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East Riding of Yorkshire Transactions of the East Riding Antiquarian Society, volume 5. Hull 1897 £70.00

Nordenskiold, A E [Translated by Alexander Leslie] Portraits by G. I. Stodart The Voyage of the Vega Round Asia and Europe, with a Historical Review of Previous Journeys Along the North Coast of the Old World Volume 1 only [of 2] Published by Macmillan and Co. , London, 188. First edition £350.00

Nourse, J.E. "American Explorations in the Ice Zones, The expeditions of de Haven, Kane, Rodgers, Hayes, Hall, Schwatka, and de Long; the relief voyages for the Jeanette by the U.S. Steamers Corwin, Rodgers, and Alliance; the cruises of Captains Long and Raynor..." B.B. Russell, Boston, 1884. £260.00

Thomas Fuller "The Cause and the Cure of a Wounded Conscience; also Triana" Tegg, London 1867 £40.00

De PRADT, Dominique Georges Garanties a demander a l' Espagne. Paris, Bechet Aine, 1827. First edition. £260.00

[Haeften, Benedictus van], 1588-1648. [Schola cordis. English, Christopher Harvey, 1647. Wrongly ascribed to Francis Quarles] "The school of the heart ; or, The heart of itself gone away from God, brought back again to Him; and instructed by Him.With, The learning of the heart; and, Hieroglyphics of the life of man / by Francis Quarles" London: printed for Thomas Tegg, 1859 £75.00

anon Relation des Evenemens qui ont precede et suivi le Licenciement da la Garde Nationale de Paris Ponthieu, Paris 1827. Only ediiton £140.00

DICKENS (Charles). The Christmas Numbers of All the Year Round. London: 26 Wellington Street, and Messrs, Chapman & Hall 1859-1867 [1868]. First edition, first binding. £650.00

Purnell, J.H. (Editor) Progress in Gas Chromatography New York: Interscience Publishers, 1968 £30.00

Norges Melodier, arrangerede for Pianoforte med text Wilhelm Hansen Musik-Forlag, Kobenhavn ND [ signature dated 1907 ] £60.00

Caldecott, Randolph (Intro Blackburn, Henry). Randolph Caldecott's Sketches. London, Sampson Low, 1890 (First). £100.00

Freeman, Michael The 35mm Handbook Windward, Leicester, England, 1980. AS NEW £25.00

BEITRÄGE ZUR GESCHICHTE UND LITERATUR,. vorzüglich zu den Schätzen der pfalzbaierischen Centralbibliothek in München. Herausgegeben v. Johann Christoph v. Aretin. Band 5 (von 9) München, Scherer, 1804 £220.00

he Book Society of Persia "RAHNEMA -YE KETAB, the Journal of the Book Society of Persia: vol 2, no 5; vol 3 nos , 3 & 6" Tehran, Persia 1960 & 1961 £450.00


Bremer Presse.- Corona. Erstes Jahr, sechstes Heft. München, Verlag der Bremer Presse, 1931 £30.00

Caldicott J.W Values of Antiques: The Values of Old English Silver, Sheffield Plate, Pewter, China, Furniture, Clocks, Etc. From the Fifteenth Century J.W. Caldicott, Bath, ND [1920s] 2nd ed. updated £50.00

Bohigas, Oriol Reseña y catálogo de la arquitectura modernista. 2 vols complete Editorial Lumen, Barcelona, 1983 £120.00

C P Snow . the Malcontents First edition, Macmillan 1972. AS NEW in dw £25.00

HENTY, G. A. Edited by. "TIRRING ADVENTURES FLOAT AND ASHORE; Including Anthony Waymouth; or, The gentlemen Adventurers: by W. H. G. Kingston. Ned Burton's Adventure by Arthur Lee Knight. Frank Allreaddy's Fortune by Franklin Fox and numerous interesting articles" London.Ward, Lock, Bowden and Co. No date [1890s] First ed. £220.00

Holmes, Charles H. A PASSPORT ROUND THE WORLD Hutchinson & Co., London, 1937. First edition. £50.00

Proceedings of the Optical Convention 1926. Part 1 the Optical Convention 1927 £60.00

The Student and Intellectual Observer of Science, Literature and Art. Volume 1 Groombridge and Sons 1868 £110.00

The Student and Intellectual Observer of Science, Literature and Art. Volume III Groombridge and Sons 1869 £110.00

The Student and Intellectual Observer of Science, Literature and Art. Volume IV Groombridge and Sons 1870 £110.00

New English Bible - New Testament OUP & CUP 1961. First thus. £40.00

Paul Horst Matrix Algebra for Social Scientists Holt Rinehart, NY 1963 £35.00

Journet et Robert Autour des Contemplations [ annales literaires de l'Universite de Besancon] Besancon 1955 £40.00

ROSAMOND SMITH Nemesis Barrie & Jenkins 199. First edition. AS NEW in dw £20.00

DICKIE BIRD . My autobiography Hodder 1997. First edition. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Walter Stein No Ned of this Hypothesis, reprinted from the Critical Quarterly Critical Quarterly 1967 £30.00

Walter Stein Criticism as Dialogue CUP 1969. First ed £40.00

Little, Mrs. Archibald The Land of the Blue Gown. [ China ] Brentano's NY 1902. First US edition. £180.00

Hannah Hauxwell Hannah, the Complete Story Ted Smart 1991. First ed. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Ingrid Bergman . Ingrid Bergman - My Story Joseph 1980. First ed. AS NEW in dw £30.00

A L Poole Medieval England. Volume 2 [0f 2] complete in itself Clarendon Press 1958. New ed., rewritten £40.00

Temple Bar with Which is Incorporated Bentley's Miscellany Vol 106 1895 Richard Bentley & Son, London, 1895. £100.00

MacDonald, George Orts Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, London, 1882. £350.00

Richard Whateley Essays [ First Series] on some of the peculiarities of the Christian Religion 5th ed revised, B Fellowes, London 1846 £140.00

Beynon, J. H., And Williams, A. E Mass and Abundance Tables for Use in Mass Spectrometry Elsevier Pub. Co., 1963. £30.00

C A Middleton-Smith the British in China and Far Eastern trade Constable 1920 £180.00

The British War Blue Book, Miscellaneous No. 9 Documents Concerning German Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities Between Great Britain and Germany on Sept. 3, 1939 HMSO 1939 £70.00

John Galsworthy Glimpses and Reflections First edition, Heinemann 1937 £40.00

H. A., Daynes Gas Analysis by Measurement of Thermal Conductivity. Cambridge University Press 1933 £160.00

D C Peattie the Road of a Naturalist RU/Hale 1948 £20.00

JEROME, Jerome K. [Jerome Klapka]. THREE MEN ON THE BUMMEL. Arrowsmith’s 3/6 series, volume XXXVI. [First edition] Bristol: J.W.Arrowsmith, no date [1900] £120.00

Allgemeines evangelisches gesang u.gebetbuch zem Kirchen u. Hausebrauch Hamburg 1846 £60.00

Goethe Faust, eine Tragedie Stuttgart 1865 £50.00

Turgenev Home of the Gentry Penguin 1975 £20.00

Papeles para la Paz no 45...desorden de Los Angeles & c Madrid 1992 £20.00

Longfellow H W The Prose Works of Longfellow David Bogue, 1857. £40.00

"OFFICIAL GUIDE, Summer Tours in Scotland - Glasgow to the Highlands, ""Royal Route"" (via Crinan and Caledonian Canals). with time tables and list of fares, by David MacBrayne's Royal Mail steamers ""Columba"", ""Iona"", etc." David MacBrayne, Glasgow, nd [1882? ] £120.00

Kurts, Charles: THESE ARE THE VOYAGES...": 1966 - 1996 ; A THREE-DIMENSIONAL STAR TREK ALBUM (ISBN: 0671551396) Pocket Books, New York, 1996. £40.00

Alden, Henry J. C. (ed) ALDEN'S OXFORD GUIDE Alden and Co., Oxford, ND (c), 1928 £40.00

HAIG-BROWN, Roderick L. POOL AND RAPID. The Story of a River. London. Adam & Charles Black. 1932. First edition £480.00

James Francis Stephens (C.M.Curtis & John Obadiah Westwood. (illustrators). Illustrations of British Entomology , vols 3-7, being the Mandibulata [Beetles] Complete. With the rare 1846 Supplement. Containing First Appearance in Print of Charles Darwin.) Baldwin & Cradock, for the author, London, 1830-1835. and Supplement of 1846.first edition, £4750.00

Auszeichnungen der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Aufnahmen von Jürgen Karpinski. Berlin, Militärverlag. 1979 £100.00

Stuijvenberg, J.H.van. Het Centraal Bureau. Een coöperatief krachtveld in de Nederlandse landbouw 1899-1949. Onder auspiciën van het Nederlandsch Economisch Instituut te Rotterdam. Rotterdam. 1949. £60.00

COX, Cynthia. The Real Figaro: The extraordinary career of Caron de Beaumarchais. Longmans Green,, London:, 1962. First Edition. £35.00

Richard Burton translates The Perfumed Garden Panther 1972 £20.00

Admiral Lord Mountevans: Arctic Solitudes Lutterworth Press, London, 1953 £30.00

Brent, Peter.: Far Arabia, Explorers of the Myth Newton Abbot. Readers Union. 1978 £20.00

P G Wodehouse The Clicking of Cuthbert Penguin 1967 £20.00

Coon Carleton, Illustrated by Aldren A. Watson: The Hunting Peoples 1974 £25.00

JOHNSON, Paul.: Consolidated Gold Fields. A Centenary Portrait. London, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1987. First edition £30.00

VIRGIL / Lonsdale & Lee The Works of Virgil.. into english prose Glode edition, Macmillan 1925 £25.00

Herzog, Chaim The War of Atonement Steimatzky's Agency, Jerusalem, 1975. £40.00

Bailey, E Lewis Following My Nose Through Morocco Selwyn & Blount, London, 1938. First Edition. £80.00

W. Robertson Nicoll Ian MacLaren'. Life of the Rev. John Watson D.D. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1908 £40.00

Eric Ambler Doctor Frigo First edition, Weidenfeld 1974 £20.00

Duff, E.G. Early Printed Books. Kegan Paul Trench Trubner, London, first edition, 1893 £35.00

WALPOLE (Horace). TOYNBEE (Paget).: Journal of the Printing-Office at Strawberry Hill, Now first Printed from the MS. of Horace Walpole. London, printed at The Chiswick Press for Constable & Company & Houghton Mifflin Company. 1923 £140.00

M E Hicken compiles:Sequels : Volume 1- Adult books Sequels : Volume 1- Adult books AAL 1986 £20.00

John Ruskin, edited by J Links the Stones of Venice Collins 1960, first thus. £20.00

Bilby & ridgway: The book of quadrupeds, for the instruction of young people Darton & Clark, London n.d. 1820s? [ inscription dated 1840] £110.00

Trade Catalog: ROBERT DEMPSTER & SONS LTD: CONVEYORS &C [ mechanical handling installations and appliances, coke breakers, hoists, elevators etc] Elland, West Yorkshire 1916, number 2438 £260.00

SHOBERL, Frederic (editor): FORGET ME NOT; a Christmas, New Year's and Birthday Present for 1826. R.Ackermann & Co., 1826. £260.00

Eliot, T. S.: Elizabethan Essays (The Faber Library Series; 24) Faber & Faber, London, 1934 £90.00

AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION: [AA] Treasures of britain and treasures of ireland Drive Publications, London, 1968. 1st edition. AS NEW £20.00

L H Matthews The Life of Mammals : Volume One [of two] Weidenfeld 1969 £20.00

Mitchell, William S. A HISTORY OF SCOTTISH BOOKBINDING 1432 TO 1650. Edinburgh Oliver and Boyd (1955) £120.00

Coutenay & Walshe The Losing trick Count Methuen, 9th ed 1947 £20.00

Crowhurst & Kambites Understanding ACOL Gollancz 1990 £20.00

L H Watson Watson's the Play of the Hand at Bridge New ed, Barnes & Noble, NY 1958 £25.00

[Salmasius, Claudius] [Claude de Saumaise]: Defensio Regia pro Carolo I ad Serenissimum Magna Britannia. Regem Carolum II. Filium natu majorem, Heredem & Successorem legitimum (Leyden): Sumptibus regiis (Elzevir Press), 1649. First edition. £750.00

Clarke, John H. L. Book-Auction Records. A Priced And Annotated Annual Record Of London, New York, Montreal, Melbourne, Edingburgh and Glasgow Book-Auctions : Volume 51, 1953-54 Farnham, Surrey Henry Stevens Son & Stiles., 1955 £40.00

Clarke, John H. L. Book-Auction Records. A Priced And Annotated Annual Record Of London, New York, Montreal, Melbourne, Edingburgh and Glasgow Book-Auctions : Volume 58, 1960-61 Farnham, Surrey Henry Stevens Son & Stiles., 1961 £40.00

Clarke, John H. L. Book-Auction Records. A Priced And Annotated Annual Record Of London, New York, Montreal, Melbourne, Edingburgh and Glasgow Book-Auctions : Volumes 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 Farnham, Surrey Henry Stevens Son & Stiles., 1961-1966 £40.00


Henry Plomer A short history of English Printing 1476-1900 Kegan, paul, London 1915 £30.00

Federation of Master Process Engravers The Process Engraver's Compendium for Users of Photo-Process Engraving Federation of Master Process Engravers, London [1932] £70.00

Octave Uzanne The Book Hunter in Paris Elliot Stock, London, 1893. £110.00

Mudie Catalogue of the principal English books in circulation at Mudie's select library, ltd. 30-34 New Oxford Street London 1925 £80.00

Catalogue of the Congregational Library, Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London EC. Congregational Union, London 1895 & 1910 £180.00

ROMILLY, Sir Samuel.: MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF... Written by himself; With a Selection from his Correspondence. Edited by his sons. London: John Murray ., 1840 £320.00

Rev. Sydney Smith: The Works of Sydney Smith Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, London, 1848. 3 Vols. Fourth edition £150.00

VIEYRA (Anthony): A New Portuguese Grammar in Four Parts; containing 1. Rules for the combination and use of the different Parts of Speech. 11. The Syntax, in which are explained, after a more copious manner than hitherto attempted, the peculiar uses of the Portuguese Fifth edition, London: Printed for F. Wingrave, in the Strand, 1801 £360.00

PEARSON ( John ): Cestreniensis nuper Episcopi, Opera posthuma Typis S. Roycroft, impensis R. Clavell, & B. Tooke, 1688, £650.00

Jerrold, Douglas. Illustrated by Kenny Meadows.: PUNCH'S COMPLETE LETTER WRITER Punch. 1845, London £60.00

Marty Bergen Better Bidding with Bergen: volume 1 - uncontested auctions Devyn Kentucky 1994 £20.00


MAGGS, Derek. CONFESSIONS OF A TYPOMANIAC. London, Magpie Press., 1966. £70.00

Crane, Walter Of the Decorative Illustration of Books Old and New George Bell, London, 1921 £90.00

HORNE, Robert & Co. PAPER FOR BOOKS. A comprehensive survey of the various types of paper used in book production. HORNE, Robert & Co. 1961. Revised and enlarged edition. £120.00


Knight, Charles William Caxton, The First English Printer. A Biography. London: Charles Knight and Company, 1844 £160.00

NIXON (Howard M.) Book Bindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. a Loan Exhibition 23 Sept -31 Oct 1965 The Trustees of the British Museum, 1965 £80.00

IAN MACLAREN. KATE CARNEGIE AND THOSE MINISTERS. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1896 £30.00

Morton, H V In Search of England Methuen 1932.Cassell 1967 £30.00

Register of The Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet. Society of Writers to H.M.Signet, Edinburgh, 1983. AS NEW £140.00

auction catalogue Mentmore. Volume Four. Paintings, Prints and Drawings Sothebys, London, 1977. £40.00

John le Carre. The Russia House Hodder 1989. AS NEW in dw £50.00

John le Carre. The Night Manager Hodder 1993. AS NEW in dw £50.00

John le Carre. Single and Single Hodder 1999. AS NEW in dw £50.00

Stonehouse , Bernard THE AEROFILMS BOOK OF : BRITAIN FROM THE AIR Weidenfeld 1982. NEAR-NEW in dw £100.00

Richard L. Frey, Alan F. Truscott and Amalya L. Kearse The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (ISBN: 0510000142) Ernest Benn Ltd, 1977. £50.00

Marquis de Sade Juliette. 6 volumes in 1. First complete American edition, Grove Press, NY 1968 £60.00

Courtney (William Prideaux). A Bibliography of Samuel Johnson. Oxford. Clarendon Press, 1915. £60.00

Nash, Ray PRINTING AS AN ART Cambridge Harvard University Press for the Society of Printers 1955 £85.00

Baker, Theodore A Biographical Dictionary of Musicians (ISBN: 0028702409) G. Schirmer, New York, NY, 1900 £120.00

Fastnedge, Ralph Shearer Furniture Designs from the cabinet-Makers' London Book of Prices 1788 Alec Tiranti, London, 1962. NEW condition £110.00

Rothenberg, Polly. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF CREATIVE GLASS ART Crown Publishers Inc. 1974 £30.00

Davis, S. C. H. Cars Cars Cars Cars (ISBN: 0600025020) Paul Hamlyn, London, 1971 AS NEW in dw £30.00

Diana Princess of Wales / Jame Owen Diana Princess of Wales: The Book of Fashion Colour Library 1983 £20.00

William Cargill / Sotheby & Co The Highly Important Collection of French Impressionist Paintings Formed By William Cargill Sotheby, UK, 1963 £45.00

HALLAM, Elizabeth (Editor). Chronicles of the Crusades : Eye-witness Accounts of the Wars Between Christianity and Islam. Guild Publishing, 1989. AS NEW in dw £70.00

Hulton & smith Flowers in Art from east and West British Museum, London. 1979. £30.00

FIRSTBROOK,Peter. The Voyage of the Matthew. John Cabot and the Discovery of North America. (Acompanies the Major Television Series). London:BBC, 1997. 1st ed. AS NEW in dw £40.00

Eason, Cassandra ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC AND ANCIENT WISDOM The Essential Guide to Myth, Magic and the Supernatural Piatkus, 2000.. NEW in dw £40.00

Ingrid Cranfield Georgian House source book David & Charles 2005. NEW £30.00

Morris, Colin REGIONAL HISTORY OF BRITISH BUS SERVICES : Volume One : South-East England . (ISBN: 0903839431) Glossop, UK : Transport Publishing Co ,., 1980. NEW condition £50.00

Hawkes, Jason THE GARDEN OF ENGLAND FROM THE AIR (ISBN: 0091879078) St Helens, Ted Smart, 2001. 1st Edition. AS NEW in dw £110.00

"Robert; Margan, Frank; Breen, Peter; Reid, Stuart; & Evans, David" Pictorial History of Australians at War Paul Hamlyn, Sydney, 1973 £30.00

G Bazin Impressionist Paintings in the Louvre Thames & Hudson 1959 £30.00

Church, Alfred J. STORIES FROM VIRGIL Seeley, Jackson & Halliday, London, 1879. £50.00

MILLAU CHRISTIAN GUIDE GAULT MILLAU : LE VIN [wine] 2500 caves et cahis visites en France, 10,000 vins GAULT-MILLAU, 1989. £60.00

Detheridge, Joseph. Chronology of Music Composers in Two Volumes 820 to 1810 and 1810 to 1937 J. Detheridge, Rowley Regis Birmingham, 1937 £100.00

G R Crone Maps and their Makers Hutchinson 1966 £30.00

ROGERS, W.T. "A Manual of Bibliography being An Introduction to the Knowledge of Books, Library Management; and The Art of Cataloguing." London: H. Grevel & Co., 1891 £50.00

Nicholson, W[illiam]. The Scottish Library: Containing a Short View and Character of most of the Writers, Records, Registers, Law-Books, &c. Which may be Serviceable to the Undertakers of a General History of Scotland, Down to the Union of the Two Kingdoms in K. James VI London: Printed for T. Childe, 1702 £750.00

Degener, Herrmann A.L.(Hg.) "Wer ist""s ? Zeitgenossenlexikon enthaltend Biographien nebst Bibliographien. Angaben über Herkunft, Familie, Lebenslauf, Werke, Lieblingsbeschäftigungen, Parteiangehörigkeit, Mitglied bei Gewerkschaften, Adresse. Andere Mitteilungen von allg. interes" Lpz., Degener, 1909 £140.00

Geck, Elisabeth JOHANNES GUTENBERG, VOM BLEIBUCHSTABEN ZUM COMPUTER. Godesberg Inter Nationes 1968 £40.00

PARLIAMENTARY ACTS: A COMPENDIOUS ABSTRACT OF THE PUBLIC GENERAL ACTS OF THE U.K: 3 & 4 Victoriae, from the Law Journal James Holmes, London 1840. Volume XVIII. £100.00

Newcombe, L. Catalogue of the Periodical Publications in the Library of University College London. Printed for University College at the Oxford University Press, London, 1912 £90.00

HUNTER, Dard Papermaking. the History and Technique of an Ancient Craft. New York: Knopf 1947 Second Edition, revised and enlarged. £140.00

BERESFORD, James: The miseries of human life; or the groans of Samuel Sensitive and Timothy Testy. With a few supplementary sighs from Mrs. Testy. In twelve dialogues. London: Printed for William Miller, by W. Bulmer, 1806-1807., Ninth edition of Volume I and first edition of Volume II, with nine additional dialogues, as overheard by James Beresford £450.00

Harbottle, T.B. and Hume, Martin Dictionary of Quotations [Spanish] Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London, 1907 £110.00

Whibley, Leonard (Ed.) Companion to Greek Studies Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1905. £50.00

Thucydides De Bello Pelloponasiaco Libri Octo É [title in Greek and Latin] London: Richard Priestley [printed by Valpy], 1835. First Goeller edition of Thucydides. £160.00

De la Mare, Walter. DESERT ISLANDS AND ROBINSON CRUSOE... New York: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., 1930. £40.00

SEELEY, E.L. Artists of the Italian Renaissance. London: Chatto and Windus, 1907 £60.00

Peter salway The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain QPD 1993 £40.00

Oliver Gillie Food for Life, preventing cancer through healthy diet Hodder 1998 £30.00

Angus Wilson the World of Charles Dickens Penguin 1972 £20.00

Anthony Burgess Shakespeare Penguin 1972 £20.00

Mick Middles Shaun Ryder Happy Mondays, Black Grape and other Traumas Independent Music Press 1997 £20.00

Harold MacMillan "Winds of Change 1914-1939; The Blast of War 1939-1945; Tides of Fortune 1945-1955; Riding the Storm 1956-1959; Pointing the Way 1959-1961: At the End of the Day 1961-1963 (ISBN: 0333103106)" London: Macmillan,1966-1973. First editions. £150.00

F Nourissier The French Reader's Union 1968 £20.00

Green & reed The London transport Golden Jubilee Book 1933-1983 Daily Telegraph 1983. AS NEW £30.00

Mike Fenton Omnibus gallery [Buses] Stephens, Cambridge 1981. AS NEW £30.00

Mike Fenton British Buses around the world Stephens, cambridge 1982. AS NEW £30.00

Alan Millar British Buses of the 1930s Stephens, cambridge 1982. AS NEW £30.00

Gavin Booth Classic Bus Yearbook 1995 Ian Allan, 1995. AS NEW £20.00

Philip Wallis Bus Kaleidoscope 1967 Ian Allan, 1997. AS NEW £25.00

A F Porter Midland Vuses 1950-1969 Ian Allan, 1985. AS NEW £30.00

David Kaye The British Bus Scene in the 1930s Ian Allen 1981. AS NEW £35.00

D G Bell Eastern Counties [Buses] Past and Present Becknell, 1981 AS NEW £30.00

Stewart J Brown Daimler Rear-Engined Buses Bus Enthusiast 1985. AS NEW £25.00

Stewart J Brown "BUSES YEAR BOOK 1992; 1993; 1994; 1995; 1998" Ian Allan, 1991-1997. ALL AS NEW £30.00

Stewart J Brown BUSES YEAR BOOK 1989. (ISBN: 0711017859) Ian Allan, 1988. AS NEW £35.00

Beth-Zion Abrahams the Jews in England Porders 1950s £20.00

F Cathelin: LE NID DE L'OISEAU, moeurs et theorie mecanique des insticts Paris 1924 £45.00

Mary Norwak Country Cookbook Hamlyn 1976. NEAR-NEW in dw £20.00

T H Scott Black Pete Warne nd [1930s?] £30.00

E R Chamberlin Preserving the Past Dent 1979. AS NEW in dw £20.00

Montherlant Theatre Gallimard, Paris 1954 £30.00

Dora Broome Fairy tales from the Isle of Man Douglas, I of Man, 1963 £20.00


Isaac Bonewits Real Magic....yellow magiv Weiser, Maine 1989 £25.00

Edward E Hale Stories of Invention told by Inventors London, T Nelson, 1892 £45.00

Anon Triumphs of Invention and Discovery in Art and Science Nelson and Sons, London, 1881 £35.00

Mais, S. P. B Oh! To be in England, a book of the open air London: Grant Richards, 1922. First Edition. £25.00

Baigent & Leech The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception Cape 1992. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Grenfell Joyce In Pleasant Places Macmillan, London, 1979. AS NEW in dw £30.00

R W Faulks Urban and Rural Transport Ian Allan, 1981. £20.00

Ken Radford Tales of Witches and Sorcery Chancellor Press 1993 £25.00

Parke & Francis Halcyon Days of Buses Ian Allan, 1983. AS NEW £40.00

J Joyce trolleybus Trails Ian Allan, 1968. AS NEW in dw £40.00

J Joyce Tramway Hayday Ian Allan, 1960s. AS NEW in dw £40.00

G G Hilditch Looking at Buses Ian Allen 1979. NEW condition in dw. £40.00

E J Stevens British Electric Tramways David & Charles 1971. NEW condition in dw. £40.00

L W Rowe Municipal Buses of the 1960s Barton, Truro 1965. NEW condition in dw. £40.00

J A Gray London's Suburban Buses Ian Allen 1977. NEW condition in dw. £40.00

R E Jowitt A Silence of Trolleybuses Ian Allen 1971 £40.00

M W Greenwood Midland Red Buses Barton, Truro 1980. NEW condition in dw. £40.00

A A Townsin Buses and Trams Ian Allan, 1960s? £40.00

J Joyce Provincial Bus and Tram Album Ian Allan, 1968 £40.00

J Joyce The British Bus Scene in the 1950s Ian Allan, 1984. AS NEW £40.00

R N Hannay Dennis Buses in Camera Ian Allan, 1980. AS NEW £40.00

Gavin Booth Buses in Camera: Scotland Ian Allan, 1978. AS NEW £40.00

S. J Brown Bus Monographs 4: Bristol K-Type Ian Allan, 1984. AS NEW £60.00

S. J Brown Bus Monographs 6: Leyland Titan PD3 Ian Allan, 1989. AS NEW £40.00

B Morrison Motive Power Annual 1988 Ian Allan, 1987. AS NEW £30.00

Gavin Booth The British Bus, Today and Tomorrow Ian Allan, 1983. AS NEW £30.00

Gavin Booth Classic Bus Yearbook 3 Ian Allan, 1997. AS NEW £30.00

Leather, Gertrude & John Parke. HOME WITH THE HEATHER: BY BUS FROM LONDON TO JOHN O'GROATS. (ISBN: 0711015503) Ian Allan, 1986. AS NEW £40.00

Gavin Booth "BUSES ANNUAL: 1974; 1975; 1976; 1979; 1980; 1982; 1983; 1986; 1987; 1988" Ian Allen, 1973-87 £40.00

Gavin Booth BUSES ANNUAL: 1972 Ian Allen, 1971 £90.00

R A Smith "BUSES ANNUAL: vols for 1964; 1965; 1966; 1967" Ian Allen, 1963-1966 £60.00

Bede,Cuthbert The Further Adventures of Verdant Green. Henry Young and Sons, Liverpool, 1908. £40.00

H J Chaytor The Troubadours Cambridge Uiniv.Press 1912. First ed £30.00

Punnett, Reginald Crundall. Mendelism. Macmillan, 1927. Seventh Edition. £30.00

MALLETT, E Telegraphy and Telephony including Wireless. An introductory textbook to the science and art of the electrical communication of intelligence. London. Chapman & Hall. 1929 First edition £50.00

Stanton, T.E. Friction. First ed., London: Longmans, Green, 1923 £60.00

Playfair, Giles and Fitzgibbon, Constantine THE LITTLE TOUR a Journey to Europe's Four Miniature States Andorra Monaco Leichtenstein San Marino Travel Book Club, London. Nd [1950s] £30.00

ARNOLD, Arthur THE MODERN MOTOR ENGINEER 4 Volumes The Caxton Publishing Company, London, 6th edition revised 1962 £100.00

ARNOLD, Arthur The Modern Electrical Engineer - 4 Volumes complete The Caxton Publishing Company, London, New & revised edition, 1949. AS NEW £120.00


Jenny Jones Fly By Night Headline 1990. AS NEW £20.00

PRESCOTT, William H. History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortés. Swan Sonnenschein, London. New and revised edition 1906 £60.00

Innes, Sir Thomas of Learney The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland W & A K Johnston Ltd, Edinburgh, 1947. Third Edition. £45.00

Dmitri Volkogonov Stalin Phoenix 2000. AS NEW. £30.00

John Erickson The Road to Stalingrad Phoenix 2000. AS NEW £30.00

Martin Windrow The Last Valley, Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam Cassell 2005 . AS NEW £30.00

Peel, John, and Sheila Ravenscroft Margrave of the Marshes (ISBN: 0593052528) Bantam Press 2005. NEW in dw £30.00

John McEnroe Seriously Little Brown, 2002. NEW in dw £30.00

Nick Harris England, Their England: The Definitive Story of Foreign Footballers in the English Game Since 1888 (ISBN: 0954246012) Hodder 1977, first ed. NEW in dw £35.00

The Holy Qur-'An [ Koran ] Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia 1413 H £70.00


Kevin Pressley Practical Weight Training Parragon 1995. AS NEW in dw £20.00

R Tabor Understanding Cats David & Charles 1995. AS NEW in dw £20.00

R H GEBHARDT The complete cat book W H Smith 1991. AS NEW in dw £25.00

Andric, Miro Croatia's Undersea World (ISBN: 9539774802) Zagreb: Car Herc, 1999. AS NEW in dw £120.00

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