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Hayens, Herbert The Inseparables, play up, school! London: Collins, nd [ 1920s] £35.00

Warrack, Alexander & William Grant (eds.) "Chambers's Scots Dictionary; Serving as a Glossary for Ramsay, Fergusson, Burns, Scott, Galt, Minor Poets, Kailyard Novelists, and a Host of Other Writers of the Scottish Tongue" W.& R. Chambers, 1952 £60.00

"Sarjant, R. G.; Foxwell, S. G. Et al" The Efficient Use of Fuel. A Text-book on Fuels and Their Efficient Utilisation for the Use of Students and Technical Men in Industry. His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1946 £110.00

Hughes, W: The Geography of America: Physical - Political - Commercial George Philip & Son, London, 1890s £60.00

MURDOCH, Nina. TYROLEAN JUNE. A summer holiday iin Austrian Tyrol. Harrap, 1936. £45.00

Bereket Habte Selassie Eritrea and the United Nations and Other Essays (ISBN: 0932415121 / 0-932415-12-1) Red Sea Press, Trenton, N.J. 1989. £60.00

H Fisch The Dual Image, a study of the Jew in English Literature World Jewish Library, 1971. First Thus. £30.00

McKENZIE, D.F.: THE CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS 1696 - 1712. A Bibliographical Study. Volume I: Organisation And Policy Of The Cambridge University Press. Cambridge: University Press, 1966 £90.00

GILBERT, W. S. The bab ballads with which are included songs of a savoyard Macmillan, London, 1932. £40.00

crabbe coleridge wordsworth barton cornwall landon southey &c The British poets of the Nineteenth Century, including the select works of Crabbe ... &c &c Francfort o.m., H L Broenner 1828 First edition. £450.00

Keble Martin W. Over the Hills... London: Michael Joseph, 1968 £25.00

Symons, Julian Notes from Another Country (ISBN: 0900626763 / 0-900626-76-3) London Magazine Editions, 1972. £30.00

A D Mills The Place-Names of Dorset, English Place-Name Society Volume 52 Part 2 English Place-Name Society 1980. First Edition £70.00

A D Mills The Place-Names of Dorset, English Place-Name Society Volume 52 Part 1 The Isle of Purbeck, The Hundreds of Rowbarrow, Hasler, Winfrith, Culliford Tree, Bere Regis, Barrow, Puddletown, St George English Place-Name Society 1977. First Edition £80.00

Schveitzer, Jean-M Les Chateaux de la Loire Paris, France: Editions D'Art Yvon. N.d. [ ca 1920] £40.00

Papini, Giovanni (Translated by Mary Prichard Agnetti) The Story of Christ. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 8th edition 1923. £30.00

Budge, E.A. Wallis The Mummy: A History of Extraordinary Practices of Ancient Egypt (ISBN: 0517675803 / 0-517-67580-3) Wings Books, New York, N.Y.,1989. Facsimile reprint. £45.00

SANDOZ, Mari. Sandhill Sundays and Other Recollections. (ISBN: 9780803207172) University of Nebraska Press, [1970]. £20.00

Gosse, Edmund A catalogue of the Gosse correspondence in the Brotherton Collection, consisting mainly of letters written to Sir Edmund Gosse in the period from 1867 to 1928 Leeds: The Brotherton Library, 1950 £45.00

James David (Defynnog) A Primer of Kymric Literature Educational Publishing Co, Cardiff, (1928) £50.00

Sand, George [Translated & Annotated by Robert Graves] Winter In Majorca with Jose Quadrado's Refutation of George Sand. Valldesoma, Mallorca 1956 [ but probably later ] £20.00

Chapman Pincher The Secret Offensive Sidfgwick 1985. AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Neal R. Peirce: Border South States:People, Politics, and Power in the Five Border South States (ISBN: 0393055310) W.W Norton & Company, New York, 1975. £20.00

Ruth Hall Marie Stopes, a biography Quality Book Club 1978. AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Feliks Topolski TOPOLSKI'S BUCKINGHAM PALACE PANORAMAS Quartet books. 1977 £40.00

Susan Willis Specifying: Black Women writing the American Experience Routledge 1990. First edition £20.00

William Reeves Catalogue of Books on the Violin William Reeves, London 1975 £60.00

Woodward & richards Health Care and Popular Medicine in Nineteenth Century England Croom Helm 1977 £20.00

H Franklin A Flower Arranger's Guide to Showing Batsford 1979 £20.00

Young, Peter. POWER OF SPEECH, A HISTORY OF STANDARD TELEPHONES AND CABLES, 1883-1983. (ISBN: 0043820395 / 0-04-382039-5) Allen & Unwin, 1983. £30.00

AJ H Rains Edward Jenner and Vaccination Priory Press 1974 £20.00

S Hood Mechanics of the Mind Cambridge Univ.Press 1977 £20.00

J Harrison An Economic History of Modern Spain Manchester Univ.Press 1978 £30.00

George Rude Hanoverian London 1714-1808 London: Secker and Warburg: 1971. First edition £30.00

MATTHEW PARIS / VAUGHAN, RICHARD (ED.) Chronicles of matthew paris: monastic life in the thirteen century, (isbn: 0904387984 / 0-904387-98-4) Allan Sutton/St Martin's Press, 1984. First edition £50.00

E Sigel Videotext: The Coming Revolution in Home/Office Information Retrieval (ISBN: 0517543869 / 0-517-54386-9) Knowledge Industry Pubs, NY 1980 £20.00

W Manser Control from Brussels Addison-Wesley 1994 £20.00

Egan & McKiernan Inside Fortress Europe, strategies for the single market. Addison-Wesley 1994 £20.00

Tom Terry Plastic Figure and Playset Collector, issues 1 to 59. Lacks issues 15, 18, 25, 32, 39, 50 & 58. Speciality Publishing Company, June 1989 to Feb 1999. ALL AS NEW £650.00

Lubke, Wilhelm, Foreward by Semrau, Max: Die Kunst Des Altertums A. N. Essligen, 1908. £60.00

H P Varley Japanese Culture, a short history Faber 1973 £30.00

Tom Weir The Scottish Lochs Constable 1980 £30.00

W A Poucher the Magic of Skye Constable 1986 £40.00

C J Wright A Guide to the Pennine Way Constable 1967. First edition. £40.00

A Viotti Garibaldi, the revolutionary and his men Blandford 1979 £20.00

Akhmanova et al Russian-English Dictionary [ 50,000 words] Moscow 1975 £25.00

H Saggs: Everyday Life in Babylonia and Assyria Batsford 1965 £20.00

Silvia Sidney Silvia Sidney's Needlepoint Book Galahad Books, New York, 1968. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

J G Links Travellers in Europe... Horace to Pepys Bodley Hwead 1980 £20.00

Robert Payne the Rise and Fall of Stalin W H Allen 1966 £35.00

E O'Ballance: Korea 1950-1953 Faber 1969 £20.00

C T Wood The Age of Chivalry, manners and morals 1000-1450 AD Weidenfeld 1970 £20.00

Marjorie Rowling Everyday life in medieval times Batsford 1968 £20.00

J V Luce Homer and the heroic age Thames & Hudson 1975 £30.00

Karl Brandi The Emperor Charles V The Growth And Destiny Of A Man And A World-Empire (ISBN: 0224609165 / 0-224-60916-5) Cape 1960 £30.00

R F Willetts: Everyday Life in Ancient Crete Batsford 1969 £25.00

R J Littman: The Greek experiment, imperialism and social conflict 800-400 BC Thames & Hudson 1974 £20.00

C Ward Stalin's Russia Arnold 1996 £20.00

R Clogg: A short History of Modern greece CUP 1980 £30.00

I-S Ewbank their Proper Sphere, a study of the Bronte Sisters Arnold 1966 £30.00

Sarah Bradford Disraeli. Weidenfeld 1982 £20.00

Clark & teed: Portraits and Documents: The Twentieth century 1906-1960 Hutchinson 1972 £20.00

Richard Crossman The Backbench Diaries of Richard Crossman. Hamish Hamilton 1981 £30.00

Rex Warner Athens at war First ed., Bodley Hread 1970 £20.00

Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels, Editors Finland, Creation and Construction (ISBN: 0049140388 / 0-04-914038-8) George Allen and Unwin, Ltd., 1968. £40.00

Hutton Edward. Rome. London. Hollis & Carter 1950 £25.00

A J P Taylor: English History 1914-1945 Oxford 1965 £30.00

R W Malcolmson Life and Labour in England 1700-1780 Hutchinson 1981 £20.00

W Kay The Battle for the High Street Piatkus 1987 £20.00

Froissart / ed. J Jollife Froissart's Chronicles. Harvill Press 1969 £20.00


"de la Mare, Walter (editor) (Francis Bacon; William Blake; Rupert Brooke; Robert Burns; Lord Byron; Thomas Campion; Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Thomas De Quincey; Havelock Ellis; Eleanor Farjeon; Robert" COME HITHER - A Collection of Rhymes and Poems for the Young of All Ages Constable and Company, London, 1960 £20.00

Robinson, Stuart A history of Dyed Textiles. "London; Studio Vista, first edition 1969.," £25.00

H Rosenthal edits Opera Annual no 3 Calder, London 1956. £30.00

Rix, Brian Tour De Farce - A Tale of Touring Theatres and Strolling Players (from Thespis to Branagh) in Five Acts (with a Curtain Raiser, Four Interludes and an After-Piece) (ISBN: 0340522658 / 0-340-52265-8) Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1992 £20.00

Sileno Fabbri Fra un anno e l'altro di lavoro per la protezione e l'assistenza della maternita e dell'infanzia Milano anno VII [1930] dell'Inst. Fascista, Milano £90.00

E V Lucas A Wanderer in Florence 10th ed revised, Methuen, London 1923 £30.00

H J Massingham,H E Bates,Harry Batsford,Adrian Bell The English Countryside B T Batsford, London, 1939 £35.00

Frederick A Pottle edits / Boswell, James BOSWELL'S LONDON JOURNAL 1762-1763 William Heinemann. 1951 £20.00

Jean Jacques Rousseau Confessions Tudor, NY 1928 £30.00

G Gran Jean Jacques Rousseau Blackwoods 1912, first edition. £20.00

Tolkien The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Jigsaw Book : With Four 96- Piece Jigsaws (ISBN: 1741244323 / 1-74124-432-3) Five Mile Press, Victoria, Australia 2003. AS NEW £75.00

W M Conway The Alps from End to End Thomas Nelson & Sons, n.d. [1909?] £50.00

Dufferin, Lord (Frederick Temple Hamilton Temple Blackwood, Marquess Of Dufferin And Ava) "Letters from High Latitudes; Being Some Account of a Voyage in 1856, in the Schooner Yacht Foam, to Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen" Henry Frowde Oxford University Press, London, 1910. £40.00

Scherman Katharine Spring on an Arctic Island Gollancz, London 1956 £30.00

Dzubas, Friedel, 1915-1991) Wilkin, Karen. Friedel Dzubas: Four Decades 1950-1990. André Emmerich Gallery,, New York, 1991 £40.00

William Addison Epping Forest : Its Literary and Historical Associations J M Dent & Sons, London, 1945, first edition £35.00

Hartman, Tom & Mitchell, John A World Atlas of Military History 1945-1984 Leo Cooper 1984 £25.00

Shakespeare The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Odhams Press [1953] £35.00

Shakespeare The Complete Works of William Shakespeare....glossary of unfamiliar terms Collins Clear-Type Press n.d. [1950s?] £20.00

Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell. A Labrador doctor: the autobiography of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell. Hodder and Stoughton, Popular Edition 1922 £40.00

Domville-fife, Charles W.: World Travels - Vol. 3 -Journeys in Africa and South America Virtue & Co. 1930s £40.00

NOEL BARBER The Other side of paradise Hodder 1986. First edition, AS NEW IN DW £20.00

Jacques Mordal 25 Centuries of Sea warfare Abbey, London 1970. £30.00

Steen, Marguerite BULLS OF PARRAL Collins 1954, London. AS NEW IN DW. First edition. £40.00

E C Haugaard A Slave's Tale Gollancz 1966. First edition. £40.00

R George the Wine Dictionary Longman 1989 £30.00

H Duijker The Great Wines of Burgundy Mitchell Beazley 1983 £30.00

Lady Dorothy Mills Episodes from the road to Timbuktu Harrap, London 1927. [the only edition ] £110.00

Der neue Readerís Digest Brockhaus. Zwei Bde A-K, L-Z, 80í000 Stichwörter Brockhaus Wiesbaden 1973. AS NEW / NEUE £60.00

Gontard, Jean-Pierre. Afrika. Tradition und Wandel. Neuenburg, Avanti Club, um 1976. AS NEW £45.00

P Devillers / Mao Ts-Tung Mao [ what they really said series] Macdonald 1969 £30.00

M Gibson Russia under Stalin Wayland 1977 £20.00

R W Purton Rivers and Canals Routledge 1972 £20.00

Ann Kendal Everyday Life of the Incas Batsford 1973 £20.00

D Harrison The White Tribe of Africa BBC 1981 £20.00

J HEMMING The search for el dorado Michael Joseph 1978 £20.00

: The Family Friend London, Ward Lock 1858-9 £90.00

BELL (Bibiane) & DOROZYNSKI (Alexandre) Le Livre du vin, tous les vins du monde Paris, Editions des Deux Coqs d'Or, 1968. AS NEW £30.00

Horder, Alan (Edited by) The Ilford Manual of Photography Ilford Limited, Essex, 1958 £30.00

A.Dalladay edits The British Journal: Photographic Almanac and Photographer's Daily Companion, with Which is Incorporated the Year Book of Photography and Amateur's Guide and the Photographic Annual London: Henry Greenwood & Co., 1961 £40.00

A.Dalladay edits The British Journal: Photographic Almanac and Photographer's Daily Companion, with Which is Incorporated the Year Book of Photography and Amateur's Guide and the Photographic Annual London: Henry Greenwood & Co., 1960 £40.00

John Bowle the Imperial Achievement, the rise and transformation of the British empire Secker & Warburg, London, 1974. £20.00

Norman Stone Hitler Hodder 1980 £20.00

M Ashley The Golden Century, Europe 1598-1715 Weidenfeld 1969 £20.00

David Cecil Melbourne [the British Prime Minister ! ] Constable 1965 £20.00

E Crankshaw The Shadow of the Winter Palace, the drift to Revolution 1825-1917 Macmillan 1976 £20.00

G Dangerfield The Damnable Question, a study in Anglo-Irish relations Constable 1977 £40.00

Robert Marett Mexico Thames & Hudson 1971 £40.00

W K Jordan Edward VI: The Young King Allen & Unwin 1968 £20.00

F Mossiker The Queen's Necklace Gollancz 1961 £20.00

[Karl Marx] the daughters of Karl Marx, Family Correspondence 1866-1898 Andre Deutsch 1982 £30.00

G & H Fisher Your Majesty, the life and reign of Elizabeth II Robert Hale 1992 £20.00

Andre Lacaze The Tunnel Hamish Hamilton 1980 £20.00

Ramus Branch Harry Edwards, the life story of the great healer Anchor Press 1982 £40.00

J Savant Napoleon in his time Putnam 1958 £20.00

H Brogan edits The Amwerican Civil War - extracts from the Times [ newspaper, of London] 1860-1865 Times Books 1975 £30.00

J B Brebner Canada, a modern history niv.of Michigan 1960 £40.00

F B Pike Spanish America 1900-1970, traditions & Social innovation Thames & Hudson 1973 £40.00

H Livermore A History of Spain Allen & Unwin, London 1966 £40.00

Spencer Jones Benito Mussolini, an introduction to the study of Fascism Hunter & Longhurst 1927. First and only edition. AS NEW £120.00

M A Murray the Splendour that was Egypt Sidgwick & jackson 1964 £20.00

A Moorehead the fatal impact: the invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840 Hamish Hamilton 1966 £30.00

John Calvin / trans by Thomas Myers Commentaries on the Book of the Prophet Daniel: Volume the First Calvin translation society, Edinburgh 1852 £70.00

Banca Commerciale Italiana Milano "Movimento Economico Dell Italia. Raccolta di Notizie Statistiche per L`Anno 1931. (Milano 1932; (X) - Vol. XXI)." Banca Commerciale Italiana Milano 1932, £75.00

Charles Armstrong Cusack's Freehand Ornament City of London Book Depot [1895] £110.00

VAN DYKE, PAUL Renascence Portraits, First edition, Constable, 1906. £45.00

European Paintings in the Collection of the Worcester Art Museum. Worcester art Museum Worcester 1974. The plate volume only £20.00

MARTIN, T.Mower (illustrator): CAMPBELL, Wilfred. CANADA. [First edition] A. & C.Black, 1907 £150.00

HEPBURN, J[ames] D[avidson] Twenty Years in Khama's Country and pioneering among the Batauana of Lake Ngami ... edited by C.H. Lyall First edition, Hodder, London, 1895 £160.00

Ron ewart: The Fuschia Grower's Handbook Cassell 1989 £20.00

The Staff of Claudel Hobson Hobson. A Personal Story of Fifty Years. Toon & Heath, Birmingham 1953. First Edition £80.00

Williams, Heathcote Whale Nation (ISBN: 0224025554) Jonathan Cape, London, 1988. NEW condition £25.00

Lynn & Jay: The Complete Yes Minister Guild 1985 £20.00

G Mammarella Italy After Fascism, a political history 1943-1965 Enlarged ed., Notre Dame, Indiana 1966 £22.00

J J Norwich Venice, the rise to Empire Lane 1977. First edition. £22.00

Anthony Eden: Full Circle. The Memoirs of Sir Anthony Eden Cassell 1960 £20.00

K Young: Sir Alec Douglas-Home Dent 1970 £30.00

Negus, Arthur & Robertson, Max.: Going for a Song: Arthur Negus Talks to Max Robertson, BBC, 1969. £30.00

MAXWELL Charles Herbert.: Adventures of the White Girl in Search for God. London: Lutterworth Press, 1933 £60.00

E Burton the Early Victorians at home Longman 1972 £20.00

E Morris Blockade, Berlin and the Cold War Hamish Hamilton 1973 £20.00

J M Thompson The French Revolution Blackwell, Oxford 1962 £20.00

P. Goubert The Ancien Regime, French Society 1600-1750. Weidenfeld, London 1973 £20.00

R Sale Best Walks in North Wales Dalesman 1991. AS NEW £30.00

Louisa May Alcott: Jo's Boys Blackie & son, n.d [1930s?] £30.00

Martin Collins "South West Way; Book 1 - Minehead to Penzance, a walker's guide to the coast path" Cicerone Press, Cumbria 1989. First edition. AS NEW £45.00

Biven & McDermott Cornwall, volume 1: North Coast of West Penwith Climber's Club 1968. AS NEW £70.00

W M Wallaceedits Climber's Guide to Arran Scottish MountaineeringTrust, 1979 £40.00

Martin Collins Through the Spanish Pyrenees: GR11: A Long Distance Footpath 'La Senda' (ISBN: 1852845244 / 1-85284-524-4) Cicerone Press, Cumbria 1992. Revised edition. AS NEW £45.00

Martin Collins Walking the French Alps: GR5 Cicerone Press, Cumbria 1992. Revised edition. AS NEW £45.00

John earl edits Northumberland Climbing Guide Northumbrian Mountaineering Club, 1989. AS NEW £40.00

Paul Werner Klettersteig, scrambles in the northern limestone alps. Fourt-four climbing paths Cicerone Press, Cumbria 1987. First edition. AS NEW £65.00

Mike Bebbington edits Yorkshire Limestone. A Rock Climbers Guide Yorkshire Mountaineering Club, 1980. First edition. AS NEW £40.00

Firsoff, V.A On Foot in the Cairngorms W. & R.Chambers Ltd., Edinburgh, 1965. First Edition. AS NEW IN DW £55.00

: Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the First Session of the Thirty-third Congress: Part 1, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1853. £350.00

Scholes, Ron "The Ravenber; A Walk Across Northern England from Coast to Coast (ISBN: 1858211859 / 1-85821-185-9)" The Pentland Press, 1997. AS NEW £40.00


George Wilson, enlarged by S Macadam Inorganic Chemistry W & R Chambers 1869. £45.00

anon Class-Book of Modern Science Simpkin and Marshall, London ca 1870 £70.00

Tove Jansson Finn Family Moomintroll (ISBN: 9780713628265) Folio Society, London 2007. NEW. £60.00

David Livingstone Travels in South Africa E J Arnold, Leeds nd [1900?] £20.00

Hagan, Victor Wolfgang von.: THE ANCIENT SUN KINGDOMS OF THE AMERICAS. AS NEW Panther, 1967 £30.00

G Freeman Allen Trains Illustrated Annual 1962 Ian Allen, 1961 £35.00


Wilson, Erica Crewel Embroidery Charles Scribner's Sons, NY, 1962 £60.00

Martin Rupp Produkt/Markt strategien Indus, Org., Zurch 1988 £40.00

Head, Major F.B The Life of Bruce, the African Traveller John Murray, London, 1830. £160.00

Willis, Nathaniel Parker The Poems, Sacred, Passionate, and Humorous. New York: Clark & Austin, 1848, £100.00

Thomas, Mary DICTIONARY OF EMBROIDERY STITCHES Hodder, London1949 £25.00

C M Matthews English Surnames Weidenfeld [ 1966] UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY £160.00

Lord Birkenhead The Speeches of Lord Birkenhead First edition, Cassell London 1929 £35.00

The New Testament in Hindi The American Methodist Mission, Lucknow 1879 £160.00

HUNTER Dave. Golf Simplified:Cause and Effect. Hodder and Stoughton, 1921. First English edition. £90.00

Rouse Ball, W W Mathematical Recreations And Essays Macmillan And Co Ltd London, 1928. Tenth edition. £75.00

Laughlin, James (editor) Perspectives Number One: Literature, Art, Music (Autumn 1952) London: Hamish Hamilton, 1952. £40.00

Bertin, Leon. Larousse Encyclopedia of the Earth. London: Paul Hamlyn Ltd., 1961. First edition £30.00

FROBENIUS, Leo Der Kopfals Schicksal. Munchen: Kurt Wolff Verlag, 1924 £40.00

Bruce, C. STIRRING ADVENTURE IN AFRICAN TRAVEL. Nimmo, Edinburgh 1890. £70.00

Gregorovius, Ferdinand: Lucrezia Borgia: a chapter from the morals of the Italian Renaissance. Phaidon Press 1948 £30.00

Nicholson, EM and Ludwig Koc MORE SONGS OF WILD BIRDS. HF & G Witherby, 1937 £30.00

Peter Harbison, G.Frank, Liam and Maire De Paor Roger, A.Stalley Treasures of Irish Art 1500 B.C.-1500 A.D. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1977 £45.00

Webber, R THE PLAYFAIR BOOK OF CRICKET RECORDS Playfair Books, London 1951 £30.00

Geoffrey Chaucer Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer - Complete in 8 Volumes John W Parker and Son, London, 1855. £380.00

Bell Edits:- CHAUCER'S POETICAL WORKS. 1854 £80.00

Halliday Sutherland LAPLAND JOURNEY Reprinted, Geoffrey Bles, 1947 £30.00

Michael Tomkinson Michael Tomkinson's Tunisia: Ninth Edition (ISBN: 0905500148 / 0-905500-14-8) Luzac & Company, UK, 1986. AS NEW IN DW £40.00

Graham Priestley Angling in the Lothians: A Commentary and Guide to Freshwater Fishing (ISBN: 0950692611 / 0-9506926-1-1) Graham Priestley, Balerno, Scotland, 1983. AS NEW £40.00

FIELD-MARSHAL LORD GRENFELL / Preface By Maj.-Gen. Sir Ronald Lane. MEMOIRS OF FIELD-MARSHAL LORD GRENFELL. With a Preface By Maj.-Gen. Sir Ronald Lane. Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1925. First Edition. £35.00

The Belgian Congo: April 1944 [B.R. 522 (Restricted) Geographical Handbook Series, for official use only London: Naval Intelligence Division, 1944 £80.00

Bajpai et al: Statistical Methods for Engineers and scientists Wiley 1985 £20.00

Martin Bairstow The Leeds Huddersfield & Manchester Railway - The Standedge Line (ISBN: 0902438301 / 0-902438-30-1) Martin Bairstow, Yorkshire, 1984. AS NEW £35.00

Penelope Hunting Ludgate Broadgate Properties Plc, London, 1993. NEAR-NEW £45.00

The Fine Art Society, Ltd. Architect-Designers Pugin to Mackintosh. May 1981. London, 1981, The Fine Art Society, Ltd. AS NEW £70.00

Geil, W.E A YANKEE IN PIGMY LAND. Hodder, London 1905. £120.00

Hiernaux, J. LA DIVERSITE HUMAINE EN AFRIQUE SUBSAHARIENNE. recherches biologiques Bruxelles Editions de l'Institut de Sociologie Université Libre de Bruxelles 1968. £60.00

Gold Coast Handbook, 1937 West Africa Publicity Ltd, London, 193 £110.00

THE GOLD COAST HANDBOOK. First edn. Accra 1923. £120.00

Henige, D. HISTORY IN AFRICA, A JOURNAL OF METHOD African Studies Assoc., Atlanta 1990. Volume 17. £40.00

Henderson, K / Newbold, D The Making Of The Modern Sudan The Life and Letters of Sir Douglas Newbold, K. B. E. of the Sudan Political Service, Governor of Kordofan, 1932-1938, Civil Secretary, 1939-1945 Faber and Faber, 1953 £40.00

Head, Major F.B The Life of Bruce, the African Traveller John Murray, London, 1830. £220.00

James Bryce. IMPRESSIONS OF SOUTH AFRICA. London, Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1897, reprint £60.00

James Bryce. IMPRESSIONS OF SOUTH AFRICA. London, Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1899 £60.00

Bradnum, Frederick. THE LONG WALKS: JOURNEYS TO THE SOURCES OF THE WHITE NILE. Readers Union/Victor Gollancz, 1970 £35.00

JAMES, DON / ATLAS GALLERY The Pre-war Surfing Photographs of Don James London: Atlas Gallery, (1998) AS NEW £135.00

Edmondstoune Duncan Encyclopedia of Musical Terms G Schirmer, 1913 £110.00

Royal College of Physicians The Nomenclature of Diseases, Drawn up by a Joint Committee appointed by the Royal College of Physicians of London. Third Edition. third edition, London: HMSO., 1896. £120.00

BUCHANAN, Angus. Sahara. London: John Murray, 1926. £55.00


G G Coulton Medieval Panorama Fontana 1961 £30.00

Chatzidakis, Manolis Mystras: The Medieval City and the Castle Ekdotike Athenon S. A., Athens, 1981. AS NEW £25.00

Henderson, Celia Cyprus. The Country and Its People queen Anne Press, London 1968. AS NEW IN DW £30.00

PUDNEY, JOHN The Book of Leisure. Odhams Press 1957 (1st.) £25.00

Kelway, Phyllis Widow Hedgehog and Her Neighbours A & C Black, 1937 £35.00

[Edward Hulton &c ] The Mat Box. [staff magazine of the Daily Sketch etc ] Edward Hulton, Manchester. Volume 1, nos1.-12 dec 1920 to Nov 1921 £110.00

"Paviot, Alain; Musee de la vie romantique; Paris audiovisuel (Firm)" Le Cliche-Verre: Corot, Delacroix, Millet, Rousseau, Daubigny Musee De La Vie Romantique, 14 Novembre 1994-15 Janvier 1995 (ISBN: 2879002001 / 2-87900-200-1) Paris-Musees, 1994. AS NEW £180.00

Heinzelmann, Willy Madeira Portugal Basel, Switzerland: Willy Heinzelmann, 1971 £40.00

Cintron. C. Introduction by Orson Welles TORERA!: MEMOIRS OF A BULLFIGHTER. Macmillan, 1968 £60.00

Serial Map Service Serial Map Service [ World War Two ] Letchworth & London. volumes 3 to 9, complete. October 1941 to March 1948 £140.00

Hans Berger / WÄLCHLI, Gottfried Hans Berger. Zeichnungen, Aquarelle, Gemälde Mermod, Lausanne, 1954 £75.00

Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Great World Atlas Reader's Digest 1961. NEW CONDITION £60.00

Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Great World Atlas Reader's Digest 1961 £50.00

Lewis. B (editor) THE OXFORD ATLAS OUP, 1951 £35.00


DUPONT-LACHENAL, L. Les Abbés de Saint-Maurice d'Agaune. Les origines de l'Eglise d'Agaune. Oeuvre St-Augustin, St-Maurice, 1929 £40.00

Skelton, John NUGAE CRITICAE. Occasional Papers Written at the Seaside By Shirley Edmonston and Douglas, Edinburgh, 1862 £90.00

Poucher, W. A. The Peak and Pennines from Dovedale to Hadrian's Wall : A Pictorial Guide to Walking in the Region and to the Safe Ascent of Its Hills and Moors (ISBN: 0094590206 / 0-09-459020-6) Constable, 1973. £20.00

Sir George Biddell Airy Popular Astronomy: A Series of Lectures Delivered at Ipswich MacMillan & Co., London, 11th edition 1883 £50.00

Brooks, C. Harry With a Foreword by Emile Coue The Practice of Autosuggestion by the Method of Emile Coue Allen & unwin, London 1922 £35.00

DES MAREZ, G. Traité d'architecture dans son application aux monuments de Bruxelles. Bruxelles, Touring Club de Belgique, 1921 £50.00

Zimmern, Helen The Italy of the Italians London: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, 1906 £40.00

Green, J.A Life and Work of Pestalozzi W.B. Clive, London, 1913. £45.00

Zimmern, Helen and Agresti, Antonio New Italy Constabel 1918. £70.00

Grant, Cyril Fletcher Studies in North Africa Simpkin Marshall, London, 1921, revised edition £40.00

Moulton, H. Fletcher The Life of Lord Moulton Nisbet & Co, London, 1922 £85.00

Batiffol, Pierre (translated by A.M.Y. Baylay) History of the Roman Breviary With a new preface by the author Longmans. London., 1898. £75.00

Robin E Stobbs Galawa, an insight into the Comorian Artisani Fisherman and his Maritime Heritage ND, np [ 1970s? £120.00

Coventry Patmore The Victories of Love Bell, London 1878, 4th edition £50.00

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