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Chris Porter (Books)

Murray, George The Impatient Horse Loughborough: Wills & Hepworth, 1953. £200.00

Lewis, John Rowland Hilder: Painter and Illustrator London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1978 0214204251. £42.50

Hilder, Rowland Rowland Hilder's England: A personal record of the artist introduced by Denis Thomas UK: Herbert Read, 1986 0906969573. £25.00

Collinson, Patrick The Elizabethan Puritan Movement UK: Methuen, 1982 0416340008. £22.00

Streeter, E.W. Gems London: Streeter & Co, circa 1900. £125.00

Blunden, Edmund Christ's Hospital: A Retrospect London: Christophers, no date (?1929). £45.00

Finney, Tom Tom Finney: My Autobiography UK: Headline, 2003 0755311051. £85.00

---- Broadcasting House London: British Broadcasting Corporation, 1932. £90.00

Crichton-Stuart, Michael G Patrol: The Story of the Guards Patrol of the Long Range Desert Group London: William Kimber, 1958. £95.00

Sansweet, J. (Editor) Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive UK: Virgin, 1999 1852277394. £35.00

Lustig, Irma S. and Pottle, Frederick A. Boswell: The English Experiment 1785 - 1789 USA: McGraw-Hill, 1986 0070391165. £26.50

Henry, Alan (Editor) Autocourse 1991-92 UK: Hazleton, 1992 0905138872. £42.50

Ankum, J A; Pleket, H W & Sijpesteijn, P J The Wisconsin Papyri II Holland: Terra Publishing, 1977 9062552005. £78.50

---- Paris-Londres Keepsake Français 1838 Nouvelles Inédites Paris: Delloye, Desmé et Cie,1838. £385.00

Adams, Douglas Life the Universe and Everything London: Arthur Barker, 1982 0213168472. £450.00

Naipaul, V.S. In a free State UK: Andre Deutsch, 1971 0233958320. £20.00

Simenon, Georges Maigret's Pipe: Complete Maigret Short Stories Volume II UK: Hamish Hamilton, 1977. £25.00

Grosvenor, Edwin S. & Wesson, Morgan Alexander Graham Bell: The Life and Times of the man who Invented the Telephone USA: Harry N. Abrams, 1997 0810940051. £22.50

Wheatley, Dennis Who Killed Robert Prentice? Exeter: Webb & Bower, 1980. £25.00

Various The Glasgow Academy 1846 -1946: The First Hundred Years Glasgow: Blackie & Son, 1946. £35.00

Various A Memory Bank for Paragonah 1851-1990 USA: Betsy Topham Camp, 1990. £45.00

Gladstone, W. E. Gleanings of Past Years 1843 - 1878 London: John Murray, 1879. £135.00

Lees - Milne, James The Milk of Paradise UK: John Murray, 2005 0719565804. £24.50

---- The Correspondence of James Boswell with David Garrick, Edmund Burke and Edmond Malone UK: Heinemann, 1986 0434837024. £39.00

Sabor, Peter (Editor) The Complete Plays of Frances Burney UK: William Pickering, 1995 1851960732. £105.00

---- Manual of Instructions: Alvis Three Litre Coventry: Alvis Limited, 1950 (?). £48.00

Feret, Edouard & Cocks, Ch. Bordeaux and its Wines classed by order of merit Bordeaux: Feret & Fils, 1899. £165.00

Fremont, John Charles (Editors: Jackson, Donald & Spence, Mary Lee) The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont USA: University of Illinois Press, 1970. £65.00

Dunsheath, Joce; Reid, Hilda;Gregory, Eileen & Delany, Frances Mountains and Memsahibs London: Constable, 1958. £35.00

Mr. Dennis An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Shakespear: with some letters of criticism to the Spectator London: Bernard Lintott at the Cross-Keys, 1712. £495.00

Metz, Peter The Golden Gospels of Echternach Codex Aureus Echternach UK: Thames & Hudson, 1957. £85.00

Hirst, Damien I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now. London: Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1997 1873968442. £275.00

Meyer, Stephenie Breaking Dawn UK: Atom, 2008 9781905654284. £95.00

Davis, H.J. The Honoured Name: Our Tribute to the late Lord Trent Nottingham: Boots Pure Drug Co., 1931. £37.50

Stanley, Lous T. Strictly Off The Record: Grand Prix Controversey and Intrigue London: Salamander Books, 1999 184065077x. £24.50

Wilkinson, W.E. with Jones, Chris The Motor Racing Legend: "Wilkie" UK: Nelson & Saunders, 1987 094775007X. £65.00

Hilton, Christopher Nuvolari UK: Breedon Books, 2003 1859833497. £75.00

Verzocchi, Giuseppe Veni VD Vici Milan: Verzocchi, 1924. £950.00

Passmore, J.B. The English Plough UK: Oxford University Press, 1930. £27.50

Kuuse, Jan The Swedish Sugar Company Cardo 1907 - 1982: Swedish Sugar in an International Perspective Sweden: Cardo, 1983 9185216186. £32.50

Kahane, Jack Memoirs of a Booklegger London: Michael Joseph, 1939. £115.00

Balmain, Pierre My Years and Seasons London: Cassell, 1964. £65.00

Delderfield, R.F. The Unjust Skies London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1962. £55.00

Woolf, Virginia Flush: A Biography London: Hogarth Press, 1933. £90.00

West, Rebecca The Return of the Soldier London: Nisbet, 1918. £225.00

Wolfe, "Jappy" Text Book of Swimming London: Athletic Publications, 1923 (?). £95.00

Sinclair, Archibald and Henry, William Swimming (The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes) London: Longmans Green, 1894. £24.00

Prince, Walter Franklin The Case of Patience Worth: A Critical Study of Certain Unusual Phenomena USA: Boston Society for Psychic Research, 1927. £55.00

BB (D.B. Watkins-Pitchford) Recollections of a 'Longshore Gunner Ipswich: The Boydell Press, 1979 0851150675. £95.00

Tolstoy, Nikolai The Minister and the Massacres UK: Century Hutchinson, 1986 0091640105. £47.50

Townsin, Alan Duple: 70 years of coachbuilding UK: Venture Publications, 1998 1898432465. £28.50

Cobbe, Frances Power The Duties of Women: A Course of Lectures London: Williams & Norgate, 1882. £95.00

---- F. Mitchell (Flongs) Ltd. UK: F. Mitchell (Flongs) Ltd., 1963(?). £25.00

Thomas, Dylan, & Richards, Ceri (illustrator) Drawings to Poems by Dylan Thomas UK: Enitharmon Press, 1980 0905289471. £125.00

Lancaster, Marie-Jaqueline (editor) Brian Howard: Portrait of a Failure London: Anthony Blond, 1968. £39.50

Wood, Frances The Silk Road: Two Thousand Years in the Heart of Asia US: University of California Press, 2002 0520237862. £23.50

Williamson, George C. Guildford in the Olden Time: Side-lights on the history of a quaint old town London/Guildford: George Bell/The Woodbridge Press, 1904. £48.00

Willans, Geoffrey and Searle, Ronald Down with Skool UK: Max Parrish, 1953. £22.50

Whiffen, Thomas The North-West Amazons: Notes of some months spent among cannibal tribes London: Constable, 1915. £75.00

Weis, Charles McC. & Pottle, Frederick A. Boswell in Extremes 1776 - 1778 UK: Heinemann/McGraw-Hill, 1971. £110.00

Verne, Jules The Lottery Ticket and The Begum's Fortune UK: Sampson Low, 1919. £55.00

Van der Wee, Herman & Verbreyt, Monique The Generale Bank 1822 - 1997: A Continuing Challenge Belgium: Lannoo, 1997 9020932799. £34.00

Tolstoy, Nikolai The Founding of Evil Hold School London: W H Allen, 1968. £35.00

Tipler, Johnny Ayrton Senna The Team Lotus Years: The Final Flowering of a Winning F1 Team UK:Coterie Press, 2005 1902351169. £45.00

Tipler, John Morgan: The Cars and the Factory UK: Crowood Press, 1993 1852237503. £37.00

Timokhov, L. A. (Editor) Dynamics of Ice Cover Rotterdam: A. A. Balkema, 1984 9061914418. £22.00

Taylor, H. C. (Editor) The Wake: The publication of the Fifth Reserve Officers Class USA: H.C. Taylor etc., 1919. £42.00

Stead, C. K. Mansfield: A Novel UK: Harvill Press, 2004 1843431769. £37.50

Stark, Freya Space Time and Movement in Landscape UK: Compton Press/Her Godson, 1969. £75.00

Sims, George R. The Case of George Candlemas London: Chatto & Windus, 1890. £165.00

Sims, George R. Rogues and Vagabonds London: Chatto and Windus, 1886. £185.00

Sims, George R. Li Ting of London and other stories London: Chatto & Windus, 1917. £85.00

Simenon, George Maigret's Little Joke UK: Hamish Hamilton, 1957. £25.00

Short, Philip In Pursuit of Plants: Experiences of nineteenth and early twentieth century plant collectors UK: Timber Press, 2003 0881926353. £25.00

Shaw-Miller, Lindsay (Editor) Clare Through the Twentieth Century: Portrait of a Cambridge College UK: Third Millenium, 2001 1903942039. £23.00

Seidler, Edouard Champion of the World Switzerland: Automobile Year, 1970 0877990115. £25.00

Scott, Paul The Towers of Silence UK: Heinemann, 1978. £25.00

Scott, Clement Lays of a Londoner London: David Bogue, 1882. £145.00

Richardson, J.B. Metal Mining UK: Allen Lane, 1974 0713906030. £24.00

Reps, John W. Monumental Washington: The Planning and Development of the Capital Center USA: Princeton University Press, 1967. £22.00

Reinders, Pim Licks, Sticks & Bricks: A World History of Ice Cream Rotterdam: Unilever, 1999 906496162x. £65.00

Rabassa, Jorge Quaternary of South America and Antarctic Pensinsular Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema, 1986 9061917328. £65.00

Pritchard, Anthony Maserati: A History UK: Mercian Manuals, 2001 1903088070. £21.00

Phillips, J. D. & Renwick, W. H. (Editors) Geomorphic Systems: Proceedings of the 23rd Binghamton Symposium in Geomorphology held 25-27 September 1992 Netherlands: Elsevier, 1992 0444898093. £45.00

Petty, John Five Fags a Day: The last Year of a Scrap-picker UK: Secker & Warburg, 1956. £37.50

Pakkanen, Esko & Roitto Pentii The Steamers in Finland Finland: The Finnish Steamer Yachting Association, 1983. £22.00

Oliver, Kingsley M. Hold Fast, Sit Sure: the History of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, with Treasures and Plate, the Collection of the Saddlers' Company, 2 Volumes UK: Phillimore, 1995 0850339588. £28.00

Northeast, Peter & Falvey, Heather (Eds.) Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1439-1474; Wills from the Register "Baldwyne", Part II: 1461-1474 UK: Boydell Press, 2010 9781843835325. £22.00

Motion, Andrew The Pleasure Steamers UK: Carcanet, 1979. £22.00

Morton, Jocelyn Three Generations in a Family Textile Firm London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1971 0710070624. £90.00

Morris, William The Story of the Glittering Plain or The Land of Living Men: The 1894 Kelmscott Edition New York: Dover Publications, 1987. £175.00

Mitchell, Angus (ed.) The Amazon Journal of Roger Casement London: Anaconda Editions, 1997 190199001X. £26.50

Melly, George It's all writ out for you: The Life and Work of Scottie Wilson UK: Thames & Hudson, 1986 0500234604. £55.00

McGovern, Chris Alpine: The Classic Sunbeam UK: Gentry Books, 1980 0856140619. £35.00

McDonald, Donald Percival Norton Johnson:The Biography of a Pioneer Metallurgist London: Johnson Matthey, 1951. £24.00

Matthews, Clive An Introduction to Natural Language Processing Through Prolog UK: Addison Wesley Longman, 1998 0582066220. £22.00

Mallalieu, Huon (editor), Herbert, Harris; Lemmon, Jeremy; Levete, Michael and Welfare, Simon The Harrow Achievement 1941 -1981 UK: The Old Harrovian Players, 1982. £55.00

Machetanz, Sara The Oil Paintings of Fred Machetanz: Painter of the Alaskan Scene UK: F. Lewis, 1980. £145.00

Macdonald, Donald J., of Castleton Clan Donald Scotland: Macdonald, 1978 0904265218. £35.00

Lustig, Irma S. and Pottle, Frederick A. Boswell: The English Experiment 1785 - 1789 USA: McGraw-Hill, 1986 0070391165. £26.50

Lovelock, James Life and Death Underground UK: G. Bell & Son, 1963. £45.00

Lord Donaldson of Lymington Lord Donaldson's Assessment (Derbyshire) London: HMSO, 1995. £35.00

Long, Freda M. The Austrian Woman UK: Robert Hale, 1983 070900768x. £75.00

Liscomb, Kathlyn Maurean Learning from Mount Hua: A Chinese physician's illustrated travel record and painting theory UK: Cambridge University Press, 1993 0521411122. £63.00

Linaker, E. Nugent The Devizes Mutual Insurance Society 1784 - 1833 UK: Privately by the author, 1970. £75.00

Leonard Flint Ritson Opening Closed Doors: Case Histories of a Palmist - Clairvoyant UK: Eric Briton Associates, 1985 071980034x. £24.50

Lee Warner, Philip Apulei Psyche et Cupido London: Medici Society, 1913. £25.00

Lavery, Brian Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation 1793 - 1815 UK: Conway, 1992 0851775217. £26.50

Langton, William (Ed.) Remains Historical & Literary connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester UK: The Chetham Society, 1875. £22.00

Kershaw, Ernest Manchester Pedestrians 1903-1970 UK: Manchester Pedestrian Club, 1971. £20.00

Jones, Stuart J. & Frostick, Lynne E. (Editors) Sediment Flux to Basins: Causes, Controls and Consequences London: The Geological Society, 2002 1862390959. £25.00

Jones, David Ten Letters to two young artists working in Italy Juliet Wood & Richard Shirley Smith London: Agenda Editions, 1996 090240055x. £115.00

J. Bouchot-Saupique Corot Milan: Arti Grafiche Ricordi, 1963. £22.00

Iroshnikov, Mikhail; Protsai, Liudmila & Shelayev, Yuri The Sunset of the Romanov Dynasty Moscow: Terra, 1992 5852552232. £28.00

Hovermann, Jurgen & Wenying, Wang Reports on the Northeastern part of the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau China: Science Press, 1987. £45.00

Holt, Thaddeus The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War UK: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004 0297848046. £26.50

Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Signed Lyon Playfair) The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendall Holmes: Volume 1 only Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1881. £65.00

Hodges, David (Editor) Automobile Year No. 38 1990/91 Switzerland: Editions JR, 1990 2883240124. £25.00

Henderson, Janet E. The Doctor's Ride and other poems Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1913. £28.00

Head, Clive; Chase Linda and Flynn, Tom Clive Head: Paintings 1996 to 2001 UK: Blains Fine Art, 2001 095406710x. £75.00

Hadfield, Charles & Skempton, A.W. William Jessop, Engineer UK: David & Charles, 1979 0715376039. £22.50

Gregory T. E. / Henderson, Annette The Westminster Bank Through a Century; Two Volume limited edition London: Privately printed at the Curwen Press, 1936. £285.00

Greene, Graham The Lawless Roads: A Mexican Journey London: Longmans Green, 1939. £85.00

Greene, Graham The Last Word and other stories UK: Reinhardt,1990 1871061237. £25.00

Greene, Graham The Basement Room and other stories UK: The Cresset Press, 1935. £130.00

Greene, Graham Loser Takes All UK: Heinemann, 1955. £65.00

Greene, Graham Lord Rochester's Monkey UK: Bodley Head, 1974 0370102908. £22.00

Green, W. A. (compiler) Historical Antiquities of Ackworth UK: Williams-Brown/Pritchard, 1989. £85.00

Goodwin, Peter The Construction and Fitting of the Sailing Man of War 1650 - 1850 UK: Conway, 1987 0851773265. £67.50

Giles, Kenneth A Death in the Church London: Victor Gollancz,1970 0575003979. £205.00

Gardonyi, Geza Slave of the Huns UK: J.M.Dent, 1969. £28.50

Gallagher, Eric James (Ed.) The Civil Pleas of the Suffolk Eyre of 1240 UK: Boydell Press, 2009 9781843834335. £24.00

Fry, Christopher The Lady's not for Burning London: Oxford University Press, 1949. £39.00

Francis, Dick Nerve UK: Michael Joseph, 1964. £55.00

Forester, C. S. The Shadow of the Hawk UK: Bodley Head, 1938. £95.00

Festing Jones, Henry Mount Eryx and Other Diversions of Travel London: Jonathan Cape, 1921. £75.00

Featherstonhaugh, G. W. The Monthly American Journal of Geology and Natural Science US: Hafner, 1969. £35.00

Farmer, Ian Coal Mine Structures USA: Chapman & Hall, 1985 0412250306. £45.00

Escott, Angela The Celebrated Hannah Cowley: Experiments in Dramatic Genre 1776 - 1794 UK: Pickering & Chatto, 2012 9781848930803. £52.50

English, L. & Walkowiak, J. Presenting the Atari ST USA: Abacus Software, 1986 091643933x. £32.50

Emmett, Arthur and Michael Blackwater Men UK: Seax Books, 1992 1870112172. £42.50

Emanuel, George J. Memories of Lloyds 1890 - 1937 UK: Privately Published, n/d (1938?). £45.00

Earl of Bessborough (Editor) The Diaries of Lady Charlotte Guest: Extracts from her journals 1833 - 1852 London: John Murray, 1950. £85.00

Diaz, Henry F. & Markgraf, Vera (Editors) El Nino: Historical and Paleoclimatic Aspects of the Southern Oscillation UK: Cambridge University Press, 1992 0521430429. £32.00

Delafield, E.M. Gay Life London: Macmillan & Co, 1933. £28.00

Delafield, E.M. Gay Life London: Macmillan & Co, 1933. £110.00

De Cosson, Emilius Albert Heartsease and the Rabbits London: Henry Sotheran & Co., 1882. £55.00

Darby, H. C. & Terrett, I.B. (Editors) The Domesday Geography of Midland England UK: Cambridge University Press, 1971 0521080789. £21.50

Dahl, Roald The BFG UK: Jonathan Cape, 1982 0224020404. £95.00

Dahl, Roald Over to You UK: Hamish Hamilton, 1946. £22.50

Curley, Daniel A Stone Man, Yes UK: Michael Joseph, 1966. £38.00

Cox, Margaret Life and Death in Spitalfields 1750 to 1850 UK: Council for British Archaeology, 1996 1872414621. £29.00

Corbett, Julian S. (Editor) Private Papers of George, second Earl Spencer, First Lord of the Admiralty 1794 - 1801, Volumes 1 &2 UK: The Navy Records Society, 1913 & 1914. £42.00

Coppel, Alex Tweedledum & Tweedledee UK: Bles, 1967. £45.00

Coetzee, J.M. Diary of a Bad Year UK: Harvill Secker, 2007 9781846551208. £36.50

Clarke, Henry & Bailey, J.E. The School Candidates: A Prosaic Burlesque Manchester: T.J. Day, 1877. £38.50

Cave Brown, Anthony Treason in the Blood: H. St John Philby, Kim Philby and the Spy Case of the Century UK: Robert Hale, 1995 070905582x. £25.00

Carver, Raymond No Heroics Please UK: Harvill/Harper Collins, 1991 0002712164. £25.00

Carr, Herbert The Irvine Diaries: Andrew Irvine and the enigma of Everest UK: Gastons-West Col, 1979. £44.00

Canaway, W. H. The Ring-Givers UK: Michael Joseph, 1958. £32.00

Burns, Cecil (Mrs Dawson Burns) Memorial Leaves: A selection from the papers of Cecil Burns (Mrs Dawson Burns) with a biographical sketch London: Privately published by Ideal Publishing Union, 1898. £45.00

Burford-Mason, Roger The Stick of Aaron UK: Outposts, 1970. £25.00

Bulau, Alwin E. Footprints of Assurance New York: Macmillan, 1953. £25.00

Brathwaite, Edward Rights of Passage UK: Oxford University Press, 1967. £35.00

Bradby, G.F. The Eternal Past London: Constable, 1927. £23.50

Bowring, Sir John The Decimal System in Numbers, Coins and Accounts Especially with reference to the Decimalisation of the Currency and Accountancy of the United Kingdom London: Nathaniel Cooke, 1854. £49.00

Botha, C. Graham Some Early Exploring Expeditions and Travels in South Africa Cape Town: Cape Times Ltd., 1916. £23.00

Bertuzzi, Giordano (Editor) Cara, vecchia Modena Modena: Edizioni Aldine, 1979. £52.50

Bail, Murray Eucalyptus UK: Harvill Press, 1998 1860464947. £48.00

Aston, Wilfred G. The Boys' Book of Motors UK: E. & F. N. Spon, 1922(?). £65.00

Ashby, Douglas The Harp of the Hills UK, Privately, 1923. £45.00

Aldiss, Brian Helliconia Summer UK: Jonathan Cape, 1983 0224018485. £20.00

---- The Marlborough Anthology 1912 - 1969 UK: The Marlborough College Press, 1972. £24.00

---- Instructions for the Agents of Sun Insurance Office (Fire) 1897 UK: Sun Insurance Office, 1897. £44.00

---- Images of Shelsley: 90 years of Britain's oldest sporting event aeen through the eye of the camera UK: Midland Auto Club, 1995. £21.00

---- Heart Beats: 50 Years Schwartz Pharma Germany: Privately, 1996. £22.00

---- Council Negri Centenary 1867-1967, Sarawak Malaysia Not stated, 1967 (?). £38.00

---- Care and Maintenance of the 85/100 h.p. D.H. Gipsy Aero Engine UK: De Havilland Aircraft Co., 1930(?). £28.00

---- British Sports and Sportsmen: Modern Commerce Transport Motoring and Aviation London: Sports & Sportsmen Ltd, no date (C. 1932). £148.00

---- Battalion Souvenir: A short account of the Activities of the 11th Suffolk Home Guard IPSWICH: East Anglian Daily Times, 1945. £38.00

"Dogberry" Humours & Oddities of the London Police Courts from the opening of this century to the present time London: The Leadenhall Press, 1894. £38.00