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Rick Glanvell Chelsea FC - The Official Biography - The Definitve Story of the First 100 Years (ISBN: 0755314654 / 0-7553-1465-4) Headline 2005. First edition £29.99

Showell: U-Boats under the Swastika Purnell 1973. NEW condition £20.00

Fabio Arciniegas C++ AND XML (ISBN: 073571052X / 0-7357-1052-X) New Riders 2001 £25.99

Simon Debag Montefiore Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar Phoenix 2004 £25.00

Jarrett, B THE ENGLISH DOMINICANS 1921 £40.00

Leonardo Da Vinci THE DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI Reprint Society of London, 1954 £50.00

Jane Ratcliffe Fly High, Run Free Chatto 1979 £20.00

Leslie Gardner Lunardi, the story of Vincenzo Lunardi Collins 1959 £40.00

Arthur Bryant Triumph in the West 1943-46. Collins 1959 £20.00

Richard Ingrams intro / Richard Cobbett Cobbett's Country book, an anthology Readers Union 1975. AS NEW in dw £20.00

G Baseley A Country Compendium Readers Union 1977. AS NEW in dw £20.00

Fred Archer The Countryman Cottage Life Book Readers Union 1975 £20.00

A Needham How to study an old Church Batsford 1957 £20.00

STEEVENS, G.W. From Capetown to Ladysmith: An Unfinished Record of the South African War. Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1900 £70.00

GRAHAM, Sheilah and GEROLD, Frank. Beloved Infidel. The Education of a Woman. New York: Holt, 1958. £30.00

Hart R, Major R CANOE ERRANT ON THE NILE. John Murray, First 1936. £50.00

Richard Valpy. The Elements of Latin Grammar. New edition with numerous additions and corrections Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, London. 1853, New Edition, £110.00

Richard Valpy. "Poetical Chronology of Ancient & English History; with Historical & Explanatory Notes." Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts, London. 1858, New Edition, £70.00

Smith, G. Elliot Ancient Egyptians and Their Influence Upon the Civilization of Europe Harper & Brothers, London, 1911. £50.00

Buck, W S B (compiled by) Examples of HANDWRITING 1550-1650 (ISBN: 0850331161 / 0-85033-116-1) Chichester, Sussex: Phillimore, 1973. £30.00

Anatol Rybakov Children of the Arbat (ISBN: 0091737427 / 0-09-173742-7) First English, Hutchinson 1988. NEW IN DW £30.00

Rosamunde Pilcher Winter Solstice First edition, Hodder 2000 £20.00

Woodward & Armstrong The Brethren, inside the Supreme Court Simon & Schuster, NY 1979. £30.00

R pearsall Collecting Mechancial Antiques David & Charles 1973 £45.00

Graeham Pole Canadian Rockies, an altitude superguide Alberta 1997, revised ed. NEW £20.00

J Cerny Ancient Egyptian Religion Hutchinson 1957 £30.00

J Van weenan The Beginners Guide to shogun Karate Paul Hooley, Bedford 1984 £30.00

Richard Parkinson Cracking Codes, the Rosetta Stone and Decipherment British Museum 1999. NEW £25.00

judith Ferguson The Great Fish and Seafood Cookbook Colour Library 1997. NEW IN DW £20.00

R Pearsdall Practical Painting Winchmore 1983. NEW IN DW £25.00

James Fisher edits THE NEW NATURALIST. A journal of British natural history. Woodlands, the western isles of Scotland, migration, the local naturalist. [First edition] Collins, 1948 £40.00

John Gorman To Build Jerusalem, a photographic remembrance of British working Class Life 1875-1950 Scorpion, London 1980 £20.00

David Kossof The Christmas Story in Masterpieces Collins 1977. SIGNED BY KOSSOF £40.00

Hazel Evans Container Gardening Octopus. 1993. NEW in DW £20.00

Jon Palmer Superstars of the World Cup (ISBN: 0752524186 / 0-7525-2418-6) Parragon, Great Britain, 1998. NEW in dw £35.00

Anna Pavord The Flowering Year, a guide to seasonal planting Chatto 1991 £20.00

M Howard The History and Techniques of the Great Masters: GOYA Tiger, London 1989 £20.00

Lomax & Ormond. / John Singer Sargent John Singer Sargent. an exhibition organised by Leeds Art Galleries Leeds 1979 £35.00

Dorothy Wordsworth Dorothy Wordsworth's Illustrated Lakeland Journals (ISBN: 0004122631 / 0-00-412263-1) Diamond, 1991. NEW in dj. £30.00

J R Baldwin Exploring Scotland's Heritage: The HIghlands HMSO Edinburgh 1993 £20.00

J R Baldwin Exploring Scotland's Heritage: Lothian and the Borders HMSO Edinburgh 1989 £20.00

Colin Baxter Scotland, the light and the land Harris, Edinburgh 1985 £20.00

Treasures of Tutenkhamun [Exhibition ] British Museum 1972 £40.00

Parke-Bernet Galleries Auction catalog QUEEN ANNE AND GEORGIAN FURNITURE Belonging to the Estate of the Late Ruth Vanderbilt Twombly, Part One Parke-Bernet Galleries, NY Jan 6-8, 1955 £60.00

E H Gombrich The Story of Art Comanion Book Club, London 1956 £30.00

SMITH, Benjamin E The Century Cyclopedia of Names. A pronouncing and etymological dictionary of names in geography, biography, mythology, history, ethnology, art, archaeology, fictions, &c. "The Times; Century Co., N.Y. 1903" £110.00

Eric Kraft Herb 'n' Lorna, a love story Hodder 1989, first ed. £20.00

Aldous Huxley Time Must Have a Stop. Chatto 1946, 3rd imp. £35.00

Andrew Boyle Poor, Dear Brendan, the quest for Brendan Bracken Hutchinson 1974, first edition £40.00

Stephen Donaldson Gilden-Fire Collins 1983. First edition £30.00

R Parkinson Moore of Corunna Book Club edition 1976 £30.00

Taylor GP: Tersias [ (ISBN: 0571230342) Faber & Faber, 2005. First edition. NEW £69.00

B Nicholson The Illustrated Book of Garden Flowers Peerage Books, 1984 £30.00

T Jefferson Parker Pacific Beat First edition, St Martins Press, NY 1991 £20.00

Roger Graaf Talking Blues, the police in their own words Collins Harvel 1989. First edition £30.00

Stan Washburn Intent to Harm First edition, Hodder 1996 £20.00

James Patterson Four Blind Mice Headline 2002. First edition £20.00

Chay Blyth The Impossible Voyage Hodder & Stoughton. First edition 1971 £20.00

G E Pinches Essentials of Financial Management HarperCollins, 5th ed 1996 £25.00

Julia Davis Cloud over the Land Hodder & Stoughton First edition 1950 £30.00

SHAW, George Bernard). CORRIGAN, D. Felicitas THE NUN, THE INFIDEL & THE SUPERMAN. John Murreay 1985. First edition. £30.00

Plumb & wheldon Royal Heritage, the reign of Elizabeth II BBC 1981. First edition. £20.00

Dominique Lapierre Beyond Love Century 1991, from the French. First edition £30.00

Steve Shagan The Discovery Sidgwick 1984. First edition. £20.00

Scott Turow Reversible Errors Picador 2002. First edition £20.00

Rachel Heyhoe Flint Heyhoe ! First ed, Pelham 1978. £20.00

Charlotte Cory The Unforgiving First ed, Faber, London 1991 £20.00

J O'Grady "Heresy; Heretical Truth Or Orthodox Error, a Study of Early Christian Heresies (ISBN: 0906540755 / 0-906540-75-5)" Element books 1985. NEW in dw £20.00

C S Coon The History of Man, from the first human to primitive culture & beyond London, Cape 1957 £40.00

WENDT, Herbert OUT OF NOAH's ARK London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1959 £40.00

WENDT, Herbert I LOOKED FOR ADAM The Story of man's search for his ancestors London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1957 £30.00

Statuts Organiques et Reglement de l'academie Royale de Medecine de Belgique Bruxelles 1858, only edition £120.00

Gunston et al Fighter Missions [Aircraft] Guild 1989 £30.00

J Spencer UFOs, the definitive casebook Guild 1991 £30.00

Collins Encyclopedia of Antiques London: Collins, 1973 £40.00

A & P Oldale Plant Propogation in Pictures David & Charles 1975 £20.00

GRIGSON, Geoffrey BRITAIN OBSERVED: The Landscape Through Artists' Eyes London, Phaidon, 1975. First Edition £35.00

Toulouse Lautrec Toulouse Lautrec, het komplete werk Lekturama, Rotterdam 1976 £30.00

Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh, het komplete werk Lekturama, Rotterdam 1976 £30.00

Pieter Breughel Pieter Breughel, het komplete werk Lekturama, Rotterdam 1976 £30.00

British Library William Caxton William Caxton : An Exhibition to Commemorate the Quincentenary of the Introduction of Printing into England : British Library Reference Division, 24 September 1976-31 January 1977. British Library, London, first edition, 1976 £25.00

Magnusson, Magnus. BC: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE BIBLE LANDS. (ISBN: 0370300157 / 0-370-30015-7) Bodley Head, 1977. £30.00

John Kelly Official Fans' Guide : F A Premier League 1996-97 Carlton 1996 £35.00

Paul Kemp Pictorial history of the Sea war 1939-1945 Brockhampton Press 1995 £20.00

Supercookery Marshall Cavendish 1981 £30.00

R Allison The Country Life Book of Britain in the Seventies BCA 1980 £40.00

The Techniques of Photography Time-Life Netherlands 1979 £50.00

E Julien [Toulouse] Lautrec Uffizi Press, Lugano nd [ 1960s?] £20.00

RULE. MARGARET. THE MARY ROSE: THE EXCAVATION AND RAISING OF HENRY VIII'S FLAGSHIP. (ISBN: 0851772897 / 0-85177-289-7) London: Conway Maritime Press, 1983, revised ed. £40.00

C Wickham The Houseplant Book Collins 1982 £20.00

Beach, Russell. (Editor) AA TOURING GUIDE TO ENGLAND. AA 1974 £30.00

B Simpson Minerals and Rocks Galley Press 1979 £20.00

P Coats GREAT GARDENS OF BRITAIN. Weidenfeld 1967. £40.00

P Clucas Britain's Countryside through the seasons Colour Library 1988. £20.00

Patrick Moore New Concise Atlas of the Universe AH 1982, London £40.00

Wildenstein, Daniel and Raymond Cogniat. GAUGUIN. (ISBN: 0500860068 / 0-500-86006-8) Thamses & Hudson 1979. NEAR-NEW £30.00

Josef Ehm Praha Panorama, Praha 1991 £30.00

Colyer, S. W. Cotswold country: a book of photographs Ward, Lock, London, 1948 £50.00

Rothenstein, J Augustus John Phaidon, 2nd ed 1945.. £50.00

Sickert, Walter / l Brows Sickert Faber 1943 £30.00

Nares. G ROYAL HOMES Country Life, 1953 £40.00

Vickridge, Alberta.: THE MOUNTAIN OF GLASS. 52 Belle Vue Road, Leeds, 1925, Swan Press. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY. £160.00

T Tillman The Writings on the Wall Peace at the Berlin Wall (ISBN: 0962655104 / 0-9626551-0-4) : Santa Monica, CA 1990. AS NEW £20.00

Edited F. Nigel Hepper Kew Gardens for Science and Pleasure H.M.S.O, London, 1982. AS NEW in dw. £30.00

U Tosco Mountain Flowers Orbis 1978. AS NEW in dw £30.00

The Reader's Digest Association De grootste mysteries alles tijden The Reader's Digest Association, Amsterdam 1977. AS NEW £30.00

BROWN, Richard Moments in Eden. Garden Photography. (ISBN: 0316109991 / 0-316-10999-1) Blomsbury 1989. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Holloway, Owen FRENCH ROCOCO BOOK ILLUSTRATION London Alex Tiranti 1969. AS NEW £60.00

Wemyss, General Sir Colville (introduction) ENGLISH INNS: ILLUSTRATED. Odhams, 1951 £30.00

sTORM JAMIESON Autobiography: Journey from the North. Vols 1 & 2 complete Virago 1986 £20.00

Rosemary Hawley Jarman: The King's grey Mare Collins, London, 1973. First edition. £20.00

Jan Samek, Jamusz Rosikon, Chris Niedenthal (Chester Kisiel, Trans.): St. / Saint Mary's Church in Cracow (ISBN: 8322323271) Interpress Publishers, Warsaw, 1990. NEW in dj. £35.00

Stephen J. Sansweet T. N. Tumbusch Tom Schwartz Kelly McLees Loads of Fun for Boys and Girls ages 7 to 10 Platt & Munk NY 1950 £30.00

Time-Life The Camera Time Life 1971 £30.00

Hogben, Lancelot The Mother Tongue UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY, november 1963, for publication by Secker & Warburg, 1964. £70.00

Hubbard , Clifford L B Dogs in Britain: A Description of All Native Breeds and Most Foreign Breeds in Britain Macmillan 1948, first edition £60.00

P & L Murdin The New Astronomy Reference International, London 1978. First edition £20.00

Jimmy Hill The Jimmy Hill Story, my autobiography Hodder 1998 £30.00

E A Hoebel Man in the Primitive World, an Introduction to Anthropology McGraw Hill 1949, First edition. £20.00

Lyle, R ROYAL NEWMARKET Putnam, 1945 £50.00

M Waterson The National Trust: the first hundred years Guild 1984 £20.00

T E Lawrence The Letters of T E Lawrence Dent 1988 £30.00

Terry Venables & I Hansen the Autobiography Joseph 1994 £30.00

Merle Miller Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman Berkley 1974 £30.00

Mick Foley Mankind. Have A Nice Day. A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks (ISBN: 0061031011 / 0-06-103101-1) Rergan, NY 1999. NEW £30.00

J C Stobart The Grandeur that was Rome. 4th ed, Sigdwick & Jackson 1987 £30.00

Williams, John: WORLD ATLAS OF WEAPONS AND WAR (ISBN: 0490003907) London Aldus Books 1976 £28.00

R N Frye The Heritage of Persia [ Iran] Cardinal 1976 £22.00

W T McLeod The Collins Paperback Thesaurus in A-Z format [ over 250,000 synonyms] Collins 1987 £20.00

R Ferguson The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary Penguin 1985 £20.00

Neumann, Eckhard u. a. (Hrsg.).: Werbung in Deutschland 67. Jahrbuch der deutschen Werbung. Düsseldorf / Wien, Econ Vlg, 1967. £110.00

Oreste Pinto Spycatcher. Panther 1955 £20.00

B & A Seaby Seaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin: 1975 B & A Seaby, London 1975 £60.00

William Gaunt The Aesthetic Adventure First edition, Cape 1945 £30.00

M Shephard Instructions to Young Anglers Museum Press 1959 £20.00

Gibbon, E The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Penguin 1966, abridged edition complete £50.00

GIELGUD, John JOHN GIELGUD'S NOTES FROM THE GODS. Playgoing in the Twenties. Edited by Richard Mangan. (ISBN: 1854591053 / 1-85459-105-3) Nick Hern, 1994. First edition. AS NEW £30.00

Hyde, H. Montgomery The Quiet Canadian - The Secret Service Story of Sir William Stephenson H. Hamilton, 1962.. AS NEW £40.00

Malcolm Cowley The Flower and the Leaf...american writing since 1941 Viking NY 1985 [First edition] AS NEW £20.00

A Hopkins Understanding Music Dent 1979. AS NEW £20.00

E C Brewer, revised by I H Evans Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable Centenary edition, BCA 1978 AS NEW £30.00

Wendt, Herbert, Translator: Kirkup, James It Began in Babel : The Story of the Birth and Development of Races and Peoples RU 1963. AS NEW £25.00

W M Thackeray A Shabby, Genteel Story 1879, reprinted New York University Press 1971. AS NEW £25.00

Arthur Bryant The Great Duke [ Wellington ] History Book Club 1971. AS NEW £25.00

H J Larkin Bonsai Culture for Beginners Angus & Robertson, London 1968 [first]. AS NEW £35.00

Arnold L. Haskell, illust with photos of Tamara Toumanova, Nora Kaye, Markova, Leonide Massine, Robert Helpmann, Irene Skorik, Nina Verchinina, Margot Fonteyn, Serge Lifar, etc Ballet Vignettes ( discusses some major dancers of his time ) Albyn Press, Edinburgh, 1948 £35.00

Marwan Mouslimani Palmyra art and architecture Damascus, nd [1980s?] £40.00

Guild, Nicholas: THE BLOOD STAR (ISBN: 0689118988) London, Macdonald 1989. First edition. AS NEW £340.00

Moore, Patrick and Garry Hunt. THE ATLAS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM. Revised edition 1990, Artist's House in Association with the Royal Astronomical Society. AS NEW in dw. £40.00

John Richards Stagecoach - the real story of coaching across the land based on the BBC TV Nationwide film series Watmoughs Ltd, 1976, £60.00

WYNESS (Fenton): Spots from the Leopard. Short Stories of Aberdeen and the North East. 1st Ed ABERDEEN, 1971 £40.00

Swansen, Jack, Garcia Shea, Julie (illustrator): Verse Vote : Poems (ISBN: 0931832829) Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A.: Fithian Press, 1991. First edition. NEW. SIGNED £30.00

Watson W.: Selected Poems, London, John Lane, , 1903. First Edition £50.00

Gross, Alexander: THE DAILY MIRROR ATLAS OF THE WORLD Daily Mirror, London, c1919. £35.00

Charles De Gaulle: FRANCE AND HER ARMY Hutchinson. (1941?) £24.00

Flinders Petrie, W.M. Personal Religion in Egypt Before Christianity. London: Harper Bros, 1909 £60.00

R Moore Man, time and Fossils, the story of evolution RU 1955 £20.00

L John edits Cosmology Now BBC 1974 £20.00

Tom Bower Blind Eye to Murder. Britain, America and the Purging of Nazi Germany - A Pledge Betrayed. (ISBN: 0233972927 / 0-233-97292-7) Andre Deusth, London England, 1981 £30.00

D Goodwin Instructions to Young Ornithologists 2 : Bird Behaviour Museum Press 1961 £20.00

Lane & Graham Billy Lane's Encyclopedia [ Encyclopaedia] of Float Fishing Pelham 1972 £60.00

C S Jarvis Heresies and Humours Country Life 1943. First edition. £20.00

P Cabanne Van Gogh BCA 1975. AS NEW in dj. £30.00

C. Osborne The Complete Operas of Verdi, a critical guide Gollancz 1985 £30.00

Longstaff, Tom This My Voyage John Murray, London, 1950. First Edition. £110.00

LEACH, J. A. revised and edited by BARRETT, CHARLES. AN AUSTRALIAN BIRD BOOK - A Complete Guide to Identification of the Australian Species. Whitcombe & Tombs, Melbourne, 1944. £45.00

Jeanine McMullen Wind in the Ashtree Unwin 1988, First edition £20.00

Gill , Crispin (Editor) THE COUNTRYMAN'S BRITAIN (ISBN: 071537284X / 0-7153-7284-X) David & Charles 1976, AS NEW in dj £30.00

J McIntyre The Story of the Rose Ward Lock 1970, First edition £20.00

Yap & Cotterell The early Civilization of China Weidenfeld 1975, First edition £40.00

John Grisham The Client First edition, Doubleday 1994 £20.00

John Gunther Procession First edition, Hamish Hamilton 1965 £20.00

LIND, JAKOV. ERGO. Translated From The German By Ralph Manheim. Methuen & Co. Ltd., London., 1967. AS NEW in dw. £30.00

Waite, Arthur E. The Holy Kabbalah NY. University Book/Carol Publishing Group. 1990. £30.00

HERBERT WENDT I looked for adam, the story of man\'s search for his ancestors RU 1957 £20.00

[SURTEES, R.S.]: THE ANALYSIS OF THE HUNTING FIELD; being a series of sketches of the principal characters that compose one. The whole forming a slight souvenir of the season, 1845-6. Edward Arnold, 1923. Presentation copy. £50.00

Laurens van der Post The Lost World of the Kalahari Hogarth Press 1959 £20.00

various [ A symposium] A Walk Along the Apennines (ISBN: 0713805404 / 0-7138-0540-4) First edition, Geoffrey Bles, London, 1973. £30.00

St. Michael: Great World War II Air Stories First edition, Octopus 1982 £20.00

various [ A symposium] Words, Reflections on the usage of language First edition, BBC 1975 £60.00

Frank Delaney Telling the Pictures First edition, HarperCollins 1993 £20.00

Robert Nye The Voyage of the Destiny First edition, Hamish 1982 £20.00

J C Oates You Must remember This First edition, MacMillan 1988 £30.00

john Mortimer Paradise Postponed. Gild 1985 £20.00

Van Gogh, VIncent Van Gogh, van Arles tot en met Auvers Rotterdam 1976, AS NEW in dw £35.00

Readers digest guide to creative gardening Reader\'s Digest, 1989. AS NEW £20.00

The Amazing world of Nature Reader's Digest, 1968 £35.00

Betty Massingham Homes and Gardens Book of Flower Arrangement Hamlyn 1976 £45.00

STANLEY, Henry M., DCL. Oxon., LL.D. Edin. IN DARKEST AFRICA or the QUEST, RESCUE, and RETREAT of EMIN, Governor of Equatoria. 1890 Subscription Edition: volumes 3-6 only. £460.00

Honore de Balzac L'Illustre Gaudissart / La Muse du departement Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1970 £20.00

Honore de Balzac Le Pere Goriot Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1960 £20.00

Honore de Balzac Beatrix Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1962 £20.00

Honore de Balzac La Cousine Bette Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1959 £20.00

Honore de Balzac Le Lys dans la vallee Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1966 £20.00

Honore de Balzac |L'Envers de l'Histoire Contemporaine Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1959 £20.00

Honore de Balzac Les Petits Bourgeois Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1960 £20.00

Honore de Balzac Le Cabinet des Antiques Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1958 £20.00

Honore de Balzac Le cousin Pons Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1974. £20.00

Honore de Balzac, ed P G Castex Eugenie Grandet Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1965 £30.00

Honore de Balzac La Veille Fille Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1957 £20.00

Honore de Balzac splendeures et miseres des Courtesanes Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1958 £45.00

Honore de Balzac, ed P G Castex La Maison du chat-qui-pelotte, le Bal de sceaux, La Vendetta Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1963 £30.00

Honore de Balzac Cesar Birotteau Edition Garnieres Freres, Paris 1964. £20.00

Eve Borsook The Companion Guide to Florence Collins 1979, new ed. £20.00

Lord Carver Britain's Army in the Twentieth century Pan 1999 £30.00

P Marshall A Fortnight in Scotland Percival Marshall 1962 £20.00

Enquire Within Upon Everything, to which is added enquire within upon Fancy Needlework Houlston & Sons , 7th thou., 1877 £50.00

Wentworth, Patricia The Astonishing Adventures of Jane Smith FIRST EDITION, Small, Maynard & Co, Boston 1923. £450.00

Wurts, Janny: Keeper of the Keys London: Grafton Books, 1989. FIRST UK EDITION. As NEW in dj. £20.00

Herriot, James: If Only They Could Talk; It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet; Let Sleeping Vets Lie; Vet in Harness; Vets Might Fly; Vet in a Spin (ISBN: 0905712587) Heinemann / Octopus, London, 1984. £20.00

A Conan Doyle a Study in Scarlet Ward, Lock & Co, London nd.[1910s?] £60.00

W J Weatherby Breaking the Silence, the Negro Struggle in the USA Penguin 1965. FIRST EDITION. £40.00

Scott, Walter: MISCELLANEOUS POEMS Constable, Edinburgh 1820 £170.00

Sheffield,John Duke of Buckingham: WORKS of John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave, Marquis of Normansby and Duke Of Buckingham. In Two Volumes third edition corrected, Wotton, Browne et al., London, 1740. £380.00

Watts, A: LYRICS OF THE HEART. Proof edition, Longman,Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851 £280.00



Steichen et al: US CAMERA 1939-1962 £2500.00

Bell,B: THE CANADIAN MINING REVIEW Montreal 1894, 1898, 1900 £380.00

Luzac & Co: A Complete List of Books & Periodicals Published and Sold by Luzac & Co. (H. B. Knight-Smith) Oriental & Foreign Booksellers London: Luzac & Co., 1932 £50.00

Luzac & Co: A Complete List of Books & Periodicals Published and Sold by Luzac & Co. (H. B. Knight-Smith) Oriental & Foreign Booksellers London: Luzac & Co., 1927 £50.00

J G Fraser the Golden Bough, a study in magic and religion Abridged ed, Macmillan 1963 £20.00

John Campbell: LLOYD GEORGE, the Goat in the Wilderness, 1922 - 1931 Cape, London - first edition, 1977 £20.00

Grose, Francis: THE ANTIQUITIES OF ENGLAND & WALES . Volume VII - wales New edition 1797 £380.00

Starmer-Smith, Nigel: The Barbarians: The Official History of the Barbarian Football Club (ISBN: 0354085018) Macdonald and Jane's, London, 1977. £20.00

Spanier, Ginette: GINETTE SPANIER: AND NOW IT'S SABLES. (ISBN: 0709112408) Robert Hale & Company, London, 1973. NEW condition. £30.00

FREDERICK FORSYTH: Day of the jackal/dogs of war/devils Alternative (ISBN: 0091772338) WH SMITH, LONDON. 1979. NEW £30.00

Lockley, Robert Mathias: The Private Life of the Rabbit (ISBN: 002573900X) RU 1976 £20.00


The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs Penguin 1990. First edition £30.00

John Betjeman The Collected Poems 1975 £20.00

J. de Liefde the shipwrecked traveller, from the Dutch Constable, Edinburgh 1854 £120.00

BYRON George Gordon, Lord Lord Byron's armenian exercises and poetry Venice In the Island of S. Lazzaro 1907 £140.00

Magazine Practical Wireless March 1978 to Dec 1980 £115.00

Hanke, Hans Grossglockner: Berg und Straße Pinguin, Innsbruck, 1986. £20.00

Fritz Eschen mit einem Vorwort v. Georg Zivier. unges altes Berlin. Ein Bildwerk mit 64 Fotos aus dem neuen und alten Berlin v. Fritz Eschen mit einem Vorwort v. Georg Zivier. Bln.-Lichterfelde,Stapp 1956., £20.00

AA AA Illustrated Guide to County Towns and Villages of Britain, Drive Publications Limited for the Automobile Association (1985), 1985. First Edition, £40.00

Elvis Presley Elvis Special 1983 HRC 1982. AS NEW £30.00

FAB208 1974 IPC MAGAZINES, London, 1974. AS NEW £20.00

Peter Douglas and Peter Oakes editors PELHAM POP ANNUAL Pelham Books London 1970 £30.00

Sotheby's "WESTERN MANUSCRIPTS AND MINIATURES [SALE LN6739 ""LAMBART""]...including The Great Halachic Code of Maimonides, in Hebrew, dated 1355-56" Sotheby's, 1996., London. AS NEW £30.00

SAVARY (Claude) "Lettres sur l'EGYPTE; Où l'on offre le parallèle des mœurs anciennes et modernes de ses habitans, où l'on décrit l'état, le commerce, l'agriculture, le gouvernement et la religion du pays, la descente de S. Louis à Damiette, tirée de Joinville et" Bleuet jeune Paris An VII (1798) Nouv. ed. Volumes 2 & 3 [0f 3] only £300.00

K. H. Scheer & Kurt Mahr Perry Rhodan 2. The Radiant Dome (ISBN: 0860070093 / 0-86007-009-3) Severn House 1977. As NEW in dj £30.00

Lawrence D. H Aaron's Rod London Martin Secker 1922 £90.00

Allan Keller Thunder at Harper's Ferry Ace, NY 1958 £20.00

L.Russell Muirhead Penguin Guides: Devon Penguin 1947 £20.00


LUGNE-PHILIPON, J.R. ENGLAND AS IT IS, parts 1-3 Vuibert, Paris 1920-21 £120.00

W Riley Windyridge No date Herbert Jenkins [1920s?] 23rd printing £20.00

W Riley THE LADY OF THE LAWN. No date Herbert Jenkins [1921] £30.00

Mutzenberg, Gabriel Hommes et Cites Paroles de vie, Suisse, 1967. NEAR-NEW in dj £30.00

Durand & Gas Le Languedoc , des Cevennes a la mer Rivages 1983. AS NEW in dj £30.00

Jacques Delmas Richesses de France :La Sarthe Delmas 1975. AS NEW in dj £40.00

Read, Donald: Edwardian England, 1901-15, Society and Politics Harrap London 1972. NEW condition. £30.00

ALDERMAN, H.M.: THE CHARM OF OLD SURREY Trefoil Publishing Co., [1931], 1931. Second revised edition £50.00

Judd, Alfred: The School on the Steep : A Chronicle of Happenings London: Thomas Nelson & Sons, No date. Presumed FIRST EDITION. [ca 1910] £20.00

Batten et al: Birdwatchers' Year Poyser, Berkamstead 1973 £30.00

BERENSON, Bernard.: The Passionate Sightseer from the diaries 1947 to 1956. Preface by Raymond Mortimer. Thames and Hudson, 1966. NEW condition. £40.00

Morris, William: The Well at the World`s End, A Tale. Volume one only of a 2 Volume set. Longmans Green, 1896. £100.00

Trade catalog: Shackell Edwards & Co: PRINTING INKS Shackell Edwards & Co, Strand, London ca 1950s £100.00

R Davis: The Normans and their Myth Book Club 1976 £20.00

John Updike: S, a Novel First edition, Deutsch, London 1988 £30.00

National Home-Reading Union National Home-Reading Union Magazine, volumes 14, 15,16, 17 & 18 Victoria Embankment, London 1902-1907 £450.00

National Home-Reading Union National Home-Reading Union: Special Courses magazine/ General Course Magazine : volume XXIII Adelphi London 1911-12 £110.00

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