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Spike Hughes Rare Books

General Antiquarian & Rare Books

WILSON (James). Ed. Principal excursions of the Innerleithen Alpine Club during the years 1889-94. With a memoir of the late Mr. Robert Mathison, first President of the Club. 16 illustrations. Galashiels: Printed and published by John McQueen, "Scottish Border Record" Office, 1897. £75.00

VIOLLET-LE-DUC (Eugene Emmanuel). Dictionnaire raisonne mobilier Francais de l'epoque Carlovingienne al la Renaissance. Paris: Bance..., 1858 -1875. £145.00

UNION. An Act for the effectual securing the Kingdom of England, from the apparent dangers that may arise from several Acts lately passed in the Parliament of Scotland. London: Printed by Charles Bill..., 1704. £125.00

THEATRICAL. The candid friend. Christmas Album. Containing a series of twenty-five photogravure portraits, accompanied by critical notices, of celebrities of the day. Christmas, 1901. London: Published at the offices of "The candid friend," [1901]. £125.00

[STIRLING (William)]. The canon. An exposition of the pagan mystery perpetuated in the cabala as the rule of all the arts. With a preface by R.B. Cunningham Graham. London: Elkin Mathews..., 1897. 1897. £85.00

SIDNEY (S.). The book of the horse. New edition, revised by James Sinclair and W. C. A. Blew, M.A. With a veterinary section by George Fleming... With full-page illustrations and numerous wood engravings. London: Cassell..., 1892. £80.00

SAMUELSON (James), LAWSON (Henry). Editors. The Popular Science Review. A quarterley miscellany of entertaining and instructive articles on scientific subjects. London: Robert Hardwicke..., 1862 - 1870, £285.00

ROYAL PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH. Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh. Vol. 1. 1854-1858 [to] Vol. XXIX. 1965. Edinburgh: Printed for the Society..., 1858 - 1965. £750.00

ROTULI SCOTIAE. Rotuli Scotiae in Turri Londinensi et in domo capitulari Westmonasteriensi asservati. Vol. 1. Temporibus Regum Angliae Edwardi 1. Edwardi 11. Edwardi 111. [and] Vol. 11. Temporibus Regum Angliae Ric. 11. Hen. IV. V. VI. Ed. IV Ric. 111. Hen. VII. VIII. London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan..., 1814, 1819. £245.00

ROBERTSON (George). De vita et morte Roberti Rollok, academiae Edinburgenae primarii, narrationes; auctoribus Georgio Robertson, et Henrico Charteris. Edinburgi: Typis Jac. Ballantyne et Soc., 1826. £75.00

RENWICK (Robert). Historical notes on Peeblesshire localities. Peebles: Watson & Smyth, 1897. £75.00

QUARTERLY REVIEW. The Quarterly Review. London: Printed... for John Murray..., 1809 - 1860. £1200.00

POPE (Alexander). The works of Alexander Pope, Esq. With notes and illustrations, by himself and others. To which are added, a new life of the author, an estimate of his poetical character and writings, and occasional remarks, by William Roscoe, Esq. New edition, in eight volumes. London: Longman..., 1847. £155.00

NEWFOUNDLAND. An Act for establishing Courts of Judicature in the Island of Newfoundland and the Islands adjacent; and for re-annexing part of the coast of Labrador and the Islands lying on the said coast to the Government of Newfoundland. [Colophon] London: Printed gy George Eyre..., 1809. £45.00

MORTON (James), Editor. The legend of St. Katherine of Alexandria. Edited, from a manuscript in the Cottonian Library. By James Morton, B.D... London: Printed for the Abbotsford Club, 1841 £65.00

MORRIS (Beverley R. & F.O.), BREE (C.R.). Editors. The naturalist; a popular monthly magazine, illustrative of the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. With engravings. London: Groombridge..., 1851 - 1858. £475.00

MONTAIGNE (Michel de). Essais de Michel de Montaigne. Nouvelle edition avec les notes de tous les commentateurs choisies et completees par M. J.-V. Le Clerc. Precede d'une nouvelle etude sur Montaigne par M. Prevost-Paradol. Paris: Garnier Freres..., 1865 - 1866. £75.00

MANUSCRIPT. Manuscript inquisition, on vellum, held before John Maxwell in 1737, at Paisley, being a writ of Diem Clausit Exrtemum to see who would cucceed to the lands of a deceased feudal tenent in chief. It relates to lands and tenements in Greenock. With the names and seals of the various participants at the foot. The deceased was one John Hill. 1737. £65.00

MANUSCRIPT. Manuscript document on vellum, 320 X 490mm., concerning a legal agreement between Ogle and Todd, relating to subjects in Eppleton [With] Another related manuscript, on vellum, 300 X 510, [with] Another manuscript document on vellum, 125 X 285mm., concerning a Fine of lands in Eppleton between Ogle and Todd. 1561, 1578, 1581. £75.00

MAIDMENT (James), Editor. Miscellany of the Abbotsford Club. Volme First. Edinburgh: Abbotsford Club, 1837. £145.00

MACKINTOSH (John). The history of civilisation in Scotland. Aberdeen: Printed for the author, 1877. £75.00

LIVY. Titi Livii Patavini Historiarum libri qui extant. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Joannes Dujatius antecessorum Paris. & regiorum profess. primicerius. Jussu christianissimi Regis, in usum serenissimi Delphini· Accessêre librorum omnium deperditorum supplementa, per Jo. Freinshemium; quae magna ex parte nunc primùm prodeunt in lucem.. Parisiis: Apud Fredericum Leonard..., 1679-1682 £165.00

KELLY (Hugh). A word to the wise, a comedy. As it was performed at the Theatre Royal, in Drury Lane. [with] DOW (Alexander). Sethona. A tragedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. [with] KENRICK (W.). The duellist, a comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre Royal, in Covent Garden. The second edition. [with] [FRANCKLIN (Thomas)]. Matilda: a tragedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. [with] CUMBERLAND (Richard). The choleric man. A comedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. [with] [CUMBERLAND (Richard)]. The West Indian: a comedy as it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. New edition. London: Printed for the author; Printed for T. Becket; printed for T. Evans; printed for T. Cadell; Printed for T. Becket; Printed for Edward and Charles Dilly. 1770; 1774; 1773; 1775; 1775; 1773. £95.00

JACOBITISM. An Act for the Attainder of the pretended Prince of Wales of High Treason [and] An Act for the further security of His Majesties person, and the succession of the crown in the Protestant line, and for extingishing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales and all other pretenders, and their open and secret abettors. London: Printed for Charles Bill..., 1701, 1701. £75.00

ISLE OF MAY LIGHTHOUSE. An Act for enabling the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses to purchase the Island and Light of May, at the entrance of the Frith of Forth; for enabling the Commissioners of the Treasury to advance a certain sum of money towards that purpose; and for amending several Acts in regard to the Northern Lighthouses. [Colophon] London: Printed by George Eyre..., 1814. £45.00

IRVING (John Beaufin, of Bonshaw). The Irvings, Irwins, Irvines, or Erinveines: or any other spelling of the name: an old Scots border clan. Aberdeen: Printed and published for the author by the Rosemount Press, 1907. £175.00

GELLIUS ((Aulus). Auli Gellii Noctes Atticae· Interpretatione et notis illustravit Jacobus Proust e Soc. Jesu. Jussu Christianissimi Regis, ad usum Serenissimi Delphini. Parisiis: Apud Simonem Bénard, viâ Jacobeâ è regione Collegii Claromontani Soc. Jesu, 1681 £65.00

FORBES (Alexander Robert). Gaelic names of beasts (mammalia), birds, fishes, insects, reptiles, etc. In two parts. 1. Gaelic-English - 11. English-Gaelic. Part 1. Contains Gaelic names or terms for each of the above, with English meanings. Part 11. Contains all the English names for which Gaelic is given in Part 1., with Gaelic, other English names, etymology, Celtic lore, prose, poetry, and proverbs referring to each, thereto attached. All now brought together for the first time. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd..., 1905. £125.00

EDINBURGH MONTHLY REVIEW. The Edinburgh Monthly Review. Vol. 1. - Vol. 5. (January - June, 1819 to January - June, 1821). [continued as] The New Edinburgh Review. Vol. 1 - Vol. 5. (July - October, 1821. to April - October, 1823.). Edinburgh: Printed for Waugh and Innes...., [1819 - 1823]. £345.00

DESTOUCHES (Nericault). Oeuvres dramatiques de Nericault Destouches, de l'Academie Francoise. A Paris: De L'Imprimerie Royale, 1757. £165.00

CRAIG-BROWN (T.). The history of Selkirkshire or chronicles of Ettrick Forest. Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1886. £300.00

CHAMBERS (William). A history of Peeblesshire. Edinburgh: William and Robert Chambers, 1864. £65.00

CHAMBERS (Robert). Ed. A biographical dictionary of eminent Scotsmen. Edited by Robert Chambers. New edition, revised and continued to the present time. With numerous portraits. Glasgow: Blackie and son..., 1853 - 1855. £65.00

BUCHAN (James Walter), PATON (Rev. Henry). Ed. A history of Peeblesshire. Glasgow: Jackson, Wylie and Co..., 1925 - 1927. £175.00

BLACKIE (W.G.). The comprehensive atlas & geography of the world: comprising an extensive series of maps, a description, physical and political, of all the countries of the earth; a pronouncing vocabulary of geographical names, and a copious index of geographical positions. Also numerous illustrations printed in the text, and a series of coloured engravings representing the principal races of mankind. Compiled and engraved from the most authentic sources, under the supervision of W.G. Blackie… London: Blackie & Son.., 1882. £195.00

BATHURST (Seymour Henry Bathurst, 7th Earl). Catalogue of the Bathurst collection of pictures. Compiled by Earl Bathurst. London: Privately Printed by the London Stereoscopic Company, 1908. £165.00

ANDERSON (Thomas), JARDINE (Sir William), BALFOUR (John Hutton), Editors. The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, exhibiting a view of the progressive discoveries and improvements in the sciences and the arts. Vol. 1. New Series. [to] Vol. XIV. January - April 1855 [to] October 1861. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black..., 1855 - 1861. £155.00

BIBLE. CAMPBELL (John), Editor. The Holy Bible, containing the old and new testaments: translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. Appointed to be read in churches. Notes, critical, explanatory, practical, by John Campbell, D.D. [With] A concise biblical cyclopaedia: A dictionary of sacred biography, natural history, ancient geography, eastern antiquities, and theology. Containing a copious index. Glasgow: Published by W.R. M'Phun..., 1858, 1857. £45.00

RICHARDSON (Samuel). The works of Samuel Richardson. With a prefatory chapter of biographical criticism by Leslie Stephen. In twelve volumes. London: Henry Sotheran..., 1883. £275.00

ARBROATH. Liber S. Thome de Aberbrothoc. Registrum Abbacie de Aberbrothoc pars prior. Registrum vetus munimentaque eidem coetanea complectens. 1178-1329. [and] Pars altera. Registrum nigrum nocnon libros cartarum recentiores complectens. 1329-1536. Edinburgi: [Bannatyne Club], 1848, 1856. £95.00

SKEYNE (Dr. Gilbert). Tracts by Dr Gilbert Skeyne, Medicinar to His Majesty. Edinburgh: 1860. £65.00

STEPHEN (Leslie), LEE (Sidney). Ed. The dictionary of national biography. Founded in 1882 by George Smith. From the earliest times to 1900. Oxford University Press... 1973. £150.00

DUNBAR (William). The poems of William Dunbar, now first collected. With notes, and a memoir of his life. By David Laing. [and] Supplement. Edinburgh: Printed for Laing and Forbes…, 1834, 1865. £110.00

BANNATYNE CLUB. Adversaria. Notices ilustrative of some of the earlier works printed for the Bannatyne Club. Edinburgh: 1867. £55.00

SMEATON (John). Reports of the late John Smeaton, F.R.S. made on various occasions, in the course of his employment as a civil engineer. In three volumes. London: Printed for Longman..., 1812. £325.00

BINDING. TREVELYAN (George Macaulay). History of England. With maps. London: Longmans, Green..., 1926. £45.00

JUVENILE DRAMA. Pollock's Juvenile Drama. Timour the Tartar, a grand melo-drama in two acts. 8 plates of characters, 8 scenes, 3 plates of wings. Total 19 plates. Adapted only for Pollock's characters and scenes. London: Printed and published by B. Pollock, 73, Hoxton Street, N.I. at his Theatrical Print Warehouse, [c.1880's] £55.00

GARDNOR (Richard). Views taken on and near the River Rhine, at Aix La Chapelle, and on the river Maese. By the Revnd. J. Gardnor; engraved in Aqua Tinta... [London]: Published by J. Walter..., [1791]. £275.00

MITFORD (William). The history of Greece. London: Printed by Luke Hansard... For T. Cadell and W. Davies..., 1808. £150.00

REPOSITORY OF ARTS. The repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics, for Janauary, 1815 [to] June, 1815. Vol. XIII. [and] Vol. XIV. For July, 1815 [to] December, 1815. London: R. Ackermann..., 1815. £175.00

RENNELL (James). A Bengal atlas: containing maps of the theatre of war and commerce on that side of Hindoostan. Compiled from the original surveys; and published by order of the Honourable the Court of Directors for the Affairs of the East India Company. [London] 1780. £3550.00

NICHOLS (John). Literary anecdotes of the eighteenth century; comprizing biographical memoirs of William Bowyer, printer, F.S.A. and many of his learned friends; an incidental view of the progress and advancement of literature in this kingdom during the last century; and biographical anecdotes of a considerable number of eminent writers and ingenious artists; with a very copious index. In six volumes [but nine published]. [and] Illustrations of the literary history of the eighteenth century. Consisting of authentic memoirs and original letters of eminent persons; and intended as a sequel to the Literary Anecdotes. London: Printed for the author..., 1812 - 1815; 1817 - 1858. £1850.00

ROKITANSKY (Carl). A manual of pathological anatomy. In four volumes. London: Printed for the Sydenham Society, 1854, 1849, 1850, 1852. £275.00

ELLIS (George Viner), FORD (G.H.). Illustrations of dissections in a series of original coloured plates the size of life, representing the dissection of the human body, with descriptive letter-press in demy octavo. Second edition. The drawings are from nature and on stone by Mr. Ford from dissections by Professor Ellis. Second edition. London: Smith, Elder..., 1876. £650.00

KAST (Alfred), RUMPEL (Theodore). Illustrations of pathological anatomy. Being a series of chromographed plates painted from nature immediately after death. With descriptive text by Prof. Dr. Alfred Kast, Professor of Medicine, (Breslau) and Dr. Theodor Rumpel, Assistant Director at the New General Hospital (Hamburg). English edition revised and edited by M. Armand Ruffer M.D. Oxon... London: Bailliere, Tindall & Cox..., [1893-1898]. £450.00

WODROW (Robert). Selections from Wodrow's biographical collections. Divines of the North-East of Scotland. Edited by the Reverend Robert Lippe. Aberdeen: Printed for the New Spalding Club, 1890. £25.00

WINSLOW. Memoir of Mrs. Harriet W. Winslow, comprising a sketch of the Ceylon Mission: by Miron Winslow, one of the missionaries. With an introductory essay, by James Harrington Evens... London: John E. Shaw..., 1838. £25.00

WILSON (John Marius). Editor. The Imperial gazetteer of Scotland; or dictionary of Scottish topography, compiled from the most recent authorities, and forming a complete body of Scottish geography, physical, statistical, and historical. Illustrated with a complete county atlas, various chorographical maps, plans of ports, harbours, and interesting views. London and Edinburgh: A. Fullarton…, [c. 1860's] £95.00

WILLCOCK (John). A Shetland minister of the eighteenth century being passages in the life of the Reverend John Mill. AD 1712 AD 1805. Kirkwall: The Leonards, [1897]. £25.00

SLEZER (John). Theatrum Scotiae. Containing the prospects of His Majesty's castles and palaces: together with those of the most considerable towns and colleges; the ruins of many ancient abbeys, churches, monasteries and convents, within the said Kingdom. All curiously engraven on copper plates. With a short description of each place. London: Printed for D. Browne at Exeter-Change..., 1718. £2750.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The poetical works of Walter Scott, Esq. In twelve volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Arch. Constable..., 1820. £325.00

SCHUBERT (Gotthilf Heinrich von). Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs. Volume 1. Saugetiere. Volume 2. Vogel. Volume 3. Reptilien, Amphibien, Fische... [etc.] Eslingen bei Stuttgart: Verlag von J.F. Schreiber, [n.d., prefaces dated 1886]. £350.00

REID (Alan). The Regalilty of Kirriemuir. Introduction by Rev. Alex. Whyte, D.D. With a map of the district, and one hundred and forty illustrations from original photographs and drawings. Edinburgh: John Grant..., 1909. £95.00

REES (Abraham). The cyclopaedia; or, universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature. By Abraham Rees... With the assistance of eminent professional gentlemen. Illustrated with numerous engravings, by the most distinguished artists. In thirty-nine volumes. London: Printed for Longman..., 1819 - 1820. £1780.00

NEWBATTLE. Registrum S. Marie de Neubotle. Abbacie Cisterciensis Beate Virginis de Neubotle chartarum vetus. Accedit appendix cartarum originalium. 1140-1528. Edinburgi: [Bannatyne club], 1849. £85.00

METASTASIO (Pietro). Opere di Pietro Metastasio. Padova: Nel Seminario a spese di Giannandrea Foglierini. Si vende in Livorno da Giuseppe Gamba, 1811 - 1812. £250.00

M'BAIN (J.M.). Arbroath: past & present. Being reminiscences chiefly relating to the last half century. Arbroath: Brodie & Salmond.., 1887. £25.00

MAINZER (Joseph). The Gaelic psalm tunes of Ross-shire, and the neighbouring counties. The harmony and introductory dissertation, by Joseph Mainzer. Edinburgh: John Johnstone..., 1844. £85.00

HENDERSON (John Alexander). Ed. History of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen. Aberdeen: Printed for the New Spalding Club, 1912. £65.00

GROOME (Francis H.). Ed. Ordnance gazetteer of Scotland: a survey of Scottish topography, statistical, biographical, and historical. Edinburgh: Thomas C. Jack…, 1885, 1886, 1885 £95.00

GAILHARD (J.[Jean]). Two discourses, the first concerning a private settlement at home after travel. The second concerning the statesman, or him who is in publick enployments. London: Printed for Waler Davis...., 1682. £155.00

FROISSART (Sir John). Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining countries, from the latter part of the reign of Edward II. to the coronation of Henry IV. Translated from the French editions, with variations and additions from many celebrated Mss. By Thomas Johnes, Esq. To which is prefixed, a life of the author, and essay on his works, and a criticism on his history. In two volumes. London: Henry G. Bohn..., 1849. £400.00

FORBES (John), et al. Lectures on the social and physical condition of the people, expecially in large towns. By various ministers of Glasgow. Glasgow: Published by William Collins..., [1842]. £35.00

FINDLATER (Charles). General view of the agriculture of the County of Peebles, with various suggestions as to the means both of the local and general improvement of agriculture. With a map of the county and other engravings. Edinburgh: Printed by D. Willison..., 1802. £110.00

DUNLOP (John). The universal tendency to association in mankind analyzed and illustrated. With practical and historical notices of the bonds of society, as regards individuals and communities: comprehending the elements and results of combinations in the different kinds of civil constitutions in the world... [etc. etc.]. London: Houlston and Stoneman..., 1840. £65.00

DAVIDSON (George Henry). Davidson's universal melodist, consisting of the music and words of popular, standard, and original songs, etc. Arranged so as to be equally adapted for the sight-singer, the performers on the flute, cornopean, aordiaon, or any other treble instrument. London: G.H. Davidson..., 1847, 1849. £45.00

DAUNEY (William). Ancient Scottish melodies, from a manuscript of the reign of King James VI. With an introductory enquiry illustrative of the history of the music of Scotland. Edinburgh: [Bannatyne and Maitland Clubs], 1838 £125.00

COGSWELL (Jonathan). A treatise on the necessity of capital punishment. Hartford: Press of Elihu Geer..., 1843. £65.00

BURTON (John Hill). The history of Scotland from Agricola's invasion to the extinction of the last Jacobite insurrection. A new edition. In eight volumes. Edinburgh: William Blackwood…, [n.d., later 19th C.]. £165.00

BOECE (Hector). Hectoris Boetii Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium Episcoprum Vitae. Edited and translated by James Moir... Aberdeen: Printed for the New Spalding Club, 1894. £45.00

BANNATYNE CLUB. Bannatyne Miscellany; containing original papers and tracts, chiefly relating to the history and literature of Scotland. Printed at Edinburgh, 1827, 1836, 1855. £125.00

ANDREWS (James). Flora's gems; or, the treasures of the parterre. Twelve bouquets, drawn and coloured from nature, by James Andrews. With poetical illustrations, by Louisa Anne Twamley... London: Charles Tilt..., [1830's]. £1200.00

SCOTT (Walter). The Vision of Don Roderick; a poem. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne…, 1811. £65.00

SCOTT (Walter). The vision of Don Roderick, the Field of Waterloo, and other poems. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne..., 1815. £25.00

SCOTT (Walter). The Monastery. A romance. By the author of "Waverley."In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Longman..., 1820. £45.00

SCOTT (Walter). The Monastery. A romance. By the author of "Waverley."In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Longman..., 1820. £75.00

SCOTT (Walter). The Abbot. By the author of "Waverley." In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Longman..., 1820. £65.00

SCOTT (Walter). Tales of my landlord, collected and aranged by Jedediah Cleishbotham, schoolmaster and parish-clerk of Gandercleugh. In four volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for William Blackwood..., 1816. £75.00

SCOTT (Walter). Guy Mannering; or, the astrologer... In three volumes. Second edition. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne..., 1815. £65.00

SCOTT (Walter). Chronicles of the Canongate; by the author of "Waverley," etc. In two volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Cadell..., 1827. £55.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Woodstock; or, the Cavalier, a tale of the year sixteen hundred and fifty-one. By the author of "Waverley, Tales of the Crusaders," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1826. £75.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Woodstock; or, the Cavalier, a tale of the year sixteen hundred and fifty-one. By the author of "Waverley, Tales of the Crusaders," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1826. £48.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Woodstock; or, the Cavalier, a tale of the year sixteen hundred and fifty-one. By the author of "Waverley, Tales of the Crusaders," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1826. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The pirate. By the author of "Waverley, Kenilworth," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1822. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Lord of the Isles, a poem. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1815. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French. With a preliminary view of the French Revolution. In nine volumes. Second edition. Edinburgh: Printed by Ballantyne and Co..., 1827. £165.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Lady of the Lake; a poem. Edinburgh: Printed for John Ballantyne..., 1810. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The fortunes of Nigel. By the author of "Waverley, Kenilworth," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1822. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The fortunes of Nigel. By the author of "Waverley, Kenilworth," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1822. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Antiquary. By the author of "Waverley" and "Guy Mannering." In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne..., 1816. £75.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Abbot. By the author of "Waverley." In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Longman..., 1820. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Quentin Durward. By the author of "Waverley, Peveril of the Peak," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1823. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Peveril of the Peak. By the author of "Waverley, Kenilworth," etc. In four volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1822. £75.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Kenilworth; a romance. By the author of "Waverley," "Ivanhoe," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1821. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Ivanhoe; a romance. By "The author of Waverley," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1820. £75.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Halidon Hill; a dramatic sketch, from Scottish history. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable..., 1822. £20.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Chronicles of the Canongate. Second series. By the author of "Waverley," etc. In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Cadell..., 1828. £65.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Chronicles of the Canongate; by the author of "Waverley," etc. In two volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Cadell and Co..., 1827. £40.00

SCOTT (Walter). Waverley; or 'tis sixty years since. In three volumes. Seventh edition. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne..., 1817. £65.00

SCOTT (Walter). The Monastery. A romance. By the author of "Waverley."In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Longman..., 1820. £55.00

SCOTT (Walter). Rob Roy. By the author of "Waverley," "Guy Mannering," and "The Antiquary." In three volumes. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne..., 1818. £65.00

WILSON (Tom). Memorials of Sanquhar kirkyard. Dumfries: Robert G. Mann..., 1912. £48.00

WATSON (R.M.F.). Closeburn (Dumfriesshire) reminiscent historic & traditional. Glasgow: Inglis Ker..., 1901. £25.00

THOMSON (James). Recollections of a Speyside parish. Second edition. Elgin: Printed and Published by the Moray and Nairn Newspaper Co. Ltd., 1902. £25.00

SKINNER (Wm. Cumming). Candida Casa. The apostolic centre of Scotland. With twelve illustrations. Dundee: David Winter & Son, 1931. £25.00

ORMOND (D.D.). A Kirk and a College in the Craigs of Stirling by the Rev. D.D. Ormond, F.S.A., Scot. Stirling: At the Journal & Advertiser Office, 1897. £25.00

MURRAY (James). Kilmacolm. A parish history. Revised and enlarged edition with illustrations. Paisley: Alexander Gardner..., 1907. £35.00

MITCHELL (David). The history of Montrose; containing important particulars in relation to its trade, manufactures, commerce, shipping, antiquities, eminent men, town houses of the neighbouring country gentry in former years, etc. etc. Montrose: George Walker.., 1866. £55.00

HUNTER (William). Biggar and the House of Fleming. An account of the Biggar district, archaeological, historical, and biographical. Biggar: David Lockhart..., 1862. £35.00

HOOKER (Richard). The works of that learned and judicious divine, Mr. Richard Hooker: with an account of his life and death, by Isaac Walton. In two volumes. Oxford: At the University Press, 1850. £35.00

GIBBON (Edward). The miscellaneous works of Edward Gibbon, Esq., with memoirs of his life and writings, composed by himself; illustrated from his letters, with occasional notes and narrative, by John, Lord Sheffield. Complete in one volume. London: B. Blake..., 1837. £35.00

EDGAR (Andrew). Old church life in Scotland: lectures on kirk-session and presbytery records. [and] Second series. Paisley: Alexander Gardner..., 1885, 1886. £45.00

CRAWFORD (G. Macdonald). Innerkip 1798 - 1858. An historical review of the life and times in Innerkip Parish, Greenock and elsewhere, and with particular reference to "The Innerkip Society" from the date of its foundation to its Diamond Jubilee. Greenock: James McKelvie & Sons Ltd., 1946. £25.00

BURLEIGH (John). Ednam and its indwellers. Glasgow and Dalbeattie: Published by Fraser..., 1912. £25.00

ALLARDYCE (John). Byegone days in Aberdeenshire. Being a history of the county from a standpoint different from that of previously published works. Aberdeen: The Central Press..., 1913. £35.00

MORE (Cresacre). The life of Sir Thomas More, by his great-grandson Cresacre More. With a biographical preface, notes, and other illustrations, by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. Londn: William Pickering..., 1828. £30.00

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YORK BUILDINGS COMPANY. Manuscript 'The Govern and Company of Undertakers for Raising the Thames Water in York Buildings do hereby constitute and appoint their secretary John Billingsley of London gent their true and lawful attorney for them and in their name and behalf to transfer one thousand pounds of their interest or share to the capital and principal stock of the Governn and Company of Merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas and other parts of America and for encouraging the fishery or any part of parcel thereof to such person or persons as their said attorney shall think fit. In witness whereof the said Govern and Company have caused their common seal to be hereunto fixed this twenty first day of June one thousand seven hundred and twenty. By order of the Court of assistants. [London 1720]. £25.00

WORTHINGTON (John Cotton). [Title unknown] but ending in 'Lord Nelson, by John Cotton Worthington, Esq.' Weymouth, Nov. 13, 1805. £55.00

SURAT THEATRE. Re-opening of the Surat Theatre. Grand amateur performance... highly popular and screaming face of Trying It On... [Surat, n.d., late 19th C.?] £20.00

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OLD SWINFORD HOSPITAL. Itemised manuscript bill from Grazebrook & Guest, solicitors, to the Duke of Sutherland, relating to an exchange of land at Old Swinford Hospital for land belonging to the Duke of Sutherland. 1846. £20.00

NORTH OTTERINGTON. Manuscript quotes from stonemasons for various work to be done on widening, altering, and repairing the bridge and adjacent road at North Otterington. The names of the masons are given in the detailed schedule of works to be carried out, with the price tendered. A couple of items dated 1831, 1832. 1831 - 1832. £75.00

HOUNDS. Manuscript on 4 pages, signed 'Kintore' [Anthony, 7th Earl of Kintore] headed 'Draft of hounds sent out from Wadley Kennel January nine 1829.' 1829 £25.00

CRICKET. LUDGROVE SCHOOL. Semper victores (sung to the tune of "Turmut hoeing.") [S.., N.p., n.d., c. early 1900's?] £25.00

BISMARCK (Herbert). Autograph letter, signed, in English, dated Berlin, April 9th, 1890, from Herbert Bismarck to 'My Dear Colonel' thanking him for a gift of whiskey and saying he is leaving and is sorry to have missed [the Colonel] and Sir. E. Malet. 1890 £35.00

ANON. The gentleman angler: containing short, plain, and easy instructions, whereby the most ignorant beginner may, in a short time, become a perfect artist in angling for salmon, salmon peal, trout, Pike, Carp, Perch, Barbel, Tench, Bream, Chub, Greyling, Mullets, Flounders, Roch, Dace, Gudgeon, &c. With several observations on angling, angle rods, and Artificial Flies; How to chuse the best Hair, and Indian Grass; Of the proper Times and Seasons for River and Pond Fishing; When Fish spawn; And what Baits are chiefly to be used, &c. To which is added, treatise concerning Thames fishing; with an Account of the Nature of such Rivers as empty themselves into it, or are near unto it, &c. Also the Angler’s New Song; The Laws of Angling; And the Form of a Licence and Deputation for Angling. Together with an appendix, containing the Method of Rock and Sea Fishing; An Alphabetical Explanation of Technical Words used in the Art of Angling; Choice Receipts for Dressing Fish; And, How to Improve Barren Ground, by turning it into Fish Ponds; With plain Directions how to Make a Trout Pond, &c. By a gentleman, who has made angling his diversion upwards of twenty-eight years. The third edition, with large additions. London : printed for C. Hitch, at the Red Lion in Pater-Noster Row, [1743?] £245.00

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SYDENHAM SOCIETY. A biennial retrospect of medicine, surgery, and their allied sciences, for 1865-6 [and] 1867-8 [and] 1869-70 [and] 1871- 72. Edited by Mr. H. Power, Dr. Anstie... [and others] for the New Sydenham Society. London: 1867, 1869, 1871, 1873. £75.00

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MAP. Northern ports & harbours of the United States [and] Southern ports and harbours of the United States. London: Fullarton..., [n.d., c. 1860]. £65.00

MAP. French ports & harbours, and plan of Paris. London: Fullarton..., [n.d., c. 1860]. £25.00

MAP. Dutch possessions in South America and the West Indies. London: Fullarton..., [n.d., c. 1860]. £60.00

MAP. Dania Regnum. [Amsterdam: Blaeu, c. 1650]. £225.00

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MAP. British possessions on the North East Coast of South America. London: Fullarton..., [n.d., c. 1860]. £55.00

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LIFE-BOATS. Report of the Committee appointed to examine the life-boat models submitted to compete for the premium offered by His Grace the Duke of Northumberland: to which is added, a list of the existing life-boat, rocket, and mortar stations, and an abstract of the wrecks which occurred on the shores of the British Isles in 1850. With Appendix, maps, and plans. London: Printed by W. Clowes..., l851. £675.00

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FOREIGN PROTESTANTS. An Act to extend the provisions of an Act made in the thirteenth year of His present Majesty's reign, intitutled, An Act for naturalizing foreign protestants, and others therein mentioned, as are settled, or shall settle in any of His Majesty's colonies in America, to other foreign protestants who conscientiously scruple the taking of an oath. London: Printed for Thomas Baskett.., 1747. £65.00

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CHAPMAN (Robert). The picture of Glasgow; or, strangers' guide: with a sketch of a tour to Loch Lomond, Loch Ketturin, Inverary, and the Falls of Clyde. A new edition, enlarged. Enriched with four views, and a map of the city. Glasgow: Printed by and for R. Chapman..., 1812. £85.00

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BILLINGSGATE. An Act for making Billingsgate a free market for fish. London: Printed by Charles Bill..., 1699. £25.00

BALLANTYNE (R.M.). Environs and vicinity of Edinburgh. London: T. Nelson..., 1859. £55.00

ARETAEUS. The extant works of Aretaeus, the Cappadocian. Edited and translated by Francis Adams, LL.D. London: Printed for the Sydenham Society, 1856. £65.00

ANTI-SEMITISM. Two facsmile reprints, one reproducng a decree of Johann Friedrich, Duke Elector of Saxony, printed in Witttenberg in 1536. The decree reinforces an earlier decree of 1543 banning Jews from travelling through Saxony. The second is a document passed by the town council of Leipzig in 1867 confirming existing regulations regarding trade by Jewish merchants. [Germany, n.p., c. 1930's?] £65.00

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ADVERTISEMENT. An advertisement for 'Pearce's high class table waters, St. Ronan's Works, Innerleithen. Made with pure spring water from our own artesian well.' Glasgow: J. & J. Murdoch Litho., [n.d., early 1900's?] £30.00

ADVERTISEMENT. An advertisement for 'Duckworth's essences and colours "heart brand." Gold medal quality. Use only "heart brand" essences. Duckworth & Co., (Essences) Ltd. Old Trafford Essence Distillery, Manchester 16, England.' [S.l., N.p, c. 1950's?] £20.00

ADVERTISEMENT. A large advertisement poster of 'Croft's port. The wine of fourteen reigns. Establised. 1678.' [S.l., N.p., c. 1940's?] £25.00

WHISTLER (James Abbott McNeill). Savoy pigeons. London: The Studio, June, 1896. £45.00

ALMANACK. The gentleman's pocket book almanack. 1870. [London]: C. & J. Penny, 77, St. John's Street, West Smithfield, E.C., [1870] £55.00

TROLTSCH (Prof. Von), HELMHOLTZ (Prof.). The surgical diseases of the ear. By Prof. Von Troltsch. The mechanism of the ossicles and the mebrana tympani. By Prof. Helmholtz. Translated from the German by James Hinton. London: The New sydenham society, 1874. £25.00

SEMPLE (Robert Hunter), editor. Memoirs of diptheria. From the writings of Bretonneau, Guersant, Trousseau, Bouchut, Empis and Daviot. With a biographical appendix, by John Chatto... London: The New Sydenham Society, 1859. £25.00

LOUIS (P.C.A.). Researches on phthisis anatomical pathological and therapeutical. Second edition considerably enlarged. Translated by Walter Hayle Walshe... London: [Sydenham Society], 1844, reprinted 1846. £25.00

KRAMER (Dr. W.). The aural surgery of the present day. With two tables and nine woodcuts. Translated by Henry Power... With corrections and numerous additions by the author. London: The New Sydenham Society, 1863. £20.00

HASSE (Charles Ewald). An anatomical description of the diseases or the organs of circulation and respiration. Translated and edited by W.E. Swaine, M.D... London: Printed for the Sydenham Society, 1846. £20.00

FLUGGE (C.). Micro-organisms with special reference to the etiology of the infective diseases. Translated from the second and thoroughly revised edition of "Fermente und mikroparasiten." By W. Watson Cheyne... With 144 drawings. London: The New Sydenham Society, 1890. £20.00

EWALD (Dr. C.A.) Lectures on diseases of the digestive organs. Translated form the latest German edition by Robert Saundby... London: The New Sydenham Society, 1891, 1892. £25.00

DERMATOLOGY. Selected monographs on dermatology. Unna. Nielsen. Duhring. Bronson. Blanc. Berger. Prince-Morrow. London: The New Sydenham Society, 1893. £25.00

CHEYNE (W. Watson), editor. Recent essays by various authors on bacteria in relation to disease. Selected and edited by W. Watson Cheyne... London: The New Sydenham Society, 1886. £30.00

DUNCAN (Andrew), Editor. Carminum rariorum macaronicorum delectus: in usum Ludorum Apollinarium, quae solenniter Edinburgi celebrantur, apud conventum gymnasticum fliliorum aesculapii. Edito altera emendata et aucta. Edinburgi: Ex Typographia G. Ramsay…, 1813. £475.00

LITTLE CUMRAE LIGHTHOUSE. An Act for erecting, maintaining, and supporting a light-house on the island of Little Cumray, in the County of Bute, at the mouth of the river Clyde, in North Britain; and for rendering the navigation in the Frith and river of Clyde more safe and commodious. London: Printed by Thomas Baskett..., 1756. £25.00

WIGHT (Alexander). An inquiry into the rise and progress of Parliament, chiefly in Scotland; and a complete system of the law concerning the elections of the representatives from Scotland to the Parliament of Great Britain. To which is added an appendix, containing several curious papers and instruments, and full copies of the election statutes. Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech..., 1784. £145.00

WARD (Robert Plumer)]. Tremaine, or the man of refinement. Third edition. In three volumes. London: Henry Colburn..., 1825. £75.00

SWINTON (John). An abridgment of the public statutes in force and use relative to Scotland, from the Union, in the fifth year of Queen Anne, to the twenty-seventh year of His present Majesty King George III. Inclusive. In two volumes. Edinburgh: Printed for Peter Hill…, 1788. £145.00

SIBBALD (Robert). Vindiciae Scotiae illustratae, sive podromi naturalis historiae Scotiae, contra prodromomastiges, sub larva libelli de legibus historiae naturalis latentes. Edinburgi: Impensis authoris excudebat M. Andreas Symson, 1710. £115.00

SIBBALD (Robert). The history, ancient and modern, of the Sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross; with the description of both, and for the Firths of Forth and Tay, and the Islands in them. In which, there is an account of the Royal seats and castles; and of the Royal Burghs and the ports; and of the religious houses and schools; and of the most remarkable houses of the nobility and gentry. With an account of the natural products of the land and waters. Edinburgh: Printed by James Watson..., 1710. £195.00

SIBBALD (Robert). Introductio ad historiam rerum a Romanis gestarum, in ea Borealis Britanniae Parte, quae ultra Murum Picticum est; in quaveterum in hac plaga incolarum nomina & sedes explicantur. Cum tabula Aenea Britannia integra & Hiberniae, eet una hujusplagae juxta rectum ejusSirum, et figura Castri Romani Iernensis. Edinburgi: Anno recuperatae salutis humanae, 1706. £125.00

SIBBALD (Robert). An account of the writers antient and modern printed, and manuscripts not printed, which treat of the description of North-Britain called Scotland as it was of old, and is now at present, with a catalogue of the mapps and prospects and figures, of the antient monuments thereof such as have come to my hands, in several languages. For the use of such as may apply themselves to describe the whole countrey or any part of it. In two parts. Edinburgh: Printed in the year 1710. £125.00

SHERIDAN. MOORE (Thomas). Memoirs of the life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan. The fourth edition. In two volumes. London: Printed for Longman..., 1826. £75.00

SHERIDAN (Charles Francis). A history of the late revolution in Sweden: containing an account of the transactions of the last three diets in that country; preceded by a short abstract of the Swedish history, so far as was necessary to lay open the true causes of that remarkable event. The second edition. London: Printed for Charles Dilly..., 1783. £65.00

SCOTT. An Act to authorize His Majesty to appoint a person to act as Sheriff of Selkirkshire during the incapacity of the present Sheriff. [Colophon] London: Printed by George Eyre..., 1832. £35.00

NAPOLEON. An Act for the more effectually detaining in custody Napoleon Buonaparte. [and] An Act for regulating the intercourse with the Island of Saint Helena, during the time Napoleon Buonaparte shall be detained there; and for indemnifying persons in the cases therein mentioned. [Colophn] London: Printed by George Eyre..., 1816, 1816. £25.00

MACKENZIE, George). The laws and customs of Scotland, in matters criminal. Wherein is to be seen how the civil law, and the laws and customs of other nations doth agree with, and supply ours. By Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh. To this second edition is now added (by way of an appendix) A treatise of mutilation and demembration and their punishments, by Sir Alexander Seton of Pitmedden... Also a second edition of the observations upon the 18 Act. Parl. 23. K. James Sixth. Against dispositions made in defraud of creditors, etc. corrected, and in several paragraphs much enlarged by the author, the same Sir George Mackenzie himself, before his death. Edinburgh: Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson..., 1699. £150.00

MACKENZIE (George). Observations on the Acts of Parliament, made by King James the First, King James the Second, King James the Third, King James the Fourth, King James the Fifth, Queen Mary, King James the Sixth, King Charles the First, King Charles the Second. Wherein 1.It is observed, if they be in desuetude, abrogated, limited, or enlarged. 2. The decisions relating to these acts are mentioned. 3. Some new doubts not yet decided, are hinted at. 4. Parallel citations from the civil, canon, feudal and municipal laws, and the laws of other nations are adduc'd, for clearing these statutes. Edinburgh: Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson..., 1686. £195.00

MACKENZIE (George). Observations on the Acts of Parliament, made by King James the First, King James the Second, King James the Third, King James the Fourth, King James the Fifth, Queen Mary, King James the Sixth, King Charles the First, King Charles the Second. Wherein 1.It is observed, if they be in desuetude, abrogated, limited, or enlarged. 2. The decisions relating to these acts are mentioned. 3. Some new doubts not yet decided, are hinted at. 4. Parallel citations from the civil, canon, feudal and municipal laws, and the laws of other nations are adduc'd, for clearing these statutes. Edinburgh: Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson..., 1686. £175.00

LUCRETIUS. Lucrece, de la nature des choses, traduit en vers par M. Le Blanc de Guillet. A Paris: Chez Moutard... Plassan..., 1788. £75.00

LEGAL. Memorial, by Mr William Robertson of Ladykirk, concerning the annualrent of ten thousand merks Scots, wherewith Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton burdened the tailzie of the estate of Dirleton, in favour of John Wood, eldest son of James Wood in Whytlaw; which annualrent was enjoyed by the said John Wood, and after his death by Alexander Wood carpenter in the King's Yard at Deptford, his son. [etc.] [Edinburgh:1781]. £20.00

LA HARPE (Jean Francois de). Lycee, ou cours de literature ancienne et moderne. Precede d'une notice historique par Leon Thiesse. Paris: P. Pourat Freres..., 1839. £75.00

HUTCHESON (Gilbert). Treatise on the offices of Justice of Peace; Constable; Commissioner of Supply; and Commissioner under Comprehending Acts, in Scotland; with occasional observations upon other municipal jurisdictions. To which are added, appendixes, containing some of the statutes, forms of proceedings, and writs referred to in the work. The third edition. Edinburgh: Printed for Peter Hill..., 1815. £95.00

GENSSLER (Johann A.). Die Welfen : eine Abhandlung zum Beweis der Abkunft des Ko¨niglichen Hauses Preussen von dem noch blu¨henden a¨ltesten Ko¨nigsstamme der Welt ; mit der Grundlage zu einer ku¨nftigen Geschichte des Fra¨nkischen Gaues Grapfeld verbunden und entworfen zum achtzehnten Ja¨nner Ein Tausend acht Hundert und Eins als dem Tage der Sekular Feier der Preussischen Ko¨nigswu¨rde. Hildburghausen, 1801. £55.00

ERSKINE (John). An institute of the law of Scotland, in four books. In the order of Sir George Mackenzie's institutions of that law. By John Erskine, Esq; of Carnock… The fifth edition, improved, with notes and additions. Edinburgh: Printed for Bell & Bradfute, 1812. £75.00

EGERTON (Hugh Edward), Editor. The Royal Commission on the losses and services of Americal loyalists 1783 to 17895. Being the notes of Mr. Daniel Parker Coke, M.P. one of the Commissioners during that period. Oxford: Printed for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe Club, 1915. £200.00

DICTIONARY. WALKER (John). A critical pronouncing dictionary, and expositor of the English language: in which, not only the meaning of every word is clearly explained, and the sound of every syllable distinctly shown... [etc]. To which are prefixed, principles of English pronunciation... Likewise, rules to be observed by the natives of Scotland, Ireland, and London for avoiding their respective peculiarities... The whole interspersed with observations, etymological, critical, and grammatical. London: Stereotyped by A. Wilson; for T. Cadell..., 1825. £45.00

DECHELETTE (Joseph). Manuel d'archaeologie prehistorique Celtique et Gallo-Romaine. 1. Archeologie prehistorique. [and] 11. Archaeologie Celtique ou protohistorique. Premiere Partie [and] Deuzime partie…, [and] Troisieme partie… Paris: Librairie Alphonse Picard…, 1908 - 1914. £225.00

CLEMENCET (Charles), DURAND (Ursin), CLEMENT (Francois). L'Art de verifier les dates des faits historiques, des chartes, des chroniques, et autres anciens monumens, depuis la naissance de votre-seigneur, par le moyen d'une table chronologique... [etc,]. Troisieme edition. Par un religieux Benedictin de la congregation de S. Maur. A Paris: Chez Alexandre Jombert Jeune..., 183 - 1787. £450.00

ARNOT (Hugo). The History of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech; …and J. Murray, London, 1779. £250.00

ARNOLD (W.). A practical treatise on the bilious remittent fever; its causes and effects. With illustrative tables and cases, on the temperature of the system in the febrile diseases of Jamaica. To which is added, medical topography of the different military stations in that important colony. London: John Churchill..., 1840. £65.00

COTTONIAN LIBRARY. An Act for the better settling and preserving the library kept in the House at Westminbster, called Cotton-House, in the name of the family of Cottons, for the benefit of the publick. London: Printed by Charles Bill..., 1701. £65.00

ELGIN MARBLES. An Act to vest the Elgin Collection of ancient marbles and sculpture in the Trustees of the British Museum for the use of the public. [Colophon] London: Printed by George Eyre..., 1816. £25.00

NELSON. An Act for settling and securing a certain annuity on Horatio Nelson Lord Nelson, and the two next persons to whom the title of Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk, shall descend, in consideration of the eminent services performed by the said Horatio Nelson, to His Majesty and the publick. London: Printed by George Eyre..., 1798. £25.00

AMERICAN COLONIES. An Act for the preservation of white and other pine-trees growing in Her Majesties Colonies of New Hampshire, the Massachusets-Bay, and Province of Main, Rhode-Island, and Providence-Plantation, the Narraganset Country, or Kings-Province, and Connecticut in New-England, and New York, and New-Jersey, in America, for the masting of Her Majesty's ships. London: Printed for the Assigns of Thomas Newcomb..., 1711. £65.00

CHURCH OF ENGLAND. An Act for securing the Church of England as by law established. London: Printed by Charles Bill..., 1706. £30.00

LAND BANK. An Act for continuing to His Majesty certain duties... [etc. etc.] and for establishing a National Land Bank... [etc.]. London: Printed by Charles Billl..., 1696. £65.00

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. An Act for the registration, incorporation, and regulation of joint stock companies. London: Printed by George E. Eyre..., 1844. £45.00

BALLAD. The Royal little dears wants. London: E.M.A. Hodges..., [1857] £25.00

LAUDERDALE (James Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale). Letters to the Peers of Scotland. London: Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson..., 1794. £150.00

MIRROURE OF THE WORLD. The Mirroure of the Worlde. MS Bodley 283 (England c. 1470 - 1480). The physical composition decoration and illustration. With an introduction by Kathleen L. Scott. Oxford: Printed for the Roxburghe Club, 1980. £45.00

GARSAULT (Francois Alexandre de). Art du tailleur, contenant le tailleur d'habits d'hommes; les culottes d Peau; le tailleur de corps de femme & enfants: la couturiere; & la marchande de mode. Par M. de Garsault. [Paris : Imprimerie de L.F. Delatour], 1769. £75.00

CARLISLE (Nicholas). A topographical dictionary of Scotland, and of the islands in the British seas; exhibiting the names of the several cities, Royal Burghs, parishes, villages, and islands, with the shire and division of the shire... [etc. etc.] Being a continuaton of the topography of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. London: Printed for G. and W. Nichol... By W. Bulmer..., 1813. £95.00

TENNYSON (Alfred). Maud, and other poems. London: Edward Moxon..., 1855. £55.00

MAXWELL (John, Baron Herries). Historical memoirs of the reign of Mary Queen of Scots, and a portion of the reign of King James the Sixth. By Lord Herries. Printed at Edinburgh, 1836. £65.00

EQUESTRIAN. Six sketches in lithography representing the common actions of the horse. [London]: Day & Haghe Lithographers to the Queen, [c. 1842]. £1800.00

WINKLES (B.). French Cathedrals by B. Winkles. From drawings taken on the spot, by R. Garland, Archt. With an historical and descriptive account. London: Charles Tilt, 1837. £95.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). The Field of Waterloo; a poem. Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne..., 1815. £45.00

SCOTT (Sir Walter). Halidon Hill; a dramatic sketch from Scottish history. Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable…, 1822. £35.00

JAMIN (Nicolas). Pensamientos theologicos respectivos a loss errores de este tiempo. Escrito en Francais por el R.P. Nicolas Jamin... Y traducidos al Castellano por D. Remigio Leon. En Madrid: Por D. Antonio de Sancha, 1778. £45.00

ISLE OF MAN. Papers presented to the House of Commons, respecting the Isle of Man. Ordered to be printed 10th April 1805. [London: 1805]. £75.00

DICKSON (Nicholas), Editor. The Queen's Guard of Honour, Loch Katrine, 1859. A memorial record. [with] the Prospectus for the work. [with] The Queen's Guard of Honour, Loch Katrine, 1859. Proceedings at the annual dinner, 14th October, 1885. Glasgow: N. Macphail, [1860] first two items; Glasgow; Printed by Horn & Connell, 1885 [third item]. £65.00

CONNECTICUT RIVER. Connecticut river route; a guide book of the most direct route from New York to the White Mountains; with full description of New Haven, Hartford, Springfield, and the White Mountains, and a brief description of towns and villages on the entire route, via New York, New Haven, Hartford and Springfield; Connecticut River, Central Vermont, Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers, and Boston, Concord, Montreal and White Mountain railroads. With full map and illustrations. New York: Published by Taintor Brothers..., copyright...1876. [published c. 1880]. £65.00

ALMANACK. The Aberdeen almanack, for the year 1796, being leap year, and of the Julian period, 6508... Aberdeen: Printed and sold by J. Chalmers..., [1796]. £35.00

REID (Alexander George). The annals of Auchterarder and memorials of Strathearn. Crieff: David Philips, 1899. £20.00

NICOLAS (Nicholas Harris). The siege of Carlaverock in the XXVIII Edward 1. A.D. MCCC; with the arms of the Earls, Barons, and Knights, who were present on the occasion; with a translation, a history of the castle, and memoirs of the personages commemorated by the poet. London: J.B. Nichols and Son, 1828. £225.00

MAC ALLESTER (Oliver). A series of letters, discovering the scheme projected by France, in MDCCLIX. For an intended invasion upon England with flat-bottom'd boats; and various conferences and original ppaers touching that formidable design. Pointing at the secret and true motives, which precipitated the negociations, and conclusion of the last peace. To which are prefixed, the secret adventures of the Young Pretender... [etc. etc.]. London: Printed for the author..., 1767. £165.00

CROSS (J. E.). The berries and heaths of Rannoch. By a snowdrop. London: George Bell..., 1881. £95.00

BRUCE (John). Papers relating to William First Earl of Gowrie, and Patrick Ruthven, his fifth and last surviving son. Private Impression. London: Printed by J.E. Taylor..., 1867. £45.00

WATSON (Richard). A charge to delivered to the clergy of the Diocese of Landaff, June, 1791. By Richard Watson, D.D. F.R.S. Lord Bishop of Landaff. London: Printed for Thomas Evans…, 1792. £25.00