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[ Public Record Commissioners]: Valor Ecclesiasticus Temp. Henr.VIII Auctoritate Regie Institutes 1st ed. London: printed by Command, 1810-1824 £2280.00

[ Public Record Commissioners]: TAXATION ECCLESIASTICUS, ANGLIAE ET WALLIAE. auct. P.NICHOLAS IV, CIRCA 1291 1st ed. London: printed by Command, 1802 £230.00

Charles Graves Women in Green....WVS in wartime Heinemann 1948. First ed. £20.00

Chaplin, John Wings and Space (ISBN: 0711001502) Ian Allan, 1970. £25.00

Catherine Cookson The Solace of Sin Bantam 1998. First edition £40.00

British Museum: A CATALOGUE OF THE LANSDOWNE MANUSCRIPT IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM: Part Two; The Caesar & Kennette Papers, with the Remainder 1819 £180.00

Catherine Cookson The Desert Crop. Bantam 1997. First edition £40.00

Catherine Cookson Riley Bantam 1998. First edition £40.00

Catherine Cookson Harold Heinemann 1985 First edition £50.00

Catherine Cookson Catherine Cookson Country Heinemann 1986. AS NEW in dw. £40.00

Catherine Cookson A Ruthless Need Bantam 1995. First edition £40.00

[ Public Record Commissioners]: ROTULI SCOTIAE in Turri Londinensi et in domo Capitulari Westmonasteriensi Aesservati [Records of Political Transactions between England and Scotland] Vol II: Richard !! to Henry VIII 1st ed. London: printed by Command, 1819 £350.00

CARROLL, Lewis. "The Complete Works. With Illustrations By John Tenniel. Containing; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass; Sylvie & Bruno; Sylvie & Bruno Concluded; The Hunting of The Snark; Puzzles From Wonderland; Phantasmagoria; ...." London, Nonesuch Press, 1939 £30.00

Carrick, Peter. Motor Cycle Racing. London: Paul Hamlyn, (1969) NEW condition in dw. £30.00

C Plumridge The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Golf Marshall Cavendish 1988 £30.00

C P Snow A Coat of Varnish Macmillan 1979. First edition. £30.00

By B. Litvinoff. Ben-Gurion of Israel. Weidenfeld 1954, first ed. £30.00

Sadie, Stanley. (Editor).: THE NEW GROVE DICTIONARY OF MUSIC & MUSICIANS. Volume 18 : Spi-Tin Whistle Macmillan 1995. £25.00

Bunyan, John "THE HOLY WAR. Made by Shaddai Upon Diabolus, for the Regaining of the Metropolis World; or, the Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul." London: The Religious Tract Society, n.d. [ca.1860] £140.00

Brynner, Irena MODERN JEWELRY - DESIGN AND TECHNIQUE First edition, New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co, 1968. £50.00

Brown Solomon Waters of Life Leeds, England: 1975 £40.00

Bronowski, J. (Jacob) THE FACE OF VIOLENCE: AN ESSAY WITH A PLAY Turnstile Press, London, 1954. AS NEW in dw. £80.00

Brian Clough. Cloughie, walking on water. Headline 2002 £30.00

Braithwaite, Brian THE HOME FRONT: THE BEST OF GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, 1939-1945. (ISBN: 0852236077) Ebury Press, London. 1987. AS NEW in dw. £40.00

Boris Pasternak "Three Letters...from Letters to georgian Friends to be published in 1968. ""This Limited edition is published as a new year's greeting to friends""" Kurt & Wolff, 1967 £60.00

Bone, James The London Perambulator Jonathan Cape, London, 1931 £30.00

Boccaccio / translated by J M Rigg The Decameron Dent, 1953 £25.00

Berolzheimer, Ruth The American Woman's Cook Book Garden City Publishing Co., Inc. , New York , 1947 £40.00

Bentley & Jones edit The Moral Universe Demos 2001 £20.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 7th ed 1988 Pelham Books £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 10th ed, 1991, Pelham Books £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year First edition, 1982 Pelham Books £60.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 3rd ed 1984, Pelham Books £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 4th ed 1985, Pelham Books £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 14th ed 1995, Headline £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 11th ed 1992, Headline £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 6th ed 1987, Pelham Books £40.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 5th ed 1986, Pelham Books £40.00

Ben Shimson edits Civilised Capitalism, a series of seminars Smith Inst. 2004 £20.00

Bell, Richard Richard Bell's Britain (ISBN: 0002195690) Collins, London, 1981. £30.00

Bates (H.E). Bell (A). Massingham (H.J), ed. The Pilgrim's Library. The English Countryside. A Survey of its Chief Features.[First Edition] Batsford, 1939. £40.00

Bartlett,J Familiar Quotations MacMillan 1937, 11th edition. £60.00

Baras & Chayat Hebrew Alive, low intermediate level Jerusalem 1989 £30.00

Ashley Sampson From the Ashes - Poems Williams and Norgate, London, 1942. NEW condition £45.00

Arthur Hellyer Arthur Hellyer's All Colour Gardening Book Hamlyn 1981 £20.00

Antonia Fraser. Heroes and Heroines. Weidenfeld 1980 £20.00

Vidal de la Blanche: THE PERSONALITY OF FRANCE Knopf, London 1928 £30.00

Anne Bonar. A Year in Your Garden. Marshall Cavendish 1980 £20.00

Anne Bonar The Wonderful World of Indoor Plants Octopus 1976. AS NEW in dw. £30.00

AMY LE FEUVRE. ON THE EDGE OF A MOOR. London: Religious Tract Society nd [1890s] £25.00

"Alfred Hitchcock; Dorothy L. Sayers; Edgar Wallace; Robert Bloch; Roald Dahl; Daphne duMaurier; Richard Connell Agatha Christie; Robert Arthur Patrick Quentin; F. Tennyson Jesse; Sax Rohmer; etc" "Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbinders in Suspense ; Stories of Mystery and Excitement Selected By the Master of Suspense" Max Reinhardt, 1967. NEW condiiton £25.00

Alan Binns Viking Voyagers Heinemann 1980 £25.00

Adam Mickiewicz Pan Tadeusz Methuen 1926, 8th ed. £20.00

A J Nielsen Focus on Bridge Defence Kaye 1980. First ed. £20.00

A Conan Doyle The Sign of Four Murray 19745. First edition thus, with into by Graham Greene. £30.00

A Bristow Grow Your Own.. vegetables Mitchell Beazley 1977. NEW in dw. £20.00

One day for life : photographs by the people of britain, taken on a single day (isbn: 0593014642) Bantam Press, London, 1987. £20.00

Sutter, Mack Floral Wood Carving: Full Size Patterns and Complete Instructions for 21 Projects Dover Publications 1985 £30.00

H M Tomlinson Gifts of Fortune heinemann 1927 £20.00

"Anon. By the author of ""King Edward the Seventh""." Lord Kitchener of Khartoum - A Biography. London. James Nisbet / Daily Express., 1914. NEW condition £35.00

The Photographic Encyclopedia of Roses Colour Library 1991. AS NEW £35.00

The Art Journal, 1873 (New Series Volume XII). Virtue & Co., London, 1873. £320.00

The A-Z of Handicrafts Galley Press 1979 £20.00

Life in the Age of Exploration: Journeys Into The Past. Reader's Digest., 1996. NEW condition £20.00

Life at the dawn of the 20th century: Journeys Into The Past. Reader's Digest., 1996. NEW condition £20.00

Geographia: Road Atlas of Great Britain, scale 3 miles to 1 inch Geographia 1983. AS NEW in dw. £30.00

The Amateur Photographer Handbook Newnes 1985. NEW condition £20.00

HOUSEHOLD HINTS AND HANDY TIPS (ISBN: 0276420322) Reader's Digest. First ed, 1992. AS NEW £30.00

Encyclopedia of Sports, Games and Pastimes: The History, Principles and Practice of all Outdoor and Indoor Sports and Pastimes, with Rules and Regulations, and their Up-to-date Records Alphabetically Arranged for Ready Reference London at the Fleetway House, nd, ca 1934. £80.00

Catalogue of the Third Sunday Times Exhibition of Books and Book Production 1935 London: Sunday Times, 1935 £40.00

Bartholomew's Reference Atlas of Greater London John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd., Edinburgh, 1948. £80.00

The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals and Drugs Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, 1968. £50.00

Story told by Orson Welles and Patrick Wymark THE FINEST HOURS - 2 X 12 INCH VINYL LP RECORDS Philips 1964 £70.00

Ann Cleeves Murder in Paradise Century 1988, First edition.. £30.00

Virginia Wade Courting Triumph Hodder 1978, First edition. £30.00

Simone Signoret Nostalgia isn't what it used to be Weidenfeld 1978, First edition. £30.00

John cairney The Man Who Played Robert Burns, an autobiographical journey Mainstream 1987. First edition. £20.00

J Kwitny Man of the Century, life and time of Pope John Paul II Little, Brown 1997 £20.00

J B Black The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 2nd ed, OUP 1963 £30.00

Hedrick Smith The New Russians Random House, NY 1990, first edition. £30.00

Wilbur Smith Birds of Prey Macmillan 1997, first edition. £20.00

Carol o'Connell Malory's Secret Hutchinson 1994, first edition. £20.00

Roger Bichelberger An Ordinary Exodus Lion 1983, from the French, first edition. £20.00

John Le Carre The Russia House. Hodder 1989, first edition. £20.00

Tony Geraghty This is the SAS, a pictorial history Arms & Armour Press 1982 £40.00

W H Mayall edits More Value By Design Council of Ind. Design 1969 £20.00

H A Bright A Year in a Victorian Garden 11879, reissued 1971 £20.00

Lord Feversham. GREAT YACHTS. (ISBN: 021851476X) Anthony Blond, 1970. AS NEW in dw. £60.00

JOHNSON, Hugh. The International Book of the Forest . (ISBN: 0855333456) "Mitchell Beazley;., 1981." £40.00

M H Tenison The How it Works Encyclopedia of How It's Built - Building and Engineering from Arches to Wells Marshall Cavendish, London, 1979. £30.00

Phyllis McGinley Sixpence in her Shoe Dent 1966 £20.00

Uta hagen Respect for acting. Macmillan 1973 £20.00

Thorstein Veblen: THE THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS Mentor, NY 19607 £20.00

Pforr, Alfred & Limbrunner Manfred The Breeding Birds of Europe: Photographic Handbook: Sandgrouse to Crows (ISBN: 0709920202) Croom Helm, 1982. £35.00

Mosaïque Mosellane Public. mosellanes de Schwebsingen 1962 £110.00

THE BLACK HOLE A POP-UP BOOK (ISBN: 0361048254) Purnell. 1980 £50.00

Eric van Lustbader Jian Granada 1985. First edition £30.00

"Roget, Peter Mark ; Roget, John Lewis" Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, New Edition enlarged and improved John R. Anderson & Co., New York, 1881 £120.00

C de B. Letters from Paris 1870-1875 Dent 1942 £20.00

Alexander pope the Poetical works Macmillan 1904, Globe edition. £30.00

Compton Mackenzie the Passionate elopement secker 1921 £20.00

an Fleming You Only Live Twice 2nd imp. Cape 1964 £60.00

J G Bartholomew A Literary and Historical Atlas of Europe Dent nd [ca 1900?] £50.00

Louis May Alcott Little Women Blackie n.d. [1930s?] . £20.00

Richard Gordon Doctor in the Swim First edition, Joseph, London 1962 . NEW condition £20.00

Selma Lagerlof The Further adventures of Nils Dent 1957 £30.00

John Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress Ward Lock ca 1900 £20.00

Thomas Hardy Far from the Madding Crowd Macmillan 1929 £20.00

The Reader's Digest Complete Library of the Garden. Three Volume Set Reader's Digest nd [ca 1970?] £40.00

The Reader's Digest Complete Library of the Garden. Three Volume Set Reader's Digest nd [ca 1970?] £25.00

William le queux The Crimes Club Nash & grayson, london 1927 £40.00

Haggard, H. Rider: She - A History of Adventure London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1896, New and revised edition £75.00

E E C Jones A Primer of Logic Murray 1905 £30.00

Percy Lubbock Samuel pepys Nelson nd [1920s?] £20.00

Henry Sweet The History of Language 2nd ed, Dent 1901 £20.00

Palgrave The Golden Treasury Macmillan 1926. Third ed with additions by Binyon. £20.00

Dylan Thomas: Dylan Thomas Reading: Volume 3. Caedmon, London, First issue, 1953 £90.00

Dorothy Tutin, Max Adrian et al: THE HOLLOW CROWN, The Fall and Foibles of the Kings and Queens of England Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Argo 1962 £130.00

Boccaccio The Decameron Dent 1930 £40.00

Poe, Twain, Bierce etc American Short Stories of the Nineteenth Century Dent 1930 £30.00

Chambers's Miscellany of Instructive and Entertaining Tracts London: W & R Chambers, no date, new & revised edition.. [ca 1900] £40.00

Edward Gibbon The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Dent ca 1910 £40.00

Anne Bridge The Portuguese Escape Chatto 1958. First edition £20.00

: Battlestar Galactica London: Grandreams, 1978, £20.00

JUDGE, Arthur W.: Engineering Workshop Practice : A Practical Work on Engineering Workshop Tools, Machines, Materials and Equipment, Engineering Manufacturing Processes and Machine Operations. (3 volumes complete) Caxton Publishing Co Ltd., London. New & Revised Edition 1947 £130.00

G Finlay History of the Byzantine Empire Dent ca 1910 £30.00

Richard Jefferies Wild Life in a Southern County Nelson nd [ca 1910?] £30.00

A S Green irish Nationality Williams & Norgate nd [1910s?] £30.00

Bowen, Ron: Drawing Masterclass: Lectures from the Slade School of Fine Art (ISBN:0091770319) : Ebury Press, 1992. £30.00

James Pattinson The Seven Sleepers Hale 1981 First edition. £20.00

stuart Palmer Exit Laughing Crime Club 1985. £20.00

Frances Mayes Swan Broadway, NY 2002, First edition, London. £20.00

Ronie O'Sullivan Ronnie, the autobiography [Snooker] Orion 2003. First edition, London NEW condition £30.00

Jean McConnell The Detectives David & Charles 1976. First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

D Sutherland Sutherland's War Leo Cooper 1984. First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Chambers's Miscellany of Instructive and Entertaining Tracts London: W & R Chambers, no date, new & revised edition.. [ca 1900] £40.00

William Shakespeare: The Kingsway Shakespeare London: George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. 1933 £60.00

Scott, Walter Ivanhoe James Nisbet, London ca 1900 £40.00

SHORE, Saxon (commentary by), Illustrated by J.T. Gilroy ROUGH ISLAND STORY. News Reel (and Unreal) of the Depression, 1931-1935 London: Methuen, 1935 £30.00

Lord Mancroft Booking the Cooks First edition, Mason 1969 London . NEW condition £20.00

Davis, A. H Noise : Watts & Co., London, 1937 £80.00

YOUNG, FILSON Ireland at the Cross Roads. An Essay in Explanation. London: Grant Richards, 1904 £60.00

PEMBERTON May Christmas Plays for Children George Routledge & Sons Ltd 1914 £60.00

The Louis Cassier Co. Ltd.: THE HARNESSING OF NIAGARA. 1899. £170.00

Julia Becour Histoire de la Princesse Violette Paris, Hatier ca 1910 £110.00

Graham Greene Hierate nie in Monte Carlo [ in English - Loser Takes All] Paul Zsolnay, Wien 1955. First edition in German, published same year as UK first. £250.00

KISSIN, Rita. PETE THE PELICAN. F.WARNE & Co.,, London:, 1944. First edition. £120.00

E Ashley John and Mary's Washing Day Schofield, Huddersfield nd [1930s?] £90.00

G Savage Glass [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1969, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

R Tilley Playing Cards [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1967, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £50.00

S Fleet Clocks [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1969, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

M Sedgwick Early Cars [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1970, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £40.00

R Came Silver [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1967, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

L & M Williams Rare stamps [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1970, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

J Porteous Coins [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1969, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

Fay Weldon The President's Child Hodder 1982, First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Robert Harris Enigma Hutchinson 1995, First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Rose Tremain Restoration Hamish hamilton 1989, First edition, London . NEW condition £40.00

Len Deighton City of Gold Random House 1992. First Australian edition. NEW condition £20.00

John Banville The Untouchable Picador 1997, First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Colin Dexter Death is now my neighbour MacMillan 1996, First edition, London . NEW condition £30.00

David Fraser A Candle for Judas Collins 1989, First edition, London . NEW condition £30.00

Ben Elton Gridlock Macdonald 199, First edition, London . NEW condition SIGNED COPY £40.00

Ben Elton Popcorn Simon & Schuster 1996, First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Scott Adams The Dilbert Future, thriving on stupidity Boxtree 1997, First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

N. Hudson Moore OLD GLASS EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN Tudor Publishing Co., New York, 1935. £45.00

Erroll Bruce Cape Horn to Port the Official Account of the Round the World Race (ISBN: 0679509518) David McKay Company, NY, 1978 AS NEW £35.00

G S Stuart Voices from the Past National Geographic 1979. NEW condition £20.00

Hein Wenzel The Eternal Sea, a pictorial anthology Leipzig 1970 £35.00

Collins Guide to the Countryside Collins 1984 £20.00

Hugh Nicol: MICROBES BY THE MILLION A Pelican Original, published by Penguin, London 1939 £20.00

J.H.Parry Romance of the Sea (ISBN: 0870443461) National Geographic Society, Washington, 1981 £60.00

Smith Lacey Baldwin The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World Paul Hamlyn, London, 1967. £40.00

Stewart Cowley Spacewreck, Ghostships and Derelicts of Space (ISBN: 0600329909) London: Hamlyn, 1979 £75.00

HEIDENSOHN, Klaus. THE BOOK OF MONEY. MacDonald 1979. AS NEW in dw. £36.00

Waite. Garth and Vicky. Island - Diary Of A Year On Easdale (ISBN: 0712607668) Century Publishing., London, 1985. AS NEW in dw £40.00

Perkins, Benjamin A Secret Landscape - Diary of Lapwing Meadows Century Hutchinson 1986. AS NEW in dw £40.00

Richard Evans Schultes & Albert Hofmann Plants of the Gods: Origins of Hallucinogenic Use. (ISBN: 0091416000) Hutchinson, London, 1980. AS NEW in dw. £180.00

SMART, John.: A Handbook for the Identification of Insects of Medical Importance. With chapters on fleas by Dr. Karl Jordan ... and on arachnids, by R. J. Whittick London : Printed by order of the Trustees of the British Museum. Fourth edition 1965 £45.00

FCG (Sir Francis Carruthers Gould) Nature Caricatures - Sketches from Exmoor Country Life, London, 1929. £40.00

CADE, Laurence H. The Modern World Book of Motors . "Sampson Low, Marston; N.d. [c.]., 1950." £30.00

Bubble and Squeak Annual Birn Brothers Ltd., London £40.00

"Rewald, John; Museum of Modern Art, New York" The History of Impressionism Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1973. £60.00

Frances. Bissell SAINSBURY'S BOOK OF FOOD. (ISBN: 1870604032) Sainsbury's 1989. First £120.00

Secrets of the Master Chefs of China David and Charles, 1983. £30.00

Nerman Caught In The Act (ISBN: 0245529810) Harrap, London, 1976 £30.00

Patrick, Richard and Grace Pond, Et. Al. THE TREASURY OF CATS. AS NEW in dw Octopus 1975 £30.00

Ylla Cats Harvill Press, London, 1960. £30.00

Auction Catalogue: Christies Important printed Books...Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, Tuesday May 20 1958 & the following 3 days. 1958 £40.00

Football Programme The Anfield Review: Liverpool v Manchester City 24 Nov 1990 £20.00

Football Programme The Anfield Review: Liverpool v Luton 10 Nov 1990 £20.00

Football Programme The Anfield Review: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 28 Aug 1990 £20.00

Football Programme The Anfield Review: Liverpool v Aston Villa 1 Sept 1990 £20.00

Football Programme The Anfield Review: Liverpool v Manchester United 16 Sept 1990 £20.00

Football Programme The Anfield Review: Liverpool v Chelsea 27th Oct 1990 £20.00

Designing Your garden Golden hands, 1975 £20.00

Reading, J. THE OGOWE BAND...African Travel. Philadephia 1890. £150.00

Butler & Ponting Manchester United Official Year Book 2001 Carlton 2001 £30.00

Fran Lloyd edits Deconstructing Madonna (ISBN: 0713474025) B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1993 £30.00

STANLEY, David Life With Elvis. "Bromley, Kent; MARC Europe;., 1986" £35.00

R C R Glasgow Rain Stopped Play [Cricket] Dobson 1948 £30.00

Georgina Coleridge I Know What I Like Chatto & Windus 1959, 1st edition. as new Iin dw £30.00

Ian Robertson Oasis: What's the Story ? Blake, London 1996 £25.00

Gloria Gaynor Soul Survivor Fount, UK 1995. First. £20.00

Vicky' Vicky's World Secker & Warburg London 1959 £20.00

Craddock, fanny & johnnie: CRADDOCK COOKERY PROGRAMME issues 1-80 Purnell 1970-76. £180.00

Robb, A. McCance.: THEORY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE. First edition, 1952. £70.00

Jagielski, B: LUDOWE WOJSKO POLSKIE Warszawa 1988 £35.00

Lucy, Henry W.: A DIARY OF THE SALISBURY PARLIAMENT. 1886-1892. Cassell. London 1892. £20.00

JOHNSON , SAMUEL.: The Rambler. The eighth edition. London: W. Bowyer, W. Strahan [et al.] 1771 £350.00


WHYTE-MELVILLE, George John.: SONGS AND VERSES Ward, Lock, new edition [1880s] £90.00

Euripedes; ed Richard Porson.: TRAGOEDIAE, ad fidem Manuscriptorum Emendatae Gerhard Fleischer, Lipsiae [Leipzig] 1807. £450.00

(WARD, ROBERT PLUMER ): Tremaine, or the Man of Refinement. First edition, London: Henry Colburn, 1825 £450.00

Fenelon, F.: LES AVANTURES DE TELEMAQUE, FILS D'ULYSSE Vanderhoek, Hambourg 1731 £180.00

Charles Buddicom: THE CHRISTIAN EXODUS; or the Deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt Practically Considered. L B Seeley 1826 £400.00

CRANFILL, Thomas Mabry edits "The Texas Quarterly; Special Issue: Image of Britain 1,:" First edition, Univ of Texas 1961. NEW condition £40.00

John Rewald Paul Cezanne Spring books 1970s £20.00

Arnold L. Haskell The Balletomane's Scrap-Book A & C Black Ltd, London, 1936 £30.00

"Scott-James, Anne; Desmond, Ray; Wood, Frances" The British Museum Book of Flowers (ISBN: 0714117005) British Museum Publications, 1989. NEAR-NEW in repaired dw. £30.00

Ken Tynan Show People First edition, Simon & Schuster NY 1979. NEW condition £30.00

CORBRIDGE, Sylvia Lovat.: IT’S AN OLD LANCASHIRE CUSTOM. Third edition, Preston: Lancashire Evening Post, 1971 £40.00

Dante THE VISION OF DANTE or Hell, Purgatory and Paradise (translated by Henry Francis Cary) Oxford University Press (Frowde) 1913 £40.00

Richard Adams The Girl in a Swing First edition, London 1980. NEW condition £20.00

Richard gordon Doctor at Large First ed 1955 £20.00

Stuart, David. The Garden Triumphant - A Victorian Legacy, : Viking, 1st edn. 1988. NEW in dw £30.00

Clapham, J. H. and Eileen Power (Ed.) Cambridge Economic History of Europe, Vol. 1: The Agrarian Life of the Middle Ages, UP, Cambridge, 1942. £60.00

MacKintosh, Norman Tim on the Trail Peal Press. [1960], London, 1960. £20.00

Linell Nash Smith Molly's Miracle Hutchinson, 1961. Near-New in dw. £50.00

Worsley, Marie Embroidered Church Kneelers Mills & Boon, London, 1967. 1st edition £20.00

CHURCHILL (W.S)]. WHEELER (C), intro Exhibition catalogue of] Paintings by the Rt. Hon. Sir Winston S. Churchill exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Royal Academy of Arts, 1959. £40.00

Bowen, Frank C. Sailing Ships of the London River Sampson Low London c.1930. 1st edition £70.00


Cahiers du Cinema: CAHIERS DU CINEMA: AVRIL 1951-JANVIER 1953, issues no 1-19 complete Revue du Cinema, Paris 1951-1953 £190.00

R L Stevenson Kidnapped Puffin, 1946 £20.00

Ian MacDonald Revolution in the Head, the Beatles' records and the Sixties Pimlico 1995 £30.00

Colin Pressdee Welsh Coastal cookery BBC 1995. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY. £20.00

Mee (Arthur) The King's England: Wiltshire. "London; Hodder and Stoughton, (first published May 1939)., 1965." £30.00

Rouse (C) The Old Towns of England. Third Edition, Revised Batsford, 1948. £30.00

White, Peter A. Portrait of County Durham. With Photographs by Patrick Darlington and a Map. First edition, London: Robert Hale, 1967. NEW condition in dj. £40.00

Pridham, Dr. Llewellyn The Dorset Coastline - From a Personal & Photographic Point of View. Longmans Ltd., Friary Press, Dorchester, Dorset circa edition not stated., 1950. £35.00

George Orwell Animal Farm London: Guild Publishing, 1979 £35.00

Britten, Emma Hardinge, Alfred Kitson & H. A. Kersey (Comp. ) The Lyceum Officers' Manual For Use In Progressive Lyceums Connected with Spiritualists' Churches and Kindred Bodies. Manchester Spiritualists' Lyceum Union, 14 edition revised, 1952 £45.00

CALMET, A Het algemeen groot historisch, oordeelkundig, chronologisch, geografisch, en letterlijk naam- en woord-boek van den gantschen H. Bijbel . In 't Fransch beschreven door den Eerwaarden Heer Aug. Calmet . nu in 't Nederduitsch overgezet, merkelyk ... Amsterdam & Leiden, S. Luchtmans, 1725. £200.00

WEITENAUER, Ignatio. Lexicon Biblicum in quo explicantur Vulgatae vocabula et phrases quaecunque propter linguae hebraicae graecaeque peregrinitatem injicere moram legenti possunt. Nova edit. Perisse Fratres, Lugduni 1857 £180.00

John Gould Biographical Sketches of Eminent Artists : Comprising Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, and Architects, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Effingham Wilson, London, 1835. New edition. £450.00

Rowe, Mrs. Elizabeth [1674 - 1737] THE MISCELLANEOUS Works, in Prose & Verse, Of. Rowe: Publ. by Her Order, by Theophilus Rowe, With, Poems on Several Occasions, by Thomas Rowe [1687-1715], Etc. 2 vols complete Henry Lintot, London, 1750. Third Edition. £550.00

various. Morocco, the rough guide. Rough Guides 1998 £20.00

Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights Readers Union : William Collins, London, 1961. NEW condition. £45.00

Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre Readers Union : William Collins, London, 1961. NEW condition. £45.00

Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate Arena 1983 £20.00

Tom Jones Tom Jones in Concert Scoop 1983 £20.00

The Everley Brothers The Everley Brothers Fellerman 1983 £20.00

Menzies Sutherland: Political Women. Volume 1 [of 2] only Henry S King, 1875, new edition, London. £40.00

Maschler, Tom Ed. Declaration Readers Union, London, 1959. £20.00

Nicolas Bentley A Version of the Truth Deutsch 1960, London, First edition £30.00

Peacocke, Isabel M. The Good Intentions of Angela Published by Ward, Lock & Co., Limited, Warwick House, Salisbury Square, London First edition 1937 £60.00

Francis Dickie, Illustrated by Edward Osmond UMINGMUK OF THE BARRENS London: Hodder & Stoughton [1921] £25.00

SHERIDAN, Thomas.: A Complete Dictionary of the English Language, both with regard to sound and meaning .The second edition, revised, corrected and enlarged by the Author. Printed for Charles Dilly. 1789 £450.00

PALMER (Charles): A Collection of Select Aphorisms and Maxims; With several Historical Observations: Extracted from the most Eminent Authors. London: Printed by E. Cave.., 1748. FIRST EDITION. £550.00

Umberto Eco. How to Travel with a salmon. Secker, First ed 1994 £20.00

Trollope The Warden Robert Hayes, London nd. [1920s?] £40.00

LOFTIE, W.J. WHITEHALL. Historical and architectural notes. Portfolio Artistic Monographs series. [First edition] Seeley and Co., 1895. £40.00

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