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Hom, Ken Ken Hom's Hot Wok (ISBN: 0563371005) BBC, London, 1996. £20.00

Claire Rayner Everything Your Doctor Would Tell You If He Had the Time (ISBN: 0330260383) BCA, London 1980 £20.00

King, Billy-Jean & Brace, Reg Play Better Tennis with Billy Jean King (ISBN: 0706412230) Octopus, London, 1981. £25.00

Gilliatt Mary The Complete Book of Home Design (ISBN: 0356175863) Guild Publishing 1988 £25.00

ROYAL ACADEMY PICTURES 1892. London: Cassell & Company Ltd., 1892 £60.00

Williams, Michael. History of Golf. (ISBN: 086136032X) "Galley Press; London; 1988; Revised Edition" £30.00

Antique Print: G.Collafavi: Interno di S.Clemente Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1830 £160.00

STEVENSON, Tom SOTHEBY'S WORLD WINE ENCYCLOPAEDIA. A Comprehensive Reference Guide to the Wines of the World Dorling Kindersley. [First UK edition] 1988. New. £75.00

Pax W.E. In The Footsteps of Moses Oliphants, London, 1976 £25.00

Pax W.E. In THe Footsteps of Jesus - A Pilgrimage to the Scenes of Christ's Life. Oliphants, London, 1976 £25.00

Wyse, Henry T. MODERN TYPE DISPLAY AND THE USE OF TYPE ORNAMENT Edinburgh Henry T. Wyse 1911 £60.00

William Makepeace Thackeray The History Of Pendennis - His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy Smith, Elder & Co, London, England, 1882. £30.00

William Edmundstoune Aytoun Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1886 £35.00

Antique Print: G.Balzar: Veduta dell' Anfiteatro Flavio dalla parte di Occidente Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1830 £240.00

Wheeler, Opal "Stephen Foster and His Little Dog Tray;" London, Faber & Faber, 1957 £20.00

Watson, William LACHRYMAE MUSARUM AND OTHER POEMS London: Macmillan and Co., 1892, reprint. £40.00

Antique Print: G.Balzar: Veduta Aranzi del Corridore interno dell' Antifiteatro Flavio detto il Colosseo. Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1830 £180.00

Antique Print: G.Balzar: Porta esquilina in oggi Porta L/Lorenzo Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1830 £180.00

Van Dyke, Henry. The Poems of Henry Van Dyke. A new and revised edition with Many Hitherto Unpublished. Arthur F Bird., London, 1912 £40.00

Antique Print: G.Balzar: Avanzi della Basilica Liberiana Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1830 £200.00

Antique Print: G.Balzar: Avanzi dell' Anfiteatro Flavio detto il Colosseo Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1830 £200.00

Tietze, Hans (Herausgeber, i.e., editor) Alt-Wien in Wort und Bild. Vom Ausgang des Mittelalters bis zum Ende des XVIII. Jahrhunderts. Mit 222 Abildungen auf 143 Tafeln und 8 farbigen Kunstbeilagen. Wien, Kunstverlag Anton Schroll & Co., 1924 £65.00

Thomas, Gilbert Birds of Passage and Other Verses First edition, Chapman & Hall, London, 1912 £35.00

Tennyson, Alfred Lord Tiresias and Other Poems London: Macmillan and Co, 1885. £120.00

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Studies in Song. London: Chatto & Windus, 1880. First edition. £36.00

Antique Print: Ant.Aquaroni: Tempio di Bacco oggi S.Urbano Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1840 £160.00

Smith, George Adam The Life of Henry Drummond. Hodder and Stoughton 1899 £30.00

Smith, George The Dictionary of National Biography - The Concise Dictionary Part 1 From the Beginnings to 1900 and Part II. 1901-1950. Being an Epitome of the Twentieth Century D.N.B. down to the end of 1950. Published by Oxford University Press , London , 1961, 1964 £80.00

Antique Print: A.Parboni: Grotto Egeria Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, circa 1834 £160.00

SLESSOR, TIM First overland - the story of the oxford and cambridge far eastern expedition Companion Book Club, London, 1957. £40.00

Skelton, Marston & Painter THE VINLAND MAP AND THE TARTAR RELATION Yale University Press, 1965. £110.00

SHAW, George Bernard. THE COMPLETE PLAYS. First edition, Odhams Press, 1934. £75.00

SHAW, F.W. Captain Lash. Published to coincide with the films British release. Readers Library Film Edition: ca 1st thus, 1928 £50.00

Scott, Sir Walter The Poetical Works Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1855, £60.00

Schuette, Marie PERSER-TEPPICHE Bibliographisches Institut AG, Leipzig, 1935 £30.00

Savage, Henry. PRINCE OF ADVENTURERS... (THE NOVEL OF THE FILM). London: The Readers Library Publishing Company Ltd., n.d. [1928] £50.00

Russell, Bertrand. Roads to Freedom: Socialism, Anarchism, and Syndicalism. London: Allen & Unwin, 1933 £20.00

Russell Holman The Fleet's In! With a foreword by Clara Bow. Published to coincide with the films British release. Readers Library Film Edition: 1st thus, 1928. £75.00

Rosenkrantz, Palle [Adam Vilhelm], Baron. THE GOLDEN CLOWN... Translated by M. Guiterman. London: The Readers Library Publishing Company Ltd., n.d. [1927] £50.00

Rolph C.H. LIVING TWICE. An Autobiography. The Quality Book Club, 1976. £20.00

Roberts, Harry. ALL ABOUT GARDENING. Ward Lock,, London, ca 1915. £25.00

Richard Doyle The Foreign Tour of Messrs Brown, Jones and Robinson. Being the History of what they saw, and did, in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, & Italy. London Bradbury & Evans, 1854 £70.00

Reed, John Ten Days That Shook the World. Martin Lawrence 1934 £20.00

Reader's Digest ( Edited by) Town Tours in Britain : A Walker's Guide (ISBN: 0276420098) The Readers Digest Association Ltd, London UK, 1990 £35.00

PROCTOR, Robert. Jan van Doesborgh. Printer at Antwerp. An Essay in Bibliography. London: Printed for the Bibliographical Society at the Chiswick Press, 1894 £180.00

Pollock, Channing. THE ENEMY... Illustrated with Scenes from the Photo Play... London: The Readers Library Publishing Company Ltd., [1928] £80.00

Antique Print: DOWER, J.: TOWN PLAN OF GENEVA Orr & Smith, London c1830 £95.00

Photo-Album GRANADA, album de 24 vistas en fototipia Granaga, F R Fernandez ca 1880? £110.00

Peters,Ellis A Rare Benedictine-The Advent of Brother Cadfael (ISBN: 0747279950) Headline, London, 1989 £20.00

Patmore, Coventry. The Angel in the House. London: George Bell & Sons. 1892 £95.00

Paraluman S. Aspillera Basic Tagalog For Foreigners and Non-Tagalogs Charles E. Tuttle, Tokyo, 1986 £20.00

OWENS , L.T. J.H. Mason, 1875-1951, scholar-printer. (ISBN: 0584103530) Frederick Muller, London, 1976. £40.00

Antique Print: Artist: Turner, W, engraved by James Basire: INSIDE VIEW OF THE EAST END OF MERTON COLLEGE CHAPEL. [ OXFORD ] [ London: Printed for John Bowles & Son, at the Black Horse in Cornhill, Robert Sayer at the Golden Buck in Fleet Street, & John Ryall at Hogarth's Head in Fleet Street, circa 1755 ] £400.00

Oliver Simon Introduction to Typography. Faber and Faber, London. 1945 £20.00

Noyes Alfred. Songs of Shadow-of-a-Leaf & other poems. London, Blackwood, 1924 £30.00

MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP "History of the United Netherlands; from the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Years' Truce-1609." London: John Murray, 1869 £110.00

Moore, Francis Plays & Duologues First edition, Dean & Son, London, 1893 £60.00

Montgomery, Field-Marshal the Viscount, of Alamein THE MEMOIRS OF FIELD-MARSHAL THE VISCOUNT MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN, KG Companion Book Club, London, 1960. £22.00

McKeown, James M. & Joan C., Eds. Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 10th Edition, 1997-98 (ISBN: 0931838282) Grantsburg, WI.: Centennial Photo Service, 1996 £50.00

McCormick, Audrey. Not Poetry. Tuffy Publishers, Malton, UK, 1961. £35.00

MASEFIELD John Wonderings Heinemann, 1943 £35.00

"Marks, J.; Marks, Georgette A.; Farmer, Albert John" Harrap's French-English Dictionary of Slang and Colloquialisms (ISBN: 0245596097) George G. Harrap, London, 1970 £20.00

MAQUET, M. Charles Dictionnaire Analogique. Réportoire Moderne Des Mots Par Les Idées. Des Idées Par Les Mots. Paris: Librairie Larousse, 1936 £20.00

Malclès, L.-N. Les Sources du Travail Bibliographique. Librairie Droz, Geneva, 1950-58 first editions £140.00

MACPHERSON, JEANIE & HENRY MACMAHON The King of Kings. Illustrated with Scenes from the Motion Picture London Readers Library 1927 £50.00

MACPHERSON, JEANIE & HENRY MACMAHON The Ten Commandments London Readers Library 1924 £50.00

M J Landa The Shylock Myth W H Allan, London 1942 £30.00

LUMSDEN, JAMES Doun I'th' Loudons a Drama of Country Life and Other Pieces William MacDonald, Edinburgh, 1908. £35.00

"Lowndes, W.T. ; Bohn, H.G." "The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature Containing an Account of Rare, Curious, and Useful Books, Published in or Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, from the Invention of Printing; with Bibliographical and Critical Notices, Collations of" H. G. Bohn, London, new edition, 1857-1864 £350.00

LOVER, SAMUEL Handy Andy. A Tale of Irish Life. London: Macmillan, 1896. £35.00

"London; Kegan Paul; 1934" Colloquial Japanese "London; Kegan Paul; 1970s" £20.00

London: John Murray, 1847 Rejected Addresses: or, The New Theatrum Poetarum (Twenty-First Edition). London: John Murray, 1847 £45.00

London, Jack. BURNING DAYLIGHT... Illustrated with Scenes from the Photo Play First National Pathe Production... London: The Readers Library Publishing Company Ltd., n.d. [1928 £50.00

Litwak REEL POWER. The Struggle for Influence and Success in the New Hollywood London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1987 £20.00

Antique Print: Rapin: Blenheim House, [ Palace ] built at the expence [sic] of the Public and settled on the Duke of Marlborough and his posterity, for Mr Tindal's Continuation of Mr Rapin's History London, Knapton circa 1730. £150.00

Lear, Edward A Book of Lear Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1939, first thus £20.00

Laszlo, Orszagh Angol-Magyar Keziszotar : English-Hungarian {Dictionary] Franklin Budapest 1930s £20.00

Lampson, Frederick Locker & Austin Dobson (introduction and notes by) LONDON LYRICS London, Macmillan 1904 £60.00

KRUMMEL, D. W. English Music Printing 1553-1700. (ISBN: 0197217885) Bibliographical Society., London, 1975. £80.00

Antique Print: View of the beautiful cascade, near Matlock-Bath in derbyshire [ for: the new modern universal British Traveller ] [ London, 1770s] £125.00

james Hilton CHRONOGRAMS COLLECTED: more than 4000 in number since the publication of the two preceding volumes Volume III, Elliot stock, London 1895 £250.00

j van der voort Kramer's Engelsch Woordenboek : Engelsch-nederlandch en nederlandsch-engelsch. G. B. Van Goor Zonen, Gouda. Netherlands, 1930s.. £20.00

Antique Print: Vienna, Showing the international exhibition Illustrated London News, 1873 £350.00

IRISH POETRY]. STEWART, William McCausland. TOKENS IN TIME The Fortune Press,, London:, 1968. First edition. £45.00

Housman, Laurence and Barker, H Granville Prunella or Love in a Dutch Garden London: A H Bullen, 1906. £60.00

Henty G.A. In the Reign of Terror. The Adventures of a Westminster Boy. W.Foulsham and, London., 1977. £20.00

Hearn, Lafcadio, edited by John Erskine Pre-Raphaelite and other poets. London: William Heinemann, 1923 £25.00

Haskell, Daniel C. TENTATIVE CHECK-LIST OF EARLY EUROPEAN RAILWAY LITERATURE 1831-1848. Boston Baker Library (1955) £85.00

HARRISON, FREDERICK Notes On Sussex Churches. S. Combridge, 1908, second edition, revised and enlarged £28.00

"Harris, Richard (Preface: Brampton, the Right Hon. Lord (Hawkins, Mr.); Foreword By Eliott, George)" illustrations in Advocacy with an Analysis of the Speeches of Mr. Hawkins, Q.C. (Lord Brampton) in the Tichbone Prosecution for Perjury London: Stevens and Haynes, 1915 £35.00

HAMMOND, GERTRUDE DEMAIN). DAWSON, LAWRENCE H. Stories from the faerie queene retold from spenser. Harrap, London 1910. First edition £30.00


Gray, George J. And Palmer, William Mortlock, M.D. Abstracts from the Wills and Testamentary Documents of Printers, Binders, and Stationers of Cambridge, from 1504 to 1699. Bibliographical Society, London, 1915. £45.00

GRANT, Maurice Harold A Dictionary of British Landscape Painters from the 16th Century to the Early 20th Century Leigh-on-sea: F.Lewis, 1952 £35.00

George Smith Dictionary Of National Biography - The Concise Dictionary From The Beginnings To 1930, Being An Epitome Of The Main Work And Its Supplement, To Which Is Added An Epitome Of The Twentieth Century Volumes Covering 1901 - 1930 Oxford University Press, 1948, first edition. £40.00

GARNETT, James M. (Trans.). "Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or the Flight at Brunanburgh; and Brythnoth, or the Flight at Maldon: Anglo-Saxon Poems." Boston: Ginn & Co., 1911, 3rd edition. £50.00

Fry, Christopher. A SLEEP OF PRISONERS. London: Oxford University Press, 1951 £35.00

Foskett, Daphne John Harden of Brathay Hall 1772 - 1847 (ISBN: 0950333506) Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, 1974. £40.00

Fayers, Martin A A Handbook for Young Gardeners Oxford University Press, London 1928 £30.00

F Delitzsch JOSE AND BENJAMIN: a tale of jerusalem in the time of the Herods Hodder, London 1882, first Englsih edition. £40.00

Exhib. cat. Musee du Louvre Dessins francais de l'Art Institute de Chicago de Watteau a Picasso. Exhib. cat. Musee du Louvre, Paris, 1976. £35.00

Ewing, Julia The Story of a Short Life Society For Promoting Christian Literature, London, 1880s, £20.00

Evelyn Everett-Green EVERYBODY'S FRIEND or Hilda Danvers' Influence. S.W. Partridge, London [ca 1905] £30.00

"English Ceramic Circle; Bradley, H. G. (editor)" English Ceramic Circle: Transactions: Volume 10, Parts 4 and 5 [English Ceramic Circle, NP [London?], 1980 £30.00

Antique Print: [ Prospect/Town view] The City of Batavia [ East Indies ] Henry Fisher, Liverpool 1818 £75.00

Elbert Hubbard The Notebook of Elbert Hubbard : Mottoes, Epigrams, Short Essays, Passages, Orphic Sayings and Preachments Wise, New York, 1927 £50.00

Edward lear A Literary Centenary: Edward Lear, a short review. Frederick Warne London 1912 £40.00

Edmond Holmes The Triumph of Love First edition, John Lane Company, London, 1902 £75.00

E.S.B. Jack Webster. A Christian Soldier. SPCK, London ca 1900 £30.00

E H Carrier THE UNKNOWN WARRIOR AND OTHER POEMS Epworth press, first editoon 1926 £75.00

Dyson, Peter and Grady, Kevin Blue Plaques of Leeds. The stories Behind the Famous People and Places Commemorated for Posterity By Blue Plaques (ISBN: 0905671228) Leeds Civic Trust, Leeds, 2001 £35.00

Dreux du Radier, Jean-Francois Memoires historiques critiques et anecdotes des reines et regentes de France. Paris.Mame., 1808. Volume on eonly, £60.00

DAY, Kenneth. THE TYPOGRAPHY OF PRESS ADVERTISEMENT. A Practical Summary of Principles and their application. Foreword by Lord Mackintosh of Halifax. [First edition] Ernest Benn, 1956. £90.00

Dawson, Miles Menander. THE BASIC THOUGHTS OF CONFUCIUS. The Conduct of life. Garden City Publishing Co., New York: 1939 £30.00

D Defoe Robinson Crusoe Readers Library [1928?] £60.00

Croxall, Samuel : Aesop "Fables of Aesop, and Others : Translated Into English ; with Instructive Applications" Edinburgh: William P. Nimmo, ca 1850 £45.00

COOK, C. F. ed : Belloc : Blake : Arthur Conan Doyle : Drinkwater : Farjeon : Keats : Swinburne. Another Book Of Sussex Verse. Sussex, Hove, Combridges 1928. £60.00

CONAN DOYLE Arthur. THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. 1995 edition. Readers Digest £30.00

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Biographia Literaria or Biographical Sketches of my Literary Life and Opinions. J. M. Dent & Sons Limited, London, 1956 £20.00

Clement Robinson et al A Handefull of Pleasant Delites. London, T.Werner Laurie, [1926] £35.00

Antique Print : Slezer, John.: The Prospect of the Town of Sterling from the East. From the Theatrum Scotae, c.1693 £380.00

C. S. C., [CALVERLEY, Charles Stuart) FLY LEAVES Deighton, Bell, and Co, Cambridge, 1872, second edition. £40.00

C D Adams DEMOSTHENES AND HIS INFLUENCE Harrap, 1927. £25.00

Burns, Rev. J. Sermons in Art by the Great Masters. London, Duckworth & Co., 1908. £70.00

Buckley, Arabella B. Eyes and no Eyes. (86titles in one volume - 6 Teile in einem Bd.). London, Paris, New York & Melbourne 1904. £75.00

BROWN, John. JOHN LEECH and other papers. Fourth edition, Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1882. £20.00

BREMER, Frederika. "The Homes of the New World; Impressions of America. Translated by Mary Howitt. 3 vols." Arthur Hall, Virtue, & Co. 1853 £420.00

Bernard Newdigate The Art of the Book London: The Studio Limited, 1938 £60.00

BALL, Eustace Hale The Gaucho London Reader's Library (1928) £50.00

Baddeley, M. "YORKSHIRE. The East Coast, York and the Country between the N.E. Main Line and the Sea, also the Cathedral and Castle of Durham; West & Part of North Ridings & all parts of the Country West of the N.E. Main Line and Barnard Castle." Dulau & Co 1893 & 1897, being 2nd & 3rd editions respectively. £80.00

Attenborough, David Zoo Quest for a Dragon Including Quest for the Paradise Birds London: The Companion Book Club, 1959 £20.00

Angela Brazil Bosom Friends A Seaside Story Thomas Nelson And Sons, Ltd., London, nd (1910-20 £70.00

Antique Maps: Chauchard, Captain: A reduced map of the empire of Germany, Holland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Grisons, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia. London: John Stockdale, 1800 £380.00

Adelaide A>Procter THE COMPLETE WORKS, with an intro by Charles Dickens. George Bell, London 1905. First edition £70.00

Antique Map: Thomas Reed: Pembrokshire London, circa 1760 £55.00

A J do Paco [cervantes] CATALOGO DA COLLECCAO CERVANTINA com que a Bib.Nac. do Rio de Janeiro...expos.Comm. 12 Junho 1905 Rio 1909 £120.00

[WHITAKER, Evelyn]. Baby John. By the author of `Laddie', `Tip-Cat', Zoe, etc . London, Chambers, 1892: £30.00

[BICKERSTAFFE, Isaac] "Love in a Village; A Comic Opera, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden." London: Printed by W. Griffin, 1763. The Seventh Edition. Libretto £150.00

Duchess of Windsor The Heart Has Its Reasons Companion Book Club, 1958 £30.00

Andrew Lang The Blue Poetry Book (edited by Andrew Lang) Longmans 1892 india paper edition. New edition with notes. £30.00

Alfred Tennyson The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson Copyright Edition Vol. I Idylls of the King.-Maud. Bound with: Queen Mary. Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig, 1860 & 1976. £45.00

A Book of Verses. A Book of Verses. David Nutt, 1893. £25.00

Radio Celebrities - Second Series - Cigarette Card Album W D & H O Wills, Great Britain £40.00

catalogo unificato con le quotazioni della Borsa Filatelica Nazionale 1985: Le Collezioni d'Attualita Commercianti Filatelici , Milano 1984 £40.00

World's Fair Album of Chicago, 1893 Chisholm Bros., Portland, Maine, 1893. £110.00

Bibliografia Geologiczna Polski 1973 Warsaw 1976 £45.00

HAROLD HARE'S OWN BOOK 1962 Fleetway Publications. 1962 £40.00

Antique Map: ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles (1686-1766) & Didier (1723-1786): The east indies, distinguishing the empires and kingdoms on the continent commonly called India [ 1750s, London ] £250.00

Antique Map: ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles (1686-1766) & Didier (1723-1786): A New Map of Canada, also the North parts of New England and New York, with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. 1757, London £350.00


Oxford Essays - 1858 John W. Parker, London, 1858, first edition. £75.00

Rowland, Walter Among the Great Masters of Music E.Grant Richards, London, 1906. £45.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: Swisserland [ switzerland ] Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 18145 £320.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: Spain & Portugal Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1815 £280.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: Russian Empire Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1814 £280.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: Prussian Dominions Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1815 £320.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: Italy Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1814 £220.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: France in Provinces Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1814 £180.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: ASIA [ & AUSTRALASIA ] Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1814 £1220.00

Goethe Criticisms, Reflections, and Maxims of Goethe, Translated with an Introduction By W. B. Ronnfeldt Walter Scott, London. £30.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: GERMANY north of the Mayne. Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1814 £320.00

Antique Map: J Thomson: EUROPEAN RUSSIA. Thomson's New General Atlas, Edinburgh 1815 £220.00

PILPAY [BIDPAI] [GAULMIN, Gilbert] The Fables of Pilpay. London, Frederick Warne & Co., [1886] £50.00

Antique Map: Edward Bishop, Camberwell.: The Holy Land in the Time of our Saviour Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1850s? £70.00

Antique Map: DE FER, Nicolas, 1646-1720: L'ANDALOUSIE, LES ROYAUMES DE GREANDE ER DE MURCIE...LEON, CASTILLE..VALENCE Fer, Paris 1705 £550.00

Bunyan John. A True Relation of the Holy War, made by King Shaddai upon Diabolus for the regaining of the Metropolis of the World or the loss and recapture of Town of Mansoul....'illustrated with valuable notes by William Mason and others Thomas Kelly, London 1853 £220.00

Bunyan John. THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Thomas Kelly. circa, 1820 £110.00

Swanson, E. B. A Century of Oil and Gas in Books a Descriptive Bibliography Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., New York, 1960. £30.00

Daniell, Walter V. (Compiler) A catalogue of engraved portraits of celebrated personages, chiefly connected with the history and literature of Great Britain. Accompanied by short biographical notes, especially in references to the localities with which they were associated. Walter V.Daniell, 1900 £110.00

Fraser, Steve Wall Street, A Cultural History (ISBN: 0571218288) Faber and Faber, London, 2005. £30.00

B O Jones The Macmillan Dictionary of Biography New ed, Macmillan Pan 1989 £40.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Wiltshire Longman Reese 1836 £80.00

Burke, Edmund by James Prior Life of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke London George Bell & Dalby. Bohn's Standard Library, 1872 £60.00

Burke, Edmund The Worksof the Right Honourable Edmund Burke. Collected edition. Volumes 3,4,5,6 only London George Bell & Sons. Bohn's Standard Library, 1877 to 1883. £60.00

Burke, Edmund The Speeches of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke on the Impeachment of Warren Hastings (in 2 volumes)To Which is Added a Selection of Burke's Epistolary Correspondence, Forming Two Supplementary Volumes to the Collected Edition of His Work London George Bell & Sons. Bohn's Standard Library, 1882 & 1884. £450.00

Manning, Henry Edward (Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster) The Eternal Priesthood Burns Oates 1924 £30.00

DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN., Illustrated by Greg Spalenka A Study in Scarlet.The Hound of the Baskervilles. Pleasantville, NY: Readers Digest, 1986 £20.00

GILSON, E. The Mystical Theology of Saint Bernard. Sheed & Ward 1940 £30.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Rutlandshire Longman Reese 1836 £70.00

Rea, Hope TUSCAN ARTISTS. Their Thought, Work, & Notes on Other Schools. Principally for the Use of Travellers. Introduction By Sir W.B. Richmond. Redway, 1898 £20.00

Arthur Wollaston Hutton Cardinal Manning Methuen and Co.Ltd., London, 1892. £25.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Northumberland Longman Reese 1836 £130.00

BAILEY, Maurice & Maralyn. 117 DAYS ADRIFT. Foreword by Sir Peter Scott. [First edition] Nautical Publishing Co., 1974 £20.00

Trevor Housby The Rubby-Dubby Trail : Shark Fishing in British Waters (ISBN: 0856140090) Gentry Books, London, 1972. £35.00

Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer in 3 Volumes James Nichol, Edinburgh, 1861. £180.00

Hedley, Bp John Cuthbert, OSB Retreat, A: Thirty-Three Discourses with Meditation for the Use of the Clergy, Religious, & Others [all aspects of the interior life: my soul, voice of God, sin, death, hell, life of Our Lord, obedience, divine office, Mass, Mary, etc] London: Burns & Oates, (1894)., 5th edition. £30.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Leicestershire Longman Reese 1836 £110.00

Salvin Peter Ed. by Justin McCann. The Life of Father Augustine Baker O. S. B. (1575-1641). London Burns Oates and Washbourne [1933]. £60.00

Hedley, John Cuthbert A Bishop and His Flock Burns and Oates, Ltd./ Benzinger Brothers, New York / Cincinnati / Chicago, 1903 £30.00

BUTLER, CUTHBERT The Vatican Council. The Story Told From Inside in Bishop Ullathorne's Letters. [Volumes I & II] Longmans, Green and Co., London, 1930 £70.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Herefordshire Longman Reese 1837 £90.00

Brodrick, J. (James), S.J., b. 1891. A procession of saints. [London] Burns Oates [1949]. £20.00

Watrous, Hilda R. THE COUNTY BETWEEN THE LAKES: A Public History of Seneca County, New York 1876-1982 (ISBN: 093233461X) Seneca County Board of Supervisors, Waterloo, NY 1983 £40.00

Carl Zeiss Optical Works Jena. TRADE CATALOG MIcroscopes and Microscopic Accessories 3ist edition, Carl Zeiss Optical Works Jena 1898 £420.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Derbyshire Longman Reese 1837 £120.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Cumberland Longman Reese 1836 £130.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. AND C.: Buckinghamshire Longman Reese 1837 £150.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. & C. / LEWIS: ORIGINAL STEEL ENGRAVED MAP OF Norfolk. Engraved for LEWIS's "Topographical Dictionary" and drawn by R. Creighton Published by S.Lewis & Co. 1842 £120.00

Antique Map: WALKER, J. & C. / LEWIS: ORIGINAL STEEL ENGRAVED MAP OF Devonshire Engraved for LEWIS's "Topographical Dictionary" and drawn by R. Creighton Published by S.Lewis & Co. 1842 £120.00

Antique Map: W Lizars: RUSSIAN EMPIRE: set of two maps complete. W.Lizars, Edinburgh 1830s £280.00

Antique Map: W Lizars: New Road Map of Scotland, with all the lines of Railways, canals &c. W.Lizars, Edinburgh 1840s? £260.00

Antique Map: W Lizars: Map of North America: British Possessions. W.Lizars, Edinburgh 1830s? £280.00

Antique Map: W Lizars: Lower Peru, Brazil & Ecuador W.Lizars, Edinburgh 1830s £180.00

Antique Map: W Lizars: CHART OF THE WORLD ON MERCATOR'S PROJECTION: set of two maps complete. W.Lizars, Edinburgh 1830s £480.00

Antique Map: Thomas Bowen: Spain and Portugal. Drawn from the Best Authorities [ from Middletons Complete System of Geography ] London, 1808 £180.00

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