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Emily, Anne and Charlotte Bronte The Heather Edition 6 volumes complete: Villette, Shirley, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey, and The Professor, Poems and Miscellanea Allan Wingate, London, 1949. £150.00

KOESTLER, Arthur. THE AGE OF LONGING. [First edition] Collins, 1951 £40.00

Daphne Du Maurier The House on the Strand Gollancz 1969, first edition £50.00

P N Furbank Italo Svevo, the man and the writer secker 1966. First ed. £20.00

Brian Inglis the Story of Ireland Faber 1956 £30.00

F H Dimmock Always a Scout Ward Lock, London, nd [1940s?] £20.00

Harry Pollitt How to win the Peace 2nd ed., london, The Communist Party 1944 £30.00

Joanna Trollope: The Best of Friends Bloomsbury 1995. First edition £30.00

dennis wheatley Codeword Golden Fleece Hutchinson 1952 £20.00

Allbury A.G. Bamboo and Bushido Robert Hale Ltd., London, 1955. £20.00

Morton, H, V IN SEARCH IF IRELAND Methuen, 10th edition 1935 £30.00

J M Barrie THE PLAYS Hodder & stoughton 1930 £30.00

Rycrofts General Engineering & Hardware Catalogue 1963 Rycroft [Bradford] Holdings Ltd, 1963 £60.00

G R Merek The Eagles Die, Franz Joseph, Elisabeth and their Austria Purnell Book services, 1974 £20.00

Trollope, Anthony [1815-1882] Selected with an Introduction by John Hampden "Novels and Stories by Anthony Trollope Contains: Barchester Towers; Malachi's Cove; Father Giles of Ballymoy; The Turkish Bath; Mary Gresley; Dr. Wortle's School" Pilot Press, London 1946. First thus. £30.00

Macpherson, William The Psychology of Persuasion Methuen & Co, 1920, First Edition £30.00

john wesley john wesley's journal C H Kelly, London, abrudged edition [1903] £20.00

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments Ward Lock, nd [1920s? £25.00

J L Allen: A Kentucky cardinal and Aftermath Macmillan NY 1926 £30.00

Miller, Floyd The Wild Children of the Urals Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1966. £30.00

Champion Book for Girls Dean & Son, nd [inscription dated 1949] £20.00

Hansen Bent A Study in the Theory of Inflation George Allen & Unwin, London, 1951. £30.00

FINER. HERMAN. MUSSOLINI'S ITALY. London: Victor Gollancz, 1935 £20.00

Dark, Irene WORLD DOLLS SERIES : France Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1964. AS NEW £25.00

Hartley YORKSHIRE TALES. Amusing sketches of Yorkshire life in the Yorkshire dialect. First series. W. Nicholson and Sons, no date [1870s?] £75.00

Ars Boken / Anuario 1956. FIAP 1956. Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique. The International Federation of Photographic Art. Annuaire / Year Book / Jahrbuch / Annuario / Ars Boken / Anuario 1956. Bucher, Luzern, 1956. £30.00

Parrott, J. Edward Britain Overseas: The Empire in Picture and Story. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons, nd [ ca 1908] £40.00

PLAYER, Gary. Positive Golf. Understanding and Applying the Fundamentals of the Game. London: Cassell, 1967. 1st. Edn. £25.00

DICKINS Charles / C E Brock (illustrator). The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby George Harrap & Co Ltd, London, 1931. £65.00

CUNLIFFE, Barry. Iron Age Communities in Britain. London: Book Club Associates, by arrangement with Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 1975 £50.00

Sewell, Anna. Illustrated by G.P. Micklewright. BLACK BEAUTY, a story of the ups and downs of a horse's life. J. Coker & Co Ltd. 1935 £30.00

Bibby & Sons The Bibby Story [Lancashire flour millers & experimental farmers] J.Bibby & Sons Limited, Lancaster, 1950. £30.00

POWYS, John Cowper. You and Me. (London): Village Press, (1975) £25.00

Swinnerton, Frank Figures in the Foreground : Literary Reminiscences 1917-1940 Hutchinson, London, 1963. AS NEW IN DW £35.00

Oscar Wilde / Holland, M. (comp.) The Wit of Oscar Wilde The Folio Society, London, 1997, Seventh printing 2003 £40.00

An Introduction to Diesel- Electric Traction equipment The English Electric Co., London, nd [194os?] £40.00

Reid R. D. Wells Cathedral Leighton Buzzard Faith Press / Friends of Wells Cathedral 1963 £20.00

Robert Josling. Holland Handbook of election law Sir I. Pitman, 1935 £35.00

Blunt, Sir Anthony [the traitor] Artistic Theory in Italy, 1450-1600 Oxford Paperbacks, 1962. £20.00

WELLESLEY, DOROTHY Pride & Other Poems Heinemann 1923 £30.00

Evans-Pritchard, E.E. Social Anthropology Cohen & West, London, 1951. £30.00

MORRIS Terence The Criminal Area: A Study in Social Ecology. Foreword by Hermann Manning Routledge & Kegan Paul (International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction) 1957 £30.00

BURNLEY, Judith (Edit). ( Bernard Malamud, John Updike, Margaret Drabble, Robert Nye, Susan Hill, A. L. Barker, V. S. Pritchett, Jennifer Dawson, Kingley Amis, Olivia Manning). PENGUIN MODERN STORIES. 12 volumes complete Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1969-1972. First Edition. £220.00

Vanbrugh, Irene To Tell My Story Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., London, 1948. £20.00

Gaia Servadio Mafiosa, a history of the Mafia from its origins to the present Secker & Warburg, 1976. UNCORRECTED ADVANCE PROOF £40.00

B Roberts [Ephesian] Paul Verlaine Jarrolds, london 1937 £20.00

Caven, R.M. The Foundations of Chemical Theory Blackie and Son Limited, London, 1929, third edition £60.00

Hyder, Joseph The Case for Land Nationalisation (Peoples Edition) Simpkin Marshall, London, 1914. £30.00

Ranson , Stephen Walter and Clark , Sam Lillard The Anatomy of the Nervous System : Its Development and Function W.B Saunders, 8th ed reprinted 1951 £40.00

F P Dunne Mr Dooley in Peace & in War London: Grant Richards, 1899. £55.00

Thomas Carlyle Lectures on the History of Literature or the Successive Periods of European Culture Delivered in 1838. Kane & Co, London & Bombay 1892. Now first published £60.00

H C B Rogers: Artillery through the Ages. Military Book Society, 1971. NEW in dw. £30.00

GREW, SYDNEY: Our Favourite Musicians from Stanford to Holbrooke. Edinburgh/London: Foulis, 1924 £60.00

GHEERBRANT, ALAIN: THE IMPOSSIBLE ADVENTURE London: Victor Gollancz 1953, 5th imp. £40.00

Gail Duff: The Countryside Yearbook, a Cook's Calendar Prism 1982 £30.00

Shaw, Rev. George. THE TWISTINGS AND TWININGS OF MR. TIMOTHY TURNABOUT. "London, Hamilton, Adams; Leeds, Joseph Dodgson; 1880, Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged" £50.00

CHAUCER (Geoffrey), . Works, The Globe Edition, edited by Alfred W. Pollard and others Macmillan and Co. Ltd., 1913 £30.00

Carslaw,Horatio Scott & Jaeger,John Conrad Conduction of Heat in Solids: Second Edition (ISBN: 0198533039 / 0-19-853303-9) Oxford University Press, London, 1959, second edition £110.00

S Schor Palestine and the Bible, illustrating the manners and customs of the people in Bible Lands Eccleston Hall 1930 £30.00

el Greco / L Goldscheider EL GRECO'S PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURES Phaidon, 1954, 3rd ed £40.00

Andre Malraux SATURN: AN ESSAY ON GOYA Phaidon Press, 1957 £40.00

H. J. Eysenck (Ed) HANDBOOK OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY, AN EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH. First Edition, New York: Basic Books, 1961 £30.00

Wild West Picture book Ward Lock, nd [1960s?] £30.00

J. K. Hoyt "Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations; English, Latin, and Modern Foreign Languages" Funk & Wagnalls Co., 1896. New Edition Revised, Corrected and Enlarged £40.00

Felltham, Owen. RESOLVES: A DUPLE CENTURY. Imprinted for Henry Seile and Are to Be Sold At Tygers Head in St. Paules Churchyard, London 1634 £650.00

Countess of Recknock Edwina Mountbatten, her life in pictures Macdonald 1961 £20.00

Ruth Drost-Hill Die schottische Nationalbewung zwischen 1886 und 1934 Univ. N.Brockmer, Bochun 1995 £45.00

Rudolf Steiner the Education of the Child Rudolf Steiner Publishing 1938, 3rd imp. £25.00

Quentin, Patrick Puzzle for Wantons London: Victor Gollancz, 1946 £35.00

DOWD, Emma C.: POLLY OF LADY GAY COTTAGE. Houghton Mifflin,, Boston:, 1913. First Edition. £20.00

Raymond Durgnat Franju Studio Vista 1967 £20.00

Dick Francis: Field of 13 Joseph 1998. First edition. £20.00


Bewick (T). Bain (I), ed Thomas Bewick. My Life. Edited and with an Introduction by Iain Bain with numerous Wood-engravings and Watercolours by the Author Folio Society, 1981. £40.00

CULLINGFORD, CECIL EXPLORING CAVES Cumberledge, 1951. first edition £20.00

Dean Koontz: The Bad Place Putnam, NY 1990. First edition £30.00

Mrs De Salis Entrées A La Mode. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 5th ed., 1888 £50.00

[Cookery] Good Things Made, Said & Done for Every Home & Household. Goodall, Backhouse, Leeds, nd [1880s] £60.00

Hodgetts, Sheila. SLEEPY TIME TALES OF Faraway Forest Sampson Low. 1958 £50.00

anon Motorcycling: profile road book of Great britain, a guide to main routes temple Press, London nd [inscription dated 1915] £120.00

W W Jacobs light freights 2nd ed., Methuen, London 1901 £30.00


BRIDIE, James and McLAREN, Moray. A SMALL STIR. Letters on the English. [First edition] Hollis & Carter, 1949 £20.00

Gordon, D. WILD LIFE IN DEVON John Murray 1930 £40.00

Tremlett, Rex Road to Ophir: The Autobiography of a Prospector. The Adventurers Club, London, no date.[1950s] £30.00

Saulnier, L. Le Repertoire de la Cuisine Florian Press Chesterfield 1953 £90.00

Ethel Mannin Love under Another Name Jarrold 1953. First edition £40.00

Phyllis Bentley The Young Brontes Max Parrish 1960. First edition £20.00

Dobson, Charles. THE HISTORY OF THE CONCRETE ROOFING TILE. Its Origin and Development in Germany. With technical notes by F.L. Brady. Batsford, 1959. £50.00

R F Jordan Victorian Achitecture Penguin 1966 £20.00

Grace Fields Sing as we Go, her autobiography Muller 1960. £20.00

Robin Wise Marriage made marvellous Hutchinson nd [1930s?] £20.00

Walter Jerrold Thomas Hood, his life and times Alston Rivers London 1907 £30.00

Bernard Shaw The Matter with ireland, uncollected writings Hart-Davies 1962. First edition.. £20.00

Teale, Edwin Way THE GOLDEN THRONG: A BOOK ABOUT BEES Museum Press Limited, London, 1946 £20.00

Chaytor (A.H.) ESSAYS SPORTING AND SERIOUS. 1st edition. Methuen. London., 1930. AS NEW £160.00

Hathaway, Sibyl, Dame of Sark Maid of Sark D. Appleton-Century, New York, 1939. £20.00

Fillis, J. BREAKING AND RIDING Hurst & Blackett, London nd [1940s] £55.00

STOBART, J. C. THE GLORY THAT WAS GREECE A study of Hellenic culture and civilization Sidgwick & Jackson London. Second edition, revised, 1929 £70.00

BETJEMAN, John (edits and introduces). Collins Guide to English Parish Churches including the Isle of Man. Collins, London. 1958 £60.00

Hegedus, Adam de. HOME AND AWAY: NOTES ON ENGLAND AFTER THE SECOND WORLD WAR. Hutchison, London, 1951, first edition £20.00

LANDAU, Rom The Wing: Confessions of an R.A.F. Officer Faber & Faber, London [1945] £20.00


Brockbank Russell Up the Straight with Brockbank Temple Press, nd [1953] £30.00

Catherine Cookson: The Thursday Friend Bantam 1999. First edition £40.00

L Reiners Frederick the Great Oswald Wolff, London 1960 £20.00

Leo Huberman Man's Wordly Goods, the story of the wealth of nations Victor Gollancz, London, 1937. £20.00

Catherine Cookson: Catherine Cookson Country Heinemann 1986. AS NEW in dw. £40.00

Professor C W Page Philosophy of Science Bradford, Yorkshire [1970s] £60.00

DALLAS, Captain Oswald. The Valley Of Mystery. Illustrated by A. S. Forrest. T. Nelson and Sons. London. n.d. [1920s?] £35.00


Glubb, J.B. A Soldier with the Arabs. Hodder & Stoughton, 1957. 1st. £35.00

Irvine, John Selected Poems Arden Press, 1948. £60.00

Illustrated by Dorothy M. Wheeler. THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Juvenile Productions Ltd., LOndon nd [ca 1953] £25.00

THE POPULAR BOOK OF GIRLS' STORIES London: no publisher (The Amalgamated Press), 1935. £60.00

Burgh, W. G. De From Morality to Religion Being the Gifford Lectures Delivered At the University of St. Andrews, 1938 MacDonald and Evans, London 1938. £35.00

Oxford Dictionary of Quotations OUP, 2nd ed, reprinted 1970 £30.00

Burn, J. H. BIOLOGICAL STANDARDIZATION Oxford University Press, London, 1937. £90.00

De Dynter, E CHRONIQUE DES DUCS DE BRABANT "Facsimile reprint, Gregg International, 1970, from the original; Bruxelles, 1860. AS NEW" £750.00

WINSTONE, Reece Bristol in the 1880s. (ISBN: 0900814551 / 0-900814-55-1) Bristol : Reece Winstone, 1978. Second edition. AS NEW £30.00

Augusta J. Evans Wilson St. Elmo. Or, Saved at Last W. Nicholson, London.[1890s?] £20.00

B Williams the Whig Supremacy 1714-1760 Oxford, Clarendon press 1962 £30.00

SKELTON, Robert and John Lowry, Andrew Topsfield, Veronica Murphy, Susan Stronge (Essays) Arts of Bengal - The Heritage of Bangladesh and Eastern India (Whitechapel Art Gallery, 9 November to 30 December 1979) (ISBN: 085488047X / 0-85488-047-X) Whitechapel Art Gallery / Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 1979 £30.00

Matthews, E. C. "The Lacquer System of Sign Painting; a Complete Description of Methods, Materials and Equipment Used in Making Lacquer Signs" Chicago Frederick J, Drake & Co 1928 £180.00

Barbra Streisand The Barbra Streisand Collection of 20th Century Decorative and Fine Arts and Memorabilia Parts I & II March 3 & 4, 1994. New York: Christies, 1994. AS NEW £150.00

Wodehouse, P. G. Summer Moonshine. Herbert Jenkins, nd [ ca 1939] third printing £45.00

Step, Edward Shell Life: An Introduction to the British Mollusca London: Warne: [1901] £70.00

Ranulph Fiennes Where Soldiers Fear to tread Hodder 1978. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR £3020.00


Slessor, Sir John These Remain. A Personal Anthology. Memories of Flying, Fighting and Field Sports. Michael Joseph London 1969 1st edition £25.00

Baikie, James Peeps at Many Lands - Ancient Palestine A. & C. Black, London, 1927. £110.00

Seyed Reza Borghaee A Teaching Guidebook of Quran [Koran] Office for Diffusion of Islamic Culture, Teheran nd [1990s?] £20.00

George Meredith Beauchamp's Career Contable, London nd [ neat inscription dated 1917] £20.00

Milne, A.A. The Christopher Robin Story Book, London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., , 1931. Third Edition £70.00

Alexander Scott, modernised by W Mackean Poems [ circa 1545-1568 ] Alexander Gardner, Paisley 1887 £180.00

Benson and Hedges: Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 10th ed, 1991, Pelham Books £40.00

Kant / T M Greene edits Kant, selections Scribners, London 1929 £22.00

Blyton, Enid The Mystery that never was Collins , London, 1969 £20.00

Blyton, Enid Tales After Tea Wm. Collins and Son, London, 1963 £20.00

Blyton, Enid Tales After Supper Wm. Collins and Son, London, 1965. £20.00

Hylton Cleaver the Forbidden Study First edition, The Children's Press, nd [ ca1961] £20.00

H J Goodyer Perilous Dawn First edition, The Children's Press 1962 £20.00

Daninos, Pierre MAJOR THOMPSON AND I Jonathan Cape, London, 1957. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Murray Forbes Chateau de Cartes, [Hollow triumph] trad. de l.americain Hachette 1949 £20.00

The Official Leeds United Millenium annual 1999-2000 Leeds United 2000 £20.00

e adlerstrahle johanniterorden i sverige 1920 1945, nagra anteckningar och bilder fran orderns tillvaro under de Forsta 25 aren Stockholm 1945 £40.00


A.E. Kennedy & Albert Kaye (illustrate ) Animal Pictures Blackie, London, nd [1932] £50.00

J Lewinski The Camera at war, a history of war photography from 1848 W H Allen 1978 £20.00

M Woodall Thomas Gainsborough, his life and work Phoenix House, London 1949 £20.00

Dane, Philippa The Great Houses of Constantia (ISBN: 0909238588 / 0-909238-58-8) Don Nelson, Cape Town, 1981. £50.00

Williamsburg Restoration, Inc. Craft House, Williamsburg, Virginia: Williamsburg Reproductions, Interior Designs for Today's Living Williamsburg Restoration, Inc., Williamsburg, Virginia, 1970 £30.00

Davies, R.T. edits Mediaeval English Lyrics: Critical Anthology (ISBN: 0571065716 / 0-571-06571-6) Faber 1968 £20.00

The BBC Year-Book 1931 London: The British Broadcasting Corporation, 1931. £30.00

R O Chester Doris Hamlyn Thomas Nelson, London nd [ 1910s?] £20.00

Raymong Peynet The Lovers' Bedside Book Perpetua, London 1958 £20.00

D Defoe Robinson Crusoe Associated Newspapers, nd [1920s?] £30.00

G Bullough Mirror of Minds, changing psychological beliefs in English Poetry Athlone press 1962. First edition. £20.00

Brittain, Harry (Sir) By Air Hutchinson, London, 1933. £20.00

Stephen Spender Poems Faber & Faber, London 1934, 2nd edition £20.00

QUENNELL, Peter. Baudelaire and the Symbolists: five essays. Chatto & Windus, 1929 £25.00

Adam Mickiewicz: Pan Tadeusz Methuen 1926, 8th ed. £20.00

C H Williams the Making of the Tudor Despotism Nelson, London 1935 £25.00

G D H Cole Socialism in Evolution Penguin 1938 £20.00

: The Photographic Encyclopedia of Roses Colour Library 1991. AS NEW £35.00

: The Art Journal, 1873 (New Series Volume XII). Virtue & Co., London, 1873. £320.00

WEBB, KAYE & BICKNELL, TRELD (Ed.) Puffin's Pleasure Puffin (Penguin Books), 1976. 1st Edition. £20.00

: The Queen Elizabeth Coronation Souvenir 1953 £20.00

Western Australia Geological Survey Bulletin No. 100 Western Australia Geological Survey Bulletin No. 100: The Blue Asbestos Deposits of Hammersley and Wittenoom Perth: Western Australian Minister for Mines, 1942. £120.00

: Bartholomew's Reference Atlas of Greater London John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd., Edinburgh, 1948. £80.00

Previte-Orton, CW "THE SHORTER CAMBRIDGE MEDIEVAL HISTORY: Volume I - The Later Roman Empire to the Twelfth Century; Volume II - The Twelfth Century to the Renaissance" Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1953. £60.00

Gayelord Hauser Diet Does It Faber 1953 £20.00

the new victoria shilling atlas - physical, political, industrial, commercial G Gill & Sons, London nd [1890s?] £30.00

Amy Le Feuvre a Thoughtless Seven Religious Tract Society, London, nd [ 1930s] £20.00

Boyd, W. THE NEW CONFESSIONS. First edition. 1987. £20.00

LLEWELLYN, R. A few flowers for Shiner. London, Michael Joseph, 1950. £25.00

Furness. W.H THE HOME-LIFE OF BORNEO HEAD-HUNTERS: ITS FESTIVALS AND FOLK-LORE Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1902 £750.00

Casteras, Susan P. Victorian Childhood: Paintings Selected from the Forbes Magazine Collection by Christopher Forbes (ISBN: 0810923408 / 0-8109-2340-8) Harry N. Abrams, New York, 1986. AS NEW £30.00

Henry, Rev Matthew The Family Devotional Bible with Copious Notes and Reflections on each Chapter of The Old and New Testament, and Valuable Marginal References.Volume 2 [of 2] complete in itself J & F Tallis c 1850, London £110.00

Roger Bichelberger: An Ordinary Exodus Lion 1983, from the French, first edition. £20.00

John Le Carre: The Russia House. Hodder 1989, first edition. £20.00

Tony Geraghty: This is the SAS, a pictorial history Arms & Armour Press 1982 £40.00

Tony greig: Test Match Cricket, a personal view Hamlyn 1977 £20.00

W Riley Grapes from thorns Herbert Jenkins,first printing, nd [1942?] £20.00

Arthur Catherall Pirate Sealer Children's Press 1951. £20.00

Hyde H. Montgomery The Quiet Canadian. The Secret Service Story of Sir William Stephenson Hamish Hamilton, London, 1962. First edition. £40.00

JOHNSON, Hugh.: The International Book of the Forest . (ISBN: 0855333456) Mitchell Beazley;., 1981. £40.00

Vernon & Parry. Personnel Selection in the British Forces. University of London., 1949. £30.00

Worringer (William) Form In Gothic. London: Alec Tiranti, reprint, 1964. £20.00

"Foote, P G; Wilson, D M" "The Viking Achievement; the Society and Culture of Early Medieval Scandinavia (ISBN: 0283354992 / 0-283-35499-2)" Book Club Associates, London, 1974 £30.00

: THE BLACK HOLE A POP-UP BOOK (ISBN: 0361048254) Purnell. 1980 £50.00

Balzac, Honoré de The Devil's Heir and other tales from 'Les Contes Drolatiques'. Westhouse, 1945. £20.00

CULPEPER, Nicholas. "Culpeper’s Complete Herbal and English Physician; wherein several hundred herbs, with a display of their medicinal and occult properties, are physically applied to the cure of all disorders incident to mankind to which are added, rules for compunding" 1826, Magna Books, Leicester., 1992. Facs. Reprint. £40.00

W Riley Men of Mawm Herbert Jenkins, 1922. £20.00

Swietoslawski (Wojciech) Thermochimie. Paris, Alcan 1933 £110.00

O'Reilly, Mrs. Robert Sue and I Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. London circa 1910 £40.00

WITT, C[arl] Die tapferen 10000. Mit Federzeichnungen v. M. Slevogt. Cassirer [1921]., Berlin £35.00

Maritain, Jacque Creative Intuition In Art & Poetry (The A W Mellon Lectures Bollingen Series XXXV 1) Princeton University Press Princeton 1981 £40.00

Compton Mackenzie: the Passionate elopement secker 1921 £20.00

Mike Harding Rambling On Robson Books, 1986 £30.00

Richard Gordon: Doctor in the Swim First edition, Joseph, London 1962 . NEW condition £20.00

B Ward edits Our Heritage, voices from the past East Cleveland Heritage Project, 1987 £20.00

H S Pickering A Leeds Loiner The Abbey Press Kirkstall, 1985 £20.00

J H Ewing / ills by H M Brock Jackanapes& other Tales SPCK 1913 £20.00

Amy Le Feuvre a Cherry Tree Pickering & Inglis 1930s £20.00

J G Robinson Wings Beyond Rio Children's POress nd [1940s?] £20.00

G A Henty With Wolfe in Canada Laiimer House, 1953 £30.00

Rex Dixon Pete and the Prairie people Thomas Nelson, 1954 first edition. £20.00

A H Pearce Porpoise Bay Blackie & Son, ca 1955, first edition. £20.00

Palgrave: The Golden Treasury Macmillan 1926. Third ed with additions by Binyon £20.00

Slavitt, David R. ABCD (ISBN: 0241024625 / 0-241-02462-5) Hamish Hamilton, London, 1974. £25.00

Brooke, Geoffrey. Illustrated by Lucy Dawson. THE GLAD COMPANION Constable, 1946 £20.00

J W Feather Leeds, the heart of Yorkshire Otley 1984 £20.00

D Sutherland: Sutherland's War Leo Cooper 1984. First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Scott, Walter: Ivanhoe James Nisbet, London ca 1900 £40.00

YOUNG, FILSON: Ireland at the Cross Roads. An Essay in Explanation. London: Grant Richards, 1904 £60.00

L A G Strong: A Tongue in your head Pitman 1945 £20.00

P Lavedan French architecture Penguin 1956 £20.00

Frith, David. ENGLAND VERSUS AUSTRALIA. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE TEST MATCHES SINCE 1877. 1989. Macdonald & Queen Anne Press £30.00

Shaw, Sam. Brando. In The Camera Eye. (ISBN: 0600341577 / 0-600-34157-7) London: Hamlyn, 1979. 0600341577 £20.00

Exhibition catalog Marco Polo, celebration of the VII centenary of his birth 1254-1954 Municipality of Venice, May-Oct 1954 £25.00

J Clibbon edits Fiulm World Annual Spring Books 1960 £30.00

Bobby Bear's Annual Dean & son, London nd [ inscription dated 1939] £60.00

Methley, Violet M., G.G. Jackson & Frances Owen Schoolgirls' Stories London & Glasgow: The Children's Press nd [1940s?] £30.00

V Norman: Arms and Armour [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1969, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

Bar-David, Molly Lyons JEWISH COOKING FOR PLEASURE Paul Hamlyn Ltd., London 1967 £20.00

Dumas, Alexandre. La Dame Aux Camélias. Translated from the French by Barbara Bray. Drawings by Jennifer Campbell. The Folio Society, London, 1975. AS NEW IN SLIPCASE £40.00

Stevenson R L and Ardizzone Edward (illus) Travels with a Donkey Folio Society 1967. AS NEW IN SLIPCASE £40.00

Clarke Mary Shakespeare at the Old Vic Hamish Hamilton/The Old Vic Trust Ltd., London, 1957 £40.00

RICHARDS, Frank NEW TOM MERRY’S OWN Mandeville publications, [1951] £30.00

From the Autocar Useful Hints and Tips for Automobilists Iliffe & Sons, London 1916. £120.00

Lord Lytton Rienzi, last of the Roman Tribunes London, Walter Scott, nd [ ca1890] £30.00

Westropp, Edward The Way to Fortune Oldbourne Press London, 1957. £30.00

Hathaway, Sibyl DAME OF SARK Country Book Club 1962, £30.00


"French, Evangeline & Mildred Cable; Francesca French" A Desert Journal: Letters from Central Asia Hodder and Stoughton, 1939, London £35.00

Porter , Andrew A MUSICAL SEASON : AN ENGLISH CRITIC IN NEW YORK (ISBN: 0575019506 / 0-575-01950-6) Gollancz 1974. NEAR-NEW in dw £30.00

Gregory, Ken Behind the Scenes of Motor Racing MacGibbon & Kee, 1960. £30.00

Kadloubovsky, E., Translator Writings from the Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart (ISBN: 0571070620 / 0-571-07062-0) Faber & Faber, U.K., 1979 £35.00

Anne Tyler: Back when we were grownups Chatto 2001, First edition, London . NEW condition £30.00

BERGSON, HENRI CREATIVE EVOLUTION London. Macmillan and Co. 1914 £50.00

FIRBANK, Ronald PRANCING NIGGER Duckworth, London, 1929 £20.00

Parkyn, M AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF PREHISTORIC ART Longmans, Green, London 1915 £60.00

Pauwels et Bergier Le Matin des Magiciens Gallimard, Paris 1960 £20.00

AVERY, Harold. A TOAST FAG AND OTHER STORIES. Thomas Nelson, London, 1901. First Edition. £50.00

Bookseller's Catalogue Elton engineering: Catalogues 11 to 17 London 1996 to 2002 £95.00

Chatterbox Annual Dean & son 1950 £20.00

[Car] Motor Repair and Overhauling Volumes 1 and 2 [of 4] George Newnes Ltd, London, ca 1930 £20.00

William Howard Hay. Weight control Harrap, 1936. £40.00

Swinson, Arthur WRITING FOR TELEVISION London: Adam & Charles Black, 1955 £30.00

Johnson, Peter (Ed) Yachting World Handbook (ISBN: 0540009598 / 0-540-00959-8) Edward Stanford, London, 1972. £30.00

Lummis & Vanderlip World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide (ISBN: 0744004055 / 0-7440-0405-5) Brady Games & Blizzard Entertainment, 2004. £20.00

Stewart Cowley: Spacewreck, Ghostships and Derelicts of Space (ISBN: 0600329909) London: Hamlyn, 1979 £75.00

Sotheby's Help the Hospices Auction, Wed 12 Sept, 2001 Sotheby's 2001 £30.00

Leonardo da Vinci [Leonardo da Vinci] Il Museo Leonardiano di Vinci Nouva ed., 1994 Vinci, Toscana £20.00

Boys' Book of All Sports Edited By W.J Hicks News Chronicle, 1951. £55.00

How the West Was Won Annual 1979(Copyright 1978) Brown Watson, 1978. £25.00

The Lone Ranger London: Brown Watson, 1975 £25.00

Yorkshire in Pictures. With Introduction By the Earl of Harewood Oldham Press, London, nd (1950s) £40.00

Christie's Auction Catalogue Christie's The Agra Diamond and Two Other Important Coloured Diamonds. Jun. 20th 1990. Christie's, London, 1990. £35.00

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