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Benjamin Kidd Social Evolution 12th thous., Macmillan 1895 £45.00

Oliver Onions In Accordance with the Evidence Chatto 1968 £30.00

Oliver Onions The Story of Ragged Robyn Chatto 1969 £30.00

MONTFAUCON (Bernard de). Bibliotheca bibliothecarum manuscriptorum nova. Volume 2 [of 2] only Briasson, Paris 1739 £350.00

Parliamentary Reports General Index to the Bills, Reports, Accounts and other papers printed by order of the House of Commons 1801-1832 House of Commons 1833, photocopied ca 1960 £180.00

Streater,R.A. and D.G.Greenman: (Eds.) Talbot-Booth's Merchant Ships Volume 2 (ISBN: 0850381363) Marinart/Kogan Page, London, 1978. £70.00

( Edgar Rice Burroughs) Lubbers, Bob (illustrator). Tarzan Le Grand Magazine D'aventure. Issues 82-100 & 241-248 Les Editions Mondiales, Paris & Bruxelles 1947-50 £350.00

Joseph Wright The English Dialect Dictionary Being the Complete Vocabulary of All Dialect Words Still in Use Or Known to Have Been in Use During the Last Two Hundred Years. Volume 2 [ D-G] Henry Frowde 1900 £120.00

Seth, R. BALTIC CORNER TRAVEL IN ESTONIA. Methuen 1939. £90.00

Manley, Gordon Climate and the British Scene. New Naturalist Series No. 22 Collins, 1953. 2nd. impression. £60.00

Kirk, John, Sir The Zambesi journal and letters of Dr. John Kirk, 1858-63. Edited by Reginald Foskett. Volumes I only [of 2] Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd, 1965. 1st Edition. £70.00

Peden, Murray A THOUSAND SHALL FALL:The True Story of a Canadian Bomber Pilot in World War Two (ISBN: 0773759670) Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd., Toronto 1997 £20.00

Sir John Hammerton Outline of Nature in the British Isles: a Comprehensive Photo-Survey of the Varied Life of Field and Hedgerow, Moor and Mountain, River, Pond, and Sea in 3 Volumes London. Waverley Book Company nd [1920s?] £180.00

Tyrrell, Tom, AND Meek, David An Illustrated History of Manchester United: The Modern Era (ISBN: 1851530134) Chancellor Press, London, 1996. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Hudson, Roger An Independent Eye. A Century of Photographs (ISBN: 0750921277) Sutton, UK, 1998. AS NEW in dw £70.00

Shaw, Timothy The World of Escoffier (ISBN: 0302006206) First ed, Zwemmer 1994. NEW condition. £50.00

The 20th-century Art Book (ISBN: 0714838500) Phaidon Press Limited, 1999 £25.00

Leach, Allison -- Editor Savoy Food and Drink Book with an introduction by Kingsley Amis (ISBN: 1871307147) Pyramid , London, 1988 £40.00

L Painter edits Papercrafts and Origami...over 300 projects Ted Smart 2003. AS NEW £40.00

Robinson Andrew. Lost Languages The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts. BCA ., 2002. AS NEW £40.00

McLane, Daisann Cheap Hotels. (ISBN: 3822814407) Taschen Deutschland, Köln, Germany, 2002. £30.00

L Alderson The Observer's Book of Farm Animals London: Frederick Warne, 1976 £20.00

N Wainwright The Observer's Book of Tropical Fishes London: Frederick Warne, 1976 £20.00

Skinner, John The Book of Ezekiel, The Expositor's Bible Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1895 £40.00

Bill Launchberry Handbook of Fixings and Fastenings Architectural Press, 197. Only edition. £50.00

ASSOCIATION OF CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS "ACCA STUDY TEXT :Foundation Papers 1[ in 2 vols] ; 2; 3 & 4" BPP Publishing Ltd, 1997. £250.00

MURTON, RK NEW NATURALISTS 51- MAN & BIRDS A Survey of British Natural History First edition, Collins, 1971 £110.00

H H Swinnerton Fossils Collins. New Naturalist Series, 1973 reprint £65.00

L Vulliamy William Cobbett's Rural Rides Revisited Pierrot 1997 £30.00

Ken Hom Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery BBC 1995 £20.00

Enid Blyton The Wonderful teddy Bear Dean 1986 London £20.00

Durkan, Andrew Vendance: A study of wine and other drinks (ISBN: 0713116625) Edward Arnold 1971. AS NEW in dw £60.00

Norman, James / auction catalog The Library of James Norman, Baltimore, Md. N.Y.: The Anderson Galleries, 1928. First Edition, £60.00

Tilley, Roger Playing Cards Octopus Books London, 1973. 1st edition. £40.00

M L Model Data Structures, Data Abstraction Prentice Hall 1994 £30.00

BAVINK, Bernhard. THE ANATOMY OF MODERN SCIENCE. An Introduction to the Scientific Philosophy of to-day. Translated from the 4th German edition with additional notes and Bibliography for English readers by H.Stafford Hatfield. [First English edition] G.Bell & Sons, 1932. £60.00

Geoege Seaver Albert Schweizer, the man and his mind 5th ed, Black 1955 £20.00

THE QUIVER : An Illustrated Magazine for Sunday and General Reading, volume 15 Published by Cassell Petter & Galpin, London, Paris & New York, 18980 £50.00

THE QUIVER : An Illustrated Magazine for Sunday and General Reading. Volume 16 Published by Cassell Petter & Galpin, London, Paris & New York, 1881 £60.00

Fritsch & Salisbury Plant Form and Function Bell 1955 £20.00

C, Windsor PULSED NEUTRON SCATTERING (ISBN: 0850661951) Taylor & Francis, London 19181. Only edition. £200.00

Edgar Lincoln Illustrated Coin Catalogue Lincoln, Oxford St., London ca 1910? £110.00

D Collins The Human Revolution, from Ape to Artist Phaidon 1976 £20.00

Norma Levine A Yearbook of Buddhist Wisdom Dosfield 1996 £20.00

Sanfy Lyle Learning Golf the Lyle Way Cornet [1980s] £20.00

Herbermann, Charles G. , Edward A Pace, Et. Al, editors THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, An International Work of Reference on the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, and History of the Catholic Church. Volume 1 NY, Robert Appleton Company 1907. £60.00

Benny green Britain At War Coombe Books 1993 £60.00

P Sauvain Britain's Living Heritage Batsford 1982 £20.00

James Patterson Pop Goes the Weasel First edition, Headline 1999 £20.00

Dick Francis Longshot First edition, Michael Joseph 1990 £20.00

R H Lewis The Book Browser's Guide to Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops David & Charles, 2nd ed 1982. AS NEW in dw £35.00

Lord Curzon of Kedleston, Viceroy of India Speeches: Volume III 1902-1904 Calcutta, Office of Gov.Printing 1904 £120.00

F M Speed Film Review Macdonald, London [1948] £30.00

Samuel Pepys, H B Wheatley edits The Diary. Volume IV only George Bell 1894 £50.00

Nicheron Daishonin The writings of Nicheron Daishonin Soka Gakkai, Tokyo 1999 £50.00

Angus Wilson The Naughty Nineties BCA 1976. NEW in dw £20.00

Stretton, Hesba Hold Fast Your Sundays. "London; Home Words, nd [inscriptuin dated 1883]" £60.00

Gee Nash, E The Hansa - Its History and Romance John Lane, London, 1929. First £60.00

"Hogarth, D. G. (David George), 1862-1927, edited by; with S. R. (Samuel Rolles) Driver, A. C. (Arthur Cayley) Headlam and others" Authority and archaeology sacred and profane. Essays on the relation of monuments to biblical and classical literature. London John Murray 1899. First ed. £90.00

Lin Yutang The Pleasures of a Nonconformist Heinemann, UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY, scheduled for publication 10 June 1963 @ 25/- £40.00

"John Bull's Neighbour in her True Light. Being an answer to some recent French criticisms. By a ""Brutal Saxon.""" Wyman & Sons, 1884. First Edition. £70.00

Andre Simon Drink Burke, London 1948. First edition. £35.00

W M THACKERAY Sketch books Murray, London 1911 £40.00

Reader's Digest Bedside Library in Six Volumes complete Reader's Digest Association, London, 1959 £90.00

Auguste d'Aulnois Resume Final de l'Affaire des Marches d'Espagne Pillet, Paris, 27 Juillet 1826 £160.00

Duhamel du Monceau Traité général des pesches et histoire des poissons. Suite de la seconde parte - Tomes troisieme et quatrieme [volumes 3 & 4 ] Saillant & Nyon / Desaint, Paris 1777-1782 £3750.00

Salten, Felix Wurstelprater. (ISBN: 3217004876) Molden Fritz, Muenchen, 1973 £45.00

Daly, William H The Concert-Goer A Handbook of the Orchestra and Orchestral Music Paterson & Sons, Edinburgh 1st ed 1905 £70.00

Joan Haslip . Catherine the Great Weidenfeld 1977. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Ellis, S. M. GEORGE MEREDITH His Life And Friends In Relation To His Work Grant Richards, London, 1920. THE TRUE FIRST EDITION £250.00

MUSSON, A.E. THE TYPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION. Origins and history up to 1949. [First edition] Oxford: University Press, 1954 £30.00

Robert Menzies Afternoon Light, some memories Cassell 1967 £20.00

Ian Maclaren / William Hole Beside the bonnie Brier Bush Hodder and Stoughton, London [1898] £60.00

McMURTRIE, Douglas C. The Book. The Story of Printing & Bookmaking. Oxford University Press,, New York, 1957 £80.00

Wood & Merer Flowercrafts, decorating and designing with floral motifs Orbis 1985. NEW condition £20.00

A Esdaile A Student's Manual of Bibliography Allen & Unwin1958 £30.00

Auberon Waugh The Diaries 1976-1985 Private Eye 1985. £20.00

J F Mills The Care of Antiques Arlington 1964. AS NEW in dw £20.00

G White North York Moors: Walks for Motorists - West & South 2md revised ed, Warne 1978 £40.00

R N Hannay Mercian and Welsh Buses in Camera Ian Allan, 1974. AS NEW £30.00

J A Gray London Buses in Camera Ian Allan, 1971. AS NEW £40.00

"Cable Research Handbooks Vol. II; Underground and Overhead Transmission and Distribution of Electricity." Commercial Secretaries Ltd., London, 1931. AS NEW £60.00

Harold Spencer and Edwin Finch The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church The Methodist Publishing House, 1951 £20.00

C R Zafon The Shadow of the Wind Phoenix 2005. AS NEW £20.00

FRANK, S. The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Fishes (ISBN: 0600369463) Hamlyn, London, 1972 £30.00

Brontes Bronte Omnibus BCA 1998. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Walter Pfeiffer Irish Cottages Weidenfeld 1990. AS NEW in dw £50.00

Record Mirror Annual 1976 Jarrold 1976 £20.00

"CLARKE, Ethne (text); Peter MORTER (illustrations of plants & cover); Jill TOMBLIN (illustrations of flowers)" THE FLOWER GARDEN PLANNER . Phoebe Phillips Editions and Jonathan Cape, 1984. AS NEW £40.00

Diagram Group The Book of Comparisons of Distance, Size, Area, Volume, Mass, Weight, Density, Energy, Temperature, Time, Speed and Number Throughout the Universe (ISBN: 0283986174) London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Glassman. J THE YEAR IN MUSIC 1978 New York 1978 £30.00


Zec & Fowles Barbra A biography [Streisand] First edition, NEL 1981 £20.00

William Golding Close quarters First edition, Faber 1987 £20.00

Walker, Charles The Natural Wonders of the British Isles (ISBN: 0856134279) Orbis Publishing, London, 1982. £40.00

W Davidson All About House Plants Spring 1974. AS NEW in dw. £30.00

Tony grieg. Cricket, the men and the game. Hamlyn 1976 £25.00

STIRLING MACOBOY WHAT FLOWER IS THAT? (ISBN: 185007030X) . Omega 1984 £40.00

Spalding, Frances. MAGNIFICENT DREAMS: BURNE-JONES AND THE LATE VICTORIANS. E.P. Dutton, New York, (1978) £30.00

Simon, Andre Drink First edition, Burke Publishing Co Ltd, London, 1948. £30.00

Ruth Rendell Harm Done Hutchinson 1999. First edition £30.00

Rudyard kipling The day's Work Macmillan 1898 reprint. £30.00

Peter Chan A Guide to Bonsai Bracken, 1989 £25.00

PEARSON CE (Ed) Ward Lock's Complete Gardening Ward Lock 1966 £40.00

Patricia Cornwell. Point of Origin Little, Brown & Co, London 1998. First edition. £30.00

Patricia Cornwell. Cause of Death Little, Brown & Co, London 1996. First edition. £30.00

Patricia Cornwell. Black Notice Little, Brown & Co, London 1999. First edition. £30.00

Olah, George A. (ed.) Friedel-Crafts and Related Reactions Vol. 2 Pt. 1: Alkylation and Related Reactions Interscience Publishers, 1964. £40.00

Maeve Binchy Whitethorn Woods First edition, Orion 2006 £20.00

Levin, Harry Jerusalem Embattled - The Diary Of The City Under Siege March 25th 1948 To July 18th 1948 Gollancz 1950 £30.00

Kendal, Felicity. WHITE CARGO. (ISBN: 0718143116) 1998 Michael Joseph. First edition. NEAR-NEW condition £30.00

J L Allen A Kentucky cardinal and Aftermath Macmillan NY 1926 £30.00

IVINS, Jr., W. M. A Guide to An Exhibition of the Arts of the Book. Metropolitan Museum of Art,, New York, 1924 £40.00

Hoggart, Richard The Way We Live Now London: Chatto & Windus, 1995. First Edition. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY. AS NEW £30.00

Hilda Martindale . Some Victorian Portraits and Others . London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1948 £40.00

Herring, P. Yesterday's Railways Recollections of an age of steam, (ISBN: 0715313878) Newton Abbot, David & Charles, , 2002. First Edition. NEW in dw. £60.00

H Vedel Penguin Nature Guide: Trees and Shrubs of the Mediterranean Penguin 1978 £20.00

Gatty, Mrs. Alfred (editor) Aunt Judy's May-Day Volume For Young People Bell, London, 1867 £110.00

Garrison Keillor Radio Romance Faber 1991. First edition £30.00

Fergusson Wood H F Rolls - Royce Catalogue 1910/11 Witha New Preface By H.F. Fergusson Wood (ISBN: 0854098887) EP Publishing, England, 1973. NEW condition in dw £90.00

Cecil Roberts THE GROWING BOY, Being the First Book of an Autobiography, 1892 - 1908, Hodder & Stoughton, first edition, 1967 £30.00

Catherine Cookson The Upstart Bantam 1996. First edition £40.00

C H Rolph edits The Trial of Lady Chatterley Penguin 1961 £20.00

Burke, Edmund. THE BEAUTIES OF THE LATE RIGHT HON. EDMUND BURKE, Selected from the Writing... To Which Is Prefixed, a Sketch of the Life... of Mr. Burke. In Two Volumes. Printed by J. W. Myers, London, 1798 £180.00

Blake & Fisher Complete Book of Handicrafts a Step By Step Guide... Octopus Books, London, 1973 £30.00

Benson and Hedges Benson and Hedges Cricket Year 2nd ed Pelham Books 1983 £40.00

A Titchmarsh the Gardener's Diary Blandford 1982. NEW conditon £20.00

Aucassin and Nicolete and other Medieval Romances and Legends Dent 1949 £20.00

Southwest Africa Annual Suidwes-Afrika Jaarboek Sudwest Afrika Jahrbuch 1973. Southwest Africa [Pty], Ltd. Windhoek 1973 £40.00

Girls' Treasury of Stories Nelson, nd [1920s? £30.00

Every Girl's Adventure Book Thomas Nelson n.d [ca 1940?] £40.00

La Toya Jackson La Toya Jackson.. life in the Jackson Family Century 1991, First edition. £30.00

Tony greig Test Match Cricket, a personal view Hamlyn 1977 £20.00

De Saulles, Denys Home Grown [vegetables] 4th ed revised, Architectural Press 1973 £30.00

Michael Broadbent Wine Tasting . Cassell 1979 £20.00

Robert Burns the Poetical works J S Marr, Glasgow n.d. [1860s? £60.00

Sue Townsend Adrian Mole, the Cappucino Years Joseph 1999. First edition, London . NEW condition £20.00

Enid Blyton' Enid Blyton's Magazine Annual Number 4 Evans Brothers Limited, London, 1957. First edition. £40.00

Jean Dorst THE MIGRATIONS OF BIRDS Houghton, Boston 1963. First ed. £30.00

J L Young Mosaics, principles and practice Reinhold 1963 £30.00

Stanley Gibbons Stanley Gibbons Priced Postage Stamp catalogue: Part Two: Europe and Colonies 58th ed 1968 £30.00

V Norman Arms and Armour [from the Pleasures and Treasures series] 1969, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London £30.00

Frank Delaney At Ruby's HarperCollins 2001, First edition, London . NEW condition £40.00

Anne Tyler Back when we were grownups Chatto 2001, First edition, London . NEW condition £30.00

Randles, Jenny & Hough, Peter THE AFTERLIFE: An Investigation into the Mysteries of Life After Death (ISBN: 0749911751) Judy Piatkus (Pub) Ltd, 1993. AS NEW in dw £30.00

Drew, Mary. CATHERINE GLADSTONE. London: Nisbet & Co. ltd., (1930) £60.00

R L Stevenson Treasure Island Puffin, 1946 £20.00

John Marsh The Young Winston [Churchill] World Distributors 1962 £20.00

D H Lawrence Women in Love London: Guild Publishing, 1978 £35.00

Joseph Conrad Lord Jim London: Guild Publishing, 1978 £35.00

Tolkien, J. R. R. The Hobbit (ISBN: 1850898057) London: Guild Publishing, 1978. AS NEW £30.00

CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF ENGLAND, New and Revised Edition. With Numerous Engravings. Cassell, Petter & Galpin., London, Paris & New York, 1874. New and Revised Edition in 9 volumes. £450.00

SANTORO, Cesare HITLER GERMANY as Seen By a Foreigner Berlin: Internationaler Verlag, 1938. £110.00

E Kiaer Garden Flowers in Colour Blandford 1963 £20.00

GRIERSON, Mary (illustrator): HUNT, P.Francis. THE COUNTRY LIFE BOOK OF ORCHIDS. [First edition] Country Life Books, 1978. £50.00

The Cottager and Artisan. The People's Own Paper. London: The Religious Tract Society, 1897 £80.00

Serjeant & Watson The Gliding Book Kaye, London 1965 £20.00

Henri Van Laun The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillana William Patterson, Edinburgh, 1886 £550.00

Hall, A. Rupert and Norman Smith. History of Technology, Fourth Annual Volume,1979. London: Mansell. 1st ed. 1979 £45.00

Joseph Payne Lectures in the History of Education, with a visit to German Schools Longmans 1892, first edition. Being vol 2 of his works, complete in itself. £110.00

Walter de la Mere The Scarecrow and other stories Faber 1945, first edition £22.00

W Padley The economic problem of the peace a plea for world socialist union £30.00

W Laqueur Weimar, a cultural history 1918-33 Weidenfeld 1974 £20.00

V Saunders The Complete Woman Golfer. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY Saunders 1993 £25.00

Simenon Maigret BCA 1992. 6 novels in 1. First edition, London. NEW condition £25.00

RIDLER, Anne The Shadow Factory: a Play Faber, London, 1946. First edition. Slight fraying to d/w else in NEW condition £30.00

R W Harris Reason and Nature in 18th century Thought Blandford 1968, London. First edition. £20.00

Michie, James (Ed) The Folio Golden Treasury - The Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language Folio Society, London, 1997 £90.00

Macliammoir & Boland W B Yeats Thames & Hudson 1986. NEW Condition £30.00

K Dover the Greeks BBC 1980 £20.00

Jeffrey Archer Fourth Estate HarperCollins 1996. First edition. London. NEW condition £20.00

J Pilling 50 Modern european Poets, a reader's guide Heineman 1982 £20.00

I Taylor The Edwardian Lady, the story of Edith Hoden BCA 1980. NEW condition £20.00

HUXLEY, JULIAN Soviet genetics and world science. Lysenko and the meaning of heredity. Chatto and Windus,, London, 1949. First edition in NEW condition. £50.00

Hughes, Therle English Domestic Needlework 1660-1860. London: Abbey Fine Arts, n.d. [1950s] £45.00

Hemingway, Ernest. ISLANDS IN THE STREAM. (ISBN: 0002213443) London: Collins, 1970 £80.00

Harry Furniss Harry Furniss at Home - Written and Illustrated by Himself T Fisher Unwin, London, 1904. £140.00

Hachette Dictionnaire Practique du francais Langenscheidt 2000 £20.00

H G Wells The Time Macine [ and 6 other science fiction stories] BCA 1984. NEW condition. 7 vols in 1. £30.00

H G W Fogg Growing pot Plants from seed Faber 1963. NEW condition £20.00

Gilbert Phelps 50 British Novels 1600-1900 Heinemann 1979 £112.00

F Tindemans "La religion; Essai philosophique et Social" First edition, Bruxelles 1868 £80.00

Derek Jameson Touched by Angels Ebury Press 1988. First edition. NEW condition. SIGNED COPY £40.00

Darwin, Sir Frances Rustic Sounds and Other Studies in Literature and Natural History with Illustrations John Murray, London 1917. £40.00

D Daiches A Critical History of English Literature: Volumes One and Two Secker 1960 £35.00

D Cohen Encyclopedia of Ghosts Guild 1989. NEW condition £30.00

Cunnington & Hudson The Story of Arithmetic,. a short history Swan Sonnenschein, London 1904. First edition. £80.00

Colin Thurbron Among the Russians Picador 1983 £20.00

Colin Dolley Scene and Heard: 50 years of the Runnymede Drama Group CPS, cambridge 1998 £40.00

Chase James Hadley The World in My Pocket Thriller Book Club 1958 £40.00

C Hibbert Benito Mussolini, a biography Longmans 1962 £20.00

Boulenger, E.G. Animal Ways London: Ward, Lock & Co. 1930s. AS NEW in repaired d/w. £40.00

Beeverell, James Les Delices de la Grand'Bretagne et de L'Irlande . Tome Sixieme. [Deals entirely with Scotland]. Leide: Pierre Vander, 1727 £2250.00

Beeverell, James Les Delices de la Grand'Bretagne et de L'Irlande . Tome Septieme. [Deals entirely with Scotland]. Leide: Pierre Vander, 1727 £450.00

B Bush The Dog Care Q & A book Orbis 1982. NEW condition £22.00

Andrews, Michael The Birth of Europe : Colliding Continents and the Destiny of Nations (ISBN: 0563360585) London: BBC Books, 199. NEW in d/w £30.00

Roget The Everyman Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases Chancellor 1982. NEAR-NEW Condition £20.00

Brady & Jones The Fight Against Slavery BBC 1975 £20.00

Creative Garden Ideas Colour Library 1998. NEW condition £20.00


C W Ceram Gods, Graves and Scholars, the story of Archaeology BCA 1971. Enlarged edition. NEW condition £25.00

Lucas & Claremont Shadow Moon First edition, Bantam 1995. NEW condition £30.00

David Eddings Sorceress of Darshiva First edition, Bantam 1989, London. NEW condition £30.00

J V Jones A Cavern of Black Ice First edition, Orbit 1999, London. NEW condition £30.00

Terry Brooks The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara - Ilse Witch First edition, Simon Schuster 2001 London. NEW condition £30.00

David Drake Servant of the Dragon First edition, Tor, NY 1999 NEW condition £30.00

raymond e. feist Krondor:the assassins First edition, HarperCollins 1999, London. NEW condition £30.00

M Z Reichart Beyond Ragnarok Orion 1996 £40.00

Alfred Duggan Winter quarters Peter Davis 1972. NEW condition £40.00

Emily Brodie COUSIN DORA, or serving the King. Shaw. (new edition, 1890's?) £40.00

Bossom, A.C. AN ARCHITECTURAL PILGRIMAGE IN OLD MEXICO New York, Scribners 1924 £280.00

[Board Game] Soccerama Game Ariel 1960s, UK £120.00

Paul Whelton Pardon My Blood Thriller Book Club, London, 1952 £20.00

Erle Stanley Gardner The Case of the Moth Eaten Mink Thriller Book Club, London, 1959 £30.00

Michael Gilbert Be Shot for Sixpence Thriller Book Club, London, 1950s £30.00

James Hadley Chase Not Safe to be Free First edition thus, Thriller Book Club, London, 1958 £25.00

Georges Bellairs Bones in the Wilderness First edition, thus, Thriller Book Club, London, 1959 £40.00

Georges Bellairs Death Treads Softly First edition, thus, Thriller Book Club, London, ca 1960 £40.00

Georges Bellairs Death Sends for the Doctor First edition, thus, Thriller Book Club, London, 1957 £30.00

Georges Bellairs Death in the Fearful Night First edition, thus, Thriller Book Club, London, 1960 £40.00

Furnivall, F.J. (edited by) PAPERS OF THE CHAUCER SOCIETY: THE MANUSCRIPTS OF CHAUCER'S CANTERBURY TALES The Early English Text Society, 1868-1872 £60.00

"J Pearson & Co; Antiquarian Book Catalogue" 500 Important Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters. Volume 1 [of 2] A-H J Pearson & Co, London, 1920 £40.00

Your Body Your Health: (ISBN: 0276427076) : The Lungs and Respiratory system Readers Digest, 2003. NEW £20.00

Walker, Francis. CATALOGUE OF THE SPECIMENS OF DERMAPTERA SALTATORIA In the Collection of the British Museum. Part V [only]. Printed for the Trustees of the British Museum., 1870. 1st Ed. £80.00

TURNER, D H & SCHEELE, Margaret English Book Illustration 966-1846 London: The Trustees of the British Museum, 1965 £40.00

BOYER ( Abel ) Boyer's Royal Dictionary Abridged. In two parts, I. French and English II. English and French The thirtenth edition with large additions. Carefully corrected and improved By J. C. Prieur. London, Bathurst et al. £160.00

CREBILLON fils, Claude-Prosper-Jolyot dit. Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni Lettres de Ninon de l'Enclos au marquis de Sévigné : Joly, Amsterdam, 1752 £180.00

D E Hayden Woedsworth's walking tour of 1790 Tulsa, OK 1983 £30.00

Volkmar Vareschi, and Ernst Krause (photographer) MOUNTAINS IN FLOWER Lindsay Drummond, London 1942 £30.00

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, Illustrated by Johnson, David A Study in Scarlet / The Hound of the Baskervilles Pleasantville, NY: Reader's Digest, 1991. NEW £30.00

SAID, Hakim Mohammed (ed.) Ibn al-Haitham [al-Haytham]. Proceedings of the celebrations of 1,000th anniversary held under the auspices of Hamdard National Foundation. Karachi: Published under the auspices of Hamdard National Foundation, [1971] £120.00

D H Lawrence Sons and Lovers Leisure Circle, 1981 £20.00

Williams, I.A. Seven XVIIIth Century Bibliographies. Dulau & Company, Ltd, London, first edition, 1924 £40.00

Eginhard and the Monk of St Gaul Early Lives of Charlemagne Alexander Moring Ltd the De La More Press, London, 1905 £40.00

Zaehnsdorf, Joseph W. The Art of Bookbinding: A Practical Treatise "London; George Bell and Sons: 1890." £120.00

Darton, F.J.H. Children's Books in England : Five Centuries of Social Life. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, first edition, 1932 £60.00

BARRIE, J.M. THE PLAYS in one volume. [First edition] Hodder and Stoughton, 1928. £30.00

Jackie Leven [Scottish Folk Singer] A UNIQUE COLLECTION OF LIVE FOLK RECORDINGS [ many never issued] 1990s to 2000s, many different locations £150.00

Guy Arnold Modern Nigeria Longman 1977 £30.00

David Lane Politics and Society in the USSR 2nd edition, Robertson 1978 £40.00

BUMPUS BINDING / Maurice Maeterlinck La Sagesse et la Destinee Dix.mille, Paris, Charpentier 1900 £120.00

Manchester Association of Engineers TRANSACTIONS: Annual volume. MANCHESTER ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS, 1922 £80.00

J L Davies Spain Batsford 1971 £20.00

Hoppus, E Practical measuring made easy to the meanest capacity, by a new set of tables: which shew at sight what is the solid or superficial content ... of any piece or quantity of squared or round timber ... thirteenth edition greatly improved, A.Law 1792 £90.00


SMITH, A.H. The Place-Names of the East Riding of Yorkshire and York. Cambridge, 1937. £80.00

Geoff Sample Bird Songs & Calls of Britain and Northern Europe (ISBN: 0002200376) Collins, 1996 £40.00

Percy scholes The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music Second edition, OUP 1974 £20.00

Ron ewart The Fuschia Grower's Handbook Cassell 1989 £20.00

H G Wells "The Wellsian the Journal of the H.G. Wells Society. new series, Volume 1 numbers 1,2, 6-10; vol 2, nos 1 & 2" Feb 1964 to Sept 1965. HG Wells Society Nottingham, £110.00

Irving Alexander From the Bottom Up Eveleigh Nash, London, 1914. First edition. £110.00

edgar wallace Sanders Hodder 1941 £40.00

Edith Wharton A backward glance Scribner, NY 1964. First edition £30.00

Penelope Mortimer My friends say its Bullet-Proof First edition, Hutchinson 1967 £20.00

Desmond Bagley Flyaway First edition, London , Collins 1978. AS NEW IN DJ £30.00

James Heriot [Omnibus] Seven works in one volume. Peerage Books 1990 £30.00

McLEAN, Ruari. JOSEPH CUNDALL. A Victorian publisher. Notes on his life and a check-list of his books. (ISBN: 0900002131) Pinner: Private Libraries Association, 1976. £40.00

H C G Matthew Gladstone 1809-1874 Clarendon 1986. £20.00

A Francis Advanced Level statistics, an integrated course London: Stanley Thornes., 1986. £20.00

Hugo Hugo Language Course: Turkish In Three Months (book & 4 Cassettes) (ISBN: 0789442191) Hugo 1989. NEW £80.00

van der Zee, Henri and Barbara 1688: Revolution in the Family (ISBN: 0670808202) Viking 1988 £20.00

R Austin Freeman the famous Cases of dr Thorndyke. Thirty-seven of his crimninal investigations Hodder 1932 £20.00

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