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A Stassinopoulos Maria Callas Helsinki 1981 £20.00

John Steinbeck Eedenista itaan [east of eden ] Helsinki 1976 £20.00

Shaw, Sir Napier: The Drama of Weather MacMillan Co, 1933 £25.00

Hammerton Sir J.A. Peoples of all Nations 2 vols complete The Amalgamated Press Ltd, nd [1930s?] £120.00

BERRILL, N.J. MAN'S EMERGING MIND: Man's Progress Through Time - Trees, Ice, Flood, Atoms and the Universe Scientific Book Guild, London 1961 £20.00


Jameson, Mrs. SACRED AND LEGENDARY ART. 2 vols complete 1848 First Edition. Published by LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN AND LONGMANS £70.00

Samuel Butler Hudibras, with notes &c by Zachary Grey Warne, London nd [1890s? ] £20.00

Ellison Hawks Electricity for Boys Ivor Nicholson, London 1936. £50.00

MOWBRAY, JOHN Barkworth's Last Year Cassell & Co Ltd, London, 1929 £25.00

Gilbert Parker Wild Youth and Another Hutchinson, London nd [1930s?] £30.00

Rosse, J. Willoughby Blair's Chronological Tables Revised and Enlarged Comprehending the Chronology and History of the World From the Earliest Times to the Russian Treaty of Peace, April 1956. (Bohn's Scientific Library ) G. Bohn, London, England, 1856. First edition £75.00

A Sowerby Foundations of Wireless Wireless World, London nd [1940s?] £30.00

John Hunt THE ASCENT OF EVEREST Second Impression, Hodder & Stoughton, 1953 £30.00

Kapp, Reginald O. Towards a Unified Cosmology Scientific Book Guild, 1960 £30.00

THE HERMITAGE: ENGLISH ART 16TH TO 19TH CENTURY. Paintings, Sculpture, Prints & Drawings, Minor Arts. Leningrad. Aurora Art Publ. 1979 £35.00

Bertrand Russell History of Western Philosophy Allen & Unwin 1947 £40.00

Jones, Thomas DIARY WITH LETTERS 1931-1950.|A London, New York, Toronto Oxford University Press 1954 £50.00

Enid Blyton the Boy Next door Collins 1965 £20.00

S Gordon: The Paranormal, an Illustrated Encyclopedia BCA 1992. NEW condition £35.00

Joan Allen Glittering prospects, all you need to know about Treasure Hunting Elm Tree Books, London 1975 £20.00

C F Foss Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World Ian Allen 1982 £20.00

Martin Page Kiss me goodnight Sergeant major, the songs and ballads of World war II Hart-David 1973 £20.00

German pronouncing Dictionary - German-Eng / Eng/German 46th thou., Cassell, London 1884 £30.00

Black, George (Editor). THE DOCTOR AT HOME AND NURSE'S GUIDE-BOOK. Ward, Lock, London nd [ ca 1920?] First £70.00

Geoffrey Grigson edits THE MINT, A MISCELLANY OF LITERATURE, ART & CRITICISM First edition, Routledge 1946 £70.00

Stephen Jones Sheridan Improved. A General Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of The English Language. A New Stereotype Edition, with many corrections and improvements, Brown et al, London.,ca 1830 £120.00

Deutsche Kampfen in Spanien , heraus. von der Legion Condor [ the German Legion in the Spanish Civil War] Wil.Limpert, Berlin, 1939 £60.00

A New Biographical Dictionary: containing a brief account of the lives and writings of the most eminent and remarkable characters in every age and nation. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown [& others], 1811. The sixth edition, greatly enlarged. £150.00

J de Marliave Beethoven's Quartets 1928, facsimile reprint, Dover, NY 1961 £20.00

Georgina Battiscombe English Picnics Harvil Press 1949 £20.00

KONESKI, Blazhe. Poems. Translated (from the Macedonian) by Andrew Harvey & Anne Pennington. Andre Deutsch, London 1979 £20.00

H. M. S. O. Wings of the Phoenix, The Official Story of the Air War in Burma H. M. S. O. London 1949 £50.00

SUMMERS, Montague. The Playhouse of Pepys. London, Kegan Paul, 1935. First edition £45.00

Sheila Birkenhead Illustrious Friends. The Story of Joseph Severn and His Son Arthur. Hamish Hamilton, London 1965. £25.00

Santayana, George OBITER SCRIPTA Lectures, essays and reviews. Constable, London:, 1936. First English edition. £60.00

Lytton Strachey CHARACTERS AND COMMENTARIES Chatto & Windus, London, 1933. £50.00

Haggard, H. Rider [1856-1925] Illustrated by Maurice Greiffenhagen and Charles Kerr Allan's Wife and Other Tales Griffith, Farran, & Co. Newbery House, 39 Charing Cross Road, London circa [First edition 1889]., 1890 £60.00

R M Ballantyne The Coral island, a tale of the Pacific Ocean Ward Lock, London 1920 £40.00

Newbolt, Sir Henry A Perpetual Memory and Other Poems John Murray, London, 1939. First. £40.00

graveley,george The last hour and other plays London, Cayme press, 1928. First ed. as new £75.00

Gibbs-Smith, Charles The Inventions of Leonard Da Vinci London, Book Club Association 1978. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Pillement (Georges) Cloîtres et Abbayes de France. Paris, Editions des Deux Mondes, 1950. £75.00

Porter, Eliot The Greek World (ISBN: 0906053242 / 0-906053-24-2) Aurum Press, London 1981, 1st printing. AS NEW IN DW £60.00

The Seventh Advertising Creative Circle 1992 Trigon Press, for The Seventh Advertising Creative Circle, London 1992 £75.00

Lawrence Lariar Fish And Be Damned (Or: The Night Crawler's Companion) Prentice Hall, New York, NY, 1957 £30.00

The Toby Book Published for Coming Fashions Ltd., By Dean & Son, London 1924 £180.00

Photographs Views of Cheltenham Ladies College No date, no place, circa 1880? £150.00

A Nauk Bemerkungen zu Kock Comicorum Atticorum fragm. 2 oct, 1891, from the Bulletin de l'Acadmie Imperiale de Sciences de St.-Petersbourg, Russia £70.00

Seligmann, Kurt The History of Magic Pantheon Books, New York, 1948. £75.00

Symonds, R.W. The Present State of Old English Furniture Duckworth London, 1927. Cheap edition. £50.00

Stanwood et al Gulf war, a day-by-day chronicle BCA 1971 £20.00

Coleman, D. S., E.A. & E. J. The Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls Robert Hale, 1974 £60.00

Hurlimann, Martin Italy London: Thames & Hudson, 1953 £35.00

Princess Gift Book for Girls 1970 IPC Magazines, 1970 £20.00

Princess Tina Annual 1970 IPC Magazines, 1970 £20.00

CHAMBERS, R THE BOOK OF DAYS. A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in Connection with the Calendar including Anecdote, Biography, & History, Curiosities of Literature and Oddities of Human Life and Character. 2 Volumes. London & Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1888 £140.00

R Skelton / J M Synge: The Writings of J M Synge Thames 1971 £20.00

Fairbridge, Kingsley The Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge Oxford University Press, 1928, 3rd imp. £30.00

Harmoniere, A A Pocket Dictionary in French and English and english and French...also a mythological, historical and geographical dictionary New edition revised by P Whitaker. Samuel Leigh, London 1820 £140.00

FISHER, H.A.L. [Various] "A History of Europe. Vol. I Ancient and Mediaeval; Vol. II. Renaissance, Reformation, Reason; Vol. III The Liberal Experiment." Eyre & spottiswoode London, 1935. £70.00

Lord Acton Lectures on Modern History Macmillan 1930 £20.00

William Morris "William Morris; centenary edition" Nonesuch press 1948 £25.00

Robert Burns The Poetical Works Henry Frowde, London 1890 £60.00

Yelland, Charles DULCIE YELLAND 1907-1987: A SOCIALIST OF OUR TIMES Gipton History Group, Leeds, 1988 £20.00

H D Williams edits The South African Boy's annual Amalgamated Press, London nd [ inscription dated 1931] £60.00

ROBERTS Austin Roberts: Birds of South Africa. Revised by G.R.McLachlan and R.Liversidge : South Africa: The Trustees of the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund 3rd edition 1971 £30.00

Hudson, Roger (ed.)& Max Hastings William Russell Special Correspondent of the Times The Folio Society, London, 1996, 2nd printing. AS NEW IN SLIPCASE £60.00

Tytler, Prof. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To which is added a comparative view of ancient and modern geography and a table of chronology Henry G Bohn, London, 1861. A new edition with additions, corrections and illustrations, and a continuation to the present time. £50.00

SHENTON, Alan and Rita. The Price Guide To Clocks 1840-1940. (ISBN: 0685004457 / 0-685-00445-7) Woodbridge: The Antique Collectors' Club, [1977]. AS NEW IN DW £60.00

Chylinska, Teresa SZYMANOWSKI (ISBN: 0917004043 / 0-917004-04-3) Twayne Publishers & The Kosciuszko Foundation, USA, 1973 £36.00

Ainsley, Thomas L. Revised by Tom Wake THE ENGINEERS' MANUAL OF THE LOCAL MARINE BOARD EXAMINATIONS for certificates of competency, as Second and First-Class Engineers South Shields, published by the author . 26th edition [1909] £60.00

Massie, Alice Freda's Great Adventure: A Story of Paris in Wartime Blackie, London, nd [ ca 1900] £40.00

Bedrich Hrozny les inscriptiones cretoises Orientalni Ustay, Praha 1949 £120.00

Lewis Zarem Careers and Opportunities in Astronautics Dutton, NY 1962 £30.00

Terminology of Swedish educational gymnastics Ling P E Assoc., London 1948 £20.00

W H Ainsworth Old Saint Pauls George Routledge, London nd [1850s?] £60.00

W H Ainsworth The Tower of London, a historical romance George Routledge, London nd [1850s?] £70.00

Francis Bacon / Herwald Ramsbotham The Essays Macmillan 1900 £150.00

B Reynolds "Cambridge Italian Dictionary / Dizionario Italiano-Inglese ; Inglese-Italiano" Signorelli, Milano 1985 £40.00

P G Wodehouse Piccadilly Jim Herbert Jenkins, London. Popular edition, n,d. [1920s- inscription dated 1922] £75.00

P G Wodehouse Leave it to Psmith Penguin 1953 £20.00


Kingsley, Charles "Westward Ho! Hypatia; Yeast ; Alton Locke; Two Years Ago; Hereward the Wake (Popular Edition of Charles Kingsley's Novels)" London and New York: Macmillan & Co. 1890 £60.00

Strutt, Edward C. (Fra Filippo Lippi) Fra Filippo Lippi London: George Bell and Sons, 1901 £110.00

Kanneth Clark The Nude, a study of ideal art Murray, London 1957 £30.00

Raceform Limited Raceform: The Closeup of racing: Flat Racing in Great Britain 1952 Raceform Ltd., London, 1952 £30.00

[Sporting Chronicle] Racing Up to Date, a complete record of Flat racing, steeplechasing etc in Great Britain and Ireland. Carefully indexed with full pedigrees "Sporting Chronicle, Manchester, 1944; 1948; 1949; 1950; 1951; 1952. A complete run of six volumes" £20.00

Hartley, John. YORKSHER PUDDIN'. A COLLECTION OF THE MOST POPULAR DIALECT STORIES, FROM THE PEN OF JOHN HARTLEY. London and Albion Works, Wakefield: William Nicholson and Sons, n.d. [1876] £45.00

Eric Linklater The Voyage of the Challenger Cardinal, London 1974 £20.00

Mike Hrding Walking the Dales Mermaid, 1989 £20.00

W J Long The Spirit of the Wild, studies in north american wild life Heinemann, 1957. First edition. £20.00

"EWALD, P.P; POSCHL, TH. & PRANDTL, L. (Translated by J. Dougall & W. .M Deans)." The Physics of Solids and Fluids with Recent Developments. London & Glasgow: Blackie, 1936. 2nd. Edn. £50.00

T G Millar Long Distance Paths of England and Wales David & Charles 1977 £20.00

Macaulay, Lord The History of England From the Accession of James the Second. London:: Longman & Green, 1849-61, 5th and 1sdt editions. £140.00

WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY Vanity Fair, a novel without a hero Smith, Elder & Co., London, 1867. £80.00

R Souttar A SHORT HISTORY OF ANCIENT PEOPLES Hodder and Stoughton. Second Edition with a new chapter & bibliography, 1904 £70.00

Benson, F. A. (Ed.) Millimetre and submillimetre Waves (ISBN: 0592027813 / 0-592-02781-3) Iliffe Books, London, 1969. £80.00

A C Parkin Philosophy Doctoral Thesis:Rethinking the Subject: University of Bradfotrd 1993 £150.00

"[ ""Tiny"" Rowland ]" A Hero From Zero The Story Of Kleinwort Benson And Mohamed Fayed Lonhro PLC, London, 1988. AS NEW £40.00

PERRY,RICHARD AT The Turn Of The Tide. A Book Of Wild Birds Lindsay Drummond, London, 1938. First Edition £20.00

BEETON'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY a Cyclopedia of Greek and Roman Biography, Geography, Mythology, and Antiquities Ward, Lock & Bowden, London, nd [ca 1870?] £30.00

Quentin Crewe. In the Realms of Gold, travels through South America. Joseph 1989 £20.00

Heinz Noack Icons Barnerlea Book Sales, London 1974. AS NEW IN DW £40.00

E D Hill First Bible Lessons for Beginners moody press, chicago 1965 £20.00

Kolthoff, I.M., and J.J. Lingane. Polarography: Polarographic Analysis and Voltammetry: Amperometric Titrations. Interscience 1946. £30.00

(DICKENS). SHORE, W. Teignmouth. Charles Dickens and His Friends. London: Cassell and Company, 1909 £50.00

D H Lawrence Sons and Lovers. With Paintings by the Author. Franklin Librray Limited edition, 1981. AS NEW £150.00

Inst, of Historical research, Univ. of London Corrections and Additions to the [British] Dictionary of National Biography ...1923-1963 Hall, Boston, Mass 1966 £45.00

"Sadler, William S., M.D.; Introductions by Robert H. Gault, Ph.D. & Meyer Solomon, M.D." THE MIND AT MISCHIEF - Tricks and Deceptions of the Subconscious and How to Cope with Them Funk & Wagnalls, 1929. £40.00

P Ziegler: Melbourne, a biography Colline 1976 £20.00

FIELDING, H. The History of Tom Jones. Folio Society, 1959 £30.00

Alfred Noyes Collected Poems John Murray, 2nd ed, 1963 £30.00

Mario Gallati Mario of the Caprice, the autobiography of a restaurateur Hutchinson, London 1960. First ed £20.00

Hugh Cudlipp Publish and be damned, the astonishing story of the Daily Mirror Dakers, London 1953. First ed £20.00

William Beveridge Full Employment in a free society Allen & unwin, 2nd imp., 1944 £30.00

A Parker Amateur Theatre as a pastime Souvenir Press, London 1959 £20.00

M Rutherford The Lyle Official Antiques Review Lyle Pubs., 1980 £30.00

Ridderskapet och adelns: PROTOKOLL vid Lagtima adelsmotet ar 1911 Stockholm, Backmans 1911 £70.00

KEBLE, JOHN. "The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays Throughout the Year. ""In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength."" Isaiah xxx.15." Oxford, and 377, Strand, London: James Parker and Co. MDCCCLXVII. [1867] £110.00

F Newton the Jazz scene Jazz Book Club, London 1960 £20.00

William Wordsworth The Poetical Works Ward, Lock, London nd [ca 1890?] £30.00

May & Baker [trade catalogue] Photographic Processing manual May & Baker, Dagenham 1967 £30.00

W F Barrett Psychical research Williams & Norgate, London [1911] £50.00

B Thompson Portrait of Leeds Robert Hale, London 1971 £40.00

E Everett-Green The Sign of the Red cross Nelson, London, nd [inscription dated 1909] £30.00

Staff of Royal Dutch Shell The Petroleum Handbook 3rd edition, Shell Petroleum 1948 £20.00

PERRY (G.G.) HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, N.d. [prize bookplatedated 1892] £50.00

Diver, Maud The Judgment of the Sword Constable, London, 1913. £65.00

Verne Jules Round the Moon Being the Sequel to from the Earth to the Moon London: Ward Lock & Co., London. Nd [ prize bookplate dated 1934 ] £40.00

S W Carroll Acting for the Stage Pitman, london 1958 £35.00

Spike Hughes Glyndebourne, a history of the festival opera David & Charles, 1981, new ed. £20.00

Val Doone We See Devon Harrap, London 1950 £20.00

Chatterbox [ Annual ] Dean & Son, London n.d. [1930s?] £20.00

The School Friend Annual 1953 Fleetway House [ 1952] £30.00

A Macku Vienna Thames & Hudson, London 1957 £30.00

Fletcher, Ronald (editor) The Biography of a Victorian Village: Richard Cobbold's Account of Wortham, Suffolk 1860 (ISBN: 0713407875) B. T. Batsford Ltd, London, 1977 £20.00


Fedders, A., Salvadori, C. Peoples and Cultures of Kenya. Transafrica, Nairobi., 1982. £50.00

Anon ROLLS-ROYCE: ACHIEVEMENT [Aero engineering ] 1930s £70.00

Negus, Arthur: Encyclopedia Of Antiques (ISBN: 0600373134) Hamlyn, London, 1983. NEW condition. £80.00

Dobs Bebb Flowers for you Collingridge 1956 £25.00

Sauchelli, Vincent. Manual on Phosphates in Agriculture: General Information for Fertilizer Salesman, County Agent, Agrticultural Teacher, Farmer and Fertilizer Dealer. Baltimore: Davison Chemical Corporation, [1951] £20.00

Fulton, Margaret The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook (ISBN: 0727100912 / 0-7271-0091-2) Summit Books, Sydney, 1974. AS NEW IN DW £50.00

HAMMERTON, (J.A.) [George Meredith] GEORGE MEREDITH. His Life and Art in Anecdote and Criticism. A New and Revised Edition with Fifty-Five Illustrations. Edinburgh: John Grant, 1911., 1911. 2nd edition, enlarged £45.00

N Harris: Victorian Antiques Hampton 1973 £20.00

Kidd, Benjamin Principles Of Western Civilization Macmillan & Co Ltd, 1908 £55.00

John Toland Adolf Hitler Doubleday, NY 1976 £20.00

Mark Twain The Innocents Abroad C H Kelly, London nd [ prize bookplate dated 1918 ] £20.00

Hugn Thomas An Unfinished History of the World Hamish Hamilton 1979 £20.00

EDWARDS, A "Rock Gardens; How to Plan and Plant Them, with Sections on the Wall, Paved, Marsh and Water Gardens" London, Ward, Lock & Co., 1929, First edition. £30.00

Humble, Richard. Maps by David Worth and Jennifer Mexter. Famous Land Battles: From Medieval to Modern Times. London, Artus, 1980. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Editors of House and Garden House & Garden's Complete Guide to Interior Decoration Simon and Schuster, N.Y., 1953. £50.00

Anthony Chant the stem Doctor Privately printed, 1989 £30.00

Practical Automobile Engineering Illustrated Odhams Press Ltd, London, 1947 £30.00

W Bacon Highway to the Wilderness [ Lapland] Travel Book Club, 1961 £30.00

Krachmalnicoff , Patrizia THE MAGIC OF THE ANIMALS (ISBN: 0851402593 / 0-85140-259-3) Arlington, London 1977. AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Head, Fausset & Wilson A manual of secretarial Practice Macdonald & evans, london 1935 £20.00

KIPLING, Rudyard. STALKY & CO. [First edition] Macmillan, 1899. £90.00

Proctor, Francis & Friere, Walter Howard ( revisor ) A New History Of The Book Of Common Prayer With a Rationale Of Its Offices Macmillan And Co, London, 1908. 3rd impression. £35.00

Bird, Adrian Curtis. TRINIDAD SWEET: THE PEOPLE, THEIR CULTURE, THEIR ISLAND (ISBN: 9766080399) Inprint Caribbean Ltd,, Trinidad, WI:, 1992 £35.00

HALIFAX, Charles Lindley, Viscount. LORD HALIFAX'S GHOST BOOK. A Collection of Stories of Haunted Houses, Apparitions and Supernatural Occurrences. Introduction by Viscount Halifax. Geoffrey Bles, 1936, 2nd edition £30.00

ALLWOOD Montagu C, The Third and Fourth Generation: volume 1 [ of 2 ] Privately printed for the author by Balding & Mansell, London & Wisbech, 1940 £20.00

SPREADBURY (E.A.W.) TELEVISION RECEIVER SERVICING, Volume One: Time Base Circuits. """Wireless & Electrical Trader""/Iliffe., 1954." £20.00

Waldman, Ronnie Hullo Puzzlers A Memoir and a Quiz Book W. H. Allen, London, 1954. £20.00

H V Morton A STRANGER IN SPAIN. (Madrid, El Escorial, Aranjuez, Toledo, Guadalupe, Merida, Sevilla, La Rábida, Palos, Jerez, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada, La Mancha, Segovia, Avila, Pamplona, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, León, Valladolid, Salamanca). London. Methuen. 1956 £50.00

ORGANIC REAGENTS FOR ORGANIC ANALYSIS. London. Hopkin & Williams Ltd. 1944 £30.00

Klickmann, Flora (Ed). The School Girl's Annual, Vol III. London, ND (Inscr 1924) £60.00

Alan Frank Horror Films Hamlyn 1977 £30.00

W T stead The Review of Reviews Volume 35, Jan-June 1907 £60.00

Cornwell, Jane The Corrs : The Unofficial Book (ISBN: 1852278404 / 1-85227-840-4) Virgin, London, 1999 £20.00

The Prize Dean & Son, London nd [ presentation inscription dated Xmas 1936] £40.00

Roy Webber edits The Cricket Annual 1961 London 1960 £20.00

Roy Webber edits The Cricket Annual 1962 London 1961 £20.00

White & Webber edit News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1959 News Chronicle 1958 £20.00

Gordon ross edits Playfair Cricket Annual 1970 Playfair Books, 1969 £20.00

Williams, Archibald. Revised By T. W. Corbin The Romance of Modern Invention. Containing Interesting Descriptions in Non-Technical Language of Wireless Telegraphy, Liquid Air, Modern Artillery, Submarines, Dirigible Torpedoes, Solar Motors, Airships, &c &c. Seeley, Service & Co. Limited, London, 1914. £140.00

V Mallanaga Kamasutra [ kama sutra] New. complete translation with notes OUP 2002 £20.00

Donald G. Krause The Book of the Five Rings for Executives- Musashi's Classic. Brearley, London 1998. NEW £20.00

Donald G. Krause The Way of the Leader: Applying the Principles of Sun Tzu and Confucius, Ancient Strategies for the Modern Business World (ISBN: 0399522670 / 0-399-52267-0) Brearley, London 1997. NEW £20.00

Johnson, Brian & Webber, Roy Armchair Cricket British Broadcasting Coproration. nd [ca 1956] £35.00

Atkinson British Birds' Eggs and Nests popularly described Routledge, London, new and revised edition, nd [1890s? £40.00

"West Germany prepares war of revenge; facts on the rebirth of German mlitarism in the Bonn state." Berlin [GDR] The Committee for German Unity [1954]. £30.00

Ella Pontefract WHARFEDALE J M Dent. 1943 £40.00

"Cooke, M.C. under pseud. ""Uncle Matt""." Around a Cornfield in a Ramble after Wild Flowers. London, Nelson, 1906 £40.00

John Fowles Mantissa Capr, London 1982. first edition £30.00

HUNT, Leigh "A DAY BY THE FIRE; And Other Papers, Hitherto Uncollected." London: Sampson Low, Son, & Marston, 1870. £60.00

Ethel M Dell The Lamp in the Desert Hutchinson, London. Second edition, nd [ ca 1920] £30.00

E. M. Carus-Wilson Essays in Economic History. Volume Two Edward Arnold, London, 1962. £50.00

SPERO, Simon. THE PRICE GUIDE TO 18th CENTURY ENGLISH PORCELAIN. [First edition] Woodbridge: Antique Collectors’ Club, 1970. £50.00

Athletic News Cricket Annual 1934, with Test Match supplement Athletic News, 1934. 43rd year of issue £95.00

Crowley, Brian "A Cavalcade of International Cricketers; More Than 1500 Test Players (ISBN: 0333477103 / 0-333-47710-3)" Macmillan, 1988. £30.00

Lorenz, Konrad THE YEAR OF THE GREYLAG GOOSE. Photographs by Sybille and Klaus Kalas (ISBN: 0151997373 / 0-15-199737-3) Harcourt Brace & Jovanovich, New York, 1978. £30.00

Stratton smith International football Book 2 Souvenir Press, London 1960 £20.00

GREVILLE / WILSON, Philip Whitwell (editor). THE GREVILLE DIARY. Including passages hitherto withheld from publication. [First edition] Heinemann, 1927 £30.00

Sotheby Catalogue Nineteenth and twentieth century Decorative Arts Sothebys, London 10 & 17 March 1989 £20.00

Elizabeth Ann Cooper No Little Thing Hollis & Carter, London, 1960 £30.00

W W Tulloch The Story of the Life of Queen Victoria Jmaes Nisbet 1897 £20.00

Peter Steel Doctor on Everest Readers Union 1973 £30.00

Donald Zec & Anthony Fowles Barbra, a biography of Barbra Streisand NEL 1981 £30.00

A J Toynbee, abridged by D C Somervell A study of History, abridgement of vols I-VI OUP, 1948 £30.00

Charles Kingsley Hypatia, or new foes with an old face Nisbet, London 1900 £30.00

USSR: Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Novisti Press, Moscow 1968 £20.00

M Mallett: The Borgias, rise and fall of a Renaissance Dynasty Bodley head 1969 £20.00

M Durrell: Hammer's Gereman Grammar and Usage 3rd ed, Arnold 1996 £20.00

Rose Macaulay Crewe Train 1940 Penguin. NEAR-NEW condition £20.00

Lloyd & Bird: The Cottage garden DK 1990. NEW condition £25.00

Lightfoot & Cook edit: Journal of the Council for Scientific Industrial Research Volume 1 to 21, Melbourne 1927-1948. A complete run. £3500.00

TANNER, J. R. English Constitutional Conflicts of the Seventeenth Century 1603-189. Cambridge: University Press, 1st edition., 1928 £50.00

Lang, Andrew The Red True Story Book Longmans Green & Co., 1895. First edition. £120.00

Flugel, M FLÜGEL’S COMPLETE DICTIONARY Of the German and English Languages. Adapted to the English Student, with great additions and improvements by Feiling & Heimann . "Whittaker and Co.; Dulau and Co.; and D. Nutt., 1841" £160.00

C McKean Fight Back, a practical guide tothe causes of urban dereliction and what people can do about it. Kaye & Ward 1977 £20.00

Lawrence Durrell: Nunquam Faber 1970. First edition £25.00

Dent, Joseph B. Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics Macmillan Publishing Co., 1974. £20.00

Jose Marti Inside the Monster, writings on the United States and American Imperialism Monthly review, NY 1975 £25.00

R H Kerlsey Gibson's 1876-1962, a chapter in legal education Law Notes Lending Library Ltd., London., 1973. £30.00

Yvonne Aitken Flowering Time, Climate and Genotype Little Brown 1975 £45.00

Lamplugh, Anne: Flower and Vase Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1929. £35.00

anon. Translated from the Russian, with an Introduction By April FitzLyon Nobody or the Disgospel According to Maria Dementnaya : Nikito, a samizdat text John Calder, London, 1975. First english edition. £30.00

H Heaton Economic History of Europe Harper, NY 1964. 4th ed. £30.00

R Quirk the Linguist and the English Language St Martins Press, NY 1974 £20.00

R J Yancy Federal government policy and Black Business Enterprise Ballinger, Camb.Mass 1974 £30.00

"Bela Sarfalvi edits;" Urbanization in Europe: selected papers in English, German and French Akadémiai Kiadó, 1975. £40.00

Exhibition catalogue Roumanie 6 dec 1978 - 4 fev. 1979 Culturel du Marais [1978] £50.00

L S A de terain: Easter Eggs : A Collector's Guide (ISBN: 0285623222) Souvenir Press 1978 £30.00

Krisa, B: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flowering Plants Select editions 1992. NEW condition. £25.00

Kraske Erich (Bearb): Handbuch des Auswärtigen Dienstes. Auf Veranlassung des Auswärtigen Amtes Max Niemeyer Halle 1939 £110.00

J A Williamson "A short History of British expansion ; the old colonial empireGrowth in the Family, the School, the Mental Hospital and the Community. (ISBN: 0877051283 / 0-87705-128-3)" Macmillans 1951 £20.00

Derbyshire, E et al Geomorphological Processes Dawsons 1979 £30.00

D R Griffin The Question of Animal Awareness: Evolutionary Continuity of Mental Experience (ISBN: 0874700353 / 0-87470-035-3) Rockefeller, NY 1977 £30.00

Kenneth cavander: The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, radio plays BBC 1969 £20.00

J. Quentin HUGHES & Norbert LYNTON Simpson's History of Architectural Development Vol. IV [4, four], Renaissance Architecture London: Longmans., 1962 £30.00

hayami gyoshu hayami gyoshu Yamatane Museum of Art, Japan [1980s?] £45.00

LICHFIELD Lichfield: royal album Elm tree Books, London 1982 £25.00

Michael jackson Thriller 1982. Rondor Music, UK. epc 85930 £20.00

Penning-Rowsell, Edmund, Introduction. Nadia Fowler, translator. German Wine Atlas and Vineyard Register Stabilisierungsfonds furWein, Mainz, Germany, 1979. 3rd edition, revised. NEW £20.00

Shakespeare (William), with an introduction by J.Dover Wilson and a list of modern readings. A Facsimile of the First Folio Text: Julius Caesar. "London; printed at The Chiswick Press and published by Faber & Gwyer, undated but ca 1930" £30.00

Dawson, Lawrence H. (editor) The March of Man: A Chronological Record of Peoples and Events from Prehistoric Times to the Present Day Ency Britannica 1935 £25.00

Folklore, myths and legends of britain Readers Digest 1973. £35.00

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