 £30.00

Barbara Moore-Pataleewa I am a Woman from Soviet Russia Victor Gollancz, 1943 £30.00

Percy Scholes The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music OUP 1952 £212.00

Michael Burt The Road to Roundabout, an adventure Ward, lock 1946 £20.00

Defoe, Daniel (1661?-1731) Tour Through The Eastern Counties : A particular and entertaining account of whatever is curious and worth observation particularly fitted for perusal of such as desire to travel Interspersed with useful observations, and with a copious index. Ipswich, England : East Anglian magazine, ltd., 1949. 1st Edition. £30.00

Herzog, Chaim: The War of Atonement Steimatzky's Agency, Jerusalem, 1975. £40.00

JULIANAN WADHAM The cae of cornelia connelly Collins 1956. First ed. £30.00

NICOLSON, Harold Journey To Java. London: Constable, 1957. First edition. £30.00

Eric Ambler: Doctor Frigo First edition, Weidenfeld 1974 £20.00

Shakespeare The Complete Works Collins Clear-Type Press [1930s?] £25.00

Handel, G F Der Messias / The Messiah for four solo voices, chorus and orchestra Leipzig [1984] £30.00

MALOFF, SAUL (ed.) Esquire's All About Women (From a Man's Point of View) Arthur Barker, London, 1963. £20.00

Hughes, Dom Anselm (ed.) Early Medieval Music Up To 1300. (The New Oxford History of Music, Vol. II) Oxford University Press London: 1954 £30.00

Rufer, Josef Composition with Twelve Notes Related Only to One Another. London Rockliff 1954 £20.00

John Ruskin, edited by J Links: the Stones of Venice Collins 1960, first thus. £20.00

FEDDEN, Robin. Syria - An Historical Appreciation. Robert Hale, London. 1947 £40.00

General P S Bhagat, V.C. Forging the Shield, a study of the defence of India and South East Asia The Staesman, Calcutta [1965] £110.00

WHO'S WHO 1954 A & C Black, london 1954 £50.00

B K Gregory David Livingstone, weaver-boy, missionary, explorer National Sunday school Union, nd [1920s] revised editionMarshal, Morgan & Scott, nd [1930s?] £20.00

C W Slemming Made According to Pattern, a new study of the tabernacle Marshal, Morgan & Scott, nd [1930s?] £20.00

Apel, Willi Gregorian Chant (ISBN: 0253326508 / 0-253-32650-8) Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1970 £50.00

D Brook A Pageant of English Actors Rockliff, London 1950 £30.00

{J Sambrook] Education without injury, or how to strengthen memory J Sambrook, Linson 1896 £85.00

K Brownlow Hollywood, the Pioneers BCA, London 1979 £30.00

ANGEL, HEATHER, ERIC DUFFEY, JOHN MILES, M A OGILVIE, ERIC SIMMS, AND W G TEAGLE. The natural history of britain and ireland BCA [Book Club Associates - Guild Publishing] 1981. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Pellaprat, Henri-Paul [edited R.Kramer & D. White] The NEW PELLAPRAT MODERN FRENCH CULINARY ART The World Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1966. £60.00

Sahovski Informator / Chess Informant Vol 49 (I - VI) 1990 (ISBN: 8672970217) Fide, Yugoslavia, 1990. £20.00

Transactions of the Farday society, volumes 43 & 45 Gurney 7 jackson, 1947 & 1949 £70.00

Mrs [Jane] West [née Iliffe] (1758-1852) The Mother, a poem in five books Longman, Hurst, 1809 £260.00

Douglas Bolton, G. YORKSHIRE REVEALED. Oliver and Boyd 1961. £35.00

G M Thomas The North-west Passage BCA London 1975 £30.00

MUHLHAUSER, G. H. P. THE CRUISE OF THE AMARYLLIS London. 1924. The Bodley Head. £45.00

Helmer, Harold edits THE CLARKSON CHRONICLE, 1852-1952. Privately printed, H. Clarkson & Co. London, 1952. £50.00

Apjohn, Lewis John Bright and the Party of Peace, Retrenchment, and Reform John G. Murdoch London c. 1890 £30.00

Oliver Goldsmith the Works Nimmo, Edinburgh [1865] £30.00

Bevan, Marjorie ANNE OF THE VELD Thomas Nelson, London, nd [1900s?] £35.00

T W Sanders Roses and their cultivation. A Practical Guide to the Cultivation of the Roes, Out-doors and under Glass, including a Synopsis of the Different Types of Roses. Collingridge 1904 £50.00

HELLER, Erich The Hazard of Modern Poetry Bowes & Bowes (1953), Cambridge £80.00

Henry george Progress and Poverty Everyman Library, 1927 £20.00

F W Moorman THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE THORESBY SOCIEY: The Place-Names of the West Riding of Yorkshire Thoresby Society, Leeds 1910, privately printed £110.00

"THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE THORESBY SOCIEY; MISCELLANEA, consisting of parts published in 1912-1914" Thoresby Society, Leeds 1915 £110.00

"THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE THORESBY SOCIEY; MISCELLANEA, consisting of parts published in 1919-1922" Thoresby Society, Leeds 1924 £110.00

"THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE THORESBY SOCIEY; MISCELLANEA, consisting of parts published in 1915-1918" Thoresby Society, Leeds 1919 £110.00

J Singleton edits "THE REGISTERS OF THE PARISH CHURCH OF LEEDS: baptisms and burials 1757 to 1776 ; Marriages 1754 to 1769" Thoresby Society, Leeds 1923 £110.00

G D Lumb edits THE REGISTERS OF THE PARISH CHURCH OF LEEDS FROM 1722 TO 1757 Thoresby Society, volume 20, Leeds 1914 £110.00

W T Lancaster edits / RALPH THORESBY LETTERS ADDRESSED TO RALPH THORESBY Thoresby Society, Leeds 1912 £110.00

"Perkins, Jocelyn ; Bumpus, John S." Westminster Abbey and St.Paulís Cathedral. Illustrated from original drawings by L.Russell Conway and by photographs. London, Wells Gardner, Darton & Co.Ltd (1921?) First edition £35.00

B Pontifex The City of London Livery Companies Methuen 1939 £20.00

T F Shirley The First Hundred Years, the story of St Gabriel's, Pimlico SPCK 1953 £30.00

MORDAL, Jacques TWENTY-FIVE CENTURIES OF SEA WARFARE London. 1973. Abbey Library. £20.00

Otto Muck the Secrets of Atlantis BCA, London 1978 £20.00

Ausubel, Nathan A Treasury Of Jewish Folklore : Stories, Traditions, Legends, Humor, Wisdom And Folk Songs Of The Jewish People Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, 1948 £30.00

"COOKE, Mordecai Cubitt], ""Uncle Matt.""" ACROSS THE COMMON AFTER WILD FLOWERS T. Nelson & Sons, London, Edinburgh & New York, 1906 £35.00

Charles Cruickshank Deception In World War II BCA London 1979. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

The Changi Diaries. Singapore 1942-1945. [The Diaries of Dr. G K Marshall written during his internment by the Japanese in Changi and Kranji POW Camps, Singapore 1942-1945]. Privately Printed, [Broadstairs, ], thiurd edition, 1993. NEW £40.00

DE VRIES, Leonard Orrible murders: an anthology of Victorian crime and passion compiled from The Illustrated Police News Book Club Associates London 1974 £25.00

B H Brough A Treatise on Mine-Surveying. Griffin, London, 19106, 12th Edition, Revised £40.00

Naumann, Emil Illustrirte Musikgeschichte. Die Entwicklung der Tonkunst aus frühesten Anfängen bis auf die Gegenwart. Volume 1 [of 2 ] only Berlin u. Stuttgart, Verlag von W. Spemann, 1885. £50.00

MONTAIGNE ESSAIS. Nouvelle édition conforme au texte de l'exemplaire de Bordeaux avec les additions de l'édition posthume, les principales variantes, une introduction, des notes et un index par Maurice RAT. Paris, Editions Garnier, 1958 £90.00

NIXON (Howard M.): Book Bindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. a Loan Exhibition 23 Sept -31 Oct 1965 The Trustees of the British Museum, 1965 £80.00

Bogason, Sigurder Orn ENGLISH-ICELANDIC DICTIONARY - ENSK-ISLENZK ORDABOK Isafoldarprentsmidja H. F. Reykjavik. 1972 £80.00

Magnus Hirshfeld. Sexual Anomalies and Perversions: Physical and Psychological Development and Treatment - a Summary of the Works of the Late Dr Magnus Hirshfeld. Francis Aldor Publisher C.1936, London £90.00

Lawrence, D.H. Sex, Literature and Censorship Heinemann, London, 1955. £30.00

ANDERSON, M.D. MISERICORDS. Medieval Life in English Woodcarving. King Penguin No.72. Penguin, Harmondsworth. 1954 £50.00

D & A Ashford Love and Marriage, three stories Hart-Davis, London 1965 FIRST EDITION. £20.00

auction catalogue: Mentmore. Volume Four. Paintings, Prints and Drawings Sothebys, London, 1977. £40.00

FORESTER, C. S. The Sky and The Forest. London, Michael Joseph, 1948 £75.00

W H G Kingston "Ned Garth; Made Prisoner in Africa, a Tale of the Slave Trade" Society for promoting useful knowledge, nd [1890s?] £110.00

H H Tuxford A BOOK OF COOKERY RECIPES Stoves Ltd, Rainhill, nd [1930s?] £30.00


Erik Hvidt / Osvald Helmuth Osvald Helmuth-viser Politikens Forlag 1981 £35.00

K Denbigh Science, industry and Social policy Oliver & Boyd, 1963 £20.00

Alan Parker A Film Diary 1986 Rank Film, London, 1986. £20.00

"Ray, Juliana; Bokoli, Madeleine; Kinmond, Jean (editor)" Crochet Designs from Hungary B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1959. £30.00

Pictorial Sport and Adventure forming a Compendium of Natural History with a Description of the various countries of the world and their Inhabitants Frederick Warne & Co, London & New York, nd [ca 1890] £75.00

Stalker, Archibald The Intimate Life of Sir Walter Scott A & C Black, Edinburgh, 1921 £35.00

STRANG, Herbert - edited by The Big Book For Boys. London. Humphrey Milford, O.U.P. n.d. (circa 1927 ) £30.00

Hall & Russell The Book of the Rothamsted Experiments 2nd ed revised, Murray 1919 £90.00


Morison, Samuel Eliot The Two-Ocean War: A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1963,. £50.00

Elizabeth Barrett Browning The Poetical Works Collins Clear-type Press, nd [1910s?] £45.00

Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Poetical Works Ward Lock, London 1912 £30.00

Alexander Pope / A W Ward edits The Poetical Works Macmillan, London 1924. Globe edition £30.00

Österreichischer Schi - Lehrplan. Herausgegeben vom Österreichischen Berufsschilehrerverband. Salzburg, Otto Müller, 1957 £30.00


Alexander Urquhart ODD HOURS WITH NATURE T Fisher Unwin London 1913 £30.00

Vesey-Fitzgerald, Brian. ENQUIRE WITHIN ABOUT ANIMALS. Pelham, 1967. £154.00

George Crabbe / ed by Carlyle The Poetical Works Oxford U.Press 1914 £35.00

Matthew Arnold Poetical Works Macmillan, London 1923 £35.00

CONNOLLY, Maureen Championship Tennis Frederick Muller Limited, London, 1954. £30.00

HARTLEY, Dorothy. With an Introduction and Notes by Francis M. Kelly. MEDIAEVAL COSTUME AND LIFE: A Review of their Social Aspects arranged under Various Classes and Workers with Instructions for Making Numerous Types of Dress. London, Batsford., 1931. AS NEW £90.00

BISLEY, CHARLES DARK AVENUE The Arbor Press Akaroa NZ 1986. as new £65.00

Thor Heyerdahl The kon-Tiki expedition Heron Books, London 1970 £40.00

Marco Polo THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO Heron Books, London 1960s £40.00

John F. Kennedy, special forward by Robert F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage: Memorial Edition Harper & Row New York, 1964 £30.00

Rudyard kipling: illustrated. the jungle book, the second jungle book, just so stories, puck of pook\'s hill, kim, etc. Book Club Associates, 1982. 6 vols in 1. £20.00

HEATON, Nell The Complete Cook. Cresta Books, London., nd [ ca 1960] £30.00

Geddes, Arthur The Isle of Lewis and Harris: a study in British community Edinburgh University Press, 1955 £75.00

FOSKETT, Daphne. BRITISH PORTRAIT MINIATURES. A History. Spring Books, 1968. AS NEW £60.00

STRAVINSKY, Igor and CRAFT, Robert. Dialogues and A Diary. London, Faber, 1968. First edition. £35.00

Geck, Elisabeth: JOHANNES GUTENBERG, VOM BLEIBUCHSTABEN ZUM COMPUTER. Godesberg Inter Nationes 1968 £40.00

Quaglino: Edited By Charles Graves The Complete Hostess Elm Tree Books, London, 1974. £40.00

Webster. A London trees: Being an account of the trees that succeed in London, with a descriptive account of each species and notes on their comparative value and . to where the finest London trees may be seen Swarthmore Press 1920 £70.00

F W Sternfeld Music in Shakespearian Tragedy Routledge, London 1963 £70.00

EADES, Geo.E. HISTORIC LONDON. The story of a city and its people. First edition] Queen Anne Press and The City of London Society, 1966 £35.00

Magdalene Horsfall London Again, again Heinemann 1925 £30.00

Eric Watson Lino-Cutting for Pleasure and Profit Vawser & Wiles, London, 1948. £60.00

SAUNDERS, (Hilary St. George). THE MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL 1745-1948. London: Max Parrish, (1949) £30.00

Kaskimies, Einari, Editor The Finnish Parliament Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhtio Porvoo, Helsinki, 1969. £30.00

LEFEAUX, S.E. [Illustrator] SWINYARD, Laurence. The Heart of a Nation. Illustrated with twenty-two colour plates and twenty-four pen sketches. Charles F. Kimble & Sons, 1945. £30.00

MARSHALL, Francis. LONDON WEST. [First edition] The Studio, 1944. £40.00

Mäkinen, Eino Lahti Julkaisija Lahden Kaupunki, Lahti, 1958. AS NEW IN DW £60.00

Punch periodical MR. PUNCH AMONG THE DOCTORS . London : Methuen,1933. 2nd ed. £40.00

James Fisher Thorburn's Birds Book Club Associates, London, 1971 £30.00

Tunnicliffe, C.F. A Sketchbook of Birds Book Club Associates, London, 1979. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Stevens, Joan Old Jersey Houses and Those who Lived in Them. Volume II from 1700 onwards (vol 2) (ISBN: 0850332699 / 0-85033-269-9) Phillimore 1977 £60.00

Cézanne, Paul, 1839-1906) Arts Council of Great Britain. Exhibition of Paintings by Cézanne, Organized with the Edinburgh Festival Society by the Arts Council of Great Britain. Tate Gallery,, London, 1954. AS NEW £20.00

Royal Academy Illustrated 1993 Royal Academy 1993 £20.00

Warren, William Jim Thompson: The Thai Silk Sketchbook (ISBN: 9813018933) Archipelago Press, Singapore, 1997. £80.00

"McLeod, M.S.G. ; James, K. I . ; Shaw, D.J." The Cathedral Libraries Catalogue. Volume I. Books printed before 1701 in the libraries of the Anglican Cathedrals of England and Wales. British Library : Bibliographical Society, London, first edition, 1984. £160.00

Bowles, Edmund A. La Pratique Musicale Au Moyen Age/Musical Performance in the Late Middle Ages (ISBN: 2826608118 / 2-8266-0811-8) Minkoff & Lattes, 1983. £110.00

William Kent London Worthies Phoenix House, 1949 £35.00

BELL Mrs Arthur G The Skirts of a Great City Methuen, London, 1907. £40.00

Craven, Margaret I Heard the Owl Call My Name Bodley Head, 1974. First ed. AS NEW IN NEAR-NEW DW £20.00

MEAD, W. R. & SMEDS, HELMER. WINTER IN FINLAND. Hugh Evelyn, London, 1967 £30.00

Walter dexter The London of Dickens Cecil Palmer, London 1923, £20.00

W G Bell Where London Sleeps: Historical Journeyings into the Suburbs. John Lane The Bodley Head, London 1926. £30.00

Lightwood, James P. / Westbrook, Francis B. The Music of the Methodist Hymn-Book Epworth Press, London, 1955. £30.00

Mary Wilson [wife of Harold] Selected Poems Hutchinson, 2nd imp. 1970 £35.00

J Uotila The Finnish Legal System Union of Finnish Lawyers, Helsinki 1966 £30.00

J A Westrup et al (edited by) Music and Letters, a quarterly publication, volume 50, no 1 to vol 62, no 2. Oxford University Press, Jan 1969 to April 1981 £280.00

GIRLING, D.A. Everyman's Encyclopaedia. (ISBN: 9780460040983) London: Dent, 6th edition 1978. AS NEW £160.00


Wallace, Alfred Russel. THE MALAY ARCHIPELAGO. The Land of the Orang-Utan and the Bird of Paradise. A Narrative of Travel with Studies of Man and Nature. Macmillan and Co., 1890 £190.00

Thornbury, Walter. HAUNTED LONDON. Illustrated by F.W. Fairholt. Hurst & Blackett., 1865. 1st Ed. £240.00


Reese, Gustave Music in the Renaissance (ISBN: 0460036513 / 0-460-03651-3) J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1954 £30.00

Dolmetsch, Arnold THE INTERPRETATION OF THE MUSIC OF THE XVII & XVIII CENTURIES Revealed by Contemporary Evidence Novello & Co [1946] £35.00

carlton hobbs carlton hobbs, catalogue number three carlton hobbs, London 1992 £45.00

Roger Hudson ,selected and Introduced By. The Folio Book of Days Folio Society, London, 2002. AS NEW £40.00

National Physics Laboratory Modern Computing Methods Notes on Applied Science No. 16 Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1961. Second Edition Completely Revised. £20.00

F G Swanborough Turbine-Engined Airliners of the World Temple Press 1962 £25.00

B P Groslier Indochina, art in the melting pot of race Methuen, London., 1962. First edition. £90.00

BÜHLER, Alfred & BARROW, Terry & MOUNTFORD, Charles P. Oceania and Australia. The Art of the South Seas. Methuen, London., 1962. First edition. £60.00

John Gerard / Marcus Woodward GERARD'S HERBALL. The essence thereof distilled from the Edition of Th.Johnson, 1636. [First edition] Gerald Howe, 1927. £90.00

DUGDALE, G.S. WHITEHALL THROUGH THE CENTURIES. [First edition] Phoenix House, 1950. £60.00

Reno Wideson Portrait of Cyprus Deppo, The Hague [1962] First edition £280.00

W Little et al The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on historical principles. Prepared by William Little, H.W. Fowler, J. Coulson. Revised and Edited by C.T. Onions. Third Edition revised, with addenda. London, Clarendon Press 1970 £90.00

Anon: Triumphs of Invention and Discovery in Art and Science Nelson and Sons, London, 1881 £35.00


Spicers - advertising THE PEN AND THE ROSE. [A specimen book of Spicer's Penrose text paper]. Essays by P.G. Burbridge and Geoffrey Grigson. London: Spicers, [c.]., 1936. £30.00

A E Richardson A Thousand Years of Portuguese Art 800-1800 Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1955. £200.00


HUGHES, THERLE AND BERNARD English painted enamels Spring Books 1967 £50.00

Great Events of the Royal Year 1953 L T A Robinson Ltd, London, 1953. £25.00

MACPHERSON COLLECTION Catalogue of a loan exhibition of paintings & prints from the macpherson collection. autumn 1928. foreword by geoffrey callender. London. Guildhall Art Gallery 1928 £70.00

LORD BYRON. THE WORKS OF LORD BYRON. A. Fullarton & Co. ND (1850), Edinburgh & London £140.00

BECKLES, GORDON Coronation souvenir book 1937 Daily Express, London, 1937. £50.00

J C Bartholomew The World Atlas Bartholomew & Son, edinburgh 1974 £30.00

GIOVANNI BELLINI / Fiocco, Giuseppe GIOVANNI BELLINI Oldbourne Press, London, 1960. £30.00

English Watercolours from the Work of Turner, Girtin, Cotman, Constable and Bonington B T Batsford, London, 1939. £50.00

William Capon Views of Westminster sketched in 1801-1815 London Topographical Society, 1923-1924 £90.00

MEER, F. VAN DER Dr. ATLAS OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION Elsevier, Amsterdam 1954 £45.00

Jonathan White Jonathan White's New Zealand Orakau House, Auckland 1986 £220.00

Tamburello Adolfo Japon [Japan] Fernand Nathan, Paris 1975. £75.00

Cruise Liner "R.M.S. ""Queen Mary"" "" A Noble Tribute to the Imagination of Man""" Cunard White Star, London, 1935. £240.00

The Illustrated London News Silver Jubilee Record Number 1910-1935. London: The Illustrated London News, 1935. £80.00

L Ramsay THE CONNOISSEUR YEAR BOOK "1951; 1956; 1957" £25.00

Flower, Tui New Zealand: the Beautiful Cookbook (ISBN: 0868672505 / 0-86867-250-5) New Zealand [1980s?] £75.00

OLSEN, DONALD J. Town Planning in London. The eighteenth & nineteenth centuries. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1964 £65.00

WINDELS, Fernand. The Lascaux Cave Paintings. Faber & Faber. London., 1949. £60.00

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