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E G Jellicoe "PLAYING THE GAME - --- What Mr Asquith in his Book "" The Genesis of War"" ,does not tell us." John Long 1924. First edition £30.00

Thetford, Owen. AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE SINCE 1918. Putnam, London 1971 £40.00

Newman, Bernard Yours For Action. London: Herbert Jenkins, 1953 £20.00

Derek Jameson: Touched by Angels Ebury Press 1988. First edition. NEW condition. SIGNED COPY £40.00

F T Miller General Douglas MacArthur Winston Co, Philadelphia 1944 £20.00

H W C Davis England under the Normans and Angevins 1066-1272 Methuen 1909 £20.00

H C Andersen [ hans christian andersen] / ills by Hans Brix Eventyr og Historier Kobenhaven 1948 £45.00

Karl KOSTER UNVERGBLICHE FAHRTEN: Die Fahnen wehen Jungvolkgeschichten von fahrt und lager 2 auf., Ferd. Earl, St. nd [ iscription dated 1936] £110.00

A Commission of the C.C. of the CPSU History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union / Bolsheviks/ Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1948 £50.00

Koestler, Arthur & Ignazio Silone, Andre Gide, presented by Enid Starkie, Richard Wright, Louis Fischer & Stephen Spender The God That Failed, six studies in Communism London Hamish Hamilton 1950. First edition £30.00

Barbara Willard Sussex Batsford, 1965 £30.00

Bulpin, T.V. the Cape Province Its Scenery and People ( the Beauty of Africa Series ) Howard Timmins, Cape Town, 1960. £40.00

D Magarshack Stanislavsky, a life Macgibbon & Kee, London 1950. Fisrt edition £30.00

Finn, Frank "Bird Behaviour. Psychical and Physiological;" London, Hutchinson, ca 1915 £30.00

Sotheby Auction catalogue Catalogue of Important Musical Instruments 17 Nov 1977, Sothebys, London £40.00

A Rivoallan l'Irlande Armand Colin, Paris 1934 £50.00

Rupert Annual [1975] Beaverbrook Newspapers, UK, 1974 £25.00

Rupert Annual [1971] Beaverbrook Newspapers, UK, 1970. £30.00

J A Hammerton The war illustrated, a picture record of events 19 Aug 1916 to 10 Feb 1916, £60.00

O S Nock A History of the LMS Volume 3 - The war Years and Nationalisation 1939-48 Allen and Unwin, London, 1984 £30.00

O S Nock A History of the LMS Volume 1 The First Years 1923 - 1930 Allen and Unwin, London, 1982. £30.00


Hogan. W.T STEEL IN THE 21ST CENTURY, competition forges a new world order Lexington NY 1994 £70.00

Aldous Huxley g 836 Literature and Science Chatto 1963. first edition. £60.00

H[enry] F[rancis] Lyte Poems, chiefly religious. William Marsh, London 1834 £180.00

Jones, Henry Festing "SAMUEL BUTLER, AUTHOR OF EREWHON (1835-1902); A MEMOIR" MacMillan & Co Ltd, London, 1920. £60.00

T A Layton The Wine and Food Society's Guide to Cheese and Cheese Cookery The Cookery Book Club, London 1971. £30.00

R Berridge [Chairman] Fifty Years of Progress 1909-1959 [History of Woolworths] Woolworths 1959 £140.00

Treharne, R.F. and Harold Fullard (eds. Muir's Historical Atlas: Ancient and Classical 6th ed., London: Book Club Assoc., 1974. S NEW IN DW £30.00

KEOWN-BOYD, HENRY A good dusting. a centenary review of the sudan campaigns 1883-1899. Guil Publishing, London 1986. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Miles Hadfield A Book of Country Houses Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, 1969. £30.00

BODLEY JOHN EDWARD COURTENAY France Macmillan new and revised edn, 1902 £40.00

Elliot Paul That Crazy Music, the story of North American Jazz Muller, London 1957. First ed. £20.00

Bonham Carter, Violet Winston Churchill as I Knew Him Eyre & Spottiswoode & Collins, 1965. First. £30.00

Emily Lutyens / Robert Lytton The Birth of Rowland, an exchange of letters between Robert Lytton and his wife. Macmillan 1965. AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Alfred J Brown Poems and Songs Abbey Press, Whitby 1949 £50.00

K Hoole The 4-4-0 Classes of the North Eastern railway Ian Allen 1979 £20.00

Olyslager Auto Library American Cars of the 1930s Warne & Co, London 1973 £20.00

A L Rowse Shakespeare's Southampton, patron of Virginia Macmillan 1965. AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Independent broadcasting authority TV & RADIO 1976 Independent broadcasting authority, London 1976 £20.00

Cunningham Geikie The Holy Land and the Bible: A Book of Scripture Illustrations Gathered in Palestine Cassell & Company Limited, London, 1887. First edition £180.00

Cunningham Geikie The Holy Land and the Bible: A Book of Scripture Illustrations Gathered in Palestine Cassell & Company Limited, London, 1887. First edition £220.00

Evelyn Cheesman Who Stand Alone Geoffrey Bles, London, 1965 £40.00

H E Jacob Joseph Haydn, his art, times and glory Gollancz 1950. First edition £20.00

Ian Niall Fresh woods Heinemann, London 1951. first edition £20.00

Cecil Roberts One Year of Life, some autobiographical pages Hodder, London 1952. first edition. £20.00

KIPLING, Rudyard Songs from Books Macmillan & Co, London, 1913.. £75.00

E Lucie-Smith Eroticism in Western art Thams & Hudson 1972 £30.00

Charles Bradley Parochial sermons preached at Glasbury, Brecknockshire 5th edition, Hamilton, Adams, London 1832 £160.00

Jennings, N. A. A TEXAS RANGER. 1898, facsimile reprint, Lakeside Press, Chicago, 1992 £30.00

Charles Fox Aks-i partaw [Transliterated from the Persian]. A Series of Poems, Containing the Plaints, Consolations, and Delights of Achmed Ardebeili, A Persian Exile. With Historical and Explanatory by Charles Fox. Printed by Bulgin and Rosser for J. Cottle, Bath, 1797. £380.00

The Edinburgh Review or critical journal forJune to sept 1818. Volume 30 New York reprint for Kirk and Mercein, 1818 £90.00

The Edinburgh Review or critical journal for March 1821 to July 1821 volume 69 Constable, Edinburgh 1821 £85.00

The Edinburgh Review or critical journal for Dec 1818 to March 1819. Volume 31 New York reprint for Kirk and Mercein, July 1819 £90.00

Bible "The Holy Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the original Tongues; and with the former Translations diligently Compared and Revised. Appointed to be read in Churches." Oxford: Printed at the Clarendon Press by Dawson, Bensley, and Cooke, 1798 £350.00

Charles Simeon "Helps to Composition; or one hundred skeletons of sermons" third edition, Cambridge, R Watts 1806 £140.00

anon The Text Book of Freemasonry: A Complete Handbook of Instruction to All the Workings in the Various Mysteries and Ceremonies of Craft Masonry Reves and Turner, London 1874. Second edition with additions. £50.00

Fleetwood, the Revd. John The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Being an Accurate and General History of All the Events and Discourses of Our Blessed Redeemer as Recorded By the Four Evangelists from His Birth to His Ascension Into Heaven J. Hagger & A. H. Payne, London & leipzig/dresden ca 1865 £250.00

Winston Churchill The Second World War complete in 12 Volumes) Cassell, 1964 £80.00

J O Halliwell edits Westward for Smelts, an early collection of stories 1620, reprinted Percy Society, London 1848 £45.00

Royal Geographical Society THE GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL: volume 149 Royal Geographical Society Jan- Dec1983 £30.00

Colin Thurbron: Among the Russians Picador 1983 £20.00

Hermann Vinterberg. C.A., Bodelsen Dansk-Engelsk Ordbog Bind I-II. Anden reviderede og udvidede udgave. Gyldendal, 1966. £90.00

H W Koch Medieval warfare Bison Books 1978. AS NEW IN DW £40.00

Russell, Bertrand Authority and the Individual. The Reith Lectures for 1948-9 Allen & unwin 1949, first edition £50.00

MAUROIS, Andre The Return of Dr. O'Grady. London: Bodley Head:, First edition, 1951 £30.00

Daniel Gilles The Anthill Chapman & Hall, London, 1962. £40.00

Johnstone, C. L. The Young Emigrants, A Story for Boys Thomas Nelson and Sons, nd [ prize bookplate dated 1906] £30.00

Birmingham, George A. (editor). IRISH SHORT STORIES. London: Faber & Faber Limited, 1932. £30.00

Crockett, S.R. Illustrated by Gordon Browne & W.H.C. Groome. SWEETHEART TRAVELLERS Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. Second edition, 1895. £40.00

Graham Greene A sort of Life Bodley Head, 1971 reprint £20.00

Rolleston, Sir Humphry The Spas of Great Britain - [The Official Handbook of the British Spas Federation. Compiled from the Reports of the Local Medical Committees for the use of the medical association. With a foreword by the Committee for the Study of Medical Hydrology]. British Spas Federation, London. 1st Edition. [ 1930s?] £30.00

House & Garden. Dictionary of Design & Decoration (ISBN: 0004350928 / 0-00-435092-8) Collins 1973 £30.00

The American Annual of Photography 1949 Volume 63, American Photographic Publishing, Boston 1948. £60.00

Taylor, G.E The Modern Garden. London. Country Life Ltd. ., 1952. 5th Edition. £40.00

LION-GOLDSCHMIDT Daisy LA CÉRAMIQUE CHINOISE Editions Charles Massin, sans date, Paris. [ 1950 ] £30.00

FAMILY HISTORY. The Bi-Monthly Journal of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Northgate, Canterbury, Kent, 1962-63 £70.00

Maheu, Rene Iran: Rebirth of a Timeless Empire (ISBN: 285258042X / 2-85258-042-X) Editions J.A., Paris 1976. AS NEW IN DW £90.00

francis Parkman The Oregon Trail, sketches of prairie and rocky-mountain life Heron Books, 1968. AS NEW £55.00

Lord Anson A Voyage Round the World Heron Books, 1968. AS NEW £40.00

T Davidson edits Chambers's English Dictionary Enlarged edition with 39 page supplement. W & R Chambers, Edinburgh 1914 £110.00

Walker, D M OXFORD COMPANION TO LAW (ISBN: 019866110X / 0-19-866110-X) Published by Oxford University Press in 1980. £40.00

Watt, Richard M. THE KINGS DEPART The Tragedy of Germany: Versailles and the German Revolution. London: The Literary Guild, 1968. Reprint. £30.00

Charles Castle: Noel [Coward] BCA 1973. London. Near-NEW condition £20.00

Hendricks, Gordon. EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE: THE FATHER OF MOTION PICTURE. (ISBN: 0436192705 / 0-436-19270-5) Secker & Warburg, 1975 £30.00

S G Page Mathematics for the Unmathematical Univ. of Bradford 1973 £50.00

"Watson, Sir Francis; Pope-Hennessy, John (foreword); Wheeler, James; Beard, Geoffrey; Jackson-Stops, Gervase; Kenworthy-Browne, John; Bourne, Jonathan; Fletcher, Lucinda; Grant, Ian; Bennett, Ian; Bat" The History of Furniture Orbis 1983 £40.00

(KRUPP, A[lfred] [1812-1887] ) Edited by William T[heodore] BRANNT, [b. 1844]. The Metallic Alloys, A Practical Guide For The Manufacture Of All Kinds Of Alloys, Amalgams, And Solders, Used By Metal-workers Translated And Edited With Extensive Additions By William T.Brannt Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird & Co., & London: Sampson, Low, Marston , 1896. Enlarged edition £250.00


William Henry Chamberlin THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION 1917-1921 MacMillan and Co, 1935 £100.00

Freeman, Edward A. The Historical Geography of Europe (Vol.1) 2nd edition, London: Longmans Green & Company, 1882. Volume one only. £60.00

Ethel M Dell The Princess' Game Hardingham, London nd [1910s?] £70.00

Brent Elliott Victorian Gardens Batsford 1986 £170.00


CAPOTE, Truman: Other Voices Other Rooms William Heinemann, 1948. First edition. £60.00

M E Reynolds Memories of John Galsworthy by his sister Hale, London 1936. First ed,. £30.00

Bower T. Blind Eye to Murder. Britain, America and the Purging of Nazi Germany - A Pledge Betrayed. Deutsch., 1981. £20.00

KNIGHT, Charles Brunton. THIS IS YORK. A personally-conducted tour. York: Herald Printing Works, 1954 £30.00

Blyton, Enid Mister Icy-cold The Shakespeare Head Press, Oxford, 1948. £50.00

JENKINS, D.W. and WILLIAMS, Mason. CAVES IN WALES AND THE MARCHES. [First edition] Clapham: Dalesman Publishing Co., 1963. £35.00

Frans Liefrink Semantico-Syntax Longman 1973 £20.00

L Untermeyer edits A Treasury of Ribaldry Elek, London 1957 £20.00

Thomas Hardy The Short stories of Thomas Hardy Macmillan, London, 1928. First edition. £30.00

BROOKE, Geoffrey (Major-General) HORSEMANSHIP. Thw way of a man with a horse. With veterinary notes by Col.A.G.Todd. & a chapter on pigsticking by Lieut.Col.Arthur Brooke. Lonsdale Library Vol. I. Seeley Service, 1941. £50.00

SMITH, Sydney HISTORY OF THE TESTS A Record of All Test Cricket Matches Played Between England and Australia 1877 to 1947. George G Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1947. Early reprint. £50.00

Origen The Song of Songs, Commentary and Homilies The Newman Press, Westminster, Maryland, 1957 £40.00

Lytton Strachey Books and Characters, french & english Chatto, London 1922. First edition £115.00

Woodroffe, D: Editor Standard Handbook of Industrial Leathers The National Trade Press, London, 1949. £110.00

C J weber: Hardy of Wessex Routledge 1965 London. £20.00

The FA Book for Boys (Number Seven) London: Naldrett Press, 1954. £30.00

The Oxford Library of Words and Phrases in Three Volumes 1 Quotations 11proverbs III Word Origins Guild Publishing By Arrangement with the Oxford University Press,1981. AS NEW £60.00

C Gillie: Longman Companion to english literature Longman 1972 £30.00

Innes, Sir Thomas of Learney The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland W & A K Johnston Ltd, Edinburgh, 1952, fifth edition £40.00

HENTY, G. A. Dash for Khartoum. A Tale of the Nile Expedition. Blackie & Sons, n.d. London: £50.00

Peppercorn, Cooper & Blacker Drinking Wine, a complete guide BCA 1979 £20.00

Little star, specially for little girls and little boys D C Thompson 1974 £20.00

Michael Dobbs The Touch of Innocents Harper Collins 1994. First edition. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY BY AUTHOR £30.00

Wilson, Julian Lester Piggot: The Pictorial Biography. SIGNED BY PIGGOTT London Queen Anne Press 1985. as new in dw £40.00

David Irving On the Trail ofn the Fox, the life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel BCA 1977 £20.00

Gingrich, Arnold & Hills, L. Rust ( Edited by) THE ARMCHAIR ESQUIRE Heinemann, London, 1959 £20.00

Fairlie, Gerard and Cayley, Elizabeth The Life of a Genius Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1965. £20.00

Daphne Du Maurier The Parasites Victor Gollancz Ltd., London, 1949. FIRST EDITION £110.00

Ephesian (C. E. Bechhofer Roberts) This Side Idolatry - a Novel London: Mills and Boon, 1928 £40.00

Jessica Rawson Ancient china, art and archeology BCA 1980. AS NEW IN DW £20.00

ERNEST HEMINGWAY "BY-LINE: ERNEST HEMINGWAY: Selected articles and dispatches of four decades; edited by William White, with commentaries by Philip Young." London. Collins. 1st UK ed. 1968 £50.00

Burrows, Montagu The History of the Foreign Policy of Great Britain Willaim Blackwood & Sons, 1897 £40.00

Boulenger, E.G.: Animal Ways London: Ward, Lock & Co. 1930s. AS NEW in repaired d/w. £40.00


Graham Greene A Burnt-Out Case William Heinemann, London, 1961. £120.00

R Atthill the Curious Past, west country studies Taunton 1955 £20.00

Wood, Clive & Suitters, Beryl THE FIGHT FOR ACCEPTANCE - A HISTORY OF CONTRACEPTION MTP, Medical and Technical Publishing Co. Ltd., Aylesbury, England, 1970. AS NEW IN DW £40.00

Adrian Conan Doyle, LONE DHOW John Murray, London, 1963. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Richer, M. Théatre Du Monde, Où, Par Des Exemples Tirés Des Auteurs Anciens & modernes, Les Vertus & Les Vices Sont Mis En Opposition. Ouvrage dédié à La Reine, et orné De Très-Belles Gravures, D'après Les dessins De MM. Moreau Le Jeune & Marillier. Chez Defer De Maisonneuve, Paris, 1788. Volume 3 only [ of 4 ] £80.00

Burrill, Katharine "Corner Stones ""That Our Daughters May Be as Corner Stones, Polished After the Similitude of a Palace""" J.M. Dent & Company, London, 1904. £40.00

J G Easton Factors in Algebra Groombridge, London 1884 £75.00

C B Boyer The History of the Calculus and its conceptual development 1949, facsimile reprint, Dover 1969. AS NEW £30.00

Brooke, George C English Coins from the Seventh Century to the Present Day Methuen & Co Ltd, London, 1962. 3rd. edition. £20.00

F A Ogg English Government and politics 2nd ed revised, NY 1947 £20.00

Cropper, Margaret The End of the Road (Centaur Poets) Nelson, 1935. SIGNED £50.00

Bartholomew's Reference Atlas of Greater London John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd., Edinburgh, 1961. 11th ed enlarged £80.00

Martin, E.W The Secret People: English Village Life After 1750. Being an Account of English Village People, Their lives, Work, and Development Through a Period of Two Hundred Years Pheonix House Ltd, 1954 £20.00

john Wesley sermons on several occasions. First series - 53 sermons Wesleyan Methodist Book-Room, undated. [1900s?] £30.00

MOSLEY, James and CHAMBERS, David (editors). CHARLES HOLTZAPFFEL’S PRINTING APPARATUS for the use of amateurs. Reprinted from the third greatly enlarged edition of 1846. Private Libraries Association, 1971. £40.00

"Thompson, Leon ""Whitey""" Last Train to Alcatraz : The Autobiography of a Former Alcatraz Inmate Leon W. Thompson, Fiddletown, CA, 1995 £30.00

LANKESTER, Sir Ray Diversions of a Naturalist. London. Methuen and Co. 1915 £60.00


Lieut.-Colonel Peter Brush The Hunter Chaser Hutchinson and Co Ltd, London, 1947. £20.00

Vidler, A.R. (Ed.) SOUNDINGS Essays Concerning Christian Understanding Cambridge At The University Press, Cambridge, 1963. £20.00

Fairfax-Blakeborough, J. Yorkshire Days and Yorkshire Ways : Heath Cranton Limited, London, 1935. £30.00

MELVILLE (Mrs Elizabeth Helen) A Residence in Sierra Leone Described from a Journal Kept on the Spot and from Letters Written to Friends at Home Edited by Mrs Norton Frank Cass, London, 1968. £60.00

George Cohen 600 Group. THE 125 YEAR BOOK OF 600: 600 1834-1959. 1959. £30.00

R A Harvey The Story of the School of Grace Lady Manners Bakewell Sheffield: J W Northend, 1982 £20.00

Len Deighton / Pettitt, Victor & Margaret Len Deighton's Continental Dossier: A Collection of Cultural, Culinary, Historical, Spooky Grim & Preposterous Fact Michael Joseph., London, 1968. AS NEW £30.00

Wilson, Angus NO LAUGHING MATTER Secker & Warburg, London. 1967, as new in dw £70.00

Angus Wilson The Naughty Nineties Book Club Association, London, 1976, AS NEW IN DW £20.00

"O'Flaherty, Fred; William T. Roddy; Robert M. Lollar" he Chemistry and Technology of Leather: Volume 1 -- Preparation for Tannage Reinhold Publishing Company, New York, 1956 £70.00

Wilson, John Arthur. THE CHEMISTRY OF LEATHER MANUFACTURE. N.Y.: The Chemical Catalog Co., 1923 £40.00

Butler Samuel the way of all Flesh. Large print edition Watts, London nd.[1971?] AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Allen, Percy Burgundy: The Splendid Duchy -- Stories and Sketches in South Burgundy Francis Griffiths, London, England, 1912. £90.00

J H Goring The Ballad of Lake Laloo and Other Rhymes Utopia Press, London, 1909. £30.00

Rogers, John C. English Furniture: Its Essentials and Characteristics Simply and Clearly Explained for the Student and Small Collector Country Life, 1923. £50.00

J G Frazer The Golden Bough, a study in magic and religion abridged edition, Macmillan 1949 £30.00

Manuscript accounts Wistow Village Parish Church Accounts [ near Selby, Yorkshire ] May 1892 to April 1895, then Jan 1936 to July 2 1950 £140.00

Wolfgang A. Mozart Und der nähmliche Narr bleibe ich (ISBN: 9783406347627) Beck, 1991. £40.00

Johnes, Raymond. Japanese Art. Spring Books, London, 1961. £30.00

Brown and Sons, London, 1936 Chaucer and His Times Brown and Sons, London, 1936 £40.00

John M Synge Plays by John M Synge George Allen & Unwin 1949. AS NEW IN DW £40.00

Wheatcroft, H. In Praise Of Roses, London, Barrie & Jenkins, , 1970. Signed First Edition. £45.00

COULTON, G.G. Five Centuries of Religion. Volume IV. The Last Days of Medieval Monachism. Cambridge: At the University Press, 1950. £60.00

GORMAN, John (Intro by Gwyn A Williams) Banner Bright - An illustrated history of the banners of the British Trade Union movement (ISBN: 0140041710 / 0-14-004171-0) Penguin, London, 1976. £30.00

COOK, James The Voyages of Captain James Cook Round the World. Selected from his Journals and Edited by Christopher Lloyd. London: Cresset Press, 1949 £60.00

FARRAR, Frederick W Lives of the Fathers: Sketches of Church History in Biography Adam & Charles Black, 1889. £120.00

Ziegler, Philip The Black Death London: The Folio Society, 1997. AS NEW £50.00

Latham, R. THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO. Folio Society 1968. AS NEW £40.00

F T Bullen The Bitter South Robert Culley, London nd [1890s?] £40.00

WILSON, G.H. The History of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa. Universities' Mission to Central Africa, London 1936 £80.00

SPEIGHT, Harry. Lower Wharfedale. Being a Complete Account of the History, Antiquities and Scenery of the Picturesque Valley of the Wharfe, from Cawood to Arthington. S. R. Publishers Ltd, Wakefield., 1969. Facsimile edition. £80.00

LOCKWOOD, Douglas I, the Aboriginal Rigby, Adelaide, 1965 £30.00

OMMANNEY ( F. D. ) North Cape. Longmans, Green, 1939 £50.00

Camden / COPLEY, Gordon J (Editor) Camden's Britannia. Surrey and Sussex. From the Edition of 1789 By Richard Gough. (ISBN: 0091220009 / 0-09-122000-9) Hutchinson, London, 1977. AS NEW £30.00

D B Wyndham Lewis I Couldn't Help Laughing. An Anthology of War-time Humour. Drummond, 1942, second edition. £25.00

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson A School Atlas of English History Longmans, Green and Co., 1914. £30.00

Seton, Dora and Parker, Winifred Essentials of Pattern Drafting and Modelling [Dresses] Evans Brothers, London, 1952. First edition £30.00

Official Naval Despatches, The Admiralty Reports of The Battle of the Bight, Destruction of German East Asiatic Squadron, Sinking of the Emden and Other Work of the Navy in the War (ISBN: 0907361013 / 0-907361-01-3) Graphic 1914, facsimile reprint, Fernmoor Publications, Dewsbury. £30.00

Howard Saalman Medieval cities (Planning and cities) (ISBN: 0289795702 / 0-289-79570-2) Studio Vista, 1968. £30.00

BURLAND, C A The Arts Of The Alchemists Weidenfeld And Nicolson, London, 1967. First UK edition. AS NEW £50.00

"H.G. Wells (""The Land Ironclads""), G.K.Chesterton (""Shakespeare and the Germans""), and others" he Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Gift Book Jarrold Circa 1920 £60.00

Masefield et al the Oxford Book of Food Plants OUP 1969 £30.00

Bell et al the Oxford Book of Insects OUP 1968 £20.00

HOWARD, Constance [ed.] Complete Dressmaking in Pictures Odhams, London, nd [ 1940s?] £30.00

Ideal Book for Girls Dean & Son , nd [1960s?] £30.00

Enzo Foradori Enzo Foradori, fine cloths since 1814 Tiroler Loden, In-House Publication, Austria 1997. NEW £60.00

The Builder/ Building News Portfolio of views 1898-1901 £240.00

Military Modelling annual no 2 Model & Allied Pubs, Kings Langley 1975 £30.00

Perry & Aldridge The Penguin Book of Comics Penguin 1967 £30.00

Hajek, Lubor. CHINESE ART. Spring,, London:no date (ca 1960) £60.00

Fairy stories and Rhymes Birn Bros, London nd [1940s?] £30.00

Miller, Jay (Foreword by Chuck Yeager) The X-Planes, X-1 to X-29 Specialty Press, 1983, St. Croix, MN £30.00

Smith, Robin Master Modellers {part of the} Brassey's Master Class {series} (ISBN: 1857532406 / 1-85753-240-6) Brassey's {UK} Ltd., London, 1997. £20.00

STEERS, J.A. THE COAST OF ENGLAND AND WALES IN PICTURES. With a commentary. Cambridge University Press, 1960. AS NEW IN DW £60.00

HERGE. PRISONERS OF THE SUN The adventures of Tintin Methuen, London 1962, reprinted 1965. £60.00

Brown & Litsky The Complete Book of track and Field Track, the New York times encyclopedia of sports Arno Press, NY 1980 £35.00

Rosa Mulholland twin sisters Blackie, London nd.[ prize bookplate dated 1934 - seems right ] £50.00

William Hayes The Genetics of Bacteria and their Viruses: Studies in Basic Genetics and Molecular Biology. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford and Edinburgh:, 1968.2nd edition £20.00

BRADFORD, GAMALIEL. Bare souls. Jonathan Cape, Ltd. [1925], London £40.00

Ross Terrill Flowers on an Iron Tree Heinemann 1976. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

National Council of Women of Canada WOMEN OF CANADA, THEIR LIFE AND WORK Compiled for distribution at the Paris International Exhibition, 1900 £320.00

KINGSLEY, CHARLES Westward ho! the voyages and adventures of sir amyas leigh, knight, of burrough, in the county of devon in the reign of her most glorious majesty queen elizabeth / alton locke, tailor and poet, an autobiography London: Macmillan, 1889 & 1890 £20.00

Neaman & Silver A Dictionary of Euphemisms Hamish Hamilton 1983 £20.00

Payne, Air Comm. A.G.S. Air Dates. A chronological survey of the principal events in the fields of military and civil aviation in Great Britain and Abroad, beginning in 1783 with balloon ascents in Paris, and ending on 31st December 1956. Heinemann, London, 1957. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

CENTRAL SOCIETY OF EDUCATION: THIRD PUBLICATION OF 1839 1839, facsimile reprint, Woburn Press 1968 £30.00

Green, William The Warplanes of the Third Reich (ISBN: 0356023826 / 0-356-02382-6) Macdonald, London, 1970. First edition £90.00

Bodechtel (Johann) & Gierloff-Emden (Hans-Gunter) The Earth from Space. David & Charles, 1974. Translated from the German by Hildegard Mayhew and Lotte Evans £20.00

"Pax, Wolfgang E. (photography by David Harris; edited by Mordecai Raanan; designed by Paul Kor)" IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS: A PILGRIMAGE TO THE SCENES OF CHRIST'S LIFE Tel-Aviv, Israel Leon Amiel Publisher 1976 £30.00

Hardwick, J. M. D. The Royal Visit to New Zealand Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh December 1953-January 1954 A. H. & A. W. Reed, Wellington, 1954. £30.00

Nesbit, Z.A.R. On the scent Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons. 1914. £70.00

Bible "The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches." Edinburgh: Printed by Sir D. Hunter Blair and J. Bruce, Printers to rthe King's most Excellent Majesty, 1811 £280.00

Cruse, Amy English Literature Through the Ages : Beowulf to Stevenson George G Harrap, London, 1928 £40.00

T Bulfich Bulfinch's Mythology Spring Books 1963 £30.00

Iris Murdoch The Nice and the Good Chatto & Windus 1969, 4th imp. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR for a member of the New fiction Society £50.00

Dick francis Bolt Joseph 1986. First edition. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR £80.00

Dick francis To the Hilt Joseph 1996. First edition. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR £60.00

Hayens, Herbert [Illustrated by R. Talbot Kelly] A Fighter in Green: A Tale of Algeria T. Nelson and Sons, 1902. £50.00

Christy, Joe and Page Shanburger. SUMMON THE STARS. THE ADVANCE OF AVIATION FROM THE SECOND WORLD WAR. A.S. Barnes and Co. NY 1970. AS NEW IN DW £70.00

MALRAUX,ANDRE The Voices of Silence secker & warburg london 1954, £60.00

EVANS, JOAN The Endless Web: John Dickinson & Co. Ltd., 1804 - 1954. Jonathan Cape, Bedford Sq., London. 1955. £40.00

OsboRne, Harold, Editor The Oxford Companion to Art Readers Uniuon 1975. AS NEW IN DW £60.00

Augusta, Josef PREHISTORIC MAN Paul Hamlyn, London, 1960. AS NEW £70.00

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