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Maxwell, E A FALLACIES IN MATHEMATICS. (ISBN: 0521057000) First edition, 1959 Cambridge University Press. NEW condition. £60.00

Coremans, P.B.: Van Meegeren s Faked Vermeers and De Hooghs. A scientific examination Cassell & Co, 1949. £70.00

Organized and Edited by Louise d'Argencourt and Douglas Druick.: THE OTHER NINETEENTH CENTURY: Paintings and Sculpture in the Collection of Mr and Mrs Joseph M. Tanenbaum. Ottawa: Nation Gallery of Canada, 1978 £50.00

HARRIS, R. & A. MINGANA: The odes and psalms of Solomon. Re-edited for the governors of the John Rylands Library. Vol.I: The text with facsimile reproductions. Manchester University Press, 1916 £220.00


Mary Ford 101 Cake Designs: Step By Step Instructions Mary Ford Cake Artistry Centre, 1982. NEAR-NEW condition £40.00

Martin esslin Meditations: essays on Brecht, Beckett and the media Eyre 1980 £20.00

Marjorie Blamey, Richard Fitter and Alastair Fitter Wild Flowers: The Wild Flowers of Britain And Northern Europe. (ISBN: 000219757X) Collins 1981. NEW condition £35.00

RENAN, ERNEST.: LES EVANGILES First edition, Calmann Levy, Paris, 1877 £120.00

MARC AURÈLE [Emperor Marcus Aurelius] RENAN, ERNEST.: Marc-Aurèle et la Fin du Monde Antique. First edition, Calmann Levy, Paris, 1882 £120.00

MACKINTOSH, Right Hon. Sir James.: The Miscellaneous Works of the Right Honourable Sir James Mackintosh. In three volumes. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. 1846. £350.00

Stirling, James Hutchison: Secret Of Hegel, being The Hegelian System In Origin, Principle, Form And Matter New edition, Edinburgh & Lon.: Oliver & Boyd. Simpkin Marshall, 1898. £70.00


Marcel Dunan Larousse Encyclopedia of Modern History from 1500 to the Present Day Bookplan, London, 1965. £40.00

Maragret Crosland Beyond The Lighthouse English Women Novelists In The Twentieth Century (ISBN: 0800807340) Constable 1981 £22.00

[Loyola de, S. Ignatio]: Constitutiones Societatis Jesu. 1558, reprinted from the original with...a translation and several important documents. Rivington, London 1838 £120.00

FERGUSON & ADAMS: guide to the antique shops of britain 1988 Antique Collectors' Club 1987 £20.00

MacFarquhar, R The Forbidden City {Peking] Reader's Digest 1972. NEW condition £45.00

"M Wright edits;" Complete Book of Gardening New Leaf 1978. AS NEW £26.00

M Sorrell Reconstructing the Past Batsford 1981 £20.00

M Seymour-Smith Guide to Modern World Literature Wolfe 173, London. First edition. £25.00


M Mallett The Borgias, rise and fall of a Renaissance Dynasty Bodley head 1969 £20.00

Ford, P & G: Select List of British Parliamentary Papers 1955-1964. Southampton University Studies in Parliamentary Papers Irish UP, Shannon 1970 £50.00

M Hillier Container Gardening, the complete Guide DK 1991. NEW condition £25.00

The American Medical Association: ARCHIVES OF DERMATOLOGY AND SYPHILOLOGY Volume 27 Chicago, IL, Jan-June 1928 £100.00

M Durrell Hammer's Gereman Grammar and Usage 3rd ed, Arnold 1996 £20.00

M Cunliffe The Age of Expansion 1848-1917Weidenfeld 1974 BBC 1974 £20.00





M Brannin Your Body in Mind - the key to health...body sense therapy Souvenir 1982 £20.00

M Ashley The Age of Absolutism 1648-1775 Weidenfeld 1974. £20.00

M & S Davie The Faber Book of Cricket Faber 1987 First edition, London. NEW condition £20.00

Lynn Picknett The Encyclopaedia of the Paranormal, complete guide to the Unexplained BCA 1991. NEW condition £35.00

Lunn, Arnold The Mountains of Youth Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1949. Second Edition. £40.00

LUCAS, F.L. AUTHORS DEAD & LIVING First edition, London Chatto & Windus 1926 £30.00

Lowell, James Russell Under the Willow & Other Poems Macmillan & Co., London, 1869. First UK edition. £60.00

Longmuir J Walker and Webster Combined in a Dictionary of the English Language William Tegg, London, 1866 £140.00

Lloyd & Bird The Cottage garden DK 1990. NEW condition £25.00

Pickering & Chatto: English Literature. Noted Bibliographically and Biographically. A Catalogue, with Prices Affixed, of a Very Extensive Collection of the First and Early Editions of Ancient and Modern English Literature. Pickering & Chatto, circa 1900 £90.00

Lightfoot & Cook edit Journal of the Council for Scientific Industrial Research Volume 1 to 21, Melbourne 1927-1948. A complete run. £3500.00

Shakespeare, William: The Plays of William Shakespeare from the Correct Edition of Isaac Reed Esq.12 Volume set. London: Vernor, Hood and Sharpe, Poultry, and Taylor and Hessey, 1809 £900.00

Lesley Bremness The Complete Book of Herbs CLB 1991. NEW condition £20.00

Leonard Cottrell The Lost Pharaohs Pan 1956 £30.00

Byron, George Gordon Noel, Lord: THE WORKS OF LORD BYRON. London: John Murray, Albermarle-Street 1831 £560.00

Leith, Prue and Waldegrave, Caroline Leith's Cookery Bible (ISBN: 074751044X) Bloomsbury, London, 1991 NEW Condition £50.00

Lawrence, D. H D.H. Lawrence: Selected Works : Sons and Lovers, The Prussian Officer and Other Stories, Lady Chatterley's Lover (ISBN: 0517101246) Gramercy Books, NY, 1994. £30.00

Lawrence Durrell Nunquam Faber 1970. First edition £25.00

Law, Thomas Graves. THE ARCHPRIEST CONTROVERSY. Documents relating to the Dissensions of the Roman Catholic Clergy, 1597-1602. Edited from the Petyt Mss. of the Inner Temple: Volume 1. Camden Society 1896. £40.00

Law & Paterson Living After a Stroke Condor 1980 £20.00

SMITH, Adam.: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations: volumes 1 & 3 only. MacMillan & Co, publishers to the University of Oxford 1869. £150.00

Larry Zuckerman The a vegetable changed history Pan 2000 £20.00

Larry Pryce The Bee Ges Panther 1979 £20.00

Lamplugh, Anne Flower and Vase Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1929. £35.00

Lady Gregory Mirandolina : A Comedy Translated and Adapted from La Locandiera of Goldini By Lady Gregory G. P. Putnam's Sons, London & New York, 1924. £60.00

La Tour Du Pin, Marquise De Journal D'Une Femme De 50 Ans 1778-1815 Berger-Levrault, Paris, 1954.. NEAR-NEW Condition £50.00

L S A de terain Indiscreet Journeys, stories of women on the road Virago 1989. NEAR-NEW condition £20.00

L S A de terain Easter Eggs : A Collector's Guide (ISBN: 0285623222) Souvenir Press 1978 £30.00

L Mottet Histoire Illustrees des Bergues 1834-1984, Pionnier de l'hotellerie suisse Geneve [1984] NEW condition £70.00

L Graetz Handbuch der und des Magnetismus: band IV Magnetismus unsd Elektromagnetismus Barth, Leipzig 1920 £140.00

L A Clarkson The Pre-Industrial Economy in England 1500-1750 Batsford 1971 £20.00

Krisa, B The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flowering Plants Select editions 1992. NEW condition. £25.00

Kraske Erich (Bearb) Handbuch des Auswärtigen Dienstes. Auf Veranlassung des Auswärtigen Amtes Max Niemeyer Halle 1939 £110.00

KRAILSHEIMER, A.J. (ED) & COUPE, W.A. THE CONTINENTAL RENAISSANCE 1500-1600 (ISBN: 0391008161) Humanities Press, 1978. £30.00

Knapton & Derry Europe and the World since 1914 Scribners 1966 £20.00

Kipling, Rudyard Puck of Pook's Hill Macmillan, London, 1911, Third Printing. £30.00

Kilbourn, Elizabeth Great Canadian Painting A Century of Art The Canadian Centennial Publishing Co. Ltd., Canada, 1966. £35.00

Kerr John Life In The Atholl Glens Perth & Kinross Libraries, First Edition, 1993. NEW condition £50.00

Kenneth cavander The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, radio plays BBC 1969 £20.00

Kenneth cavander The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, radio plays BBC 1969 £20.00

Keith, Alexander "Evidence Of The Truth Of The Christian Religion, Derived From The Literal Fulfilment Of The Prophecy; Particularly As Illustrated By The History Of The Jews And By Discoveries Of Recent Travellers" Edinburgh - Waugh And Innes et al, 1833, 11th edition £160.00

Horry, Peter And Mason L. Weems.: The Life of Gen. Francis Marion, a Celebrated Partisan Officer in the Revolutionary War, against the British and the Tories in South Carolina and Georgia. 11th edition, Philadelphia: Joseph Allen 1828 £140.00

Lubke, W.: ECCLESIASTICAL ART IN GERMANY DURING THE MIDDLE AGES. Fouth edition, , Jack, Edinburgh 1877 £150.00

Walker, John: Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language : In Which, Not Only the Meaning of Every Word is Clearly Explained, and the sound of Every Syllable distinctly Shown, But, where words are Subject to Different Pronunciations... London: T.Cadell and W Davies and Others, 5th edition with large additions, 1810 £450.00

Henry Kett: Elements of General Knowledge, introductory to useful books in the principal branches of literature and science. With lists of the most approved authors, including the best edition of the Classics. Rivington, &c., London 5th edition, 1803 £350.00

Jules Feiffer Harry, the Rat with Women First edition, Collins 1963. Near-NEW Condition £20.00

Flavius Josephus, edit. C.E.Richter: OPERA OMNIA Schickert, Lipsiae [Leipzig] 1826 £400.00

Eustace Budgell: A Letter to Cleomenes King of Sparta, From Eustace Budgell, Esq: Being an Answer, Paragraph by Paragraph, To His Spartan Majesty's Royal Epsitle Published some time since in the Daily Courant. With some Account of the Manners and Government of ... London, A. Moore [1731] £340.00

Jordan, John Soviet Warships: The Soviet Surface Fleet 1960 to the Present Published by Arms & Armour Press. First edition 1983. NEW condition £40.00

Jonathan Sacks The Dignity of Difference Continuum 2002. NEW condition. £20.00

Johnson, Samuel A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: In Which the Words are Deduced from their Originals, Explained in their Different Meanings and Authorized by the Names of the Writers in whose Works they are Found. Rivington et al. 1824. £280.00

John Ure Trespassers on the Amazon Constable 1986. NEW condition £25.00

F C Philips: THE DEAN AND HIS DAUGHTER Ward & Downey, London 1887. First edition. £4350.00

John Strachey The Theory and Practice of Socialism London: Victor Gollancz, 1936 [Left book Club, not for sale to the Public] AS NEW £35.00

John Raymond [Georges Simenon] Simenon in Court Hamish 1968. First edition. NEW condition £30.00

John Poole Narrow Boat Venture Gloucester 1975 £30.00

John Dawes Book of water gardens TFH 1989. AS NEW £20.00

Ovid: P. OVIDII NASONIS OPERA OMNIA, TOM I. EPIST HEROIDUM, DE ARTE AMANDI, ETC Waesbergios, Boom, & Goethals, Amstelodami 1702. £350.00

Wylie, J.A., Rev: THE HISTORY OF PROTESTANTISM Cassell & Co., n.d [ 1870s] £300.00

Joanne Lumley Girl Friday BBC 1994. First edition. £30.00

Jimmy greaves Greavsie, the autobiography Time Warner London, first edition 2003. Near-NEW condition £30.00

Jim David the Garfield Super Treasury W H Smith 1990. NEW condition £40.00

Scargill, William Pitt: The Widow's Offering. A Collection of essays by the author of " The Usurer's Daughter". First edition, London. Smith Elder 1837 £260.00

Jasper Fforde Something Rotten Hodder 2004. SIGNED COPY £30.00

Jane Austen The Complete Novels HarperCollins 1993 £30.00

YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY: MY YOUNG ALCIDES Fifth edition, Macmillan and Co,. 1875 £150.00

James Thayer Five Past Midnight Macmillan 1997, London. First edition. £36.00

HOLLAND (Clive), Illustrated by A. Heaton Cooper.: Denmark The Land of the Sea Kings; A.C.Black, 1928 £110.00

E Gronland: NORWAY IN ENGLISH, books on Norway and by Norwegians in English 1936-1959, a Bibliography Norwegian Universities Press, 1961 £40.00


J.E.Q.BARFORD. CLIMBING IN BRITAIN. Penguin Books Ltd. 1947 £30.00

J Z Young The Life of Mammals, their Anatomy and Physiology 2nd ed, Oxford 1975 £30.00

J Youings The Pelican Social History of Britain: Sixteenth Century England Lane 1984 £30.00

J Wright Complete Encyclopedia of Home freezing Octopus 1982. NEW condition. £20.00

J Schofield edits How famous Photographers Work Collins 1983. NEW condition £35.00

J S Tomlonson Mennonite Quilts and Pieces Good Books 1985. NEW condition £30.00

Blunden, E.: A FEW NOT QUITE FORGOTTEN WRITERS. First edition. 1967. £30.00

J Peters "From Time Immemorial;the Origins of the Arab Jewish Conflict Over Palestine" Michael Joseph, London, 1985. £60.00

J Moynahan The Deed of Life, the novels and tales of D H Lawrence Princeton 1963 £20.00

J M Auel The mammoth hunters Crown, NY 1985. First edition £30.00

J K Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (ISBN: 0747532745) Bloomsbury 1997. NEW condition.. £50.00

E W West, Translator. Muller, Max, editor of the Series: Pahlavi Texts: Part IV: Contents of the Nasks [ Sacred Books of the East Oxford, Sacred Books of the East, Volume 37, 1892 £100.00

George Thibault, Translator. Muller, Max, editor of the Series: The Vedanta-Sutras; with the commentary by Sankarakarya: Part Two [ Sacred Books of the East Oxford, Sacred Books of the East, Volume 38, 1896 £100.00

J Dimbleby The Palestinians Quartet 1979 £50.00

J Ashcroft Britain's Highest Peaks... route guide David & Charles 1993. NEW condition £40.00

Isac Asimov The Foundation Trilogy. 3 vols in 1. Doubleday & book Club 1950s. £40.00

Introduction By John Moore Our National Heritage London: Phoenix House, 1958 £35.00

Illustrated by N.E. Thing Enterprises Magic Eye II, Now You See It....3D Illusions by N.E. Thing Enterprises (ISBN: 0836270096) Joseph, London 1994. NEW condition. £25.00

Illustrated by John Harrold. RUPERT ANNUAL 1978 Daily Express. 1978 £40.00

Ickis, Marguerite THE STANDARD BOOK OF QUILT MAKING - and Collecting (ISBN: 0486205827) Dover Publications, New York, 1959. NEW condition £50.00

Bumpus, Francis T: The Cathedrals and Churches of NORWAY, SWEDEN AND DENMARK London T. Werner Laurie Ltd. 1905 £120.00

Bumpus, Francis T: The Cathedrals and Churches of Northern Italy London T. Werner Laurie Ltd. ca 1908 £140.00

Ian McEwan Atonement First edition, Cape 2001. NEW condition £60.00

Ian Bevan The Sunburnt Country, profile of Australia Collins 1953 London. £30.00

I Fletcher Decadence and the 1890s - Stratford on Avon Studies no 17 Arnold 1979 £20.00

HYMN BOOK THE OXFORD HYMN BOOK First edition] Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1908 £50.00

Hurstfield & Smith Elizabethan People - state and Society - documents Arnold 1972 £20.00

Hunter davies A walk along the Wall RU 1975, London. £22.00

Humble, Richard Naval Warfare: An Illustrated History (ISBN: 0856132853) Orbis Publishing, London, 1983 £40.00

Goff, R. C. And Clarissa Goff: Florence Some Tuscan Cities Painted Painted By Colonel R. C. Goff, Described By Clarissa Goff London: A. And C. Black, 1905. £120.00

Horsley & Buckley Nippon, new Superpower, Japan since 1945 BBC 1990 £30.00

Beerbower, James R.: SEARCH FOR THE PAST An Introduction to Paleontology. Prentis-Hall, Inc. New Jersey, 1960, first edition. £20.00

Homer "The Odyssey ; The Iliad" Guild 1988, London. NEW condition £50.00

HOLT, Nick & LLOYD, Guy Football The Beautiful Game (ISBN: 1903817986) Flame Tree, 2002. NEW condition £60.00

Godfrey, E.: HEIDELBERG, ITS PRINCES AND ITS PALACES. Grant Richards, 1906. £80.00

HEYERDAHL, Thor. THE RA EXPEDITIONS. (ISBN: 0045720207) [First UK edition] Allen & Unwin, 1970. NEW condition £60.00

Herre, Paul. Deutschland und die europäische Ordnung. Berlin, Deutscher Verlag (1941) £60.00

Gos, F.: RAMBLES IN HIGH SAVOY Longmans, Green, 1927 £110.00

Constable, Frank Challice.]: THE CURSE OF INTELLECT. Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1895. £120.00

Twain, Mark: TOM SAWYER ABROAD Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1894. £50.00

Victor Hugo: LES MISERABLES Nelson, Paris 1933 £40.00

Griffin, Arthur et al. Ed. by Robb Sagendorph: New England. Original Essays by 47 Famous New England Writers. First edition, Griffin Publishers 1962 £50.00

Gad: G.E.C. GAD, 1830 - 1930. Copenhagen, 1930. £75.00

ELKINS, P.J.: The Postal History of the Balearic Islands Hove: Ronald Shelley, 1984. 1st Edition £35.00

: Old Wykehamists Address Roll : 1976; 1982; 1988; 1994 - Winchester College Winchester P& G Wells Ltd 1976; 1982; 1988; 1994 £20.00

Henry Gray Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical (ISBN: 0517223651) Bounty Books, New York, 1977. NEW condition £60.00

Henri Martin Jean Reynaud First edition, Paris 1863 £100.00

Henderson,M.Sturge. GEORGE MEREDITH: NOVELIST, POET, REFORMER. 1907 Methuen & Co £30.00

MORSE, Hosea Ballou.: THE TRADE AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE CHINESE EMPIRE... With Illustrations, Maps and Diagrams. London: Longmans, Green.., 1908. £90.00

Hay, Roy / Synge, Patrick M The Dictionary of Garden Plants in Colour with House and Greenhouse Plants Ebury Press / Michael Joseph, London, 1970. NEW condition. £70.00

Anne Schlee: THE TIME IN ADERRA Macmillan 1996 1st. edition 1st. printing. £25.00

Halliwell, L Halliwell's Film Guide 10th ed, updated 1994 £20.00

Haliwell Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion 6th edition, Palladin 1977 £26.00

H-O Meissner Magda Goebbels, a Biography Sidgwick 1980. First edition. London. NEW condition £20.00

H Pearson Bernard Shaw Methuen 1951 £20.00

H M Fletcher Investing in Pottery and Porcelain Cresset Press 1968 £35.00

H Blakemore Latin America, essays in continuity and change BBC 1974 £20.00

Gussow, Alan A Sense of Place: The Artist and the American Land (ISBN: 0841501351) NY: Friends of The Earth, 1979. NEW in d/w £80.00

Gunther, John INSIDE ASIA Hamish Hamilton, London,1939 £30.00

GULLICK, Thomas John & TIMBS, John Painting popularly explained London: Kent 1859, £55.00

GRIFFITHS, John. THE BOOK OF ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL RUGBY 1871-1982. London: Collins, (Willow Books), 1982. NEW condition. £45.00

Goodman, Walter. The Committee: The extraordinary career of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. History Book Club 1969 £30.00

Goodall, Jane In the Shadow of Man (ISBN: 0002113570) William Collins Sons & Co Ltd, Glasgow, 1971. AS NEW £45.00

"Goldsmith, Maurice; Shaw, Edwin" Europe's Giant Accelerator: The Story of the CERN 400 GeV Proton Synchrotron (ISBN: 0850661218) Taylor and Francis, London, 1977 £70.00

Mavor, William: The British Nepos Or Youth's Mirror Being select Lives Of Illustrious Britons Who Have Been Distinguished By Their Virtues Talents Or Remarkable Progress In Life With Incidental And Practical Reflections Written Purposefully For The Use Of Schools... R Phillips St Paul's Church-yard London, 3rd edition with 24 portraits, 1802 £95.00

Goffrey Smith Sure and Simple Gardening BCA 1978. NEW condition £20.00

Gillian Avery Victorian People Collins 1970 £20.00

Gerald Seymour A Song in the Morning , At Close Quarters , Home Run : Diamond Books Omnibus Edition (ISBN: 1858132142) Diamond Books, London, 1993. NEW condition £30.00

Andrews H.T. et al (editors): South Africa in the Sixties. A Socio-Economic Survey. The South Africa Foundation, 1965. Second (revised) edition £30.00

Leonard Elmore: Elmore Leonard's Dutch Treat 3 Novels. The Hunted. Swag. Mr Majestyk (ISBN:0670814261) London: Viking 1987, first edition £35.00

Gerald & Lee Durrell Durrell in Russia (ISBN: 0356120406) Macdonald, 1986. NEW condition £35.00

Geraint evans A Knight at the Opera Joseph 1984, First edition. London. NEW condition £20.00

George Moore Celibate Lives Chatto 1968 £20.00

Garth Christian While Some Trees Stand [in Our Vanishing Country ] Newnes: London, 1963 £20.00

G Tridon La Commune de Paris de 1793: Les herbertistes Seconde ed., France et Belgique 1871 £100.00

G Savage Glass Octopus 1972. NEW condition. £20.00

G S Haight George Eliot, a Biography Clarendon Press 1968 £20.00

Bronislaw Malinowski: Diary in the Strictest Sense of the Term Routledge London, first edition 1967 £150.00

G P Gooch The Second Empire Longmans 1960 £20.00

G Millerson The Technique of Lighting for Television and Film Focal Press, 3rdf ed 1991 £25.00

Langenbach Alfred: The Wines of Germany Harper and Co 1951, 2nd imp., 1954 £25.00

JOHNSTON,, George H.: NEW GUINEA DIARY. London, Victor Gollancz 1943. £30.00

F Willis: A HISTORY OF THE PARISH OF UFFINGTON WITH CASEWICK Printing-Craft, Mansfield 1914 £140.00

G D H Cole Great Britain in the Post-War World London: Victor Gollancz, 1942 [Left book Club, not for sale to the Public] AS NEW £30.00

G Bruun Europe and the French Imperium 1799-1814 Harper, 1960s £20.00

G Boumphrey The New Shell Guide to Britain Ebury Press 1987. NEW condition £30.00

Vera Higgins: Some Good Garden Plants London: Royal Horticultural Society, 1946. £30.00

Frederic Raphael Orchestra and Beginners Cape 1967. First edition, London. NEW condition £30.00

FERGUSSON, Rosalind: The Penguin rhyming dictionary (ISBN:0670800368) Viking London 1985, first edition. £30.00

Franz Decker Berufswahl...ein handbuch zur Didaktik Westermann 1981 £40.00

Frank Schonmaker the Wines of Germany Faber 1983 £112.00

Frank O'Connor Collection Two - stories Macmillan 1964. UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY £36.00

Frank O'Connor Collection Three Macmillan 1969, first edition £30.00

Flenley & Spencer Modern German History, from the Reformation Dent 1968 £30.00

WINKLES, B[enjamin] [fl. 1829-1842].: French Cathedrals...From Drawings Taken On The Spot, By R.Garland, Archt. With An Historical And Descriptive Account. London: Charles Tilt, 1837 £300.00

Flegg & Hosking Poles Apart, the Natural Worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic Pelham 1990 £30.00

Felperin, Howard Beyond Deconstruction: The Uses and Abuses of Literary Theory (ISBN: 0198128398) Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1985. £20.00

Farrer & Graham 1955 The Year I was Born Signpost 1994 NEW condition. £20.00

M Winn & Mantak Chia: TAOIST SECRETS OF LOVE - cultivating male sexual energy Aurora Press, Santa Fe 1984 £25.00

Waller, M.E.: THROUGH THE GATES OF THE NETHERLANDS. Boston, 1907. £60.00

F E Jones The Battle for Peace London: Victor Gollancz, 1938. [Left book Club, not for sale to the Public] £30.00

F E Huggett A Dictionary of British History 1815-1973 Blackwell, Oxford 1974 £20.00

F Bedarida A Social history of England 1851-1975 Methuen 1979 £20.00

Webb, Sydney & Beatrice: SOVIET COMMUNISM: A NEW CIVILISATION Special Limited edition printed by the authors for the subscribing members of the Transport and General Workers' Union [1935] £60.00

Eric Sims A Natural History of Britain and Ireland Dent 1979 London. NEW condition £30.00

Eric Partridge A Dictionary of Catch Phrases 2nd ed, Routledge 1983 £20.00

Werner, A.: THE HUMOUR OF HOLLAND. Walter Scott, London, 1893 £65.00

Emile de Lavaleye Une Lecon de Droit Public a l'Universite de Louvain First edition, Paris 1874 £60.00

Emile de Lavaleye L'Aventure Religieux des Peuples Civilises First edition, Bruxelles 1876 £80.00


tT Muller: SCULPTURE IN THE NETHERLANDS, GEMANY, FRANCE, SPAIN 1400-1500[Pelican History of Art series] Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, First edition 1966 £80.00

Paul Frankl: GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE[Pelican History of Art series] Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, First edition 1962 £80.00

Boethius & Ward-Perkins: ETRUSCAN AND ROMAN ARCHITECTURE [Pelican History of Art series] Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, First edition 1970 £80.00

Eberts & ilott My Indecision is Final. the rise and fall of Goldcrest Films Faber 1992 £30.00

E Walford, later G Redway edits WALFORD'S ANTIQUARIAN MAGAZINE AND BIBLIOGRAPHER. Volumes 1-12 complete Reeves & Unwin, later G Redway, London 1882-1887 £1800.00

E Sagarra A Social History of Germany 1648-1914 Methuen 1977 £25.00

Sickman & Soper: THE ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF CHINA [Pelican History of Art series] Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1956 £80.00

E Mortimer Faith and Power, the politics of Islam Faber 1982 £30.00

E M Remarque A l'Ouest rien de Nouveau Paris, Stock 1929 £30.00

E Liman Everything in its place, a practical guide to home improvement David & charles 1977 £30.00

E L Volpe / William Faulkner A reader's Guide to William Faulkner Thames 1964 £20.00

LE GALLIENNE, Richard Thomas.: My Ladies’ Sonnets: and other "vain and amatorious" verses, with some of graver mood ... Privately printed. (Liverpool: W. & J. Arnold.) 1887 £125.00

E Crankshaw the Hapsburgs Weidenfeld 1971 £25.00

Dunn, L. C. Genetics in the 20th Century: Essays on the Progress of Genetics During Its First 50 Years Macmillan, New York City, 1951. First edition, first printing. £75.00

Naval Intelligence Division.: GREECE: Volume 2, Economic geography, Ports and Communications; Volume 3: Regional Geography London, Naval Intelligence Division, 1944 & 1945. £70.00

Naval Intelligence Division.: France Volume IV Ports and Communications London, Naval Intelligence Division, 1942. £60.00

Simmons Jack Introducing: Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Switzerland 1838 LEICESTER UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1970. £55.00

Muirhead, J.F.: A WAYFARER IN SWITZERLAND. Methuen, first edition 1926. £50.00

Orsi, Pietro: Modern Italy, 1748 - 1898. (The Story of the Nations, Vol 54) Subscription Edition. 2nd Edition. T Fisher Unwin 1899 £35.00

Diat, Louis Sauces French and Famous Hammond, London, 1955. £45.00

: JOURNAL DES DEMOISELLES; volume 35. Paris, au Bureau du Journal 1867 £180.00

H.J. Mackinder, Illustrated by Mrs James Jardine: The Rhine, its Valley and History Chatto, London, 1908. £50.00

Michel, F.: Die Kunstdenkmäler der Stadt Koblenz. Die profanen Denkmäler und die Vororte. (DieKunstdenkmäler von Rheinland-Pfalz. Erster Band.) 1954, München, Deutscher Kunstverlag. £120.00

Michell, T.: RUSSIAN PICTURES DRAWN WITH PEN AND PENCIL. [First edition] Religious Tract Society, 1889 £70.00

Delany, Paul D.H. Lawrence's nightmare: the writer and his circle in the years of the Great War Harvester Press, 1979. 1st edition. £30.00

Deffontaines Larousse Encyclopedia of World Geography Paul Hamlyn 1997 £50.00

Monroe, Will S[eymour]: mia and the Cechs. The History, People, Institutions, and the Geography of the Kingdom, together with Accounts of Moravia and Silesia London: Bell & Sons, 1910. £50.00

Oscar Montelius,and enlarged by the author and by F. H. Woods.: The Civilisation of Sweden in Heathen Times. Translated from the second Swedish edition revised and enlarged by the author by F. H. Woods. London, Macmillan, 1888. £115.00

I R Netton: A POPULAR DICTIONARY OF ISLAM Curzon Press 1992 £20.00

D Strong the early Etruscans Evans 1968 £20.00

D Steel The Golf Course Guide Collins 1974, revised ed. £25.00


D Dubal Conversation s with Menuhin Heineman 1991, First edition. London. NEAR-NEW condition £20.00

Cyrus Vance Hard Choics, critical years in America's Foreign Policy Simon NY 1983 £30.00

CRIPPS, Ernest C. (Compiler). Plough Court. The story of a notable pharmacy, 1715-1927. London, Allen & Hanburys Ltd, 1927 £70.00

Cowell, Adrian The Tribe That Hides From Man (ISBN: 0370013794) Bodley Head, London 1973. NEW condition £40.00

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