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Foucar, E.C.V. MANDALAY THE GOLDEN Dennis Dobson, London, 1963. £30.00

N H Webster Louis XVI and Marie Antionette before the Revolution Constable, London 1936 £20.00

Ralph Dutton The English Garden Batsford, 2nd ed., revised 1950 £820.00

"David Piper eds;" The Genius of British Painting, edited by David Piper, Book Club Associates, (1975), £45.00

Ainsworth, W. F. (editor) ALL ROUND THE WORLD ( First & Second Series in 2 Volumes ) an Illustrated Record of Voyages, Travels and Adventures in all Parts of the Globe William Collins, Sons & Company, London & Glascow, 1869 £350.00

HOLLOWOOD, BERNARD [EDITS] The pick of punch Arthur Barker Ltd., 20 New Bond Street, London First Edition. 1962., £20.00

DU MAURIER, George Trilby . With illustrations by the author. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1894. £75.00

Ruth M Underhill Antelope Singer Hamilton,London, 1965 £20.00

Hugh Walpole Above the dark circus Macmillan 1931. First ed. £20.00

Wilkliam Cowper Poetical Works, with a memoir, notes &c. C Arthur Pearson, London, 1899. £30.00

Oliver Goldsmith THE POEMS AND PLAYS, with a memoir, notes &c. C Arthur Pearson, London, 1899. £30.00

Bunyan, John The Pilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come George Routledge, London 1892 £60.00

BOWEN, Marjorie - [pseud of Gabrielle Margaret Vere Long/Campbell aka George R. Preedy and Robert Paye]. The Veil'd Delight. (The Rainbow in the Mirror.) Odhams Press Ltd., London, 1933. First edition. £50.00

HOUSE, Homer D. Wild Flowers Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Full-Colour Illustrations With Complete Descriptive Text. New York: Macmillan, 1936 £70.00

SLOVA I POUCHENIA izvlecheni iz tvoreniata na carkovni propovednici Knijarnica Hr. G.Danov, Plovdiv, Ruschuk, Velec, 1868 £110.00

James Thurber The Best of James Thurber Penguin 1970s. £20.00

Trivial Pursuit, the authorized game book Guild, 1986 £20.00

McKenzie Swanson, Margaret J. TEXTBOOK OF CHIROPODY. Livingstone, Edinburgh 1948 £60.00

McConnel, Bridget The Collector's Guide to Thimbles (ISBN: 1858912415 / 1-85891-241-5) Bracken Books, London, 1995. AS NEW IN DW £75.00

James Joyce Portrait of the artist as a young man Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

George Eliot Silas Marner Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Graham Greene Brighton Rock Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

Anne Frank Anne Frank's diary Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

John Fowles The French Lieutenant's Woman Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Dylan Thomas Selected works Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

Jane austen Persuasion Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding. £20.00

Jonathan swift Gulliver's Travels Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland and through the Looking-Glass Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

Chaucer The canterbury tales Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

W M Thackeray Vanity Fair Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Anthony Trollope Barchester Towers Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Charles Dickens the Old Curiosity shop Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Oscar Wilde Complete world of Oscar Wilde : 3 volumes "London; Heron Books, 1966. , reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding" £90.00

Charles Dickens Bleak House Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Alexander Dumas The Three Musketeers Guild Publishing, 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding. AS NEW £30.00

Victor Hugo The Hunchback of Notre Dame Guild Publishing, 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding. AS NEW £20.00

Geoffrey of Monmouth The History of the kings of Britain Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

Charles Dickens the Pickwick papers Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding. £30.00

John Cleland Fanny Hill Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £30.00

Henry fielding Tom Jones Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Wilkie Collins the Woman in white Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Wilkie Collins the Moonstone Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding £20.00

Dresden Brockhaus, Leipzig 1974 £30.00

Leonardo da Vinci / Kemp, Martin. Leonardo da Vinci: The Marvellous Works of Nature and Man. (ISBN: 0460043544 / 0-460-04354-4) J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1989. £70.00

George Eliot The Mill on the Floss Guild Publishing, London 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. £20.00

Sir Walter Scott Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott Frowde, London1904. £65.00

Hudson, Kenneth History of English China Clays: Fifty Years of Pioneering & Growth. (ISBN: 9780715346556) David & Charles, Newton Abbot, nd [1969] £35.00

Catherine Cookson Katie Mulholland Heron books, 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £20.00

F Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby / The Last tycoon Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. AS NEW £20.00

GEORGE ORWELL Animal Farm / 1984 guild Publishing, 1980s, reprinted from the original edition. Fine binding. AS NEW £20.00

Eric Collier Three Against the Wilderness [Chile ] Companion Book Club nd [1959] £20.00

David Attenborough Zoo quest for a dragon Companion Book Club nd [1959] £20.00

Bull, Stephen (edit Tony North). AN HISTORICAL GUIDE TO ARMS & ARMOUR. (ISBN: 0304340553 / 0-304-34055-3) Cassell., 1991. first edition. AS NEW IN DW £45.00

Alexander. Charles Masters Of Jazz Guitar. (ISBN: 1871547857 / 1-871547-85-7) Balafon 1st UK, 1999. AS NEW IN DW £50.00

Dennis Wheatley The Devil rides out / haunting of toby jugg / gateway to hell / To the devil a daughter Book Club Associates, London, 1980. 4 vols in one. AS NEW IN DW. £30.00

Le Carre, John The Spy Who Came in from the Cold: Call for the Dead: A Murder of Quality: The Looking-Glass War: A Small Town in Germany Book Club Associates, London, 1980. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Dubois, Abbe J A "Hindu manners, customs and ceremonies ; translated from the author’s later French ms. and edited with notes, corrections, and biography by Henry K. Beauchamp" Oxford: Clarendon Press 1947. Third Edition £45.00

Evans, Charles KANGCHENJUNGA. The Untrodden Peak. Travel Book Club, London, nd [1955] £35.00

HAWKHEAD, J. C. Handbook of Instruction for Wireless Telegraphists. London: The Wireless Press, 1915. 2nd. Edn. Entirely revised and enlarged by H. M. Dowsett.. £35.00

"RATCLIFFE, Susan (Editor); Fowler, H.W.; Burchfield, R.W" THE OXFORD DICTIONARY OF THEMATIC QUOTATIONS and THE NEW FOWLER'S MODERN ENGLISH USAGE (2 volumes) (ISBN: 0198602189 / 0-19-860218-9) Oxford University Press,, 2000. AS NEW £90.00

Robert Louis Stevenson A Footnote to History: Letters Form Samoa: Picturesque Notes on Edinburgh: The Pentland Rising Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £30.00

Robert Louis Stevenson Letters to his family and friends. 2 volumes Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £25.00

Robert Louis Stevenson TThe Black Arrow Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £20.00

Robert Louis Stevenson The Ebb tide and island night's entertainments Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £20.00

Robert Louis Stevenson Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £30.00

Robert Louis Stevenson The Wrong Box Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £20.00

Robert Louis Stevenson Virginibus Puerisque Heron Books, London 1960s, reprinted from the original edition. £20.00

Witt, Cleo, Cyril Weeden and Arlene Palmer Schwind. BRISTOL GLASS. (ISBN: 0905459563 / 0-905459-56-3) Bristol Museum, 1984. First edition. AS NEW IN DW) £75.00

The Reader's Digest Book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts. The Reader's Digest Association, London, 1976 £20.00

"Lang, Paul Henry; Bettmann, Otto" A Pictorial history of music Hodder & Stoughton, 1960. 1st edition. £45.00

The Atlas of World Wildlife Colour Library, London 1973 £30.00

THE CAR: PAST AND PRESENT (ISBN: 0941267164 / 0-941267-16-4) The Image Bank, 1989. £45.00

"Yenne, Bill; Krisciunas, Kevin" The Pictorial Atlas of the Universe (ISBN: 0792452003 / 0-7924-5200-3) Mallard Press 1989 £40.00

Finch & Nicholas NEWNES PICTORIAL KNOWLEDGE DICTIONARY Pergamon Press, Oxford [1967] £30.00

Nevil Shute Marazan/ So disdained; What happened to the Corbetts. Heron Books in Switzerland in the 1960's. Fine binding. £20.00

Suetonius The Twelve Caesars Guild Publishing w/ Penguin, London, 1991. De-luxe edition / fine binding £40.00

Theodoros Zografos My Life: Autobiography of Theodoros Zografos, a Life Full of Deprivation - Adventure - Activity - Agony No Publisher Given, Corfu, 1985. £20.00

Various Eminent Writers Men of History W P Nimmo,, Edinburgh [1880s?] £30.00

Potts, W.H. Wind From The East Blackie & Son, London, 1940. £35.00

The Child's Bible: Being a Consecutive Arrangement of the Narrative and Other Portions of Holy Scripture, in the Words of the Authorised Version. With Upwards of Two Hundred Original Illustrations Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., London, Paris & New York, nd [1890s?] £50.00

Dane, Clemence Broome Stages Heinemann, London, 1931. £25.00

Kimche, Jon and David The Unromantics : The Great Powers and the Balfour Declaration Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1968. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Maurice Benjamin Strauss Familiar Medical Quotations (ISBN: 0316819158 / 0-316-81915-8) Little Brown & Co, 1968. £50.00

N Soul The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England BCA 1997. AS NEW IN DW £50.00

Vivian Jenkins Lions Rampant, the British Isles Rugby Tour of Soth Africa 1955 cassell, London 1956 £30.00

Edited By Carmen Patac The Adventures of Quacky and His Friends Ion Creanga Publishing House, Bucharest, 1978. £30.00

north wales in pictures Odhams Press nd [1940s/] £20.00

LOW David, YE MADDE DESIGNER. The Studio Ltd., London, 1935. £20.00

Dickens, C / Ills by F Barnard The Personal History of David Copperfield Chapman and Hall, London 1890. £35.00

E Marjoribanks. The Life of Lord Carson Victor Gollancz, London, 1932. Volume one only. £25.00

srah Tytler A Loyal little Maid, a story of Mar's rebellion Blackie, nd [1890s] £35.00

VERNE (Jules). Cinq semaines en ballon 1972, facsimile reprint Bellerive 1995 £60.00

Images of Huddersfield (ISBN: 1873626924 / 1-873626-92-4) Breedon Books, Derby, 1994. £35.00

J st.J Cooper Invasion! the D-Day Story Beaverbrook, 1954 £20.00

HARRISON(Michael) Weep For Lycidas. Arthur Barker, 1934. First Edition. £20.00

STRAVINSKY, IGOR and CRAFT, ROBERT Memories and Commentaries London: Faber & Faber, 1960, £30.00

E E Cowper Gill and the Beanstalk Blackie, London nd [1910s?] £35.00

Craeybeckx, A.H.S. Gevaert Manual of Photography. A Practical Guide for Professionals and Advanced Amateurs. Antwerp & London: Gevaert Photo-Producten N.V. & Fountain Press, 1958. Fourth revised and enlarged English language edition £30.00

GOSSE, Philip Henry. THE ROMANCE OF NATURAL HISTORY. Second series. Nisbet and Co, London, nd [1870s??] £70.00

Ian Stephens HORNED MOON, An Account of a Journey through Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan, Chatto & Windus 1952 £30.00

LATHAM, Bryan Timber. Its Development and Distribution. A Historical Survey. London. George G. Harrap & Co. 1957. £35.00

Lennon, Florence Becker. Illustrated by John Tenniel. LEWIS CARROLL, Cassell & Company Ltd. 1947, £40.00

Money, D.C. Introduction to Human Geography University Tutorial Press Ltd, London, UK, 1962, 4th ed. £20.00

Gillespie, S. Himalayan View, London, Geoffrey Bles,1947. £30.00

Hayward, John, Sir, (1564?-1627) The first and second parts of John Hayward’s the life and raigne of King Henrie IIII / edited with an introduction by John J. Manning - [Uniform Title: First part of the life and raigne of King Henrie the IIII] (ISBN: 0861931297 / 0-86193-129-7) "1st Edition. Series: Camden fourth series ; v. 42. London : Offices of the Royal Historical Society, University College London, 1991." £50.00

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Listen! The Wind Chatto & Windus, London, 1938. first english edition £20.00

Anne Know Cooking the Austrian way. Spring Books, revised edition 1960 £20.00

KRAPIVINA (Irina) Russian Hand-painted Trays. Aurora Art Publishing, Leningrad, 1981. £30.00

GRANT, GREGOR. MODERN MOTORCARS - Boys' Power and Speed Library. Temple Press, London, 1949 £25.00

Marzipan. Mitcham: John F Renshaw and Company, nd. AS NEW £35.00

Timothy's Book Of Trains Collins, nd [1950s] £30.00

[ Bestall, Alfred] Rupert Annual 1959 Daily Express, 1959. £75.00

M'Bain, J The Merrick and the Neighbouring Hills. Tramps by Hill, Stream, and Loch. Jackson & Sproat Publishing, Ayr, 1980. AS NEWA £30.00


Stubbs,S.G.Blaxland (editor) The Electrical Encyclopedia A Handbook of Modern Electrical Practice for The Working Electrician The Waverley Book Company Ltd, London, nd [1930s?] £70.00

LUNSINGH SCHEURLEER, TH. H., POSTHUMUS MEYJES, G. H. M. (Edited by.) Leiden University in the seventeenth century. An Exchange of Learning. Brill, Leiden., 1975. £180.00

tamiya catalogue 1990: Showcase collection of precision scale model kits: aircraft, motor cycles ships cars Tamiya 1990 £35.00

Verwimp, Father E. THIRTY YEARS IN THE AFRICAN WILDS. Catholic Book Club, 1938. £30.00

The Market Cross, Stockton-On-Tees. A Sketch Book Of Stockton Stockton-On-Tees. Pub: The Power-Gas Corporation Ltd & Ashmore, Benson, Pease & Co. Ltd. , nd [1930s?] £35.00

uskin, Effie Gray and John Everett Millais / JAMES,, Admiral Sir William (editor). THE ORDER OF RELEASE. The Story of John Ruskin, Effie Gray and John Everett Millais Told for the First Time in their Unpublished Letters. London, John Murray 1947 £30.00

W H Allen How to raise and Train Pigeons Ward, Lock 1961 £20.00

A F Pollard Wolsey Longmans, Green, 1929 £20.00

Storrs, Ronald. Orientations. Ivor Nicholson & Watson Limited, London, 1937 £30.00

Martin & Newby , General ironmongers and Tool Merchants Tool Catalogue Martin & Newby, Ipswich autumn 1960 £35.00

BLYTON, Enid (editor). BIRDS OF THE WAYSIDE AND WOODLAND. Comprising a descriptive history of the families Corvidae to Tetraonidae. Based upon the standard work The Birds of the British Isles and their eggs, by T.A.Coward. Introductory chapters by Maurice Burton. Frederick Warne & Co., 1949. £75.00

Mildred and Francesca French Grace, child of the Gobi [desert] The China Inland Mission - London 1934 £36.00

J A Michener Hawaii Secker, London 1960. First edition £20.00

Pounder, C. C. (edited by) Diesel Engine Principles and Practice London. George Newnes 1955 first £50.00

SHAFTESBURY, Edward [pseud. for EDGERLEY, Webster]. Sex Magnetism: Private Lessons in the cultivation of Magnetism of the sexes. Marple: Psyschology Publishing Co., 1954. £75.00

J Hanzak The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Birds Hamlyn, London 1967 £30.00

Lincoln red cattle Society Lincoln red Herd Book, volume 61 Lincoln red cattle Society, [1961] £20.00

Anderson, William R., with Blair, Clay, Jr. Nautilus 90 North Hoddr, London 1959, first Uk. £20.00

SINGER, Charles A SHORT HISTORY OF MEDICINE. Introducing medical principles to students and non-medical readers. [First edition] Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1928. £35.00

Dr Eustace Chesser Sexual Behaviour Normal and Abnormal Medical Publications Ltd, London, nd [ 1949] First edition. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY, xmas 1949 £35.00

Durrell, Gerald. The Whispering Land. [Patagonia] Ralph Thomas, London, 1961. First edition. £30.00

M Rivoire edits / Mohammed "The Life and Times of Mohammed [ in the ""portraits of greatness"" series]" Paul Hamlyn, London 1970 £30.00

M Rivoire edits: Louis XIV "The Life and Times of Louis XIV[ in the ""portraits of greatness"" series]" Paul Hamlyn, London 1970 £20.00

Priestley, J. B. The Story of Theatre Rathbone Books, London, 1959. £20.00

McCORMAC, Charles. YOU'LL DIE IN SINGAPORE. London. Robert Hale. 1st ed. 1954. AS NEW IN DW £35.00

John G. Finley Second International Checker Match. America Vs. Great Britain. Hotel Alamac, New York City, February 28 - March 10, 1927. Including a record of the Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Congress of the American Checker Association. Chicago, Frank R. Wendemuth, 1927. £35.00

Winston Churchill a history of the English-speaking peoples Cassell, london 1956-1958 £90.00

WALBANK, F. ALAN. WINGS OF WAR : An Air Force Anthology. B. T. Batsford, London, 1942. £30.00

J Camkin edits Playfair Football Annual 1962-63 Playfair, London 1963 £35.00

Proctor Frances, Miller Philippa Village and Town Signs in Norfolk Privately Published, 1973 £30.00

McGonnagle, Warren J. NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING Gordon and Breach, 1971. £45.00

Cotton, H Electrical Technology. London: Pitman., 1957. £35.00

Foster, Benny The Benny Foster Story By Himself Kennedy Brothers, Silsden, Yorkshire, 1971 £30.00

Blackshaw, Alan (ed.) The Alpine Journal 1969. A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation. Volume 74 No. 318 The Alpine Club, London, 1969. First Edition. £40.00

Eisenstein, Sergei M The Film Sense Faber & Faber, London, 1948 £30.00

Winston S Churchill Painting as a Pastime Penguin 1964 £20.00

Mitton, G. E. The Children's Book of London A. & C. Black, London, 1903 £60.00

Laver, James A Concise History of Costume (ISBN: 050020084X / 0-500-20084-X) Thames & Hudson, London, 1969 £20.00

Sir John Hammerton, Editor "The New Book of Knowledge : A Pictorial Treasury of Reading & Reference for Young and Old ; Complete in 8 Volumes." Waverley Book Company, London, nd [1940s] £110.00

willard price Incredible africa Travel Book Club 1963 £30.00

Kodexek a kozepkori Magyarorszagon, Budapest nov 1985-Feb 1986 { Codices in Medieval hungary] Budapest 1986 £110.00

Sana Hasan Enemy in the Promised Land An Egyptian Woman's Journey Into Israel Pantheon Publishing NY, 1986 £20.00

HEMINGWAY, Ernest A Moveable Feast London: Jonathan Cape, 1964. £140.00


"Goldsmith, Oliver; Edited with an Introduction and Notes By Oswald Doughty" THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD The Scholartis Press, London, 1928. £40.00

S P B Mais the cornish riviera Great Western Railway Co., London, 1934. £30.00

Hurley, Frank Australia: A Camera Study Angus and Robertson, Enlarged edition, Sydney, 1959. £30.00

WIMBUSH, Roger - Compiler The Gramophone Jubilee Book 1923-1973 General Gramophone Publications, Harrow, 1973. £35.00

Scott, George Ryley Ten Ladies of Joy Torchstream Books, London, 1950. £25.00

YOUNG, GAVIN Slow boats to china (isbn: 0091460506 / 0-09-146050-6) Hutchinson, London, 1981. £30.00

Badger & McCabe Elements of Chemical Engineering McGraw-Hill, NY 1936 £20.00

Bemelmans, Ludwig Selected and Edited by Donald and Eleanor Friede La Bonne Table London: Hamish Hamilton, 1964 £30.00

Dod's Parliamentary Companion 1995 (ISBN: 0905702239 / 0-905702-23-9) Dod's Parliamentary Companion Ltd, London, 1996 £50.00

Lida Mayo BLOODY BUNA Book Club Edition [ 1980. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

Newell, Homer E Express to the Stars: Rockets in Action Hutchinson 1962 £35.00

J O'Connor the Young Cricketer's manual Thorson, London 1949 £30.00

parker woodward Tudor Problems: Being Essays on the Historical and Literary Claims, ciphered and otherwise indicated by Francis Bacon, William Rawley, Sir William Dugdale and others in Certain Printed Books during the 16th and 17th centuries Gay and Hancock, London 1912. first edition. £160.00

Lubbock, Basil "The Log of the ""Cutty Sark""" Brown, Son and Ferguson Ltd, Glasgow, 1949, new ed. £45.00

C M Alexander Alexander's hymns, no 3. With Supplement with 63 new pieces, as used in the Chapman-Alexander Missions Marshall bros, London & Edinb., nd [1890s?] £30.00

National Association Of Head Teachers Leeds And Harrogate : Whitsuntide 1957 E.J.Arnold & Son Ltd., Leeds, 1957. £30.00

Burroughs, Edgar Rice The Jungle Tales of Tarzan Pinnacel Books no 32 [1950?] First edition thus. £25.00

Burroughs, Edgar Rice tarzan and the lion man Mark Goulden, London [1949? ] First edition thus. £25.00

Dornan, S.S "PYGMIES AND BUSHMEN OF THE KALAHARI; An Account of the Hunting Tribes Inhabiting the Great Arid Plateau of the Kalahari Desert, Their Precarious Manner of Living, Their Habits, Customs and Beliefs, with Some Reference to Bushman Art, Both......" Seeley, London, 1925. £195.00

Craig,A J F K(ed) The Ostrich, The Journal of the South African Ornithological Society. Vol 64-Nos 1-4 South African Ornithological Society, Pretoria 1993 £60.00

H C Davis A Pistol for Miss Preedy The Mystery Book Guild, 1957 £25.00

CAREY (Annie) The History of a Book. Cassell, Peter, & Galpin [ 1873 ] £40.00


Finck. H SONGS AND SONG WRITERS Murray, London 1901 £35.00

Jenkinson, Keith A Ledgard Way : The History of Samuel Ledgard (ISBN: 0907834000 / 0-907834-00-0) Autobus Review Publications Ltd, Queensbury, Bradford, 1983. £30.00

BROWNE, NOEL PHILLIPS Horse in Ireland. London: Pelham, 1967 £30.00

Beatty Bill, Illustrated by Cedric Emanuel A TREASURY OF AUSTRALIAN FOLK TALES AND TRADITIONS Ure Smith, Sydney, Australia, 1965. £20.00

Montvalon &c Red Star, histoires d'un siecle Club du Red Star, Paris 1999 £120.00

CABLE & FRENCH The gobi desert London: Hodder and Stoughton 1943 £40.00

Handbook of [Japanese] Designs and Motifs Tudor Publishing, New York, 1950. First Printing. £55.00

RENE DENIZOT / LAURENTE PARIENTE LAURENTE PARIENTE The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 1996. £30.00

W M L Jay Holden with the Cords Frederick Warne, London, nd [inscription dated 1889] £50.00

GEOFFREY BOUMPHREY (Editor). THE SHELL AND BP GUIDE TO BRITAIN. London. Ebury Press. 1964 £50.00

Wodehouse, P.G. Mr. Mulliner Speaking Herbert Jenkins, London, nd [1940s?] 5th printing £50.00


Bonhote, J. BIRDS OF BRITAIN A & C Black 1930 reprint £50.00

"Lazarev, Viktor Nikitich; Strelkova, G. V. [translator]" Pages From The History of Novgorodian Painting, The Double-Faced Tablets From The St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod Iskusstvo Art Publishers, Moscow, Russian Federation, 1983. AS NEW IN SLIPCASE £75.00

Yorkshire Magazine The Dalesman Oct 1979 to July 1980 £20.00

GRAHAM, THOMAS J. Modern Domestic Medicine: A Popular Treatise, illustrating the symptoms, causes, distinction, and correct treatment of the diseases inident to the human frame, embracing the modern improvements in Medicine. Published for the author by Simpkin and Marshall, London 1840 £75.00

Conrad, Barnaby Gates of Fear: Great Exploits of the World's Bullrings Bonanza Books NY 1957 £50.00

Robert Adley In Praise of Steam Guild 1986 £30.00

T G Tucker Sappho. Melbourne Thomas C. Lothian 1914 £30.00

Lovett, R (edited by) JAMES GILMOUR OF MONGOLIA: HIS DIARIES, LETTERS AND REPORTS The Religious Tract Society, London, nd [1890s?] £65.00

Richard Snailham A GIANT AMONG RIVERS, The Story of the Zaire River Expedition 1974 - 75, Hutchinson , London, 1976, first edition ISBN:0091276101, £30.00

Atkinson Grimshaw Atkinson Grimshaw 1836-1893. Leeds City Art Gallery 13 October-10 November 1979. Etc. Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds, 1979. £40.00

R. Barry The Constructions of Buildings. Volume 3. Single Storey Frames, Shells and Lightweight Coverings. Crosby Lockwood & Son, London England, 1963. £30.00

Howard Shum Star wars: Episode 1: Obi-Wan Kenobi. SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION Dark Horse 1999 £100.00

Conan Doyle, Arthur The Conan Doyle Historical Romances: The White Company, Sir Nigel, Micah Clarke, The Refugees John Murray, London, 1931, reprinted 1948 £40.00

Katsarova, Raina "Dances of Bulgaria; [Handbooks of European National Dances No. 17]" Max Parrish, London, 1951. £20.00

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands. Sampson Low, Son, & Co., London: 1854. £120.00

Arthur Judge & others ENGINEERING WORKSHOP PRACTICE, a practical work Caxton Publishing, nd [1930s?] £120.00

ARNOLD, Arthur The Modern Electrical Engineer - 4 Volumes complete The Caxton Publishing Company, London, New & revised edition, reprinted 1951. £120.00

Charles Couturier Unswerving Journey - the Life of Mother Mary of the Heart of Jesus Foundress of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions Priere et Vie, Toulouse 1966 £40.00

"WILKINSON, Neville Illustrated by The Author; H. V. Crawfurth-Smith; Col. R Goff" YVETTE IN ITALY and TITANIA'S PALACE Humphrey Milford - The Oxford University Press, London, 1922. £30.00

Lloyd, Seton (& others) World architecture. An illustrated history. London, Paul Hamlyn 1963. £50.00

Monthly aviation magazine AIR PICTORIAL "UK, 1963; 1964; 1968" £30.00

THE WAR IN PICTURES. Complete set of 6 volumes Odhams Press [ 1946] £100.00

P G Wodehouse Piccadilly Jim Herbert Jenkins, London, 26th printing, nd [192os?] £80.00

Susan Coolidge What Katy Did at school Blackie & son, nd [1940s?] £25.00

Susan Coolidge What Katy Did W Foulsham, London nd [1942?] £20.00

Duncan Stanley & Thorne Guy. THE COMPLETE WILDFOWLER (ASHORE AND AFLOAT). Herbert Jenkins First Thus., 1950 £35.00

Edna Lyall In the Golden Days Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1890 £60.00

Lowell, Joan Gal Reporter Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., New York, 1933 £110.00

Desmond Coke the Bending of a Twig OUP 1943 £30.00

Irene Smith Chester House Wins Through The Children's Press, London 1967. First ed. £20.00

PINTER, Harold., Illustrated by Guy Vaesen. Family Voices. London: Next Editions in Association with Faber and Faber. 1981 £30.00

Marcel Rosset Rambling In Geneva Editions du Griffon, Neuchatel 1954 £20.00

Hopfinger, K. B. Beyond expectation : the Volkswagen story / by K.B. Hopfinger London : G.T.Foulis, 1954. 3rd Edition. £50.00

BRAINE, John LIFE AT THE TOP Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1962. First edition. £90.00

Conrad Aiken Earth Triumphant and other tales in verse Fisrte dition 1914, facsimile reprint 1975 £40.00

Edited by G. Milburn "The Climbers' Club Journal 1985/6; 79/80; 1981; 1992; 2001" Published by The Climbers' Club, London 1986-200 £25.00

HERMAN, Josef. Introduction by Edwin Mullins. JOSEF HERMAN. Paintings and Drawings. Evelyn Adams and Mackay, London, 1967. £120.00

Merom, Peter Kibbutz Profiles Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Israel, 1968 £40.00

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