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Charles Bossom

Edwards, Monica The Cownappers London: The Children's Book Club, 1960. £25.00

Ferguson, Jill A Stable for Jill London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1951. £35.00


Cohen, Morton N. LEWIS CARROLL AND THE KITCHINS CONTAINING TWENTY-FIVE LETTERS NOT PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AND NINETEEN OF HIS PHOTOGRAPHS. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Morton N. Cohen. New York: New York Argosy Bookstore, 1980. £41.00

BB' - Denys Watkins Pitchford BILL BADGER AND THE PIRATES London: Hamish Hamilton - Reindeer Books, 1972. £65.00

Fanelli, Giovanni; Godoli, Ezio Art Nouveau Postcards London: Phaidon, 1987. £30.00

Bunyan, John Pilgrim's Progress & The Holy War Edinburgh: William P. Nimmo, 1860. £24.00

Ingram, Andrew C. The Wisbech & Upwell Tramway Centenary Album Becknell Books, 1983. £35.00

Cork, Richard; Bomberg, David David Bomberg London: Tate Gallery, 1988. £29.95

Thompson, David Becker : Harry Becker 1865-1928 Lavenham Suffolk, UK: Wildlife Art Gallery, 2002. £36.50

Vermeersch, Valentin Bruges and the Sea: From Bryggia to Zeebrugge Antwerp: Mercatorfonds, 1982. £47.00

HIND, Arthur M. A History of Engraving & Etching From the 15th Century to the Year 1914: Being the third and fully revised edition of "A Short History of Engraving and Etching" London: Constable, 1923. £48.00

GRAVES, Robert (Text) & James Metcalf (Illus.). SIGNED Adam's Rib and other anomalous elements in the Hebrew Creation Myth a new view by.with wood engravings by James Metcalf. Signed By Both Robert Graves and James Metcalf Clairvaux: The Trianon Press, 1955. £185.00

Arnold, Rev. Frederick Oxford and Cambridge: their colleges, memories, and associations. With engravings London: The Religious Tract Society, 1873. £24.00

Eric Gill The Engravings Gill, Eric : Skelton, Christopher (ed) London: The Herbert Press, 1990. £60.00

Charles St. John Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands London: T. N. Foulis, 1919. £49.00

Tait, A. F. Views on the Manchester & Leeds Railway London: A F Tait, 1971. £39.95

Yeats, W.B.(edited by) FAIRY AND FOLK TALES OF THE IRISH PEASANTRY edited and selected by W B Yeat London: Walter Scott, 1988. £75.00

Le Guin, Ursula K. Earthsea. An omnibus volume containing A Wizard Of Earthsea, The Tombs Of Atuan, The Farthest Shore London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1977. £38.00

Simpson, E.B. The R.L. Stevenson Originals T.N. Foulis, 1912. £20.00

Jan Broberg Brottsliga sidor: En bok om deckare [Swedish] Bokad Bokforlag AB. £20.00

Witt, Madame de Vieux Amis Paris: Hachette & Cie, 1884. £30.00

Fitzgerald, Edward Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. London & Edinburgh: T.N. Foulis, 1919. £57.00

CROMPTON, RICHMAL William and the Evacuees London: George Newnes, 1940. £99.00

Cats, Jacob; Farlie, Robert; Leighton, John ( Illus.) and Pigot, Richard (Trans. & Ed.) Moral emblems : with aphorisms, adages, and proverbs, of all ages and nations / from Jacob Cats and Robert Farlie ; with illustrations freely rendered, from designs found in their works, by John Leighton ... ; the whole translated and edited, additions, B London: Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1865. £95.00

Seamark (Austin J Small) The Seamark Omnibus of Thrills London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1937. £35.00

Borrow, George Lavengro; The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest London: T.N. Foulis, 1914. £30.00

Ashmole, Bernard Architect and Sculptor in Classical Greece London: Phaidon, 1972. £21.75

Crichton, G. H. Romanesque Sculpture in Italy London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1954. £24.00

Wittkower, Rudolf Studies in the Italian Baroque London: Thames & Hudson, 1975. £28.95


Knight, Donald R. & Alan D. Sabey Lion Roars at Wembley British Empire E London: Barnard & Westwood Limited, 1984. £60.00

Bannerman, Helen (author Of Little Black Sambo) THE STORY OF THE TEASING MONKEY London: James Nisbet & Co, 1906. £125.00

Bruce, James Travels between the years 1768 and 1773, through part of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia, into Abyssinia, to discover the source of the Nile. Being the substance of the original work. London: Albion Press printed; Published By James Cundee, 1805. £160.00

Cleere, Henry;Crossley, David The Iron Industry of the Weald Leicester,United Kingdom: Leicester University Press, 1985. £43.95

Sandstrom, Gosta E The History of Tunnelling: Underground Workings Through the Ages London: Barrie & Rockliff, 1963. £20.00

Adam, Sheila / the British School at Athens The Technique Oof Greek Sculpture in the Archaic and Classical Periods London: Thames & Hudson Ltd, 1966. £30.00

Stonehenge. (John Henry Walsh). The Shotgun and Sporting Rifle & The Dogs, Ponies, Ferrets & Used with Them in the Various Kinds of Shooting and Trapping London: Routledge, Warne & Routledge, 1862. £120.00

Rev Robert Willis Architectural History of some English Cathedrals; a collection in two parts of papers delivered during the years 1842-1863 [2 volumes]. Chicheley, Buckinghamshire, UK: Paul P B Minet, 1972. £80.00

Ward, W.H. The Architecture of the Renaissance in France; a history of the evolution of the arts of building, decoration and garden design under classical influence from 1495 to 1830 [2 volumes]. London: B T Batsford, 1926. £20.00

WARD-JACKSON, Peter [Victoria & Albert Musuem] English Furniture Designs of the Eighteenth Century London: HMSO, 1958. £25.00

Spenser, Edmund Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser in Five Volumes (The Aldine Editions of the British Poets) 5 Volumes Complete London: Bell and Daldy. £40.00

Edited By Anthony Huxley Standard Encyclopedia of the World's Oceans and Islands London: Chatto & Windus, 1962. £30.00

D'AULNOY, Madame LES CONTES DES FÉES. 2 Volumes Paris: Mercure de France, 1956. £45.00

Newton, Edward (Signed) A History of Ionic Lodge, No. 227 1810 - 1960 Signed By Edward Newton, Master, 1955. P.M. Lodges No 3505 & No 7098. London: Pivately Printed, 1960. £20.00

Allen, G. Freeman British Railways After Beeching Lond: Ian Allan, 1966. £25.00

Hill, David Turner on the Thames : River Journeys in the Year 1805 London: BCA, 1993. £20.00

Morris, William The Earthly Paradise. Four Volume Set London: Longmans, Green , and Co, 1905. £45.00

Society of Friends EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES AND ADVICES OF THE YEARLY MEETING OF FRIENDS, held in London, from its first Institution London: Phillips, 1802. £25.00

Grace Aguilar Home Scenes and Heart Studies London: Groombridge and Sons, 878. £20.00


Parker, Mrs. K. Langloh ( Introducton By Andrew Lang ) Australian Legendary Tales: Folk-lore of the Noongahburrahs as Told to the Piccaninnies London: David Nutt, 1897. £49.95

Marzials, Frank T. Life of Charles Dickens London: Walter Scott, 1887. £25.00

Mr Klopstock Klopstock's Messiah Bungay: C Brightly, 1908. £35.00

The Westminster & Foreign Quarterly Review Tracts: Extracted from the Westminster Review October, 1869: The Quakers: Richardson's Clarissa: Especially in Cases of Murder: Mr Bright's Speeches: Art and Morality: Sunday Liberty: Prostitution in Relation to the National Health: Compulsory Education: London: The Westminster & Foreign Quarterly Review, 1969. £20.00

Loudon, Mrs The Ladies Companion to the Flower Garden London: Bradbury & Evans, 1853. £50.00

Polonaski, E The Value of Old Violins London: Wm. Reeves, 1912. £25.00

Cresswell, John. J. Sketches & Sonnets Illustrative of the Spire of St. James's Church, Louth. London: Alexander Moring Limited, 1906. £20.00

Newham, Williams and Richards The Official History of the VIth British Empire and Commonwealth Games Cardiff: Organising Committee, 1958. £79.95

Jones, Janie The Devil and Miss Jones London: Smith Gryphon, 1993. £29.95

Addis, W. J. Exegesis Of English Composition London: J M Dent & Sons, Ltd. £20.00

Sotheby's The Library of Henry M.Blackmer II (Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October 1989, Sales Catalogue) London: Sotheby's, 1989. £29.00

FIGUIER, Louis & ADAMS, W. H. Davenport (edit) The Vegetable World London: Cassell, 1892. £20.00

Plues, Margaret Rambles in Search of Flowerless Plants London: Journal of Horticulture & Cottage Gardener Office, 1865. £45.00

Prandi, Adriano Roma Nell'Alto Medioevo Torino, Italy: Edizioni Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana (ERI), 1968. £34.95

Salaman, Malcolm C. (Introduction). Masters of Etching. REMBRANDT. London / New York: The Studio / William Edwin Rudge, 1929. £25.00

ARBER Agnes THE GRAMINEAE: A STUDY OF CEREAL, BAMBOO, AND GRASS Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1934. £29.95

Mass-observation Meet Yourself at the Doctor's London: The Naldrett Press, 1949. £22.00

Colin Inman The A & C Black Colour Books: A Collector's Guide and Bibliography 1900-1930 London: Werner Shaw Limited, 1990. £45.00

GOLDSMITH, Oliver ( Preface By Austin Dobson ) The Vicar of Wakefield London: Macmillan & Co, 1890. £45.00

Austin Dobson. Hugh Thomson Coridon's Song and Other Verses from Various Sources London: Macmillan & Co, 1894. £24.00

Irving, Washington Old Christmas From the Sketch Book of Washington Irving London: Macmillan & Co, 1886. £49.95

Joseph Jacobs The Most Delectable History of Reynard the Fox London: Macmillan & Co, 1895. £49.95

Lyne, Augustus A. The Midshipmen's Trip to Jerusalem and Cruise in Syria. London: Sampson Low, 1872. £35.00

His Grace the Duke of Beaufort The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes -Driving London: Longmans Green and Co, 1894. £30.00

RATCLIFFE, Dorothy Una DALE LYRICS. London: John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd. £20.00

GALSWORTHY John A bit o' love. A play in three acts. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915. £20.00

Mackail, J.W. WILLIAM MORRIS AND HIS CIRCLE Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1907. £30.00

Lewin, John (Signed by Author.) A History of the West Norfolk and King's Lynn Hospital . £24.00

Wilson, Anne The Magical Quest : The Use of Magic in Arthurian Romance UK: Manchester University Press, 1988. £25.00

GIRVIN, Brenda Good Queen Bess 1533-1603 London: David Nutt, 1906. £20.00

H. W. Seager Natural History In Shakespeare's Time Being Extracts Of The Subject As He Knew It Chicheley, Buckinghamshire, UK: Paul PB. Minet, 1972. £37.00

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McGOUGH, Roger Frinck ( a Life in the Day of ) and Poems ( Summer with Monika Poems) London: Michael Joseph, 1967. £25.00

SCARFE, GERALD Scarfe's Line of Attack London: Hamish Hamilton, 1988. £24.00

Barry, Rev. Alfred The Life and Works of Sir Charles Barry, R.A., F.R.S. London: John Murray, 1867. £299.95

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JOHNSON, John. Topographia or the printers’ instructor. Including an account of the origin of Printing, with biographical notices of the printers of England, from Caxton to the close of the sixteenth century; a series of . alphabets, etc. (2 Vols) London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown: & Green, 1824. £75.00

Abbott Evelyn, Campbell Lewis Life and Letters of Benjamin Jowett in Tow Volumes Vol. I and Vol. II London: John Murray, 1897. £35.00

MILLER, EDWARD The Abbey and Bishopric of Ely London: Cambridge University Press, 1969. £23.00

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Wilson L M The Old Book Seller Greenock Scotland: The Black Pennell Press. £25.00

Richard Whiteing; Emerson; ) Henry David Thoreau; ) Walter Savage Lander; ) Boswell ; William Hazlitt; ) Thomas A Kempis; Sir Thomas More; ) Sir Francis Bacon ; ) Thomas Carlyle ; Charles Lamb ; JOHN RUSKIN A Library of Choice Prose London: Gresham. £99.95

JACKSON, E. Nevill (SIGNED) THE HISTORY OF SILHOUETTES London: Plates: 10 in Colour, 96 in Monotone, 1911. £45.00

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BROWN, WILLIAM ROBER Mems. & Gems of Old Cambridge Lore. Doomesday Book . £35.00

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Merbury, Charles A briefe discovrse of royall monarchie, as of the best common weale, vvherin the subiect may beholde the sacred maiestie of the princes most royall . early printed books published in facsimile) AMSTERDAM: Da Capo Press / Theatrvm Orbis Terrarvm, 1972. £32.00

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Malory, Thomas with Catherine Donaldson Illustrations The Death of King Arthur Being the Twenty-first Book of Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King Arthur and of His Noble Knights Of The Round Table with Illustrations Designed and Engraved on Wood By Catherine Donaldson London: Macmillan and Co, 1928. £55.00

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Peter Meadows & Nigel Ramsay A History of Ely Cathedral Suffolk, UK: The Boydell Press, 2002. £25.00

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