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FLEMING BROTHERS' HANDBOOK: Trade Catalogue: FLEMING BROTHERS' HANDBOOK Published by Fleming Brothers, Glasgow. 1950s. £50.00

Luzac & Co A Complete List of Books & Periodicals Published and Sold by Luzac & Co. (H. B. Knight-Smith) Oriental & Foreign Booksellers London: Luzac & Co., 1932 £50.00

Luzac & Co A Complete List of Books & Periodicals Published and Sold by Luzac & Co. (H. B. Knight-Smith) Oriental & Foreign Booksellers London: Luzac & Co., 1927 £50.00

Habla, Bernhard Besetzung Und Instrumentation Des Blasorchesters Seit Der Erfindung Der Ventile Für Blechblasinstrumente Bis Zum Zweiten Weltkrieg in Österreich Und Deutschland Hans Schneider, Tutzing, 1990. £160.00

Diebner, Kurt und Grassmann, Eberhard Künstliche Radioaktivität. Leipzig, S. Hirzel, 1939. £250.00

Fines John.: Who's Who in The Middle Ages. London. Anthony Blond 1970 £30.00

PRAVIEL, Armand. THE ADORABLE DUCHESS. George Allen & Unwin, London 1930 £30.00

Bodleian Library. Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries : Catalogue of an Exhibition. Bodleian Library, Oxford, first edition, 1968. £80.00

HAZLITT, W. CAREW The book-collector. A general survey of the pursuit and of those who have engaged in it at home and abroad from the earliest period to the present time. With an account of public and private libraries and anecdotes of their founders or owners and.... John Grant, London, 1904. First edition £75.00

J.E.G[ordon] SONGS AND ETCHINGS IN SHADE AND SUNSHINE London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1880 £120.00

Matz, Friedrich Grosse Kulturen Der Fruhzeit - Kreta, Mykene, Troja Gustav Kilpper Stuttgart (1957) £38.00

A C Hardy MOTORSHIPS OF THE WORLD AND MOTORSHIPPING REGISTER, an annual reference work of motor and motor-electric ships Sampson Low, 5th issue [1935] London £220.00

"Chisholm Geo G ; Editor" Longman's New Atlas Political and Physical Longmans, Green & Co,1889. £180.00

BETTEY, J. H: (editor) ENGLISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS 1906-1939 (ISBN: 0710060246) Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1967. £20.00

John Campbell LLOYD GEORGE, the Goat in the Wilderness, 1922 - 1931 Cape, London - first edition, 1977 £20.00

Wendy Hinde George Canning (ISBN: 0002111225) Collins 1973 £25.00

Read, Donald "Peterloo: the ""massacre"" and its background" Manchester University Press, 1973. £20.00

Le May, G H L The Victorian Constitution: Conventions, Usages and Contingencies (ISBN: 0715613537) Duckworth, London, 1979. £20.00

Pike, E. Royston Human Documents of the Lloyd George Era (ISBN: 0049420976) : Allen & Unwin, London, 1972. 1st Edition. £20.00

BOSANQUET (Eustace F.) English Printed Almanacks and Prognostications. A Bibliographical History to the Year 1600. Printed for The Bibliographical Society at the Chiswick Press, 1917. First Edition, £140.00

Grose, Francis THE ANTIQUITIES OF ENGLAND & WALES . Volume VII - wales New edition 1797 £380.00

Adler, Elmer and John T. Winterich (Editors) The Colophon: A Book Collectors Quarterly, volumes 1,2, 6,7, 8,9,11, 13,14,15,19 Pynson Printers, New York, 1930-1934 £90.00

Trezza Azzopardi Winterton Blue Picador, April 2007. NEW condition. Uncorrected proof copy £20.00

J. R. R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings Part I - The Fellowship of the Ring (ISBN: 0261103385) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 1996. £25.00

Jackson, Judith Scentual Touch: A Personal Guide to Aromatherapy (ISBN: 0030067634) Henry Holt & Co., New York, 1986. £20.00

Frances Kennett Lady Jazz (ISBN: 0575041692) Victor Gollancz, London, 1989. First edition. NEW condition £30.00

Starmer-Smith, Nigel The Barbarians: The Official History of the Barbarian Football Club (ISBN: 0354085018) Macdonald and Jane's, London, 1977. £20.00

Elleston, Trevor. SQUADRON AIRBORNE. Popular Book Club, 1950s. NEW condition. £20.00

Spanier, Ginette GINETTE SPANIER: AND NOW IT'S SABLES. (ISBN: 0709112408) Robert Hale & Company, London, 1973. NEW condition. £30.00

Vernon Coleman The Man Who Inherited a Golf Course (ISBN: 0950352799) Chilton Designs, Devon, UK, 1996. NEW condition. £30.00

LEDEN, Judy. FLYING WITH CONDORS. Foreword by King Hussein of Jordan. [First edition] Orion, 1996. NEW condition. £30.00

HASTINGS, Gavin High Balls and Happy Hours (ISBN: 1851586458) Edinburgh: Mainstream, 1994. NEW condition. £20.00

Eldem, Sedad Hakki: TURK MIMARI ESERLERI: Works of Turkish Architecture Baski. [n.d. ca. 1960] £100.00

B Gunston, J Batchelor SOVIET WAR PLANES Phoebus. 1977. NEW. £22.00

FREDERICK FORSYTH Day of the jackal/dogs of war/devils Alternative (ISBN: 0091772338) WH SMITH, LONDON. 1979. NEW £30.00

Lockley, Robert Mathias The Private Life of the Rabbit (ISBN: 002573900X) RU 1976 £20.00

Evans (George Ewart) & Thomson (David). THE LEAPING HARE. First edition, Faber 1972 £60.00

Lord Feversham. GREAT YACHTS. (ISBN: 021851476X) Anthony Blond, 1970. £40.00

Wilson-Bareau, Juliet, Ed. Manet by Himself: Correspondence & Conversation, Paintings, pastels, Prints & Drawings (ISBN: 0316855057) Little, Brown, London, 2000. NEW condition in dj £60.00

DRABBLE, Margaret.: The Middle Ground. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, (1980.). First edition. £30.00


T Curtis edits Antiques and their values: Dolls and Toys Lyle Publications, UK 1976 £30.00

Defoe Robinson Crusoe II [part two] Penguin Illustrated Classics 1938 £35.00

Cunliffe, Marcus: Soldiers And Civilians, The Martial Spirit In America 1775-1865 London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1969. £30.00

Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Bloomsbury, 2003. NEW condition. £220.00

Edwards, G. Rhys Snowdonia National Park Guide Number 2 (ISBN: 0117003492) Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974. £20.00

STAUNTON, Sir George, Baronet. An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China; including Cursory Observations made, and Information Obtained, in Travelling through that Ancient Empire, and a Small Part of Chinese Tartary. Together with... 2nd.[ octavo ] edition corrected, in three volumes, Printed for G. Nicol, Bookseller to His majesty, Pall Mall. London., 1798. £1850.00

Crawley, Tom: Bebe The Films Of Brigitte Bardot BCA, 1979. £35.00


LOFTIE, W.J. LONDON CITY. Its history, streets, traffic, buildings, people. [First edition] Leadenhall Press, 1891. £180.00

Cornwell (James): A SCHOOL ATLAS. London ;- Simpkin, Marshall & Co./Hamilton, Adams, & Co. N.D. (Circa 1850) £280.00

MUNTZ, Eugene: Edited by Walter Armstrong. Raphael. His Life, Works and Times. From the French of Eugene Muntz. London, Chapman and Hall, 1882 [first English edition] £180.00

Connolly, Cyril. (Edited by).: HORIZON. VOL. XIV. NOS.77-84. May-Dec 1946 £20.00

Conan Doyle, Arthur: THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES London: Smith, Elder & Co.,1911. New edition £20.00

Clark, Kenneth: Leonardo da Vinci. An account of his Development as an Artist Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1939, first ed. £50.00

M Vaussard Daily Life in Eighteenth century italy Allen & unwin 1962 £20.00

M Ashley The House of Stuart Dent 1980 £20.00

J P Mackintosh British Prime Ministers - Volume 1: Balfour to Chamberlain Weidenfeld 1977 £20.00

G E Aylmer The struggle for the Constitution 1603-1689 Blandford 1963 £20.00

Hollis, Patricia (ed). Class and Conflict in Nineteenth Century England 1815-1850. [Subtitle]: (Birth of Modern Britain Series.) (ISBN: 0710074204) Routledge & Kegan Paul,, London:, 1973 £20.00

Brophy, J The Human Face, London, George G. Harrap and Compny Ltd., , 1945. £30.00

Read, Donald Edwardian England, 1901-15, Society and Politics Harrap London 1972. NEW condition. £30.00

Achinger, Hans Wilhelm Merton Frankfurt, Kramer, 1970. NEW Neue £40.00

ALDERMAN, H.M. THE CHARM OF OLD SURREY Trefoil Publishing Co., [1931], 1931. Second revised edition £50.00

Pocock, Tom Chelsea Reach The Brutal Friendship of Whistler and Walter Greaves (ISBN: 0340109920) Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1970.. £20.00

HILL, Ernestine THE TERRITORY London Angus and Robertson 1963 £30.00

J M Barrie TOMMY AND GRIZEL Cassell 1900, facsimile reprint 1964 £60.00

William Hallberg Perfect Lies (ISBN: 1852251034) Partridge Press, London, 1990. NEW condition. £30.00

Judd, Alfred The School on the Steep : A Chronicle of Happenings London: Thomas Nelson & Sons, No date. Presumed FIRST EDITION. [ca 1910] £20.00

HARRISON, Colin AN ATLAS OF THE BIRDS OF THE WESTERN PALAEARCTIC (ISBN: 0002197294) Collins, London, 1982. £60.00

Batten et al Birdwatchers' Year Poyser, Berkamstead 1973 £30.00

M Balfour Britain and Joseph Chamberlain Allan & Unwin 1985 £30.00

BERENSON, Bernard. The Passionate Sightseer from the diaries 1947 to 1956. Preface by Raymond Mortimer. Thames and Hudson, 1966. NEW condition. £40.00

BUXTON, Anthony.: TRAVELLING NATURALIST [First edition] Collins, 1948 £35.00

Susan Powter Stop the Insanity. Change the Way You Look and Feel Forever. (ISBN: 1857973216) Orion, London 1994. NEW condition in dj. £20.00

ELLIS, Colin D. B. History in Leicester, 50 B.C. - A.D. 1900. City of Leicester, 1948. £50.00

Morris, William The Well at the World`s End, A Tale. Volume one only of a 2 Volume set. Longmans Green, 1896.. £100.00

Trade catalog: Shackell Edwards & Co PRINTING INKS Shackell Edwards & Co, Strand, London ca 1950s £100.00

Malcolm Bradbury Doctor Criminale First edition, secker, London 1992 £30.00

R Davis The Normans and their Myth Book Club 1976 £20.00

John Updike S, a Novel First edition, Deutsch, London 1988 £30.00

BROCKBANK, E.M. (Ed.): The Book of Manchester and Salford. Written for the 97th Annual Meeting of the British Medical Association Manchester: George Faulkner, 1929. 1st Edition. £45.00

Katz, Friedrich The Ancient American Civilisation Weidenfeld and Nicholson London 1969 £40.00

J H Mundy EUROPE IN THE HIGH MIDDLE AGES 1150-1309 Longman 1973 £30.00

Swallow, Charles. Sick Man of Europe: Ottoman Empire to Turkish Republic 1789-1923 (ISBN: 0510184200) Ernest Benn, 1973 £30.00

Michael Edwards A History of India - from the Earliest Times to the Present Day Thames & Hudson, London, 1961. £30.00

A Andrewes THE GREEKS Hutchinson 1967 £30.00

E M Green The Dampier Boys: A School Story Blackie, London, nd [ca 1920? ] £50.00

Ethel Lindsay A Schoolboy's Honour, or: The Lost Pigeons S.W. Partridge & Co. Ltd., London, ca 1910. First edition. £45.00

BOTHAMLEY, C. H.: THE ILFORD MANUAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Enlarged edition Ilford Ltd, London, c. 1910? £30.00

Scholssberg & Brockman The Pocket Calculator Game Book Corgi 1978 £20.00

Gallo, Max MUSSOLINI'S ITALY: Twenty Years of the Fascist Era. Translated by Charles Lam Markmann Abelard-Schuman. London., 1974. 1st English edition £40.00

DAVIDSON, Eugene THE MAKING of ADOLF HITLER. The Birth and Rise of Nazism. Macdonald and Janes, London. 1978. ISBN 0 354 01158 8., 1978. First U.K. edition £35.00

Alan Palmer The Kaiser, warlord of the Second Reich Weidenfeld 1978 £20.00

Martin & Chien-tung Makers of China Blackwell 1972 £30.00

R J White Europe in the Eighteenth Century MacMillan 1965 £20.00

DG Rude Europe in the Eighteenth Century, Aristocracy and the Bourgeoise Challenge Weidenfeld 1972 £20.00

D H Pennington Seventeenth Century Europe Longman 1970 £20.00

BELLOC, H.: MARIE ANTOINETTE London., Methuen & Co., 1909 £75.00

Beke, Laszlo,: A Student's Diary: Budapest, Oct. 16-Nov. 1, 1956, Hutchinson, London: (1957). £30.00

Beeton, Mrs Isabella: Mrs Beetons All About Cookery : A Collection of Practical Recipes arranged in alphabetical order London: Ward, Lock and Co. Limited, 1905. New Edition, enlarged, revised and thoroughly brought up to date £145.00

Beatles The (Aldridge Alan Edited by): The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics London: Little Brown & Co, 2002 £40.00

Barrie, J.M.: The Story of Peter Pan G. Bell & Sons, 1951 £45.00

Barnes-Svarney, Patricia editorial director: The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference : Stonesong Press/Macmillan 1995. £20.00

BARKER, Ernest; CLARK, George; VAUCHER, P. - Edited by.: THE EUROPEAN INHERITANCE. London, Readers Union by arrangement with Oxford University Press. 1956. £70.00

Axelrod, Herbert R. et al: Exotic Tropical Fishes T.F.H. 1962. £30.00

Avebury Lord.: The Scenery of England and the Causes to Which It Is Due. London. Macmillan & Co 1902. £35.00

Ashley, Maurice: THE GREATNESS OF OLIVER CROMWELL Readers Union, London, 1959 £25.00

Cicero, notes by A Watson CICERO, selected Letters Clarendon press, Oxford 1874 £50.00

Gagnon, Alphonse L'Amérique Précolombienne, essai sur l'origine de sa civilisation. Typographie Laflamme & Proulx, Québec, 1908. £60.00

HEISENBERG, WERNER, ed. Kosmische Strahlung Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1943 £180.00

MALLET-JORIS, Francoise The Uncompromising Heart: A Life of Marie Mancini, Louis XIV's First Love London W. H. Allen London 1966. First English edition £20.00

MacDonagh, Oliver Early Victorian Government 1830-1870 (ISBN: 0297772503) Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1977 £30.00

Spain, Nancy. MRS BEETON AND HER HUSBAND. 1948 Collins £20.00

Holtzman, William Seesaw, a Dual Biography of Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks (ISBN: 0385130767) DOUBLEDAY, New York, U.S.A., 1979 New condition in dj. £30.00

K T Langguth FINANCIAL DICTIONARY German-English Routledge, London 1933 £70.00

BACON,EDWARD Digging For History.. A Survey Of Recent World Archaeological Discoveries 1945-59 A & C Black, London, 1960. First Edition. £80.00

Ceram, C W A Picture History of Archaeology Thames & Hudson, 1958. £25.00

WELLINGTON, Duke of. PHYSICK (J). The Duke of Wellington in Caricature. [Foreword by His Grace the Duke of Wellington] Victoria & Albert Museum, 1965. £20.00

Leeson, Edward, comp. The New Golden Treasury of English Verse. (ISBN: 0333306600) Macmillan: London, 1980. NEW condition. £20.00

Huxley, et al (Edtd. by) THE JOURNAL OF THE ETHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. New Series, Vol.1. 1868-69 Trubner, 1869 £220.00

Yohannan John D A Treasury of Asian Literature Readers Union, 1960. £50.00

Williamson, Hugh METHODS OF BOOK DESIGN, THE PRACTICE OF AN INDUSTRIAL CRAFT. London Oxford University Press 1966 £60.00

Alison Plowden The House of Tudor (ISBN: 075091890X) Sutton, Gloucestershire, 1976. £20.00

David Eisenhower Eisenhower At War 1943-1945 (ISBN: 0002177692) Collins, London, 1986. £30.00

"""A Collector of Taxes""" THE UNIVERSAL TAX DIRECTORY by A Collector of Taxes William Stuart, 1784 £420.00

Michael Sellers PS I LOVE YOU, Peter Sellers 1925-1980 Book Club 1981 £20.00

Lydia Chatterton Modern Cookery Illustrated Odhams Press, London n.d.[1950s] £35.00

Alain Decaux Napoleon's Mother London: The Cresset Press, 1962. As NEW £30.00

TURQUAN, JOSEPH translated from the French THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF NAPOLEON. John Lane The Bodley Head, London, 1914. £30.00

Margaret Gaan Red Barbarian First edition, Murray 1984 £20.00

Durham Richard, Ali Muhammad The Greatest, My Own Story Book Club, London Uk, 1976. NEW condition. £30.00

Oxford Univ Press OXFORD HOME ATLAS OF THE WORLD Being the Oxford School Atlas in a General Edition Oxford Univ Press, 1955. £30.00

Thurber, James Vintage Thurber. A Selection In Two Volumes Of The Best Writings And Drawings Of James Thurber. Hamish Hamilton. 1963. First edition. Volume 1 ONLY £20.00

RABELAIS , Francois THE COMPLETE WORKS OF DOCTOR FRANCOIS RABELAIS Abstractor of the Quintessence Being an Account of the Inestimable Life of the Great Gargantua and of the heroic deeds,sayings and marvellous voyages of his son the good Pantagruel. Faithfully rendered The Abbey library,London,n.d. [1950s] £30.00

P Ziegler Lady Diana Cooper Hamish Hamilton 1981. £30.00

Lian Hearn Across the Nightingale Floor. First edition, MacMIllan 2002 £20.00

Roy Hattersley Goodbye to Yorkshire (ISBN: 0575022019) Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1976. New condition. £30.00

YOUNG, Andrew. Collected Poems. Jonathan Cape, 1936. First Edition. £30.00

Roger P. Buliard Inuk London, Macmillan and Co., 1953 £30.00

Jane Adams Fade to Grey First MacMillan 1998 £20.00

Anne Rice Violin First edition, Chatto 1997 £20.00

Anita Brookner A Private View First edition, Cape 1994. £25.00

Anita Brookner A Family Romance First edition, Cape 1993 £20.00

Anita Brookner Lewis Percy First edition, Cape 1989 £25.00

: The Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Feb 1945 to Dec 1946, being issues 293-315 £40.00

Jackson (W. Eric, General Editor). The Youngest County. A Description of London as a County and its Public Services. London County Council. 1951. £30.00

Horstmann, Lali Nothing for Tears Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1953. £25.00

H Cathcart Charles[Prince of Wales] Man of Destiny W Allen 1988. NEW £25.00


NUTTING, Anthony. No end of a lesson. The story of Suez. Constable 1967, first edition. NEW condition. £30.00

EVELYN (J). BOWLE (J John Evelyn and his World. A Biography Routledge & Kegan Paul, 198. NEW condition. £30.00

P Laven Renaissance Italy 1464-1534 Batsford 1966 £20.00

Wallace Collection Catalogues - Pictures And Drawings - Text With Historical Notes And Illustrations Trustee's of the Wallace Collection, 1968. 16th edition. NEW condition. £30.00

[Shanti Sadan et al] Self-Knowledge (Volume 3, No 4; vol 4, nos 1-4; vol 7 nos 1-4; Vol 8 nos 1 & 4; vol 9 nos 2-4; vol 10 nos 1-3; vol 13 nos 1,2,4; vol 14 nos 2,3,4) A Quarterly Journal Devoted to Spiritual Thought and Practice Shanti Sadan, the Centre of Adhyatma Yoga in the West, 1952-1963. £20.00

: Home Handyman Colour Library Books 1988 £35.00

NEWBY, Eric. ROUND IRELAND IN LOW GEAR. [First edition] Collins, 1987. £40.00

Watson, D BIRDS OF MOOR AND MOUNTAIN Edinburgh, 1972. [First edition] Scottish Academic Press £120.00

Hood, Thomas Hood's Comicalities in Prose and Verse, with the Original Illustrations Ward, Lock & Bowden, London ca 1890 £150.00

Rolland, Romain Das Leben Michelangelos Frankfurt/Main, Literarische Anstalt Rüttgen & Loening, 1919 £150.00

: Creative Garden Design (from the "Successful Gardening" series, complete in itself) Reader's Digest, 1993 £30.00

: Creative D-I-Y in the Garden (from the "Successful Gardening" series, complete in itself) Reader's Digest, 1991 £20.00

Robinson, P.F. Designs for ornamental villas in ninety-six plates. The scenic views chiefly by J. D. Harding. Third edition, greatly improved. London, Henry G. Bohn, 1836 £860.00

William Makepeace Thackeray The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray in Twenty-Four Volumes (53 vols. incl. Bibliography) London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1878-86 £2200.00

Everitt, G. English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century. How they Illustrated and Interpreted their Times. A Contribution to the History of Caricature from the Time of the First Napoleon Down to the Death of John Leech, in 1864. London., 1893. Second edition £120.00

Fingleton, David Kiri Te Kanawa, A Biography (ISBN: 0002163659) Collins, London and Auckland, 1982. NEW condition. £30.00

DU PRÉ Hilary & DU PRÉ Piers A Genius in the Family: An Intimate Memoir of Jacqueline Du Pré Chatto & Windus 1997. NEW condition. £40.00

: A-Z of annuals, biennials & bulbs (from the "Successful Gardening" series, complete in itself) Reader's Digest, 1993 £20.00

WALSH, J.M. SPIES IN SPAIN. London: Odhams Press Limited, n.d. [1937] £40.00


"Sutkus, Antanas; Bumblauskas, Alfredas" Lietuva: Lithuania (ISBN: 5899422742) Lietuvos Fotomenininku sajungos fondas, 1992. £25.00

Rev. George W. Cox Tales of the Gods and Heroes second edition with additions, Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, and Green, 1863 £60.00


HOFLAND, (Mrs.) [Barbara (Wreaks) Hoole, afterwards Hofland, 1770-1844]. "THE PANORAMA OF EUROPE; or, a New Game of Geography...seventh Edition Continued to the Present Year." London: A.K. Newman, 1831 £120.00

John Betjeman Collected Poems Murray, London. Second edition with additional poems, 1962 £20.00

Claire Tomalin SAMUEL PEPYS, the unequalled self Penguin 2003 £20.00

Tynan, K OH! Calcutta Grove Press 1969 £20.00

JERDAN, William.: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of illustrious and eminent personages of the nineteenth century; with memoirs. Dedicated, by permission, to the King Fisher, son & Jackson, 1830 £300.00


Henty, G.A.: St. Bartholomew's Eve Blackie & Son Limited. Early printing [ 1895?] £65.00

MACLAREN, Ian: Beside the bonnie brier bush; The days of Auld Lang Syne; Kate Carnegie UK: James Askew, Preston circa 1900 £30.00

Allen W.E.D. & Muratoff P. The Russian Campaigns of 1944-45. Penguin., 1946. First Edition. £20.00

PAGET ( Francis E. ) ]: The Owlet of Owlstone Edge ; his travels, his experience, his lucubrations. By the author of "S. Antholin's", &c. first edition, J.Masters 1856 £36.00

HORNIMAN, ROY: A Gentleman of Paris, Bellamy the Magnificent London: The Readers Library. 1st Thus. [1928] £35.00

Boulger, G.S.: FAMILIAR TREES Revised enlarged edition, Cassell & Co, 1906-1907 £120.00

Arthur Charles Fox-Davies and F W F Carlyon-Britton: A Treatise on the Law Concerning Names and Changes of Name London: Eliot Stock, 1906. £45.00

Robert Harvey Liberators: South America's Savage Wars of Freedom 1810-30 (ISBN: 1841196231) Robinson, London, 2002. New £25.00


Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: { AGRICULTURAL STUDIES} Numbers 1-22 & 30-66, bound in 11 thick volumes. Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 1948-1964 £2750.00

Boyle, Andrew TRENCHARD. Man of Vision London . Collins.1962. FIRST EDITION. NEW condition. £50.00

Leacock, Stephen "ARCADIAN ADVENTURES WITH THE IDLE RICH;" London, John Lane, 1915. First edition £35.00

SKELTON, R.A., MARSTON, Thomas E. and PAINTER, George D. THE VINLAND MAP AND THE TARTAR RELATION. Foreword by Alexander O.Vietor. Yale University Press, 1965. £140.00

Estudos sobre a Antropologia Fisica do ultramar Portugues : Memorias Da Junta De Investigaçoes Do Ultramar, N°54 Lisboa, Junta de Investigaçoes do Ultramar 1968 £110.00

Formantiniferos Timor : Memorias Da Junta De Investigaçoes Do Ultramar, N°54 Lisboa, Junta de Investigaçoes do Ultramar 1968 £140.00

"ESTUDOS SOMBRE PRE-HISTORIA DO ULTRAMAR PORTUGUES: VOLUME 2; .Memorias Da Junta De Investigaçoes Do Ultramar, N°54" Lisboa, Junta de Investigaçoes do Ultramar 1968 £90.00

ESTUDOS DE BIOLOGIA MARITIMA: Memorias Da Junta De Investigaçoes Do Ultramar, N°54 Lisboa, Junta de Investigaçoes do Ultramar 1968 £40.00

Courtlandt Canby ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE WORLD (ISBN: 090748624X) NEW condition Chancellor Press London, 1980. £30.00

Henry Kingsley Silcote of Silcotes Ward locke ca 1900. £20.00

"Wavell, Field Marshal Viscount, of Cyrenaica and Winchester""" "Allenby in Egypt, Being Volume II of Allenby: A Study in Greatness""" George G. Harrap and Co, London, 1943 £30.00

[Catherine Marsh] "MEMORIALS OF CAPTAIN HEDLEY VICARS, Ninety-Seventh Regiment. By the author of ""The Victory Won""." Forty-sixth thousand, James Nisbet and Co., ., 1856. £90.00

Marshall, Katherine Tupper Together, Annals of an Army Wife Blandford London 1947 £30.00

G E Whitehead WARM GREENHOUSE PLANTS Faber 1974. £20.00

Webb, Mary The House in Dormer Forest Jonathan Cape, London, 1931 £30.00

Webb, Mary Precious Bane Jonathan Cape, London, 1933 £30.00

ORWEN, Gifford P. JEAN-FRANCOIS REGNARD (Twayne's World Authors Series). (ISBN: 0805764275) Boston: Twayne, 1982. £30.00

Beresford, Maurice. THE LOST VILLAGES OF ENGLAND. Lutterworth, 1954. £35.00

Moullin, E.B. THE PRINCIPLES OF ELECTROMAGNETISM. Clarendon., 1932. 1st Ed. £70.00

Jung, C. G.; Read, Herbert [editor]; Fordham, Michael [editor]; Adler, Gerhard [editor] C. G. Jung, the Collected Works: Volume 9, Part 1: The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1959. £50.00

Director General Indian Post Office INDIAN POSTAL GUIDE Calcutta: Indian Post Office, 1903. £260.00

"Poetical miscellany;" "Thesaurus dramaticus. Containing all the celebrated passages, soliloquies, similes, descriptions, and other poetical beauties in the body of English plays, antient and modern, digested under proper topics; with the names of the plays & their authors." London: printed by Sam. Aris, for Thomas Butler, 1724. Volume 1 only. £200.00

The Journal of the British Archaeological Association Printed for the Association, London, 1876. £100.00

Norway Pilot Part II: From the Naze to the North Cape Thence to Jacob River 1915 Third edition, Admiralty, London 1905 £110.00

Meurant, L. H. Sixty Years Ago Africana Connoisseurs Press, Cape Town, 1963. NEW condition. £120.00

Bigge, Maud My Secret London Methuen, London, 1932. £30.00

Lloyd, Robin PLAYLAND : A STUDY OF BOY PROSTITUTION, Blond & Briggs, London, 1st UK edition, 1977 £40.00

Chamberlin, E.R. The Bad Popes History Book Club, London, 1969. NEW condition in original glassine dj. £30.00

Webb, A: THE NEW DICTIONARY OF STATISTICS Routledge, 1911 £140.00

Alam Morehead The White Nile Hamish Hamiilton 1960. £30.00

Thomas Keneally Jacko, the great intruder Hodder first editon 1994 £30.00

Stanley Ayling George the Third History book Club 1972. £20.00

Korda, Michael CURTAIN (ISBN: 0671686844) NY: Summit Books, 199. NEW condition. £30.00

McINERNEY, Jay. Story of My Life. (ISBN: 0747501807) London, Bloomsbury 1988. NEW condition. £30.00

Ludlum , Robert THE APOCALYPSE WATCH (ISBN: 0002239728) Harper Collins First edition 1995. NEW condition. £20.00

Henderson, Nicholas Prince Eugen Of Savoy, A Biography History Book Club London, 1966. 1st edition thus. nEW condition £30.00

Davies, J D Griffith A King in Toils (George II) Lindsay Drummond 1st ed 1st printg 1938 £20.00

ROBSON, WALTER [STANLEY] Letters from a soldier. Faber and Faber,, London, 1960. NEW condition £60.00

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